L. A. Marzulli on Acceleration Radio Tonight! 7pm (PST)

Special Acceleration Radio Tonight! 7PM (PST)

L. A. Marzulli will discuss the Coming Perfect Storm as well as answer questions! To call in live 800-596-8191. We had over 11,000 hits on the BLOG yesterday. I’m going live tonight to talk about the coming Perfect Storm and also answer some of the many questions that I received in the last 24 hours, all due from my appearance on Coast to Coast Am on Monday night!

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Here is my outline of what I will talking about on tonight’s show. If you would like to suggest questions please feel free to email at la@lamarzulli.net

Coast to Coast: August 2010

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Hi George:

There is so much happening on a global level that is almost impossible to keep up with it on a daily basis. I believe that if we take all of these into consideration we are looking at the formation of the perfect storm….

I have listed here the four areas that will be pertinent to our conversation tonight, they are:

Earth Changes

Man Made Disasters

Wars and rumors of wars

The Paranormal.

Here are some of the stories that I will be pointing to. I enclose these so you can access the material if you wish so we can be on the same page.

All the best.

L. A. Marzulli

Earth Changes:

Q. What are some of the natural events that you are seeing and how are they affecting us?

Huge ice sheet breaks from Greenland glacier. It is the largest Arctic iceberg to calve since 1962, said Prof Andreas Muenchow of the University of Delaware.


Heat wave and drought slam Europe: The scorching temperatures and dry skies threatening Russia’s wheat harvests have also been beating down on Western Europe, which is forecasting lower output of crops from French wheat to Italian tomatoes.

Muscovites Flee Worst Heat `in 1,000 Years’; Death Rate Doubles: The heat wave that has plagued central Russia since June is the worst in the country’s history, said Alexander Frolov, head of Rosgidromet, the federal weather service. “In 1,000 years, neither we nor our ancestors have observed or recorded anything like this sort of heat,” he said in televised comments.


1,100 missing in China as flooding continues in Asia: The search for survivors in northwestern China is growing desperate in the wake of flash floods and landslides that have killed hundreds and disrupted the lives of millions more across Asia. http://winnipeg.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20100809/china-floods-100809/20100809/?hub=WinnipegHome

6 Million Fish Dead in Bolivian Ecological Disaster: Over 1 million fish and thousands of alligators, turtles, dolphins and other river wildlife are floating dead in numerous Bolivian rivers. Unprecedented: Nothing like this has ever been seen in this magnitude in Bolivia. http://www.boliviabella.com/1-million-fish-dead-in-bolivian-ecological-disaster.html

Peru suffers deadly outbreak of bubonic and pneumonic plague: An outbreak of bubonic and pneumonic plague in Peru has killed a 14-year-old boy and infected at least 31 people in a northern coastal province.


With blazing summers, wildfires in one hemisphere and a deep freeze in the other, is, 2010 the year of extreme weather? While Pakistan has been hit by catastrophic flooding, Russia has endured a lethal heatwave. Some 1,200 people have been killed in the deluges sweeping Pakistan, but in Moscow more than 30 are reported to have died in wildfires as temperatures have soared to a new record for the region of 38C (100F).

Pakistan’s flooding sweeps south: Pakistani authorities have evacuated 500,000 people in 11 districts of Sindh and issued warnings to people in low-lying areas of the Indus river.

Burning: Smoke threatens to block out the sun over the village of Marathokampo, Eastern Greece, where extreme heat has also caused wildfires.  Meanwhile in Pakistan dozens of villages have been completely submerged by the deadly flooding.

UN says Pakistan floods worse than 2004 tsunami: “This disaster is worse than the tsunami, the 2005 Pakistan earthquake and the Haiti earthquake,” Maurizio Giuliano, a spokesman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), told AFP.

He said the 13.8 million affected outstripped the more than three million hit by the 2005 earthquake, five million in the 2004 tsunami and the three million affected by the Haiti earthquake in January this year.


Iceland prepares for second, more devastating volcanic eruption: “This could trigger Katla, which is a vicious volcano that could cause both local and global damage,” Tremors around Eyjafjallajokull were first recorded in early March, but precise prediction of volcanic eruption is difficult, even with the high-tech equipment available to Icelandic geologists.  Now that it has happened the only basis for prediction is history — and that does not look good.

“Eyjafjallajokull has blown three times in the past thousand years,” Dr McGarvie told The Times, “in 920AD, in 1612 and between 1821 and 1823. Each time it set off Katla.” The likelihood of Katla blowing could become clear “in a few weeks or a few months”, he said.


Man Made Disasters:

Q: How has the Gulf Oil Spill affected us?

BP Oil Spill Stalls Gulf Loop Current:

Oceanographic satellite data now shows that the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico has stalled as a consequence of the BP oil spill disaster. This according to Dr. Gianluigi Zangari, an Italian theoretical physicist, and major complex and chaotic systems analyst at the Frascati National Laboratories in Italy.

He further notes that the effects of this stall have also begun to spread to the Gulf Stream. This is because the Loop Current is a crucial element of the Gulf Stream itself and why it is commonly referred to as the “main engine” of the Stream.

The concern now, is whether or not natural processes can re-establish the stalled Loop Current. If not, we could begin to see global crop failures as early as 2011.


Freddie Mac says needs $1.8 billion from taxpayers

(Reuters) – Mortgage finance giant Freddie Mac (FMCC.OB) on Monday said it would need another $1.8 billion in aid from taxpayers, bringing its total request since it was taken over by the government two years ago to more than $64 billion.

The second largest U.S. residential mortgage funds provider reported a loss of $6.0 billion, or $1.85 per diluted share, in the second quarter, including a $1.3 billion dividend payment to the government.

