Acceleration Radio: Dante Forston

Tonight my guest will be  Minister Dante Forston. We will discuss his new book, As the Days of Noah Were.

I will be asking Dante about some of his controversial BLOGs that have disturbed some of my readers, specifically what he believes regarding sex outside of marriage. We can all hear where he stands on the issues. Let’s see how he responds.

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20 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio: Dante Forston

  1. Asking for prayer. This is from a dear friend who helps spread the Gospel by starting up new Christian radio stations all over the world where it has never existed before:

    “From our broadcast ministry friend in Indonesia about the tsunami. They had not heard from their radio staff on the island hit. UPDATE
    NEWS: we found Friska and other radio crew still alive . But there are
    more than 58 church members died and more than 100 still missing. Our
    radio station is still on air and giving Words of encouragement to
    rebuild their faith.”

    I thank you in advance for your prayers for these dear Christians who are experiencing this terrible tragedy.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

    • Will do my best. Here’s the last reply:

      “Right now, prayer is the best thing. I am heading out of the country today and can’t personally do much. I have contacted another organization and, hopefully, they can direct some aid. I think there is possible help close by with churches in Indonesia and Australia. If I hear something I’ll post it on FB. Thanks.”

      I will be on the look out for updates. Where I serve, we are actually having a 2 day fund raiser for getting radio stations in Asia with today being the second day. Praise God over 50,000.00 was raised yesterday.

      In Christ,


    • JeffD, some of my friends are Christians in Indonesia. I just read your response to LA now. I posted that one of my friends sent a message too. She’s fine. Perhaps your friend could contact her Church if he needs help? She’s in Jakarta. Let me know.

      In His Precious Name,

    • In Prayer

      Father God I just pray you bring a sense of overwhelming grace, mercy and love to this broken community. Please be with them during this very difficult time.

      I pray for guidance with Jeffs friend and I pray that this radio station might thrive to glorify your name.

      God Bless Richard

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  3. L.A., it’s Wednesday already? Sheeeeshhhhh!

    JeffD, I have friends in Indonesia, believe me, I’ve been praying…

    In His Precious Name,

  4. UFOs and Demonic Possession

    In 1969, the U.S. Printing Office issued a 400-page publication entitled UFOs and Related Subjects. It was based on the findings of over 1000 books, literature, and testimonies of UFO contactees and phenomena. This document was compiled for the U.S. Air Force by Lynn E. Catoe under AFOSR Project Order 67-0002 and 68-0003 and is now in the library of Congress.

    In it she states, “a large part of the available UFO literature is closely linked with mysticism and the metaphysical. It deals with subjects like mental telepathy, automatic writing, and invisible entities as well as phenomenon like poltergeist manifestations and possession. Many of the UFO reports now being published in the popular press recount alleged incidents that are strikingly similar to demonic possession and psychic phenomenon that have long been known to theologians and parapsychologists.”

  5. Praying also.I also send up prayers for all who post on this blog as well.Tonight,when I got home from work,my beautiful kitty is seemingly paralyzed from the waist down.God is so awesome as I was able to call his vet right away[my sister in law]he is comfortable but he had an eye removed due to a tumor.He will be seen in morning.All I hope is he won’t suffer.I may have to put him down, and feel total peace over that.After all he is 12,so he is an old boy.My problems are nothing compared to those in other places.

    • No problem is too small for God. I pray for your little cat will be looked upon with favor by the God who created him! And you as well! I have been through the same kind of thing, when we had to make the decision to put our cat Max to sleep. I don’t know who took it harder, me or my husband. We have three now, and each is a precious personality. May you both feel God’s nearness.

  6. May the lyrics and music bless and remind of the Good News of the gospel.

    I’ve found the Pearl of greatest price,
    My heart doth sing for joy;
    And sing I must, for Christ is mine;
    Christ shall my song employ.

    Christ is my Prophet, Priest and King;
    A Prophet full of light,
    My great High Priest before the throne,
    My King of heav’nly might.

