Acceleration Radio – Chuck Zukowski – Cattle Mutilations!

Chuck Zukowski: Chuck is a MUFON investigator and has been on our show before. He returns with new information about the ongoing cattle mutilations in Colorado & New Mexico.
Chuck is a volunteer archeologist on SCI FI’s “Roswell Crash Starling New Evidence” Sept. 2002
Volunteer Archeologist on NBC’s SCI-FI Investigates “Roswell Re-visited” June 2006
Independent UFO Investigator/Researcher. Featured  at the Roswell UFO International Museum in an exhibit about the 2002 Roswell debris field dig, where we donated the trowels, gloves and knee pads we used, which are incased in a glass display.

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New! Listen Live”The Acceleration” featuring L.A. MarzulliEvery Wednesday 7 pm PSTWays to Listen:Ku Band Satellite Free To Air (FTA): Galaxy 19 (formerly Galaxy  25) Transponder 5, Frequency 11836 Symbol Rate 20.770, PID 559 Left Side Audio


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In this hard hitting expose, producers Richard Shaw & L. A. Marzulli discuss the burgeoning UFO phenomena, and focus on the sightings at the ECETI ranch. (1 hour)

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10 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio – Chuck Zukowski – Cattle Mutilations!

    • Hi Margaret. I’ve been thinking and prayer for you lately. Glad to ‘see’ you here and pray that you and your family are coping through this difficult time. May God bless you and your family in some way.

      And if I may just write, I finally found that USGS link that I had lost. It was the following that I wrote to you about before. The one you provided was interesting and not one that I had seen before. Thank you.

      Blessings, Sister.

      In His Name,

    • Hi Mary
      Thank you for your prayers,it has not been easy my sister was not saved.And i have four children i am praying for also.It can be heartbreaking at times.But i believe the lord will bring them to salvation i stand on faith that it is already done.

    • Margaret, bless your heart, sister. I will keep praying and I will pray for these children as well. When my Mom died in August, I don’t know if she was saved either. It’s a very hard place to sit in with our loved ones. However, Mom was unconscious and 20 minutes before she died, she was crying. I had tried so hard to help her return to Jesus, and well I have this feeling that when Mom was crying in her unconscious state that our Lord was with her. We don’t know where He is at the moment of death. Maybe He was with your sister, too. I don’t know, but I pray so. God bless.

      In His Name,

  1. This DVD looks awesome. I have a special burden for the youth becoming mixed up w/these things. Our kids attend a Christian school but it’s still a huge problem.

    Shattered – Exposing the Windows of Evil“Vampires, mediums, and occult themes are showing up more and more on prime time TV, the bestseller list, and your family computer. Role playing games are hugely popular and so is Harry Potter. Harmless fun or a dangerous gateway for evil?

    Shattered is a documentary hosted by Skip Heitzig that examines the influences of movies, music, and interactive media on youth culture, families, and the church. This full-length film will take you from the tragic events of Columbine to experts on the occult. You’ll also get first-hand testimony about incredible spiritual experiences that are not of this world. The crew went to locations in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and California to capture this story and conduct two dozen exclusive interviews.”

    • Late Night Lisa,

      Thank you for posting this. My almost 12 year old and most of her father’s side of the family (we’re divorced) think this stuff is just imagination, not real, etc. NOT.

      God bless you, Sister.

      In His Name,

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  3. the devil and his minions are the ultimate bullies and cruel taskmasters…picking on defenseless animals. I look forward to God’s vengeance on the evil ones for such crimes.

  4. Oh man…somebody is really mad…I bet the whole of the Exucitive and Legislative branchs has seen this already!

    If they start geting scared…they will make their move against America’s people.

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