JFK – Our last President?

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L. A. Marzulli

We have been lied to. It’s as simple as that. The Warren Commission lied to us, and in my opinion, we have not had a real president in the white house since the JFK assassination, with the exception of Ronald Reagan, and they tried to kill him too. Almost 50 years after Dallas, most Americans are to busy keeping their heads above water than to worry about who killed JFK, and that’s the problem.

Last week Jesse Ventura did a show on the assassination. It was an eye opener as one of the witnesses who was less than 12 feet from the limo, at the time of the fatal head shot, is one of the few witnesses who did not mysteriously die in the ensuing years. He stated for Jesse that he was there, saw JFKs head blow back and to the left and thought that the shots came from behind him, from the Grassy knoll. What is amazing is that the Warren commission, headed by the man whom Kennedy had fired, never interviewed him. They had their story and were going to stick to it… the lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald.

Like the UFO crash at Roswell the shadow government keeps a tight lid on the truth. There was more than one  gunman that day and with the death bed confession of E. Howard Hunt, which was also shown on Conspiracy Theory, it would seem that we have a smoking gun. Why hasn’t our government investigated the validity of Hunts statements,  instead of the millions of dollars wasted on the Valerie Plane incident?

Yet, the American people won’t call for an investigation. Why is it that we don’t raise our voice and demand the truth? Why is it that we are content to let out govenment goons, the TSA, strip search a boy? I’m sure he’s carrying lot’s of C4, right? (Check out the link below.)

Please go to the, “Creepy” prophetic Art, Story below. It is reminiscent of the mural at the Denver Airport. These guys grow bold, as they now adorn the walls of their centers of power with their agenda,  because they know that the American people are asleep. Please remember that only weeks before he was gunned down in Dallas, Kennedy spoke about secret societies. (I’ve listed that link before) He was going to abolsih the Federal Reserve, which is a privetly owned banking cartel that controls our money supply. He was going to abolish the CIA, and lastly he was going to get us out Viet Nam.

Think about that list of to-do’s above. It’s what got him killed. Look at the quagmire of Viet Nam and realize that nothing has changed, as we’re no into year #9 in Afghanistan. Who profits form the trillion-dollar-a- year, opium harvest? Here is the one video that shows the Secret Service ordering the men who were supposed to guard Kennedy by riding on the back of his limo. Had they been there, I believe he would have lived. Who ordered the men to stand down? This video says it all!

JFK assassination: Secret Service Standdown


In closing today’s post, I have linked to an article by Rick Wiles. He echos my thoughts ….

The overthrow of the constitutional Republic of the United States of America started 47 years ago today. The shadow men saw they could kill a president and get away with the crime. Nearly 50 years later, we are deep inside the Matrix. America is controlled by a secret shadow government. What is next on their agenda? Rick Wiles


“Creepy” Prophetic Art in Bank of America



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41 thoughts on “JFK – Our last President?

  1. WOW! LA, I just sent that article to everyone on my list, but will they heed the warning ? probably not:{ It really seems like people like their heads in the sand, you know ignorance is bliss! How sad for this country and the world. I will never fly again, and about Christmas we will stock up on the essentials……GOD is in control and I will not fear man but put my trust in my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, may he be with his children and hold us up when things get even worse!!! Lord Jesus I pray you take your children home soon, and save us from your wrath to come,use me as you see fit for I am your servant I pledge my life and my family to you.. Amen Jesus!


  2. Kennedy I believe was assasinated for one reason. He wanted to eliminate the Federal Reserve. Weeks prior to his assasination he announced that he wanted to start printing money under the Treasury. I think Kennedy was a true patriot who knew that the Federal Reserve was corrupt. I believe Kennedy was well on his way to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 signed in by that crook “Progressive” President Woodrow Wilson. Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law on christmas eve when most of the congress and senate had already went home. Very few voted on it. Since 1913 the “Progressive Federal Reserve” has puppeted every president possibly besides Kennedy. We havent a real president since William Howard Taft. Although I hate to think Reagan was one but the more I read the more I think he too may have been part of the game.

    G Edward Griffin wrote an amazing book called “The Creature from Jekyll Island”

    The title refers to the November 1910 meeting at Jekyll Island, Georgia, of seven bankers and economic policymakers, who represented the financial elite of the Western world. The meeting was recounted by Forbes founder B. C. Forbes in 1916, and recalled by participant Frank Vanderlip as “the actual conception of what eventually became the Federal Reserve System”. Griffin states that participant Paul Warburg describes the Jekyll Island meeting as “this most interesting conference concerning which Senator Aldrich pledged all participants to secrecy”.

