Sunday Go To Meeting Bun!

Sunday Go To Meeting Bun


L. A. Marzulli

Rev 12: 7 – 12 And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought,

but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer.

So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, “Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.

“Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.”

*                                              *                                            *                                                 *                                              *

This passage I believe speaks of a future time. (There are those, mainly preterists, who believe that this has already happened. I agree to disagree.) The point being is that at some future point Michael and his angels will do battle with Satan and his angels. Where does this battle take place? In the second heaven. This is the domain of the Luciferian army. While we are not told how these entities fight, it would appear from the text that this is not a mere skirmish but a battle in which the host of heaven essentially evict the hosts of hell!

The text makes it very clear that – nor a place found for them in heaven any longer!

Then the texts points to a supernatural event. It is a proclamation, and it declares that salvation, and the kingdom of God, and the power of His Christ – the anointed one – has come. This is a dramatic turning point in the history of the universe, because it a victory cry! This announces that the old rule of the serpent, that great dragon, the Devil, Satan, who has deceived the world and all of his cohorts have been cast to earth, in short it is the end of his reign. His kingdom has just been dismantled. He has lost his dark abode in the second heaven. He has been given the big cosmic boot!

Then we hear that: And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.

Here we are given the tools in which to fight the fallen one and they are the blood of the Lamb and our testimony! The blood that was shed for us on Calvary changed everything! It essentially spelled the end of the Luciferian system, although it has played out on the world stage for the last 2000 years. Our testimony, our statement of belief that comes from our mouth bears witness to the blood! To the salvation that we receive from it and the promise of eternal life!

The next line is a sobering one because we are told: Rejoice, O Heavens – the angels who have not left their first estate( See the Book of Jude!) are ecstatic because the fallen one has been kicked out of heaven. Think of it this way. There has been a crack house in your neighboorhood which has been an eyesore for years and it just got raided and cleaned out!

However there is a dire warning for the inhabitants of earth, and it is this: Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.

I believe that this passage speaks of the end of days. It is the last big maneuver for the fallen one before he is cast into the abyss, the bottomless pit for 1000 years. It warns us that the Fallen One is now stuck with men and woman in our dimension and like us is subject to the laws of time and space! The text tells us that he has great wrath because he knows his time is short. I am reminded of the words of Yashua/ at this point when he warns us that: unless those days were shortened no flesh would survive!

In closing today’s Bun. There are other ways of interpreting this passage, but I believe that these are all future events and that they are literal. I also hold to the position that it may be the Angel Michael who is holding the Fallen One back from fully manifesting on our planet. In any case, we are warned. I believe that this will usher an unprecedented time unparalleled on the earth. The supernatural will manifest as never before and we will literally see, all signs and lying wonders.

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  1. L.A. thank you for still another thoughtful post. I look forward to them every week, my supplimental sermon I call them.

    Can I ask one thing, however? And this happens so often. Lets not avoid talking about the jagged little pill that is in the gospel, the elephant in the room that most people ignore, regarding this verse:

    “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.

    Bottom line, we may be killed for our witness and testimony of Jesus. We must be ready for this. We must be willing to die for our savior, who saves not our body, wealth nor prosperity, but will save our souls from eternal damnation. I believe that the scheme that Satan is crafting will make this a very real possibility, because he knows that many who are luke warm will deny him when faced with death; a holocaust unlike the world has ever seen!! It isn’t pleasent to talk about, but I believe it to be true.

    • See what I mean? Elephants in the room.

      Mark 8: 34 Whosoever will come after me, let him adeny himself, and take up his cross, and bfollow me.
      35 aFor whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall blose his clife for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it.

      Matthew 10:28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

  2. Excellent post, LA. We know the Satanic supernatural events will occur in the second half of Daniel’s 70th Week which is mentioned several times in the Book of Revelation. Time, times, and half a time, 42 months, and 1260 days are all timeframe references to this time, I am with you, I have to agree to disagree with the surprisingly popular preterist position.

  3. Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC)

    Statues of ancient Nephilim now grace the concourse of ROC Airport…
    (Full article and pictures here)–>

    “After passing through the security checkpoints you enter a secure terminal “Observatory Area” that leads to the departure gates. There, you encounter the expected kinds of food/retail concessions and a variety of exhibits. If you’ve been following this blog, there’s one in particular you might find rather shocking, but yet not entirely unexpected!

    As you walk toward the Susan B. Anthony Concourse B departure gates you pass a semi-enclosed circular area on your left that has some bench seating. Because this circular area is in the middle of the Concourse access like a roundabout, visitors generally will pass it on the left on arrival, too.

    (Extra credit – check out the street sign symbols for roundabouts!)

    The central feature of this exhibit / meditation zone is a reflecting pool with big statues inside. According to the engraving on the marble ledge of the pool, it’s titled, “The Council” (1991) by Bill Stewart. Upon seeing this, one word comes to my mind – NEPHILIM.

    An inscription on the ledge reads:


    This is identified as an Eskimo Hunting Song.

    Nephilim! The legends and artifacts of the Eskimo agree with those of every other pagan culture and bear witness to the hybridization described in Genesis chapter 6, when the sons of god mated with the daughters of men and produced giants. These gods were often pictured as human/animal composites.

    “The Council” is a collection of six (the number of man) demi-god giants inside a reflecting pool, arranged to form a hexagram or pair of deltas and inscribed within a doubled circle. This symbol is commonly known as the seal of Solomon, used by witches to invoke demonic entities and cast magick spells. Why would such a thing be placed where everyone flying in and out of Rochester on a domestic flight passes by? I submit to you that the reason is because it truly is a ritual magick gateway like unto the one located at the access to High Falls.”


