Inching Toward the Last Days?

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L. A. Marzulli

I’m back and it’s good to be in the Blogging saddle again! As some of you suggested, I can rest when I get to heaven…. lol!

I did post the link that was tracking the hurricane last week. I just couldn’t resist! I wonder what would have happened had Israel been divided?

Las Vegas: The Omega conference went well and it was great to see Russ Dizdar and Andrew Huffman again. I also met Dante Fortson and  Connie Huft – Connie is this weeks guest on Acceleration Radio – for the first time. I spoke for three hours on Friday and three hours on Saturday. I’m now gearing up for the September 25 conference in Denver Colorado at the Rialto theater! I’m taking some time to revamp my Power Point presentation as it is outdated. Hope to see you there!


Volcano eruptions, 7.1 earthquakes, floods, fires, the threat of global food shortages, financial collapse, and as the picture above illustrates, the coming of war in the Middle East. I watched the FOX news channel yesterday and they ran a nice little puff piece about six Pelicans that were on the mend from the oil spill! Thanks guys, way to keep us up to date on the pressing issues of our day!

I am a watchman and as I have stated here before I have never seen the climate so tenuous as it is now. It would appear, from my point of view that we are inching toward the last days. The signs are here, for those who have eyes to see. Please remember that the natural man cannot discern the things of the spirit. Like the Jews that saw the Shekinah glory leave the temple six months before the invading Roman armies destroyed everything, and did nothing, so many today refuse, and I would add that it’s a viscous refusal, to acknowledge the times in which we are living!

Is it just business as usual, or are we moving toward the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, the seven years of Tribulation that the Guide Book to the Supernatural, i.e. The Bible, warns us of? I would admonish you that in my opinion, it is not business as usual and that we are inching toward the last days. World events seem to be screaming that we are entering the days that Yashua warned us of, before His return. That event is our Blessed Hope, and when his feet touch the Mount of Olives and the Fallen One is destroyed, by the breath of His coming, history as we know it will end.

In the meantime, we are seeing the prophecies that were written thousands of years ago, either being fulfilled or lining up to be fulfilled. Here’s something to consider. I posted last year that I felt that something had shifted in the heavenlies. There others who commented that they also felt this shift. Is this because the one who restrains has been removed? This year was the start of the string of 7. earthquakes, the eruption of the Eyafaloholkul volcano, in Iceland, fires in Russia, floods in Pakistan, 6 million marine animals dying in Bolivia, the Gulf oil spill and what I believe is the coming war in the  Middle East.

In closing today’s post. It’s time for the church to wake up and realize the times we are living in. It’s time to get our houses in order. It’s time to be bold in proclaiming the truth of the Good News. It’s time to tell people that what we are seeing was, in fact, prophesied thousands of years ago. It’s time to join in the battle that is raging on this planet, in a very real way as the Fallen One is manifesting openly. It’s time to engage in spiritual warfare and realize that we are inching toward the time of the end and at some point those inches will run out and we will arrive at the destination that was foretold in the Guidebook, the last days!


In Other News!

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32 thoughts on “Inching Toward the Last Days?

  1. Hi L.A.,

    Good to have you back in the “saddle”. Great blog. I have no doubt of the lateness of the hour we are living in.

    Kevin J.

    • We are only at the time of the beginning of sorrows!
      This is the proverbial ‘calm before the storm.’
      So get in the Word of God,the Bible, pray and cry out to others to repent, turn away from their sins and receive and confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and go and tell of his soon Second coming.
      Salvation is just the beginning of our walk in love with Jesus and obedience to ‘The Book’ as Christians were known in the world and in past history!

  2. That is great news you will be coming back to Denver. A week and half of no blog. I felt like my dog died or something. Its good to have your commentary back.

    Sarkozy to press currencies role for G20

    PARIS | Mon Sep 6, 2010 4:34am EDT

    PARIS (Reuters) – President Nicolas Sarkozy has set an ambitious agenda of creating a new international monetary system and taming commodity speculation for France’s presidency of the G20 global economic leadership forum from November.

    Who owns Reuters and the Associated Press? “The Rothchilds” the worlds wealthiest family who’s net worth is 500 Trillion. Orchaestrators of The New World Order. Owners of the Worlds Central Reserve bank in Basel Switzerland. Creators of the IMF. The same family that created our Federal Reserve along with Rockefeller’s and JP Morgan in 1913 and who still controls it. We are seeing the last signs just before christ calls us home to the New Jerusalem. Maranatha Father!

    • Richard, I had thought Reuters was primarily owned the by the Canadian Thomson Family. Did it change hands? When did the Rothchilds come into this? I’m a little perplexed…

      In His Name,

    • Here are several articles Mary. A lot of times the Rothchilds co
      purchase companies with other elite families to hide their identity of being the majority stock holder. Including companies such as JP Morgan, Standard Oil, and Goldman Sachs. Not to mention the Council on Foreign Relations, The Illuminati, The Bildebergs, The Trilateral Commission to name a few.

      Reuters and the Associated Press are owned by the Rothschild Jewish Family
      Posted by EU Times on Mar 29th, 2009

      Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control. Even now this is already being attained by us inasmuch as all news items are received by a few agencies, in whose offices they are focused from all parts of the world. These agencies will then be already entirely ours and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them.

      The House of Rothschild bought Reuters news service in the 1800′s. Within the last 20 years, Reuters bought the Associated Press. Now the Elite own the two largest wire services in the world, where most newspapers get their news. The Rothschilds have control of all three U.S. Networks, plus other aspects of the recording and mass media industry according to research by Eustice Mullins in his book ‘Who Owns the TV Networks’.

