UFOs are Real, Burgeoning and NOT Going Away!

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L. A. Marzulli

Blue-Colored UFO Near DC... Video!


I realize that this post may seem self-serving… However, there is a dynamic here in this video that I want to point out. Towards the end at 1:35 seconds, the man who shot the video is asked what he thought about the entire incident.

He answers, … you kind of don’t know how to react! What is this right now?

This is why I choose the story to BLOG about today. Here’s the smoking gun that I keep harping about, that when a person has an encounter they don’t know how to react, because the phenomena is outside their paradigm. I remember when I interviewed Ricky Sorrel, about the sighting he had in Stephenville. He commented to me that he was overwhelmed at what he saw. The gentleman who shot this video is reacting pretty much in the same way.

The purpose of the Watchers DVD is to inform the general public that there is a real phenomena that is going on and guess what, these UFOs keep showing up, don’t they? We can  joke about it and remain willfully ignorant, but that doesn’t change the fact that UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away.

We need to come to an understanding that, in my opinion, we are being set up for the coming great deception. This ties right in with Darwinism,  in that ET will be hailed as our creators. Heck, the History Channel is running season two of Ancient Alien, and they’re down and jiggy with the ancient astronaut theory. Oh yes, the Ananuki created man to be slaves to mine gold. I’m not making this up folks, this is what the History channel and the guys on the other side of the aisle are putting out.

The History Channel filmed me for an additional two hours, in August. I know shame on fool, twice in once…! But I went and did it anyway, in hope that they would use the material. From this, and the Discovery Channel’s interview, I realized that I had to make my own production. I teamed up with Director/producer Richard Shaw and with a very modest amount of funding, we produced our first DVD. We controlled the information and guess what, in this pilot we don’t put forth any theory as to what the phenomena is. We present a plethora of evidence that there is a genuine phenomena that is occurring that needs to be looked at. We hope to create a series of these DVDs, and in further episodes we will delve into what we believe is behind the UFOs. (Fallen Angels and the Nephilim returning!)

In closing today’s post. Things are heating up… Ask yourself this, what event would be a game changer? What event would create a New World Order? What event would set up a new, one world religious system? The answer is ET.

Here’s what Rose said about Watchers DVD!

Got the Watchers DVD. Done good brother! We are eager to see part II. Have you thought of pitching a series like UFO Hunters only with a team of Christ centered members???? Rose in Kentucky

Please consider spreading the word by purchasing the DVD and sharing with everyone  you know. You don’t have to say a thing, just put it on and it does the rest!

Go to: www.lamarzulli.net


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53 thoughts on “UFOs are Real, Burgeoning and NOT Going Away!

  1. I get frustrated and I am just a saddened when I think about how people could believe in such nonsense. I mean really Zecharia Sitchin, Noahs Ark was a submersible?

    It makes me think of the nonsense that L Ron Hubbard has created too. To think that Tom Cruise and John Travolta really think that aliens came out of volcanos to create us? Really?

    I just am amazed sometimes when I think that maybe “only” 1 billion people out of six billion have really choosen a message of love, hope, faith and an eternal life of being with the messiah over islam, judiasm, the occult, and this off the wall belief system? Why?

    Coast to Coast Sunday November 8th
    Ancient ET Intervention:

    Joining George Noory on Sunday night, mechanical engineer Marshall Klarfeld discussed his relationship with the late Zecharia Sitchin and his theories of how humans were created by genetic engineering of the Annunaki. Sitchin arrived at his conclusions after translating the ancient cuneiform tablets of the Sumerians, telling Klarfeld, “It’s not a secret, I’m just a reporter.” While some have not concurred with Sitchin’s interpretations, Klarfeld said five major scholars agreed with his translations.