That compares with an $8.0 billion loss in the prior quarter and is the best three-month performance in a year. The firm lost $840 million in the second quarter of last year.

The company said losses stemmed primarily from loans purchased or guaranteed between 2005 and 2008.

The U.S. Treasury took control of Freddie Mac and its sister entity, Fannie Mae (FNMA.OB), at the height of the financial crisis in 2008 as loan losses mounted.

Since the government takeover, the two firms together have requested close to $150 billion from the government’s unlimited credit line, scheduled to expire at the end of 2012.


Wars and Rumors of Wars:

Four armies on alert, Khamenei takes charge of Lebanese crisis

Tehranthrew all its weight behind Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah ahead of his contentious speech Monday, Aug. 9, by declaring that “Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan are Iran’s security belt,” and sending its National Security Council Director Saeed Jalili, who is also lead nuclear negotiator, to Beirut Sunday to strengthen his hand. This is reported by debkafile’s Iranian sources.
Upon arrival, the NSC head went into conference with Nasrallah and the spiritual leader’s special aide Ali Akbar Velayati, who arrived in Beirut last Thursday, Aug. 5 after the Lebanese-Israeli border clash, and is still there.
Jalilee then took off for Damascus to give Syrian president Bashar Assad a piece of his mind. According to our sources, in a conversation that went on till early Monday, the Iranian official made it clear that Tehran would not tolerate the deal Assad concluded with Saudi king Abdullah to pull away from – or even reduce – Syrian relations with Hizballah.

“The power of resistance and unity of the Lebanese Army does not let the Zionist regime to even cut a tree. Earlier, the Zionist regime could advance to the borders of Beirut fearlessly. Today the Zionist army gets a strong response from Islamic Resistance…”
His words meant that, for Tehran, the Lebanese Army’s 9th Battalion is no longer a separate, autonomous entity but integral to Hizballah and a partner in its radical mission.

FBI again hunts al Qaeda “dirty bomb” expert – first exposed by DEBKA

US federal agencies Saturday, Aug. 7, announced the hunt was on again for Adnan Al Shukrijumah, 35, who lived in the US for 15 years and may now be Al Qaeda’s mew global operations chief.
debkafile’s counter terror sources confirm the wanted man is indeed dangerous – but not because of his climb up the al Qaeda ladder but owing to the unique task first assigned him seven years ago to carry out a radiological bombing attack in America.
This task was first revealed by DEBKA-Net-Weekly 132, the Nov. 17, 2003, whose sources reported that  already then, in October of that year, Shukriumah was the quarry of a secret manhunt in the US and Canada.  He was employed at the time as a nuclear engineering student at MacMaster University’s nuclear 5-megawatt research reactor in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada before suddenly disappearing.

His absence was noted when a large quantity of radioactive material was missed from the university’s reactor. It was suspected then that Osama bin Laden had entrusted the “student” with preparing a “dirty bomb” attack in a North American city.
Shukrijumah has never been traced since.

Born in Saudi Arabia, Shukrijumah was brought to the United States as a young child by his father, an imam, and mother and lived inNew York and Florida for 15 years.

In its original report of 2003, DEBKA-Net-Weekly disclosed:

American authorities first heard about Al ShukriJumah’s terror mission on al Qaeda’s behalf from Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, the senior operative of the fundamentalist network captured at his home in Karachi one night in March.
Sheikh Mohammed described the wanted man as a one-man cell trained to build from scratch radiological bombs capable of environmental contamination. From Sheikh Mohammed, US counter-terror agencies learned for the first time about the single-cell al Qaeda chemical, biological and nuclear strike-teams consisting of lone operatives trained to operate solo.
The experts had previously assumed that each unconventional weapons cell

numbered several members and was  supported by broad logistical backup crews [like the network which carried out the 9/11 attacks].


Fidel Castro Goes Live With Warning of Nuclear Holocaust

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro warned today of imminent nuclear war and said the world’s fate was in President Barack Obama’s hands, as he addressed the Cuban National Assembly for the first time since taking ill four years ago.

Fidel Castro speaks during a special session of parliament in his first official government…

Fidel Castro speaks during a special session of parliament in his first official government appearance in front of lawmakers in four years in Havana, Cuba, Saturday Aug. 7, 2010. Castro, who turns 84 on Aug. 13, is making near daily appearances in and around Havana after spending four years almost completely out of the public eye following emergency intestinal surgery that forced him to cede power to his younger brother Raul. At left is Ricardo Alarcon, president of parliament.

(Javier Galeano/AP Photo)

Castro said the most recent U.N. sanctions on Iran will trigger a nuclear holocaust if the United States inspects the country’s ships come September, as called for in the June resolution.

Only world pressure on Obama can avert the conflagration that will bring all major economies to a standstill, he said.

“In this critical situation President Barack Obama is the one who will have to give the order for this so-often announced and proclaimed attack,” Castro said, calling on world leaders to weigh in with the U.S. president before it’s too late.

NKorea fires artillery off west coast

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Aug 9, 7:16 AM (ET)

By HYUNG-JIN KIMSEOUL, South Korea (AP) – North Korea fired about 110 rounds of artillery Monday near its disputed sea border with South Korea, the South’s military said, amid high tension over the deadly sinking of a South Korean warship blamed on North Korea.

The firing came shortly after South Korea ended five-day naval drills off the west coast that the North called a rehearsal for an invasion, vowing to retaliate.


Iran ‘digging mass graves for US troops’ in case of invasion

Graves being prepared in case America attacks, says former Revolutionary Guards commander.

Iran has dug mass graves in which to bury US troops if America attacks the country, a former commander of the elite Revolutionary Guard has said.

