Another Crop Circle – Face it – Jesus was an Alien!

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L. A. Marzulli

This 300 foot long ‘Holy Grail’ image appeared right under the noses of a team researching the mysterious summer ‘crop art’ phenomenon

OK – Nothing to worry about! It’s just another one of those pesky corp circles. Those guys with the boards and string really need to get a life! I, for one, can certainly think of more productive enterprises to conduct at 3;30 in the morning… like sleeping!

So let’s strip this latest image down and expose what may be the truth of the matter. According to the article this circle appeared in one hour and a half of time: The crop formation was spotted at about 3 am by investigators who were watching the fields in the area hoping to catch the circle makers at work.  The researchers, equipped with night vision glasses, were astonished to find the circle had appeared in a field they had been watching just an hour and a half earlier when they returned after checking other fields in the area. Steve Alexander, a crop circle photographer for many years said ‘This is the third formation this year to relate to Jesus Christ.  Only last month two circles straddling the M4 appeared to represent the face of Jesus Christ on the Turin Shroud.  There has also been a crop formation representing a crucifix close to the Avebury stone circle, which has been the centre of crop circle activity for many years now.’

It would seem to me that someone is trying to get our attention. Take a look at the image. Someone made that in an hour and a half? In the middle of the night? I don’t think so! If this latest circle, along with the ones that appeared a few weeks ago that seemed to replicate the face in the Shroud of Turin, then what are they trying to tell us? Is it that Jesus was an extraterrestrial? Sure He was. Just like Rael is telling us and the likes of Steven Greer and the X-opolitic crowd and the guys at the ECTI ranch and Blossom Goodchild and countless channelers and UFO contactees! If these really are extraterrestrials then why not just give us the cure for cancer? Why fixate on Jesus? Who cares anyway! What’s the big deal about Jesus?
You see, I believe that there is an agenda and all of these folks, that I just mentioned, who attack Yashua/Jesus have a reason to do so. They go after  His divinity or tell us that the cross was unnecessary. Why is that? Why aren’t we seeing circles with Buddha or Mohammed? Where’s Krishna or Shiva when you need em! Heck, there’s plenty of fields to make crop circles in…. why pick on Jesus? Spread the love around!
This is the rub folks and for those of us who have eyes to see, it would appear that the hubris of the Fallen One has undone him again. He just can’t resist taking these kind of cheap shots, as he hates Yashua/Jesus. I believe his greasy fingerprints are all over not only this latest circle but many others as well.
A few weeks ago we saw an image which may be linked to the Shroud and now we see the “holy grail.”
For the record let’s set something straight. There is no Holy Grail!
Being born again and filled with the spirit of the living God is the holy grail.
And as Parsival is asked, in the medieval fictional work by the same name, who does the grail serve? He answers, it serves El Elyon, the Most High God!
I believe that the crop circle phenomena is another end-time deception. It is part of the cosmic ruse that is cleverly sucking in many unsuspecting people with false signs and lying wonders. Many people have fallen under its spell and believe the lie. Remember, that even the elect would be deceived if that were possible!

I’m headed to The Omega Conference! Hope to see you there!

68 thoughts on “Another Crop Circle – Face it – Jesus was an Alien!

  1. Awesome post la. The enemy does grow more bold, and sadly people will fall for his lies. I can’t wait til we’re with the Lord, and the wicked one is no more. I’m tired of all the bad stuff he does, and I want to rest and celcebrate with the Lord. In the meanti I would be content to fight agaisnt the evil yet pathetic attempts to destroy us and God.

    Sorry for the spelling, using my mobile, small KB

    • Amen Frank!

      When I first saw the crop circle my initial impression was a “jewish menorah” although there are too many candle holders.

      It sounds like the crop circle was made right under their noses. I wonder if these crop circles can be made with a craft in another dimension without a craft being present in this dimension?

      On a side note I cant help but wonder if anybody else has the same gut feeling I have?

      The gut feeling that the revealing of the fallen ones will occur in masses shortly? In addition to possibly the start of Ezekiel 38 Psalm 83 an possibly WWIII? I feel like the Peace talks Sept 2nd will end before they start and war will follow shortly after.

