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  1. I need help finding a title for a video I watched at church during my junior-high days (late 80s). It was a video about people giving their lives to Satan and they interviewed one guy where he gave his life to Satan and was possessed by a demon. He painted a large canvas painting (which he said was not entirely in his control) and I remember the very interesting thing about the picture (as I recall watching this). The picture showed a distinctly feminine gray ET like face (though with pupils) and a background of a cold wasteland. I remember the person who was being interviewed (who turned his life over to Christ later on) giving the interviewer a close-up of the painting. I still want to find the title of that video because there is a connection here between demon-possession and the ET phenomenon. Does anyone know what video title I am talking about? (It is a Christian published video, btw.)

  2. UK Still Staging UFO Crash Drills in Schools… what?

    Back in July of 2009 the UK’s staged UFO crashes for UFO Digest ( My Teacher Was Abducted by Aliens: Preparation for Fake Disclosure? )where students, parents, and some staff, were unaware that these were fake. Often police were involved, happily taking part in the “hoaxes”, while terrified and confused students were encouraged to take part in “investigating” the crash. Sometimes alternative scenarios took place; a fake killing of a teacher in front of students on the playground, or a teacher announcing to students that they were going to be forcibly taken away to government orphanages because they were found to be deficit in some way. But the UFO crash remains the favorite in these staged events in UK schools.

    Justification for these events are given by school authorities: it’s fun and different, and it facilitates critical thinking skills in students, as well as fostering creative writing skills.

    The UK is still at it; in late September of this year there was another fake UFO crash at a school: UK schools doing UFO crash drills, at Sandford Primary School, on September 29th.
    The article notes previous fake landings, and the active participation of police in teaching kids how to investigate a UFO crash. As the writer “Lounge Daddy” asks:


    • That is unreal! It’s really kind of mean-this would scare the kids- sort of like a “War of the Worlds” effect.

      Perhaps this is just a perfect example of what comes through when a nation rejects God. The UK is very dark spiritually speaking & now we see Islam taking over the countries there.

      God details in the Bible what occurs when a nation rejects Him & it just continues to cycle around.

  3. I had the strangest thing happen today. And well, yesterday too.

    Yesterday it was dark, cloudy, raining all day. I’m driving down the hill w/a great vantage point of the sky & in front of me is an open space in the clouded sky in that looked like an almond shaped eye. In the “eye” was blue sky w/sun light above. The rays didn’t shine though the opening too much but there was a strip of white cloud along the top that looked like eyelashes.

    Ok- so I took it as God’s eye watching all things even though down on earth is darkness & gloom. (Not the “all seeing eye”.)

    Then today I inadvertently call the wrong phone number. A lady calls back-sounds to be in her 80’s & said I had left a message on her answering machine but I dialed the wrong number.

    Then out of the blue she says: “I hope your family is Christian.” I assured her we were & had a little chit chat but Wow-now which has never happened before.

    Go Grany! Bring them to Christ from your rocking chair! That was so awesome – now I wonder what the Lord had impressed upon her heart- the time is short?

    • LNL that was awesome!sounds like she does have a since of urgency and it must have been a blessing to her to be able to tell you that,and know that you and your family are saved.

  4. US-Saudi arms deal ripples from Iran to Israel

    The Obama administration notified Congress of plans to sell as many as 84 new F-15 fighter jets, helicopters and other gear with an estimated $60 billion price tag.



    This deal is SUPPOSED to deter the Sunni Arab Saudis from seeking nuclear weapons in response to the Obama Admin handcuffing Israel and allowing the Shiia Persians to acquire them, BUT the Saudis are probably scheming to get both, WHICH pours more arms into the volatile Middle East

    Fortunately, the Israelis and Saudis are united in their strong opposition to Iran’s proto-nuclear imperialism in the Middle East., esp in the Saudi’s backyard of Lebanon where Iran has inserted its terrorist proxy, Hezbollah.

  5. (I don’t need to expound here on what I think this may ultimately be in reference to. Yikes!)

    by David Wilkerson | October 20, 2010

    One night during a prayer meeting, God told me something about our church I was not expecting to hear.

    The Lord whispered to me, “This church needs shock treatment! Too many have grown satisfied and complacent. You feel safe and secure from all the winds and waves of false doctrines sweeping over the land—but you are not prepared for what is coming!”

    Beloved, the message of having the Spirit’s witness functioning in you is not a request—it is a matter of life and death! If you don’t have the witness of the Holy Ghost in these last days, you’re not going to make it! You’ll give in to the coming spirit of the Antichrist!

    You need the Holy Spirit witness every day—on your job, at work, at school. You need to rightly judge politicians and leaders so you’ll not suddenly be sucked into the antichrist system.

    This is what Jesus was trying to tell us about the foolish virgins who ran out of oil for their lamps. They had a supply of the Holy Ghost—but they didn’t have his witness at the final moment.

    Don’t end up a foolish virgin! If you are running out of oil—trusting your church or your pastor to keep your soul—then repent! Humble yourself and search your heart! Cry out to God to rid your soul of all anger and bitterness. Confess your sins and forsake them. And depend on God once again for everything!

    Get the peace of God in your heart, so you can have a Holy Ghost witness. And ask the Father for a greater enduement of the Spirit. Invite him to be your witness and guide in everything!

