Messengers of Deception! Kundalini Serpent Spirit

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L. A. Marzulli

I want to call your attention to this You Tube Video. The thing will speak for itself as you watch it. In my opinion this is about as graphic example of the Kundalini Serpent spirit that you will find anywhere. It is clearly a false, deceiving spirit that is in operation here.

So called “prophetess,” Stacey Campbell, seems to be well on her way to total possession. If this is what the spirit of the Living God is I will shave my head and become a Buddhist! Please take note that all of these folks on the stage accept her hissing, shaking, and out-of-control behavior as standard fare. It’s this kind of false signs and wonders that we are warned will happen in the last days…. They will go after the doctrine of demons, and from this video they have embraced the deception, with open arms.

The sections that really bothers me is when Campbell hisses. I mean what are we looking at here? She’s hissing like a snake, writhing and moving her head like someone having a seizure. Is this how the Holy Spirit acts, through a person? What is even more troublesome is that when someone, like myself, begins to criticize this behaviour, I am immediately pegged as a modern-day Pharisee! Hello! What ever happened to testing the spirits? What ever happened to the admonition of doing things decently and in order? I’m sorry but I don’t see it the Holy Spirit here. Instead I see a deceiving spirit, a lying spirit.

When Campbell reads the scripture please remember that Satan quoted scripture to Jesus/Yashua when he tempted Him! Deception always has an element that seems to be legitimate. When Campbell starts her “session” by reading from scripture most people will accept what follows as biblical. Why, because she started out by reading the truth, then, twists it to her agenda. This is why it is deception. This kind of satanic counterfeit pulls the unaware in and makes it seem like it is from the Most High God.

In closing today’s post. In my opinion this is nothing short of demonic deception that is becoming a cancer in the church.Todd Bentley is a false prophet. It just amazes me that everyone in this video seems to be in complete agreement with what is going on. It’s all dressed up in a nice spiritual cum-bay-ya atmosphere.

In part four, they give Bentley a ring…. They call him an apostle. They seal Bentley’s commission and have everyone raise their hands and pray. It truly is the blind leading the blind… a doctrine of demons in these last days…

God help us….


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63 thoughts on “Messengers of Deception! Kundalini Serpent Spirit

  1. Hi LA and Brothers and Sisters:

    My computer isn’t working good enough for me to watch the video on this Stacy Campbell thing…however, I will try to see it later from another computer…only thing is I’m sure I will be sorrowful when seeing it…it is such a heartbreak watching people sucked into such deception…it makes my heart break. Also, I can’t believe the article about the Mexican police force that all quit…is there not One Christian there willing to lay it all down and stand in the gap there…Is there not one Christian who will pray, rebuke, teach, correct and stand up to this constant evil. Probably not, as it is almost certain it will require their lives, but then again, isn’t that what a policeman knows when they sign up for this vocation. It is not just a job, it may require your life to stand against evil…and if there are any Christians on that force, where are they…their purpose is to glorify the Lord whether in life of death…I know easy for me to say, I’m not the one down there…Maybe it’s better for me to keep my ideas here to myself and pray, pray, pray. Lord help the people of Mexico, evil and good alike, they are in desparate need of your help. Defend them against the attacks of Satan and his minions who are desiring to destroy them. Change their hearts and minds and draw them to yourself in your mercy. Save them of Mighty Lord. You are their only hope and I ask my brothers and sisters here to join in intercession for them. Here our cries to you oh Lord, You are the only hope of the world. Forgive our sins and have mercy on us all. Amen!

    • I stand in agreement with you sister, Jesus Christ is our blessed hope, and their blessed hope, may He find a way to reveal Himself to them in the way that they will best receive it, in Jesus’ name, amen.