      I try not to worry about it but how can you not? Fortunately I have the same gut feeling about the rapture of the church? Marantha Father!

      Is anyone is else watching South Korea and North Korea? South Korea now has plans to take over North Korea. I have the feeling that North Korea and the middle eastern war will erupt at once.

      S.Korea military drill envisions ‘occupying N.Korea’

      North Korea is threatening chemical weapons and amassing troops at the border.

      N. Korea amassing arms near Pyongyang for massive display: defense ministry

      Scarry times we live in.

  2. what? no Mohammed/Buddha/Maitreya/Vishnu/etc? why focus on Christian icons? Somebody needs to be more “politically correct” out in those fields!

    • It is a deliberate poke in the eye, but I believe it is much MUCH worse than that. They are giving credibility to Jesus. Why would they do that? Because they are going to co-opt his personae to trick as many Christians as they can to abandon the Jesus of the bible and accept the Jesus they will put forth. The Muslims believe Jesus is a great prophet and the Jews are being let in to believe Jesus was the messiah all along (some discussion on this blog about that from last week). Wrap one big, pretty new age bow on it and you have the makings of a “lets all co-exist” one world religion.

    • You may be on to somthing hopeful. I just recently played a video game that was popular last year. It’s called assassins creed 2.

      The main plot of game is pretty long but I’ll try to sum up the relevant parts. It’s similar to the divinci codes. Your part of an assassin group fighting the Templars for some ancient artifacts that hold power. There is mentions of Jesus, John the babtist and Peter. In the end you learn that we were created by a race of advanced beings we thought were gods because we were too ignorant. These 2 artifacts were theirs and kept us slaves. Adam and eve stole the artifacts and we rebelled. We were winning and then a huge sun storm wiped nearly everything out. We worked together with the “creators” to rebuild. The creators died but are in spirit form and they came to guide and tell the character you play. They were warning of another catastrophe coming in 2012.

      It basically paired Jesus with the assassins that freed humanity, implied he was human, and sold the whole alien prophecy.

      It really let me down because the guy you play in the game believes in God and has faith and then he finds out there were creators. There is no telling how many people that bought this game also buy the story to be truth or part truth. It made me feel sad.

    • Whether they buy it to be truth now or not, the seed of deceit has been planted. If alien space craft show up in the sky in full view of the 11 o’clock news, it won’t be hard to pull those who are not grounded in biblical truth that last mile.

    • Lol. I’ll send an email to the galactic ACLU, tell them the zetareticulans aren’t fostering religious tolerance.

  3. It is amazing to me that people can’t see the enemy for what he is. They really must have blinders on because as you say, it isn’t any of the other so called “masters” that keep popping up…it is always Jesus and also demons only obey at the name of Jesus and also so-called aliens relinquish their hold at the name of Jesus…HELLO FOLKS…isn’t obvious, if the enemy is trying so hard to discredit Jesus and use his name and image in a distorted fashion, can’t peopl see that it is because He Is GOD!! But then again, the enemy’s agenda is to get us all looking for a Jesus, but not THE JESUS. The antichrist will come as Christ and many will fall for it and believe he is Jesus, Know your bible folks, know that word and receive the Holy Spirit…that is our only hope against deception. God bless you all as always. Amen!

    P.S. LA it looks like it will be a great conference, I pray for everyone’s blessings and that much spiritual info and armour is gained there by everyone. God Bless.

    • The is more than ridicuolus to look at and think about. And equally ridiculous…have you seen the trailer for the new vampire movie? I could watch after about 10 seconds. It’s blood lust not doubt. What will be running across the minds of our kids and more importantly what must Jesus be thinking?

    • i saw it last night at the magazine rack in walmart, next to the lady gaga teenage poster magazine. so sad.

  4. I watched that show Sun eve. The main female character Sookie, has supposid powers. The secondary c haracter a vampire whith whom she is in love, has found out what these powers are. The plot line went as follows: she is a fairy, or may be called something along that line. The vampire told her that her parents one human and the other, yes, you guessed it, alien. Cross breeding between aliens and humans. Food for thought. Dave

    • This is quite an important find, Gordy. People need to see this one.