    NOT TO MENTION BY THE WAY….This morning at 3:00 am PST, I had a literal “physical’…’Mexican standoff’ with no less than 50….yes I said 50… DEMONS AND FALLEN ONES by my onesy self. I have never in all my days been so ‘jacked’ by so many and out of no where…I was literally screaming “Jesus” (when my jaws weren’t frozen shut, that happened multiple times)…which made the walls literally shake. It took an hour after the encounter just to get my heart rate semi normal. I have been doing a very deep research paper that is now over 50 pages long…maybe the undisclosed not seen before truths I have discovered deep in the Word has the enemy…upset…dunno.

    I need prayers of protection dear siblings…that battle last night took all my strength and a regular diet of this would be most detramental. “They”…ain’t happy…and they don’t fight fair!


    • Deb, going through the same thing.they are relentless!I pray for you and stand with you.You must say to them “In the name of Jesus,I bind you and cast you into the abyss.”You cannt have mercy on them have done that and threatened them if they don’t leave in His name I will cast them in the bottomless pit.I also annoint my head with oil and ask the Lord to protect me from any retrobutions and may send others to get even with me for doing that.It does work!Am not afraid of them either.I consider them a nuisance. In Him

    • Hi Deb:

      I am so, so, so glad you posted this article here today. I read it a couple days ago and didn’t share it because I guess I got frozen. You see, I live here in Rochester, NY and when I read that I felt overwhelmed. I also felt blessed that the Lord let me find this information out, as I believe that He wanted me to see this so I can intercede for Rochester, and upper NY as it is a spiritual hotbed here…many cults and occult groups have sprang from these parts. I believe the Lord is showing me the territorial spirits to fight, but then I felt all alone, as I thought perhaps no one on this blog here would care to fight with me for Rochester and I felt too small for the task. “Grasshopper in our own eyes” came to mind, ha, ha, has. But really, it is very serious and the Lord didn’t let this come about for no reason but so we could be informed and have the tools necessary to now who and how to fight. Thank you so much again for this posting today and I would appreciate anyone reading this that feels so lead to fight with me in prayer for this region. I also am very interested in the research paper you are working on if the Lord allows you to share. Thank you all for your prayers, God Bless you all my brothers and sisters. Amen!

    • I had a friend in Rochester who claims to be a Christian but whores around with women. We discussed why he does this many times and he has talked himself into believing God must want him to whore around because God tempts him with these women. He justdoesn’t get it.

      Here’s a question. How do you know when you’re being attacked by demons? Will they always be direct like the above post or do they get you in subtle ways too like hiding your car keys or playing a hand in any little thing that can go wrong in your life that most would chalk up to being just one of those things. Are demons sometimes involved in that stuff too? I wonder if they are and only get more direct when you don’t allow them to bother you on the little stuff. That’s why I asked.

    • The Eskimo thing reminds me. When I was in the first or second grade my Christian school visited an Indian Reservation and an Indian put a curse on me for saying one of their masks looked like George Jetson (and it did!) I’d always laughed this off until some happenings in my life got me wondering if he really did curse me. I always thought we Christians are protected from curses and hexes, aren’t we?

    • Captain, have mercy on your friend. Temptations are acts of demons too. God is not tempting him, but God allows it, because falling from grace is the way we grow.

      This does not remove personal responsibility to turn from sin, but your friends lustful impulses are an albatross that must be cast off. I speak from personal experience on this.

    • Captain Eagle, I believe we sometimes give Satan way too much credit for things when things go wrong in our life. Not everything can be credited to the devil. For instance you get stuck in traffic and miss an important meeting, must be the devil right? Ahh no, you just didn’t leave early enough to account for traffic, the devil had nothing to do with the traffic, it would be there if you were there or not.
      I am not or never will be on a witch hunt for demons and blaming them for everything that’s wrong in my life. 9 times out of 10, the things that are wrong are caused by me and my God given free will.
      I have a friend at church that blames he devil for everything, I told him, hey; you sure give that guy a lot of credit. My friend is so consumed with looking for devils he can’t have a relationship with God, and that’s very sad.

    • Matt and Joe,
      So this “guy” has a lack of knowledge and revelation.However, aren’t you “throwing the baby out with the bath water?

      Deb and the others are speaking of real, big time warfare, and manifestations of inter- dimensional beings and why bring this dribble into it?
      We are in serious times and we, the Church need wisdom and understanding, not milk about “oh, this guy at church thinks demons are under every rock”. If you know then teach by all means.But not taking the spiritual realm, good and evil is folly, and another reason the people of God are dumb, deaf, and perishing…no true power to do what Jesus told us we should be doing.
      Just the truth…

    • Matt, I agree “somewhat”. How is that for riding the fence? I don’t think demons are responsible for every bad little thing, but I believe when a person is being tempted in a weakness area of their life, they are being tempted by demons.

    • Winds of Change – I asked my question because I don’t know the answer and there are people here who do. I have a real concern here and wondered if these little annoyances will escalate when they fail to rouse me.

    • I don’t think Matt or myself were trying to belittle either one of the
      Posters. I prayed for deb, laura and Lisa. But I personally know people like the person Matt mentioned that’s why I agreed.