    Klarfeld recounted the 6,000 year-old Epic of Gilgamesh which tells in cuneiform the history of Earth’s first contact with extraterrestrial beings– the Annunaki, who mixed their DNA with Homo erectus to create the human race. The story involved Gilgamesh, the king of Uruk, who was part Annunaki, a cloned counterpart, Enkidu, and Ishtar, an Annunaki princess who traveled in a shuttlecraft to the space platform (the huge stone ruins in Baalbek, Lebanon). She was said to control a weapon “the Bull of Heaven,” which Klarfeld likened to a laser beam.

    The Epic also tells the story of the Great Flood (associated with the arrival of the planet Nibiru in between Mars and Jupiter), and how the Annunaki wanted to use it to wipe out humans, said Klarfeld. Yet, some opted to save humankind, and Noah’s Ark was developed as a submersible, and rather than containing actual animals, it held the DNA of all living creatures, which was later reconstituted after the flood, he explained.

    • Just because stichen had somethings wrong dont mean EVERYTHING he said was wrong. You people are complete morons, sorry but there is alot of evidence that suggests from ALL over the world that maybe our existence wasnt exactly the way we thought.

      You keep believing what you want tho.

      The great deception does not mean UFO’s are not real. It just means they are using the situation as a catalyst to control the masses.

      Christianity is not about love its about manipulation and power. Jesus was not a christian nor did he want a religion in his name.

      he DIDNT want to be worshiped as the son of god, you morons forgot the bottom line, he wanted US to follow in HIS footsteps so we could all BE the SON of GOD..

      Christianity does not teach this.

      Everyone thinks they own the answer. They put down other peoples research and they miscue facts to fit their story the way they want to.

      Well guess what people..

      i dont care if you are David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Lamazruilli, alex jones, jesse venture, or the million other people who claim they know the entire truth..


      I believe in jesus. I believe Christianity sacrificed his true message.

      You people keep believing what you want. It does not mean its true.

    • Hey Just Curious – It would appear that you are arguing from ignorance. You make a lot of statements but certainly don’t back them up with anything. Here’s something for you to ponder, if I may be so bold as to suggest it. Yashua/Jesus said 2000 years ago, that it would be like the days of Noah when he returned. What is he talking about? What is he pointing to? He also states that the signs of His coming would be, wars and rumors of wars, famines and pestilence, earthquakes in diverse places and troublesome times. Sobering, isn’t it? And watch the profanity please… L. A.

    • Dear JustCuriousWhy,

      I believe in Jesus, too. We who believe that Jesus was God and that He died and rose from death to save us, have in our heads what may be the only piece of all-important knowledge there is.

      For a long while I held the belief that the Bible had been the sole property of the Roman Catholic church for so long, that they must have changed bits of it. That they’d degenerated it into a mere tool that they used to control their empire. So, I could believe in Jesus while disregarding bits of scripture I didn’t like. It seemed logical to me. I was thusly able to mix in to my spiritual world-view any old Eastern mystical or new-age theory that felt attractive to me.

      Eventually I got thinked into a corner; why would God allow bits of true information be published alongside false information in the same document? Perhaps Jesus was fictional; if any random piece of scripture could be false, it might as well all be. In my heart of hearts, I knew Jesus was my Savior, so I had to come to accept the fact that God might be supernaturally protective of his Book.

      I have since found out some nifty stuff about the cohesive nature of the Bible and that it is full of the signature of its Author. Google Chuck Missler and follow your nose, and you’ll definitely end up saying, “hmm,” to yourself.

      Best wishes, happy trails, etc!

    • Well, at least you say what’s on your mind- I like that! (but leave out the bad words please-just unnecessary.)

      If you want to remain just curious your entire earthly existence then you are free to do so. No Christian is going to attempt to force you to change your mind.

      That is why we were created w/free will. Our God wants you to choose Him as revealed in the Bible. Meanwhile Satan offers a plethora of different ideas/gods- an entire menu to choose from at the same time.

      Our life here is a test of which we will choose our final outcome. You don’t like the Jesus Christ & God shown in the Bible then you will naturally choose whatever else you want to believe in. (Like we all end up morphing into our own god-like state.)

