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Having been a victim of witchcraft at the age of 21, Connie Huft had numerous spiritual encounters with the paranormal, witches and demonic forces. From a small child she was enamored with the paranormal; with secret, hidden things and wanted to know about Aliens, UFO’s, Ghosts, the Bermuda Triangle, Angels, Demons and other mysterious things.

After having several sinister and ominous paranormal encounters, she became concerned about who or what was really behind the paranormal. Her curiosity led her to the Bible and finally to Jesus, where she learned the dark truth behind her former life in the occult.

Know Thine Enemy: A Guide to Intelligent Deception is an important and timely book that leaders and lay-persons alike will find to be an important reference guide for dealing with this subject matter. Chapters include: Lucifer—his Origin, Nature and Agenda; Fallen Angels; Possession; Horoscopes and Astrology; UFO’s & Aliens; The Occult, Witchcraft, Sorcery and Magic; Satanic Symbols of the Occult; Ghosts and many more.

About the Author

A victim of witchcraft at age 21, C.A. Huft has learned the true nature behind the paranormal maze and shows you the truth with valid Christian biblical research. A former Registered Nurse, Huft knows first hand the power of the paranormal and the depths of deception behind this well orchestrated, ancient ruse.

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34 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio! Connie Huft!

  1. L.A. That’s awesome you’ve got her on the show tonight! I’ll be Church blowing some shofars tonight so I’ll miss the live program. Would you tell her I’m in the midst of reading her book & I love it ?!

    There is always that big argument whether a Holy Spirit filled Christian could also be opressed or even possesed by a demon. From what I’ve read from Christians in the actual “Deliverance” ministry the answer has been a resounding….Yes.

    Connie, has a personal testimony of this fact in her book.

    Could it be that Churchanity won’t take a closer look into the matter out of personal fear of such a possibility?

    Should be a great show tonight!

    • Late night Lisa, Im considering ordering her book, most reviews on amazon were favorable except a couple. someone said that she draws too much from the book of Enoch, does that seem to be the case to you? I personally belive that a born again christian can be opressed, but not possesed , just my opinion, anyway, I like to try to be sure I’ll really read a book through before I buy it.

    • From personal experience…a born again, spirit filled Christian can possess an evil spirit or more and need deliverance from it/them, but they are possessed by the Lord despite that. Some one that is demon possessed … can be one who is not yet delivered from the kingdom of darkness-unbeliever or someone who falls from grace…
      They are loaded topics.
      I know growing up, my parents were of a Calvinistic bent, and they could in no ways believe that a believer who has the Holy Spirit dwelling in their life could have an evil spirit on the inside too. They argued that the Holy Spirit is holy thus would not share residence with an unclean spirit.
      Perhaps the Holy Spirit indwells our born again spirits and the unclean ones can dwell in the body and yet be separate from our born again spirits and the Holy Spirit? There is a separation.
      We’ll figure it all out some day when we’re with the Lord. No use splitting hairs or having divisions about it. Bottom line is to submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you…


    • I’m only about 1/3 into it. So far I don’t think she’s over done it on the book of Enoch. But that’s coming from me who’s read the entire book of Enoch. Prophecy in the New magazine spent approx 1 yr going over it- incuding the areas of the text which were definitely corrupted & that was good to know exactly where it was off. So from my perspective I take the Book of Enoch into consideration but The Holy Bible iis the final authority. Period.

    • Cheryl, you make an interesting point to consider, Ive never thought of it that way before. Late night Lisa, thanks! I belive I’ll read it pretty soon. It sounded good. Ive never read any of Enoch, so dont know much about its authenticity at all, thats why I asked.

  2. Glad you are back!and up and running.This will be a great show tonight.know you had a great time off,but you sure were missed.

    God Bless You

  3. Connie is a great guest to have. I have Bible study tonight though. I’m also reading through her book right now. I’m only just passed page 100 but so far so good. I found my way to the archives before, but can someone point me to them again? I’d like to listen to the show after Bible study. I guess I should also check iTunes to see if its there as well.

    •, scroll down to the schedule for wednesday nights with LA, click the podcasts icon to the left of the show and the podcasts shows will pop up in another window. I don’t think these shows are up to date tho.

      I will try to listen if I am still awake! Always great shows, and this one looks very good as well! 🙂

      How is everyone, or is everyone, celebrating Rosh ha’Shanah tonight/ tomorrow?

    • At our church they began celebrating a few years ago. They have a service, then everyone goes outside at sunset and celebrates the new year by blowing shofars (kids get noise makers) & shouting to the Lord. Then we have apples dipped in honey.