The digging of the graves appears to be a show of bravado after the chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, said last week that the US military had a contingency plan to attack Iran, although he thought a military strike was probably a bad idea.


The Paranormal:

Modern Nephilim?

UFOs – Real, burgeoning and not going away!

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  1. Can someone record this? LA, will you have this available for those of us who do not subscribe to the show? Dave

    • There is a website that archives these shows I posted before. I’ll post it again when they add the L.A. show.

    • I would love to listen too…but am not up that late 😦 The webside you posted Rose, as well as all of the archived shows I have found still require you login as a paying subscriber to Coast to Coast.

    • I just recorded the show on my laptop with my windows movie maker “Narrate Timeline.” Came out great!! I can email anyone the show, probably. Just shoot me a message on my website. It was a great show with a lot of great information!! Also, 600wrec.com has Coast to Coast available to listen to online every night. 🙂

    • Brazilian Air Force reveals secret UFO “X-Files”
      All documents will be available to the public at the National Archives
      Marcelo Mackinnon (pelarco)
      Brazilian Air Force reveals secret UFO “X-Files”


      Brasilia August 2010 – The Air Command Center of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) will keep a record of all UFOs that appear in Brazilian airspace.An official notice published on August 11 suggests that all civilian and military pilots, air traffic controllers and users of the air traffic control centers should inform of any UFO sightings to the Airspace Defense Command Center in Brasilia.
      Any event that is seen, photographed or filmed within the huge Brazilian airspace (8,5 million square kilometers, equivalent to 34 times the size of the United Kingdom) and in the 13,5 million square kilometers over the territorial waters will be filed and archived in the Historical Documents Center of the Brazilian Air Force (Cendoc) . In an undisclosed timeframe, the FAB will transfer all information about UFOs from Cendoc to the National Archives in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. Researchers or anyone interested will be able to access this information about ETs and UFOs.

      The documents that will be revealed are not to be understimated. There are12.800 traffic controllers in Brazil, that are constantly focused on their airspace. . “There was a top secret FAB document that instructed personnel about how to register sightings of UFOs ”, said a FAB official in charge of air traffic control. “We have reports of sightings by government ministers and even a President that saw UFOs ”, said an air traffic controller from Rio de Janeiro. “This official order is given fifty years late. The U.S. government already had the Blue Book Project in the 1950s, with the only purpose of recording UFO sightings”, said a high ranking FAB officer. “But over there, as will be the case here, this does not mean that UFOs exist”, added the officer.

      UFOs and ETs attacked in Para in the 1970s

      Between September and December of 1977, FAB officials investigated in Vigia,in the northern state of Para. Villagers of this jungle area denounced that thay had been attacked by UFOs that fired lasers at them, causing 1º degree burns, dizziness,headaches and trembling and draining of their blood.
      Operation Flying Saucer registered 130 accounts from military personnel and civilians, as well as 500 photographs and 16 hours of film.In 1997, Coronel Uyrange Lima, the leader of the operation, declared to an interview that he had seen UFOs as big as airplanes.

      Night of the UFOs

      On May 19 ,1986, FAB fighter jets attempted to intercept UFOs over Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.At least 21 UFOs were detected by the radars while others were followed by jets.According to witnesses and pilots, the UFOs were flying at speeds of between 250 and 1500 kmph.This episode was known as “the Night of the UFOs”

      ETs in VARGINHA: On January 20,1996, firefighters from this town in Minas Gerais were called to capture two creatures that had been seen in a park. The creatures had a strange appearance, with big red eyes, brown skin and oval heads. The creatures were captured and taken to an Army barracks, but no more information was given.

    • I here even Muslims in Canada are warning America what this is and telling the Muslims not to build it.

  2. Good Luck Tonight LA

    Amen to what Frank said! Every chance you get bring up the guidebook to the supernatural and the last of days coming soon. Jesus is the way the truth and the life!

    I posted this movie trailer on Friday’s blog but I am going to post it again. The movie is called “Skyline” it’s about an alien invasion movie over the weekend. Are we being prepped for a revealing through hollywood? The number of alien movies over the last 3 to 4 years is through the roof.

    • Ok, I saw the trailer. That’s just really disturbing. Ugh!

      Scripture says that ‘their fears will come upon them…” I don’t mean to take that out of context, but with all that is going on and being said, it wouldn’t surprise me. I look so forward to being caught up to be with the Lord! Come Lord Jesus!

    • It would appear that all the drama that can be wrung out of the word, “Skyline,” has already been, in the trailer. A whole movie? Hmpf.

  3. Does anyone else see a face in the ocean just SW of the latest 6.3 earthquake by MAURITIUS – REUNION REGION. The earthquake was today the 16th. I am looking at about 30.0 miles high. Very eerie.

    • On google earth at the earthquake site. You can either click on the word “map” (just in front of the earthquake you are interested in) at the http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_big.php
      site. This takes you to a map showing all the quakes around that spot. Click the earthquake value you are looking at (on the map), then in the next page you have a choice of details, maps, scientific & technical. Click the map tab. this gives you a variety of maps to look at. I pick google earth, and then the earthquake shows up at the exact spot on Google Earth. You have to have google earth downloaded on your computer to have this work. Or in google earth go to, 17 degrees 47’25.56 S and 65 degrees 41’31.92 E. Be about 30 miles above the surface and the face is just to the southwest.
      I have been keeping track of all the earthquakes 6.0 and above on Google Earth for the last 3 years. I agree with whomever wrote the other day that NASA seems to change their # of earthquakes from the last several years. I decided the next time this happens I will document it. I just know so far I have adjusted my spread sheet/graphs every once in a while when I go back and look at their numbers again.