      We do know our God- We do know the truth- & we see Him supernaturally working in each of our lives because we have submitted our wills/lives over to His Will for our life.

      Remain “as is” that’s O.K. You probably already know enough of the Bible to realize where you’ll end up if you don’t turn your life & attention to Him.

      If you ever get sick of just searching around then God is right there waiting to open up your capacity to truly understand the Bible & reveal what is going on in the supernatural realm.

      That’s why we are confident & KNOW what is true. It doesn’t come by our own reasoning it comes by supernatural revelation.


    • Hey Just Curious Why, the bible is the infallible word of God via the Holy Spirit. So in those terms you can guarantee we are called Christians for a reason, who can argue with the Holy Spirit!?!? Why use God’s name in vain?
      Matthew 5:34-37 says “34But I tell you, Do not swear at all: either by heaven, for it is God’s throne; 35or by the earth, for it is his footstool; or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the Great King. 36And do not swear by your head, for you cannot make even one hair white or black. 37Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.

    • Dear Just Curious Why?:

      The Lord bless you. While I agree with my brothers and sisters in their responses to you, I would like to mostly add that you are so loved by the Lord and I believe that is why you were lead here to this blog. It is not just your curiosity, need for knowledge, or even understanding of end-times events…it is simply that you have been drawn by the Love of our Father who created that curiosity within you and it is only He that can answer you, we can testify but it is only He that can answer you. We love you here and are glad that you have been lead this way. We pray that the reality of who Jesus truly is and what He has truly done for you will overcome you with all His unarming Love. God bless you always in your search for Him. Amen

    • First I never said everything “Mr Sitchen” said was wrong. However I do disagree with the majority of his opinons. Sorry. Its my opinion that the Summerians may have actually been demonic fallen angels “nephilim.” Thats just my opionated guess based upon on my own research. I also do not believe in benevolent aliens although its not beyond God to create them, which Mr Sitchen did believe.

      Second I think the majority of this blog believes in UFO’s. Im not sure I understand your point? Could you be more specific?

      However, my first reaction to reading the Coast to Coast post was sadness. As far as I know, Mr Sitchen was not a christian and never turned to christ even at his death bed. He died an unsaved soul. I just felt sadness thinking if he never accepted Jesus as the messiah he was in hell. I started to think about the autobiogrpahy of Howard Storm “My Descent into Death?” Howards book painted such a surreal picture of hell for me. I then started to think about Bill Wiese’s book “23 minutes in hell” and my heart just sank with sadness. I just wondered what Mr Sitchen’s soul might be thinking now?

      I will agree with you that there is a lot of hipocrisy within the christian community sadly. We are all sinners. It is difficult to be “christ like” as christians. That is beauty of Gods promise in Ephesians 2:8-9 “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast.” I pray to walk in the ways of christ daily. Sadly I fail daily in many areas of that walk.

      My truth lies in my Faith according to John 3:16 and John 14:6.

      “Just Curious Why?” I just sense the anger in your post, possible saddness too. I feel there is more to your opinions than what was said. I hope you expand on your above comments.

      Regardless I hate to see anyone that angry I will be in prayer for you.

      I wish you the best and I appreciate your honesty. Thanks Richard

    • Just curious why?…you seem very angry, I hope you work out whatever it is thats bothering you. It not healthy to have that much anger or stress, I will keep you in my prayers.

    • If you believe in Jesus like you claim, then read his message (KJV bible) and follow in His footsteps like you said. We all here know what the organized religion has done with His message. When you will truly follow in His footsteps, your post(s) will be a mirror of that.

    • I saw that Indiana moved up a notch to UFO ALERT 4 by examiner.com

      Anyone remember Frank Edwards broadcasts????