  4. Many people have a curiosity of the paranormal. I am one of these people. I do not however dabble into areas I know will get me where I do not want to be. To wonder about things such as Bigfoot, Mothman, Spin heel Jack, Aliens, UFO’s, Ghosts, the Bermuda Triangle, Angels, and Demons, this is just having a curiosity about the world around you. Knowing that there is something more then meets the eye. Recently, I went on a Ghost Tour of an old mining town Bisbee Arizona, had a great time. I did not take it serious as a few others that were there, but it was neat to get the history of the old mining town and things that may have happened there. Not sure if any of the stories are true, but who cares, had a great time, taking a few pics and seeing what, if anything may come out on them…Same reason someone will watch a scary movie. Gets your heart pounding a little bit.
    Who knows if there are things such as UFO’s, Ghosts, Bigfoot, but what’s wrong with having an imagination to believe such things?

    • I think the danger here Matt is the key word you used “IMAGINATION” (the key to your soul) which can open the way for demons to enter. That was the problem In the days of Noah. (the Imagination of men…..)

      I am of the view that Christians should avoid interest in the realm of occult Unless guided by the Lord for some Reason.

      John b

    • Occult…witchcraft? I agree..avoid at all cost.
      I will go out on a limb here and assume most of the folks that post here believe there are UFO’s…what UFO’s are is debatable, however, can a belief in UFO’s open the way for demons to enter? Not so sure about that. My feelings are…if you are Christian and you’re out there chasing UFO’s Ghost, Bigfoot, God know what else, the devil has done his job, simply because you are literally chasing ghost…that cant be proven, taking up time that can be spent, with your true creator and not some fairy tails.
      As I said before, I have friends in the church that are constantly chasing devils, I said to them, how can you serve God when your too busy chasing devils?
      To me, the paranormal or supernatural stories are fun, like reading a dime store novel. Did those people in Mount Pleasant really see a creature they call mothman? Who knows, I wasn’t there, but I have no reason to doubt their stories.

    • The reason I will not watch TV shows like Ghost whisperer and medium or Buffy vampire killer is because the source of such shows, the very root is Devilish.
      It is a choice for holiness of life that we are all called. “love not the world nor the things of the world”.
      Furthermore; we do not Know weather or not there be demonic spells tied to these shows in order to shipwreck our Faith. Don’t under estimate the power of the Enemy.
      Some christians tread where Angels Fear to go. Others think themselves full of knowledge and invisible against Evil.

      We are called to discern all things and to be on Guard. someone posted recently that he had problems going to sleep because of Alien fear That is what I as saying “Be ye Babes concerning Evil”

      john B

    • Not to mention John B, those are terrible shows talent and writing wise.
      Someone told me one time not to purchase incense from certain places as they could have a spell on them and when you burn them, the spirit will come out in the smoke. Wonder if there is ant truth to that?

    • Matt; there is truth to that, even candles from these new age shops can be contaminated with hexes. Demons also love statuettes, anything that is sourced from a pagan origin should be treated with caution. Things from that source that seemingly seems pleasant to the Eye are to be avoided.
      When I became a Christian I did a House clean of anything that could have carried contamination, I actually burned those things.

      John B

    • I am told OFTEN that imagination is the tool of the devil because I write fiction and draw cartoons. I don’t believe that. I believe the imagination and yearn to create is of God because God is a Creator and we are made in His image so we share some of that in all of us.

    • Think of all the Christian fiction films and books that are out there, this had to come from someone’s imagination. If having an active imagination is bad, why did God give man one? I feel it’s more what we do with our imagination, what we create with it. Like all things it can be used for good or evil….like sex for instance, in a sanctified relationship/Marriage that the Lord has blessed it is a beautiful thing, to draw each other closer to one another, Satan comes and perverts it, like he tries perverts all of God glorious creations.
      Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.
      And yet here lies the problem, we do not guard our thoughts, we allow Satan to bombard us with images, music, video games, movies and other means. How many times have you been sitting watching a football game on Sunday, all of a sudden they are back from commercial break, and lo and behold, and there are the cheerleaders in all their glammed out glory…whats a Christian man to do? It’s not a sin to be tempted but it is a sin to act upon the sin. ( I’m married so, I have to change the channel and act like I didn’t see anything 🙂 …… but seriously, you can acknowledge they are beautiful Gods creations and move on, or you can let lust seep in, and then you have the beginnings of sin and a whole new can of worms .

    • Captain Eagle, I write to you too out of kindness and love for a Christian brother. I wrote another post in a previous thread to you. (our shared birthday talk).

      You are experiencing problems with the demonic. No doubt in my mind. Writing fiction and cartooning still open gates. Stephen King stopped writing the old fiction he was writing because as he said, he felt he was attacked by the very characters he created. He writes in a whole new way now.

