Messengers of Deception!

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L. A. Marzulli

With all that is going on in the world, I decided to move away from contemporary developments and focus on an event that  happened in 1997. While in Nashville, I presented a new Power Point presentation, entitled, Messengers of Deception. This is the basis for the book that I will write after I finish the Cosmic Chess Match, which should come out in January…. hopefully!

This is the cover of time magazine that hit the news stands when members of the Heaven’s Gate cult committed mass suicide. There were a total of 39 people who killed themselves. Without getting into all of events leading up to this horrific end, the final act of suicide should, to any reasonable person, send up a barrage of warning flares for any one who might consider the so-called teaching of the groups founders, Applewhite & Nettles, as anything other than demonic deception.

These unfortunate 39, devotees in this cult paid the ultimate price for the deception that had lured them into the group in the first place.

The groups founders were Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Lou Nettles. Nettles practiced channeling – which is contact with the demonic entities from the second Heaven – and was a member of the Theosophical Society. This goes back to Madame Helena Blavatsky, who some consider the “mother” of the New Age movement.

Appelwhite studied to be a minister but after a sex scandal which resulted in him leaving St. Thomas University he began hearing voices. He then had himself castrated in order to relieve himself from the guilt of being a homosexual.

The two eventually found each other, and used a variety of names such as, The Two witnesses – as in the Book of Revelation, Ti & Do, and Bo & Peep. They travelled the country holding UFO meetings and began to attract a following.

While Appelwhite and Nettles did not succeed in gathering large numbers, there unique brand of deception created a media fire-storm when the mass suicide occurred and Heavens’ Gate became infamous. The group created a last statement saying that they were going to meet a large UFO in the sky. The deaths of these misguided followers should serve as a warning of what can happen when we leave the true Gospel and follow after what I would call the doctrines of demons.

Here’s some of what  they believe: It speaks for itself!

TRINITY – Denies the Trinity, teaching that God is a singular being, “chief of chiefs” among other beings of his creation, who exist in the “Next Level.”

GOD, THE FATHER – An Upper Level Being, and the Older Member to whom Jesus attached himself. Also incarnated in Bonnie Lou Nettles. Speaking of His Older Member, Do wrote, “His relationship to this planet is as Chief Administrator, and is the One referred to as the ‘True God’ in the early stages of this civilization” (Undercover Jesus).

GOD, THE SON – Jesus was not God but an Upper Level Being who incarnated on the human level to train others how to attain the next level. He incarnated a second time in the 1970s in the person of Marshall Herff Applewhite.


In Other News:

Indonesian volcano erupts, 20 hurt by hot ash Business as usual?


Global food crisis forecast as prices reach record highs Time to stock pile canned goods!


Indonesia tsunami kills 23, leaves scores missing More business as usual?


War preparations advance around and in Iran

I’m so surprised… I had no idea!


Couple reports ‘giant barge’ UFO over Ventura sky This is in my back  yard!


U.S. researchers find oil on bottom of Gulf of Mexico I’m shocked!


Obama Adm. Targets Pro-life Activists as Terrorists

This is very alarming…. woe to them who call good evil and evil good…


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  1. This reply doesn’t really go with this post but I just wanted to say thanks for the material you’ve put out. I have read Nephilim and Unholy Deception, didn’t know there was a third book but I intend on getting it. Your end times scenario makes perfect sense to me. Before I stumbled on to your blog, I began re-reading Nephilim. I truly believe that God is wanting me to review and prepare. Thanks again.

    By Joel C. Rosenberg October 25

    A new headline in the Jerusalem Post reads: “Vatican synod calls for end to Israel’s ‘occupation’: At conference on Christians in the Middle East, U.S. Melkite archbishop says: ‘There is no longer a chosen people.'”

    With all due respect, the Vatican is wrong on this issue. The entire Bible – from Genesis to Revelation – makes crystal clear again and again the Lord’s love for the Jewish people, His decision to choose Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and their descendants for His very own, and His eternal promise to give the Holy Land to the Jewish people. As such, it is the duty of all true followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to bless Israel and reaffirm her fundamental legitimacy and right to the Land. Yes, we should bless and love the Palestinians, as well, because our Lord Jesus said as a Jew living in Israel, “Love your neighbor,” and, “Love your enemies.” But we should never accept the false teaching that God has rejected the Jewish people or rescinded His promises to the nation of Israel. That simply is not Biblical.

    In Genesis chapter 12:1-3, the Lord makes it clear He has chosen Abram to “make a great nation” and the Lord says to him, “I will bless you and make your name great; and so you shall be a blessing; and I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.” In Genesis 13:14-18, the Lord specifically takes Abraham to the land we now call Israel and said, “Now lift up your eyes and look from the place where you are (the Jordan Valley), northward and southward and eastward and westward; for all the land which you see, I will give it to you and to your descendants forever.”