  2. Dear Lynn and Others:
    Watched your terrific “Watchers” dvd and shared it with quite a few people.The question I was asked most frequently was,Why does Lynn say “Guidebook to the Supernatural” when in fact he is referring to the Bible? Is Lynn hedging and not naming the Bible the Bible so he can pull people in? I loved the DVD,but I must also wonder why people feel the need to re-name our most important book ever given.Bible is about MUCH more than supernatural things.I am praying Lynn will stand firm in future DVDs and SAY,The BIBLE teaches us,etc.,etc. Other than that most people who viewed the wonderful DVD went away with much needed food for thought.It DID help me witness to them and show them through scripture that UFOs,Aliens,Apparitions and other lying signs and wonders would take place exactly as the Word of God said it would. Thanks SO much Lynn,great job.Looking forward to many more DVDs. By the way,have seen many small shiny silver round orb looking craft much like Maussan films over Mexico City hovering over Stratosphere Tower hotel casino and neighborhood areas.Humm…….are they “us” or “them”,one never knows with the technology “we” have that is hidden. Love and blessings…….Soulatpeace

    • PS….Lynn,you look marvelous! Hard to believe you are 3 score! ha ha ha …Whatever you are doing to look so young and vibrant,keep it up! KUDOS to your wifey! 😉

    • Laura, I use that phrase because it hooks the new agers in. If I say Bible most new agers turn off. It’s like Paul saying to the Greeks, to the unknown God! He knew who God was, but couched his reference in a way that the Greeks could understand it. You and your friends are part of the choir. There are a vast number of people who are not. It is with that in mind that I coined the phrase, Guide book to the Supernatural!

    • Another thing that the use of the phrase: Guide book to the Supernatural does is help the CHRISTIAN to remember our war is not with flesh and blood. Often I have seen that Christians are slightly embarrassed by that!

      Rose R. (thought I would change moniker,more hip!)

    • geez wiz, I like the term “Guidebook to the Supernatural” The bible is full of supernatural events that I can not understand, so I feel the term is quite fitting.

    • For us when we say the guide book to the supernatural, it is clear what it means. But to a new ager who does not know the truth as we do, it can be very confusing, maybe even misleading. For example, Tod Bentley reportedly said “everybody believes in Jesus, so we don`t need to mention we need him (because we have him) every time, we need the supernatural.” That is not the exact quote but it is close. We all know what Tod Bentley and the likes mean when they say that.

  3. Interesting post today L.A.!

    Coming out of the dark spiritual “holidays” such as Halloween and the Day of the Dead with all of the occult groups out there doing Lord knows what, I’m not surprised to see more “ufo” activity in the air. Who knows how many more dark spiritual portals have been opened.

    L.A., what are your thoughts on the verse where Yeshua says “What you bind on earth is bound in heaven, and what you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” Do you think that He is referring to both the light and dark parts of the spirit world?

    Thank you for your always-informative blogs!

  4. LA,
    Love your website and ministry. Thank you for all your hard work and perseverance! Question, You may have already spoken to this, but have you seen the previews for the movie Skyline that comes out this week? What are your thoughts? To me, part of the deception will have to be an explanation for the Rapture. I know this puts by cards on the table for pre-mil, pre-trib; but I was wondering what your thoughts might be. Thanks again!

  5. JUST CURIOUS WHY; I can comprehend where you are coming from, It is true that religious Christianity is mostly about Money Power & control and It is ruled by a certain Pride which says I got all the answers.

    You have discerned correctly the Religious Spirit controlling many denominations.
    Concerning discernment; most Christians Boast about the ability to discern Error, the Thing that they neglect is the lack in discernment of truth.
    Sometimes the blatant Truth can be Right before our Eyes and we won’t understand it or ignore it.

    Not all answers to every Question are in the bible. But the Bible From Genesis to revelations reveal the Love, mercy, judgment of God in relation to His creation. You say you believe in Jesus most of us here do as well believe in Jesus, so just curious why call us morons. I am willing to hear your views if you speak it in love.

    John b

  6. Here is the Triangle UFO video that goes/the I-15 UFO article. At first I thought – the military has some triangle craft- but when that ball appeared & then engulfed the entire UFO & disappeared – I don’t think the military is quite that far advanced.