    • Praying for you Deb.
      Like Laura said, rebuke them in the name of Jesus, bind them and tell them to leave. Cover your self with the blood of Jesus-so to speak…
      One suggestion, I find personally that for all the research and study I do into the ‘dark side’, for every hour in that stuff, I need to spend an hour worshipping the Lord, read Scripture out loud, sing worship songs, exclaim aloud that I exhalt the Lord God over every thing that is named, and at the name of Jesus every knee must bow.
      So if you spend four hours on research, spend four hours in the Lord’s presence, God inhabits the praises of His people and the enemy can’t stand it there!
      Whether we like it or not, we dirty our selves when getting in the enemies face, and we need to bathe in the Lord’s presence very often.
      When I don’t, I come under attack.


    • Covering you in prayer sister Deb…keep going…the blood of Jesus will prevail! Ask God to put up a hedge of protection around you and a wall of fire that will not allow anything “foul” to be let in! Will continue in prayer for you morning, noon and night sister…fight the good fight!

    • Watcher – It’s hard to have mercy on someone who willingly sins and has talked himself into believing it’s what God wants. When someone acknowledges that their behavior is sinful but then justifies with reasoning like “Well, if God doesn’t want me to be human and sin then he shouldn’t have made me human then” it’s hard to have sympathy for them. If he were struggling it would be easier and that’s the difference. Isn’t this a Biblical world view? I’ve always thought this was the gist of how we are judged by God. I know God can work miracles on people but doesn’t a person have to be willing to change their lifestyle in order to have a life changing experience?

      Matt – I would say you’re right but in a case like a meeting God and the Devil could both intervene. If you did leave early and some freak thing happens to you miss the meeting or get fired it could be the Devil intervening so you get fired or what not or it could also be God intervening to get you to what happens after that. What do others think of this logic?

    • Yes, thank you Dori. I am encouraged by you every time you write.You have given me a boldness that under girds me. Hey, are you the same Dori who is going to be on End Time Radio?
      You and “Mary” seem like “sisters” to my heart.Like you sing the same heart song.

      And Deb, do what has been suggested and also check out the extremely powerful revelation here…

      I just read today’s article on Jonathan Kleck and w/ be doing some studies on him.

      The Blood of the Lamb is the most powerful weapon…the “old saints” knew this…anyways, have no fear and keep doing what you have been called to do !

  4. I recently asked my 15 year old son,who is a believer,what he would do if he had to make a choice to take the mark via a chip or die for the Lord.He knows that if he takes a chip or mark he will burn forever in hell.He said he would have to die and give up his life and this stuff he enjoys.Some people who call themselves ‘christians’ have told me “oh the Lord knows my heart,He would forgive me if I took the mark.”When I have heard or read about that I get furious inside because are you kidding me,what in the world are they thinking!!!!???People really will take a mark and believe they will still be with Christ!Where do people get that idea when the bible explicitly says if anyone takes the mark they will burn in hell forever.How dangerous that is.Am so proud of my boy even a 15 year old knows better.

    • People don’t have faith or courage enough to face a scary truth such as that. So they deny it in their hearts. It is sad.

    • Look at all of the Christians who back homosexuality as being normal. When God calls it “an abomination” they choose to ignore that and have some lame excuse why the Bible is wrong. Christians today like to pick and choose what they believe having been raised in a world where we are taught that we don’t need to conform and it’s a good thing to challenge authority and what greater Authority than God? When they remade The Ten Commandments a few years ago this was the theme of the film. That the God of the Hebrews SHOULD be questioned because He is a cruel God to slaughter innocent children. The classic version didn’t question God’s authority like this. A lot of Christians today even reject the concept of Hell and punishment.

      In regards to Hell and eternal burning. One view I heard years ago is that only the fallen angels burn in the long term until they are destroyed. It goes that when the new universe is created the fallen angels and damned souls are destroyed and it will be as if none of those humans had ever been at all. The reasoning is that sin cannot exist in the new universe that will be perfect so the fallen angels and damned souls would be destroyed. I’m not sure if this is correct but I can see the logic. The Bible doesn’t say on the nose what the new universe will be like but I assume it would be like Adam & Eve’s time since that was what God had intended for humans. The Bible doesn’t say that but it seems to be implied.

  5. It is not what is done to you or goes into you that matters, it is what comes out of you that does.. The war is between two forms of energy/thoughts. If you love me you will follow my commandments/thoughts or way of thinking.One way of thouht leads to love/health regeneration the other leads to death/hate and decay. That which we fight againt are thoughts and actions.. two seeds and two fruits. a good seed only pruduces good fruit, a bad seed produces bad fruit. The mind is the garden and two seeds have been planted in the garden, but not by the gardener. the gardener is you, you must decide which fruit you want to grow, as the seeds grow you will decide which one you want to manifest or keep the others you must remove from your garden.. That is what the war in heaven is all about.. you must weed out all thoughts that you do not wish to manifest through you.. you are not the thoughts that come to you, you are the thoughts that you allow to grow and take action on.. This is what the yeshua ment when he said if you lust after another woman you have already committed adultry. for what ever thought you allow to take root in you will eventually seek expession, Once you allow a thought to take root, it will be very hard to remove it . like the root of a weed, the longer you think about something the deeper the root grows. Realize that no thought is you unless you make it you. Example; when on the computer you get a pop up you can right there and then delete or refuse it, but if you except it be ready to except all the hidden add ons that may come with it. like wise make sure what ever pops up on your mind that it is what you want to be apart of your mind and later your body, thoughts are angels, thoughts can only live through us , so the war in heaven is about people not allowing certain thoughts to live in their mind and refusing to listen to lucifer. when people awaken to what I am writing about a domino affect or critical mass will be reached and all that which is negitive will attract negitive and all that is positive will attract positive. this is the pole reversal so all that are or want to be my people must do some major house cleaning, if they dont want to be left on the outside looking in. Hell is simply the burning desire of have back something you lost but your ego/lucifer stands in the way. you have heard it spoken; let go of your ego…the way to do this is to humble your self to the fact that not one thought is your own, you are not the creator you are the created and the father has been patiently waiting for you to wake up and ask questions and for you to awaken to the fact that the questions you are asking are not your questions but are also seeds that have been sent to you. you see how deep the hole goes, if you are the creater you are damed if you do and you are damed if you dont..Its all about choice, the father doesnt want robots. peace with force shall never work as truth with force shall never work..lucifer forces himself on you with out your knowledge. The father will only come to you if you ask him, and he goes out of his way not to force..The war will soon manifest in this dimension. So please hear my crys…………..If you dont know me by now then you will never ever know me.. I am hear to help in what ever way I can

