Rael – The Coming Great Deception?

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L. A. Marzulli

Maitreya Rael Predicts Imminent Wave of UFO Sightings Throughout China

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Maitreya Rael, founder and leader of the International Raelian Movement, announced in a statement released today that a UFO that appeared over the Hangzhou airport, forcing authorities to close that facility, is “just the beginning of a huge wave of UFO apparitions that will appear starting now all over China.”

“These UFO s are the vessels used by the Elohim, our creators from space who were described in all ancient Chinese traditions, and who a long time ago had children with the Chinese,” Rael said. “That’s why the Chinese call themselves ‘children from the sky.'”


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It just amazes me that this guy gets the press that he does. He makes an announcement like the one I linked to above and it’s picked up by almost every major media outlet! He has a good PR firm, that’s for sure, but let’s take a good look at what Rael is saying. First off he tells us that the Elohim are, our creators from space. Now some of you may just shrug your shoulders and say, so what. This of course flies in the face of what Christianity teaches, that a benevolent God created all life from nothing i.e. ex nihilo, and that we were created  in his image.

Rael then goes on to bash Christianity. Look, I know my history and the Crusades, The Inquisition, indulgences and in short all of the abuses that the so-called church has engaged in for the last 2000 years, are black marks. However, there is a far cry from what man has done, in the name of religion and what actually happened when Yashua walked the earth. Rael also points out that:

China has developed a very scientific and philosophically advanced society without the guilt caused by Christianity, especially Catholicism, and particularly thanks to the influence of Lao Tzu and Confucius, two of the greatest thinkers of history of humanity.”

He’s right about the  guilt part. There is guilt from the stuff that we do that isn’t good. In other words, if I yell at my wife that’s not a good thing is it? So what do I do with this guilt? How to I expunge it, remove it, cover it over? Every human being on this planet does “stuff” that he or she is not proud of. This is the whole point of Yashua coming to earth. He offers us a way to remove the guilt, if we admit that we need the guilt removed. In contrast to what Rael is saying, the guidebook to the Supernatural. i.e. the Bible, tells us that:  there is now no condemnation for those who are in the Messiah, Yashua. Of course Rael is most likely not aware of that passage! I will admit that certain religious traditions do promulgate guilt, but this is a far cry from what the guidebook tells us, and in fact is the invention of men. It is a deliberate obfuscation of the “good news,” that there is no condemnation!

In closing today’s post. Here’s the last part of the article. In short, it is what I have come to call the Alien Gospel, or the Coming great deception.

Brigitte Boisellier, spokesperson for the International Raelian Movement said the messages given to Maitreya Rael by the Elohim when they met in central France in 1973 and 1975 explain not only that there is no god, but that there is no evolution either, since all life on earth was created in laboratories through genetic engineering by the Elohim. She said “Elohim” is a plural Hebrew word meaning “those coming from the sky,” but was mistakenly translated as “god” by primitive people.

“So the Elohim, though human like us, are thousands of years more scientifically advanced than us,” she explained. “They created all life on Earth, including human beings. And now that we ourselves are reaching a scientific understanding of the universe, they wish to contact us officially to help us enter a new era of permanent peace brought by science and technology.”

Why is it that the message that Rael was given is so contradictory from what The Guidebook tells us? Why do these entities that contacted Rael, insist that there is no God? Why is it that these entities tell us that we were created by genetic manipulation? You see there seems to be an ax to grind here. The message from the so-called Elohim is one of deception. As UFO pioneer researcher Jacque Vallee stated, these entities are messengers of deception. For Rael and the 70,000 people who follow him and the Elohim’s message they are, in my opinion, deceived and have bought into and are in fact, promulgating the Coming Great Deception!


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43 thoughts on “Rael – The Coming Great Deception?

  1. If rael wasn’t such a serious threat with such good publicity, he would be laughable. Also I just heard a show with travis walton, and told him to try getting in touc with la. I think that would be an awesome show, and ithink his story was interesring

  2. Interesting how raelians slip their lie into the Elohim word (plural). One big problem however is that the true Elohim spoke the creation into being, without the need of a “laboratory”. The nephilim may have used a laboratory later to mess with the genes, but all they managed to do was mess up an already “very good” creation.

