Mountain Top group baffled by Medjugore events?

Thanks to my friend Steve McHenry for the link to the story!
Published: September 8, 2010

John Yuscavage is a man of science, always looking for explanations for life’s hows and whys.

But the Mountain Top man is baffled by the events that unfurled before him and others during a recent trip to Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He said he saw the sun spin. He watched as it changed colors, too. And he witnessed rosary chains turn to a gold color.

“My question is scientifically – or common sense – how can that be explained? It can’t. The sun spinning? That’s like an everyday event at Medjugorje. How is science going to explain that? They can’t,” said Yuscavage, who has a doctorate degree in physical chemistry and has read many books and other published accounts about Medjugorje’s mysterious events.

Medjugorje is a place known to many for its miracles. It’s said to be the site where apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary first appeared to six Croatian children in 1981 and continue to appear to a few “visionaries” each month, offering messages of faith, peace and love.

John and his wife, Donna Yuscavage, were among 22 area individuals who visited Medjugorje in May. Since their return, they’ve been meeting each month and jotting down the miracles they saw.

John Yuscavage, who owns Triangle Pharmacy in Mountaintop with his brother, Joseph, referred to the minutes from the group’s first meeting. Three pages of typed notes show accounts of flower petals falling from the sky, rosaries turning color and people being healed of their medical ailments.

“One lady had a lump, and when she came back it was gone,” Donna Yuscavage said. Another was pain-free and able to walk without a brace on her leg after the visit, she said.

Donna, too, said she witnessed unexplained events, including a priest who seemed to read her mind and the spinning sun.

“I saw what a lot of people see. The sun starts spinning clockwise. It turned pink and then baby blue, and these things started shooting out of it like rays,” she recalled.

John said his experience was similar – and he’s bothered that he can’t explain what caused it.

“I am looking for facts,” he said. “I am looking as a scientist and as a skeptic. The numbers are there. The facts are in the numbers. Millions of rosaries have changed in color. Millions of people have seen the sun spin. Villagers see it. We saw it. In fact, 21 of the 22 people we went with saw it. What I’m saying is the evidence is overwhelming that this is happening.”

Arlene Krajewski, Mountain Top, didn’t have high expectations for her visit, but secretly hoped she would experience “something” in Medjugorje.

“I experienced the sun spinning,” she said, noting it had a blue hue around it the first evening she was there. “It was also pulsating.”

Another day, she said it appeared white with a pink glow.

“It didn’t hurt my eyes at all. It was amazing,” she said. “I got goose bumps.”

Krajewski said she has always gone to church on a regular basis, but her experiences in Medjugorje strengthened her faith.

Her husband, Henry Krajewski, also had an extraordinary experience, she said. A Mass was being celebrated inside a Medjugorje church as Henry aimed his camera at the sun. He didn’t capture the sun on his camera, but images from the indoor Mass, she explained.

John Yuscavage also saw what the camera had captured and asked Henry what was going on.

“He said, ‘We just watched the Mass.’ There was a Croatian Mass going on at that time in the church,” John remembered.

With all the “supernatural” occurrences, John said he hopes an investigation is done.

“The evidence is overwhelming that this stuff is happening,” he said.

According to published reports, the Vatican formed a commission earlier this year to investigate claims that the Blessed Virgin Mary appears in Medjugorje. The Catholic church has not investigated or recognized the sightings, although Medjugorje is visited by pilgrims from all faiths annually.

“What we saw, what we experienced, will be with us for the rest of our lives,” John Yuscavage said. “We are a family. Most of us will be going back.”


Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

If you were there what would you think? Would you be confused? Would you believe that the phenomena was benevolent? Would you think that this was the Mary of the Bible. What about the reported healings that are taking place, surely that would be a sign from God?

See how confusing this can get? Before I get too involved I want to say that I love the Mary of the Bible. However, what is appearing at these apparition sites is not, in my opinion, the Mary of the Bible. It is a deception. Last week I BLOGGED about false signs and wonders in an Evangelical church. This church said that gold dust, gems and feathers were manifesting. I pointed out that no one was testing the spirits and that these were false signs that appealed to our flesh. Now we come to Medjugore. What are we to think? The spinning sun, the rosaries that turn to gold. Has anyone tested the spirits there? Has anyone shouted, I rebuke you in the Name of Yashua, while these signs were manifesting?

