Iraq – Time for the Strongman?

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L. A. Marzulli

US ends Iraq war, leaves two civil conflicts on the boil
The crossing of the US 4th Stryker Brigade and 2nd Infantry Division from Iraq into Kuwait Thursday morning, Aug. 19, ended America’s combat involvement in the seven and-a-half year Iraq war. debkafile’s military and Baghdad sources note that, for Washington, the war which cost 4,400 American lives and $1 trillion – is over, as per US President Barack Obama’s pledge. But for Iraq, it is just beginning: At least two civil conflicts are at boiling point – Sunni-Shiite strife and hostilities between the two Muslim factions and the Kurds of the North – and Iran’s followers stand ready to seize Iraq’s oil-rich South potentially sparking yet another world conflagration.
*                                                           *                                                         *                                                            *
Several years ago I posted an article discussing the possibility of what might happen when US forces pulled out of Iraq. As the recent DEBKA article points out, not much has changed. Car bombings continue and the sectarian violence that has been the hallmark of the spilt between the two predominant sects of Islam, Sunni and Shia, is as deadly as ever! So where is all this going to lead? Here’s a scenario of what we might see.
After the breakup of the Ottoman Empire immediately following WWI, the modern countries of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine – now Israel – were formed. The Hashemite’s who are direct descendants from Mohammed, were kings in Syria, Jordan and Iraq. In Syria and Iraq the regimes of the Hashemite Kings were overthrown, but not in Jordan. The Hashemite kingdom is alive and well there and headed by King Abdullah II.
After the overthrow of Saddam, which I will leave for the subject of another BLOG, King Abdullah offered to the Iraqi people the possibility of a constitutional monarchy. His offer was declined and instead the Malaki government was set in place. Now, with the US leaving the country what will we see?
* The Malaki government is enervated and has been propped  up by the US since its inception.
* Unless the Malaki govenrment can quell the sectarian violence, Iraq will never be a safe pace to live for either Sunni or Shia.
* Iran has its eyes on Iraq and is also fueling the ancient hatred between the two sects, as Iran is primarily of the Shia branch of Islam and Iraq is predominantly Sunni.
So here’s a possibility. Iraq needs a strongman like Saddam was. It needs someone who will seize the day and make it very clear who is in charge. Someone who will grab the reigns of power and use them to bring order to the country. That someone may be the King of Jordan. He is a Hashemite and because of this he holds great sway in the Muslim world. He also could offer part of his own country of Jordan as a Palestinian homeland as almost 75% of the Jordanian population is Palestinian. He then would create a new capital, with PETRO dollars and resurrect the ancient city of Babylon. Finally, because he has control of all of the Islamic holy sites, including Mecca and Medina and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, he could allow the Jews to rebuild their third and last temple on the mount.
If this happens then I believe we have witnessed what I term a Luciferian Dialectic.
The dialectic is as folows:
The conflict is the initial 911 attacks.
The Counter conflict is the Afghan and Iraq war.
The Synthesis is the rise of the Hashemite King who rules from Babylon and creates the long sought after peace in the Middle East between the Jews and the Moslems, as he grants part of Jordan to the Palestinians, thus solving the Middle East conundrum. Of course we know from prophecy that whoever “cuts the deal” with the Jews to rebuild the temple is the Anti Christ….
This of course is all speculation on my part. However let’s watch and be ready!
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50 thoughts on “Iraq – Time for the Strongman?

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  2. Brother Marzulli,

    I watched this ‘headline’ happen the other day and my heart sank. Why? Of course I feel for all the American families hurt by this war –Robert comes to mind here especially…

    However, as long as the U.S. was in Iraq, the rise of ancient Babylon was thwarted. Now that the U.S. has pulled out……well? Dunno…….

    In prayer…….

    In His Precious name

  3. I have always wondered why Iraq was not split into three seperate regions after Saddam was toppled? The reason from what I understand is oil. The Kurds would have the oil rich north and the Shiites would control the oil rich south leaving the Sunnis with nothing but Baghdad? Therefore constant fighting.

    The question I have surrounding the media hype over the US’s crossing over into Kuwait is, “why the hype?” There are 50,000 troops still left in Baghdad to help train the army and the police. The United States has hardly left Iraq?