      The video of Stacy Campbell is horrible, as is the one I saw a few weeks ago of Todd Bently’s wife…doing the same exact thing…speaking perfectly while her head shook violently and she hissed as well! I astounds me that Bently has that many followers and the attendance at his “rallies” is mind boggling to me. Indeed a great falling away and because they refused to be lovers of the truth and be saved, for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (paraphrased from Thessalonians 2:11)

      I agree with L.A. this is a cancer, spreading among the churches, among the people of the Earth. With all that is going on…earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami’s, cholera, tornadoes, wind storms, riots, murders, the cup of abominations must be close to the brim. When will it spill over? In Haiti 6 months plus since the earthquake, at least a million people are still living in tents with no latrines, no clean water…..300 are dead from cholera. In Pakistan millions are displaced from the flooding yet we continue to attack with our drones… them! bomb them? It is beyond my understanding….
      In China and South America mines collapse weekly…killing some, yet at a mine collapse in Chile` we watch a “Great Rite” performed before our very eyes! I, along with Pastor Mike Hoggard said….watch; they will wait til the clock strikes midnight so that the rescues would begin on October 13th….and they rescued them all in less than 24 hours, in the phoenix capsule….that penetrated “her” the goddess…”gaia”…”shekina”…”ishtar”…”astaroth”….and out of “her” these “men” all wearing stars on their chests were “raised from the dead”????? They don’t televise other mine rescues around the world…why this one? why? hmmm, I wonder what paralell that mine was on? I wonder, was it on a ley line? Hmmm,Dark Druid priest Drunvalo Melchizedek may have some dark insight on that one….Chile` there is a special “earth chakra” there….the “kundalini” “serpent of light” resides there….he’s been up to some mischeif over there for quite some time. He and Luz Clara…the Machi` medicine woman who initiated me into shamanism. Dear Lord, Jesus I repent of that again, and renounce all of it in your Holy Name, Jesus.

      I believe as Pastor Mike does that we witnessed a carefully orchestrated ritual. You can google Pastor Mike Hoggard for some great videos about this and other occult symbolism that he aligns with scripture that is quite interesting. It has to do with DNA…the third strand…the iron mixed with mirey clay, the daughters of men and the “sons of God”, that mixing…46=33+13…chromasomes it’s all about the mixing. As in the days of Noah….

      In continual prayer for all my brothers and sisters in Christ, God bless all of you!

    • Thanks for standing with me Dori. Extremely interesting information you share here. When I get a chance I will google Pastor Mike and do some research as well. Thanks so much. I’m always wanting to understand more. Amen!

    • Hi: So strange, I just watched Pastor Mike’s video on this subject this morning and then this post by L. A. When I clicked on the video, I could only watch a few seconds and then had to turn it off. In the past I had heard about (and had seen) parts of videos with people doing crazy things like acting like animals, falling in the aisles (pastor Mike said that Christians do not fall but stand as God’s Word says we should do}. I’ve also seen parts of videos with people laughing, laughing, laughing! It is so hard to understand how anyone can fall for this stuff.

      May God continue to bless L. A. and all of you.

      Maranatha – Barbara in VA

  2. LA, a few blogs back, one of your devotees like myself also, a devotee that is, or maby it was on David Flynn’s watcher web site posted -this guy Todd Bentley and his wife who was giving testimony on a You Tube video also. She began to hiss, and shake and move her head.. I noticed that her voice remained calm throughtout the ordeal. I then wondered what her face looked like while shaking. I replayed the video using a stop forward click of the mouse. I discovered her face which was normally quite attractive, looked like a Mayan or some other freakish artifact when she was moving and hissing and making a loud yelling sound, though speaking quite correctly and coherently. Talk about wierd..and as you always state: NOT ONE PERSON QUESTIONED/TESTED THE SPIRIT. FYi and thanks…Blessings Dave`

    • Dave, forgive me please, I do not know who you are, but we are not ‘devotees’. We are Born-Again Christians. And we are not devoted to L.A.

      In His Precious Name,

    • Yes, Mary! Thank you for clarifying that! We are born again Christians, not devotees of L.A.! Amen!

      Dave; I just wrote about that clip in my response to Lisa! I didn’t think of playing it in stop motion but I too was wondering what her face looked like while she was doing that! Stacy too….I swear I could see a hindu type demon while Stacy was doing that shaking, hissing thing! Ugh! Yes, please post those pics if you can!

      God bless you!