You see it’s all about deception. If I want to deceive you I’m not going to show you the end game. I’m going to lead you slowly and gain your trust and confidence. In my opinion we are dealing with supernatural deception. These entities that are manifesting are, in fact, messengers of deception and cannot be trusted. Period! Just because the sun appears to be spinning, or gems appear out of someone’s mouth, or someone is healed, doesn’t mean that the most High God is involved.

We need to test the spirits. We need to understand that we are living in the time that Yashua/Jesus warns of. We need to be on guard.

These apparition sites bolster the so-called Marian claims of being co-redemptrix. Briefly put, the apparition is trying to say that it is responsible for the redemption of mankind through the cross. While this claim has never been officially sanctioned by the Vatican, nevertheless it is a direct assault on what Yashua/Jesus did on the cross! No one else died for our sins and therein lies the danger of these apparitions. As much as I love and respect the Mary of the Bible, she did not die for my sins… period!

You see that is the end game. It takes people away from praying to Yashua/Jesus. From knowing that He alone is our redeemer. That His body was beaten and bruised for our iniquity. That’s the bottom line. Remember the admonition of Paul who tells us, that even if an angel of light brings us another Gospel let him be anathema/cursed! Isn’t this exactly what is happening at these apparition sites? Isn’t another Gospel supplanting the original one?

In closing todays post. Catholics as well as Protestants, need to realize that spiritual deception comes in many forms. However, in many cases there are obvious “give-a-ways.” One is that these apparitions deny the work of the cross, the other is that they deny the divinity of Yashua/Jesus. It is important for us to realize that we can be deceived and led astray when we accept supernatural experiences without checking them against the Guidebook to the Supernatural and test the spirit behind it. Let us be aware that we are living in the days of deception and cling fast to our faith and trust in Yashua/Jesus and Him alone.

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  1. I will be in prayer for megujore and that the spirits be rebuked. And that the Lord reveal these folks to the truth.

    If anyone wants to join me, please do so.

    I guess while we’re on the topic of female deceivers, please also lift Blossom Goodchild up in prayer this week, that she may come to Christ and that He reveal the true nature of the spirits she’s dealing with.

  2. God bless you Lynn and thank you so much for posting this today. It is so important that you do and everything you said is completely true and right on biblically and that is what the whole issue here is about. You spell it out simply and plainly and people need to heed these words. The Bible is our final authority and stretching it, twisting it, or taking it out of context to justify why we are believing in these false signs will be our undoing. It isn’t about our feelings, emotions, what we see, etc. (though the Lord has given us these wonderful senses)– it is faith in the Word of God, the Bible as plainly written. It’s all in the Word and if we look to that instead of man’s word or explaination of the Word and if we look to the Bible instead of titilating signs and wonders, we won’t be lead astray. It is the love of the truth — the Bible — the Word of God that keeps us from deception and delusion. Get back to the Word of God in your private prayer closet and His spirit will show you all things. Again, thanks Lynn so much for speaking plainly on this subject and I was thinking the exact same thing that you wrote in this article about the things that are happening at that evangelical church you posted about the other day as well. Even healings aren’t proof it is from the Lord. Satan and his emissaries are deceivers, pretending to be and do good to confuse and trip us up to follow the wrong way to be lead away from the plain and simple truth found in the Bible, scripture, that Jesus is the way. His blood shed for us saves us if we call on Him in mercy to do so. His spirit will then live in us and show us the truth if we yearn for it and Him and we will be kept safe in His arms. He will warn us of deception and we must hear Him and heed His warnings in His Word. God bless you all today. Amen!

  3. Whats the constant curiosity with the sun? And why is it spnning?

    I want to say the infamous “ancient aliens series” “just kidding” did a similar story which reported that a group of individuals were told to go to a field to witness a miracle, when they came at a specific time of the day the sun was spinning? I want to say the event occurred in the early 1900’s? Just a guess though.

    Now that NASA can watch the sun with their new telescopes to determine solar flares there have been several unfologist claiming they have seen ufos within and around the sun? Many ufologists also believe planet x or planet Niburu is just on the other side of the sun? I dont know it could be?

