Natural Calamities or Something More?

Job 1: 9 While he was still speaking, another also came and said, “Your sons and daughters were eating and drinking wine in their oldest brother’s house, “and suddenly a great wind came from across the wilderness and struck the four corners of the house, and it fell on the young people, and they are dead; and I alone have escaped to tell you!”

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Last week when I was on Coast 2 Coast, George Noory asked me whether or not I thought that the rash of so-called natural disasters had a supernatural component. I replied that they might…. and that is the topic of today’s post!

We are told in the Book of Job that a great wind suddenly sprang up and destroyed the house where Job’s children were gathered together feasting. This was a supernatural event in that the fallen One was able to manipulate the weather. There is also the story of the storm, on the Sea of Galilee, that is about to swamp the boat that Jesus is in. We are told that He rebukes it and instantly the storm abated.

Is there a connection here with all of the so-called natural disasters that we have seen in the recent weeks? Several months ago I BLOGGED about the enemy growing bolder. Here’s something to consider. Could it be possible that the heavenly host of angels have withdrawn their protection from us? Could it be that He who restrains has lifted away His hand of restraint and so the Fallen One with his minions are having free reign as it were. I’m not suggesting that we are in the Tribulation, but I am suggesting that something may have shifted in the heavenly realm.

It is possible that some of these disasters have an origin that is not a natural one. We know from the Guidebook to the Supernatural that the Fallen One, i.e. Satan goes about as a roaring lion seeking whomever to destroy. We also know that his job description is to, rob, kill and destroy! The leap is this, is the Fallen One actively manifesting in our dimension in the form of the disasters that happen almost weekly?

This calls for our discernment and I’m not suggesting that we blame everything on the works of the devil. I am however, suggesting that there might be something more than what meets the eye!

In closing today’s Post, here in the west we have moved away from the supernatural because we have scientific explanations for what happens. We pride ourselves in our intellect and ability to reason. All of that is good on one level. However, there is a supernatural dimension and jut because some of us deny it, doesn’t make it any less real.

The Fallen One resides in the Second Heaven. At some point he will be cast out of that abode and then trapped here on earth. As I posted yesterday, we are told when that happens, woe to the inhabitants of earth for the devil has come down to you. I would hold onto this post lightly. I wouldn’t go around telling folks that the floods in Pakistan are the devils work, but I would entertain the possibility that the floods, fires, earthquakes and tsunami’s may have another origin than a natural one…


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46 thoughts on “Natural Calamities or Something More?

  1. The alternative to consider is that the earth groans as the time of Tribulation draws nigh, and many disasters are happening as a result of Yah’s judgment (not wrath! a big difference)….the Beginning of Sorrows is happening now, in ‘preparation’ for the Tribulation.

    We can know the end from the beginning…
    Go back to Exodus and see the pattern all laid out in the deliverance from Egypt (salvation), and the subsequent judgments doled out as a result of disobedience (3000 died, etc.). Note too, that the children of Israel were taken THROUGH the wilderness to try them (purify). They were NOT taken to the Promised Land right away (because of disobedience)…so Yah’s judgments fell upon them.

    There is an interesting correlation between ‘Many are called, but few are chosen’, when you look at just how many actually made it to the Promised Land. Joshua and Caleb. ONLY TWO. Because they believed Yah AND obeyed His WAY.

    He is our great Deliverer (Saviour). However, if we stiffnecked (like the Children of Israel) and disobedient to HIS WAYS, He WILL take us through the Wilderness to teach and purify us. There are consequences to disobedience, and a refusal to hear Him, and instead listen to man’s reasoning (doctrine).

    We are NOT blessed because we believe on Yeshua. We are saved because we believe on Him
    We are blessed because of obedience to His Ways.

    • Thanks Ruby and Corinne in Florida:). I should have put UK after my name – but forgot…I’m ‘another Lisa’ who posts here (though I don’t post as often as the other Lisa, lol).

      Seeing all the rumblings and groanings in the earth makes me tremble at our Almighty Yahweh, and makes me excited at the same time.

      Yah bless and keep you as you continue to seek Him:).

    • P.S.
      There is a really good series I just finished listening to recently. It’s like 38 mp3’s…. found on this link

      I had a look there just now – and see the page is under construction at the moment – and that series isn’t there right now, but I suspect they are redoing the page and they will be up again soon. It’s really worth listening to the whole series, though – because the guy who did it (Harrold Creech) goes line by line in Scripture AND looks at scientific data of what’s going on with under-water volcanoes – the effect on the saline content in the water when the volcanoes erupt, and melt the glaciers – and how that affects the water currents, which in turn affects weather patterns……
      mind blowing stuff and REALLY relevant to understand how prophecy IS HAPPENING right under our noses:).