    The 1-15 video was not filmed but the eye witness said this video is the same type of UFO as what they saw.


    • Lisa I have heard Stan Deyo say that he thinks there might be a possbility that the triangular UFOs are actual area 51 projects similar to the stealth bomber? Regardless of what it is unnerving!

    • This video looks fake, I don`t know. However I have seen (on youtube) more convincing videos about triangular crafts flying to and fro.

  7. When I can, I need to get that dvd. I’m in college and try to explain this to many of my friends (who are Christians too) and they just don’t get it. I try not to argue, but just present what I have and links and Bible passages, but maybe if they could actually see the information on the abductions, sightings, etc., they would understand (if they would even watch it).

    And, glad that this dvd was made. Giorgio Tsoukalos really screwed up our whole view to fit his own paradigm in that 3 second spinning.

    • Has anyone thought about how the History Channel logo has an Masonic pyramid sideways like a play button? I had a friend who laid tile floors for a living and he worked on the job to lay tile for the owner of the History Channel owners house and said the guy had to have specific tile imported from overseas and the tile had a certain mathematical pattern to it. He said they had to get it right because the tile was rare and worth thousands of dollars.

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  9. I have heard of amphibians giving birth by parthenogenesis, but not snakes. The offspring would be very vulnerable to recessive genetic problems since there would not be a chance for a better gene dose from the father. Some have suggested Jesus was conceived by parthenogenesis, but that would have made “Him” a her.

    Rose R.

  10. Yes, and the sad thing is that the annunaki I believe are one remnant of many hybrid humans genetically engineered and/or traditionally bred to be slaves for this or that so called “space brother”. Many are being fooled by this as I point out in my videos and I’m already getting flack back from some of their human pawns who of course don’t think they are. They talk of becoming part of a mentoring program, to others that is. In other words some of the space alien groups tell humans that they are special and all and yet say they are not greater than them, only more experienced and that they can be mentors to other humans on their behalf. I wouldn’t be at all surprised by a big jesus hologram some day. I’m pretty sure Fatima was such a thing, or some type of spirit manifestation which can be one in the same.

    • Brother Lynn,

      Thank you for being on the forefront on this war on evil and exposing the schemes of the enemy of our souls. I am hoping to get a copy of your DVD sooner rather than later.

      For those who praying for Jessica, may God richly bless you, your family and especially your children.

      Here is the latest report:

      “Jessica was released and is home tonight. She starts out-patient classes tomorrow at Children’s from 7 AM to 4 PM everyday. Turns out that Remuda Ranch, the place that she actually would love to go to is more prohibitively expensive than originally thought. They don’t do scholarships anymore, and the best they can do is offer Jeff and Sheila the lowest rate on their sliding scale, still a whopping $57,000 for 60 days; normal cost is $2800 per day, or $373,000 for the 60 days. Unfortunately they are the treatment center with the very best results, a near perfect record of healing. And it’s Christian. But with no scholarship it’s just out of the question. The only treatment facility that her insurance will approve is not Christian, and is not even for eating disorders; it is for hard core behavior problems and would just not be the place for her. There’s one more option, Mercy Ministries, which is Christian and FREE, so that’s very good. The problem is that the child must check herself in willingly and sign on for 6 months with no contact with the outside world. Their success is good but Jessica adamantly refuses to go. So it would take a huge miracle either for money to drop out of the sky for Remuda Ranch or for Jessica to go willingly to Mercy Ministries. Another immediate issue is that Children’s insists she go back to school as home schooling gives bulimics carte blanche to binge and purge all day. So the battle of getting her back in school is a big one, and it’s also difficult because she has fallen so terribly behind with all her hospitalizations. Still a lot to pray about, and of course all the healing -physical, psychological, mental, spiritual, emotional, body image, it goes on and on. She is still in denial and can’t be trusted to be by herself for a minute because inside nothing has really changed. One of the main things to pray for is that God will miraculously open the door to the facility where she will get the most help, and keep her safe and heal her family until that happens.”