    Ancient civilizations from native american indians to the egyptians RA sun god have worshiped the sun as a pagan idol. Could there be a correlation between the fallen one manifesting in or around the sun? Could the sun have be used as a manipulation tool to deceive the masses throughout history controlled by the fallen one or Satan? Civilizations worship what they need or what brings them prosperity?

    What shocks me about Catholics and the Catholic Church is that they have no problem putting Mary on a pedastool and when a piece of bread shows up that looks like Jesus or Mary this is divine intervention? However scripture clearly explains the rapture of the church but some how the rapture of the church is false doctrine to the Catholic Church? Why?

    Which again leads me to same conclusion, why do we accept so much false doctrine that comes out of the Catholic Church or the Vatican? If you are a christian that believes in the literal translation of the bible where does it say we will witness aparitions of Mary? Where does it say we should worship Mary on the same parallel as Christ?

    I almost can’t imagine the antichrist coming anywhere but from the Vatican. The Catholic Church and the Vatican’s deception througout history is long and distinguished. A young elegant speaking bishop with charisma could easily be elected as pope with a new vision. You then have a world wide pulipit to unite the faith’s claiming univeral path’s to heaven between muslims, christians, jews, buddist. Stating we all worship the same God. Lets have peace.

    We were all deceived by another young leader why not one within the Vatican?

    • Yes, some ufologists claim there are EARTH sized ufos around the sun. I wish I was joking. They claim, and no surprise, that they may be prepping for a massive evacuation once the “earth changes” start in earnest.

    • Greetings Richard~
      I’m thinking you are referring to the Fatima, Portugal “miracles”; there was a series and some “prophecies” in which there is an alleged third to occur sometime soon. The original “miracle” took place in 1917 and was witnessed by some village children. There’s even a 1952 movie that celebrates this deception. All with full Roman/Catholic symbolism.
      In Christ,

    • The show was concerning “The Miracle of the Sun”, the 1917 Fatima event. Here is a description from wikipedia:

      “According to many witness statements, after a downfall of rain, the dark clouds broke and the sun appeared as an opaque, spinning disc in the sky. It was said to be significantly duller than normal, and to cast multicolored lights across the landscape, the shadows on the landscape, the people, and the surrounding clouds. The sun was then reported to have careened towards the earth in a zigzag pattern, frightening some of those present who thought it meant the end of the world.”

      With Fatima and Medjugorje, thousands see the phenomenon but no one can photograph or video it, suggesting the experience is “presented” to the viewer. If the sun were behaving like this, half the world would witness it.

    • The name of the 1952 movie is called “The Miracle Of Our Lady Of Fatima”. I recall seeing it as a child and that I thought it was “weird and kinda scary”. Still do. (**sigh**)

    • I recently went to a Catholic wedding, before it was over the bride seperated from the groom and as we watched on she kneeled and prayed to a statue of Mary. I was freaked….I knew they held her in high esteemed but it was an open display of pagan idol worship…imho.

    • More than just “high esteem” Joe………..the pope has has lifted her up to equal to Jesus……..she’s now a saviour……..

    • Catholics are not taught to worship Mary, she is the church’s intercessor. In the same manner you would ask a trusted friend to “pray for me”.

  4. I too would have been decieved,thank the Good Lord I know the truth on these matters.A great video on you tube is Messages From Heaven.It talks about this very subject.Also in Jeremiah 44 it talks about the queen of heaven and how the women of Israel made cakes to this queen.Needless to say they kindled God’s anger worshipping a false goddess.Same dirtbag different time.This “Mary” takes on attributes that belong to God and to God alone.

    • For Laura and other folks interested~
      Yeppers, the “queen of heaven” theme unwinds all the way back (at least in our recorded history) to ancient Sumeria. Among their pantheon she was a supreme deity known as “Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth”. (Hot air and dirtbag indeed. Lol!) If you’re interested in reading about this particular deception in more detail you can check out the Theosophical Society’s spin on “it” at As some of you may know, the TS is responsible for much of the endtimes deception peddling currently in vogue….. i.e. new age religion, channeling, spirit guides, illumined symbolism, etc. and ad nauseum.
      Yahweh bless and keep you in His eternal arms,

  5. John Yuscavage may very well be a man of science, however I feel in this csse he was tricked by magic.
    Magic means different things to different people. For believers in the paranormal, for example, it refers to the manipulation of events, people, and objects through supernatural means to create a desired outcome. This type of magic may involve spells, rituals, charms, and other tools to alter the practitioner’s environment.
    The word is also used to refer to tricks and sleight of hand which make it seem like things are appearing and disappearing, as though supernaturally.