      Read more about the Rothschild family who financed Adam Weishaupt to create the Illuminati, an instrument to achieve a “One [Godless] Goverment” in Myron Fagans expose: The Illuminati and the CFR

      Keep in mind that almost all newspapers and tv channels in the world use Reuters and the Associated Press as sources. Reuters and the Associated Press serve as international news corporations.

    • Richard, well that sure is sneaky! I just searched for the Thomson Family and all the articles I could find say they hold 53% interest. It’s really hard to ascertain or discern what’s going on out there and who is doing what, these days. Thank you for the info!

      In His Name,

  3. Glad to have you back!I know we are on the edge of the end times in 2008 i lost my second child meaning 2 of 4 are now with the lord !I heard a voice it came to me crystal clear VERY SOON! those 2 words gave me peace. As you can imagine i was praying to be with my children in heaven and what a shock i recieved a reply.This has been a soul changing experience.The LORD OF LORDS AND KING OF KINGS COMING SOON .

    • Robert, Late Night Lisa posted this story yesterday. No worries. It’s good to post things a couple of times for those who miss the stories.

      God speed and God bless as we approach ALL the fall feasts, yes? 🙂

      In His Name,

  4. Welcome back, L.A.!

    I found it interesting that the earth shifted 11 ft and the earthquake was a 7! 7 being God’s number of perfection according to the Hebrew and 11 being the perfect number for lucifer according to the sorcerers!

    Hope you had a lovely “second honeymoon” with your wife and some well deserved rest, can’t wait for Dante to get the DVD out!

    God Bless!

  5. Here we go..this was just on Yahoo news: check it out: Dave

    Billy Ray Cyrus Takes a Turn Into The World of UFOs
    Posted Tue Sep 7, 2010 11:55am PDT by Caryn Ganz in Stop The Presses!
    Billy Ray Cyrus transformed himself from a somewhat-forgotten country songwriter into a kids’ TV star in 2006 when he began appearing on the smash Disney show “Hannah Montana” alongside his daughter Miley. A year later, he made his reality-TV debut on “Dancing With the Stars,” then co-hosted the singing competition “Nashville Star.” But his next move on the small screen is a bit more unusual: Cyrus has struck a deal with Syfy and Peacock Productions to host a new weekly television show about paranormal activity and conspiracy theories with his son, Trace — kind of a reality “X-Files” with a country twist.
    While the show’s name seems like it could double as a Miley Cyrus song title — “UFO: Unbelievably Freakin’ Obvious” — Syfy promises the elder Cyrus has a serious and longstanding interest in the unknown. “The existence of paranormal phenomena is something I’ve always wanted to explore further,” Cyrus said in a press release about the show. “I hope this series can shine a light on some of the activities we have questioned, and the mysteries that have long inspired us.”
    For the show, Cyrus and his son will take a series of cross-country trips while attempting to find the truth about political controversies, aliens, and unexplained activities by interviewing witnesses and shining a light on fresh evidence.

    Trace, like his dad and famous sister, is also a musician first: The tattooed 21-year-old is a former singer/guitarist from the band Metro Station, which scored a hit with its summer ’08 single “Shake It,” and is currently working on the debut album for his new band, Ashland High. Trace’s best friend “Silent Franky” will also appear on “UFO,” serving up data and information to the road-tripping duo via his parents’ basement.
    [Video: Watch Trace perform with his band]
    Speaking of the Cyrus family’s three-letter-acronym career moves, Miley Cyrus is currently in Paris filming the movie “LOL: Laughing Out Loud” which co-stars Demi Moore and Ashley Greene. The film is a remake of the popular French movie of the same name.
    [Related: Miley Cyrus goes clubbing with ‘Twilight’ star]
    TV shows probing unexplained phenomena date back to 1976, when Leonard Nimoy hosted “In Search Of…”, a series that explored the Bermuda Triangle, Amelia Earhart’s disappearance, and the existence of Dracula. Syfy already runs one of the most popular series in the genre, “Ghost Hunters,” which has spun off into “Ghost Hunters Academy” and “Ghost Hunters International.” The network also broadcasts “Destination Truth,” which follows the exploits of investigator Josh Gates. While nearly all of Syfy’s ghost-chasing stars sport facial hair, Billy Ray Cyrus will become their first paranormal sleuth with a soul patch.
    [Billy Ray Cyrus photo: Fred Breedon/Getty Images]
    [Miley and Trace Cyrus photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images]
    Follow Yahoo! Music:

    • Miley Cyrus’ Father and Brother in UFO Show on Syfy

      Good Gosh, this UFO thing is really getting out of hand.
      I can just see Billy Ray with his whole family sitting around the trailer with aluminum foil hats on waiting for the ET’s. This is really riveting TV folks. Maybe when the ET’s finally land, Billy Ray can sing to them…. “don’t tell my heart,
      my achy breaky heart,
      I just don’t think ET’s understand.
      And if you tell my heart,
      my achy breaky heart,
      they might blow up and kill this man”

      If there is indeed such things as ET’s lets hope they do not have television. This program will set us back 50 years.

  6. Many of you have probably already seen this, but L.A.’s latest Coast to Coast interview with George Noory has been posted on YouTube.

  7. Anyone else think the koran burning thing is a bad idea?

    First, it’s going to put Christians in muslim areas at greater risk. Second, is that really the best way to show muslims the love of Christ?

    • Seems to me that this Pastor and I say that with a Big ? is not presenting the other Cheek, instead he is slapping the Muslim back and placing himself on their Level.

      john b

  8. you are correct but do you care about why? I’ll be on tonight 10pm-11pm et if you want to talk/chat/listen/comment.

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