    • Mikael,
      I get what you are saying.Maybe you would like to read John 15 for further insight since this seems to be the line of thinking you are speaking of.

      And HW,
      Again, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge”… but, this is the revealed knowledge of God through the Holy Spirit…not religious dogma,doctrine, and scripture memorization.

      God said…I will never leave you nor forsake you nor let you out of the palm of my hand….We seek, we trust, and we are to speak the truth in love to one another with encouragement,exhortation, and most definitely the unction from Him.

      Laura R.
      God bless you for you have taught your son well!
      “Raise up a child in the way he should go” This is what we need…Jesus said both of these things…
      The truth shall SET you free and
      The truth shall MAKE you free… There is a difference there with the ways and means those work themselves out in our lives.Always wanted to find the original language of those scripts.

  6. Hey L.A. – I downloaded part one of your Nephilim discussion with the author of Interview With the Giant today and you briefly discussed the Steve Quayle story abut the Afghanistan giant that the American troops supposedly took out but there was no way to vet the story. I have all of the Coast To Coast shows Steve discussed this story and would be more than happy to burn them to a CD and mail it out to you. I have a few where Quayle discusses the story (it began when the pilot who flew it out wrote Quayle a letter. Quayle said the guy dealt with the real thing because he described a few things about the giant that isn’t known to the masses and said he withholds this information to determine when he is contacted by a hoaxer.), I have him reading the letter, and I have him on with the pilot being interviewed by George Noory. The letter mentioned that the military confiscated the cell phones of all onboard to keep anyone from photographing it and the giant was supposedly taken to Wright Patterson.

    There’s no way of knowing if it’s true or not because on Quayle tells this story but there is a letter and the pilot who went on record so either the pilot is hoaxing Quayle or Quayle is hoaxing us. I give him the benefit of the doubt on things he says as he seems to sincerely believe what he says even when he is sometimes wrong. I’ve never corresponded with the man personally but I think he’s right on several counts but wrong on asserting that the dinosaurs are the product of the Nephilim and that the earth was recreated. A major reason I reject this is that the whole argument is that the Leviathan and Behemoth in Job are not talking about Satan but of creatures. In the context of the passage that is what we are saying. The prime reason I reject that the dinosaurs were of another creation is that ancient man was aware of them. If we ignore the myths about dragons then we must ignore the creation, flood, giants, and god myths that support the Biblical world view. If we are accepting those other myths as word of mouth evidence that ancient man as a whole were aware of these other things than he must have been aware of the dinosaurs too. I’m not sure if these are points like the rapture that don’t matter in the long run but to me they give the enemy a foot in the door to discredit using the other myths so I’m not sure why he does that.

    Anyway, that aside, I have these shows if you want them. Let me know and I’ll drop you an email to get your address. I could even include the CD when I buy your two non fiction books shortly.

    • I’ve always wondered about the dinosaur/nephilim connection. I believe God created dinosaurs but I do think it’s possible the fallen angels “sinned against birds abd beasts” and made imitations of Gods work.

    • Oh yeah i don’t agree to that. I’ve never listened to Quayle but i have read in
      The bible that God said his strength was similar to
      The behemoths (don’t take it word for word I can’t remember where I read it). And I really doubt God would compare anything to himself that the devil made.

  7. Captain Eagle

    Yes…demons can be very much involved in things such as that (personal experience). Ignoring them is not the way to go but finding out if a door has been opened that has let them in. We tend to do that in ignorance and sometimes…stupidity (we are human).

    YES! Christians can be cursed! The Lord speaks about that very thing…’what you speak with your tongue’…blessings and cursing. If it were not so He would not tell us to be wary.

    Thank you all for your prayers. I would have done what you had suggested, but it was impossible at the time and the situation. In moments like this you need to be quick on your feet…thinking comes last. I wish to explain because even though I have been toe to toe with the dark side before and knew how to handle it…this time it was as if they knew what I was (grounded Christian)and were prepared for battle. And if this is a ‘new type of warfare’ then we need to know about it.

