The Coming Great Deception!

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L. A. Marzulli

The Great Deception is coming. Bet on it. I’ don’t know when it will hit like a firestorm, but when it does it will cause the great falling away, the apostasia – apostasy – that we are warned will come in the last days.

Over the weekend the astronomer to the Pope announced that, he would love to baptize ET. Here’s the link to the article:

The Great Deception is coming and it links up with the unlikely bedfellows of Darwinism and the Vatican. You see ET is the missing link for Darwinism as it solves where life originated from! According to Monsiegnior Funes, a Vatican spokesperson who went on the record last year saying, ET should be regarded as our brother. Now the Pope’s chief astronomer tells us that ET would have a soul and that if asked he would baptize one.

The Great Deception is on it way as last night the pilot for the TV show, The Event aired on NBC. I believe this show deals with ET and how the government has covered up their existence for decades. According to what I’ve read about the show. a new president wants to reveal to the public that ET is real. Of course the bad guys in the government want to keep everything under wraps and this results in a struggle.

At the end of the pilot, a plane, which is on a suicide mission and about to crash into the Presidents motorcade, suddenly vanishes in thin air! You see ET is here to help! They created us, genetically manipulated early man, created the world’s civilizations and now are back at this critical juncture in human history to usher mankind into a new world order of peace, enlightenment and prosperity!

We are warned by Yashua/Jesus, that even the elect would be deceived if that were possible. I consider this a sobering and dire warning that what is coming is off the hook!

We must realize that the Fallen One has had millenia to construct his program of deception. He knows that his time grows short and yet he believes that he can defeat the Most High God. (I cover this in my upcoming book, The Cosmic Chess Match) He is going to pull out all the stops when he manifests in full. Remember we are warned that,

Men will faint from fear from what is coming on the earth.

That unless those days were shortened no flesh would survive.

Woe to the inhabitants of the earth, because Satan has been cast down and he knows his time is short.

I believe that we are on the doorstep to the last days. There are those who will disagree and that’s fine. I really am not interested in debating it, as it goes nowhere. However, from my perspective, the signs are here. The writing is on the wall, for those who have eyes to see. As I have stated before, is it business as usual or something more? The Great Deception is coming and it will shake many and it will cause many to fall away and believe the lie….

Make sure you check out the link below about the earthquakes.


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54 thoughts on “The Coming Great Deception!

  1. L.A., I was in the middle of writing a bit of my Testimony to someone I have known for 13 years when this BLOG came through my email. This whole subject makes me feel so very sad for people. Why? Many reasons. There are so many ‘camps’ out there right now, it’s tragic. Even within Born-Again Christians.

    To me, the apostacy is already happening. There are Christians I know that don’t want to hear about ‘bad’ things, they only want to tout that Jesus is Lord and all-loving, all-great, and ‘it is finished’, etc. Yes, He is and it IS also finished. He also said many other things that we are to pay attention to and follow so that we are not deceived. If we don’t look at the ‘bad’, how are we going to know? I just shake my head, and I’m only six months on this wonderful path God has called me to.

    Then there are other Christians into the ‘get rich’ stuff. Supposed Pastors out there leading mega-churches and kicking 80 year old women in the aisles to get demons out of them. Then there are ‘famous’ Evangelists out there playing beautiful music and you can see the light of the Lord in their faces, but sometimes when they write out ‘prophecies’, they use new-age terminology and post pictures of vortexes. I’m sorry, but you cannot make me believe for one moment that Jesus would come in the night and escort someone to heaven and point out ‘the planet earth’. I believe this particular man is a Christian, but he hasn’t ‘tested the spirits’ to write such-like things. ‘even the elect will be deceived if that were possible’.

    Other Christians write that whatever we write about or post on our FaceBooks is where our mindset is. Excuse me? You mean to tell me that because people put up stories to warn others about the inseparability of Hinduism and Yoga, or satanic symbols stolen from the Bible, etc., don’t have Christ Jesus on their minds? L.A., guess you’re guilty of not having your mind on our Lord too because that’s mostly what you write about on your BLOG, huh? NOT.