      If they don’t put it up soon – and anyone wants the mp3’s….let me know because I downloaded them all to my computer and am willing to share them with whoever wants them. I might try to upload them somewhere so they are freely available….but I’m going to ask Bondservant Ministries first;).

    • Sorry..meant to say the series is called COSMOS by Harrold Creech. Maybe it’s loaded on another site…and hopefully they will upload them again once that page is finished being reconstructed:).

  2. I think that natural disasters are two fold; both from Satan and from God.

    First I would agree Satan is unleashing his powers to create chaos, in order to create tensnion to bring about the one world government and the one world religious system needed to put the anti-christ into power.

    Matthew 28:4 can be tricky in that the scripture is not exactly specific as to who is creating the “birthing pangs” just prior to the second coming. They could be from God to show believers and non believers that we are close to his return and that our redemption draws near and they could be from satan.

    I also think that there is a potential that God is judging non believing nations that have come against Israel and or nations that have strong occults or who are muslim. Many of these nations also persecute christians.

    “FOR BEHOLD, in those days and at that time when I shall reverse the captivity and restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all nations and will bring them down into the Valley of Jehoshaphat, and there will I deal with and execute judgment upon them for their treatment of My people and of My heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations and because they have divided My land.” Joel 3:1-2

    Look at where the natural disasters or severe weather patterns have occured.

    China-no friend of Israel; does not allow freedom of religion; persecutes christians. North Korea-sells weapons to muslim countries, no friend of Israel; does not allow freedom of religion, persecutes christians. Niger and all of Africa; outside of parts of Ethipopia no friend of Israel, mostly muslim; persecutes christians. Russia-part of the gog-magog war, 1 in 8 Russians are muslim, supports muslim nations that terrorize Israel. Pakistan-muslim; persecutes christians. Chile-?, Haiti-strong occult nation, very demonic.

    Is the US next? Did you check out the last verse of Joel 3:2 “because they divided my land!” WOW Next month led by the US; President Obama and Hillary Clinton will ask Israel to split their country. Our judgement is coming. In my opinion there is no question to if but when and how. Earthquake in California? Strong hurricane? Earthquake on the Madrid Fault in St.Louis? The options are endless.

    Marantha Father!

  3. Speaking of Coast 2 Coast…Did anyone heard last nights show(Sunday Aug. 22, 2010) Regarding the Alien abductions? It was out there for sure. Man claimed at 8 his abductions began. Now at 70 it continues. The story inbetween is what was so amazing. Did anyone get a recording of it?

    • Joe,
      Check out YouTube from time to time. Usually,someone posts the C2C shows.

      Found this on Steve Quayle’s website. Is he? Could be. Don’t know. Intersting, nevertheless.

      Is Barack Obama Really A Saudi / Muslim “Plant” in the White House?


    • This man ppsimmons also has alot of amazing videos on utube.One video is The Messiah Revealed.It talks about a rabbi who claims the messiah visited him in a vision before he died at 108 years old,it is compelling and should be looked at.I also believe many of these natural disasters do have a spiritual component.Just look at how we are being visited in frequency and how they are getting worse and worse by the day!Yes and next month we will see what happens with the dividing of the land of Israel.The Palestinians want the settlements to be stopped,Benjamin Netanyahu says he wont stop it.If we dis Israel again,I fear another disaster will come upon us.History shows everytime we interviene in the affairs of Israel to their detriment,something major always happens to us.

    • Joe i listened to it this morning wild .I forget how many children he has had with them if what he was saying was true he has been molested be them since he was 8 yrs old how awful.I thought it was a powerful example of what they are doing, i am speaking of the fallen ones and how far they are into their breeding program.The man really did sound credible.If he is 70 look how long this has been going on.I think longer than that and they have all they need now to pull off what they are going do in the end whenever that is.

    • What’s the gist of it if I may ask? I have no way to hear it.

      There is a new book by Rush Limbaugh’s brother about Obama. He was talking about it on Hannity today. It sounds very interesting and plays into some of what has been discussed here. The main theme that came up over and over is that he has no compassion for humans. He’s not even writing from a spiritual point of view so I found that interesting.

      I posted my replies in the other thread. I have some genuine questions on demons thee. I hope someone knows the answer or can point me to the answers.