  4. L.A., we are praying for you and that the Holy Spirit will touch the hearts and minds of people through your words.

  5. Has anyone heard that the terorist who blew up that plane in the UK in the late 80’s that was supposedly dying and let go is being investigated? They think he pulled a fast one. In public Obama claimed he was against the release but the facts show he was brokering the deal behind the scenes. It was the same PR he has about Islam. The release would lead to peace and understanding between Islam and the west.

    • This does not surprise me in the least, Imam Barack Hussein Obama hates this country and is currently in the process of looting it for himself and his cronies.

  6. LA…Maybe you should add this to your list of what is dying in the ocean….Pakistan…Millions of live sea-shelled aquadic forms have committed hari-kari on the beaches.

    • Let us remember that the democrats and republicans are on the same team. Attempting to incite citizens to support the republican party is akin to the team w/the higher score running out the clock at the end of the game, IMO.

  7. LA…here is the newest fly-by, by the pilot who has been monitoring the Gulf in his puddle jumpr’….It’s even worse..if that is possible…He watched dolphins die as they looked up into the sky…

    • Wow If this is current! It wouldnt surprise me to see the government do a 180 degree turn on the oil spill after the elections.

  8. Yesterday afternoon the CW aired a movie that may be part of this Hollywood revealing we have discussed. It was about this demonic creature who looked like a man that hibernated every 25 years or so. Then he had a month to kill as many people as possible and he ate the bodies and the organs became part of his own body. This creature lived in a deserted church in the midwest and stitched the bodies together and hung them on the wall. It also flew. It reminded me a lot of the Mothman stories and the description matched the guy LA has cited who had victory over that creature. Its robes were part of its body. This is why I watched the film. I wondered if I was seeing a Mothman film. I have no idea what it was called but it was very creepy both in content and in how the creature fit that authentic demonic Mothman description. Anyone ever see this film? The main part of it was about a teenage brother and sister trying to escape the creature and he didn’t make it. Also this creature THRIVED on creating fear in people and the more fear he created the more of a target that person was. That sounds like Mothman and the grays to me.

    • I don’t usually like Horror movies per say, but Jeepers Creepers both one and two were not bad, kind of had a supernatural feel about them. Not as much gore as you would suspect. Some parts were even comical. As when the creature smiles for the camera, kind of cheesy tongue in check…Gotcha!
      A movie coming out Aug 27th is quite disturbing it’s called, The Last Exorcism and looks very troubling despite its pg-13 rating. It’s about a troubled evangelical minister that agrees to let his last exorcism be filmed by a documentary crew. This film is NOT for the faint of heart folks.
      The trailer is below. Please use extreme caution when viewing this trailer, although it has been approved for viewing by all audiences some may find it disturbing.


    • Of course the Evangelical Minister “has” to be troubled. He just can’t simply be walking in the power of the Spirit.

      Kind of makes you wonder if the title “The Last Exorcism” means a little more than just being related to this story.

    • Now I’m wondering if these demonic horror flicks aren’t used to scare the you know what out of Christians so that they will be rendered useless to walk in the power & authority of Christ & cast these suckers out.

      Yeah! That’s what I want to know.

      No wonder there are so many scared Christians running around. They’ve seen one too many “Hollywood” films.

      That’s precisely one reason why I stopped watching them years ago. I saw one too many disgusting/gross/Satanic films which over activated my already creative imagination.

      If we spent our time watching movies of people walking in the Spirit- Christians would be a whole lot bolder & instead the demons would be the one’s scared out of their wits.

    • Hey LNL:

      I was thinking exactly the same thing you posted about these type of movies being used to create fear in us (believers) to try to distract and nullify our authority over them that we do have in Christ based on His Word!! You are right!!! — they need to be real afraid of us — only thing is there are many believers but not many awake and unafraid to speak light and truth at these things. Oh well, the Lord usually only used a few to overcome the many. Nothing is impossible with God…He is ALMIGHTY, He is AWESOME…He is WONDERFUL and we need to revere Him, praise Him, pray and believe and we will be ready for whatever He allows to be put in front of us. God bless, Amen!

  9. Scientists say the collapse of a massive undersea volcano off the coast of the North Island shows New Zealand could be at a high risk of tsunami.
    Marine geologists from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) have confirmed a major eruption about 200km northwest of Auckland occured some time in the last two years.
    The Rumble 3 volcano, which is larger than Mount Ruapehu, has lost about 120 metres in height.
    NIWA principal scientist Dr Geoffroy Lamarche says the undersea mapping shows the seabed is more active than was previously known.
    “We don’t want to be scaremongering here, but definitely any large displacement of (the) seafloor will pull the water down.
    “At the surface it will also generate a wave, and this collapse, we know because we’ve mapped it, this collapse is looking south-west, which is directly toward the New Zealand coast.”
    Dr Lamarche says scientists will use the data to model the potential impact of a tsunami on Auckland and Bay of Plenty.

  10. Dr. Lynn,

    Thank you as always for giving another sobering reminder of just how nigh to the precipice we as the human race are to utter destruction. As you have said many times on your BLOG, we will not be able to determine that prophecy has been fulfilled until after the fact. However, with the obvious signs that are on the increase for those who have eyes to see, it is easily self-evident that the return of Christ Jesus the Lord is so very soon.

    This fact has given me a heavy heart for some time now. Heavy not because I am worried for I am not. I am not worried because I know Whose hand is holding me and mine. Yet it is heavy for those secular and Christian who refuse to live anywhere but in the comfort zones.

