False Signs and Wonders?

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L. A. Marzulli

Speaking of the supernatural, some stuff is happening in Litchfield, IL, that may warrant some comments from our spiritual watchmen. John Owens.


Rebuke first and ask questions later!

I believe in the gift of healing. I believe in the gift of speaking in tongues. I believe in the gift of discerning of spirits. In fact, I believe that the gifts that are mentioned in Corinthians are for believers today. However, there are a lot of used-car-like sales people out there peddling a “supernatural” scam. This latest so-called manifestation happening in Illinois, has the same type of scam tactics that I have heard and seen before. So lets’ strip it down and expose what may be going on.

The appearance of gemstones, gold dust, feathers and gold teeth appeal to our flesh. It’s the same idea as “seeding” into someones ministry with $1000. He gets rich and you get broke. Both scams appeal to our flesh and is summed up in one word, money.  There is not one mention of holiness in the article. No one is on their face before the Lord. There’s not one mention of repentance, being sorry for all the junk that we’ve done in our lives.

I once sat in a church for  6 months and watched the same type of ballyhoo go on. At one point the pastor, told everyone that we could demand from God. He had everyone stand and say, “Lord, we demand that you…. (fill in the blank) Everyone chimed in eagerly! Wow, this is great, I get whatever I want! A new car, a new home, a new wife! Whatever! It was a dividing point for me as the guy was preaching what I would consider blatant heresy. A few months later I was let go because the pastor who was doing this was the senior pastors son and I was speaking against him. So much for objectivity. The “kid” then became senior pastor and lasted about two months. He declared his belief in polygamy and the church folded within 24 hours. False teacher was he!

There is a report in the article that talks about “glory dust,” falling on everyone. Once again this appeals to the flesh. Like Tod Bentley and his female angel Emma, this is more hocus-pocus. In my opinion there is a false spirit behind this whole thing. Like Bentley at some point we will see it manifest in infidelity, financial impropriety, or blatant control of the group by one man.

I have seen the Lord touch someone and I have witnessed healing. I have had a word of knowledge for someone I was praying for and I have had visions. As I stated earlier, I believe in the gifts of the spirit. This kind of cheap theatrics, with gemstones coming out of the mouth of the pastor is, in my opinion a false sign and wonder. It is similar to the so-called Marian apparitions that Catholics believe in.

In closing today’s post. We should learn to test the spirits and not just accept everything that comes to us. Someone should rebuke the spirit that is in control of the church. Command it in the name of Yashua to be silent and cast the deceptive thing out. If the pastor is engaging in stage magic, he should be run out-of-town on a rail!

One of the hallmarks of the last days is deception. In my opinion this is yet another deception to draw people into false signs and wonders. At some point it will collapse of its own weight and the truth will be evident…. L. A.


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30 thoughts on “False Signs and Wonders?

  1. Shouldn’t we be rejoicing in the good news that, as stated in the article:

    a) People getting saved

    b) People being delivered from demons

    c) Physical healings and prophecies

    Isn’t this what it is all about. Not to say that I believe everthing that is stated in the article, but anytime that I hear people are getting save, healed, and delivered I thank Jesus. I hope all this is happening and that it is all true.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for sounding the alarm on this L.A.! I just started a new series on “Hearken The Watchmen” where I take on some of the error and outright heresy being spued out there today. It is never very popular to do so, but it must be done.

    Kevin J.

  3. Anyone interested in the Feasts of the Lord.

    Nutshell- the Spring Feasts were fulfilled by Christ “to the exact day” & were practiced as a “type & shadow” of His 1st Coming-as the Lamb that was slain. (To the unbelieving Jews-they don’t see it that way.) The Fall Feasts are a type & shadow of the 2nd Coming of Christ- as the Lion from the tribe of Judah. It’s an additional layer of knowledge that can bless a Christian’s understanding of the Bible.

    Leviticus 23:1-3 “And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: ‘The feasts of the Lord, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are My feasts.’

    Feast- Moed -an appointmentm i.e. a fixed time or season; also a signal (as appointed beforehand; appointed sign,time)

    Convocation- Miqra- something called out, i.e. a public meeting.

    Proclaim- qara- to call out (address by name) them that are bidden, invite, publish, read.