    I mentioned in my previous post that I was ‘screaming’ Jesus’ name. I did not mean that in a ‘hysterical’ way, but by taking a full lung of air and yelling out the name with all the energy and volume I had. But here is where things got dicey. Multiple times as I went to call upon the Lord or say His name because that is all I could do…I could get no further than “Gee….”, and then the rest of the name would be blocked from being said and then fragment in my mind like someone literally ‘blew it up’ before my mind could complete it. This happened repeatedly…and when this happened I could feel a physical “jolt” as though I was being hit with a cattle prod but without the pain, and it was that ‘jolt’ that disrupted my mental thoughts and functions. I could not verbally say the name or pray in any way because somehow I was frozen in place and my jaw was so locked up, as though it was wired shut. So all I had left to me were my mental faculties.

    This ‘disrupting jolt’ has me concerned because it was the reason that gave way to the wave after wave that came at me. My power to halt it was greatly ‘reduced’. Towards the end of this encounter I managed to get out a ‘help me’….Jesus… because I was becoming overwhelmed by sheer numbers, that is when something happened and the evil started to scatter like roaches. I saw nothing ‘holy’ around but I felt the atmosphere change drastically very near to where I was, but outside as though battle somewhere was taking place. The tight frozen vice I was encapsulated, cocooned in seemed to shatter like glass blowing outward from my body and I was instantly free and could then verbally pray and give thanks.

    I do not know what this ‘ability’ they seemed to have was that disrupted my mind and thought function but the more I think about it the more concerned I get. Not only that, it was as if they were laying in wait to jump me…there were so many…so many, and out of nowhere. This struggle was prolonged and I was exhausted by the time it was over whereas it should never have escalated to that point in the first place. If the dark side has something that can prevent us or greatly hinder us from pleading the blood of Jesus…what then?

    Now…I’m worried.

    • We must know what is before us and pray in preperation. Putting on our spiritual armor and walking with the holy spirit in everyday life will go a long way to protect us when the going gets tough. I feel these attacks only can happen when we are at a down time in our spiritual walk and weak in the holy spirit, otherwise they would of stayed away.

      I can tell you that this research paper has ticked off the enemy. They will fight you, if you are doing God’s will and will alert many to Satan’s scheme. But work on with courage we must. I might suggest that everytime, both before and after work, you pray for the Lord’s protective hand to be over you and to fill you with the Holy Spirit.

    • fear is their weapon, worry is fear. if they are disrupting your thoughts in your mind, write them out. know what thoughts you want to manifest. read what I said above.

    • also I want to say that the higher negitive /evil thoughts only bombard you when you are starting to understand..They dont have to worry about those who are yet sleeping..ask for the fathers/thoughts, which are helpers/angels and they will come to you and neutralize that which is negitive/evil.

    • If you begin to levitate, or see marks or scratches on your body from physical abuse I would seeks professional help

    • Gas – How do we open the doors? I’ve never been involved in occult activity. I’ve always had bad experiences with people even as a kid. There is something about me people seem to hate. Not even strongly dislike or hate. In school I’ve had people beat me up daily, break bottles on my head, and other such nonsense. I was even stripped down to my underwear in one class. They’d follow me home and set my garage on fire several times. One time they followed me on their bikes to the post office and circled around the post office until I had to call my mom to come and pick me up. The authorities and school administration did nothing and often supported the bullies. In college it was more of the same because several of the kids I went to high school with went to the same school. I even got bullied by faculty there having one professor instruct his class to take my ceramic sculpture out to the court yard and destroy it. Quite a bit of the college stuff stemmed from my Christianity and a few times non believers even defended me against attack. My own church even cast me out over one of their own who employed me screwing me out of my wages and they turned it around so I was the jerk for expecting to get pad. This is only the tip of the iceberg and it makes me wonder if I have been cursed. It wouldn’t surprise me but things seem to get progressively worse with no end in sight. I’m not looking for a scapegoat but I’d like to understand what is going on.

      Because of the lack of teaching the church has given me in dealing with the supernatural I’m unequipped to deal with it. All I was ever told growing up were things like “These are things for another time”, “Christians can’t be attacked by demons”, “If you study these things you will let them into your life”, and things like that. One pastor even told me we must surrender to the Devil when he attacks us because he is an angel and therefore our superior. What nonsense! And I have seen church after church imploded in my life.

      I’ve never been attacked to the extent you have been but I can tell the closest example I have. Several times when I was in college I was pursued by a demonic car. This would happen at any time of day and always on a deserted road. I’d turn on the road and out of nowhere this black car with tinted windows would just appear so when I turned onto the road I’d nearly hit it. It has flame and skull decals all over it as well and it would always vanish. The only time I’ve ever seen it physically vanish I swear it left fire endtrails almost like Back To The Future but not quite as extreme. At the time I would say God must have something important intended for me because to me this seemed like Satan was trying to take me out himself. At the time I talked to church people and went to some Christian sites seeking guidance and all I’d get were responses like I must have been hallucinating or drunk or stoned. I’ve never drank or done drugs and I don’t hallucinate.

      The only other time I’ve ever seen anything supernatural myself was the night before Thanksgiving a few years ago. My mom and I were driving to my brother’s late that night and we both saw this winged creature swoop across the moon, glide over a harvested corn field and land on the side of the road ahead of us. It then waddled across the road like an ape, looked back at us, and slide under the guardrail. (It was between 2 and 3 feet tall.) My mom was screaming at the time so I know she saw it but she won’t discuss it. When I told some people about it I received the same ridicule as before. I knew what we had seen must have been demoic but the church is asleep on this stuff.

    • One other thing. Last fall I picked up that UFO DVD about the aliens being fallen angels and when I play it in my house weird stuff happens. I had to watch it outside. I’m not sure if that counts as physical attack but wanted to mention that in case it was.