    The Body of Christ as a whole continues to preach the Gospel as it should. But as I watch each day pass and turn on the TV or radio, I am constantly reminded just how well the Deceiver of mankind’s souls has so cleverly crafted his mission as for millennia that which he has sought to bring to fruition is right at his fingertips.

    He will not have to do that much in my opinion. Yes, he will come with signs and lying wonders to further deceive those who may have one foot in the church and the other in the world, but those without Christ are so ripe for picking. But then again, we can turn right around and say the same thing about those who say they belong in the Book on Life can’t we.

    I guess I am heart sick because I personally feel I need to do more. As you have so adroitly reminded us in today’s post, the signs are coming so fast now it is literally impossible to keep up with each of them world wide. Yet, people continue eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, all as if nothing else is going on outside their personal containment bubble they comfortably choose to live in.

    How the next few weeks, months and years are going to specifically unfold we will have to wait and see. We have the Guidebook that gives us some very good specifications and details but the exact timing is going to be figured out as we live inside the very space/time continuum that is being invaded by parties outside.

    My heart grieves for not just what is going to befall this world but what already is and how the Body of Christ as a whole just seems…quite. The Adversary has done a magnificent job of creating so many distractions to keep us interested in worldly possessions, entertainment and desires that we are altogether disinterested in winning souls for the Kingdom and warning them of the great judgment that is quickly coming if not already here.

    I cannot thank you enough for being the Watchman on the wall that you are. You are a valued treasure to the Kingdom of Christ Jesus the Lord. It is my prayer that God Almighty in His infinite wisdom preserves you, your family and your works.

    There will be a time when the enemy comes to destroy what you are doing here. That day may be right around the corner. As I have said before, we need to remember that there are thousands that visit this site daily who are seeking Truth and what we write on this BLOG is being read by them. We need to seek to plant seeds of faith for those who truly want to discern Truth from all the lies and deception that is being foisted upon them.

    I am praying that God will safeguard this BLOG from any Presidential Executive Order shutting down web sites that are deemed a threat to global unity…for that is exactly how you are already seen (as you know). The Truth’s you espouse daily on this BLOG are shattering the darkness with Light from above and even though they don’t know it, non believers are having an encounter with the Risen Savior each time they read a Scripture that you have quoted here.

    The war rages heavily as I write this within my own personal life. I can only imagine what it must be like in yours and those of your circle of influence. Time is of the essence. May we all be diligent is seeking to know God’s will for our lives if we don’t already know it and carry it out fearlessly as we know the King of Kings is already ahead of us and behind us as He is not restrained by the laws of our natural world.

    May He receive all Glory and Honor due His name.

    Respectfully in Christ,

    Jeff D

    • Jeff D,

      This was an utterly, beautifully-written post. I thank you. You helped me understand something that I just couldn’t ‘get’ and that is this as you wrote:

      “Yet, people continue eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, all as if nothing else is going on outside their personal containment bubble they comfortably choose to live in.”

      Where Jesus states this in the Bible was a mystery to me for some reason. I just didn’t understand it. Now, I do. Thank you so much.

      Yanno, we just never know how or where our Lord’s words are going to touch us or through whom…..

      Jeff D, my heart is grievous as yours. Please try to take heart in our Lord. I know you already know this, but He really does know what He’s doing. I’m in absolute awe of Him.

      May I offer you a Psalm. Oftentimes, people liken this Psalm to death, however it is so much more. To me, anyway. Perhaps it may give you some comfort to know that you are listened to and that you are loved very much.

      The LORD Is My Shepherd
      23The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. 2 He maketh me to lie down in green [1] pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. 3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. 4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest [2] my head with oil; my cup runneth over. 6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

      I would also like to take this moment to thank all of my Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus for their prayers for my mother. I miss her terribly already. Father God gave her a beautiful death. Our God is awesome! He is the Alpha, the Omega and all loving, strong, always keeps His promises and just is the Everything. I will stand for Him forever! All Glory to God!

      In His Precious name, (I like that Robert)

    • Mary
      i am so very sorry to hear of your great loss

      Heavenly Father, we praise your Holy name and ask that you would manifest yourself in this situation, bring comfort to those that grieve. wrap your arms around us, Lord, and envelope us with your Love, Mercy and Grace. as you quicken our spirits, Lord, let us be reminded that it is your will that we accept for our lives. we thank you for the supreme sacrifice of your Son, Christ Jesus, and live to honor His name. we Love you, Lord and ask these things in Jesus’ most precious name, Amen!

    • I have been praying for you too Mary. I thought I had posted that yesterday but I guess it didn’t go through.

    • THE 15 “IFs”

      -author unknown.

      If you never felt pain, Then how would you know that I am a Healer?

      If you never had to pray, How would you know that I am a Deliverer?

      If you never had a trial, How could you call yourself an overcomer?

      If you never felt sadness, How would you know that I am a Comforter?

      If you never made a mistake, How would you know that I am a forgiver?

      If you knew all, How would you know that I will answer your questions?

      If you never were in trouble, How would you know that I will come to your rescue?

      If you never were broken, Then how would you know that I can make you whole?

      If you never had a problem, How would you know that I can solve them?

      If you never had any suffering, Then how would you know what I went through?

      If you never went through the fire, Then how would you become pure?

      If I gave you all things, How would you appreciate them?

      If I never corrected you, How would you know that I love you?

      If you had all power, Then how would you learn to depend on me?

      If your life was perfect, Then what would you need me for?

      -Love, Jesus.

    • Mary,
      I’m sorry for the loss you are feeling for your mother,but glad to hear she went peacefully. You can thank God that she will be spared the worst of times ahead. I hope there is comfort in that.

    • Mary I will continue to pray for you.