    Doesn’t “forever” mean forever?

    Interestingly, the Apostle Paul prophetically anticipated that the Christians in Rome would one day think that God would reject the Jewish people and His promises to them because many Jews initially rejected Jesus as the Messiah. So Paul wrote this in his letter to the Romans, chapter 11, verse 1 and 2: “I say then, God has not rejected His people, has He? May it never be! For I too am an Israelite, a descendant of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin. God has not rejected His people whom He foreknew.”

    Indeed, in the Book of Revelation, we specifically see the nation of Israel regathered and playing a key role in the End Times. God defends Israel. God fights for Israel against her enemies. God blesses Israel and the Jewish people. And then the Lord Jesus Christ Himself comes with His saints to reign from Jerusalem. To deny such truths is to deeply and fundamentally misunderstand the Word of God.

    May I encourage you, brothers and sisters, to share this message with others. Be kind towards the Catholic leaders. Let us show them the mistakes they are making, but do so in love. Let us also teach followers of Jesus Christ around the world the Lord’s deep love and compassion for the Jewish people, and His desire that they – and all people – come to faith in Messiah Jesus.

    • Richard,
      I see your points. However, I will like you to open your eyes a little wider. I mean do some research. Has it ever crossed your mind that Physically, things are not always what they seem? Has it ever occured to you that, the opinion of most world leaders and even Religious heads this days are enfluenced by selfish aims. often materialistic?.Do you actually believe that the fight raging on all over in the middle east is about God or just about retaining the lincense to live and work in the holy land? Ok for sure a few believers on ground want to live in the holy land because it is Holy. however, all the imposters in Isreal are sharks! they are there for the Power, Money, control & access to over aboundant Natural resources in and around the Middle East. These Imposters and their allies; including the Pope will do anything to retain their hold on the Land of Isreal and the middle East. Make no mistake, they will fight against the messiah (once they identify him) and anyone they percieve as a threat to their control over Power, money and resources in Isreal, the midile east and the rest of the world as a whole
      In your research look for answers to the following questions (pls share your finding with us) Thanks

      Who are the Isrealites?
      What is the true ID of the 12 tribes of Isreal?
      Where are the original 12 tribes of Isreal now?
      What is history of each tribe of isreal?

      Who scartered the 12 tribes of Isreal?
      What scatered the 12 tribes of isreal?
      Who has been persecuting the True 12 tribes of Isrealites
      How many out of the 12 tribes of Isreal made it back to holy land thus far?
      where are the rest?
      Where are the decendents of the 12 tribes of Isreal?
      Do they know themselves
      Where are they now?
      What are they doing now?
      Have God been comunicating with them?
      Have they been obeying the will of God?
      Who are these other imposters inhabiting the holy land and Corrupting it?
      What does these imposters want from the holy land.
      Is the current land of isreal truely holy
      Are the current inhabitants of Isreal in good terms with God?
      Are all the current inhabitants of Isreal trully waiting for the Messiah?
      Are all the Allies af the current inhabitants of isreal truelly waiting for the messiah?
      Are they truely prepared to recieved him?

      Goodluck with the research!

  3. Here is a quote from the last video Applewhite recorded:

    “Let me say that our mission here at this time is about to come to a close in the next few days. We came from distant space, and even what some might call somewhat of another dimension, and we are about to return from whence we came.

    It requires, if you move into that evolutionary kingdom, that you leave behind everything of human ways, human behavior, human ignorance, human misinformation.

    If I would title this tape, it would be ‘Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before it is Recycled’.”

    When he pronounces “human” it is in a very derogatory/mocking way… “HYOOOO-mun”. Whoever is speaking isn’t human.

  4. I was just reading the DEBKA File regarding the latest on the Lebanese govt. crisis– what a deceptively clever way to pull off a coup. Suddenly create an “investigation” into the death of current Prime Minister Hariri’s father (former PM), banking on the effect of chaos that probe may create. Then strongly suggest that the current PM step down in order to avoid such a debacle. That’s it now… just step away from the power seat and no one needs to get hurt. Inside job courtesy of the folks behind the formal probe? Maybe.

  5. “The Mysterious Two” a 1982 TV movie with John Forsythe playing “HE” and Priscilla Pointer playing “SHE”, was inspired by the storyof Bo and Beep. Synopsis: Two Aliens visit the Earth in an effort to enlist converts to travel the universe with them.

    But aliens deception was best documented in the book :
    “When Prophecy Fails” a 1956 classic book in social psychology by Leon Festinger, Henry Riecken, and Stanley Schachter about a UFO cult that believes the end of the world is at hand.

