October 13 – Deception A-go-go! Or Blosssom Goodchild Revisited!

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L. A. Marzulli

The above picture is an artist depiction of what is supposed to happen all over the world on October 13. This massive UFO “revealing” is the latest prediction from former NORAD Official, Stanley Fulham. You may recall that we had a similar prediction by Blossom Goodchild, in 2008. Goodchild informed the world through YOUTUBE, that a large craft was going to materialize over Alabama. I BLOGGED about this saying that the source of Goddchild’s prediction was through channeling. Channeling is when a person allows another “entity” to come through them. The Guide Book to the Supernatrual forbids this. Why, because the entities that come through are masters of deception. They dwell in what I believe is the 2nd Heaven and that realm is the habitat of the Fallen One and all his minions. Ask yourself this, who is the father of lies?

Now we have Stanley Fulham who is telling us that a race of Aliens known as the “Transcenders” have given this information, through – you guessed it – channeling,  announcing to the world that they will reveal themselves on October 13, 2010.

It is not going to happen!

I can’t say it any clearer than that. This is more deception from the Fallen One. However, this story is being picked up and is being promulgated all over the Internet. Similar to Goodchild’s Federation of Light, Fulham has worked with a channeler who has contacted a race of aliens known as the Transcenders. So why should we trust anything these so-called Transcenders say? The fact that the information comes through illicit means, that of channeling, means that the information is skewed and is deceptive. It cannot. in any way, be trusted, relied upon, thought of as truth, or embraced!

In closing today’s post. The Coming Great Deception is, in my opinion, a reality. It will happen at some point. We will see massive UFOs over the skies, but it will happen after some catastrophic event, like a nuclear exchange in the Middle East. Meanwhile, I will continue to bring you updates in regard to the latest du jour, of deception a-go-go!



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24 thoughts on “October 13 – Deception A-go-go! Or Blosssom Goodchild Revisited!

  1. I completely agree. There would have to be some sort of catastrophe to occur between now and October 13 for this to become a possibility. Satan and his forces know that they are only going to be able to deceive the world if there is some sort of large-scale panic that they can “miraculously” calm down and place the New World Order at the forefront of the world economy and government.

  2. this man from NORAD who has supposedly been in communications with entitys sounds just like the Dave Hunt book, “The archon conspiracy”. truth is stranger than fiction?

  3. And the battle rages on. ‘Rebuke first, ask questions later,’ as per L.A.

    “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” – Philippians 4:8 KJV (my favourite Scripture to use to test the spirits)

    I won’t be around much in the coming days, maybe even weeks. As many of you know, my Mother died this past August. We’ve put the house up for sale and are preparing for an auctioneer to come into the house and sell off what’s left of my Mom’s life. This process begins on Monday and this is very difficult on me watching the last physical remnants of my Mother’s life walk out the door.

    I’m having to also deal with many unsaved people in my life and this is arduous and leaves me open for attack a lot of the time. Every day I spend hours binding and loosing what comes in here. Family members will arrive on the weekend and cart off whatever it is I’m taking with me –as per promptings from our Lord. Soon I will be homeless again. I take solace in knowing I’m walking a path that Jesus did at one time as He never knew where He was going to rest His head at night, as well. I’m not concerned that I don’t have a job or any source of income at the moment either because He is with me at all times. My focus is on Him and walking straight ahead.

    Also, my Testimony will be coming out soon and the enemy does not want this to happen for various reasons. I’m under constant attacks. So I’m asking for people to please not be offended if I don’t answer your messages, etc. I’m very busy and under a lot of stress. I ask you to please keep me and what’s left of this broken family in your prayers.

    May the Lord light your life with great joy and bless you in many ways as He is blessing me through this great time of trauma, healing and restoration. Praise You LORD, I cannot do a thing without You!

    God bless.

    In His Precious Name,
    love, Mary xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox

  4. I cant help but wonder what will be the event or events that trigger the wars in the middle east as well as the return of the nephilim?

    Scriptually we know there will be several wars but what will start them?

    In 2006 Hezbollah crossed the Israeli border and attacked Israel. Could they be that stupid again?

    Could a flotilla start the wars?

    The peace process seems to be moving along in NY and there seems to be compromise on both sides? Will it be derailed by “Im-in-a-Jihad?”