    We face a cost of going all the way with Jesus, but we also will receive a reward: It is simply the blessing of having Christ stand with us. There are many other rewards as well (see Matthew 19:29), but I mention this one because it is all we will ever need.

    When Paul was imprisoned in Jerusalem, the whole religious system wanted to kill him. They accused him of polluting the holy place and preaching false doctrines. His life was in danger; even the soldiers were “fearing lest Paul should have been pulled in pieces” (Acts 23:10). So they took him by force and locked him away in a castle. The next night the Lord himself spoke to Paul, and what a word he brought: “Cheer up! There’s even more trouble to come!”

    The cost of following Christ was clear in the lives of these men of God—and if we are going to be like our Master, then we must embrace this cost as well. Enduring it becomes a joy because Jesus promises to stand with us in every situation. And we can face anything or anyone when we know the Lord stands with us.

    So count the cost and know that your reward, in all things, is the precious presence of Jesus Christ.


  6. LNL, what do you mean?

    I have a problem with this ‘message’. For the life of me I cannot possibly imagine our LORD using the words, “shock treatment”.

    In His Precious Name,

    • I don’t have any issue w/it. Wilkerson is very close to the Lord. When I get an impression of what the God is speaking to me it’s typically filtered though my own vocabulary of words & language style. Perhaps if God was saying the same thing though you – what do you typically use for the same idea?

      It’s probably not going to be “shock treatment” but could it be this Church needs to be: “startled them to wake them up”, “rattle their cage”, “have the trumpet blown loud”, or you get the idea. And it also could have been the actual words: “Shock Treatment”.

      Sometimes I only hear a couple of words but it’s very specific. I guess we would actually have to ask Wilkerson that question.He is mature brother in the Lord & one of the few who won’t compromise on speaking the full council of God.

      Even he was “shocked” himself by the message the Lord gave him so if we are also shocked by it then it probably just means we’re normal. He probably thought his Church was doing well but obviously the One who sees all things is warning otherwise.

      Personally I was just thinking about the Alien Agenda & what if this is what God wants to get His Church ready for? That detail wasn’t spelled out but if Christians are truly tuned in & full of oil then when the supernatural explodes onto the scene they will be kept from deception.

      The end of the warning was: “but you are not prepared for what is coming!”

      And what is coming? Well if it’s the “revealing” of this agenda then from our shared experiences I think we get the idea that Christians are not prepared for such an event. But perhaps it’s entirely something else. Certainly seems like we’ll find out soon enough.

      Wilkerson’s Church is in Times Square/New York City.

    • LNL and Johnb, God bless you both. I guess it ‘shocked’ me at such language because He doesn’t talk to me like that. I’m very careful who I listen to as it is written we are to ‘listen to no man’. I take that literally and very seriously. Some people get very annoyed with me because I’m so ‘narrow-minded’. LA’s phrase, ‘rebuke first, ask questions later’, applies also (to me)to anyone giving a ‘Word’ from God.

      Although I do agree the time is so VERY short and I am utterly astounded at how so many walk around as though nothing were out of the ordinary. Building houses, going to movies and eating out in restaurants while people beg on the streets… To me, all the ‘signs’ are there, lining up just as it was written; plain as the nose on my face.

      And I agree that many Christians are NOT ready. So many are fighting amongst themselves, it’s awful. The LORD is going to come one day and they’re going to be too busy being ‘right’ to notice Him. No wonder He will say He didn’t know them and spit them out.

      Love God with all your heart and your neighbour as yourself, that’s basically what Jesus told us to do.

      Thank you both. Blessings to you.

      In His Precious Name,
      P.S. And Johnb, the LORD had me reading about Nebuchadnezzar last night and this morning in my time with Him.

    • Lisa, I think MANY people who claim to be Christians and attend church regularly will drop out of the Christian race once the Revealing happens. Just like many of the Israelities in the OT who did not remain faithful to the covenant with God, many so-called Christians now will will abandon their faith and/or fall into complete apostasy or follow this new Antichrist alien rainbow religion.

    • Hi Mary; sometimes the given impression of a word upon our spirit by the Lord can be expressed vocally in various ways.

      I think that the thrust of that message is that there is going to be tribulation that will shock some within the body causing a waking up and an ensuring to keep watch for the Bridegroom.

      John B

    • I believe that that message is genuine. I myself for sometime now have been posting about this issue of counting the cost and warning about a coming end-time persecution in order to eradicate the seed of the woman by the seed of the serpent.
      This age-old enmity is intensifying at a rapid rate.
      We will be in conflict unto the death.
      “The Lord is our strength, A solid Rock. let us Trust in him alone.

      john b


      ANCIENT BABYLON. “Nebuchadnezzar the king made an image of gold whose height was three score cubits, he set it up in the plain of Dura, in the province of Babylon” Dan3:1.

      “Then an herald cried aloud, to you it is commanded, O people, nation and languages… Ye fall down and worship the golden image… and whoso falleth not down to worship shall the same hour be cast into the midst of a burning fiery furnace Dan3:4-6.

      ECUMENICAL BABYLON. in the book of Revelations the angel tells John That “all the people, nations and Languages” that are in the Sea of Ecumenical Babylon will be forced to Worship the Image of the beast.

      ” And He exerciseth all the power of the First beast before him, and causes the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the First beast Rev13:12.

      And cause as many as would not worship the Image of the beast should be Killed” Rev13:15.

      John B

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