    Then there’s the resurrection of Jesus Christ to reckon with.

    • I will cover it Joe B.

      I havent posted in a while but have been reading daily.

      I asked for prayers for my mom a few weeks ago and appreciate it. Theya are still needed. She has a strain of Luekimia and is going through all the treatments and reprecussions of chemo. Dad can use prayers too as he has some health concerns and the stress is affecting him too.

      I pray your dad has a speedy and successful recovery.

      God Bless,
      Jimmy Douglas

    • Thank you Jimmy. Have you received my email? I hope and pray everything is good with your mother and father, I was just thinking about you this morning

    • I pray for Jimmy that Yeshua/Jesus will take your Mother and gift her with healing throughout her whole body, and that your Father will find peace that passes all understanding and strength beyone what he knows he has.

      I pray for Joe’s Father that Yeshua/Jesus will carry him through the surgery and give him abounding strength to recover. I also pray for healing throughout his whole body.

    • I can’t thank you guys enough. After I left the hospital there were some complications and he went back in the O.R. for about 2 hours. Everything is fine now (or so we hope). Much thanks you guys and thank you more than I can ever say Lord.

    • Thanks for keeping us updated Joe. I have been praying and am glad everything is ok.

      I am in the middle of moving this week and my mom is back in the hospital. They live about 85 miles away and everything has been going so fast. She has been diagnosed with Luekimia and has had one rond or chemo already. She will undergo surgery in a few hours becuase now she has kidney stones and is in a lot of pain. Her blood count is low and they had to give her more blood this morning. She was due for chemo today but the kidney stones changed that. I dont know if they gave her another blood platelet shot yet or not. It is astounding. These blood platlet shots, which help bring the count up, are $8,000 a shot.

      I was nervous to see her the other day becuase she started losing hair and shaved it now and is wearing head bandanda and stuff. She actually looked good. Still a classy lady with her make up on. She really scared me the a few weeks ago when her counts went down and came back to the hospital

      Please keep us all in your prayers as well becuase so many things are hitting everybody in all directions.

      Oh and Joe B, I did get your e-maials and I appreciate them. I just been slammed and havent been able to respond

      Thanks and God Bless,
      Jimmy Dougla

  3. Also, here is an update on Russia filling up Iran’s nuclear reactor. The article says that America and Israel are greeting the news with apathy. I wonder if that’s true. According to other reports, America sent 3 drones to hit the reactor with light bombs to see how Iran reacted. They killed 5 people but, in the process, America and Israel got a chance to see how Iran would react if they were bombed. There also appears to be a news black-out on anything to do with Israel because, in the last few weeks, nothing at all is being said. Why? Hopefully, they have a plan and don’t want to alarm anyone by word getting out. Pray that they don’t let this thing be fueled because, once it is, they are not allowed to strike it for fear of the nuclear material that will be spread. I guess we’ll see. The Bible indicates that there will be an attack and it will be nuclear. If this is the case, they may not take it out until after it’s filled. Anyway, we will know by the 21st which is this Saturday.

  4. Many people reported seeing UFO’s on Tuesday night over Cultus lake, Chilliwack, B.C. This is the first time I have seen any reports in a local newspaper, it was also in the Vancouver paper. A 4 passenger plane enroute to Victoria, B.C. also went missing between Penticton and Chilliwack the same afternoon. No trace found so far.

  5. Funny how Mr. Claude Vorilhon (aka “Rael”) conveniently forgot to mention that Mao’s unprecedented genocide of the Chinese people far supersedes the Nazi holocaust. And I don’t mean to diminish the holocaust its just that Mao doesn’t get as much attention despite 76,702,000 dead bodies in China due to Democide. China is the world leader in mass murder and persecution.

    Maybe that says something about Rael’s theory about the helpful “alien” influence!