    • LA and group,
      I read that during Lakeland or after, Stacey Campbel laid hands on Todd Bentley’s ‘new’ wife and gave her an ‘impartation of the annointing of the ‘spirit.’ (Holy Spirit implied). this must be why their manifestations are so similar!Stacey, Todd & new wife are all under C. Peter Wagner and his associates and associated with ICA (International coalition of apostles. Many of the other apostles and prophets names you will recognize as leaders of Vineyard, Toronto and Kansas City-IHOP and have been around for decades. People trust these leaders to lead them into truth and deeper relationship with Jesus by the Holy Spirit, and instead are led into deception. For years,
      I was one, and thank Jesus for bringing me to repentance, confession Jesus is my Lord and Savior and back into the Holy bible, KJV! In Charismatic services, ‘Bits and pieces’ of the scriptures are used, but from the pulpits, none are taught enough scripture to know what it says and means, and can’t recognize error when it’s right in front of them. The Holy Bible must be used as the standard to test the spirits!Many Christians don’t know how to test the spirits with God’s help, like Jesus did.

  3. lord have mercy that made me dizzy just watching her.I pray the lord show them mercy and bring them out of this deception.

  4. Right on dear brother! Deception is epidemic in the Church. Why? Because we have departed from the Cross, we have cast aside truth. Most of the modern church is not taught Bible doctrine. What do we have left? Fleshly, demonic manifestations masqeruading as the truth!

    Kevin J.

  5. “Alert the Church; UFO’s, Fallen Angels and the Bible Conference”

    Call it my “faith of a mustard seed” or my “I can do all things christ who strengthens me” I feel like I am having a Angus Buchman moment from “Faith Like Potatoes” I want to conduct a large conference in Denver with several christian ufologist. I want to invite a and set aside large number of tickets for pastors in addition to the general interested populus.

    Recently I spoke Jeff Peckman who claim’s he has aliens on tape. He circled the media outlets two years ago. In Denver we have a UFO initiative on the ballot started by Jeff. I suggested a christian Ufologist only conference to stir debate and bring awareness to the topic of discussion within the christian community. He thought it was a great idea.

    Calvary St Petersburg put on bible prophecy conference two months ago. Mark Hitchcock, Grant Jeffrey, Chuck Missler and several others were on the speaking agenda. It was a two day conference. Each speaker had their alloted time and then there were open discussions. At the end of the conference there was a round table. Specific topics were discussed.
    The conference was on one specific web site so you could watch each speaker individually any time you wanted. Pastors could openly ask questions in this forum without feeling odd. This could really plant the seed and give pastors the confidence to talk to to their congregations about the coming great deception.

    I would like to have a conference and then post the speakers presentations and the debates on a website in addition to “you tube” so everyone could see it.

    Who have I invited and spoken to and who has responded?

    LA Marzulli – willing participant
    Stan Deyo – willing participant
    Patrick Heron – willing particpant
    Steven Quayle – waiting for a response
    Chuck Missler – waiting for a response
    Hal Lindsey – waiting for a response
    George Noory Coast to Coast – waiting for a response
    Clifford Cliff Moutain Regional Director of Mufon – waiting for a response
    Gino Geraci – Bible Answer Man Broadcast 94.7 krks Denver Colorado

    Ideally I would love to have it at my church Cherry Hills Community in Highlands Ranch. If that is not possible I am looking at the Universities as suggested by Jeff Peckman.

    I’m in prayer right now. Is this a calling or just wish or desire? An event like this costs money; you have advertising; travel and lodging for the speakers and their costs; computer and IT expenses just to name a few. It also takes many volunteers and coordinators, fundraising and many hours and a lot of help in all areas.

    I’m thinking Friday Saturday speakers; Saturday afternoon pastoral questions with a Sunday Debate and rountable for the general populas. To adequately plan and advertise I am thinking this spring or this summer.

    I have conducted conferences like this before ideally I would like a minimum of 4 to 6 months to prepare. I would like to have a roundtable of individuals who make group decisions in all aspects of the planning and distribution of funds for accountabilty purposes with oversight given to the speakers when requested.

    I sincerely hope this a calling that can be done. If you are interesting in helping with coordination, the IT wed development, the advertising, or the funding please let me know.

    I guess time will tell if we can pull this together.

    My contact information is or 303-378-8100

    Please be in prayer for this Thank You and God Bless

    • I am joining you in prayer, and I will join you in labor! Thanks for the contact info….I will call you to see what you need and will help in any way that I can!

      Steve Qyale was on this radio show last week for three hours and it was awesome! He is coming on again on October 30th, sounding the alarm, and spreading the Word to those who have not given their lives to Jesus Christ yet, at this 11th hour!