    I have never read nor have I heard your suggestion LA about King Abdullah. It makes sense but does King Abdullah have the will power? I personally think Iraq is primed for takeover by the Iranians. I see the Iranians who are already in Iraq secretly attempting to move into Iraq full force. When this happens the US will have a reason to attack Iran.

    Maybe your suggestion promotes Psalm 83’s aftermath of Israel obtaining more land. If King Abdullah has moved his palace to Baghdad he may be inclined not to fight over some of his land in Jordan should Israel take control of it after the war of Psalm 83.

    I can not for the life of me understand why Israel has not attacked Iran yet. I know they are concerned over not getting US’s permission and by being the world’s scape goat but what’s the real reason? I wonder if it’s because the “Iron Dome” is not fully operational over all of Israel. Israel is also waiting on strategic weapons parts only recently released by Obama.

    I still think we will see war in Iran prior to the Novemeber elections. Obama and the democrats need a distraction to help them in the November elections. The stock market is tanking and the unemployment numbers for the first time went over 500,000 in nine months. Consumer confidence is down. Factors orders are down. I would be surprised to see the stock market close to 9,000 by the elections.

    • “Also invited to attend the Washington session are Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Jordan’s King Abdullah II, “in view of their critical role in this effort,” Clinton said.

      President Barack Obama will hold one-on-one talks with each of the four leaders, separately, on Sept. 1, followed by a dinner with them, Clinton said.

      Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the special representative of the “Quartet” of Mideast peacemakers — the U.S., the U.N., the European Union and Russia — also has been invited to attend the dinner, she said.

      Clinton said she would then host the first direct Israel-Palestinian negotiating session on Sept. 2.”

      In His Precious Name,

    • All I was waiting for in that video clip was for Hillary to say, “I hear and Obey” and “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

  4. I too am surprised that Israel hasn’t attacked them.

    These new peace talks are a yawner. Thirty years of peace talks and things are wound up tighter than ever. There is very little wiggle room left.

    If somehow they came out with a guaranteed peace set for seven years, I would sit up and take notice.

    However, the days of the United States being the guarantor seem to be numbered with the leaders we have and our economic woes.

    So, some kind of paradigm shift will need to occur.

  5. VIDEO added to YouTube July 23, 2010. “BREAKING NEWS! – Is Barack Obama Really A Saudi / Muslim “Plant” in the White House? ”

    • This video could very well be true considering his mother’s background and her parent’s background. Obama’s mother in reality, attended a private French school in the 1940’s in Syria. That’s right, SYRIA. Her father, Mr. Dunham, has no legitimate U.S. background information prior to WWII, and was supposedly a “patriot” who fought in WWII. Once he, and his wife came to the U.S. in the 1950’s, they settled in Kansas where he posed as a “furnature salesman” who needed to travel frequently. It was a very good cover for his real agenda which was to promulgate throughout the U.S. his communist agenda.

      Finally, Stanley Dunham (Obama’s mother’s first name was “Stanley” which raises questions as to what her real name actually was) goes off to college, and is known for her sexual promiscuity, and shacks up with Barak H. Obama Sr. But even with Obama Sr., we find out that this is not his original name either! He gave himself this name while he was supposedly living in Kenya. What was his name prior to that? That’s the question, and no one seems to know. Stanley Dunham supposedly married Obama Sr., but there are not records on this, no marriage license, nothing. Then 2 years later after barely having any actual time of living together, they “divorce.”

      Then Stanley Dunham takes her son “Barry” to the Phillipines where her mother had close ties with the oil industry there. Mr Soetoro, meets Stanley as she is supposedly studying the country for “Anthropology” and the two supposedly get married. However, Mr. Soetoro is virtually never around as “Barry” is growing up in the Muslim school there.

      My question is, who is Barak H. Obama II’s mother? What was her real name? Who were her real parents? And where did they come from? My current theory, is that I think that Barak’s mother may have actually been a part of the European Royal bloodline and was hidden away in Syria during her youth, and was eventually brought to the U.S. to “seed” an ethnically mixed baby who would be groomed throughout his life by the gloablists to become the ultimate puppet president of the U.S.

      I’m still working on researching this and gathering what evidence I can find online, but the true info on Obama’s family is extremely rare to find. What is loudly advertised in the media is his false past, along with his family background’s false past.

      All in all, “Obama” is about as false as a fraud can possibly get. I wish I would’ve know this info back in 2007.