      Interesting that what you posted about people carrying on as usual. I just today had a friend of mine ask me to stop posting “doom and gloom” news articles on my Facebook page.

      Many, many people don’t want to look at what is really going on. I will not give up doing what I believe is right. Waking people up to the reality of what is happening.

      Bless you, Helen

  11. I woke up to catch the last two hours of L.A’s Coast appearance and had a few questions maybe someone on here knows the answer to..

    Were the accounts of the two women who were separately taken to Mount Herman by the fallen ones ever covered on this blog or in a book? This is where Steve Quayle, David Flynn, and others cite as the site where the Fallen Angels landed on Earth.

    What’s this story a caller brought up that in the late 70’s the Russians snuck into America from Canada as tourists in Rvs and put nukes at all our water ways to shut off the water supply and the bombs are still there? I’d never heard hat story before. He had a lot of comments so it fell through the cracks.

    Here’s something to ponder. When the rapture does occur and if hosts like George Noory are left behind and still on the air do you think they’ll be able to understand what really happened because of things L.A. has said on their show (and the fact that L.A. would have vanished) or will it be business as usual? Like wise when the revealing occurs the same apples. Do you think Noory and Hoagland will accept them at face value as aliens or know they are demonic? Sometimes Noory says things to humor a guest. When you listen to enough appearances of the same guest you can see this pattern so it’s difficult to pin down what the paradigm is. I also wonder if when the revealing happens is shows like Coast to Coast will be silenced under the guise of possibly offending the interstellar travelers by associating them with Satan.

    Here’s my news for the day:

    1.) Some expert (I forget the name) says that Israel has 3 days to bomb Iran’s Nuclear facility because the Russians are putting it online Friday. Once that happens any bombing will result in nuclear contamination of the area and water supply.

    2.) More people believe Obama was born elsewhere than support the Ground Zero Mosk. The media tells us that “birthers” are a fringe group. When the Pro-Mosk crows is even less than the birthers doesn’t that make them a fringe group too?

    3.) I’ve heard this from several places. St. Nicholas Orthodox Church that was crushed in the debris of 9/11 wasn’t allowed to rebuild their church on their property or buy property and move the church to a new location. Obama made a point of saying that the Muslims should be allowed to build their place of worship on land they own (which they do not own yet by the way) so why is Saint Nicholas Church not being allowed to do the same?

    4.) There is a Mosk 4 blocks of the Ground Zero Mosk. The Ground Zero Mosk is in a business district where NO MUSLIMS live. There is no shortage of Mosks in the area. Do not believe the spin.

    5.) The media points out strip clubs and adult video stores near Ground Zero however these were build BEFORE 9/11 happened. This is their spin at work again.

    • Thank you!

      I also forgot one other thing. LA suggested that perhaps the storm Jesus calmed was Satan trying to kill Him. I had that same thought years ago but was told in church that it was blasphemy to even suggest that Satan would or could kill Jesus. I never saw how. Satan wants to prevent the inevitable from happening. I know it was just a film but The Passion of the Christ showed Satan screaming in anger that Christ had fufilled the prophecy even though many thought he (in the form of a woman) was screaming in triumph. I suppose great minds think alike since L. A. had the same thought I had had? 😉

    • All due respect Captain, but i don’t think the prophecy was fulfilled till Jesus Rose from the dead 3 days later. I learned from a Bible teacher that back then someone had to be dead for 3 days before they were declared officially.I think satan screamed because he was unable to get Jesus to sin as a man,so when Jesus died sinless, He defeated satan again. By doing this he provided a model for us to live by,before that God didn’t have a perfect model. Satan and other angels had fallen and man fell in the garden. So until Jesus had died a sinless man on a cross, He had no model for man to work from. satan did not want Jesus to be pure and blameless when He died.

    • Oh, I know that, Tennessee. But at that point when He died on the cross the inevitable was going to happen. That’s all I was getting at with the film example.

    • Look at this Amazon book review comment:

      This review is from: Alien Rock: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection (Paperback)

      “I found the book to be very interesting from the standpoint of a connection to the paranormal of most artists, their music, and their life experiences. I did think that the belief of the rock star Jimmy Hendrix was a bit off the mark. Jimmy was on a spiritual path that was leading him to a higher consciousness. Unfortunately for him, he had a manager, at the time, that was heavily into drugs and believed himself to be a representative of a deity. Yes, Jimmy was sent to spread a message…but it was not from an alien. Extraterrestrials and rock stars or artists of any sort do seem to have some sort of connection. This book opens up the possibility that they, the artists, are being used to send a message. It is just for us to figure out what that message is. Read the book and see if you can figure the message out.”

      (Lol!!! The guy has no idea what he’s talking about. The “higher consciousness” mantra is totally in line w/what the E’T’s communicate.)

    • What does it say that far in? I can’t watch it on dial up.

      Did anyone look over those links I posted on Disney and alien footage? If that is true it’s no wonder why they would do this 1990’s film and make such claims.

  12. With the attack on Christianity in full force in Hollywierd, it’s a pleasant surprise when a movie comes out with a positive Christian message.
    This one flew under the radar, and like most Christian based films this did not do too well in the theaters, only getting support from local church groups, of course the critics slammed the filmed saying things like “the film is nothing more than Christian Propaganda” but coming from the secular media that’s not surprising anyone is it? . I was able to watch it over the weekend and can yell you first hand it’s a wonderful film with a positive message. Well worth the 1.00 at your local redbox.
    This is an excellent movie for everyone and even more so if you have teens between the ages of 13-17. If you’re deciding whether to watch it, don’t be swayed by the intended audience target of this film, it’s an amazing movie for any age. I hope everyone has a chance to see it.