      God bless you!

    • Richard;
      I would LOVE to help you out in anyway I can……I have wanted L.A. to come to San Antonio for a couple of years, for various reasons I have not been able to get it done…..I would be glad to contact Hal Lindsey for you, my husband and I traveled with he and his wife a few years ago to the Turkey and Greece. I do have their home phone number so let me know.
      He and Chuck Missler were one of the first that I know of sounding the alarm concerning the great deception through UFO’s.
      I get Jeff Peckman’s emails all the time, it would be great to get him to see that these are NOT space brothers, but actually messengers of deception!
      I am originally from Wheat Ridge Colorado, my mother and sister still live in the Denver area. I always love to go visit when I can, so visiting them and helping you would be my pleasure….I have shared some of my experiences with L.A., I tend to do a lot of studying and investigation on my own…..most of my friends and family think I am waaaay out there, that does not detour me at all 🙂 Let me know what I can do…

      A word on Stacy Campbell. I have unfortunately been in a couple of meetings that were very much like this, ugh….these people are pathetically misguided at best. In one meeting I attended ( wont call it a church service b/c it was far from that) Jeff Jansen claimed God dropped precious jewels from the sky at his services…..when he got up to speak he did not pray once, he had the praise group play LOUD drums with crazy rockish music from the other instruments and he just screeched for an hour and a half “let the glory fall” “send us your jewels”…….then he told EVERYONE to hold up their wallets and within 48 hours the money in it would double, oh yeah buddy and you will be long gone when it doesn’t!
      EVERYBODY did, except me! It was disgusting… him, he has kind of dropped the jewel gimmick now that he has gotten a bunch of “love offerings” , now he has tons of conferences with many other like him.
      I really could go on and on, I have spoken to many of these characters personally b/c of a family connection I don’t care to mention, but believe me this is a BIG time business for these guys and it’s ALL about MONEY. I think L.A. mentioned something about things being like “a house of cards” interestingly I have for the last month had that exact phrase come up dozens of times…..and I DO THINK these guys are building a house of cards and I do believe it is dangerously close to collapsing. The very sad part of this is so many of their followers are going to be completely lost, and the secular world will and do look at these nut cases as Christian norm…..
      Thanks for letting me rant 🙂

  6. It’s hard to believe such big groups, who are supposed to be gathered in the name of the Spirit can all be fooled, to the last man, to the last woman. But I suppose that a video showing a meeting where someone did stand and test the spirits, would be erased pretty fast.

    I’m especially appalled at the ‘drunk spirit’ deals. Yeel. I suppose that a video showing a meeting where someone injured himself at a ‘slosh fest’, would be erased pretty fast. Some might be acting like the people who fall over at the forehead tap: everyone else is doing it. But some of ’em are genuinely possessed, and these spirits might not be interested in getting everybody home safe; perhaps not even for the purpose of preserving the ‘good name’ of slosh fest.

    • Same here James. There are some that believe that if it is under a church roof it is a genuine move of the Spirit of God. I remember being in a service where as the old folks would say a lady was getting wound up, began to pray to the Lord if it was not pleasing to Him that it would stop, and it did. Got to have discernment and BOY is that lacking today!

  7. Great post brother! I praise the guts it took to post it and be open about it. Too many people want to hide behind the “no criticism” rule when it comes to this. We were told to test the spirits and it’s a lost aspect of the church today. The pendulum swings either to no gifts or the doctrine of demons. However, there is a Remnant willing to stand in the gap and resist this.

    The element of true revival is that crime goes down in an area and lives are changed permanently. Crime in the Lakeland/Polk County area went up since this “event” and there was no lasting change. If a tree is known by its fruit Bentley and Lakeland’s fruit is rotten.