    The concept of magic has been present in human culture for thousands of years. Many cultures had versions of witches, wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, witch doctors, shamans, and other people who could supposedly harness supernatural powers for various tasks.
    Some religions incorporate a belief in magic, while other religions reject magic as the work of the devil, perhaps because these religions arose in opposition to the traditional practice of magic.

    Most cultures assume that in order to practice magic in the supernatural sense, someone must have magical powers. These powers may allow the practitioner to talk to inanimate objects, communicate with the spirits, or harness energy in the spiritual world; beliefs vary, depending on the culture. Practitioners of magic also undergo extensive training to learn how to use their skills, and to learn when the use of magic is appropriate; some cultures also differentiate between white or good magic and black or bad magic.

    Historically, people who practiced magic often offered a variety of services to their community including health care, the removal of bad spells, the manipulation of weather for good crops, and so forth. These people became figures of veneration and respect because of their perceived abilities. They were also associated with less practical things like enchantments; many folk tales incorporate enchantments in which people are bewitched or tricked into doing things, for example.

    While practitioners of magic were historically sometimes venerated, they were also feared. Many cultures experienced periods in which witches and other practitioners of magic were hunted down and punished, tortured, or killed. People believed in the power of magic, feeling that the spells cast by someone could have a real-world effect, and sometimes blaming events like famines, plagues, and crop failure on witches and others.

    Modern practitioners of magic can be found in many regions of the world including Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    Some are traditional shamans and wisepeople who serve tribes and communities as their antecedents have for centuries, while others incorporate magic into the practice of their faith, like Wiccans. The practice of magic for these people may include spells, rituals, medication, the creation of magical objects, charms, and similar tools.

    In the less mystical sense, magic is a discipline in which people learn to physically manipulate their environment to create illusions, which I feel is what Mr Yuscavage witnessed.

    Skilled magicians can appear to make flowers bloom in mid-air, cut women in half, conjure rabbits from top hats, escape from sealed tanks, and perform other feats. This practice of magic does not involve the harnessing of supernatural forces; it requires hard, focused work and years of study to be successful.

  6. I am no Medjugorje enthusiast but I have two personal friends who have been there, one Catholic and one not. Both experienced “miraculous” sightings and events while there and after returning. But more significantly they experienced God or what they believed was divine communication and direction. I must say both their lives adopted a Jesus focus and intensity. I guess God will meet a true seeker despite the environment.


    In the messages, the Masonic dogma of ‘the fatherhood of god and the brotherhood of man’ is emphasized on regular basis. I have spoken with people who have been there some have even seen images of Christ on a wall in the church. The apparitions also refers to Muslims as God’s children.

    The Roman Church has not officially propagated the co-redemptrix doctrine as dogma of the Faith as stated by LA however; Most Catholics accept it. There are medallions and prayer cards to this effect in wide circulation around the world.

    A reading of “Zechariah 5:1-11” is relevant to what is happening in the ecumenical SEA of Babylon.

    John b

  8. Amen!
    On that note, I just wanted to quote something you wrote: “Remember the admonition of Paul who tells us, that even if an angel of light brings us another Gospel let him be anathema/cursed”
    Funny how God works, just yesterday, I was at work early so I was just sitting on a bench nearby. So I’m approached by a Jehovah’s Witness and of course we start conversating about the Bible and Jesus. I ask her questions(respectfully) to test her beliefs vs. those of true Christians that believe that Jesus is the ONLY Way, Truth, and Life. I tell her I read the KJV of the Bible and she mentioned something negative about the KJV Bible that I can’t remember exactly.
    Well when I got home, I did a lil research on Jehovah’s Witness(not to convert, to test the spirits as you said). I came across some sites/videos claiming that Jehovah’s WItness believe that Jesus was ORIGINALLY MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL, BEFORE GOD CHOSE HIM TO COME TO EARTH AND BE MANKINDS SAVIOR, WHICH WAS THEN THAT MICHAEL BECAME JESUS:
    Check out the link, it explains it better. I’m not saying that’s true of all Jehovah’s Witness, but the fact that you brought up this: “Remember the admonition of Paul who tells us, that even if an angel of light brings us another Gospel let him be anathema/cursed” That is just another of many signs from our Almighty God letting me know that he’s always guiding, watching, and chastising me to bring me close to Him.
    Keep up the blog and your articles, your doing a great job in the name of our Lord Yeshua Christ!