    Nothing new under the sun…

    • I do believe that as scripture tells us in Romans 1:28 “Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done.” That depraved mind is a damaged, delusional brain that has been given over to deceit and cannot function properly in both body and spirit. Just look at the nightly news and you get a taste of that.

    • Lisa and LNL~
      I stand in agreement with you regarding “Sawyer” and “VivianNAUD” beliefs. Thanks to L.A.’s previous commentary on Applewhite most of us now know where Sawyer draws his “inspired” worldview from! But still waiting to hear a more up-front and direct reply to Hopeful_Watcher and LNL from VivianNAUD. In the meantime, I found these two web addresses that will begin the de-cloaking process regarding Vivian: and
      By the way LNL, that is some VERY interesting information you highlighted about the LDS. Seems they are also lumped in with the dominionist movement. By the way, have either of you (or anyone else) ever looked at the Watch Unto Prayer website? I have mixed feelings about it even though there seems to be some decent information posted there. Just curious. Look forward to hearing from you:^D
      Have a Holy Spirit-filled day!

    • Good work In A Moment! You found her!

      I just found out Vivan is a sister & a “Princess” too. One of god’s elect- lamb of god.She’s on the top rung. Listed as #2 in the Ministers/Workers of the Vineyard.

      You’re barking up the wrong tree Vivan- we know the true Word of God here & it is nothing that your ministry preaches. I pray that YOUR spiritual eyes are opened & that YOU turn to the One Almighty God of the Holy Bible & renounce this deceiver you are following.

      You can say “Lord Jesus Christ” all you want but that is not who you are devoted to, following, & working for. It’s the very one-Lucifer-who Eze Clinton supposedly defeated.

      Here is a sampling off the Children of God Ministries website:

      As it pleases god , this ministry does not segregate among religion, therefore, is open to all god’s creations who loves, glorifies, worships god in spirit & in truth.

      To all the world Leaders, We the Ministers of God Wish to Notify you that the time has come for you to submit your countries & authorities to the God who liveth forever and ever! It is time for all Nations to accept the Government of God and adopt a theocracy system of Government where God is the only head….Let the will of God Almighty be done on Earth AMEN.

      (Yada, Yada, Yada……)

      This peaceful dialogue is brought to you by EZE CLINTON (The son of a nice man) manifesting on earth as a messenger as a mighty god who liveth forever and ever, AMEN.

      (Eze Clinton who is “god elect” on earth was chased around here by Lucifer but defeated him so no worries- he’s come to save the day. He’s conquered all of the powers of darkness & now is handing the world back to God.)

      Ministry locations: France, Nigeria, & Malaysia

      This is ALMOST as bad as Ti & Do!

    • Man, if you didn’t think we were close before, you need only look at how much distraction, redirection and false doctrine is starting to get thrown at this blog to believe we are on the cusp. Look at ones detractors to see how righteous a ministry is and L.A.s ministry is under siege and attack.

    • Lisa,
      Hahahaha…. very funny. It is very natural for anyone to jump to conclusions and mis interpret things in a negative way based on past experience or current state of mind. You need to relax and refrian from Name Calling. it is Ungodly. FYI The whole world belong to God and is the Kindom of God or Vinyard of God.
      May God Guide you.Amen.


    • I am not name calling. I question your agenda. I see no fellowship or legitimate dialogue coming from you. You have a doctrine to sell and that is why you are here. We are forced to jump to conclusions when you are vague and misleading in your dialogue.

      Seek the Kingdom of Heaven!! The Lord’s prayer says, “thy kingdom come”. You can not manufacture a kingdom of God here on Earth using human hands, no matter how altruistic your intentions are. If you try, it will be subverted for Satan’s purposes. Sorry to rain on your parade, but this is what Holy Scripture (you know the one you won’t quote) tells us. We are to wait for his return and this will only be after the man of lawlessness is revealed.

    • Hopeful Watcher and all,
      Speaking of the man of Lawlessness, Have you not heard or stumbled upon the following informations or websites during your researchs. Websites with Details about the Anti- Christ
      Videos with verbal Claims
      Mr 666 Interview with CNN

      MR 666 Website. Spooky and very, very Scary!

      The most scary and troubling Informations at these sites are that, this Guy Mr 666 The Anti Christ. Jose, Luise, Miranda de Jesus or what ever else he is called; Actually now claims be God and to have already Extablished and furnished The Government of God on Earth pronto!

      Apart from Latin America, This Guy currently resides and Rants from and inside the USA!
      Hum! This is very bad news. Very, deeply upseting.
      All the Children of God. out there, that are quick to anger. Pls do not click on the above links or dare visit sites or read anything/claims by this guy.