  8. L.A. and company on this site.

    Hey, this is very interesting re the post of Stacey Campbell. LA, interesting that the post of Stacy Campbell you put up is close to home! You see, her and her husband Wes Campbell are from Kelowna BC. I lived in and grew up in and around Kelowna BC. They’re out of the New Life church in Kelowna. I went to that church before and walked out of the sermon. Needless to say that was like 14 years ago and I can’t remember if Stacey’s husband was a pastor at that time, but even then I saw stuff that would make most people on this forum not even believe is true. In the one sermon i went to…and i never returned by the way…people were barking like dogs, some were even flapping their arms thinking they were birds and trying to fly, and if i remember right even jumping off the end of pews hoping to get airborn. They said it was a movement of the Holy spirit. I walked out totally overwhelmed and disgusted. My entire youth group, except for a few who walked out with me, remained in the sermon. One girl i knew from my youth group was carried out by others as her legs were actually paralyzed and. She claimed the Holy spirit paralyzed her legs and it was a working of the Holy spirit. I spoke out to my fellow youth group members against this and was chastized and persectuted for a very long time afterward. I’m telling you, I’ve been there and experienced this. The head shaking by Stacey was a popular thing in the mid nineties as many pastors and worship leaders i knew personally went to a revival type meeting in Seattle and they all came back head bobbing and doing weird things in all the local churches in the okanagan (the valley region in where Kelowna is located). I experienced this in another church as well for years. Be very careful of this stuff and keep your spiritual guard up…I went through this garbage for years and family friends of mine are still accepting of it. It is a tool of the enemy and is very dangerous.

    God bless and test the spirits…if you do remember to talk to the spirit and not the host in which it resides in order that we not be deceived. i’m sure Stacey Campbell would say she believes that Jesus came in the flesh…but what would that deceiving spirit inside her say!?
    1 john 4:2

    • I just wanted to mention that after reading some of what you put up here, I remember when I was a teenager I was into drugs and while hallucinating on marijuana, I remember running around thinking I was some kind of bird and that I could fly…how sad, perhaps there were spirits involved, as no doubt with drugs there is the evil spiritual element. It makes me sad to think that it is bad enough that as a youngster I was involved in stuff like that but it is even more disturbing that as grown men and women of God, supposed Christians, are being duped by these same type of spirits. I think part of it is that just being saved isn’t good enough for them…they are deceived to think that the truth of the plain old gospel is not exciting enough or miraculous enough. How sad. I believe in all the gifts of the spirit but the most important of these is LOVE, the Love of God that is shed abroad in our hearts when we have been born again, washed in His blood, saved from the wrath to come. Amen!

  9. This junk is so out of control!Late night Lisa posted a vid on yesterday’s blog same garbage different day.Whenever I have gone into a church that was charismatic and not even close to this, I always felt very uncomfortable and unwelcomed in my spirit.Has always givin me the creeps.I used to think there was something wrong with me.I never seemed to fit in and now I understand exactly why.I also used to think too that these “preachers” who were rich,well known,and seemingly having a certain secret knowledge,that I could never possess,made me feel like they had the Lord’s favor.But now I realize how very deceived I could have been just like they are.I praise God for blogs and people like you fine brothers and sisters.You all have no idea how grounded I remain because of you!

    • Sorry to reply to myself.Youtube videos called Best Shapeshifting.LA there are stills on some of those amazing vids,would you please look at them,there is definitely a spiritual component on them.

    • yes LA I don’t know how to do what you guys do with the links but here it is.gillamrl’s channel #p-a-f-1-lj3v417hZNU.He has several unbelievable vids and they show what even supposed christians look like in stills.You will also see a phenomena with slit eyes,but you probably have seen them.

    • on you tube.another youtube channel I looked at was nigelium’s channel.He has a series called Demons sitting on my shoulder.He is a born again believer.His vids show him listening to his Ipod secular music{before he was saved}he said a friend of his came up and looked at him and covered his eyes.His friend asked what was wrong with his eyes.He shows stills of his eyes looking reptilian and what looks like a demon sitting on his shoulder.There are so many videos out there showing this creepy thing.

  10. Interesting timing, I just saw a clip yesterday of Todd’s new wife give an account of a dream where she did the exact same shaking and hissing as this lady. Whatever spirit it is, it’s working on both of them.