      “One of the stills, of a “UFO,” on Google Earth’s gallery of its most mysterious photos ever.Photograph by: Google Earth, GoogleGoogle Earth has compiled a photo gallery of mysterious images taken by satellite above our planet.

      The bird’s-eye photos include an “unidentified flying object” that appears to hover over a field, crop circles, concentric shapes etched into the earth, strange patterns, and advertising that can only be seen from the air.

      Google Earth is a Google application that enables users to view landmarks, buildings and entire cities in satellite photos.

      Click here to view the photos, which Google is calling ‘the most mysterious sightings ever.’

      Click here to read about recent UFO sightings in B.C.

      Read more:

      Brother Marzulli, go to Gordy’s link, it shows a UFO over a crop circle.

      In His Precious Name,

    • I agree L.A. I work in the design business and I am a Photoshop expert. Shadows tend to diffuse a bit with distance, especially at the edges. The craft looks “plasticy” to boot.

  5. I’m very clear that these crop circles and animal mutilations and light displays are all the work of luciferian space aliens. YOu may scoff at the thought or think I’m a mainstream christian of some sort but you are wrong. By luciferian I am not saying they are pitchforked devil worshipers who dance around fires and do human sacrifices, etc. That’s the guise that’s been thrust on society to make it harder and harder to actually consider that these are real people behind what is really “luciferian behavior”. What is luciferian behavior, you may ask. It’s simply anti- true kingdom of God behaviour. It’s basically “selfish mammalian behavior” but it’s more than that. It’s conscious deceitful and manipulative behavior that is intended to woo away souls (humans that were once seekers who were candidates to hook up with the real members from the Level Above Human, last known as Ti and Do, but who were comondeered away from the real Kingdom of God by one of many space alien and discarnate entities that seek to only use humans for their own survival and gain, along the lines of needing/wanting the same things many humans in so called high places seek: cheap powerful energy systems, hybridization lab’s, elemental mining, spacecraft technlogies, etc. They are in a race against time as many know their time having access to this planet’s wealth of life and elements is growing short due to emminant recycling that will creep along until an upcoming sudden event that changes EVERYTHING. Now I can back up a great deal but it’s not for the casual philosopher who isn’t open to consider what really may be and why but I have to tell it like it is and I know there are things I could be wrong about but as best as I can tell there is no one really calling a spade a spade as much as ti and do did and passed on that legacy to me, their student of 19 years who left and has since reengaged their service.

  6. A prophecy by a 90 year old woman in 1968. It was given to a norwegian apostle and preacher Emmanuel Minos. He wrote it down, thought it was too unbelievable and put it in a drawer and forgot about it. In 1997 it resurfaced, and was published in a local newspaper. Is this about the present time, or what??

    • The woman describes the rise of violence as popular entertainment, the influx of poor people into rich countries, the decline in Christian morality and eventual widespread apostasy, an insignificant conflict that evolves into WW III, the people in rich, radioactive countries trying to escape into the poor ones.

  7. Here’s my report. I’m not sure if it means anything or not. I live in rural PA and we have little to no minorities here. We have Amish, American Indians and that’s it. There was only one Arab family and one Chinese family when I was a kid. No black people at all. This is just how it’s been here for as long as anyone can remember.

    Now, today I was out and about and I saw at least 16 different lone Muslim women of the conservative variety with all of the coverings through the course of the day. Having seen few minorities this stood out to me. Some in the church say that Islam is taking over America. Is this evidence of that? I’m not full of hate but I find it strange they settled here or are setting up a community here when none has ever been here. We don’t even have a Jewish community. Could this be why they’re setting up shop here? It’s just really odd that out of the blue I saw this many in one day given the climate here.

    Any thoughts?