  9. I am reminded of the fact that the number one sign that Jesus said would grow in frequency and intensity pointing to the day of His Return, was deception. Deception is growing obviously in both the Catholic and Protestant churches. I am of the opinion of the reason for this is that this generation of believers is woefully ignorant of essential biblical doctrine.

    When this is the case, as it is today, Christians are easy targets of deception.

    Kevin J.

  10. It’s amazing how many people are so easily deceived by these beings, but this is exactly what Scripture says will happen. In the last days, “…some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to DECEITFUL spirits and doctrines of demons…” (1 Timothy 4:1).

    Whenever the apostles talked about the end times, it seems like they always began by saying “be not deceived” or something to that effect. There was a great urgency from them that there would be a great deception.

    We must proclaim the Truth to the world, and warn the people in the church about this deception. There will be a great apostasy within the church in the end times just before the antichrist is revealed (2 Thessalonians 2). But, at the same time, we must not get worked up if they don’t accept the Savior. Jesus gave us the burden to declare the Gospel (Matthew 28:18-20), but it is not our burden for them to accept it (Proverbs 16:22; Matthew 7:6).

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  12. “True Bible-Believers Denounced at Papal Conference”

    …The Pontiff told the assembled Buddhist monks, Zoroastrian priests, Catholic cardinals, Hindu gurus, American Indian shamen, Jewish rabbis, and ecumenical clergy that all must join in condemning the Christian fundamentalists who “abuse speech” and whose efforts at converting others “incite hatred and violence.”

    …(1) Pope John Paul II was endorsed by consensus as the planet’s chief spiritual guide and overseer; and (2) Religious fundamentalists who refuse to go along with the global ecumenical movement are to be silenced. They must also be denounced as “dangerous extremists” full of hate.

    Sounds like words of an antichrist,no doubt about it!

  13. I used to wonder about “Mary” in the movie “Song of Bernadette”…how could a very poor girl from an impoverished family get picked on by the devil to lead people astray? The evil one doesn’t play fair!

  14. Sunday I went to a Christian Book Store with a Grandparents Day coupon. Grandparents Day was Sunday but they refused to honor it because they only honor holiday coupons the day before. When I asked why the cashier said to my face “Because CHRISTIANS don’t shop on Sunday.” I was actually offended by that. <y reply was "Maybe some Christians work 6 days a week and can only shop on Sunday." But she could have cared less.

    What is with this similar arrogant attitude among Christians of late? I can see why some peopple get turned off to Christianity when they interact woth Christians who behave like this.

    • Wow, what a sad excuse for a Christian Book Store. The attitude is terrible and so judgmental. I would walk out and never do business there again, and in fact I would contact the store manager and or owner to let them know why I wasn’t coming back. The Christian Book Stores I shop at are like a Ghost Town, so I’m sure they need the business. I’m sure the owner would not be too please with an employee that insults and runs off potential customers. If I have bad service I let them know, I have even gone as far as the district manager and home office, of course I also let them know when an employee did a wonderful job.
      Actually to her comment I would have had to say something sarcastic, when she said, “Because CHRISTIANS don’t shop on Sunday.” I would have said “then thank goodness I’m Jewish” I know that’s feeds into the cashiers negativity, but I dislike walking away from a confrontation.
      I find the service industry today pitiful, Christian or non Christian stores, they act like they are doing you a favor by letting you shop there.

    • Captain Eagle, are you sure she was a Christian? She works at a Christian book store does not necessarily mean she is a Christian. I have met devils in the church before…so nothing really would surprise me.

    • Wow… I’ve never encountered that at a Christian book store. That’s pretty sad. I’d be shocked even if someone at at secular book store like Barnes and Noble did that. I live in West Tennessee, in the Bible belt. The Lifeway Christian Bookstore in Memphis is pretty packed usually, especially when people start getting off work, but they aren’t even open on Sundays at all.