    Fall Holidays- Rosh Hashannah

    • Happy Rosh Hashanah everyone! Let’s keep an ear our for the Trumpet! It could happen anytime, but this is the Feast day for the Rapture! And, yes, I actually have a video by Shawn (formerly VenomFangX on YouTube) available on my website’s “Education” page that talks about the Feasts. Daniel from the theTRUTHgroup has made a lot on the feasts as well.

      At some point deceptions within the Church will become self-evident. Jesus will make everything right when He comes, but to quote Larry Norman, “I wish we’ll all be READY.” We don’t have much time. Let’s proclaim the name of Jesus, and take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ!

  4. I like the attitude of the linked article. If you need healing or deliverance, give the meetings a shot. And I can’t say God would never do these “parlor tricks” but this gem and feather ministry does have a dubious past. When people are turning to the Lord for salvation, I am slow to criticize (if that is truly the case). If it were not so far I would check it out to test the spirits in person. Judging from a distance is not possible. Just because it seems odd does not prove God is not in it. But nether does it prove God’s involvement.

  5. Holy spirit power.I cant believe people are falling for this
    Transformation Center Diamond comes out of tooth.

  6. My point on these false signs and wonders is…how do these manifestations point to Jesus, His death, ressurection, or coming again. That is what the Gospel is about but it seems these signs and wonders are about silly things that make silly people excited. Why isn’t the blood shed for us exciting enough. Isn’t the reality of the Creator of the Universe coming in human flesh and dying in our place and making atonement for us and giving us all things for His Glory enough…aparently not for those who are looking for other things than His Love. It’s all just part of the script folks…we know what’s going down, what’s coming and how it all ends. Look up, our time isn’t long here…make the most of it for Him!! God Bless everyone. Amen!

  7. Good post LA; another to be Exposed is the pastor Yonggi Cho, who has written many books one being ‘the fourth dimension’. Once you tap into that realm of the 4th spiritual Law you can claim anything from God. That book made him a millionaire.
    Jesus said “Many shall come in my Name saying that I am He and shall deceive Many” So; These many that come are the wolves in Sheep clothing, The Hirelings, the Fleecers of entire Flocks, these are the false Apostles, prophets, teachers who Twist Scripture to accommodate self, These are entrenched within the various churches and denominational net-works, the recipients of Doctrines of demons produced By the Spirit of Babylon The counterfeit mother of the True Church of our Lord which is Spotless and without wrinkle, sanctified in the Truth washed by the Word.

    John B

  8. L.A.,
    Thank you so much for the interview with Richard Grund in Spiral of Life. During the radio program, he gave out so much information that is was hard to understand and digest the first time around. The written interview really helps.

    Also, when will The Watchers air? Who will carry it?

  9. I’ve been struggling with this one. I personally know two kinds of Christians: those who don’t really believe in miracles, and those who believe them all. From he first time I saw a guy get a gold tooth on a Todd Bentley broadcast, I’ve though it was bogus. If REAL diamonds and gold were manifesting, it would make the news.

    The irony is most people would think us wacky: Christians who believe in aliens calling Christians who believe in falling gemstones gullible and lacking discernment.

    • Let us remember that the power of evil strengthens in the progression of Time. God still works miracles among his remnant, the gifts of the Spirit has always been with his people.

      UfO’s, Marian apparitions, signs & wonders, doctrine of demons, are all part of the Final hour of our history wherein the Devil is manipulating the Natural realm to set up his Apostate Dictator for the final eradication of The seed of the woman within the ecumenical SEA of Babylon.
      Pray for discernment, for the Battle intensifies a lot of what is done in Jesus’ Name is counterfeit.

      John b

    • The truth is: God’s amazing work, His miracles and signs and wonders will escalate at a much quicker rate than the evil in the world. We are in the last days and we all know evil certainly is abounding. I still believe God’s goodness surpasses evil. He is sovereign. He reigns. Nothing gets past Him. No earthly devastation such as earthquakes and tsunami’s and major oil spills and the whole alien agenda. Things happen but not until they gets filtered through His fingers first because He is in control. Maybe it is all hype. But if God wants to change someone’s tooth into a diamond who am I to question that? We have to be careful to stay humble and know we don’t know everything. Discernment comes from Him. This is true. But let’s not limit Him or put a box around Him. Pride. Holier than thou thinking. Not good. Who are we to question God? Were we there when He arranged the stars and set the sun in place? Do we think somehow our God still isn’t working in the lives of people and He isn’t going to pout out His Holy Spirit to show His love because He’s so concerned with the aliens and we must all be walking around based in fear not knowing when the first alien will appear and oh my gosh do we have enough food stored up and gold stowed? I refuse to buy into all of this fear because He has not given me a spirit of fear but one of love, of power and a strong mind. My God is BIG. My God is HUGE. He can change people’s teeth to diamonds if He wants to. He can turn water into wine. He can shed His blood to make way for me and to transform my life into a diamond for Him! I work with the demonic in people every day. I did not see it in this video. Let us be careful.