    • I’ve been told they’re taking over America but never gave it much head until now. There’s also been studies that claim Europe and America will be Muslim nations by the close of the century if things remain on course. This is why France, England, and Holland are starting to push back. In July there was that big Islam Pow Wow in Chicago about taking over the west. We’ve heard nothing on his and I still haven’t seen any after math reports. Only lead up ones.

      Also, remember few years ago when the media pushed back over the Muslims running America’s ports? Remember they were all about how this was in bad taste because of 9/11. These same people are all for the Mosque at Ground Zero. WHY? Why the double standard? It’s just like the CNN reporter who spun their report on Terri Schivo that she was a non person and could feel no pain and her death would trigger euphoria for her. Then the same reporter did a story on beached dolphins where they treated those dolphins more like suffering human beings who should be saved while Schivo was a non person. It really shows you where these people’s morality lies. When you see a “Save the Whales” bumper sticker chances are they’re pro abortion. I’ve never understood the double standard with that and I don’t with this Islam stuff.

    • yup, there comin’. Scary. Used to live in and around Nashville. Murfressboro is one of the last places I would suspect a mosque to be built!

    • It came to my awareness while I was out shopping, the other day, how very many muslim women I’ve seen recently, with the scarves and all. Many of them had jobs as clerks in the stores, and I have to say, they were not at all friendly.

    • I had hat experience too! That’s what I mean. Places I’d nver seen them before they’re now everywhere. They’re working at McDonalds, at Walmart, at Target. They’re shopping at K Mart, the mall, everywhere. They just appeared over night. I actually saw more Muslim women than Amish! You’re only aware of it where I’m from because we have so few minorities. We have no mosques here or communities of Muslims. The only exotic religions we have are mormons, amish, and JW’s. That’s it. There’s an old Jewish cemetary from the late 1800’s but no synagogues. We don’t even have a catholic curch. It’s just high strangeness.

  8. That crop circle looks like a menorah to me more so than a grail. Other than the Jews what other groups have similar articles like that? I know a few do. If we look at it from that angle does it mean anything else?

    • I started hearing about this yesterday. We are also starting to hear rumblings from the government that a Great Depression is coming. I thought their lying bail out was supposed to stop that? The liars are caught again not that it matters.

    • It’s not like this was unexpected! It is being done on purpose,and on a global scale. Make sure to be stocked up on essentials. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!
      Whether “the crash” comes sooner or later,it’s coming.

      I hate to even mention all the things that are to follow,but I think everyone here is informed.


    • Also don’t forget that the Great Depression was global as well. After WWI the world went into a Depression. This was a factor in the Nazi rise as well. Remember the photos of the wheelbarrows full of cash to buy a loaf of bread? That was during that time.

      Does anyone wonder if these food recalls happen on purpose? This morning I see Walmart has a meat recall for subs that have ALREADY BEEN CONSUMED. Why even bother recalling food that has already been eater? People want to blame greed and profits for this stuff but being someone who works in produce you WANT to follow the rules so you keep a good reputation to stay in business. Selling contaminated food and recalling it is bad PR so why would you want this o happen unless there is some one world type agenda behind this but what? Does anyone ever think about this stuff?

      I’m listening to LA’s interview about the PA human mutilation. When did this happen and where? This sounds a lot like a guy that died in the woods across the street a few years ago. We wre told he went hunting and accidently hung himself in his tree stand. The man was ex military and a state cop. When they found him we had firemen, cops, and military were here. The widow built a brand new house shortly after don the street but near where he was found. When the interview talked about a payout to the family it made me think of this. Maybe this story was one of these and we were told different. Alot of people never bought the official story but no one would ask the widow about it. Can you blame hem? It’s just very interesting.

  9. “Being born again and filled with the spirit of the living God is the holy grail.”

    Yes, by george you got it!

    Thank you, Mr Marzulli.

  10. Has anyone heard about this public school built in CA that cost a half billion dollars? I saw it on TV this morning and it has a very middle eastern look to it. What’s the deal with this? Why put all of this money into that? It was like the Vatican of schools. What’s the point? Yet no one is asking these questions in the media. Since LA is from CA perhaps he has more detail on this being a local. Is there a hidden reason why this school was built and has the middle eastern look to it?