    I’ve been asking the Holy Spirit about discernment regarding the whole Lakeland incident since I was made aware of it. I’m in a small town church in Sweden and most buy into this no questions asked. You see my dad gets “drunk in the Spirit” as he says sometimes. I’ve seen it where he laughs uncontrollably and acts generally drunk. But the thing is I believe he is having a genuine experience of the Holy Spirit. About a year ago out of the blue while we were talking he laid hands on me and prayed over me and I blacked out for a microsecond, didn’t fall or anything, only nearly. Before that I was having OBEs/lucid dreams and was asking the Holy Spirit what those were. I was lead to listen to Russ Dizdar’s podcasts and I learned that these experiences were only possible through unclean spirits (sometimes the Holy Spirit can give them also according to the Bible, but I’m sure that’s not what I was experiencing as they were quite disturbing and didn’t lead to anything good). Anyway, after my dad prayed for me these experiences stopped. In hindsight I’m sure whatever spirit had attached to me through a traumatic episode some years ago when all this started left me at that moment of blacking out during prayer. I’m sure my dad wasn’t using the devil to drive out the devil.

    So I say all that to say that I believe you can really be “drunk in the Holy Spirit” out of experience with my dad (eg 2 Cor 5:13 “For whether we be beside ourselves, it is to God: or whether we be sober, it is for your cause.”). But what is manifesting in these ladies is really disturbing me. I’ve never seen that manifested elsewhere. I’m not as discerning as you are and I willingly confess that I’m very easily lead one way or another from past experiences. But seeing this same manifestation brought up two days in a row without actively searching it out kind of gives confirmation that something is definitely not right here.

    Thanks for this post, LA.

    The other clip I saw can be found here and she starts hissing and shaking 3 mins in:

    • Interesting, the adulteress is now in front speaking to everyone, and because she is Todd’s wife she now goes to the head of the class. She is possessed…. L. A.

    • She has to be totally possessed. I doubt the Holy Spirit would try to break anyone’s neck like that :). Reminds me of the spirit of Jezebel, she was religious, had lots of followers and prophets galore. The fire is about to fall, but it isn’t the fire they are thinking of. Amen!

    • It’s not fair. I’ve been acting goofy all my life, but never gained any credibility from it. In fact, the goofier I act while telling about my weird elephant dreams, the less people pay attention.

    • Good comment L.A.! She is possessed by her sin and no shame! What about the ones in the “audience” watching her fully knowing what went on?

    • And look who’s talking about Discernment?! Someone who obviously has NONE. When she starts into her snake charming convulsions look @ Todd’s face. He becomes so pleased when the demonic manifestations begin to show through her. Sick.

      I don’t go around watching exorcisms but I’m wondering if that shaking/snake stuff is expressed in some of them? I have seen people in religious Hindu vids w/the same manifestations.

  11. This phenomenon is established also within the catholic charismatic movement This was done by the instrumentality of John Whimber vineyard ministries in the eighties.
    I was there and saw it all around. I was asked at the time to receive this anointing for the furtherment and empowerment of ministry I refused and spoke against it.
    The thing is when i put forth my objection at an elders meeting I was accused of offending The “senior pastor” who introduced it into the Church.
    it is always about the Leader in the lime light! hence Bently the Apostle.
    I was accused of speaking against the Lord’s anointed “senior pastor” Satan will always use “a leader” to introduce his errors.

    When the revival broke out in Indonesia in the Sixties there was no Leader Just praying saints and they were persecuted By the denominational Pharisee’s.

    john b

  12. ..just to clarify my earlier post. The lady whose legs were “paralyzed” was only a temporary thing. she wasn’t permanently paralyzed. None the less, this is not a working of the Holy Spirit. The Vineyard church is big on the seeking the gifts and manifestations. I realize sometimes that i fall into this distraction as i should be seeking the Lord first not the “manifestations.” seek the gift giver not the gifts. I need a reality check in this from time to time! However that being said these odd body convulsions and “manifestations” are not manifestations of the Holy spirit!

    • That is right person, i attended a vineyard conference years ago. My observation by discernment in the Spirit was hordes of demonic spirits invading and manifesting in various ways upon the people gathered around my wife and I. The place looked like a battle field with bodies everywhere. Praise the lord the Wife and I and few others were still standing. It was scary as we asked the Lord not to let this come upon us. it was the senior pastor in our Group that brought it to Australia and passed it on. This is passed on by the laying of Hands upon those in ministry. john Whimber personally passed it on to This pastor in my group I refused it Amen.

      john b

    • Good for you. When i refused it at the vineyard sermon years ago it was amazing the persecution i received. My friends in the church youth group tore me apart, put me down, accused me of not accepting these manifestations, and bascially persecuted me. I just talked with my mom last night and our wonderful friends of the family that used to go to one of these type churches, well their church has cleaned up their act, flushed out that garbage and are following God in an awesome way! Praise God for that.
      I can tell so much more but in short, I always had a check in my spirit against these type spirits as in my earlier post. I have experienced and incredible heavy spiritual bondage when seeing this stuff around me. I wish i could talk on this forum using Dialog to express to people the emotions these demonic spirits weigh you down with…escpecially guilt so strong it’s incredible! The Lord has protected me and lead me through this garbage without being entirely overtaken by it so praise him solely for where I am today!