    Ahmadinejad claims the 12th Imam “The Islamic Messiah” is 3 years late returning to save the World. He should have returned in 2007? He also claims that the 12th Imam will only return when the world is under distress or destruction to save it and cast judgment on non-muslims. You dont have to be middle eastern expert to understand that means war and terrorism?

    Joel Rosenbergs “Inside the Revolution” and “The 12th Imam” discusses this theory in detail.

    Could “Im-in-jihad” simultaneously start terrorist attacks world wide as well as attack Israel to bring back the 12th Imam soon?

    So when will happen?

  5. LA said: The Coming Great Deception is, in my opinion, a reality. It will happen at some point. We will see massive UFOs over the skies, but it will happen after some catastrophic event, like a nuclear exchange in the Middle East.

    I think this is very possible.


    The two factions of Islam (Shiite and Sunni) slugging it out in the Middle East because they hate each other almost as much as they both hate the Jews. Israel engaged in war (the third intifada) with Hamas, Hezbollah and Syria (Isaiah 17)…WW3 occurs because of global oil shortage (resource war), and then when you think things couldn’t get any worse: “The Great Deception” ……. “THEY” show up. The leader among “THEM” says he is the “Jewish Messiah” and “Islam’s 12th Imam Mahdi” and a world peace accord gets signed in Jerusalem (the city of peace) to end all conflicts.

    The “Great Falling Away” of man (because they chose not the love of the truth) from God begins, as that man of sin (the antichrist) is revealed. The world embraces the transpermia theory, that we were planted here on earth by “them” and that “they” are our gods…..a great falling away of Adam’s race.

    It may sound too far fetched to some, but not so far fetched to those who have encountered “The Living God” and who are awake and watching.

  6. Non-conventional, asymmetric warfare looms? DEBKA File article points to potential cyber strikes against the “princes of Persia”. Hmmmmmmm………….

  7. Great artwork! it’s now my new background, lets see what kind of conversation this makes.

    I think i posted a link to that nutter’s “prediction” last week or so. I wonder why the entities are obsessed with throwing this date out there as THE DAY the UFOs are going to show up. Of course, blossom picked the 14th, but still it’s pretty much the same.

    Oddly, it’s also the birthdate of X-files creator Chris Carter.

    Also keep Blossom in prayer, for God to open her eyes and open her heart for Jesus.

  8. I guess the real point is that they will be revealed on God’s time clock & not their own. So they can channel all they want to but that won’t change a thing. Just keep spouting off. It wouldn’t surprise me if God has a massive curve ball in store for their schemes. Something none of us could even fathom.

    • i really hope so. i would really love to see the Lord humiliate these clowns with something. I would just love to see these channelers lose all credibility (which is low to start with) so that their hearts can turn to the truth.

    • No doubt about it, there is room for the Lord’s grace in there. Humliation such as this is a wonderful motivator to turn to the truth which would be a cherished grace.

      On the flip side, there is some benefit to Satan for misguiding and using channelers with false information. Perhaps our resident pychologist could chime in on this 🙂 When the world scoffs, ridicules and belittles those who believe in the UFO phenomenon (especially after their false predictions) the ridiculers get all puffed up with pride and superiority. However, once a “real” disclosure happens, their whole world gets turned upside down. They might say something like, “I have always thought those tin-foil hat wearing idiots were a bunch of dolts, but now I turned about to be the stupid one.” Although, we may silently relish such vindication, we should have mercy on those who once ridiculed us. Why? Because in that pychological state, they are much more ameniable to be led by the nose to other oddities and won’t question the truth of such things, especially if the one doing the leading is someone who is trustworthy. After all, they questioned this other big thing and look how foolish they turned out to be.

  9. I left this post a few days ago. It all ties in…

    Here we go,more proof they are preparing us for their alien deception!

    “U.S. Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised by Unidentified Aerial Objects”

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Witness testimony from more than 120 former or retired military personnel points to an ongoing and alarming intervention by unidentified aerial objects at nuclear weapons sites, as recently as 2003. In some cases, several nuclear missiles simultaneously and inexplicably malfunctioned while a disc-shaped object silently hovered nearby. Six former U.S. Air Force officers and one former enlisted man will break their silence about these events at the National Press Club and urge the government to publicly confirm their reality.

    One of them, ICBM launch officer Captain Robert Salas, was on duty during one missile disruption incident at Malmstrom Air Force Base and was ordered to never discuss it. Another participant, retired Col. Charles Halt, observed a disc-shaped object directing beams of light down into the RAF Bentwaters airbase in England and heard on the radio that they landed in the nuclear weapons storage area. Both men will provide stunning details about these events, and reveal how the U.S. military responded.