      I lost the link but I read today that girls are going blind from wearing a contact lense Lady Gaga wore in her shows. From what has been discussed about this woman and the occult isn’t it interesting that girls are going blind copying her? She was also dressed as a nn again.

    • Hi Captain
      Huggins detailed his story of ET contact which, he claims, saw him father a plethora of hybrid entities. He said that his experiences began when he was eight years old and took on a sexual nature when he turned seventeen. From there, he had numerous, intimate encounters with a female being that he called ‘Crescent.’ Ultimately, the agenda behind these meetings was revealed when Crescent came to him and exclaimed that their baby was dying. A perplexed Huggins demanded to see the child and, after an emotional exchange with Crescent’s handler, he was presented with the dying child. Upon touching the baby, a feeling of static electricity passed between the two and it began coming back to life. At that point, Huggins was taken to a place filled with these babies and was instructed to touch them all and save them. While he acknowledged that his story sounded unbelievable, Huggins mused that “I don’t believe it happened, I know it happened.”

    • It’s always amazing that there’s always a grain of truth in this sort of material. Very chilling. I also did the math. Depending on his birth year this man’s experiences began in 1947 or 1948, the very midst of the first UFO flap after the war and when Israel became a nation and Roswell.

      For those interested, LA’s Coast show from last week is now on that site. Go here:

      Click on the Program menu then choose CJOB Audio Vault. LA’s show is on that page.

      This site will be shutting down at the end of the year. There’s a lot of great stuff on there so get it while you can. You only have to wade through the New Age stuff though.

  4. One things for sure Lynn, the weather phenominas like the alien/ufo sightings are indeed, real, burgeoning and not going away.

    Someone else left a comment that if the U.S. pushes forward in dividing Israel, more of God’s judgment will befall on the U.S., and anything from a California earthquake to Yellowstone blowing up could happen.

    I don’t know what else to do to wake up a people (USA) who are so content with pop culture and shows like the Kardashians. I’m getting to the point of saying, let them fall into God’s judgment because they don’t want to know the Truth.

    • I read today that PBS is having a new series in November called God in America with the theme that Christianity has destroyed America and they go from the Pilgims to the Ground Zero Mausque.

      I try to keep up on what’s out there too but it just makes me angry. When I was in college quite a few people based their hate of Christianity on the series Penn & Teller’s Bullsh*t! (That’s the title, folks) These atheists did several episodes “debunking” the Bible as myth. For the pro Christian side they chose the most clueless people without any answers when there are many people who can back the Great Flood with evidence. Anyway, we now have a whole generation of young people basing their view of the Bible on a propaganda piece called “bullsh*t!” It just angers me.

    • LNL,

      hmmm, not trying to be hurtful,
      but why would you post such a video in a Christian forum?

      in all honesty, sometimes it makes me wonder where your loyalties really are?


    • Hector,

      Probably because I’m not afraid to face the ugly realities in life & I would like to be prepared to give an answer contending for the faith to anyone who would bring this DVD up as a rebuttal against Christianity.

      Might as well get used to it. We’ll probably get bombarded by this stuff more than ever.

      I also like to keep track of the latest pseudo-Christian books out there as well. Such as “The Shack”, “Conversations With God”, etc…

      Not that I have any interest in reading them myself but knowing about them (and their heresies) does provide many opportunities to speak of the True Gospel & point people back in the right direction after being seduced by false theologies.

    • Hector – Why have our heads in the sand? It’s best to be aware of what’s going on against us a group, isn’t it?

      When Hitler wrote his book he laid out his plan right there yet many doubted he meant it. Yet if enough people had been aware perhaps he could have been thwarted early on. The people were not informed and look what happened. Information is the key to survival both physical and spiritual.

    • I have a friend that used to study the religions of people that would come to his house to witness him. The next time they came he would tell them things they didn’t even know about their own religion. He was a very good man and he also read wordly stuff to be prepared.

    • Why do we have to know all kinds of responses?

      To an extent I understand what Hector is saying. Sometimes I think we sensationalize the rediculous instead of focussing on the specifics of our own christian faith. We spend too much time on defense rather than offense. How many believers are well versed in the gospels? What about the epistles, or the psalms or proverbs? How many people can roll off the 66 books of the bible?

      Too often as christians we fail in our attempts to win non-believers over to christ because we can not give simple answers to basic christian questions that we should know. Jesus did not say go out in the world and preach the gospel to every creature but also make sure you know other beliefs so you can dispute mine.

      The bigger question I think is why are so many christians falling away from the faith and why is it so diffcult to bring new believers to christ?