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  14. Amazing interview with the real “Angus Buchan” the real man behind “Faith Like Potatoes” See what his inspiring real life testimony has lead him to and how he is spreading the gospel throughout southern Africa. I think its a special story and even better movie. In my opinion if the holy spirit is healing people its through peole like Mr Buchan.

  15. This is why I came out of the institutional church because they are all going nuts!
    I will not watch the video; the words are enough for me. GOD help us all as things get weirder and worse.

  16. Another consideration of that news clip video of CNN’s Brian Todd: it could also be professionally and visually photo-shopped with subliminals. Always test the spirits. Do not be easily manipulated– media technology can be dangerous stuff.

  17. For Tom Horn fans…I just discovered his new book “Forbidden Gates” is available online. Looks to be as good as “Apollyon Rising”. I think there are seventeen parts so far.

    “…Yet it is possible according to Forbidden Gates not only to survive but to triumph over the uncanny challenges that the impending epoch will present. Overcomers will prevail through a working knowledge of the philosophy and technologies driving the threats, combined with a solid understanding of the authority that Christians alone have. What continues within these pages will lift the curtain on a world unlike previous generations could have expected or even imagined, and will inform believers how the power of Christ can be amplified against heretofore unknown adversarial manifestations.

    This book combines investigation by numerous brave resources and reproduces leaked documentation that clearly outlines how soon (several government reports point to “2012” as year one) human enhancement technology of the most exotic order will start. Due to the urgent nature and timing of the expose, the full report in book form (Forbidden Gates) will be in the Survivor Mall warehouse November 1, 2010 exclusively, and 90 days later (February, 2011) in stores everywhere. The first edition (at SurvivorMall) will come with a free six hour audio presentation, a second free book, and a free 13-week teachers guide for churches and other groups that want to make their members aware of this information and its epoch changing ramifications.”

  18. Funny story, I went to a Benny Hinn meeting a few years back as a friend of mine who does not drive due to disabilities wanted to go, evidently he is a big fan, me, not so much. Anyway, he has his alter call, my elderly friend wanted to go down to the alter, so I helped him get down there, at the same time Benny Hinn was making his way down the line laying hands on folks, he quickly he gets to me, I’m kind of standing a bit off to the side, before I can dodge him he lays hands on me, and I start to feel him trying to push me down, which I did not want to, it was like his will against mine, I wasn’t going down and that was that, I believe there was a bit if frustration that night by all parties involved. Side note: I did look for an ear piece in his ear, or some kind of transmitter didn’t see one though, it must have been well hidden.:)

  19. Are we becoming more Trans-human? Will God permit the crossing of Human and animal DNA? These questions are valid in the light of the strong delusion foretold to be given by the hand of God.

    The scripture is clear, “Life is in the Blood” that is what God ordained for the existence of a Soul.

    Biblically speaking outside of the Godhead there are angels(good & Evil) and man created in God’s image with the animal world. Man is already a sinner under judgment by Adamic descent.

    The Prince of this world has been judged already Jn16:11 he Has lost the Keys of Death and Hades. It is Christ that has supremacy & authority over all thing in heaven & upon the earth Mat28:18.

    There is no indication whatsoever in His word nor that of the Apostles concerning this issue of Trans-human technology being manifested upon the earth during the tribulation period. personally I believe that Christ shall not permit it!.

    John b

  20. Why every comment to this blog has a variation of swastika in the upper right corner of the box?

    May Jesus bless you.

