18 thoughts on “911 Remembrance by L. A. Marzulli

  1. As in most major “shock events”, e.g., Kennedy assination, I remember where I was on the morning of 9/11 and what I was doing. There was a feeling of unbelief that it was happening. It felt like a punch in the stomach. Was this a black ops deal by some global cabal? I’m not sure, but certainly Islamic radicals were right in the middle of it.

    I wonder why our elite in Washington allowed all these people into our country. Many have views that inimical to Judeo/Christian culture. Perhaps it’s blindness and ignorance but the end result is to bring judgement on America. We have been planting to the wind for so long and have now reaped the whirlwind! God have mercy on America. They say mercy flows out of the love of God and judgement is his strange work. A righteous God must judge sin. I weep for America and the West for dark days are ahead.

    • I remember watching a split screen of a lady reporter when the first tower fell and she lost her composure and choked up crying on TV. I cried along with her. I wish I could remember the reporter.

      I think it might be interesting to hear other commenters of where they were “when the world stopped turning.” Anyone want to share?

    • I had just got home from work and happened to be watching the news. I actually watched the second plane crash into the tower live.

  2. If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
    2 Chron 7:14

    God please be with us, please protect us and heal our land.

  3. Beautiful music,the theme did make me want to cry. I am so brokenhearted as to what is happening to America

    God bless you L.A

  4. Good video. This whole thing hits close to home because my father and uncle are fire fighters.
    Those men risked their lives to save people because of a senseless act. And believe me it isn’t because they get paid enough to do that. These men are true heros.

    But technically speaking this is a hate video because you have pictures of what the Muslims did and your not acting like it never happened right? Lol

  5. In light of this video and seriousness of this day and the time and the hour of which we are living…….I have a question. Who is this guy Rick Wiles? Is he a false prophet? I listened to his Sept 10th show today and I am scared silly. He is at http://www.trunews.com….. Listen to what he says for Sept 10th.

    America is under judgement or is going to come under judgement and that we are going to see some pretty ugly stuff before we are raptured away and how thousands and thousands of christians are going to die before the rapture because of this judgement that is coming….I am confused, bewildered. Thoughts and discernment, anyone??

  6. Oh my goodness.This is not good
    Man ignites Koran near Ground Zero, apparently prompted by Terry Jones; crowd appalled by zealot
    A hate-filled fanatic ripped pages out of a Koran and lit them aflame Saturday amid the chaos outside the planned community center and mosque near Ground Zero.
    “If they can burn American flags, I can burn the Koran,” the unidentified zealot shouted. “[Americans] should never be afraid to give their opinion.”
    Witnesses said it was a ghastly display of fervor – apparently inspired by the Florida pastor who vowed to torch the holy books earlier in the week – overshadowing what should have been a somber day

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/09/11/2010-09-11_man_ignites_koran_near_ground_zero_apparently_prompted_by_florida_pastor_terry_j.html#ixzz0zJjzD4eI

    • No. It is not a good, tactful, empathetic idea. But according to our constitution, he has the free right on expression as long as he is not hurting anyone. It is a joke that they keep claiming the internationaland harm to our troops. What harms our troops? They are in a country where they can not have a Christian bible or any other non Islamic symbols. They can not testify for Christ. The whole thing is wrong.

      What do think would happen if we needed any military help from one of the Muslim nationsm but told them that they could not have the Koran or pray in public and so on. Do you think they would put their sons and daughters in danger? I don’t think they would.
      I may not agree with someones way of expression, but I bleive in the right of free speec.h and free expression. I may not like it, but I believe in the right.

      We are never going to make the radical muslims happy. And our leaders bend to them.

      Just my thoughts. Burning the Koran is insensitve in public. Buildin a mosque near ground zero is incensitiive. But the other side wants their rights but to smite everyone elses.

      Jimmy Douglas

    • I agree,but this man is not a man of God or he would not be doing this.He is heaping up coals upon his head and ours .Satan is using this man to cause trouble.

    • I’m sure this man is just a hate monger and he was wrong for that.

      Its just a shame there are no politicians the same yoke as our founding fathers. I don’t think they would burn the korans but I don’t think the situation with the muslims would have gotten as far as it is today either.

    • Oh I don’t know. For all we know he could be a Christian and let his emotions take control. I don’t event know if it got much media coverage. I have been relying on the internet for the past few weeks. I moved into new apartment and was washing some clothes and the hot water line busted. No way I could shut 170 degree water off untill maintenece got there 45 minutes later on a Sudnay night. It took days to dry and dehumidify. I still had packed boxes I had to rush to the bedroom. They sprayed this stuff down and it cut the smell some. I get new carpet in living and dining room tommorow. I have to run my cable accross the living room and cover it with a rug, so I have to wait till the carpet it down.

      I am so busy with work and school I am almost tempted to go without cable. $57 a month and I watch about 6 channels of it. I like my History channel though. And the locals.

      I thought it was inapropriate for all the pro-mosque protesters to be at Ground Zero yesterday. It just did not seem right. But I guess that is there right.

      I pray for this country, it’s leaders, and those who have lost loved ones. We all lost something that day.

      God Bless,
      Jimmy Douglas

    • Yeah that’s true Jimmy I never thought of it like that. Putting myself in his shoes i might be tempted to do the same thing. I hate to hear that about your moving fiasco, ive helped out with flooded places before it’s not fun. Just be careful of mold it can be pretty dangerous

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