    • He maybe a man of lawlessness, but he is not THE man of lawlessness. Lots of cult leaders proclaim to be God and a tattoo of 666 doesn’t make him the devil’s chosen one, just a seriously disturbed and demonically possessed man. He is not the makings of a world wide leader. Nice try though.

      When your superman of Nigeria becomes Pope, tell him hopeful_watcher says, ‘hi’.

    • C. Peter Wagner is a Dominionist and Third Day. Also associated with Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Cindy Jacobs and Peter and Doris Wagner’s ICA (International coalititon of apostles and prophets) and also New Apostolic/Prophetic Prayer Movement.

    • Valle talks about cases that go back a very long time… Here are two videos from Chris White: UFO`s in Art Debunked in which he debunks some cases (even the famous photos of the egyptian hieroglyphs) that people or the messengers of deception through them want to present to humanity as UFO`s.

    • Frank, I would take you up on that $ 10, unfortunately due to the Obama and his cronies, that $10 may be between me and starvation. So I cant really risk the $10, however, I have 3 boxes of chicklets, a 3 musketeer’s bar and 1979 Bill Buckner baseball card I am willing to put on the line.

  6. (Things are really heating up w/Israel & this “Peace” process. Now the Middle East Catholics are spouting off & the Vatican last week w/their comments about “Spiritual Israel”. As if God’s Word & covenant promises don’t apply to natural Israel. The fight over this piece of land looks like it’s about to implode. Now the liberal Evangelicals are even getting into the act speaking against their brethren who support Israel. Our pastor just took off to Israel as he felt urged by the Lord to meet w/a man of position over there. The battle is really ramping up now. I wonder if it will come to a head or if we’ll get another lull? Maybe not this time, huh?)

    To The UK Baptist Missionary Society

    Turning Churches Against Israel

    A Christian Response to Synod Declaration on the Chosen People.

    The Lowdown on the Vatican Talks Fighting of the “Last Supper” room. (If the Jews think the Vatican is what really represents “Christianity” no wonder they don’t recognize Jesus as their Messiah. How embarrassing for all Christians!)

    • Sad part is that for example a person like Patricia King has credible guests on her shows. I watched one show of her when she hosted Randy Demain and he talked about the nephilim. In between Patricia promoted her own stuff and in the ending of the show another guy talked about really bizzare stuff (visions of angels with razors and so on). To an average person who is not able to read between the lines and discern the information all that credible information that has been presented, in this case what Randy had to say, flies out the window… She also wore a weird blouse which had symbols on it that told me either Patricia is not aware of what they mean or she wears them on purpose.

    • I’m glad you posted this Lisa. Too many self willed Christians believe they are immune to the kundalini spirit.They see the fruits of the Charismatic leaders who believe that the kundalini is the Holy Spirit. I believe this is what the bible speaks of when it says “For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” Matthew 24:24. That place IHOP in Kansas City is turning out kundalini charged leaders like wild fire. I have a simple rule, if a “prophet” doesn’t deliver a message of repentance with their prophecy, chances are they are a false prophet. Every place that there was a story of a prophet in the bible, they also gave a message of repentance,every time.

  7. Just looking at Applewhite’s eyes tells you he was NOT alone. Not a joke,we were watching someone on one of the “Christian” stations and when the dude looked sincerely at the camera to emote BOY could I tell he was not alone, and it was not anyone I knew!

    • You are Crazy!

      I suppose you think Charles Spurgeon was a Hitler Youth?

      Where do you come up with your insight Sandie? I’m all up for conspiracy theories I quote Alex Jones.

      However you have crossed the line questioning “Bill Graham?”

      I’m going to pray for you.

    • You do know how God feels about Secret Societies,don’t you?

      Don’t believe he’s a Freemason? Suit yourself.

    • Wow Richard, you really should not call someone crazy just because you disagree with them. You might want to check out:

      Brice Taylor: “Thanks for the Memories”.

      Ladies, you are to be commended on your replies…however,I must admit, as seasoned as I am I was grieved by someone calling you crazy Sandie ( :

      And Richard , why so angry ? Do some research and don’t call people names… really.

      Sandie, I think sadly you could very well be correct.I have studied way beyond my comfort zone years ago,and found out truths I did not want to accept. Not much surprises me anymore . I have seen too much…sigh….

    • We are to love our brother, Richard and our sister Sandie. They each have made mistakes. We all make mistakes every day. We are sinners and this is part of our sin nature. We must stand against the enemy and conquer our sin natures as much as possible. While I agree that calling people ‘names’ isn’t the way to ‘act’, please cut a little slack here as Richard seems to have been under a lot of stress as regards the latter days. MANY Christians are stressed. Please forgive. Please extend love to Richard and Sandie as does our Father God. Let Him do the correcting. Jesus gave us two commandments: Love God with all your heart, spirit and soul; love your neighbour as yourself. I am paraphrasing.