    • Hi: Check out of Barack Obama) for a very interesting list of people that he is related to. Scroll about halfway down the page and you will see some of these listed; such as, Robert Duvall, Elvis Presley, Harry Truman (and other presidents), Queen Elizabeth II, etc. There is a chart showing how he is related to the Queen. Of course, these are very distant cousins, but evidently there are records to prove these relationships.


      Barbara in VA

    • “His name is “Steve Dunham”!”

      You may want to add this to your research also.

      It just gets “curioser and curioser”,doesn’t it?

      I’m sure you’ve come across what Pastor Manning had to say about his election being bought by the Saudis? (I’d post a link,but it would wind up being moderated,so I’m just sticking with one for now! I’ll leave the Googling to you!)

    • As I mentioned the other day a new poll is out saying that a significant number of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim and the White House says things like “Obviously he’s a Christian” and that he Ipod’s his sermons in from a variety of pastors rather than attending church yet none are mentioned by name. Once again, more people believe he is Muslim than want the Ground Zero Mosque and as I posted last week more people doubt Obama’s American citizenship than want the Ground Zero Mosque yet those against the Mosque are called a fringe group with them make up over 70%.

      I have an Obama theory. Could it be that the reason he went to Rev. Wright’s church and thought there was nothing wrong with it be because A.) It was only a front to portray himself as a Christian or B.) He grew up in Muslim schools and thought nothing was wrong with the sermons as it was the same hate many Muslim Mullahs spout?

      The men in Obam’as life growing up were all Muslim. He has made several slips about his “muslim faith”. He calls the Quoran the “Holy Quoran”. He never says this of the Bible or the Torrah. If he sees all religions as being the same why do this? He also keeps saying we need to have Muslim outreach but again this could be coming from the secularist world view and not a Muslim one.

      I’m not sure if it matters who he’s distantly related to. The film director Francis Ford Coppola is my 3rd cousin and you can find everyone from President John Adams to the Marx brothers closely related to me in my family tree and royal families of Europe are distantly in there. I have no power or money. Sometimes family ties aren’t everything.

    • Captain Eagle youre right about that. I belive he went to that church for both the reasons you said. Im no one to declare him not a christian, but I’ll go out on a limb anyway, I dont think he is at all.

  6. This was a statement by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit on Nile-TV. It was made on the «Round table show».

    This is the statement recorded:
    Egyptian minister: Obama told me he is a Muslim
    Obama told me he is still a Muslim, who supports the Muslim agenda.

    Adul Gheit said he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama, where the US President told him that He was still a Muslim, the son of a Muslim father, the step son of Muslim stepfather, that his half brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and that he was sympatetic towards the Muslim agenda.

    Adul Gheit claimed Obama told the Arabs to show patience. Obama promised that once he overcame some domestic issues, like the Health care reform, he would show the Muslim World how to deal with Israel.

  7. We are after the season in which Kings go to war. However, I have known it to snow in Summer. This is the time for much self introspection as our entire paradigm may be tested by what soon will befall the world. Get your houses in order. Pray. Prepare yourselves spiritually. Pray. Talk with and pray for your family members as they (and we) will be tested beyond anything we can even conceive when it all hits the fan…and we have been able to conceive a lot of different possible scenarios on this BLOG. Also don’t forget to pray.

    Did I mention pray?

    God is calling us to turn to Him and be spiritually mature in the days to come. Someone will be needed to be level headed spiritually to not be emotionally and spiritually compromised by what we know is going to happen. We must have the full armor of God on and be prepared to stand firm, no matter the opposition from within our immediate families and without.

    The days ahead are crucial. We cannot see with our mortal eyes the wars that rage in the spiritual realm even as I type this. But be assured, the Prince(s) over that region of Iran/Iraq and the Middle East as a whole are very strong and know the time is very, very soon if not right now. We are on the precipice of what will change our known world to the “New World Order” and we must be prepared stand for and to die for our Lord.

    If not today, then maybe tomorrow. If now tomorrow, then maybe next month, or year. But is going to happen; this we all know.

    I am trusting in my Lord and Savior and seeking His face.

    I pray for Wisdom.

