Sunday go to Meeting Bun!

Sunday Go to Meeting Bun!


L. A. Marzulli

2 Cr 10:5 Casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought to the obedience of Christ. (the anointed one)

Years ago when I was a new believer and I was plowing my through the Guidebook to the Supernatural, i.e. the Bible, for the first time, I came across this verse and said to myself, this is impossible for anyone to do! How can I keep track of every thought! That was 30 years ago and much has changed in me because of Him! His word is faithful and true and when it goes deep into the center of our beings we can become cut-to-the-quick when we entertain a thought that is against the knowledge of God. In short we can take every thought captive, but it takes practice.

This doesn’t mean that I’m never going to have a thought that is undesirable, because as long as I’m in this fleshly body that will occur. It does, however, mean that I can capture the thought, take it by force, and expunge it from my mind.

I engaged in this yesterday as I encountered someone who was steeped in what I would call witchcraft. While this person was saying things to me, I was immediately put on “red alert,” as I sensed that something wasn’t right, but I couldn’t grasp it at the time. After they left and I was in my car, it hit me and I immediately began to rebuke it. I felt like I had been slimed! I shouted out loud, you will not reside here, you foul and unclean thing, and then I said, The blood of the Lamb has cleansed me and I stand in that. No weapon against me shall me prosper. You may not enter here, The Lord rebuke you! The bottom line was that I would not allow this thought to take residence in me.

Because of the culture we live in we are bombarded with images, words, and expressions that try to exalt themselves against the knowledge of God. We must take these thoughts that go against the word and take them captive, bring them into obedience and when necessary go into warfare mode!

We are in tenuous times and by renewing our minds, washing them on a daily basis with His word, we are built up so when the thoughts try to enter, and they will try, we know what to do with them. For those of us who have the spirit of the Living God dwelling in us, it is His spirit that will help us bring this practice of taking every thought captive so that it becomes second nature!

Sometimes, as I’m going to sleep, the Spirit will remind of a thought left unchecked. It amazes  me how many times this has happened. It can also be at two in the morning! I am reminded and then I bring the thought into captivity. It is when we fail to do this, that we get into trouble.

In closing, the enemy of our souls enters through our minds. This is why we are told to bring every thought captive. The slime bag will try to deceive us, entice us, cajole us, appeal to our egos, humor us, relax us and in short do anything he can to get a foothold in our minds. However, greater is He that is in me then he who is in the world! Saying this along with, the blood of Jesus goes along way to keeping our minds clean of the junk that the enemy, the world, and our flesh would have us engage in. Take every thought captive!

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26 thoughts on “Sunday go to Meeting Bun!

  1. doreen irvine from the UK was a queen of the black witches of Europe (who competed for that title) back in the 60’s who came to Jesus. Her testimony is on utube. well worth being aware of the realities there.

  2. Your ministry has really taught me about the need and the power in rebuking, which I had never done before. Thanks to you I have my 12 year old son rebuking with the blood of jesus. Although he stumbles on pronouncing the word rebuke. It’s cute.

    We are under constant attack and I must admit it is a challenge to bring every thought captive but you are right it can only be done through constant reminders such as reading scripture and creating the habit to challenge every thought.

    I can only imagine how often we will need to start to challenge every thought as our economy and the middle eastern situation get worse this fall.

  3. Yesterday my husband and I were at a used bookstore,when my eye caught on a book,”The Devil’s Dictionary”. Curious as to what the enemy was up to,I started to open it when my husband told me to put it back! I agreed,saying to myself,”What was I thinking?!”

    After I had put the book back,my husband took it one step further and turned the book around so others wouldn’t be enticed by the title either!

    The devil is lurking all over the place,no doubt about it! I do study the enemies ways,but some ways are better than others.

    Be careful and prayerful,everyone!

  4. Great teaching for today, L.A…..the Lord uses those who walk with him to reach us where we are; and I have been dealing with some very unpleasant situations in the Kingdom this week, as an event has caused a deep division. Taking every thought captive is what I needed for today….this is a great lesson and I will strive to do that in every moment that this continues on! Thank you for your presence here I just love your Sunday Morning buns! Have a glorious day and may God continue to bless you, your ministry, and your family!

    God Bless all of you today and every day!

  5. This was the right word for the hour my brother. Thanks for this encouragement and instruction. Like the priests that went to the laver to wash, we need the continuing instruction of the Word of God applied to our lives.

  6. LA
    I am no longer able to get archives of your Wed. radio show, I missed last week and really wanted to listen and there is no way to find it as far as I can see…..could you give me a clue as to how to get it, if it is possible?
    Thanks a bunch!

  7. FYI- Shoebat sent this out today- some Quran verses translated into English.

    The Qur’an:

    Qur’an (5:51) – “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.”