      God bless.

      In His Very Precious Name,

    • Matthew 22:35-40 (King James Version)

      35Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying,

      36Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

      37Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

      38This is the first and great commandment.

      39And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

      40On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

    • My crazy comment was out of line, I apologize I responded inappropriately.
      I was and I am still in shock. We can respecatably agree to disagree.

      I thought the post was nothing than a brief sermon posted as a source of inspiration, hope, love and grace. The more I read blogs the more I discover it really wouldnt matter who I posted; Charles Stanley, Dr David Jeremiah, John MacArthur, Dr Vernon McGee, Chuck Swindoll, Raul Ries, those are some of my favorites maybe you have yours. Fault could probably be found in all of these pastors. Technically we are all sinners, so who can we really put on a pedastool anymore?

      I know we have to pray for discernment and point to pastors who are preaching false doctrine but where is the false doctrine in what I posted or in past sermons or statements of Mr Graham?

      Instead of seeing the positive message of love within my post. Individuals immediately went to judge the character of Mr Graham? Did anyone find any false doctine in what was posted? Was it not inspirational? Did you notice there was no mention of pre, mid or post rapture rather just a source of inspiration pointing to an ever lasting life of “Love” meant to be enjoyed with christ? A sermon whose focus was to encourage us to not focus on this world but on the everlasting life.

      I thought the joke was funny? Why is grandma reading the bible so much? Shes cramming for her finals? His point being we are saved my grace not by works.

      Some times I feel we are so focussed on the end times mentality we lose focus in our calling of the great commission. “Just Love, Preach the Gospel and be Fishers of Men”

      I have listened to Mr Grahama’s sermons since I was a child they were very inspirational in my walk with christ. I hold him at the highest regard. He has arguably brought more souls to christ in america than any other pastor, possibly the world? Go to and find fault please. BGEA has one goal console the devastated in disaster areas and bring souls to christ. In my opinion they need to change their name to “Alter Call Ministries.”

      I find no fault with Mr Graham or the ministries of his family members. Again we can agree to disagree.

      My heart is so broken right now I literally want to cry. In fact I will.
      We are living in the last in the last days as evidenced. Maranatha Father

      I am so glad only the Father will judge our hearts indiviudally. He alone knows were our love and commpassion resides. The Alpha and the Omgea.

      Forgive Me Father

      I just wanted to share a source of love and hope.

    • Richard, our dear brother………..

      It’s okay. You are forgiven. It is written that if we ask for forgiveness, we are forgiven.

      I’m sorry I didn’t comment to you earlier than this morning. There is a good reason I didn’t comment until I did. However the reason that kept me back…well, in the end let me just say that I love God more. More than anything. EVER. So I walked out in faith and commented.

      Richard, you were one of the first comments I ever read on this BLOG while I was still unsaved and living in the enemies camp. I marvelled at something you had written. I didn’t know it at the time, but God was calling me and pulling me out of the enemies camp. This is part of how I even came to know about LA and this blog.

      Richard, just please know that your spirit touched mine back then and it still does today. As your sister in Christ Jesus, I love you. Okay?

      Please take a break of a minimum of at least 24 hours from the news, etc. and spend it with Father God. Please. You will be okay. Just go to Him…

      May God bless you and let loose the spirits of calm and peace beyond ALL understanding, brother.

      In His Very Precious Name,

    • Richard, Billy Graham in his later years seems sort of suspect to me too. I don’t know about the Freemason stuff but research what he said as he got overly politically connected & rubbed shoulders w/the Catholic Church. He made a couple of statements that I know of that all Roads lead to Rome-if you know what I mean. I was really disappointed & sickened when I found out.

      He’s one of my favorite Preachers too but I don’t know if he sort of lost it as he got older or what. His son seems right on scripturally so far.

    • This is not in defense of Billy Graham or against him, but simply an observation about human nature and positions of authority. All people must continually search their hearts at EVERY point in their life. This is especially true for those who walk the path of Jesus, for they have become targets and enemies of Satan. If any man or woman considers themselves immune from temptation and beyond God’s grace, there will their stumbling block be. More to the point, if WE consider any person of authority beyond God’s grace to the point where they no longer need to search their hearts for sinful temptations, we will willingly follow that misguided individual. This is how antichrist will get many to follow. He will present himself as saintly and beyond the authority of God and those who believe that will follow. Again, that is not a statement about Billy Graham the person, but all religious people in positions of authority and influence. We must be cautious and search Jesus always.

    • I don’t think he is too kosher Richard.Sandie and LNL are spot on.In the mouth of two or three let a matter be established.Please check it out for yourself.And btw it is not nice to be calling your sister in the Lord “crazy” I take offense to that.