  11. Christianity Today’s Anti-Christianity Today

    According to the online encyclopedia, “Christianity Today [CT] is an Evangelical Christian periodical based in Carol Stream, IL. It is the flagship publication of its parent company Christianity Today International, claiming readership of 290,000. The founder, Billy Graham, stated that he wanted to ‘plant the evangelical flag in the middle-of-the-road, taking the conservative theological position but a definite liberal approach to social problems.’ ….

    • Wow….I’ve noticed that out of the Graham camp there’s been a lot of PC nonsense as of late. Speaking of Graham, does anyone remember when Franklin was banned from speaking somwhere (I forget where) by Obama yet the same man (Obama) is telling us we need to reach out to Islam and let them speak. Funny how he wont give Christians the same courtesy.

    • Actually, Franklin banned from speaking is a compliment.So far I haven’t seen the red flags of compromise w/him.

    • Dr. Savage talked about this last night. These NY text books have it spun that in world history the Muslims were the heroes and the Christians were evil. This was not the case but that is what’s PC today. Savage asks the same as I do. Why are these PC police so bent on painting Islam as great when thy hate Jews and Christianity. Christians and Jews don’t behead people for not converting. That was his unchline of sarcasim. “See what happens when you behead a few million people of several hundred years…” He does have a point.

    • Beheading? The Arabs were doing that before the Indians and Vikings. Also, I think Indians only scalped, not behead. Still bad though.

  12. I’ve been doing a lot of exploring on Coast to Coast type sites and I’m surprised in a way by the hostile attitudes presented on these sites toward guests like LA and Steve Quayle and those who listen to them. I thought these people were supposed to be open minded? Here is one such post:

    “Hahaha big deal , some people hate having their beliefs threatened get over it you religious extremist nutjobs . How many time can you listen to la la marzulli say the same shit over and over its like he’s reading off one of his two pages of notes yaaaaaannn. Guest say in your little box you small people and that go’s for the fake jc to . they way most of you look at jc thats the way i feel about most of you small little people. Go burn in your fictional hell! Ha ha!”

    For those who don’t know, JC was a guy who called into Art Bell for years and claimed to be a Christian. He spouted hate against minorities, claimed to live on a compound of followers, and was just a kook. This guy is saying anyone who listens to LA’s world view is the same. Are we being set up for the end game? We wont be finding a warm embrace in the arms from the paranormal community when everything comes out in the open. In the end we’ll only have each other.

    • Didn’t Jesus warn us this would happen? If they hated Him, they will hate those who follow Him. If they persecuted Him, they will persecute us. Although this is disheartening, it should not surprise us. What we must do is be spiritually militant and stand our ground and be grounded in the Word of God. Remember Gideon and David. They came against the enemies of God in the name of our Lord and we must do the same. We are children of the most High God and a peculiar people. Fortify your Armour of God and do all that you can, when you have done all that you can, stand. God’s Will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Strengthen your brethren and get ready for the ride of your life!

      Bless God

    • the very fact that we were warned this stuff would happen makes it all the more sad.

      I see almost every day examples of people scoffing at some things i say.

      Someone at work is doing yoga with her pregnant friend. I said, Yoga’s bad for you, first the chiropractor says it’s bad for the spine. Then I also brought up that it has negative spiritual consequences, i got the eye roll and a chuckle! at this point i didn’t even bring up kundalini.

      Then to another coworker, i brought up an article on future quake, about high fructose corn syrup containing mercury and that it’s bad for you because of that. You’ll never believe the response i got…

      “Well Frank, you just need to be positive.”

      WHAT?! how is thinking positive going to save me from the negative effects of mercury?

      If it wasn’t so frustrating and dangerous spiritually, it would almost be funny!

      Come Lord Jesus.