    Qur’an (5:80) – “You will see many of them befriending those who disbelieve; certainly evil is that which their souls have sent before for them, that Allah became displeased with them and in chastisement shall they abide.” Those Muslims who befriend unbelievers will abide in hell.

    Qur’an (3:28) – “Let not the believers Take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah: except by way of precaution, that ye may Guard yourselves from them…” This last part means that the Muslim is allowed to feign friendship if it is of benefit. Renowned scholar Ibn Kathir states that “believers are allowed to show friendship outwardly, but never inwardly.”

    Qur’an (3:118) – “O you who believe! do not take for intimate friends from among others than your own people, they do not fall short of inflicting loss upon you; they love what distresses you; vehement hatred has already appeared from out of their mouths, and what their breasts conceal is greater still; indeed, We have made the communications clear to you, if you will understand.” This verse not only warns Muslims not to take non-Muslims as friends, but it establishes the deep-seated paranoia that the rest of the world is out to get them.

    Qur’an (9:23) – “O ye who believe! Choose not your fathers nor your brethren for friends if they take pleasure in disbelief rather than faith. Whoso of you taketh them for friends, such are wrong-doers” Even family members are not to be taken as friends if they do not accept Islam. (This is the mildest interpretation of this verse from the 9th Sura, which also advocates “slaying the unbeliever wherever ye find them”).

    Qur’an (53:29) – “Therefore shun those who turn away from Our Message and desire nothing but the life of this world.”

    Qur’an (3:85) – “And whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers.”

    Qur’an (3:10) – “(As for) those who disbelieve, surely neither their wealth nor their children shall avail them in the least against Allah, and these it is who are the fuel of the fire.” Those who do not believe in Muhammad are but fuel for the fire of Hell (also 66:6, 2:24. 21:98).

    Qur’an (7:44) – “The Companions of the Garden will call out to the Companions of the Fire: “We have indeed found the promises of our Lord to us true: Have you also found Your Lord’s promises true?” They shall say, “Yes”; but a crier shall proclaim between them: “The curse of Allah is on the wrong-doers” Muslims in heaven will amuse themselves by looking down on non-Muslims in Hell and mocking them while they are being tortured (see 22:19-22)

    Qur’an (1:5-7) – “Show us the straight path, The path of those whom Thou hast favoured; Not the (path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray” This is a prayer that Muslims are supposed to repeat each day.

    “Those who earn Thine anger” specifically refers to Jews and “those who go astray” refers to Christians (see Bukhari (12:749)).

  8. I posted on the blog before this one about the flood in my apartment. Joe B. was kind enough to remind me to be careful of black mold. I am very concious of this. I posted prayer request about a month or so ago about my mom. She was losing blood and was in the emergency room. She has Leukimia. Already done her second round of chemo. Been in the hospital three times. The last time she was released, she fell at home that night and broke her wrist. She is legally blind too. Working with one hand now. Chemo is something else. It’s hard to say if you are witnessing recovery, the proccess of death, or both. Chemo is a poison all in itself. Parents live about 80 miles away. My sister lives in the same town as they do and helps there. I live here in Amarillo where the doctors are, so I am here to help out with that. With the illness and chemo, she really has no immune system. If she runs a 99.5 temperature or higher, no local Dr., no local emergency room, it’s straight to the hospital here in Amarillo. My dad is diabetic too. I live blocks from the hospital. I stayed in the same apartment complex, just downsized to a one bedroom from a two bedroom since my youngest daughter moved out and went to college. It is modest but a nice appartment. over 700 square feet. I set up old bunk bed with a full on the bottom and twin on top in the diniing room. Have a sleeper couch in the living room. Just bought a new bed for my room last week. I have serious pain problems and boy my back pain has reduced at least 50 percent.

    Anyway, I have been moving stuff from one room to another. They put fans all over and a dehumidifier a few days. The smell got worse. They sprayed this stuff to kill any spores and it knocked it down but a smell is there. So I get new carpet finally installed tommorow in the living and dining room. I just got done busting down the bunk bed and move what I can so they can lay carpet tommorow. I cant lift over 30 pounds. Anway, it is coming along. I am ready to get it all organized and keep it clean so my parents can have a place to stay during treatments and any unforseen episodes.

    My mother is hanging in there. She cries sometimes then appologizes. I tell her that God made those two little holes, called tear ducts, for a reason, and it’s ok to exaust. She has no hair now. Wears wigs and hats. And still looks very classy. I told her how good she looked the other day and her eyes just lit up. The only complaint was that it take longer for her to put her make up on with one hand as she raised her arm with the cast on it. When she goes through chemo and blood platelet shots, they are pretty hard on her. Deep joint aches.

    I work full time and am taking to graduate classes again this semester. Trying to stay on top and prepared. God could not have given me better parents. Now I just want to help them. I dont have much but a nice clean place to stay I can do. I have to keep food around for my dad or he wont eat. He likes stuff that isnt good for him but if I dont keep it around he wont eat. If i run to the store and ask if he wants anything, he declines. So I am making sure I have stuff available.