    • He has surely become more inclusivist and pluralist in his latter years. I sometimes wonder why he went in that direction.

    • Unknown to lower level Freemasons, high level Freemasons worship and serve Lucifer as their ‘god” who is not to be confused with the one true living Father God in Heaven and His only begotten son, our risen Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
      Freemasonry has been infiltrated by the Illumaniti in past centuries and is controlled by Satanists and the powers that be. I encourage all to do their own research. Check out Dr. Stan Monteith’s book, The Brotherhood of Darkness and Henry Makow’s books on the Illumaniti. there are excellent books and videaos you can order and check out on this subject.
      Billy Graham has worked with governmental officials in many nations. He could have sold out long ago unknown to us.

    • Are you saying that Christ would stand before a good Muslim or Buddhist person who has always lived in a Christian way, loving God above all else and treating others as they would like to be treated, and he would say to them, “Because you have not heard my name, I am sending you to hell.”? Wow. That is not the Christ I know. You sound like a Pharisee who would refuse a room at the inn to the good Samaritan. Please think about what you have said.

    • Richard,I certainly meant no offense. I didn’t even take you calling me “crazy” personally,because by now alot of us Christians should be used to that anyway!

      It just helps to realize that things aren’t always what they seem,and we do need to be especially observant of Christian leaders,especially those with the ability to reach so many. These men can indeed be Wolves in Sheeps Clothing. Not that they are never inspiring. I’m not saying they never preach according to the Bible. We just have to be extremely careful about not putting anyone up on a pedastal.

      I’m only urging that we pray for God’s discernment in these things,and while I didn’t come right out and say that,I would hope only to lead you to look into these things for yourself and let the Holy Spirit direct your heart and mind.

      It’s okay if we disagree. I feel like we are all a part of the same “family”,and if we can’t talk honestly with one another,what’s the point? I love you as a brother in Christ,regardless of where we may not see eye to eye.

      You’re welcome to express yourself however you feel inclined. It won’t hurt my feelings.

  8. Speaking of deception….

    I’m not here to debate scripture again about the timing of the “Rapture”,but I think for those of you who believe in the PreTrib version,you should know that the Powers That Be are planning to stage a “fake” one also.

    It’s in Project Bluebeam and other documents.

    Just thought I’d mention it again,maybe for some who are new here.

    • We heard your insight 5000 times on the last rapture debate and I think are all over the pre, mid or post debate.

    • Ya let’s not start another debate upon convictions that aren’t likely to change no matter the evidence presented, I know mine won’t. Yes I believe though that bluebeam will be done after it happens to somehow explain it, although I watched a rather convincing video the other day that doubted bluebeam was all it was supposed to be. For instance, why would they let all this information on bluebeam leaked and not try to stop it somehow? Maybe because bluebeam will be used in another capacity?

    • Here here! We have each previously stated our peace on the subject. Lets not seek areas of contention to divide ourselves.

      When the tribulation starts is when our REAL work begins as Christians. I for one will seek to lift up individuals who may become down hearted if a time of rapture comes and goes without reveling itself. It is not important and I won’t take any evil pleasure in point out, “nanny nanny, see I was right and you were wrong.” It makes no difference. The only thing that matters is we lift each other up until we ALL cross the finish line and Jesus returns to Earth. Lets cross that line together, WHENEVER it may occur.

    • I like how you state your points by providing facts instead of name calling and taking the conversation down a few levels Richard.

  9. “The Beginning of the End of America”

    This 11 minute video I just came across yesterday just blew me away! (Not really,knowing how God works,but praising how He makes His word come alive!)

    For those with eyes to see,it’s confirmation of what we’ve been saying all along,and others would just say “It’s just a coincidence”.

    See for yourself!

    • And just so you know,it’s not about the “rapture” or the Saturday Sabbath either!

      It’s about 9/11.

      Please watch.

    • I read about the Cedars of Lebanon & what occurred @ ground zero not too long after 911-a year or so? Anyway, I certainly don’t consider it a conscience. Interesting. “Look up Fellowship” had a thread on this too if I recall correctly.

  10. UFO and Paranormal Hotline

    Have you had a sighting or paranormal experience you want to report or discuss? Do you need help or counseling?

    Please read the testimonials and contact counsellors and help @

    16 Signs That Your House is Haunted What to watch for – and what to do about it You hear heavy footsteps in the upstairs hallway when you know no one is up there. Doors slam unaccountably. Commonly used items disappear and reappear without cause. The kitchen light turns on by itself. There’s the unmistakable scent of a strange perfume in the air. These may be indications that your house is haunted. True hauntings are rare occurrences, and it may be difficult to determine whether or not any strange phenomena you are experiencing in your home might be due to a haunting. For one thing, no one really knows what a “real” haunting is – what causes it or why it starts. But if you think your house may really be haunted, what can you do about it? To read more of this article goto:

    A Haunting “The Unleashed” 1 of 5 – Youtube video based on a true story.