    To Save a Life
    (Tag line) “Everyone has problems,not everyone has faith”


    • I’d not heard of it.

      I believe that when a family film is advertised it does well. It is a fact that the biggest money makers any year in Hollywood are films people see as families. Yet Hollywood makes all of these adult films. I believe that’s why they award those films awards; to merit making them.

    • Even so called family friendly films today are full of adult innuendos they try and sneak past the audience. Of course most of the kiddos watching won’t get the jokes but is it really necessary to even put it in the film?

    • Oh, I agree with you Matt. I was the voice in the wilderness on Shrek. That film was geared to kids. look at the tie in merchandise. It was full was sexual references. Kids knew what “compensating for something” meant. I was mocked for speaking out. The irony is the film didn’t need that. It was a decent story without that crap in there.

      Also consider this. Families went to see Narnia, Lord of the Rings, and Passion of the Christ. All of those films grossed over a billion world wide. The Pixar films have almost the same success. When they keep it clean they all come. But even without all of us the films percieved as family films get the biggest audiences. It was noted that Spiderman did so well because young fathers took their boys to see that film. It wasn’t really a family film but the study was if this is what America takes in as a family film. Even POTC and LOTR have some footage not for all ages but there’s no smut of vulgarity. That is what I applaud.

      Families come out in droves when they make films for them.

      I also like to look at the films that won awards in the past. Mary poppins is one of the most nominated films in the history of the Oscars. Can you see a film like that made today without the smut let alone win Best Picture? I don’t think so. It’s sad what entertainment has become but again, it’s because the church left Hollywood in the late 60’s.

      Even look at the old sitcoms of the 60’s and 60’s. Those are VERY well written programs. Even an idea so out there like Hogan’s Heroes is not done as a farce. They’re like mini movies. People see I Love Lucy and the Honeymooners as some of the greatest series ever done. Look at Dragnet. That was a gret cop show. What do we see today on TV? Crooked cops and victim criminals. Law & Order is always attacking Christianity. It’s so sad to compare the old with the new.

      At least we have the old films on DVD today.

    • You don’t need to go too far back really to have entertaining shows, like Adam 12, Barnaby Jones, SWAT, Starsky and Hutch, Kojack, Streets of San Francisco, Berretta, Hawaii 5.0, Emergency, Charlie’s Angels, and much later Dukes of Hazard which was harmless. Even the comedy’s had a message back then, like, Good Times, Alice, One Day at a Time, they had issues they death with in each episode, like teen suicide, runaways, alcohol abuse, today’s shows glorify those things to a certain extent. I can’t stand network TV and haven’t seen a show on NBC, CBS or ABC in years and don’t plan to. If I happen to enjoy a certain show, it usually gets canceled after a few episodes anyway. The networks are too much into producing, reality TV, letting the folks at home see other people makes fools of themselves, and you,the viewer get to sit ringside and watch as they dish their dirty laundry out there for all to see. The junk they spew out as entertainment, I have to sit and wonder what CEO gave these programs the green light.

      One on my favorite shows back then was Grizzly Adams,starring Dan Haggerty,I wish I that on DVD. Back in the 1850’s, a man named James Adams became a legend. He was a gentle man who was forced to leave civilization behind and journey deeper into the wilderness.And though he was alone and hungry, with little hope for his own survival, he risked his life to save an orphaned bear cub.

      Throughout the series, we discovered how this man and the bear cub, with no knowledge of the wilderness, faced danger together. How they survived. And how the bear repaid the man’s kindness. We discovered how he learned to live in harmony with the animals of the forest. How he became an important part of the wilderness and how he protected and worked with the animals in his valley.

      Would a show like that make it today? No way.

    • Yes, Matt. Those late 70’s/early 80’s shows were pretty good. However, when I think of the 1970’s I think of All In The Family and other shows that began to turn the tide. Before the 70’s nearly all TV was safe family viewing but when the 70’s dawned barriers were challenged and look at what we have now. I remember shows like Roseanne in the late 80’s angering people. For new shows I like Everybody Loves Raymond but it’s not always clean. It is cleaner than most new sitcoms though.

      The same thing happens o me. When I enjoy a show they always cancel it. A few years ago I was watching The Surface (about genetic experiments and large sea creatures) and Invasion (About aquatic aliens invading the earth) but both were cancelled in Season 1. Interestingly both shows are about Nephilim related theories. Right now the only show I watch is Fringe. It’s like the X Files but again deals with a lot of this Nephilim related stuff although they don’t call it that. With sitcoms I don’t have any I watch regularly. I sometimes have the TV on in the background but that’s it.

      I HATE reality TV. The only reason they get made is because it’s cheap to produce. The dirty little secret is it puts writers and actors out of work.

      Look up the website for Grizzly Adams Entertainment. They may have that show on DVD through them. They offer some of their Bible documentaries there or at least they did a few years ago when I bought some.

      Nope. A show like Grizzly Adams would never be made today. Today he’s be having sex with the bear or some such nonsense. When I was in high school Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman was all the rage, especially with girls and we were all appalled when they did a gay acceptance episode. It was actually a topic in a class. We all agreed that at that time they would have not accepted a gay man as being normal, let alone one who went into the woods alone with children.

  13. i haven’t posted much lately, but I would like to tell Mary, who seems like a sweethart, my condolences, your mother is with the Lord now.

    Also I had to stop at wmart today and out of the corner of my eye, i saw new school items with crosses on them. As I got closer, i read the bible verses on them, NO PEACE SIGNS!, so I snatched them up. It gave me some hope that a company would actually produce them, and even better yet that they would be marketed and bought by people who would make that choice for their children to have these instead of all the bling or evil peace signs or whatever.