    This Thursday is my youngest daughter’s birthday. She will be 19. Very bright and Christian and in college strengthening her gift of music. Sacred dates are double edged swords for me. I have a daughter23, son 21, daughter fixing to be 19. Was divorced 3 years ago after 21 years of marriage. There mother went through something, mental illness and a lot of stuff. She moved a far of chlldhood freind in right after I moved out. My youngest came with me becuase her mother was conflicting with so many things we taught our kids. Anway, their mother finally married after living with this guy back in Agust 2008. He was not a good guy. She had so many issues compile and took her life back in February 2009. We were not on good terms, but it affected me deeply. Still does everyday. I have problems with birthday’s and stuff when I know their mother, the lady who bore them life, took it. The lady was a Christian. I have searched and searched. Tormented at times. That was more that 21 years of my life. I hope she is ok. It’s in God’s hands. He and Jesus walks me throug it everyday.

    I didn’t mean to post all of this. It just came out. I may not post all the time but I check the site almost daily.

    If you all would, pray for me and my family. I am not complaining. God is good. I have seen some good things and accomplished some good things in my life. He has always been there. And it could always be worse. Tonight I sleep in a soft bed with a full belly. My landlords are making things right. Lots of transtitions in my life. I just have to keep my eyes focussed on Jesus and not fill voids with voids. It’s going to be ok. I pray for all of you and thak God for each and every one of you.

    Someday I might post a story about balloons. A way I expressed myself and identified myself after my late ex-wife passed. I felt like a widower, but techincally I was not. We were divorced and she had finally remarried. But I lived with her and loved her the longest. Valentines day was a few days after she was burried. It seemed awkward to put flowers on her grave. I did not want to disrespect the dead. But I had all these feelings. I was seeing a Christian counselor and he gave me material sugesting journaling and identifying songs of how I felt about us. That was when I came up with an idea. I went to the dollar store and bought a helium balloon. I posted lyrics to a song to it, shrunk the font as small as I could, and taped it to the balloon. Went to the cymetary and prayed to God to take the message and balloon and do what he saw fit with it. It had a good flight. Sometimes I did not feel like going to the cymetary. She loved to fish. So I took a balloon to the local pond/lake near the medical complex she used to work at. I released it there. It went right into a tree. I was frustraed. I cant climb trees anymore. But i had a fishin pole in the car. I grabbed the pole, tied a weight to it and started casting into the tree. People walking by must havd thought I was crazy. I finally snagged it. It broke loose and it flew down and almost hit a couple. Then it caught flight. I don’t believe in contacting the dead or communicating with the dead. I found a book in a local bookstore lately that expressed the same idea, but the balloons were directed to the person. I always pray and ask God to understand my grief and expression and for him to do with the message as I see fit. It is theraputic and she would have liked that. Something original, simple, and from the heart. It would make a great part to a fictional story someday.

    Sorry for the long post. Have a blessed week. I am in good hands but can always use your prayers.

    God Bless,
    Jimmy Douglas

    • At least God is with you Jimmy. I’ll keep praying for you and your mother. I really hate to hear that about your (ex)wife. It’s really hard to lose someone before you feel like it’s their time. Especially when you know they have things they need to work out before they go to meet the Lord.

      I can’t begin to say I know how you feel but at least your kids still have one parent that stayed strong with the lord and to lean on. May the Lord be with you sir.

    • Dear Jimmy,how painful it is to lose someone in that way.All I can say is I will pray for you and your family.Truly may the Good Lord help you find peace through all of these things.

    • Jim – What is this strange smell like? Recently a strange foul smell has appeared in two rooms of my house. I see no black mold hough. The smell is strong inside a curio cabinet and in my bathroom. Nothing connects these two locations so what could it be? It’s sort of a stale, bitter smell. We recently tore up our carpets but these were in different rooms as well so I don’t believe it’s black mold. Are there other mold/mildew like things that have smells associated with them?

    • Hi Captain Eagle:

      My capret was in so so shape to begin with. When the water line busted, it flooded the living and dining room real bad and spread to the two appartments beside me. The carpet man did not come untill about 12 hours later, sucked up what he could and put fans down. Then a dehumidifier becuase it so humid. The smell evolved. It smelled like wet dirty laundry at first then turned into almost like a strong cat urine smell. Once dried he sprayed something down to kill spores and it cut it way down, but it still has a stale yucky smell. They finally decided to replace the carpet.

      Not sure if you have wood floors or something that could have soaked in to make your smell. If someone smoked in the house, that leaves a smell as well.

      God Bless,

      Jimmy Douglas

    • I want to thank everyone for your kind responses and prayers. I didn’t mean to spill everything like that, but I have to vent a little sometimes.

      God Bless You All,

      Jimmy Douglas

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