    And then there are Christians write about other Christian ‘infantile’ behaviours, as though the whole world were about them. Well guess what? When people are coming out of the occult, it IS about them and their walk with the Lord. They have been terrorized and traumatizes. They have been so greatly deceived it takes our God some time to heal the junk from having walked in the enemies camp for say 50 years or so. It doesn’t happen over-night. Our Lord works hard to clear away the junk to heal. He doesn’t need other Christians telling Him how to do His job. Stay out of His way and allow Him to work.

    Then there’s the Christian camp that is interested in knowing about the deception and think it’s okay to look into forbidden areas such as exploring the imagination without God, or because they know someone whom has left the new-age that they know what they’re talking about, and even those who think because ET’s and UFO’s haven’t been proven, the ‘jury is still out’. Yet, Testimony after Testimony or Witness after Witness ‘talks’ or writes about these things and their word means nothing? What is going on? What or who has to prove these existences when their own Christian brothers and sisters come out and share their experiences?

    One thing is becoming EXTREMELY clear to me, the gate is EXTREMELY narrow. Some think listening to secular music is okay. Some think that we’re not allowed to associate with those of other faiths because demons will attack us, when Paul clearly states in 1 Corinthians that the unsaved are precisely the people we are to give our Testimony to. How else will they know about Christ Jesus? Unequally yoked in marriage, yes, but not as witnesses for God.

    To me, the apostacy is already happening. These are just a few examples. No doubt in the coming days it will become even worse and especially when those mile-wide craft –which I have seen and photographed– appear in the sky, scaring the daylights out of them. People won’t have a clue what to do. And yet, we are ‘bad’ Christians for sounding the alarm. Well so be it. I don’t want blood on my hands so I will not stop.

    Thank you for posting the earthquake stories. The Lord has answered my prayer. Last night I almost posted the link below but didn’t. Now I am. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I discern it is something we are to know about for some reason. I don’t like the title of the blog. It bothers me, but there’s something in it, that I feel may be important.

    Sorry, for the ‘rant’, I just get frustrated at all the ‘know-it-all’s’ running around out there speaking for God. I am guilty of this at times too, I am a sinner and I make mistakes all the time. But guess what? He loves me anyway and corrects me in His way, and that is the only way. ‘He has us in the palm of His hand, and He will not let us go!’

    In His Name,

    • Thank you, Jesus! After I wrote this, I went out to the mailbox and in there was a pamphlet to a ‘Bible Prophecy Seminar’ happening this weekend in our city. I’ve never heard of this person before, but if you’re curious what Canadians are talking about, have a listen. He is a Pastor at two Seventh-day Adventist congegations up here. I don’t know anything about this Church. I will have to find out what this man is preaching.

      In His Name,

    • Early this year, I’d looked into the 7th-day church, and considered attending; on my way back to acceptance of the Bible as the inerrant Word, they and a couple of other ‘legalism-ish’ churches appealed to me. A common thread running through the doctrines of these various churches is the belief that theirs is the exclusive ‘little church’ that will inherit the Earth; they will get a physical Earthly kingdom from Jesus.
      A problem for me was their focus on Ellen White— her writings have contradicted themselves, and an eye-witness account I’ve read suggested to me that she ‘channeled’ a demon.
      It’s good to read your posts! I hope you’re feeling better. God bless.

    • James, thank you. I went for a drive along the St. Lawrence River and took my Bible with me. Stopped for a while and read and spent time with Him. He knows my frustrations. Sometimes He’s so funny. At the end of the day, leaving the battlefield, I open my Bible and spend time with Him. Sometimes I’m REALLY tired, but I do it anyway and sometimes He leads me to passages where all the ‘begetting’ is going on and people living for 530 or 740 years, etc. He has me literally counting sheep! ha, ha.

      When I got back from my time along the river I wrote to the Pastor of the Church I’m going to and he wrote back several words of caution, which I appreciate. He thinks ET’s/UFO’s are fallen angels, but, he doesn’t believe we’re in End Times. I don’t agree with everything that goes on in that Church, instead I ask around the brethren and talk to Him.

      What I was excited about is that finally SOMEONE is coming to town to talk about this subject. You bet I plan on being there, to discern the message given to the peoples of this small city. They’re clueless. I’ve gone and tried out many Churches here and one Minister didn’t know what I meant about being Born-Again. Thank you, James for sharing your experience and the heads-up.

      Bozz, thank you for sharing the above You-Tube. I haven’t looked at it. I will pray on this first. So much ‘stuff’ going on out there and online, that I have to pray on mostly everything.