    Captain Salas notes, “The U.S. Air Force is lying about the national security implications of unidentified aerial objects at nuclear bases and we can prove it.” Col. Halt adds, “I believe that the security services of both the United States and the United Kingdom have attempted—both then and now—to subvert the significance of what occurred at RAF Bentwaters by the use of well-practiced methods of disinformation.”….
    Read the rest here: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUS166901+15-Sep-2010+PRN20100915

    “In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”
    Speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Forty-second session, “Provisional Verbatim Record of the Fourth Meeting”, September 21, 1987.)

  10. L.A., as regards your BLOG today…’Rebuke first, ask questions later’.

    I was just at Steve Quayle’s site and the following was posted as a lead ‘story’. Are things in California really this bad?

    “California Welfare Disaster: I don’t have an article for this, just boots-on-the-ground intel in the middle of the welfare mess in California. We have 12% of the nation’s population and 39% of all it’s welfare recipients. Fresno County is in the process of hiring 86 more eligibility workers to handle the huge influx of applications being taken on a daily basis. I work in the large metro (ghetto) area and we take 100 new apps a day now, just at this location. The Regional Centers and outstations take an additional 100 per day and probably another 100 per day of just Medicaid and Food Stamps. The average caseload is now double what is manageable, so we are currently hiring to handle about 6 months’ worth of new applicants. About 5 months ago we recruited for this same position and for every qualified applicant that tested and passed, only 1 in 4 actually showed up for their interview. We scraped the bottom of the barrel to get 53 people to come do this work, and here we are hiring again, and all this amidst mandatory furloughs and promotion freezes. This is going to get ugly. We do not have the office space, parking or waiting room capacity to handle more bodies and the stress levels of everyone on both sides of the desk is off the charts. I had one “client” tell me that, based on what he hears on the streets, not to come to work if ever they don’t get the checks out on time, you can fill in the blanks. Here’s a link to the job announcement, which closes 9/28/10. Our kids and grandkids have made the move to MT this summer and don’t plan to come back. We are trying to sell and get out but are prepared to abandon ship and head north when the situation presents itself, sale or no sale. We’d covet your prayers on the sale and God’s provision for our relocation. You hit a nerve with us tonight in your request to support the Lake County Sheriff contender… we will be refugees if we don’t sell pretty soon. Thank God He has provided people and places for us to go. Many others will not be so fortunate. T.P.”

    In His Name,

    • Hi Mary

      I live in Memphis so this is what we are facing.
      Ark., Midwest states prepare for possible earthquake.Nearly 300 Guardsmen and Airmen from 38 states are attending a 3 day workshop on the potential for a major quake along the New Madrid Seismic Zone.We are here today and over the past couple of days in order to develop an unified response effort in the event that we have an earthquake of 6.0 magnitude or greater,” says Capt. Heathscott


    • Hello Margaret,

      Oh my, that doesn’t sound very good. I remember the day before Haiti had that disastrous earthquake, SOUTHCOM had fired up all their communications equipment ‘in case’ Haiti had a hurricane. And I also remember when I was in Costa Rica, the U.S. held ’emergency preparedness camps’ in the mountains. U.S. troops are now all over the country. And our Canadian Armed Forces sent miles of trainloads of tanks and I don’t know what all down to California to ‘train’ for the war in Afghanistan because of the desert conditions –Canada has a desert of its own in Kamloops, BC. They’re still there. Prepare yourself sweet sister. It’s so hard to tell when they’re actually going to do something. Makes one wonder why they’re doing this in AK. I’m continuing to keep you and your family in my prayers. God bless.

      In His Name,

  11. Jordan’s king sees war if Mideast talks fail Jordan’s King Abdullah II warned that the Middle East may see another war if the issue of settlements is not resolved as part of the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

    Abdullah made his remarks Thursday night during an appearance on the “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

    “If we fail on the 30th [of September], expect another war by the end of the year. And more wars in the region over the coming years,” Abdullah said.

    • The dominoes are all lined up, someone just needs to push the first one.

      As much as it pains me to say this, as long as Satan continues to pull puppet strings, peace will NEVER happen and war is inevitable. This conflict is prophetically destined to happen. That doesn’t mean we just throw our hands up and say, “oh well”, but it does mean that evil will have its season before the savior returns.

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