    Griffin’s work stresses the point which Federal Reserve chair Marriner Eccles made in Congressional testimony in 1941; “If there were no debts in our money system, there wouldn’t be any money.”Griffin advocates against the debt-based fiat money system on several grounds, stating that it devours individual prosperity through inflation and it is used to perpetuate war. He also described a framework of central bankers underwriting both sides of an ongoing war or revolution. Griffin says that the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the World Bank are working to destroy American sovereignty through a system of world military and financial control, and he advocates for United States withdrawal from the United Nations.

    I cant even imagine what kind of country the United States would be without the Federal Reserve. Most people dont even know that the Federal Reserve is a group of inidividual bankers. Some of them are’nt even american.

  3. John F. Kennedy’s Secret Service agents break their silence in new book, documentary

    Some of the agents see the book as a chance to counter some of the conspiracy theorists who have never accepted that it was Lee Harvey Oswald who shot the president, and that he acted alone.

    “There’s no question in my mind he was the assassin,” Hill says. “I was there. I know what happened.”


    Guess we will never really know the truth.

    • I will never accept that Oswald acted alone unless they unseal ALL the information relevant to this assassination so the American public can see it all and decide for themselves. I think the law that allows for the sealing of information in this case should be either overridden and/or repealed, and the American people should demand this be done. After all, I understand that the Dallas police department still shows this as an unsolved homicide.

      I do not dwell on conspiracies; I simply feel there is sufficient evidence to clear this all up once and for all so the USA may be able to gain some of the innocence I’ve seen it suffer losing throughout the course of my lifetime.

      I have always thought it too strange that Oswald got off 3 shots from that position, the unshattered bullet found later, and the possible 4th. shot heard over the keyed-up police radio (supported by an obvious wound suffered from it by bystander James Teague). This only lead to more doubt that Oswald was the “lone gunman” after it was finally revealed to the public that David Ferrie’s business card was found in Oswald’s wallet, and then later when the CIA publicly admitted to Congress that Clay Shaw was once “contracted” to them. Questionable folks linked to Jack Ruby … No matter what the book these gentlemen wrote, … there are too many coincidences for me.

    • I’ve read all sorts of theories re JFK’s murder but the one that suprised me the most was that Jackie Kennedy had a small pistol hidden in her sleeve and that she fired the fatal shot. I can’t recall where I read it but I believe it was thru a link on Henry Makow’s website. The author even goes so far as to say that Aristotle Onassis was involved in the plot along with all the others.

    • Wow Rhema I never heard that one before. That one ranks up there with Elvis fired the fourth shot (and was the gunman on the grassy knoll) that was reported in the Star.
      In both cases I don’t believe they are working theories of any of the investigators I have read about.

  4. 20 Mile Wide “UFO” craft on sky-map.org reported by NASA

    About a year and half ago NASA announced that they had spotted a 20 mile wide craft with the Cassini telescope in the south pole. Crafts have were seen going in and out of this reported 20 miled wide craft. Its quite amazing to see. I still check to see if its there monthly. Its just amazing.

    To check it out this 20 mile wide craft go to Sky-map.org and follow these directions
    1. Go to sky-map.org
    2. Go to the “find object box”
    3. Type in these coordinances 19 25 12-89 46 03 exactly as shown with the spaces in between
    4. Hit the blue magnifying glass next to the “find object box”
    5. A new picture of outer space will appear
    6. You will see a white box in the middle of the screen. With in the white box you will see a small blue object “This is the craft its blue”
    7. On the left side of the screen under the mouse you will see a zoom in and zoom out button similar to google maps.
    8. Pull the white box down 5 clicks inside the zoom in zoom out ladder.
    9. The craft has a large triangle at top which almost looks like a face. There is a long mid section that ends into another triangle at the bottom.
    10. Its just amazing I think

    There are several other crafts on sky-map I am working on the coordinance for those.

    • I am looking at it now and can just tell people will say its just a blog/ gas ( swamp gas!lol) in the sky/ space. Where exactly is this thing in space?? how far away?
      Thanks for the interesting link!

    • They could say swamp gas if swamp gas had 45 and 90 degree angles.

      From what I remember its somewhere in the near vicinity of saturn’s rings. However I could be wrong.

  5. L. A…I saw that segment Jesse did and actually recorded it. I asked my husband why this stuff was not on the NEWS? Also, I saw one of the surviving secret service agents on local news today talking about a book he and another person wrote about the JFK murder. The only real comment he made was that he was sick of all the stupid conspiracies…I have not read this book but I do hope this man does not go to his grave with a lie on his lips. Even Hunt didn’t do that.
    I find it a miracle that the man standing 12 ft from JFK and heard three shots is alive today. So many people have died questionable deaths following the President’s murder.

  6. O Captain! My Captain!


    O CAPTAIN! my Captain! our fearful trip is done;
    The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won;
    The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
    While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring:
    But O heart! heart! heart! 5
    O the bleeding drops of red,
    Where on the deck my Captain lies,
    Fallen cold and dead.