      In His Name,

    • Mary,
      we aren’t in the End Times, but in the Time of the End, which began when
      the Romans beseiged Jerusalem. They destroyed the Temple in A.D. 70, and
      not only destroyed Jerusalem in A.D. 135, but renamed it as Aelia
      Capitolina when rebuilding it as a PAGAN city. The Moslems later changed
      the name to El Quds, which is the true name, as they control the Temple
      Mount, and doing Jah a great service by preventing the JINOs from
      consummating their heretical obsession. Click on my screen name to see
      the position of true Jews (those that follow the Torah rather than the
      Talmud, Zohar & other occult heresies practiced by JINOs & friends, e.g.
      the Nazis.) Otherwise, “it” – OT prophecy – was indeed finished by
      the Romans. Most of what we see now is either fulfilling Revelation,
      or the “little book” that John was told to eat. Some might be fulfilling
      Gospel prophecies, but these could have been fulfilled by A.D. 1070.

    • Hi Mary:

      You have blessed me today with your “Rant” ha ha :). Really though, everything you have shared regarding various issues is very true and I thank the Lord that He has equipped you with the discernment that you have. I have been a Christian for almost 20 years and seeing that you say you are only 6 mo. old in the Lord, it amazes me…the Lord is so good and gives discernment and truth to those that are searching for it. I am sure He is using you in many ways, one of which is lifting up your sisters and brothers with what you share here. Thanks so much. Amen!

    • Debra and Lisa, thank you sisters. I’m on a very arduous path at the moment and even so, I know our Lord is always there. Just as He promised. He’s awesome!

      In His Name,

    • If what you witness to others has scriptural backing then no believer can disagree. Just be careful about the points you drive home from theorys not written in the bible. The ufo’s and aliens we see now are no doubt demonic in nature but that’s all we know. No one knows for sure to what extent they will be used in the great deception. I would rather be safe than sorry especially when talking to new christians or unbelievers because your words could accidentally lead then astray.

  2. Agreed there is a connection between Darwinism & the ET’s since the power brokers in the Vatican pick & choose what they want to believe in the Bible. If we could see w/our natural eyes all of the unclean spirits which have infiltrated the Catholic religious system it would be unreal.

    Its really plain & simple. If it was the Holy Spirit guiding these men they wouldn’t compromise Gods word and be open to all these other “possibilities” of Darwinism & ETs as just another life form from another planet. They are blind to the truth.

    I truly believe God will call out those who hearts desire to know Him in truth.

    • LNL,pope John Paul stated that when he was alive that he believes in evolution and that it is compatable with the Bible.Go figure!

  3. Even the elect will be deceived…… How???? I think about that often but its not difficult to imagine.

    How did our lives become so complicated? Life has become a balancing act between pride and selfish wants, family and work, politics and religion, leisure and labor etc. We’ve become a nation of worriers. The media constantly forces us to weigh evidence and a make a judgment call. Everyone must choose a side. Where do you stand?

    Think about the input we are digesting daily; the economy, the deficit, retirement, employment, unemployment, wall street, democrats vs repulicans, muslim integration, ground zero, burning the koran, peace in the middle east, nationalizing healthcare, homosexuality in the military, gay marriage, unemployment, tarp money, natural disasters, starvation, Iran and Iraq, Israel, aliens and fallen angels, mother earth, socialism, democracy. Where does it end? WHO ISNT OVERWHELMED WITH STRESS?

    Satan has done an amazing job to complicate our lives with worry. He has taken us away from God’s greatest gift. Focussing on Gods Daily Grace.

    John 14.1 NIV
    “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.

    Why is it so hard to trust in God? I’m talking about the kind of trust where you are not concerned about what you will eat today, where we will work or if you will have a roof over your head tomorrow.

    Sadly the world has turned from the free gift of christ. The world is looking for anyone to provide relief in any form. When the fallen ones show up with their false promises it won’t be hard to understand why so many will follow them. Its just sad to realize that they will be rejecting an eternal life and for what? Is life really better than death?

    We have to be in scripture and prayer daily.

    Amazing must read sad but true story relating to the Vatican and Paganism

    Proverbs 3.5-6

  4. I agree but I want to extend a type of heads up for whatever it may be worth to you. That great deception started x thousands of years ago, with the story of adam and eve in the garden with the luciferian discarnate’s suggestion to eve and adams going with it.