    Check the data for yourselves: http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/20TH.HTM

  6. I saw on someone’s page that he (maitreya) posted on facebook about a super earthquake that was suppose to hit California before September ?? , I forget the date, but he was predicting it, however, I dont believe fruit loops. I tried looking up his page, but can only read it if a “friend”.

  7. I’m glad you posted this. This is one of the subjects I touch on extensively in my new book. What’s more disturbing is that these “aliens” that the Raeliens worship are asking for a world wide invitation. They are trying to get the world to open up a huge spiritual doorway to let them in.

    • Interesting point Dante. I think that there must be something going on as far as spiritual “legal right” is concerned. Just as the devil cannot enter into a person unless the person knowingly or unknowingly lets him, perhaps the same goes for the world. The devil and his minions must have full acceptance from the world as a whole before full disclosure can achieved? Also, to factor in the Holy Spirit who is still protecting us is also keeping the devil scaled back, but the Restrainer seems to be letting loose and letting more of the devil’s influence come into the world as the world more and more, rejects God and cries out for the false gods.

    • One of the things that these beings require is an embasy. Even more interesting is that they are claiming that they will protect the country that is hosting the embasy that needs to be built?

      One of the requirements before coming to the world is that we cease all conflict. If we first need to cease all conflict for them to land, what or who exactly would they be protecting us from? Sounds like the Armageddon scenario in Revelation where the world decides to take on God. It may come as a direct result of influence by these beings.

    • Hasn’t an “alien” embassy already been built in Kashikstan(sp)I remember seeing the photos last year at JRed’s site I think.Very weird and occult buildings, a weird hand thing in one of them, and lots of bizarre stuff !

    • Great lookin out dante. The world wide invitation is something I see also. I know not to put stock with blossom goodchild, but she is always promoting a mass visualization in her blog and channelings.

      They’red trying to get something going.

    • Does Benjamin Creme know that ra el is using the name maitreya now? Did Benjamin Creme and Share International decide that ra el should be the maitreya instead of the “other guy” they have been touting as the maitreya? When did Claude start putting the maitreya in front of his rael name? Yes, these crazy fruit loops are opening star gates and portals all over the place! Communicating with the elohim whom they think are God’s angels, but they are not, they are the fallen angels! My suggestion is that we pray for these people…and bind the demonic activities they are up to by the blood of Jesus Christ! They opened up a star gate in the gulf of Aiden…which I think is by the straits of Hormuz sometime ago…it is supposedly heavily guarded from “sight seers” as “things” go in and out of there quite regularly…from what the new age crowd believes any way….don’t know how to vet it! Pray for the United States brothers and sisters, God will still hear our prayers and will spare His people!
      Thanks to all of you for lookin out, and God Bless!

  8. And who created the Elohim that created us or who created any of the ET races that claim they are gods?
    Somebody had to start them. Unless you want to stick with the old Shtick that it was all an accident.
    In order to have an accident you have to have something to start with.

    Joe B, your dad and Jimmy,your mom.
    I will be praying. He does answer our prayers.

    • Thank you Doug and everyone else. He just got out or surgery and is being put in a room now. Everything went well, me and my family are very relieved.

  9. Anyone ever read ” HE WALKED THE AMERICAS” ? — a fascinating story that knits together ancient traditions that a CHRIST like figure traveled thru North and South America teaching the various tribes wisdom and a way of peace. They always wept when he left because they loved him so and he promised to return someday. He always appointed 12 tribal leaders to carry on his teachings. Some tribes reverted to primitive ways like human sacrifice , etc. Others passed down his teachings thru their special shamans who were ” keepers of the truth” I met such a special shaman named RED ELK who had a special bible based spiritual knowledge that was extremely impressive. He claimed that the stories in that book about the CHRIST like figure visiting the tribes were indeed true and he also warned about a FALSE RAPTURE INVOLVING ALIENS AND UFOs

    • Sounds to me like after Christ’s resurection the enemy put in some OT over here to set up his 2012 nonsense. Just a thought. How elsed do you explain quetzlcoatl?