      LNL I know you have an amazing heart for Jesus I enjoy reading your comments

    • Yeshua also tells us to “be not ignorant of satan’s devices”.

      LNL, I also find your posts to be very grounded and mature. I love your spirit.

    • In response to Hector and others. It’s good to see this stuff and understand what is coming down the pike. I’m not surprised, this is nothing new!
      L. A.

  5. I think the more this country turns it’s back on God, and also follows the paths of immorality, the more our hedge of protection from God will be taken away.

  6. Have any of you heard of HAARP? My understanding is that TPTB are able to cause earthquakes and all manner of bad weather from tsunamis to droughts to floods using extra low frequency waves emitted from towers placed throughout the world. The primary one in the US is said to be in Alaska.

  7. Just curious. Do you think the devil can manipulate someone through the very Word of GOD? (Like use GODs Word to temp us or pull us in a different direction?)

    • I think that has been covered here. Isn’t this what we se going on with some church doctrines people swallow? from the rituals some denominations use to distracting the church from what’s really going on by decrying “you’ve interpreted it wrong”. That leads to being unprepared for when the enemy strikes.

      I may not be a Biblical expert but I do know that much.

  8. That happens all the time but only because he tempts people to twist the Word it’s self or the meaning & pull things out of context. (Which pacifies their own sinful lusts & desires.)

    Satan will use up to 99% truth of the Word but the 1% he throws in is spiritual death. Sort of like a drop of poison in otherwise pure water.

  9. Sinkhole in Georgia Nearly Swallows Sonic Restaurant
    On Saturday, a combination of torrential rains and 25-year-old rusty pipes in Cleveland, Ga., opened what’s arguably a sinkhole beneath the tiny town’s only Sonic Drive-In restaurant and next-door car wash, nearly swallowing both buildings whole before customers and employees could escape.

  10. Someone on a comment (I can’t find it now) mentioned the storm named Danielle that is now a category 2 way out in the Atlantic may be here in time for the Sept. 2 meeting to “divide Jerusalem”. I decided to check it out on Google and found this on Wikipedia: Danielle is the French female variant of the male name Daniel, meaning “God is my judge” in the Hebrew language.

    Just thinking out loud!


    Barbara in VA

  11. Cleveland, Ga. is in the foothills of the Applachian Mts. it’s a beautiful little town, just south of Helen, Ga. which is a Alpine like Village/town. Heavy toursit area in the fall when the leaves turn and Octoberfest.

    I used to travel there to camp out, hunt, etc. I now live in a very small town in South Ga. About 6 weeks ago, on our street in a largely residential neighborhood, an older lady drove into a sinkhole on our street. It covered 1/2 of the road. I drove by it and was vey supprised that it was in a perfect circle. Either it gave way that way or was being prepared to repair that way but I was astonished. Go figure. Blessings from very HOTTT and HUMID south Ga. dave

  12. I have just finnished reading L.A Mazulli’s commentary and analysis on
    Natural Calamities or Something More?
    I know the causes of all the floods, fires, earthquakes, tsunami’s, wars and famine the world is currently experiencing. I also the know what humanity can do ASAP to escape most of the current and future disasters. oh yes the worst is yet to come! Now the questions are when, how, and what can we all do to be saved? Is mankind ready to chenge?
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    Vivian NAUD

  13. satan was cast out of heaven in 1914 hence the end of the gentile times and the start of world war 1 we are at the very very end of the endtimes soon the U.N. will destroy all religion starting with christian faiths then the rest only Jehovahs Witnesses will be left then when they mess with then it will be the End of the END then paradise on earth finally

  14. I have listened to some of the Cosmos teachings by Harold Creech,but didn’t download all of what I listened to. In light of the newer revelations concerning the 2010 calendar with explainations, I need to go back and have another listen to Harold’s Cosmos mp3s. Unfortunatley, no longer has them posted,so I can only catch what I can from time to time on Solace Radio. I want to know if the Lisa who posted the link on 08/25/10 @ 1:09 p.m. can give her link so I can have her 38 mp3 downloads instead of waiting on bondservant to repost them after further webpage construction. Shalom,Roberta

  15. Roberta, I don’t have a link…I downloaded them all to my computer. I contacted bondservant ministries recently to ask if they were going to reupload them. Unfortunately they are not as Harrold Creech asked them to be taken down. If LA is happy to send me your email address, I could try to zip them up and send them that way. I can try to investigate how to upload them to a private link somehow. In any case, ask LA for my email or perhaps he will give me yours and I can help you get them :).

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