    Then each time a true representative from the One true kingdom of God incarnates to be face to face with a small group, the Luciferian space aliens (no matter what planet they originated on and where they are hiding (in the earth or in another planetary type body) create their facsimile according to what little experience they’ve had with the Kingdom of God (which they don’t think of as the kingdom of God – they think of them as strictly another space alien group). Examples of facsimile are Paul of Tarsus who said lots of things that were Jesus like but implanted little distortions that ended up becoming HUGE illusions of “he did if for us”(when in reality WE MUST DO ALL HE DID to eventually gain the reward of eternal life, etc., “he died for our sins”(when jesus said himself he “layed down his life for his FATHER”. These two major distortions are what now control most of the christian heirarchy’s of all denominations. And what we see happening is that the Jesus record is being turned into just another story, as we see happened with Krishna and Arjuna story and the Buddha stories and others I don’t know about as well. Do said that “religion is the number one killer of souls”. I explain a great deal in these video links:
    Ti & Do Two Witnesses Father&Jesus(Christs) RETURN by UFO Part1:

    Ti & Do Two Witnesses Father&Jesus(Christs) RETURN by UFO Part2:

    Of course some of the leaders of the Luciferian space aliens on Earth are Rael with his atheistic religion, which is kin to the way lucifer and ariel and others think – Universal Mind, Cosmic Consciousness, “ye are all gods” as he declares himself the maitreya (the buddhist “christ”) and yet says nothing new except for his space alien story which is full of holes, claiming his aliens are the elohim yet they say they didn’t create the planet, only the humans, which as you’ve said is in a way true. They did not create any of the elements or life systems. They simply mated or performed lab experiments with egg and sperm to develop their human species that were all lacking “heart” and “soul” yet often talk peace and love. “Wolves in sheeps clothing”

    Then the luciferians in an effort to thwart and turn souls away from the next representatives to come as Jesus spoke of, people like jim jones and solar temple and others manipulated folks to commit suicide, clearly against their will – pressed into doing so, to include children so that when the Kingdom of God’s students and Teachers did so, they would be seen in the same light when they don’t even hold a candle to Ti and Do, but that few are willing to really take a look and see.

    But yes, the great deception will continue and it will get worse of that I agree and yes many are being fooled. Keep all eyes open for those that don’t want to be among the lost.

  5. Of course the governments of the world have been hiding info about ET for decades! These “elites” who are at the top of our governments and global economy are esoteric/Gnostic/theosophists who believe that they’re the “especially chosen” to be the new “demagogues.”

    ET, is nothing more than evil spirits who are demonic and fallen angels who rebelled against the Lord Almighty. Anyone who has ever been demon-possessed has had an “alien” encounter, anyone who has seen things levitate in a room due to a séance has had an “alien” encounter, and anyone who has seen demons/fallen angels masquerade as “the virgin Mary” has had an “alien” experience.

    “ET/Aliens” are nothing but demonic entities and/or the rebellious angels who are guided by the fallen cherubim, satan. Their days of rebellion and deception are numbered and thank the Lord for that!

    Interesting to note; both the beast and the false prophet are exempt from the white throne judgment and are instead immediately thrown into the lake of fire where they remain for eternity, as opposed to 100% human beings who are all before the Lord at the white throne judgment. Even though Scripture says the number of the beast is that of a man, WHAT KIND of man? Paul’s answer is that he will be a “man of lawlessness” which incidentally, “lawlessness” referenced by Paul is the same Hebrew word that we see used in Genesis for in the days of Noah when the earth was “lawless.” In other words, their very physicality/DNA is “lawless” in that it was never intended by God to be that way. And so too, shall man come up with a new kind of “man,” which will be the beast, nnd since he will be the first of his kind, just as God created righteous Adam on the 6th day, mankind will render unto the “beast” his “6th day,” thus 666 is his number.

    My own take is that both the false prophet and the beast are not fully human. And perhaps even the 10 kings who give their power to the beast might not be fully human either. We’ll just have to wait and see, but given the research I’ve done personally, I am led to think in this direction.