    • I think the thing many people miss is that even though the Lord is soveriegn, He does nothing outside of His character or His word and twisting His word to suit ourselves to suit our love of signs instead of Love of Him isn’t the way to go. Saying that our God can do anything He wants to is an inadequate response to the truth of His word. He does not do silly miracles for gulible people just so they will believe in Him. All the miracles He did in the past, present, or future are signs that point to Him, His sacrifice, our need of a redeemer, His reign over evil, His coming again, His glory and Kingship. His miracles are prophecy that is coming to pass and gold dust falling, gems in peoples mouths or just appearing, etc., have nothing to do with furthering the Gospel and getting men to understand their fallen nature and their desparate need for a redeemer. Those are fake signs, appealing to the base fallen nature of man…they are not fulfillment of scripture signs or miracles that lead people to true repentance and faith in Christ…it leads people to false conversion and faith in sensationalism and in the end, these are the type of people that will be deceived and fall away, as they are not grounded in the truth of the Word, but are stuck in their in their delusions. It’s about Him and His sacrifice and reign people…wake up, these things are false, where is the discernment…the majority of the proclaiming church is asleep. Don’t use the statement that God can do anything He wants…we all know that…but He does not go against His character. It is not in the Word and it is that simple folks. Wake up! Amen!

    • The expectation of world wide revival wherein great multitudes of people will be saved prior to the return of Jesus is a Lie! Another False doctrine from the father of lies.
      The truth is that Reprobation will be the mind-set as God will have Given them over to The Lie because of their refusal of the truth 2Thes2:11.

      Jesus said “will I find Faith upon the Earth when I return” indicating a scarcity of the “true Faith” given to the saints once for all times. “As it was in the days of Noah and of Lot” also indicate a remanence of that faith.

      How can there possibly be an escalation of God’s work, (His signs and wonders) within the above scenario?
      To the contrary it is (((God’s wrath))) that shall increase and surpass the lying signs and wonders of an evil generation under the seduction of Babylon culminating in the burning of Babylon itself.

      John b

  10. This makes my church seem boring. Gold dust, false teeth, its like visiting a Ripley’s Believe it or Not!! There are so many gullible people out there looking for signs and wonders, willing to fellow anyone straight to hell that can show them something supernatural.
    I use to watch Criss Angel’s TV program and thought at one time this guy must have made a pack with the devil to do the things he did, levitate, and walk through glass, among other things, now I feel he is a side show carny with “expensive” parlor tricks with miorrs and wires.
    I have always had a problem with true magicians, some of them just creep me out. I know it’s an art form, however, would you consider being a magician dabbling with the supernatural or dark arts?

    • Absolutely. Houdini is well known for having been involved in the occult and much of this scernario is straight from the enemy. Some of it is sensationalism and fakery to capture the imaginations of men and then they get sucked in deeper when continuing involvement in this type of activity whether participating or observing and then when the real evil magic is perpetrated people are completely convinced and deluded by the enemy…it is pretty much that way with anything that is sin, sinlike, that leads us astray from the Words of truth and Christ. Amen!

  11. Can anyone give me some resources about fasting and praying? I am curious to see “proper” ways for Christians to do it. Purely hypothetical at this point.

    • Frank. Do a one day fast. Sunrise to sunset and drink nothing but water. every time you feel hungry that is your cue to pray. You can extend this to a two, three or more day fast. You can also drink fruit juice…. That’s it.

    • Margaret! This video says it all! Thanks for posting it. I am so grateful that I am out of the harlot system. L. A.

  12. LA, Thank you for your post, and wise counsel. The posts that arose from it also added depth and resourceful links to the signs & wonders deception. Plus “Progressive Church” – wow, that should bring some correction.

    I have also seen some of this and have observed how it tends to take people’s focus off of the cross and our true Savior. Instead of sharing how Jesus took our sins and changed our lives, we talk about gold (the pavement of heaven). The world sees diamonds and rubies in our eyes instead of Christ’s love.

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