L. A. Marzulli – Speaking in Ottawa!

I’ll be in Ottawa Canada speaking on November 12 & 13!

The Lighthouse Free Methodist Church

355 Moffatt St

Carleton Place, ON
K7C 3L6


Radio Interviews:

Saturday: 11-6

Date / Time:

Category: Religion

Call-in Number: (347) 215-8994

I will be interviewing LA Marzulli the author of numerous books on the end times and the Nephilim.
Monday: 11-8

Date / Time: 11/8/2010 6:00 PM (PST)

Category: Spirituality

Call-in Number: (917) 388-4683



Tuesday 11-9
Weeknights 7 – 11 pm central time.

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  2. Volcanic Eruption Benue, Nigeria November 6, 2010

    Tragedy struck yesterday in Mkomon District, Kwande Local Government Area, Benue State, a border community to Cameroun, when volcanic eruptions on a mountain claimed the life of one person as well as destroyed property worth millions of naira.

    Saturday Sun gathered that the tragedy occurred while residents of the community were attending the annual thanksgiving service of the local church. Terzungwer Iorhemen, a member of the community, told our correspondent that midway into the thanksgiving service, vibrations on the earth overwhelmed the area, located at the Cameroun boundary
    Residents of the affected community have deserted their homes, as sources of potable water have been polluted by the heavy magma emitted from the eruption


    • Since the Mary of the Catholic Church leads Christians AWAY from Christ & to reliance upon “Mary” it’s definately EVIL. The power comes from a seducing spirit/spirits.

      Check out the new Michael Jackson Album cover. They had to include a UFO (among other things).

      Michael Jackson’s New Album Cover: Rife with Symbolism


    • This “event” is in Windsor, Ontario, my next door neighbour. It is in a small residential area, the neighbours were unhappy with all the traffic, day and night. This lady had broken by-laws by not getting a building permit, and the “edifice” was encroaching on city property so the city inspectors’ talk was to make her take it down.
      News here said she was taking donations. Mrs. Ibrahim was angry with accusations about doing this for money. Friday morning the statue had disappeared!! No one knows where it has gone. It was purchased from a company in Los Angles…probably demon enhanced.
      The reverend of the this lady’s church said he can’t agree with anything she says.
      St. Ignatius of Antioch church in Windsor does not allow statues.
      I resisted going to see it myself, you know what curiosity can do. All I can say is that people said it changed expressions. Nothing about the tears of oil. Who knows if it was a hoax or not. Either way, there’s a huge Catholic population here and this attracted them.

      1 John 5: 12 Little children, keep yourselves from idols.

      I would love to see you in Ottawa, L.A., but it’s an eight hour drive and my arthritis isn’t up to it.
      Hope you have a great turn out, Canadians need to hear your message!!!

    • HI Carol – I was going to BLOG on that tomorrow and I might just do that! Thanks for you comment. L.A.

    • Very strange as I just had a dream last night there were 3 or 4 flaming balls, or what I thought as comets/ asteriods falling to the ground. I think I was looking at a picture of them. Not sure if coincides to this or not, but my eyes just widened when I saw this story today.

  3. The EU and Israel committed themselves to establishing a partnership which provides for close political and mutually beneficial trade and investment relations together with economic, social, financial, civil scientific, technological and cultural cooperation.


    There is also, for the first time, a financial assistance element to EU-Israel cooperation – Israel is eligible for €14 million in European Community financial cooperation over the next seven years…


    (Agreement/Plan/ EU- “Seven” Years. Huh?)

  4. UFOs, politics and bible prophecy at CP conference

    CARLETON PLACE – As he stands up to get his photo taken, Blair Brown stops suddenly and says, “Oh, we forgot to mention UFOs.”

    Unidentified Flying Objects, for him, are very much worth mentioning, since they will be the main topic of conversation during a conference on Nov. 12 entitled “Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural,” at The Lighthouse Free Methodist Church, 355 Moffatt St. in Carleton Place, starting at 7 p.m. The conference continues the next day.

    Blair, along with his father, Rev. Guy Brown, the church’s assistant pastor, is organizing the event. Author, researcher and lecturer Dr. L.A. Marzulli will speak at the conference.

    “UFOs do exist and they (sightings) are increasing, so it is the whole question of, ‘What are they?’” asked Blair.

    He said when it comes to the issue of UFOs, “people tend to turn away from it.”

    Guy adds that Marzulli addressing UFOs “from a Christian perspective.”

    The conference will not focus solely on little green men from galaxies far, far away. The church hosts a weekly bible prophecy discussion group, led by Guy, which looks at passages in the bible, particularly “The Revelation to John,” better known as The Book of Revelations in the New Testament.

    “What it boils down to (is), what does the bible and ancient prophecy say about he world today?” said Blair. “People look to the church for explanations and answers, maybe not so much any more.”