    • Hi Davidb~
      Then there’s the account of why Satan is released for a little while after the millenial reign of Yeshua. Intriguing, huh? Any thoughts?
      In Christ,

    • Yes, very intriguing. I was thinking about that very thing just two days ago. Here are my thoughts:

      The beast and the false prophet are physical forms of iniquity, as to where satan himself appears to be more “spirit,” or not of this realm, i.e., when the false prophet brings the “image of the beast” to life, it may in fact be a part of satan’s actual spiritual self that enters into the beast’s physical body. So when Jesus comes back for His millenial reign, 2 of the 3 are thrown into the lake of fire immediately for eternity, while satan the dragon, is merely locked away into the abyss for 1,000 years.

      I think that the reason for Jesus doing this is to show that even with the devil locked away completely from the realm of humankind for 1,000 years, mankind is still fallen without Christ and without influence from the devil. For we see that Jesus says that during the millenial reign, some nations will still refuse to show their allegiance to Jesus, and thus, Jesus will cause no rain to fall on their land. So, even with satan completely out of the picture, some people will still choose rebellion over obediance, because mankind is fallen. Currently, some people choose to take the point-of-view that the reason mankind does evil is because of the satanic/demonic influence in the world, and that mankind by itself is in essence good (as Catholicism teaches), however, we can clearly see from Revelation during the 1,000 years reign, that this is not the case.

      When satan is let loose one final time after the 1,000 years, he is able to gather together those who choose rebellion and make one final insurrection against Jesus and Zion The Lord’s Kingdom, and as we see in the Bible, Jesus will overcome them merely with the breath from His nostril, that’s how easily our Lord will overcome them.

      However, this was once startling thought I had for the 1,000 year reign, which was this: is it possible that some of those who were saved in the Rapture and those who are deemed as “lambs” will be tempted to choose rebellion over obediance to Jesus and fall, just as the fallen angels did millenia ago? Interesting possibility, and all the more reason to remain vigilant with our obediance to Christ and His Ways–not our ways which are fallen. For now in this life, as well as the life with Him in the Lamb’s Kingdom to come, we must always remain obedient to His Ways, otherwise we will suffer the consequences of eternal separation from all that is good, which is God.

    • Here is something to think about, ye even to be pondered. Jesus said just prior to His Ascension to the Right hand of The Father “All Authority (power) is given Me in heaven and upon the Earth”.

      The next Question is; is He presently The king of kings and Lord of lords? 1Tim6:15.

      The Last enemy to be destroyed is Death at the resurrection,after all has been subjected under his feet. after which The Son Himself shall be subjected to god. 1Cor15:26-28.

      Let us understand in the light of the Apostles words Above This very Rule of Christ spoken of in revelations.

      I say that Satan is presently encamping The Saints and that the Spirit of Gog and Magog is a constitution of the Evil forces aligned to eradicate the seed of the woman. It is in that attempt to slaughter and eradicate the Godly remnant that Christ shall appear in GLORY and FLAMING FIRE to deliver his retribution upon the ungodly and Catch us up in the imortality of our inheritance.

      I am aware that this view of mine is not within the modern evangelical theological trend. however; I stand with conviction in what I share. and I am not alone.

      john b

    • Interesting John B., but I’m not quite sure of what thought you’re trying to convey.

      Yes, I think Jesus is the King of kins and Lord of lords, and yes, He has defeated death, however, we as humans are still a part of physical death even though are spirit/souls are safe from the second death because of floowing Christ.

      Yes, Satan is definitely working his vices in this world through mankind and is misleading them to their destruction while he himself is being worshipped even though Satan knows his time is short.

      And yes, Christ will overcome Satan and all forces of evil eventually, forever.

      We must keep in mind that the spiritual realm has a different sort of timeline than the timeline that we have here in the physical realm. We won’t fully understand how and why God has done everything the way He has until we are eventually transformed and are with Him in eternity.

      However, I do believe that God has given us His Word through His chosen writers of the Bible, who were all (with the exception of two) Israelites/Jews. The early Christians were by far and large all Jews during the disciples time, and so most of the early letters written to the followers of Yeshua, were written to with a Hebraic understanding from a Hebraic point-of-view, with Hebraic symbolism. So in order for us Gentiles to fully understand the Word we’ve benn given, we must understand what the Hebrew context of the Bible is, so that we do not misinterpret the message God has given to us in the world, through His disciples.

  6. As far as disclosure goes who would be the “bad guys”? What would be their reasoning for keeping the “reality” hidden? I’m stumped!