  21. @LA, I agree with your post that says, “Deception always has an element that seems to be legitimate” and this kind of so called “spirit filled” behavior is nothing out of the ordinary and seems to be one of the many “signs and wonders” from the Luciferians that wooo people to their flocks by the millions. Yes millions! The catholic church has been doing this for centuries with all their lavish ceremonies, garb, paraphenalia, devotional language, use of the name Jesus, prayers to the stone statues that are all lumped together and called saints when there was hardly any evidence that they were, like Joseph, Mary’s partner and Mary herself considered diety just because she was visited and gave birth to the vehicle that the representative from the Kingdom of God, named Jesus used for his task, calling their priests “Father”, totally making Jesus self sacrifice into heracy and a misguided ceremony, all directly against things Jesus said not to do. And yet millions think catholicism is a path to godliness. And sadly, the entire Christian religion, all the sects have largely followed the same road though they have eliminated many of these trappings and dogma. They still have their stock terminology that they identify one another by and if you don’t use it, you are not one of them (granted) so you are branded heathen or false prophet, the same things that were done in the so called “dark ages” to anyone that differed from the organized church, except now fortunately the state (at least not in the US and not at this time) doesn’t go along with such persecutions.

    And regarding all the hissing, etc. how much different is that from the pentacostals rolling around on the floor and speaking in so called tongues, taking up live snakes and drinking poisons, that they quote scripture to justify not seeing the difference of what jesus was talking about and to whom. Taking up serpents was learning to id the Luciferians (who I believe are direct serpent race alien based) and not be overcome by them. The poisons were their venom – the things they would say and do that could influence us to become like they, the tongues really indicative of how the truth once someone allows it to sink into their core overcomes language barriers but also becomes communicative in a way that is beyond dogmatic archaic (to that time period) terminology.

    But nowadays if you use new terminology you are classified new age and for many christians just hearing that makes them froth at the mouth and hiss just the same without the audible hiss, but hiss with hatred at any who might challenge their accepted and comfortable position they call faith.

    And yes, it for these folks is a feel good moment which shows how religiosity and spirituality, new age or traditional has a type of drug high with it. You know if someone trys to take someones heroin away when they want it most they would even kill to get that fix. Religion can be just the same heroin and so is atheism and so is spiritual new age hare Krishna and transcendental buddist, islam, judism, with all their members, just like christians all saying their “drug” is the greatest and hating anyone who would say otherwise and would even kill those they deem evil, should they say anything negative about them, justifying that they need to get rid of that satanic influence over others.

    When any of us decides to adhere to one path by any name, be sure it’s the best path or your reward will be compromised accordingly. Yes, test it, test it, test it but what is the criteria of the test. Paul’s letters?
    Big, big mistake. Use ONLY what Jesus said. We don’t need any more but don’t be as many christians afraid to read ALL of what Jesus said and understand that he was pretty clear about when he was telling a figurative story or using a metaphor, even explaining the real interpretation afterwards as this is another way lucifer deceives many, more deceit than even these so called spirit filled parties and that everyone uses at times to dismiss the core truthes jesus bore. Lucifer has us take the scriptures we can’t or refuse to accept/understand and thereby say, he must have been figurative there. i.e. harder for a rich man to inherit the kingdom in heaven than for a camel to pass through eye of needle, saying the eye of the needle was some arch in the city that a camel with a load couldn’t easily pass through, reducing the prospect for the rich to far less than impossible. (Jesus simply knew that anything he thought was an absolute still has some possability for his Father to think differently about), a lesson my jesus teachers called “I could be wrong”, a way of knowing that we can’t be too sure of ourselves unless we heard our Older Member from the Kingdom of God say it to us in person and/or by dependable record.

    But displays like this video of the hissing woman is obvious to us to be off track to consider as related to the real kingdom of God, but to them it isn’t just like some things that could be obvious to others in how we may be off track won’t be obvious to us. This is why we shouldn’t be too quick to judge others. Not judging others doesn’t mean we will feel inclined to their behaviors and we should of course point out to them when we can what we think are the error of their ways, that is if they say they want to live by the same teachings as we do but to classify them as false prophets has to do with what they say and do that is directly against what our so called common teacher said about each specific. Generalizations are generally not from the Kingdom of God. The judgement is a person by person time for the Kingdom of God to see what each of us is made of and how much we want to be a servant of our Older Member who used the name jesus 2000 years ago but said upon his return not to believe anyone who comes in that name.

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