      Also, I have heard a few of you say that blood opens doors to this stuff. My house was once a funeral home and I live next door to a cemetary. I’m not sure if blood was ever spilled here but I would assume so for embalming. Does that count? I also don’t know the details on this because it was before I was born but my grandmother had a retarded sister who people wont talk about other than saying she was a witch. I just assumed it was because she was handicapped in a rural town. My grandmother has been dead for over 20 years but coe to think of it she had a lot of home remmedies (think Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies.) I remember when I wasa kid I’d get real bad nosebleeds and her solution was to wear a necklace of red wool yarn around my neck and that seemed to stop it. I know it’s nonsense but it did work. Now that I know what I know isn’t red wool used in voodoo?

    • Captain Eagle I’m sorry you went through such abuse as a youth. It’s never easy feeling like you have no friend in the world and that you feel different than everyone else. I was a loaner myself but I was happy and comfortable with that, like you I didn’t do drugs or smoke like the “cool” kids at school. I was into music and it really helped me through the tough times , I lived my life through music till I met Jesus. By the time I became a Christian I had quite a few friends, unfortunately, when I made the grand announcement I was indeed a New Born again Christian, these so called friends took off like the wind, leaving me feeling like a leaper. Once again I was a loaner but this time not of my choosing. I knew however that God did not want me with these people. I eventfully met some Christian friends at church and even more friends when I had my back sliding periods which I’m not proud of , but happy to report they are now far and few between.

      You seem to live quite an exciting life now, you get to see winged creatures, and like in the film Jeepers creepers and you are also followed home by Christine the demonic car, look at how far you have come. I would say that’s quite an accomplishment.

      As far as you being cursed, I doubt it. The Bible tells us that “like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse does not come to rest” (Proverbs 26:2). This means that foolish curses have no effect. God does not allow His children to be cursed. God is sovereign. No one has the power to curse one whom God has decided to bless. God is the only One able to pronounce judgment.

      We as Christians have been born again as a new persons in Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17), and we are in the constant presence of the Holy Spirit who lives within us and under whose protection we exist (Romans 8:11). We do not need to worry about anyone casting any sort of pagan spell on us. Voodoo, witchcraft, hexes, and curses have no power over us because they come from Satan, and we know that “the one who is in you [Christ] is greater than the one [Satan] who is in the world” (1 John 4:4). God has overcome him, and we have been freed to worship God without fear (John 8:36). “The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid? ” (Psalm 27:1).

    • That’s funny about your Grand Mother and the nosebleeds solution, My Grand mother was Italian, and right off the boat from the old country and I have to tell you she was FULL of superstitions and had cures for everything you might have and even things you didn’t have. I remember back then and according to my Grand Mother If a crow or black bird happen to fly into the house, someone was going to die, no doubt about it…and the list goes on and on…some of that superstition rubbed off on dear old mom, and kept her in fear and bondage for years. I always wondered how a Christian could walk around so full of fear, but when Satan lies to you, and you happen to listen to those lies and entertain those thoughts, instead of standing on Gods word about who you are in Christ, you begin to lose focus. You begin to believe the lies about you and it’s a downward spiral from then on. We must cast out those evil thoughts that the devil accuses us of, Satan is the accuser and will always try to make you believe you are worthless and not worthy, even of Christ’s salvation for ourselves.

    • Matt, Im glad to see you replied back to this question, Ive never heard that verse of scripture quoted, so Im going to mark it in my bible. I didnt think a christian could be cursed, but Im so glad you provided scripture to back it up.

    • Captain E

      Doors can be opened in infinite ways…but it is usually the most subtle we are not watchful about simply because we don’t pay them any mind. Example…My late husband and I back in the late 70’s owned a recording studio in Monterey CA. We knew back then the major recording companies would do occultic rituals over the ‘masters’ (the original finished product, a 2 inch by 10 inch wide tape recording reel) done by the artist or band so that every record or then ‘tape’ would have a demonic entity attached to it when it was sold. You buy the music…and guess what just came into your house? This process still goes on today and has even been so admitted by the artists themselves. Because I know how powerful this is…I no longer listen to “any” music….zero, and that is my choice.

      I recommend everyone to try this little experiment…turn off all music in your life…”everything” including Christian…all radios, cd’s, pc music, ipods…all of it for just two weeks…then turn it back on but put it low in the background like when you walk into a store and you can hear subtle music in the air…and watch what happens to your body…you will be amazed at what your body will start to do…and…where your mind goes. Satan was not only the “anointed Cherub that covers”…but also the ‘top angelic worship leader’…think about that. When people have remarked in hearing music literally from Heaven…what is the ‘one instrument’ that is missing? The drums…the ‘rhythm instrument.

      Another simple one are books and movies (dvd’s)…and they are set up and sold on the same principle as the music. Is the author an occultist, new ager, spirit channeler?…Getting the picture? Then there can be the most innocuous of all…’second hand items’ from the junk stores. Demons are territorial, though they can and will ‘move’ with a person or family they are comfortable with, they tend to stay ‘pretty close to home, i.e. stomping grounds. That is why they can be over town, cities, states. They also can attach themselves to “items”…a lamp, table, old four poster bed frame…you name it. The thing is, you have no idea who owned these items and what they might have been into, such as occult practices or even a generational situation.