    • A false prophet, one who claims to be Jesus, named Isa (or Muslim Jesus) of Muslim prophecy will come to Earth and many will believe he will be the authentic Jesus. This False Prophet has the power to make fire come down from Heaven. I suspect this is alien space craft. They will play as they are are friends, when in reality the are Satan’s minions right along with the False Prophet who claims to be Jesus. I believe they will solidify the world governments, however the end game is to get the WORLD to fight against other beings from Heaven. Those who “they” say are the “real” invaders of Earth, who mean us harm. Those who are fooled will be duped into fighting against Jesus and his legion of Angels in Armageddon. Its its absolutely diabolical and ingenious, but then again he has had over 2000 years to prepare.

      Sorry everyone! I was not specific in my wording ((but thanks for chiming in H_W!)) My question is actually referring to the link that L.A. posted about the new TV series “The Event”. The story arc has the US President as being a “good guy” in wanting to out the aliens (i.e. disclosure) and the “bad guys” as being the ones that seek to prevent disclosure. So who would the “bad guys” be and why do they still want to keep the so-called alien presence secret? What’s in it for them to maintain that secrecy?

  7. “He maybe would like to baptize the aliens?” So what? Baptism won’t do it for any one….aliens included…It’s the blood of Jesus that did it for me…not baptism!

    • esp. not the “death baptism” of Romans 6, a purely pagan concept,
      that Paul must have known would appeal only to pagans, & so made
      no attempt to be an apostle to the Samaritans, or the Lost Sheep.
      For this & many other reasons, Messianic Jews treat Paul at best
      as apochryphal, if not heretical.

  8. End Time Talk Radio Roundtable Sept 15th 2 hour special with Stan Deyo, L.A. Marzulli and Jim Wilhemsen

    The sound has some issues but it was very interesting to hear these three gentleman together. The topics were very interesting.

    If you have the time, its worth listening to!

  9. Daniel 7:25

    25And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.



    the somber tone of this scripture im afraid speaks to the times which are upon us.

    *our courts have approved and legalized that which is an abomination to the LORD.*

    the majority of people do not understand that what this does is open the flood gates of hell upon the people of the land.
    there is a spiritual ramification to every political and legal decision handed down-
    the demonic principalities which have been given spiritual dominion over cities, states, and countries have a free hand to unleash their influence in a more powerful way-

    those without understanding will be swept away in the torrential downpour of filth and deception…


    yes, lynn,

    my daughter was recently in a car accident wherein her car was also totaled, like your daughters!!! :O

    but also, many of my friends have totaled their cars in the past month!
    one friend totaled TWO cars!
    this is not just spititual warfare as usual, this is the final demonic onslaught before the rapture!
    the enemies agenda is clear:
    try to discourage, pillage, and destroy as many saints as he can…


    Daniel 12
    3 And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.

    • Very Intersting Thomas Thanks for sharing. Here is the article title

      U.S. Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised by Unidentified Aerial Objects

      PR Newswire
      WASHINGTON, Sept. 15

      Ex-military men say unknown intruders have monitored and even tampered with American nuclear missiles

      Group to call on U.S. Government to reveal the facts

  10. One belief is that when things get very bad — alien spacecraft will be made available to take people off to a “better place “— i. e. A FALSE RAPTURE — that leads to an even worse fate
    TOTAL AND COMPLETE TRUST IN GOD “like a small child ” is the only place of real safety in these times

    • One of the more interesting beliefs within the New Age movement is that those who are not ready (i.e. Christians) will be taken away before the dawn of the New Age.

    • This is true Late night; a reality which most are not aware of! every body is looking for a political Antichrist whilst Mystery Babylon Satan’s Whore is nicely paving the way of all mind sets, Faiths, philosophies leading all to Rome.
      In the End God Himself will Give all who refuse the truth (that JESUS is the only Way of salvation) over into this ecumenical Babylonian Whore. I believe that this is where the Lie is (the worship of the image of the beast) in that is the worship of Satan by the instrumentality of the Son of perdition.

      john B

    • I also believe that As Mary stated above that the Churches are in Apostate Mode.
      It is this present condition of Apostasy, wherein the bushel is buried and no longer shines forth its light that Satan is permitted to gather his resources for the final onslaught of the Godly remnant.