    Walt Whitman (1819–1892). Leaves of Grass. 1900.

    SOMEDAY I PRAY THE TRUTH BE REVEALED……….Our innocense is gone! Have mercy on us dear Father God.

    Thank you Lynn for remebering my hero!


    • I so clearly remember the day Kennedy was shot. It was like the bullet that shattered the glass of my world. It was the first time in my life that reality really hit me. Up til that time, life seemed like running in fields of flowers on a sunny day. I never even realized until then that a President COULD be shot. It is always the marker in my mind of when my life began to change forever.

  7. And you wonder why the masses are brain washed.
    ‘The View’ of incoherence

    The Christians w/a Biblical world view about homosexuality are now “bullies”. It’s all about turning society against those who uphold God @ His Word.

    How we have departed as a nation from God in just the 40yrs I’ve been around. All they had to due was addict people to the TV set & the dis-info comes pounding in day after day after day.

    That’s my mom’s life now – T.V.- She used to hold a conservative viewpoint & now in her 80’s she doesn’t know what to believe because she got addicted to watching this kind of trash. UUGGGGHHH!

    We become so lost by relying upon our own “reasoning”.

    Hosea 14:9 “Who is wise? He will realize these things. Who is discerning? He will understand them. The ways of the LORD are right; the righteous walk in them, but the rebellious stumble in them.”

    • Very true; The majority thrive on the “Love of the world The Lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the boastful pride of life”. Being entertained to death by the multi faceted lights darkening the soul creating oblivion to To the coming Tribulation soon to be upon This world.
      Great shall be the Mourning of empty souls When all is shaken and darkness is finally realized by this wicked world.

      john b

  8. Did anyone watch that X-Files episode where the Smoking Man is the one who assassinates JFK and Oswald was the patsy used as the coverup? Do you think Chris Carter knew something that we didn’t?

  9. JFK was not my favorite President.
    He bungled the Bay of Pigs invasion by holding back US weapons and left the Cuban freedom fighters to be captured and die. Had he gone in, there would have been no Castro after all these years.

    He was similar to Obam when he messed up in Vienna with Krushchev. His naivete’ was what convinced the Russians that they could put the missiles into Cuba in ’62.

    He won the Cuban Missile crisis due to the death of the spy, Oleg Penkovski, who got the word out that the Russians were doing that in secret and that we outnumbered the Russians in nuclear bomb delivery capability by a 5 to 1 ratio.

    “The missile gap” he used to get elected was bogus as well.

    Yeah, he cut taxes. This was a good thing and compared to the bunch in there now, he would look like a saint.

    • Do any of us REALLY have any idea what he was all about? We are “treated” to both sides of the story. When in fact, most stories have more than two sides to be spun. And such is the folly of our human wisdom.

  10. Tonite on Coast to Coast, in case anyone is intrested….

    Four different guests will address different aspects of the JFK assassination.

    Hour 1: Former FBI Investigator Don Adams claims he knows the true killer of JFK, and it was not Lee Harvey Oswald.

    Hour 2: Analyst Craig B. Hulet will discuss the research of Federal Judge Jim Garrison which linked an element of the Secret Service to the assassination.

    Hour 3: Publisher and author Tim Miller will share information gathered this past year that proves a conspiracy.

    Hour 4: Research scientist Paul Chambers will discuss the science behind the physical evidence associated with the assassination

  11. By the way will Wednesday November 24, 2010 will be a good show be good as well… Brad Thor will discuss real life government cover-ups and conspiracies including what’s built under Denver International Airport, the Philadelphia Experiment, and Wunderwaffen – wonder weapons developed by the Germans during the end of WWII.

  12. L.A. and everyone, please get this foolish idea out of your heads that Reagen was anything but just another stooge of the CFR and PTB. See the website listed for some details.

    • I lived through Kennedy and Reagan.
      I am sure that there would be an agenda against Reagan.

      One thing he did, was get us out of the national malaise that was Jimmy Carter.
      And I would consider it a good day if he was around instead of the bunch we have.

      Now we are stuck with Carter II.

    • As far as I know he was not a stooge. There was Moe Howard,brother Shemp Howard,and Larry Fine. For a short time there was even a Curly Howard but never a Ronald Reagan.

    • Ronald Reagan August 1984 (joking, unwittingly, into an open mic just before a speech that was to be broadcast)

      “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.”

      Can’t get any better than that!