      What we can do as Christian believers is know our enemy…then be very aware of your surroundings. I do this…whenever anything ‘new/old’ comes into my home I will look for any changes that may take place over a period of time…disruptions, bad thoughts, things going bump in the night…anything unusual. If this is a yes then I know that it was something which I brought into my home…then the process of elimination begins. It could also be a person who comes to visit…as you can see the list and situations are endless. The weapon is to be aware! Then you can quickly dispatch what ever it is.

      You have more courage than I do. I would never live in a house that was once a funeral home for the very reasons I stated above…demons are “territorial”.

      Let me tell you a story that happened to my family….in the late 80’s my eldest daughter than 8 and one of her friends came to me one day and said …”Mommy we saw dead people”…now this may sound funny…but this was way before that movie come out…anyway I was a young Christian and I asked them “What do you mean you saw dead people?” (in humor and jest)…you know how the imagination of children can be right? Wrong!…People I can’t stress this enough…LISTEN TO YOUR CHILDREN! They have NO reason to lie or tell outrageous stories. Out of the mouth of babes…remember?

      So they answered…”Outside in a car…there is a dead person”….OK…Ya…Sure…Got it…(LOL) Well needless to say I did not go check and blew them off…I mean who would not? Not two weeks later I pull out of my driveway and headed down the street…was coming upon the house on the corner (just three houses down from my own) and what do I see…Two men wheeling a dead body out of this residential house on a gurney in a body bag, while another white van stood with its back doors open and another ‘filled body bag’ was laying in it!! I near wrecked the car….I won’t tell you what I said cause it ain’t purdy, but the children in the back seat said…”We told you! But you would not believe us”. Needless to say I put a stop to this instantly by calling the proper authorities. These people were using this residential house as a refrigerator for cadavers and wheeling them in and out, broad daylight in plain sight of the neighborhood children who were freaked out by it all. The short of it is this…that house never had a problem until then…After this happened…NO ONE could live there…they would move in then move out. This happened over and over until one day I asked the newest people why they were moving out…the just moved in…their reply was classic…”There is something wrong with this house…weird things happen and we feel like we aren’t alone…it’s spooky and we want out so we broke our lease…we don’t care…we just want away from here.”

      Demons are territorial. And what I have found in my own experience is usually demons are in groups (misery loves company?), think of a herd of barnyard animals…and they have a herd dog that keeps watch over them and keeps them in line, and they are all accountable to the dog. This ‘herd dog’ is a fallen angel…then he (the angel) has the farmer he reports to ( a higher fallen angel) and is under his authority….and on and on it goes to the top. If someone had demons…they have a fallen angel hanging in the background too. He is there to see to it that his barnyard fellows (demons) are doing their job…demonizing you…and will from time to time join in on the fun himself.

      If you are living in an old funeral home and you have high strangness going on…I salome and chant “I am not worthy”…cause Bro…you got more guts than I got garters!…LOL

    • Ok ,LA are you going to chime in here and stop some of the non sense comments?
      This almost sounds like phycho-tronic warfare is involved w/ the supernatural.
      Deb, I know what you speak of… I had it happen years ago….A Reptillian was involved, however I knew of no such things way back then! There was Supernatural Intervention that rescued me also. Just how you explained this experience. It never happened again, except for a few episodes of paralysis during sleep in the next few years.
      I was away from the Lord when the big one happened…I went running back shortly after that.I used the name and the blood when the other”little” one’s happened, but like you said this is some thing more/different…more discernment is needed.
      Check out the Tribulation Now site I posted earlier.Great Info there.There is also a new forum and the people there will help.John B knows his warfare and you can write him and he answers…the body coming together to help and support one another.That IS the Church ! He is a God Man who knows how to kick butt and is helping others to do it.Not baby stuff by any means ! Take a look there. Also, anoint your self,animals, and your home ,and anything else the Holy Spirit directs you too. Speak the Blood line around everything and in the Name of Jesus, I pray revelation and truth and a higher level of discernment for you. I rebuke the fear in Jesus’ name, and that the Love of God surround you as a Shield…head to toes and all around encompassing ! Spirit,Soul, and Body…
      I w/ be open to God for you if more prayer is needed.

    • Matt – It only started bothering me in recent years when it only seems to get worse. When I was a youth I always believed that it would get better as an adult or at least in college and it did not. But when I was a kid it didn’t bother me very much other than the times when people were in the process of doing things to me. It did make me take a year off from public school and attend a Christian school for a year (one bully spit on me in Sears while I was getting new pants with my mom and that was the final straw for my parents) and that was where I learned why I believe and wrote my first novel so in a way the bullying served apurpose to get me there.

      I’d rather NOT see flying creatures or demonic cars (who’s Christine?) It’s been a few years since I’ve seen any of that but last fall was when I played that DVD and bottles started shattering and doors slamming until I shut it off. Very weird and very creepy.

      In recent years I don’t feel like I’ve been blessed. When I was a kid I’d say I was. There are several examples where something should have killed me but I was protected. For instance when I was 14 I was cutting vines at my grandparent’s house and I cut through a power cable with METAL cutters. I didn’t even know I’d done it until hours later but that SHOULD have fried me on the spot. It didn’t. I didn’t even get a tingle. A lot of things like that have happened to me growing up. I also seem to attract powerful enemies who are hell-bent on seeing me fail. It’s like it’s their hobby or something. But over the last 5 years or so I’ve seemed to have been falling down in this pit of negativity that can’t seem to be reversed and I don’t know why it is happening or how to stop it.