      There is nothing in this world that is such of a threat to him than the born again believer recreated in the “Image of Jesus”
      Therein, is the conflict in it’s final stages Babylon is Satan’s and The church Is Jesus’.
      We are an obstacle to Satan’s plan of receiving worship, we are the thing he fears the most.
      This is not about the Jews, the muslims, the atheist, new Agers. for he already has them on the Pathway to ecumenical Babylon! It is about US The Bride of Christ.
      The sooner Christians wake up and realize that we are the instigators of his satanic Wrath, the greater will be our Power as God’s faithful remnant to shine forth His light in these last days.

      john b

    • Amen to that John about Christians waking up to the fact we are instigators to his satanic wrath. We must prepare in our hearts that the louder we proclaim the Lord the more and swifter the wrath will be, HOWEVER, we are also doing the Lord’s Will because we will touch some people’s hearts in the process. We must know that witnessing for Jesus with boldness and purpose will be a death sentence for us, physically speaking of course.

    • Connections between Vatican and Islam:
      Forgive me as I step out into faith here with a risk of looking like the most foolish man alive, but I have had a very intricate conversation with my Lord and he has revealed to me who the Antichrist is. These are not my words. Not that anyone really “knows” me here, but anyone familiar with my comments knows I wouldn’t make such a statement lightly. As a good Christian I will say, do not believe “me” that this revelation came from God, but ask God yourselves.

      He told me the Antichrist will be Cardinal Francis Arinze. He will be the next pope. He will be killed by radical muslims and healed by a man claiming to be Isa/Jesus. Pope Francis Arinze will be called the Mahdi and Isa/Jesus will point for all of the world to follow and worship him, because he proclaim him to be the savior of our age.

    • BTW, there are videos of Cardinal Arinze speaking blasphemy on youtube you can watch. He talks about Apparitions and the acceptance of them by the Catholic church. Now I believe that most apparitions are demonically inspired, but what he said very emphatically was that any apparition in a “personal revelation” that tells the viewer not to follow the Pope or Bishops is “not from heaven”.

      Pardon me, but does he suggest that Popes and Bishops are immune to the forces of Satan. BUNK!! Was Peter not possessed by Satan for a period, when he rebuked Jesus for speaking prophetic truth about His suffering in Jerusalem. Then our Lord told Peter, “Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.”

    • One additional interesting fact to note. Cardinal Arinze is from Nigeria whose Muslim population outnumbers Christian. There are also Church’s just about on every street corner in Nigerian cities. There is a sweeping movement in Nigeria called “Chrislam” which is a single religious ceremony where they have taken commonalities between Christian and Islamic beliefs and rolled them into one.

      If this makes you uneasy, it should!

    • Hopeful Watcher, I’ll certainly keep that revelation in mind.

      Also, thank’s for the info on “Chrislam”. I speak w/people world wide as an online Missionary & many are from Nigeria.

      One person was specifically asking me questions referring to this very idea. Now I know why!

  11. I must say there does seem to be a lot of negative comments in the world today about the Seventh Day Adventists, do not know much about them but I feel I need to check them out . After all if everyone is against them maybe they are on to something!

    • Actually that’s an idea I had when I got sucked into becoming a Jehovah’s Witness for a time.

      I can attest that “idea” of “maybe they are onto something others don’t have” came straight from the demonic realm & I fell right for it.

      Being that I’ve already been there & done that – SUCKER- There is NO WAY I would depart from anything that’s not in the Word of God. At the time I didn’t know enough of the Word to combat the false teachings.

      From what I’ve researched about the Seventh Day Adventists & the founder- Ellen White- She channeled demons for her “Revelations”. Some adhere more to her end time teachings/philosophies than others. I certainly wouldn’t go down that road since the origin of their domination came from a channeled Satanic source whether they closely adhere to it or not.

    • With me, It is not being against any person or Faith it is about Truth in the midst of the confusion of Babel…

      Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life”, the Apostle tells us “let no man deceive you from the simplicity of faith which is in Christ Jesus”.

      The fact that there are myriads of denominations each clinging to their particular bran of Doctrines is enough in itself to Show that God is not in the confusion. the simplicity of our Faith can be seen in this the earliest Apostle creed on record. It is the only one I trust to be in accord with the word of God.