    Randy Ervin believes his life is on track after securing a job and moving into his own place in Michigan. When he unearths an Indian burial ground on the property, Randy develops a fascination with the occult. He tries to conjure ancient spirits but unwittingly opens the door to the dark side of the supernatural. Mysterious forces toy with Randy, causing him to question his sanity. But one day, his lust for conjuring the ( Spirits) from the Indian burial ground he found in his basement went too far,

  11. Right now. my advice to everone in this blog; and all the children of God on earth; is to continue to Love God above all, practice rightiousness and Love one another.
    Man know thy selves. For The Government of God is here on earth with men! it is the holy tabernacle of God Among men. God has fully Established his Govt on earth and it is serving as a platform to desipate Judgemt on the world. That is the reason the whole world is shaking on its foundations. Welcome the Government of God and Proclaim it. Let those who have ears hear the messages the spirit of Gods sends and shall continue to send through me. Amen

    Remain Blessed and be with the spirit of God. Amen

    • Vivian, I am reading and looking at this concept of a Government of God you are putting forth. It is an interesting concept, however not one that does not fill me with some trepidation. I need more information and clarification from you.

      We live in a world who many fear mixing of religion and government. The United States tries to put a barrier between the two and there is evidence in other countries of an over reaching Muslim clergy with political power as in Sharia law. There are many biblical examples of worthy kings who ruled with the Lord’s will and other corrupt kings who displeased God and suffered the consequences. As for me, I trust no authoritative power who does not put on sack cloth, seek the lowest seat at the banquet and humble themselves before the Lord. All others are just exalting themselves and thus subject to temptations from Satan.

      It concerns me when you say that the “Government of God is here on Earth with men”. This bothers me greatly, because as optimistic as that may be for you to say, it is misguided and not biblical. We are told that all governments are subject to evil forces and will fail us eventually. I do not seek the ‘Government of God’ but the ‘Kingdom of God’ on Earth. There will only be one Lord of Lords and King of Kings to rule that Kingdom and that is Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.

      Any man or woman who takes the seat of an Earthly government that proclaims themselves to be ruler of the ‘Government of God’ will be the spirit of antichrist. Plain and simple. Please accept my apologies and correct me if I am mischaracterizing your organization. Just know I will bow follow no man on Earth no matter if they claim to represent God or not. There is only one who earns my worship and that is Jesus my Lord.

    • Hopeful Watcher,
      I enjoyed reading your response to my post. before replying, I will like to use this opportinity to thank you for a great Job well done! and your unfailling fate in Almighty God and the creator of All.
      Your Blogs and daily News posted in your sites are the most un diluted that I have come accross on earth today. I was very pleased to find a site where news are posted/Analysized honestly. I will also like thank you for giving some Children of God a platform and avenue to be themselves and comment freely without being afriad to be judged or condemed. Thank You!

      Before, I post any reply to some of the concerns you raised in your response, I will like us to pray.
      In the name of our lord Jesus Christ, Amen. In the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen! In the Name of Almighty God; The Atom of life. God that lives for ever and ever, Amen! God our Father, we pray thee to cover our discursions with your power and the blood of our lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
      Cloth us with your protective shield and interven and interceed in our discursions from now hencefort.Amen.
      May the Good God pour out his spirit to all the children of God out there; who will be reading or participation in any of our discursions in this site, from now hencefort; so that their Ears. Eyes, mouths and Minds will be fully opened so that they can more freely communicate with God the most high both physically and spritually; Amen.

      In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen! We also pray that Almighty God send
      forth his Angels of Good information to all the true children of God in this blog and all over the world; so that they shall read, hear and know the truth and the truth will set them free from today hence fort. For the time has come. Amen. In the Name of our lord Jesus Christ Amen. In the mighty Name of the God that lives for ever & ever and the Atom of life Amen.

      Now, Let the Will of God the most high be done on earth; as it is in Heaven. So that all the inhabitants of this world will know and testify that our Lord Jesus Christ is the only Son of God and That God the Father is God and will Remain the most high God Forever and ever. Amen.

      Thx. Remain Blessed and be with the spirit of God. Amen.

    • Um… ok. I appreciate the Godly sentiments, but they are platitudes at this point and do not really answer my questions.

      Incendtly, what gives you the title of “Princess”. Just curious. Are you of royal decent?