    In Christ

    Jeff D

  8. Some shroud news…

    The sudarium aka oviedo shroud is said to be linked to the turin shroud and is featured in the current issue of atlantis rising. Just fyi for all of us shroud fans. It appears to be balanced article as far as I can see


  9. Also, just felt led to share this.

    On, they have an article about all kinds of stuff with iran, and obama and israel’s choices. The possibilities aren’t good.

    That said, I would like to ask us all to keep in mind something the apostle paul said. Pray for your leaders so that there may be peace in your time. Though time may be short before the Lord returns, let’s keep obama in our prayers, that God give him wisdom so that we may have peace.

    • The possibilities are….do nothing and do nothing. The talons of the Eagle have been torn away and no longer the proud war bird she once was.

  10. UFO-believing group in Cairngorms pilgrimage.

    Members of the Aetherius Society are preparing to meet some higher beings who have transcended from extra terrestrials

    Let’s hope these so called “higher beings” are not retired games show hosts passing themselves off as extra terrestrials, holed up somewhere in an undisclosed location in Southern California.

    (Side note) This is NOT a pic of The Christian Broadcasting Network’s telethon in progress.
    (Praise-a-thon for any CBN attorneys just happening to read this)

  11. Conflict between Iraq and Iran isn’t ONLY about the sects of Islam —— it also has to do with who they are. Iranians are PERSIAN. Iraqi’s, for the most part, are Arab.

    Iran is NOT an Arab nation, which many either do not know, or dismiss as insignificant. It is not insignificant.

  12. Hey Mr. Marzulli, I just heard your show on Coast To Coast with Noory, and that was an excellant show!.
    You know, I’ve only heard a hand full of people that understand that the “restrainer” is Michael the Archangel, and that he is stepping out of the way so that the world can have the devil they worship. Also, it never occurred to me before till your show how logical it is that when Satan and his fallen angels are cast down to earth, of COURSE they will be FURIOUS because they no longer have access to timelessnes. They will be confined to linear time. It will feel like prison to them! Great show!

  13. I have a nephew who is 12. At the age of 6 he went through an unbelievable experience through a Catholic Charity when a foster child who was 13 was brought into the home. You can imagine what happened. Anyways his father left him and his other 3 siblings when he was 8. He really has no father figure. Even though it’s long distance relationship I really try to fill in the gap. Austin acts out quite a bit which is normal for his past experiences but oddly he is very spiritual. He loves going to church and reading scripture. In fact he quotes scripture in letters and he prays a lot. We talk about our faith and pray when he wants to.

    Friday morning he called me and said Uncle Richard I had a dream about the apocalypse last night. I said you did what happened? I have never mentioned the word apocalypse. I prefer to call it the second coming. He said we were all coming of the clouds with Jesus but there was a lot of people on earth dying. I said wow. He said yea it was sad.

    Well this morning he called and he said I had another dream. He said in this dream we were all in heaven having dinner with Jesus and then after dinner we were all walking around talking to each other. He said Jesus was everywhere.
    I said you know what they call that in the bible? The wedding supper of the lamb.
    He said really.

    I just think that’s awesome. His dreams gave us the opportunity to spring board into more discussions about christ and how much he loves Austin even though he’s been through so much.

    Austin is 12. I just really enjoy wonderig

    • Richard,

      That would make me take notice as well.

      I’ve read other dream/visions w/the same catching up/war & death scenario timing.

      The one thing about the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. I’ve listened to various scenarios of timing on that too but the one which makes the most sense to me is that it would take place after “all” the saints are together. Would the Lord leave anyone out? His ways aren’t my ways but you think He would include everyone. With Austin’s dream it didn’t place the exact time but that it occurred @ some point after the catching up.

      God is outside of time & we exist in linear time which makes trying to get our minds around things all that more confusing.

      Patience & perseverance. Those two are tough but necessary.

    • I think the marriage supper will happen after the rapture for the “Church” during the tribulation and we will come back with the Lord as He puts an end to His enemies and this world system. Then He will set up His kingdom, of which the “Church” will be given their delegated responsibilities (i.e. reigning with Christ — princes, goveners, teachers, etc.) The people who come to faith in Christ during the tribulation while we are in heaven at the marriage supper will be believers and they will repopulate the earth in His new kingdom. It is my understanding that the “church” is a unique “organism” I guess you can call it. We have been called out and have a peculiar position in Christ that others (people who come to faith in Him before or after the church age) will not. We are not better than the other believers, we are just the ones that believed during the church age and are therefore, the called out ones, the church, the body of Christ. Amen!