      THE OLD ROMAN APOSTLES CREED dated 2century: I believe in God almighty – Father almighty and in Christ Jesus ,his only Son ,our lord – Who was born of the Holy Spirit and the virgin Mary – Who was crucified under Pontius Pilate and was buried and the third day rose from the dead – Who ascended into heaven and sits on the right hand of the Father – Whence He comes to judge the living and the dead . And in the Holy Ghost – The holy church – The remission of sin – The resurrection of the flesh – The life everlasting

      john B

    • Thank you all for your concerns, I will of course pray on this and ask for guidance, I am not willing to miss out on a possible good church though by not looking into them. God bless Randyman

  12. Anybody read about this Indiana woman who locked her kids in the closet for over 10 hours and two of them died. She told the police that she was “not in her right mind”.

    I think it is about time for us Christians to start talking about what is means for demonic possession/influence over people!! I am seeing stuff like this ALL the time. Even locally, some couple was at a gas station and the man was pumping gas. Suddenly he went to the car door, pumped gas through an open window on his wife and lit her on fire. What the HECK!!

    Don’t get me wrong please. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and “the devil made me do it” is a cop out, but their is such a thing as demonic influence and I believe they are praying on those individuals who are not with Christ and don’t have the armor of the Holy Spirit on to protect them.

    What do you peeps think?

  13. I used to debate this quite a bit, but over the Summer, I realized that I can’t control if people believe me. All I can control is that I am sounding the warning. Soon it will become self-evident, and if our warnings help people from being deceived when this happens, then that’s good enough for me. I’m just going to continue to praise my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and rebuke the dealings of these so-called aliens.

    • Thank you, just something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, along with my personal testimony. I read the summary, Preface, and a little part of the first chapter of the story you have linked to. I’m an author, and I love the literary usage you use in that storyline. I’m in college myself, so I can relate to college life.

  14. Hi everyone:

    I’m responding to some of the comments and questions here regarding 7th day Adventists. They are definitely a cultish group. They base much of their teachings on additional books and writings of their groups “Prophetess” Ellen G. White. She started the Adventists and had many Jehovah Witness leanings in her writings and beliefs as well. They teach the bible but in conjunction with her writings. They also hold emphatically to specific type of diets, no pork, more vegetarian type. They also hold to Sabbath Worship and they basically teach that you are not part of the true remnant if you worship on Sunday. It is really important to really, really research these groups and their originators and you will plainly see with leading of the Holy Spirit and Scripture that there is much subtle deception. Discernment is key. I’ve known a few Adventists and Jehovah Witnesses. They both have much zeal. The Adventist woman I knew personally was a wonderful person and she was very religious, however, Adventism is really worshipping the shadow of the Lord, instead of the Lord himself. They are very legalistic and find their righteousness in what they do, not in their position in Christ…now for the Jehovah Witnesses, they are really very deceived and their teachings are really far out. Much of the teachings of any kind of cult or false relgion doesn’t come to the surface when you are first studying with them. They introduce deeper things to you as you go but by then they have lavished so much attention and time on you that you might feel bad about seeing things that aren’t right in their teachings and find it hard to rebuttal. This is the same for the Mormons as well. It is better to study yourself the real Word of God. Know the original and when you encounter the counterfeit, you will know the difference right away, as the Spirit will guide you. Amen!! God bless all you seekers of the Lord!

    • Lord, I can not wait for your return, so that there is no such thing as church doctrine and dogma anymore. It will only be your word as Lord and savior. What a beautiful day that will be.

    • Praise the Lord for all this great sharing! Time for the true body of Christ to rally together and speak His Truth. Test the spirits, test all the temptations through the word. What works great for me in addition to prayer when I’m in a situation or place or hearing/seeing something is to look and see if it ‘marries’ with one of my favourite Scriptures.

      Philippians 4:8 (King James Version)

      8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

      There are of course many other Scriptures, but this one really helps me. Praise God!

      In His Precious Name,

    • Well said Lisa.

      “I have this against you, that you tolerate the Woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, she teaches and lead my bond-servants astray…….. Rev2:20

      John B

    • From the beginning satan used the woman to deceive. The current trend of feminism within modern christianity reveals this reality on a grand scale. Many churches are no longer under the Spirit’s control But under The Jezebel and every other fowl Spirit.
      This will increase as Babylon gains momentum.

      John B

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