    For He indeed is Lord of lords,
    And He the King of kings;
    He is the Sun of righteousness,
    With healing in His wings.

    Christ is my Peace; He died for me,
    For me He gave His blood;
    And as my wondrous Sacrifice,
    Offered Himself to God.

    Christ Jesus is my All in all,
    My Comfort and my Love,
    My Life below, and He shall be
    My Joy and Crown above.

  7. can anyone tell me if there is another way to listen to these? that site never works on my pc. i like minister fortson and listen to his show, the omega hour. i hadnt heard of his thoughts on premarital sex, which doesnt pertain to me, but out of curiosity i wanted to see what this came too because mr. marzulli makes everything sound so intriguing ;-). thanks for any links anyone.
    god bless you all.

    barbara 😉

  8. Jeff D: Will be praying for the Indonesian victims. I was stunned at that triple hit they got! Will be interested in your updates.

    I heard the first part of last night’s broadcast (L.A.’s “rant”). I love those. Also heard the first part of the interview with Dante Fortson. He certainly brought out an extended meaning of the subject matter that in all my years I have never heard and which I thought to be very interesting!

    Marnatha – Barbara in VA

  9. I have a question. I am very ignorant of the occult, and content with that. But in the aspect of “know thine enemy” I am wondering about a few comments posted here a short while ago about the miner’s rescue in Chile. Personally, I was elated that they were all brought to safety. I couldn’t even imagine the trauma they must have gone through. And it seemed that many of them turned to God in prayer, and He answered them.
    But several commenters here seemed to see some sort of occult evil in the numbers and the timing and symbolism, etc.
    I have also heard Tom Horn speaking of numbers and the evil of occult.
    My question is – What is the big deal about the numbers and the symbolism? Do the numbers give some sort of message to these evildoers, or have some special kind of witchy power or something? I don’t get it.

    JeffD, I am praying for the Indonesians.
    May God be close to all of us in these intense days.

    • Of course everyone is happy the miners got out & better yet if through that experience they called out to the Lord. As a Christian that should be the best part!

      That being said the people who study symbolism see more to what was going on than meets the eye. The odds of it just being coincidental are usually slim. Is noticing these things going to impact or change anything in regards to the miners? Probably not.

      But – pointing them out, especially in the entertainment industry can sure give someone a whole new outlook @ what’s going on there. It could be just enough to freak someone out to decide they should get right w/the Lord.

      I don’t know that much about it but from what I’ve studied it appears that by using occult symbolism – the unseen spiritual world is communicating w/the natural world in a way which can be seen. Its kind like reassuring those “in the know” that things are progressing as planned.

      Symbolism in occult rituals of course is used as a doorway to invite the demonic inside our dimension &/or bodies. Occult symbolism used in Architecture has the same effect. It’s an invitation.

      I don’t want to go overboard w/it but it’s interesting & easy to spot once you know the “signs”.
      If you notice the symbols beforehand you are forewarned that whatever you’re going into, viewing, or person you’re talking w/could very well be involved w/the dark side. It adds an additional level of spiritual discernment you normally wouldn’t be aware of.

      The Vigilant Citizen articles have a pretty good visual step by step explaination of occult symbolism.

    • Interestingly heard that one of the first things they wanted sent down to them were Bibles! Not much was made in the media of that. I have seen the same comments here and other places about the occult/numerical symbolism of the date they were pulled out, the number of miners and so on. Maybe God planned that date for just the opposite, to confound the enemy who meant something for evil to be used for good.

    • Thanks so much, sisters, for the answers, as it is very confusing to me. I will look up the links.

      And thank you, Jesus, for saving us from the evil.

  10. On the drive home we were talking about the UFO deception scenario. What if it is just as simple as SETI making an announcement that they got the “WOW” signal, one that they think is from an intelligent alien source? That would be enough to sway over to a worship of these wonderful creatures that planted our DNA and will someday come back to help us evolve spiritually. Something to ponder???

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