    • Frank, buck up soldier. Expect more people to be against you than for you. I say this in love, brother. We are here to edify and encourge one another and to glorify God. Unless God brings these people to you, you’re casting your pearls before swine. I’ve been there. It was frustrating trying to inform other people, and coworkers about the truth, so I gave up. Eventually in time God started bringing people my way, and while talking with that person, whether on the phone or just out and about, the topic of God or world events would soon come up, that was when I could tell when it wasn’t me talking, it was the Holy Spirit Who took over the conversation. It’s an incredible moment that brings a wave of goosebumps over you and I’m sure over the other person you are talking to, which I believe is the rustling of the Holy Spirit enjoying the moment. So Frank, unless that person is seeking the truth, any truth you’re trying to impart to them may fall on deaf ears. And what does James say in the Scriptures about this? James 5:10 :Take, my brethren, the prophets, who have spoken in the name of the Lord, for an example of suffering affliction and of patience.” So, take heart Frank, you’re in good company.

      Bless God

    • So again, thank you Susan, I had lost sight of the fact that in the Bible, people often scoffed at those with life saving news. so it really shouldn’t surprise us now.

      I also went through and read parts of James last night, definitely encouraging and i got stuff out of it that i never did before.

      again thanks, and this soldier is bucking up. 🙂

    • Frank,you encouraged me this morning when I read your response;it tickled me and brightened my day. This is what I meant when I said we are to edify and encourage one another. It strengthens us, and also our Faith and Trust in God. Be encouraged, brother, and thank you for yours.

  13. there seems to be a lot of hate being stirred up as of late. Everywhere. Just remember that’s what the enemy wants, when everyone hates each other, its hard to share the gospel with them.

    Also recall albert pike’s alleged letter outlining 3 world wars, looks like we’re beingset up for the third without realizing it. Google it, it’ll blow your mind. Is it true? I couldn’t say.

    • apparently Kaku-san isn’t up to speed. He forgot that they are also burgeoning and not going away!

      Love you LA, and thank you for that awesome catch phrase!

  14. lynn,

    thank you for this blog, it never ceases to be a stable source of well-vetted information and news! =D

    i liked the part where you were noting that only Jesus seems to be targeted by these crop circles…

    where are the Mohammed crop circles? hahaha! 😀

    it is because all other religions besides Christianity teach works as a way to salvation…

    Jesus is targeted because he is the LAMB OF GOD who takes away the sins of the world!

    satan hates that more than anything else!

    GRAIL worship is just another occultic distraction from the one true CHRIST JESUS!!!

  15. so, More business as usual in the natural phenomena.

    So we have a firy tornado (hello, Pillar of fire anyone?) in sao paolo, and more waterspouts on video.

    Also, just got a pamphlet from my local ELCA Lutheran church with a wonderful line up of sermons, discussions and activities.

    We have:

    a couple parenting type classes. OK so far.

    Fostering Peace without violence, I’m onboard there as long as it focuses on Christ.

    Wisdom from Benedictene Spirituality, I dont know much about the benedictines, so I’m getting leery.

    Some tripe about mid-term electons and what can be learned there. My guess, not much of value.

    Sexuality, Sensuality, and mating. They will be talking about how the best sex (i’m not trying to be crude) comes from “Long-term, committed relations.” Sounds good to me…wait a second, he means marriage right? Between a man and a woman? It doesn’t sound like it.

    I could go on and on and on. I really want to send them a note or something telling them to take me off their mailing list, and referencing scripture as justification for why i do not want to be part of them. Obvously with the ELCA, there is the whole sexual morality issue.

    They make a point to say that ALL are welcome. I agree that ALL can receive salvation from Jesus, but (paraphrasing here) if they say that there is no sin in them, they are deceived.

    Now, I would like to get in touch with them, however I am not sure if I should. Please pray for me to have wisdom on how to proceed, and that the Lord give me the right words, and clarity if I should speak up, or wait for another day.

    Peace in Christ.


  16. Jesus Is Hybrid Alien Jesus Christ was born as human alien sent by God to the planet Earth from the Orion star system to install the vibration of peace in the days of old to save the planet Earth The true quest of Jesus was to install the ways of peace and love for all life into mankind back in the days of old So when mankind reached today the age of atomic. He might choose peace over wars of hatred and destruction that could and will destroy his Father Creators planet world named Earth.

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