    • Hopeful watcher,
      Notice also that I have not quoted nor made bibblical references in any of my postings thus far, this is based on the instruction of the Holy spirit of God. I am commanded to visit, join your blog and convey God’s message to you and all. in as much simple English as possible To minimize Confusion and aguments at this stage.
      Be Rest assured that God knows everyone here and how versed/knowldgable they all are with His Holy scripture. The Laws of Almighty God is written in the hearts of his children. Right now, God has poured out his holy spirit to reactivate his holy laws in the heart of his children and chosen ones.
      Everyone, Pls note that No one on earth is being forced to Repent, or accept Almighty God. Or to welcome the Goveernment of God. Not at all! I for one was never forced to accept God or obey his laws. I was Called by God and went willingly. If you read my Profile (wherever you bump into one) you will realize that it could not have been easy to force or convince me that there is God; the Kindom or God or Government of God; Left alone to became a tool he is Usuing to locate and talk to other children of God about his will on earth.

      I never meant to be a distraction. My appologies for diverting the discursion to GGM or the Fate of Humanity. Enough Said. the spirit of Almighty God says that he will take it from here now onwards.
      Remain Blessed and be with the spirit of God Amen.

    • Vivian, I am afraid for you!! Please listen and take heed. You come here stating that the Holy Spirit told you to avoid scripture so that you can speak plainly to those on this blog who are already familiar with scripture. Trust me, this is not anything the God of Abraham, the one true God, the Father of Jesus our Messiah would do. I question this spirit within you that you call Holy and so should you also question that spirit.

      People on this blog ONLY want to hear scripture and thoughts and opinions backed up by scripture. If you can not do that or are disinterested in doing that, then you will not find any listeners here.

  12. Well, let’s see – we are now introduced to this “Government of God” concept here. Since we are bureans time to check this out & compare it w/Scripture.

    First off I thought?….”Kingdom Now” theology? But why haven’t I heard of this tag phrase before? Who else thinks a Govt. of God is coming to earth?… More along the lines of Glen Beck….? Could it be Mormonism or a branch thereof…..?

    The “Kingdom of God” is within us here on earth. The Government of God is referenced to Christ Jesus.

    Isaiah 9:6 “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

    Daniel 2:44 “In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever. (read the context- after the Tribulation & Anti-Christ)

    Luke 17:20.21… Once, having been asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, “The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation,nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you.”

    ……Men will tell you, ‘There he is!’ or ‘Here he is!’ Do not go running off after them. For the Son of Man in his day will be like the lightning, which flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other.

    So Vivan NAUD- Let’s get to the point & stop shrouding yourself in mystery. You throw out a list of questions & then hope people will “discover” whatever “knowledge” you think you have been enlightened to.

    Been there done that. Hey, it worked on me in my youth- got sucked into the J.W.’s. Reminds me of the fairy tale story of Hansel & Gretel.They dropped bread crumbs to find their way back home as they went out exploring-meanwhile the birds ate them up so they become lost & end up @ the Witch’s house.

    “The time has now come to tell why we held secret meetings. We were maturing plans fourteen years ago which we can now tell… When God sets up a system of salvation, he sets up a system of government. When I speak of a government, I mean what I say. I mean a government that shall rule over temporal and spiritual affairs.”

    Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr., History of the Church, v. 6, p. 290, 292

    Council of Fifty Statement of Purpose:

    “Thus saith the Lord God who rules in the heavens above and in the earth beneath, I have introduced my Kingdom and my Government, even the Kingdom of God, that my servants have heretofore prophesied of and that I taught my disciples to pray for, saying ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,’ for the establishment of my rule, for the introduction of my law, for the protection of civil and religious liberty in this nation and throughout the world; and all men of every nation, color and creed shall yet be protected and shielded thereby; and every nation and kindred, and people, and tongue shall yet bow the knee to me, and acknowledge me to be Ahman Christ, to the glory of God the Father.”

    Prophet John Taylor revelation, June 27, 1882, in Collier, Unpublished Revelations, 133, vv 4-8; see Quinn, The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power, p. 88

    And if it’s not this-they what are you espousing?

  13. LNL:

    Hi, just want to say I agree with you and perhaps we should pray. The first moment I read any type of comment from “Sawyer” and from “Vivian”, it didn’t sit right in my spirit. The language kind of gives it away…the way it is worded, etc. I know you probably have been praying already. I am too. Amen!

  14. Contrary to the word of God, The Holy Bible, Billy Graham has actually said, “Jesus is NOT the only path or way to the Father.”


  15. Thank you Mr. Marzulli for speaking about these things. You make so much sense and I read your blog regularly! So many are deceived and will be even more in times to come. Perhaps if people like you and the Tribulation-Now blog owner keep speaking out you can awaken some of these people. This is a ministry that you have, a calling from God and I am very grateful to you for answering that call. Praise God and Jesus for sending us these voices in the wilderness!
    God bless you,

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