      Sometimes I question if I really am born again. I’ve never experienced this emotional feeling many Christians say they got or get in their Christian walk. I’m not really an emotional person in any area but I’d say loyalty is the strongest feeling I get. (I am Scottish after all.) But I’ve never felt that spiritual rebirth or on going feelings a lot of Christians mention. I want to feel that but I just don’t know how.

      My grandmother came from a long line of home remedy practitioners and people always came to her or the women in her generation before her to be cured. Now that I think of it the house I live in was her house too.

      Gas – I knew that the record producers did that. In art school they even covered it in the History of Advertising. I’m also quite familiar with how different forms of music affects the human body in both negative and positive ways. It does the same to animals as well.

      I don’t listen to music in my house, only in the fall at work and my taste in music is kind of obscure. I enjoy film scores and show tunes. But I haven’t played a record or CD or anything in my house in months. I watch a lot of films and TV shows on DVD though. Nothing explicit or bad (the Flintstones, Hogan’s Heroes, F Troop, Andy of Mayberry) I wonder if the film prints have followed this ritual of attaching demons to those tapes?

      I have heard this theory that demons can be attached to objects but normally this is pushed by psychics like Sylvia Browne. I do have a lot of things in my house picked up over my life time from yard sales, the Salvation Army, and Ebay. How do you know if there is anything bad things attached to them or not?

      My house is an ancestral home and I want to leave but right now finances aren’t there to allow for that. I’ve lived here all my life.

      Are there any books on this stuff?

      Winds of Change – Where do reptilians fit into the Fallen Ones agenda? I’ve often wondered but have never found anywhere where this is detailed. If the grays are biological suits for demons what are the reptilians? Are these the fallen angels themselves?

  8. Hi L.A.,

    Thank you for another “bun”. This is a great spiritual food that I look forward to every week. Thank you for exalting the blood, as the cross was our place of victory. The blood that Jesus shed there paid the the full price for our justification.

    I don’t hold to the position that Michael is the “restrainer”, however that is immaterial. Thank you for all that you do. I will be making another donation to your ministry this Thursday, pay day.

    Kevin J.

    • Wow, absolutely breath-taking. I mean, LITERALLY breath-taking. This little child has such an awesome gift from the very creator of the universe. And she expresses her love for Him so well. Beautiful! Praise the Lord Jesus!

    • It’s always great when they give God the credit however when they grow up they usually drop God. It’s sad. Miley Cirus has done this as has Chatlotte Church and a few others. One child actress who used to have a Disney show was really into commenting on Christian stuff (she blasted evolution and praise Creation in an interview and discussed her Christian faith) and now that she’s an adult she’s in a new ahow this seasn as a cheerleader with swearing, sex, and the usual. It would be great if these children could grow up as they began. It makes me think back to what did Jesus mean when He discussedthe faith of a child. In the entertainment world they seem to lose that faith with time. It’s so sad. I hope she keeps her’s.

    • You know what disgust me is how far Ms. Betty White has fallen into the gutter.
      I caught her on SNL and a celebrity roast the other night and she was vulgar and foul mouth. I couldn’t believe it, far cry from the golden girls that’s for sure…She gets these laughs and she thinks she is popular with the younger crowd and she goes for it, I wish she had enough class to bow out gracefully like many of her pears have, unfortunately, some are addicted to the fame and don’t know when to quite even if you are reduced to being a curiosity, or in this case a foul mouth grand mother. I expected more from Betty White in the twilight of her career and I’m disappointed her career is now reduced to vulgar one liners, I suppose this is why we should not put faith in people.

    • Betty White was vulgar in the past. I haven’t seen her recently but a lot of those older celebs had a vulgar side.

    • Beautiful pictures, no doubt. Something doesn’t sit right about this story though. Check out an interview with her. Apparently when she was four, she was taken to “heaven”. Huge red flag for me. I don’t want to be skeptical and paranoid about this girls experience and talents, but it doesn’t sit well. She talks about dreams and heavens too.

      She mentions God, over and over. No mention of Jesus. They seem kind of “new-agie”.

    • I went to Akiane’s blog site. She does mention Jesus and quotes the Bible. She may of had some real visions of heaven etc. She is very young and can be easily
      led astray as all of us can…so pray for her that she may granted the gift of discernment of spirits from the Holy Spirit. There maybe some people or spirits
      that are teaching her some new age beliefs.

    • Um, her blog link did not make me feel any better, but worse. She professes to be a citizen of the universe. COME ON!! That is a Luciferian desire for the entire world. And she does talk about Jesus, but only to equate him with other enlightened people or at least plant that seed. This is new age through and through. I have no issue with diverse cultures. Being in the majority has nothing to do with accepting Jesus. All cultures, the diverse, the rich, the poor, the populous and sparse will have to accept Jesus for salvation.

  9. I have come across a great book and it is getting rave reviews by Russ Dizdar and others as a “must have”…it is called “Knowing Thine Enemy”…I have not read it but it tells you how Christians can be demonized and cursed by the authors own experience and what to do about it…and…all about demons and angels down to brass tacks. Connie’s web site is here—>

    There are also great audio interviews with her, some are listed on her site another is on (Connie Huft) PID Radio dated 8/19/2010. I am going to order the book myself, sounds fantastic…the girl has done her research and her testimony is a jaw dropper.

    • I’ll have to check that out. Most Christians believe they are automatically immune to being demonized in any way.

    • Christians believe that at their own peril. Humans of all religions are demonized everyday. It happens in the spiritual realm within our self-conscious. It is the classic devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. Christians in particular are targets, because they speak the truth and can inform others of the good news.

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