    • This was the Family Christian Store chain store in Mentor Ohio. I drove 3 hours+ just to shop there and was treated like that. I have no idea if she was a Christian but I assumed she was for working there. The store didn’t have what I had come for and have ALWAYS been sneaky with their coupons. But since they’re a chain the prices are reasonable. I bought the new Comic Book Bible instead. I haven’t read it yet but it looks well done. I’ll see if they changed anything. What’s great is they give the verses they adapted from so you can compare.

    • It’s called Family Christian Stores. It’s a chain like Walmart. I found it by accident. We went to Mentor Ohio a few years ago because they had a Disney Store and when we had lunch I looked out the window and saw it and found it interesting enough to explore. We’ve been back a few times over the years but this time I was highly insulted. (Because I work 6 days a week I’m glad they’re open on Sunday else I’d nver get to go.)

  15. In a local paper there was an article on how my area has tons of Indian mounds full of giants with red hair, 6 fingers, 6 toes, and copper armor. I haven’t read it yet but I find this interesting given how cursed my areas seems to be?

    • You need to go out and get a metal detector and go for it, never know what you might unearth. If you uncover a box of any sort don’t open it, too many movies like this that do not end well.. 

    • Captain,
      Check out the works of Peter Levenda. He writes about how America is a “haunted house”, and that burial grounds are the center of events that have had great impact on the political and cultural events of our nation and our century. The lives of Charles Manson, J. Harvey Oswald and David Burkowitz (Son of Sam) were all influences by Indian burial grounds, especially here in my dear state of Kentucky.

    • No need to remind me of just how bad network television is. One time I witnessed Regis Philbin on a program stating “we are not alone” !!!
      How low can you go? Regis Philbin narrating a UFO documentary? Who is the genius that gave this a green light?

  16. It’s bad enough just thinking about the veneration of “Mary”,but that’s not the whole picture!
    Their “holy trinity” is Isis,Osirus,and Horus.

    To avoid the risk of awaiting moderation,I would just say to look up the Eqyptian Gods in relation to Catholicism,and then,if you haven’t already,read Tom Horn’s “Apollyon Rising 2012”. (I feel Mr.Marzulli would approve of this work and the man behind it.)It all gets tied together with the Great Seal and the return of the antichrist. Fascinating stuff,but too mind-boggling for me to describe in my own words.)

    The book is available to read online at a few sites.(DefenderPublishing is a good one,with comments!)

  17. Some excellent comments and observations

    I think the concerns about a FALSE RAPTURE involving U F Os are VALID ( more signs and wonders )

    The mysteries involving the CATHOLIC church have yet to be fully resolved and explained — ( the ongoing battle WITHIN THE CHURCH between those who persue the TRUTH that CHRIST taught and those that persue the MATERIAL WORLD and are responsible for terrible things like the INQUISITION and trying to INFLICT OBEDIENCE to ROME FORCIBLY and promulagating MANMADE RULES rather than the teachings of CHRIST —- the current pope has been WARNING cardinals and bishops that the catholic church is facing its own “PASSION”— ( my interpetation — PURIFICATION ) — the battle between GOOD and EVIL has been raging within the church since almost DAY ONE — as anyone who does some serious research into the church knows — something I — as a consevative protestant who ended up marrying a ” cradle catholic” has endevored to do— the greatest fault I find with the catholic church — and that I feel is the major reason for its many problems is the fact of its ongoing refusal to ENCOURAGE SERIOUS STUDY OF SCRIPTURE BY THE LAITY — and because of this — most catholics dont have a clue what a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST is all about — so rather than complaining about the catholic church — perhaps its time to pray for true conversion within the church — ESPECIALLY IN ITS LEADERSHIP

  18. I agree LA, we have to watch out for all sorts of deceptions in these critical times. As long as we rely on Jah’s kingdom, we can not be led astray.

    • Excellent link. We need to pray for these people so they don’t “drown in their own swimming pool” or have “heart attacks.”
      Are they a part of the Oath Keepers organization?

  19. The dilemma if it can be called that of ecumenical Catholicism is that it is a deceitful front to get all faiths on board in subjection to the pope. Salvation is only in submission to Pontifex Maximus Point Blank!

    They truly believe that the salvation of all men is their God given right by Apostolic lineage,
    Once most are on side they will enforce it. Their Laws are infallible to oppose them is to oppose God.

    That Clerical system has not changed and will not change! The conversion of any within her is a call to come out.