  13. Commentary: Incremental Steps to Dictatorship by Teresa Morris http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/010/incremental.htm
    from Kjos Ministries

    “If you by any means forget the Lord your God and follow other gods… you shall surely perish.” (Deut. 8:19)
    History shows us that as free nations become complacent, they become vulnerable to manipulation. Most dictatorships rise gradually — a step at a time. Smooth talking politicians make each incremental step seem reasonable, because the masses are blind to the tides of change. The wisdom of Wendell Phillips fades away: “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

    Austria illustrates the power of gradualism. In 1933, it was a free nation. In 1934, its government began to centralize its power and welcome the influence of Nazi sympathizers. By 1938, it had become a Nazi dictatorship.

    The downward slide began with one crisis after another. A third of the people were out of work, inflation rose to 25%, and political turmoil caused civil unrest. People longed for a leader to rescue them. Adolf Hitler campaigned in Austria, promising to solve their problems if they were annexed to Germany. A persuasive speaker, he gave them hope and won their hearts. The Austrian people voted him in.[1]

    Why? How could the Austrians be so blind? The answer is simple: they faced hard times, so they chose to believe Hitler’s promises. They didn’t see him as we do — brutal, arrogant, narcissistic and ruthlessly ambitious. That image came later, when it was too late to escape his grasp. In the beginning, Hitler appeared as a caring, charismatic, captivating visionary.[2] His words brought hope of prosperity, and his public image was intentionally shaped with pictures of his smiles, benevolent deeds and warm encounters with children and babies.[3]

    After the annexation, new government jobs were created and order was restored. The people were encouraged and hopeful, and — for a short while — the nation prospered. Then it crashed. This transformation is described by Kitty Werthmann:[4]

    “I lived in Austria under Adolf Hitler’s regime for seven years. Dictatorship did not happen overnight. It was a gradual process starting with national identification cards, which we had to carry with us at all times…. Gun registration followed, with a lot of talk about gun safety and hunting accidents…. Freedom of speech was the next target…. With a large network of informers, people were afraid to say anything political, even in their own homes.”

    She tells of other changes, including nationalization of education; indoctrination of children; socialized medicine; government control of businesses; and a lack of respect for human life. Before the annexation, most Austrian mothers stayed at home to take care of their children. Under Nazi rule, both parents had to work, so the children were sent to government-run daycare centers.

    Gun control came in two stages. First there was gun registration, and then the people were required to give up their guns. Once the people were unarmed, they had no way of defending themselves against the Nazis. After that, political correctness replaced freedom of speech; taxes were increased to eighty percent (i.e., four fifths of income); the nation was filled with informers; anybody who spoke against the government was arrested; and the people lived in constant fear. Click here to continue reading and for endnotes.

    • Excellent post Gordy.

      If that doesn’t set off every alarm in Amerika, I don’t know what will! Are you starting to see the picture now folks?

      It’s not by accident, it’s ALL planned .. 9/11, incompetent underwear bombers etc. The bogey man is everywhere. Please give up all your rights now and submit to the government, they will keep you safe.

      As Dr Stan Monteith would say “we’ve got the best enemy money can buy”.

    • I got blasted yesterday for saying what I believed happened on 9/11 and the truth about the US Gov’t/ Military… no one believes the truth and they say that is only my opinion, when I know its the truth!
      Also, trying to sneak how great God is, and that they can be saved, and the Bible is only a fiction book writen by some guy 2000 years ago…
      they try to get me to read all the other ‘religious books’ to help educate me of everyones religion to relate to them better! haha
      It’s a touhg world and the devil its working hard to keep us out,I pray that You can open peoples eyes and ears and help them understand that they too can be saved, and YOU are the reason we are alive and can be saved, and have eternal life! Amen!

    • It would not take much to set off a similar slide here. Many things are in place already and a massive crisis or false flag operation could trigger it to be followed by even more and more central control.

  14. Lynn,
    I work with the Military. I am now being told by members of the military they have a right to resist LAWFUL orders-not UNlawful orders but-Lawful orders. For instance they say that if PResident Obama was to personally fly to Guantanamo bay Cuba and order our military to close up shop and leave they can all refuse and say that, while lawful, it is immoral and they will not obey. Or if Ron Paul were elected President and ordered an end to occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc they could and would refuse to obey THAT lawful, Constitutional Order because surrendering/retreating is immoral. Even if ordered to our southern border to stop illegal aliens from coming in they could all refuse and face NO punishment because they could claim that, while lawful, it is immoral. It is scary but I think our soldiers are being conditioned for a military dictatorship.

  15. Why don’t we raise our voices in disapproval? Because we didn’t raise our voices when abortion was legalized, we didn’t raise our voices when a myriad of other abominations occured, but mostly because we remain what we have always been…the SILENT majority.

    These days, at least with the people I know, the Kennedy Assasination is almost like an open secret. Nobody really believes that Oswald did it and haven’t for a long time. It only reinforces that our government is no longer by the people and especially not for the people. The Kennedy Assassination is just a symptom of a much, much larger and more menacing problem.

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