  14. Lisa and Lisa his dream made me think of the 2nd coming not the rapture. His mentioning of the apocalypse was particularly odd to me since I have never heard him say that word before.

    To me it was if he were describing the raptured church coming down with Jesus at the second coming to destroy everyone at armageddon. Biblical scholars seems to differ on when the wedding supper of the lamb will be? I’ve heard biblical scholars say the weddding supper will occur right after the church is raptured and I’ve read that the wedding supper will not occur until after the second coming? It’s just neat to hear a 12 year old who does not know about the wedding supper of the lamb describe it in detail. It gave me goosebumps.

  15. Robert the Doll was investigated on Coast to Coast last Friday. I missed it but I guess the researcher found it to be a demonic object. I know the doll has been mentioned here before.

    Saturday on Coast they did a 9/11 debate. For those of you who say it was an inside job it had some interesting points to deflate that conspiracy theory.

    • In the recap I read it said if you photograph the doll bad things happen to you, it was built by a voodoo priestess, and blood was involved. Weird stuff.

    • Q1:Building 7, how and why did it fall? The 9/11 Commission Report states “the heat from the other two buildings caused building 7 to fall.” This is about as good of an explanation as JFK’s 1-Bullet Theory. 9/11 is a complete cover-up and was caused by the globalists who are much higher up on the totum pole than people like Bush or Cheney. Bush and Cheney were just the PR people in the mix who did/do what they’re told.

      Q2: Why does the FBI deny to this day, that they ever recovered the flight recorder boxes when there are workers who excavated the boxes and handed them over to the FBI? The workers said that for certainty, the FBI recovered 2 flight recorder boxes. Why lie to the public saying they never found them?

      Q3: How can anyone in their right mind not see that there is an obvious cover up here, unless they’re so patriotically blind, or unless they actually have an agenda to further mislead people by going along with the ludicrous story uncle sam has fed us?

  16. Church’s attempt to be edgy and culturally relevant actually turns off young adults

    The church today has a weakness for numbers.” So says Brett McCracken author of Hipster Christianity: When Church And Cool Collide. “We are infatuated with measurements and quantified data: statistics, opinion polls, market research, attendance figures, bestseller lists, budgets, and so on.”

    McCracken proposes that a fixation on numbers coupled with eroding church attendance amongst young adults prompt churches to be viewed as cool. In a recent piece for the Wall Street Journal, the author elaborates:

    There are various ways that churches attempt to be cool. For some, it means trying to seem more culturally savvy. The pastor quotes Stephen Colbert or references Lady Gaga during his sermon, or a church sponsors a screening of the R-rated “No Country For Old Men.” For others, the emphasis is on looking cool, perhaps by giving the pastor a metrosexual makeover, with skinny jeans and an $80 haircut, or by insisting on trendy eco-friendly paper and helvetica-only fonts on all printed materials. Then there is the option of holding a worship service in a bar or nightclub (as is the case for L.A.’s Mosaic church, whose downtown location meets at a nightspot called Club Mayan).

    “Wannabe cool” Christianity also manifests itself as an obsession with being on the technological cutting edge. Churches like Central Christian in Las Vegas and Liquid Church in New Brunswick, N.J., for example, have online church services where people can have a worship experience at an “iCampus.” Many other churches now encourage texting, Twitter and iPhone interaction with the pastor during their services.

    But one of the most popular—and arguably most unseemly—methods of making Christianity hip is to make it shocking. What better way to appeal to younger generations than to push the envelope and go where no fundamentalist has gone before?

    McCracken argues that this effort to be cool is an unsustainable path for churches.

    I agree. Jesus has never been out of style. Pointing people to Him is as radical but relevant today as it was 2,000 years ago. Somehow, I don’t think the preacher in the video above fits into that mold.

  17. Article fuels speculation, debate over possible strike against Iran

    “If the United States doesn’t attack Iran’s nuclear facilities within the next eight months or so, Israel probably will”

    The peanut gallery…(aka Imam Obama and his cronies) think they have 8 months? You can’t be serious? In 8 months Iran will have a bomber drone able to reach the US.

    Ahmadinejad unveils new ‘bomber’ drone

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