    John B

  20. It is very saddening to see how many people are reaching out for something that isn’t even tangible to hang their spiritual hats upon to “seal the deal” and believe they have found redemption.

    Ours is a world chock full of subjective emotionalism. No one wants to be told that what they believe is wrong, much less a lie. Christians as a whole have been cowed down to the point where they are afraid to speak the Truth for fear of being labeled a bigoted hate-monger. Many Christians sadly would rather cower in the corner while their fellow man goes straight to hell rather than stand alone in the crowd and proclaim, “The King has no clothes”. Can you say, “Christians is Nazi Germany in WW II”?

    No, it isn’t the popular thing to do. It won’t win you any “Best Friend For Life” contests and you won’t find your face on the cover of Rolling Stone, but Brother Lynn, we thank you for your courage, your obedience to God’s calling on your life and your willingness to stand alone when needed to be the Watchman on the wall that the world needs in such a time as this.

    Thank you for your educated analysis and for running the race to win. Keep fighting this Good Fight.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

  21. To abandon millions of catholics to an eventual ” less than desirable eternal fate” DUE TO THEIR BEING BORN INTO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH is about as UNCHRISTLIKE as it gets — and they are BRAINWASHED from day one to TRUST IN the CHURCH ( instead of putting their trust in GOD ) and therefore will not COME OUT OF IT — and so — GOD has not abandoned these people — and it takes some research to discover the truth — one example can be found in a book published years ago titled THE INCORUPTABLES —- it describes how thru the centuries the bodies of some 30 ( dont remember the exact number ) ” SAINTS ” that were buried in plain wooden boxes in a village or monestery churchyard ( prior to modern enbalming techniques ) were dug up to be moved for new construction — etc — and were found to be UNCORUPTED — and were often placed in GLASS CASKETS in lesser known churches for public viewing — especially in ITALY of course —- so one of MY MANY QUESTIONS to the catholic church is WHY ARE YOU HIDING THIS RATHER AMAZING INFO — not only from the catholic laity — but from the world at large? — and the only answer I can come up with is that the MAJORITY of the catholic HIERARCHY FAILS MISERABLY TO WALK THE TALK — and did not JESUS say that those who would be greatest among you MUST BE THE LEAST —- whens the last time you saw a bishop or cardinal out SERVING THE POOR — or WORKING IN A MEDICAL CLINIC — etc WITHOUT MAKING A BIG P / R event out of it ? —- JUST WHY WAS MOTHER THERESA DESCRIBED AS A LIVING SAINT BY MANY ? —- BECAUSE SHE LOVED AND SERVED THE UNLOVABLE — THE DEAD AND DYING ON THE CITY STREETS — just how many who claim to be CHRIST FOLLOWERS of any denomination can described as doing the same ?
    As events continue to unfold — as we near the end of this ERA that CHRIST spoke about — and described ( gospel of Matthew ) — the hidden truth about many things will be gradually revealed — THE ONLY PLACE OF SAFETY in these times is to put ones TOTAL AND COMPLETE TRUST IN GOD — LIKE A SMALL CHILD — ( thats one of the MANY COMMANDS CHRIST gave us )

    • I agree with you SKYKING33 that God will not abandon any whose heart is sincere in Jesus Christ as The Only hope Of salvation. However; Our salvation is His Gift freely given, As I see it The calling of God is irrevocable.

      Most clerical institutions catholic and protestant alike have set themselves as the administrators of salvation by the enforcement of man made decrees binding the mind of their subjects in the fear of Man and not of God.

      I judge no man heart, But as an Ex catholic I was born again and remained in that institution for 4 years ministering music, eventually I came out because I could no longer pretend that their heresy mattered not!

      The purity of doctrine is relevant to our sanctification of life a man is what he believes This is stressed throughout The Word of God. The Apostles Doctrine is the foundation of the Jerusalem above Rev21:14.
      that is the true church incorruptible whose builder is Christ Himself.

      I believe that when the man of sin is revealed there will only be Two camps upon the earth all to come out will have done so though they may still presently be in Babylon.

      john b

  22. This is a YouTube link of the UFO in front of the sun. What I found most interesting is the comment made by the person holding the camera at 1:14 into the video. I Quote, “GOD IS HERE”! Amazing, someone could attribute a UFO with GOD. Crazy!

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