      Please try to find that comment I wrote to you in the previous thread because from the sounds of what you write, you need deliverence.

      In His Name,
      P.S. Do you subscribe to the comments on each post? It’s a great way to receive all the comments in your email box.

    • Matt, I write this out of kindness and love for a fellow Christian brother.

      I came out of the occult world (as have others whom comment in here) and was saved. UFO’s, aliens and demons are of the occult. Believe me, UFO’s are real, I have have seen them and myriad pictures of them. It is not okay to imagine, dabble or any of the like in these areas as once you do, you do open gates. Please take heed.

      In His Name,

    • John b, yes. No one should burn ANY incense. Look at how many times in the Bible the LORD speaks of it as an abomination.

      Truly, I wish our Christian brothers and sisters would take this stuff seriously. It is NOT anything to mess around with. Not at all.

      I wish I could post my pictures in here, but I cannot. L.A. has them. Maybe one of these days he’ll use one to show you.

      This stuff is real, burgeoning and not going away as L.A. says. Don’t mess with it. I know Sisters whom the Lord has told them to stay away from all of it. And they do and will not talk about it anymore. Burned all their stuff from their meanderings, smashed with hammers stuff that won’t burn and destroyed all pictures.

      May the Lord be with all of you and bless you!

      In His Name,

    • Hi Mary, I write this out of kindness and love for a fellow Christian sister as well,
      There us absolutely no concrete proof UFO exist.

      On June 24, 1947, the modern UFO era began when a man named Kenneth Arnold saw nine “flying saucers” moving at high speed near Mount Rainer, Washington. Soon others began reporting seeing similar UFOs, spawning a “flap.”

      The phrase “flying saucer,” so familiar to Americans and UFO buffs, is the result of a reporter’s error.
      After interviewing Arnold about his sighting, a reporter from the Eastern Oregonian newspaper reported that Arnold saw round, aerial objects (in fact he said they were “crescent shaped”). Arnold stated that the objects “flew erratic, like a saucer if you skip it across the water”—not that what he saw resembled an actual saucer.

      Yet that “saucer” interpretation stuck, prompting many eyewitnesses to repeat (and hoaxers to duplicate) Arnold’s nonexistent description.
      This strongly shows the role of suggestion in UFO sightings; as skeptic Marty Kottmeyer asks, “Why would extraterrestrials redesign their craft to conform to [the reporter’s] mistake?”

  5. Back about 1977 I heard a song about Bigfoot and I think it was done by a DJ somewhere in Washington . The song was credited to “Bro Smith.”
    This was the era of Top 40 radio and here is a bigfoot song that came out around the time of the “bigfoot resurgence” of the mid-1970s.
    After watching Legend of Boggy Creek a 1972 horror docudrama (about the “Fouke Monster”, a Bigfoot-type creature that has been seen in and around Fouke, Arkansas since the 1950s) on an after school special, I was traumatized when my older brother played this song he had on a 45 record before bed,,but I loved every minute of it 🙂

    When the moon hangs high
    On the breast of the lake
    And the bite of the wind
    Is like a slap in the face

    A legend of horror
    Lurks in the haze
    It’s Big Foot

    A giant of a creature
    All covered in hair
    He’s tall as a timber
    And strong as a bear

    Y’all better not go walking
    Out there with Big Foot

    Big Foot’s coming
    Gonna getcha, gonna getcha
    Big Foot’s coming
    So you better watch out
    Lock your doors
    Board your windows
    Big Foot’s on the prowl

    For hundreds of years
    The legend has grown
    About this big hairy man
    That walks all alone

    A mountain monster, ten feet tall
    Called Big Foot

    From the tales of the
    Traders and trappers to
    The image on Indian walls
    From the Bear Paw
    Mountains of Montana
    To the signs of the great stars

    From the Flatheads to Blackfeet
    And the Sheshonees
    He must have seen them all
    And when the sun goes down
    In the Northwest Woods
    If you listen, you can hear him call

    Big Foot’s on the prowl
    Big Foot’s on the prowl

    • Man, I would hate to have that guy as a wake up call in the morning!! Yikes, grades on your nerves a bit, sooo funny the announcer cant get one would in edge wise… 🙂 That’s what you call being enthusiastic about the instrument you play…wow!!

  6. A recent Adam Lambert concert here in Houston, pics seem like shades of Sodom and Gomorrah.
    When I see things like this, people cheering for this spawn of Satan, I pray the Lord comes back soon.
    You don’t hear one peep from the great one “Joel Osteen” and his “Mega” church coming out against such blatant sin in his own backyard do you? Nooo way, this might cause strife and division in his “church” plus he might lose a few members that are closet Adam Lambert fans, God forbid that happen.

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