      Again, I and the family thank you in advance for your much needed prayers. As you can see, the Deceiver is still hard at work on this precious young lady who is only 14.

      Blessings to you all.

      In Christ,

      Jeff D

    • Father in Heaven
      we thank you for answers to prayers, we ask that you continue to move mightily in this situation, Lord, crash any walls and remove any barriers between this young lady and Your divine will, we thank you and love you Lord and we ask these things in the name of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, amen

    • Lord Jesus, We bless your Holy name and we seek your favor on Jessica’s behalf oh Lord. Be with her, bless her, strengthen her, deliver her, heal her, save her oh Lord. We come against all works of the devil and cast all imaginations down to the pit. Every negative and evil spirit, word, deed, etc. be removed from this child’s mind, soul, spirit, body. I pray for huge deliverance for her Lord in your mercy. I ask for your grace and favor here Lord, please help this girl. Remove the enemy and fill her with your Holy Spirit and set her free to the Glory of God the Father, for you came to do such works oh Lord and we are your hands and feet and we seek your face and your favor on her behalf. Bless you Lord for your mercy, we love you. Amen!

    • You are getting flack from some of their “human pawns”? Sawyer do you think that you communicate with aliens? How does this occur and why?

    • NO I seek zero communication with space aliens though I don’t doubt some have tried to communicate with me. I can’t say who I communicate with as I’ve agreed with this blog host not to use this to promote what I believe in specific so I restrict my comments to things jesus and moses said that support what I believe anyway.

      but there is a huge difference between members for the Kingdom of God and space aliens who are really just human equivilents, some potentially from distant planets that the Kingdom of God allows periodically to be in contact with earth and earth humans, in order to provide humans with the choice of who to serve, while the kingdom of god shows us the difference between space aliens and themselves. That’s what I do – I show differences between space aliens and members of the kingdom of god which I can only do when I learn of the space alien behaviours, not just lights in the sky. My video’s are on youtube under channel name: 3psm if you are interested.

      Now there are still other aspects to all this that few address. There are also discarnates galore – dead humans and some of them are the renegade luciferians that had their human start in a previous earth civilization who then tried to escape the last earth recycling (which may have been fairly partial, though this time I suspect it will be more entire earth encompassing?). This is what I mean by having space aliens attempt to contact me – it’s through their discarnates – the dead ancestors of the souls who once were attempting to overcome their human nature but fell away due to largely hanging on to their ego, to then become renegades.

      I have been shown some of these in my house and actually they are around in a real sense for my benefit to help me grown stronger armour against their attempts to make me one of their pawns. How do I do that. By becoming keen to their thougths and ways and killing such thougths in their tracks while asking that the one who was called jesus help me. I know that soul by a different name now as I feel that soul has already returned, this time with His Father as the Two witnesses which is all in my videos.

    • Jeff,
      Thank you for the updates. I am continuing to pray for her and her family. I am also praying for you and your family.

    • by the way who are you praying to and what is your prayer. I guess you’ve already told me that but where does jesus give instructions/commandments to pray in this way for others. Wasn’t his prime example of prayer to pray to the Father and pray related to youself and your relationship to the Father, how you might serve as one of his workers, wanting to know what His will (in the heavens) is for you on earth?

      I’m sorry I’m so blunt with this but so many have substituted their own ideas or some preachers ideas or paul of tarsus ideas in place of what jesus said. Isn’t what jesus said enough. What does anyone add to that, UNLESS they are adding to the translation and actual context of what jesus said. Anyone who is a serious student of what Jesus said, MUST study each word of each scripture as much as they can, as close to the language used by Jesus and his students but primarily Jesus. I wish I could do so more in aramaic but the strongs does a decent job with the greek and hebrew and it’s available online for free, thank god.

