Acceleration Radio! Tonight – Radio host: Tom Bionic

Tonight on Acceleration Radio, my guest will be Tom Bionic, co-host of Future Quake with Dr. Future!

We will be discussing the so-called alien abduction and sleep paralysis as a possible explanation  for the phenomena? This should be interesting folks!

Check out his video!

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New! Listen Live”The Acceleration” featuring L.A. MarzulliEvery Wednesday 7 pm PSTWays to Listen:Ku Band Satellite Free To Air (FTA): Galaxy 19 (formerly Galaxy  25) Transponder 5, Frequency 11836 Symbol Rate 20.770, PID 559 Left Side Audio


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14 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio! Tonight – Radio host: Tom Bionic

  1. wow, that will be an amazing show! Tom “Not surpised by any occult connections in AA” Bionic.

    I don’t know how he does it, verse by verse, sleep paralysis and FQ, how does he find the time?

    Say hi for me.

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  3. That was a good Stop Sleep Paralysis Video.(I averted my gaze from looking at those yucky demonic images for too long-repulsive.)

    Totally agreed it’s demonic. It happened to me once as a child & was the most horrifying experience I’ve ever had. Couldn’t speak-paralyzed-but called out !JESUS! in my mind & in a split second I was free & the room was cleared of evil.

    The door was opened by my older sister in this house which I was spending the night in. (which I didn’t grow up in – we were split apart as children to be taken care of by different relatives.) She had a Ouija board, performed séances, bloody Mary, dungeons & dragons, etc… And those relatives were “Christians”? Huh? I’m furious that my Grandma would allow her to even do those things in the 1st place. What was she thinking?!

    (The house I grew up in there was none of this going on nor was I interested in it one iota.)

    Anyway, I was the “tag-a-long” younger sister & she would do some of these activities @ her Halloween parties. I knew it was wrong, but loved my sister & although I was scared- didn’t want to be completely left out. I was usually just looking over their shoulders except for a levitation which they wanted my help w/but I was the only one who couldn’t lift up the body & then they were all mad at me for ruining it.

    The night of the sleep paralysis & my spirit being tugged on & attempted to be pulled out of me occurred @ just an ordinary run of the mill sleepover – (One-on-one we didn’t play occult games) but the door had already been opened by her previous activities and me being around them. I’ve had other strange dream stuff occur but that was the only sleep paralysis event.

    We can only imagine how many kids still think of these “games” as Halloween fun & what they are actually inviting into their homes. I kept that experience to myself for many years before I told anyone. My parents were not practicing Christians so they wouldn’t have believed it anyway. To most- the supernatural doesn’t really exist.

    I was just thinking about this last night in fact after our small group Bible study. One of the gals who grew up in a Christian home her whole life was telling me she’s glad that “I” can be used to help people w/the supernatural strangeness but that she just can not mentally get her mind wrapped around these topics. It’s just so far out & beyond her comprehension.

    Then I thought back to my sleep paralysis experience & that occult stuff as a child and thought- well, what Satan intended for evil has shaped my outlook by the Lord to be able to be used for good. If I hadn’t had some personal experience w/the supernatural then I may be less likely to believe it myself. That seems where many Christians stand today even though the “Guide to the Supernatural” (Bible) is full of supernatural stories & revelation. It’s as if they believe it happened then but it doesn’t happen now.

    Deep down it may be fearful reaction to evil. If I stick my head in the sand it doesn’t exist in my reality. So perhaps God will work in their lives to reveal who they are in Christ, the power of His name, & that God does not give us the spirit of fear.

    How many times in the Bible does God need to tell His diciples “Do Not Be Afraid”?

    • LNL, Amen Sister!

      satans minions are often out to promote fear and harrass and sometimes they’re after something else. The silver cord. Once the soul is out of the body, it’s imperative to keep that silver cord from being severed because if it is, they grab that soul and send it the HELL.

      Ecclesiastes 12:6
      Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern.

      In His Precious Name,

  4. Is it me or doesn’t anyone else find it strange that it is in the past couple of years that the mainstream media is opening up to the public about an earth-like planet that is only 20 light years away? I thought they would have known this a long time ago if this planet is in a star system very close to ours in comparison to the size of the Milky Way galaxy.

  5. This happened to me a lot last year. I remember the first time I thought that I was just in a dream state, that my eyes were open, but I was still sleeping. It was so strange, I could not move my arms or my legs, and I was trying so hard to, only my eyes could open and close. Finally after a few minutes of “waking up” I could move, then I would go back to sleep, as it was in the early in the morning.