    Guy concedes that bible prophecy is a “controversial” issue.

    “There are a lot of Christians who are uncomfortable about it and don’t want to talk about it,” Guy said, during an interview last week.

    He has had people ask him if the conference is going to be “all doom and gloom.” He said it will not, though “some of it will be.”

    “We’re heading to the wall at 100 kilometres-per-hour, and this guy (Marzulli) is like an air bag,” said Guy. “He’s not a prophet and never claimed to be.”

    The two men know there are skeptics of bible prophecy – in fact, they are sure that some will likely attend the conference.

    “We’re expecting more non-church people than church people,” said Guy.

    They also point out that Marzulli has admitted when he was wrong. Earlier this year, Marzulli predicted that there would be a war in the Middle East over the summer months.

    “You know what, I was wrong,” Guy quoted Marzulli as saying.

    The two men, who have heard Marzulli speak on the internet, say he is a compelling public speaker, and despite the occasional fire-and-brimstone warnings, say he has a sense of humour too.

    One example of what Blair calls “fact-based information,” is Russia selling nuclear components to Iran for its nuclear power program, a move that some fear could help Iran build nuclear weapons. Guy points to the book of Ezekiel, chapters 38 to 39, which he says show that Iran will make a deal with Russia to attack Israel.

    “What you decide to do with that (information) is up to you,” said Blair. “I’ve been brought this information, and I feel an obligation to share it.”

    The two men also pointed to severe weather that, they claim, pointing to the book of Matthew, chapter 24, will soon get worse.

    “Are we getting near the end times? You decide,” said Guy.

    Some televangelists have used end-of-the-world scenarios to solicit donations on their programs, but Guy stressed that he wants to distance himself from that part of Christianity.

    “Televangelists scare me,” Guy said. “It’s fear-mongering and a heresy to pull that stuff.”

    The two men laughed when they recounted the number of end dates in the last few years when the world was supposed to end. Many will remember the scare over Y2K, when the start of the new millennium in 2000 and a crash of the world’s computers was to usher in the end times. The current craze is the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012.

    “We’re not putting a date on it (the end times),” said Guy. “You can’t.”

    Guy said the Bible tends to focus mostly on events in the Holy Land, the Middle East, and that Canada and the U.S. do not figure that prominently in prophecy.

    “I personally do not recognize the bible talking about the U.S. or Canada in the bible,” said Guy.

    Some prophecy scholars point to U.S. President Barack Obama as the “charismatic leader,” who will usher in the end times, a theory Guy does not buy in to.

    “As far as Obama goes, people do try to say that,” said Guy. “He’s not the antichrist.”


    • Glad to see your posts!

      Just in case my weird sense of humor ever offends; don’t be shy about telling me off!

      Thinking about the itinerary thing. I just thought it was humorous that for however brief a time, you knew Dr. Marzulli’s schedule better than he did. And it’s mostly funny because it happens to me quite a bit.

    • James, no. All is well. You make me laugh and I thank you for that. God bless you.

      In His Very Precious LOVING Name,

  5. Glenn Beck: A New World Order is Coming..and it Could be Good.
    Posted on November 5, 2010

    As always, Glenn Beck tells the public that global government is coming. After saying how horrible it will be, he turns the whole thing around and says how it’s an opportunity to be a global family and maybe it will be a good thing after all.He goes on to say the New World Order will be good or bad and that it is up to the people to decide which direction it will go in. His guest also touts how positive it will be for the world. Glenn Beck is the perfect propagandist. He gives the public some truth to hang onto with some arsenic thrown in the mix. The people drink it down and make him the leader of freedom while he steers public opinion based on half-truths. Judge for yourself. He makes the American public feel like they have control over world government. We don’t. What is written will come to pass. Glenn Beck, politics and human intervention will not stop what has been ordained to happen. Now is the time to trust Jesus for your salvation.

    Glenn Beck needs to turn from his Mormon faith and become christian before its too late!

    • Its so naive of these individuals to believe think they control and create an outcome that preserves some semblance of our current society. The only thing that will be in control in the end is Satan and then Jesus who comes to demolish him. We have no power to shape that outcome, but simply must hang on with faith to Him which will save us.

    • AMEN, Richard!!!

      I had to grow up around mormons in the East Valley of Phoenix, which was known as “the little Salt Lake City Jr.” I saw through the deception even before i was in 1st grade – and I was raised in an atheist family and surrounded by the occult. I truly am a miracle to have benn born again and become spirit filled.

      Mormonism is a deadly, brainwashing cult – and people who watch him are unwittingly being brainwashed with “new age/universalism/mormonism” via thier large obelisk in the family room (the television – better known as a Nuerolinguistic Transmittor)!

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