    • I would not be able to restrain myself from asking the man who was feeling up my daughter how excited he was to come to work every day, whereupon I’d come under strong suspicion of carrying explosives, which would as a matter of policy need to be removed from my person with rubber clubs in a private room. I’d get tazed and maced and arrested by the ‘real’ cops for assaulting security officers. Prison sentenced possibly stayed for probation, possibly not.

      Hmm… was that a paranoid scenario?

  11. The Dallas/Fort Worth skies are completely covered in chem trails this morning. I wish I could have video taped it when the grid pattern was so strikingly horrific to see. There is not a single TRUE cloud in the skies over DFW right now. They are all chem trails that have widened out and joined the others to turn into big thick wisps of what the great unwashed believe to be clouds.

    This is usually how it works here before it rains and we have rain scheduled in our forecast mid week. I continue to pray that some where there will be a meteorologist who has the spine to say what these are and be willing to lose his or her job after they are told to shut it down and speak about it no more. I know there have been a few in some small markets over the years who have spoken a little about it, but it has never gotten traction with the MSM.

    Once again, we are getting poisoned by our own Govt. and it will never stop until they reach their goal of population control.

    Just a word to the wise this morning. Always look up and notice; those aren’t contrails you see going all the way across your sky. These are chemicals…mainly barium. I have brought this up a couple of times on this BLOG and am doing so again this morning because I was literally shocked at the volume of chem trails that literally are covering up North Texas.

    Please, if you have not educated yourself on this tragedy being perpetrated on us by our own Govt. go to these sites:



    The second one may take some time to load because it is a massive volume of proof. I apologize for making this rabbit trail but am convicted this morning.

    May God grant us Wisdom.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

    • Jeff: I, also, have been so concerned about this chemical spraying for two or three years now. I even called our local airport one day about a year ago wanting to know what was being sprayed. The sky was full of trails and I watched as the planes were doing the spraying. The man I spoke with was very condescending and said they were probably contrails. I told him I had lived in this valley my whole long life and knew what a contrail looked like. Then he said something really stupid about he didn’t know of any crop spraying going on. I said this was not down low where crops are but way up where planes fly over our area. After a few minutes I knew I would get nowhere with him, so I just gave up.

      Last week, believe it or not, they sprayed overhead the area where I live everyday for about 10 days. I just can’t believe it that they are spending untold $$$$$
      poisoning us. I stay indoors as much as possible after these sprayings because I have noticed people (especially those with respiratory problems) having problems after these sprayings. I have also mentioned this to some of my neighbors and they give me that glassy-eyed look like they think I’m ready for the straight-jacket.

      God protect us all!

      Barbara in VA

    • I notice them in the early morning alot and evening before and after work when I do look for them.
      2 weeks ago on my wedding day my brother and I were waiting for the ceremony to start and the sun came out just in time, and I go perfect day now, except for that chemtrail, haha. and my brother was like “a what”? SO I told him it was a chemtrail, he asked what that was, and I told him its chemicals in the air that the gov’t sprays. and he asked why, and I told him basically to make us sick and kill us. He didn’t believe me. oh well. I told him to look it up. but most people just think you are crazy when you tell them or its just the exhaust from the jets.
      If anyone needs some prayers, just let me know! 🙂

    • I am glad you brought this topic up again.I live in Las Vegas,Nov.4 was a crystal blue sky day,within 3 hours our valley was blanketed with the poison.You could actually see when HAARP pulsed thier powers,the vapors dimpled and undulated like a roaring sea.There must have been 8 or 10 huge plain white airplanes criss crossing the skies. I have lived in Las Vegas since 1959,it has been MANY years since seeing a true,deep cerulean sky,nowadays it is always pale and milky.Last but not least,my Aunt and I now awaken each morning with a wheezing chest and coughing.People,PLEASE look up and share what is happening.Investigate this topic to educate yourselves.Even if we cannot stop it we can alert people to stay indoors more or even wear masks like the Japanese do when ill.Blessings to ALL….Soulatpeace

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