    The most memorable one was one where I woke up, could not move, and then started seeing things. I thought I was dreaming as it was kinda of faded, but I do remember seeing 2 little outlines of little “aliens”, as I told people, moving across my room. Then looked out my window and could see like something, what I said reminded me of a witch, just a dark body and dark face. I just tried hard to “wake up” out of this dream, I thought I was having so I could move and go back to sleep.
    I just remember the experience as being like a dream and a blur, but do remember those things in it. The last few times I knew what to do, and called out Jesus’ name and immediately could move, the last time being very difficult to even say something, but as soon as I got the “Jee” part the rest came out easily. I havn’t had one in months, and hope I never do, but I know what to do if I have do have one! 🙂
    Everyone I told this to just kind of laughed when I got to the aliens part. I can see how I could have been easily attacked as I was going through a tough time in my life. But back to where I should be and eyes are now focused on the right way!

  6. I’ve had sleep paralysis periodically since childhood. Also as a child, weird dreams of being squished by what I though of a the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz movie. During adulthood I came to believe that the paralysis was the beginnings of O-O-B stuff, and tried to remember to relax during, but never could make it work (I was saved as a child and I believe, protected from traveling.) Just the last time was there an entity and a crushing sensation (and a buzzing or droning vocalization) during the paralysis; both times Jesus’ name said in my head stopped it. I was visited I think, once after, but I was rolled on my side; I could feel malevolent attention on my back, but it was also impotent to crush. I said Jesus’ name again anyway and away it went.

    • I tied the last 2 visits together, originally, then forgot to separate them all the way during editing. Sorry for the confusion (“both times”)

  7. “wow, that will be an amazing show! Tom “Not surpised by any occult connections in AA” Bionic.

    I don’t know how he does it, verse by verse, sleep paralysis and FQ, how does he find the time?

    Say hi for me.”

    thanks for your support!

    As far as being free to do all the stuff listed above, I’m not married and I don’t watch t.v. and I live out in the country.

    • Ha…
      According to Albert’s general theory, those two factors in combination give a person 29 hr. days. It’s very complicated, but the math people all agree: it holds up.

    • Marriage and T.V. Country living doesn’t factor in. If there’s ever a chance that a joke is funny, you have to kick it til it’s not. This one looks about dead; my work here is done.
      Thanks for your sleep paralysis ministry! God bless you!

  8. I’ve had bouts of sleep paralysis for many years, more so just in the last two or three. Now I am careful to guard my heart and be careful what comes in the ear and eye gate.

    One time it happened and I saw in my sleep an ugly creature-I thought it was my daughter-but looking totally demonized and tormented calling me. It scared me horribly and I remained frozen and couldn’t move or make myself wake up or speak. It wasn’t until I cried out “Jesus!” in my mind that it stopped and I could move and wake up.
    Immediately after that our daughter experienced awful night terrors, full of torment and fear. I didn’t make the connection for quite a while even though we did warfare, praying for her and taking authority over the yuck in the name of Jesus. She experienced major deliverance. She had been obsessed with dinosaurs, drew demonic pictures, and hated being a girl, she used to cry wishing she was a boy. (She’s the youngest of 3, with an older sister and brother) Anyways, my husband went to pray with her one night while she was having a ‘terror’. He prayed in tongues for a while and took authority over some evil and ever since then, she’s been a different kid, no more evil pictures, no more obsessing with dinos and she is fine with being a girl! Praise you Jesus! That period of time also taught her-a ten year old- to pray, read her Bible to build her faith and for peace, pray in tongues and really do warfare! She was baptized this past summer and hasn’t had a night terror since! Jesus is our deliverer!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Now after reading more about Sleep Paralysis there was a buzzing/humming noise which I forgot all about but I can’t recall if it accompanied that specific Paralysis experience I had as a kid.

    But- there was another reoccurring “nightmare” I would have around the same age/time frame. I was in a small square shaped bathroom & on the ceiling was an exhaust fan which made a loud buzzing/humming noise. I would be lifted off the floor toward this ceiling exhaust fan while I fought to stay down on the ground. It was scary as my fear was to be sucked into the blades of the fan.

    Now that I recently saw Charlie in the Chocolate Factory there is a similar scene in there & I wondered if that just got into my head somehow.

    I hated that reoccurring dream & the loud buzzing noise that went w/it but it finally ceased at some point later in my childhood.

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