1. Ha, ha, ha, I just posted that in the other BLOG. I told you about that tone in my ears this morning……

    In His Name,

    • Hi Mary

      I thought i was the only one who hears those tones.Something wakes me up every morning with ringing and buzzing sound in my head ,i get up and pray it can really be bothersome at times.

    • Margaret, have you had your ears checked for tinitus? I don’t have ringing and buzzing sounds. This is something altogether different and it’s almost constant. The only difference I hear in this ‘cricket song’ is it’s gradation of how loud or soft it is. It’s always the same, except for that. This other tone I wrote about above isn’t a tone I figured out, it’s a musical note. Very strange……

      In His Name,

    • This is more like a high frequency sound that wakes me in the morning.I dont have tinitus that is in the jaw if i am correct.It goes away when i get up an pray,it is rather stange.

    • Well, you’re fortunate that yours goes away. Mine does not. No matter what. I’ve had my hearing checked and there’s nothing wrong with it other than I hear way above and way below what most people hear. Audiologist told me I had exceptional hearing.

      If you haven’t had your hearing checked, I would consider doing so. And pray and ask what the sound is. Mind, I’ve been praying on this for months and so far He hasn’t revealed to me what it is.

      In His name,

  2. Was that documented by a trained observer?

    All kidding aside, thise WAS foretold by our Lord Himself. sadly the world is asleep. Please pray that the Lord will wake up those, and reveal Himself to those who would truly accept Him that are not saved yet. time is short, and so many are lost, it’s truly sad.

  3. fox news report
    It’s the End of the World: 8 Potential ArmageddonsOil plumes threaten to choke the oceans and methane gas explosions shoot sky high — and those are hardly the biggest threats facing the Earth. From cosmic rays to asteroid impacts to the threat of general destruction, our planet may be less safe than you think.
    Here are the top eight risks to life as we know it, detailed by scientists and science fiction writers — and whether it’s even possible to save ourselves.

    • Margaret…..you can add #9 ‘the flu’. It must be…. all I hear are flu ads from the government run CDC so concerned that if the local population doesn’t get a vaccination we will all die! Why is it that they are using local popular personalities to carry their message? I believe it is to gauge how any given population responds to fear and compliance. Am I the only one that has thought of that?

    • Hi Joe
      No me too it’s all about fear mongering an making money,I saw an ad today you could go to a srtip joint and get a free flu shot.Boy if that dont beat all i ever seen.

    • i have been to local gas stations that have sticker advertisements on the pumps for people to “run out” and get your flu shot!!!!oh my.

  4. As Muslim claim lingers, Obama talks up his faith in Jesus
    President Barack Obama is getting more public about his Christianity.
    First he raised his Christian faith at a White House news conference this month. Then he went to church for the first time in five months. And on Tuesday he responded to a question with an expansive talk about how he chose Christianity, how Jesus Christ influences his life and how he prays every day.


  5. I listened to a local talk show on the radio today. What was said was OBAMA was intercepted and spoke to a higher up in EGYPT proclaiming his muslim faith but he had to tie up his domestic affairs before announcing his intentions about ISRAEL ! i dont know myself however get a copy of the peter Boyles show in DENVER from today he gave a source on air.

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