    • Frank! This is mentioned in my up and coming new book, the Cosmic Chess Match. 2012 is a deliberate obfuscation of Biblical prophecy and it may be a date picked out by the enemy to further his deception! L. A.

  10. You know what I hope he’s right! I hope the fallen angels return. The sooner “The Great Deception” the sooner the rapture of the church. The same with Ezekiel 38 and 39 and possibly Psalm 83. Bring it on! I’m ready to go home to papa!

  11. Is there any connection between Benjamin Creme’s Maitreya and Maitreya Rael? I mean with the exception of the word “Maitreya”?

    • was just wondering that myself, up near Minister Dante Fortson’s reply….hope someone can shed some light on this.

    • The name Maitreya is really predicted in some Buddhist texts.

      Benjamin creme started to speak about Maitreya in a giant newspaper add in the 70’s

      Since Claude Vorilhon RAEL now wants to be accepted by Asians people he now uses the
      name Maitreya since it has more meaning for a Buddhist than Son of YAHWEH or half-brother
      of jesus-Christ he was using in christians nation.

      watch on youtube : Maitreya From The West

    • Mr. Creme looks just completely out to lunch somewhere, during this— or maybe more like he’s there, screaming inside, trying to free himself. Wouldn’t have thought a cell phone video could creep that much.

    • We understand they are listening to a recording, right? The way the video is named is inferring they are listening to an entity. I believe in the supernatural, but I have hard time when things get exaggerated.

      I had to quit after just a bit because, because frankly I don’t want to listen to the demonic speaking over people as if it is benevolent God.

  12. Here’s an article and VIDEO(s) I found interesting today. It’s about George Soros funded Groups infiltrating the Catholic Church. So when you watch the video and see “Catholic Counterfeits” just be aware that it’s talking about George Soros and how he knows that if he can influence the Catholic Church from within, he wins elections. It also further ties in Abortion, Gay Marriage, etc. etc.

    Link: http://newzeal.blogspot.com/2010/08/obamas-counterfeit-catholics.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook

  13. Does anyone know how iwould go about becoming a helper for paapsi? I saw their site, but nothing about it. Its something I’m praying and thinking about.

  14. Lots of stuff going on. Don’t forget, depending on the time zone, Russia is supposed to supply fuel for Iran’s nuclear reactor today or tommorow. I don’t know. What a mess.

    Me and my family can still use your prayers. I live a few blocks from hospital and am waiting for my dad to call. My mom is in operating room having kidney stones removed. Diagnosed with Luekima about 3 weeks ago and going through all that chemo stuff. With the chemo, she basicly has no immune system. They live in a town 85 miles away. If she even runs a 99.5 degree fever, she has to come to Amarillo and into the hospital.

    I have talked to my parents before about the Nephilim. It is very alien, no pun intended, to my mother. My dad isnt sure. If I get time, I want to go get Politics, Prophesy, and Sumperanatural. My dad might read it. The way L.A. has written it, I think mom might absorb it as well. But she is legally blind. But I may offer reading it out loud to her or on to a cd for her to listen too. My sister lives in the same town that my parents do. I live where all the medical facilities are. So we both stay busy with our parents. They were so good to us growin up and even into adulthood.

    God Bless and take care.
    Jimmy Douglas

    • Praying for u jimmy. My dad had kidney stone surgery, and I also gave him a alien interviews book.

      Keep the faith bro!

  15. Oh, in case you might help me a little, I don’t know how to get my blogs here on wordpress to appear in my google and or yahoo search engines, which is where I caught your blog titles. Any pointers on that? Thanks in advance in case you’d be willing to help a fellow blogger (though I know I’m a poor writer, just have lots to say so must).

  16. What am I missing here? It seems obvious to me, even though you can barely make out what’s being said, that Creme’s prerecorded message (his voice) is being piped in from somewhere in the room or someplace in the building. If it’s all really meant to convince anyone of anything, it’s pretty darn silly.

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