    As my children and I were driving, we were listening to a song on the radio, the chorus was all about ‘shutting your eyes’ or closing them or whatever. I hit the seek button and as the radio stopped momentarily on a religious channel, the narrator said ‘and Jesus touched their eyes’ I assume he healed them so they could see. My daughter and I agreed it was a coincidence.

    During the wmart visit we saw 2 men in seperate locations, one was begging by the entrance to the parking lot, the other was sitting on the ground in front of the store next to the doors with his little dog. Both men looked weathered, the latter was sporting a long beard and eating, and he had a little dog with him.That really pulled at my heart strings, I have a deep affinity with man’s best friend and anyone who likes them as well. Chloe and I decided to buy some food for all of them.

    When we came back out with our things, including dog food, the man and dog were gone. We drove all around the parking lot and looked to surrounding areas, I didn’t want to give up hope so when we stopped to see the beggar and give him food and water,we asked if he had seen a man with a little dog. With all 3 teeth, he smiled so sweetly and said he went across the street to a c-store. “He said he was gonna have a beer” he smiled.

    So now I figure maybe he’s just a bum (he didn’t beg or have a sign) and decided to give him the bag of things we had especially because of the dog food anyway, so I drive around the parking lot to the back. Chloe said “There he is!” I told Chloe to get out and give him the things, it was public and seemed safe, there was a worker out back smoking (and texting, of course). When she handed him the bag, he was so happy, maybe out of gratefullness, but later I realized it had to be for companionship as well.

    He wanted to TALK! Although he didnt say his own name, he introduced Sparky and proceeded to tell us he would sell him for a million$ today and 2 mill$ tomorrow.He had the most grateful smile, but he was sad because his wife had died a year ago, and he just needed to get away from his life. So BY CHOICE, he was travelling thru all 50 states, he had only 2 left to go.

    He did ask us why we decided to find him, then he pulled out a notebook and asked us to sign it. Everywhere he went, he did this, it was getting full and he said it was his second one. I told him I admired his courage to do this, at least he had his dog.

    As we were parting, I said “God bless you, Jesus is the way.” In that moment he gave me so much more than I gave him. He looked down and said “Ehesians” then quoted at length chapter and verse. I started to cry, can’t even remember his exact anything. What got to me was he really had the Lord walking with him, you could feel it.

    Thank you Lord for opening my eyes to the little ways I can witness to your glory through ‘the least of these’. Thank you for opening my eyes to the love and good in this mans’s heart. He appeared to have nothing, a saved soul is so hard to notice, yet I feel so blessed that I opened my eyes to see these children of God today, with all of the info and conspiracies ‘out there’ I feel hope again because I looked ‘right there’ in front of me.

    I have had a couple of really emotionally rough weeks, my faith was being torn apart by hopelessness and despair at our world situation. But I feel better now, and renewed by this encounter and the little string of ‘coincidences that were no accident’. God does not want us to be deceived, but he also wants us to see the good and love that we do have, to not be afraid and make and have the time to enjoy the blessings Jesus gives us.

    • Thanks Captain,

      I gain much from every one of your posts, info, links or thoughts. Thanks Dr. Marzulli for this BLOG as well.

      I just saw my typo above, should be Ephesians.

    • Wow what a story. That’s very awesome. When things like that happen it’s almost like God himself is talking to you.

    • Rene I just want to encourage you to stay strong in your faith for christ. He is the way the truth and the life John 14:6. How I can relate to your sense of hopelessness. I just know that he will never ever leave you or forsake you. Try and be strong.

      Thank you for sharing your story “For the least of these”

    • Rene,
      That was absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. May God bless you for your obedience to Him and your concern for others. You are teaching a special life-lesson to your children.

  14. Thank you Rene for this. I too have been having a very hard and down time lately. It is so hard to anticipate all of this scary stuff and yet remain optimistic and joyful in the Lord. Quite a balancing act and its stories like this that help snap you back into place.

    • No problem. I really like it here too. I find out so many things I’d never heard of and I’m glad to share anything i find. I probably share a little too often but this is my passion.

    • Thank you Hopeful,
      I was really ambivilant about posting it because we are suppossed to keep our good deeds ‘in the closet’, but since none of you know me anyway I thought it would be ok.

      Yes God showed me the way. How AWESOME He is!!

      One more thing. My poor hubby got a partial yesterday same time as my story. ALL his lower teeth but two were removed, so I had to pick up pain meds at the pharmacy before they closed. On my way back home I couldn’t believe what I was seeing: A very unatural cloud formation. They were perfectly wavy, very thin lines, like one of these new patterns I see all over fashion, paper products ect. It was like someone just stamped this faddish template onto the sky. I didn’t say this before because I am computer illiterate, if I found the pattern somewhere maybe I could post a link to it.

      Very weird and unnatural.

    • Rene,
      I live in southern Pennsylvania. Today a co-worker
      was telling me when she came back from lunch yes-
      terday about how the sky looked. She said the clouds were in waves and looked really interesting.She was excited as she was describing it. It is now my lunch time and I was reading your post and thought wow it is the same as Meggan was describing it. If I remember correctly you live pretty far west of here.

    • Wow!

      If you find out if they were the same, please let me know.

      My clouds were perfectly wavy, but they weren’t full at all they looked painted by a feather brush or ‘stamped’ they had alot of space between them, like geometric waves.

      Thanks Ruby.

  15. Word of Warning:

    I have been looking into a post left by Brandon from the last blog posting about Rabbi Yosef Kaduri revealed that Jesus is the Messiah. This Rabbi is of great significance to the Jewish people and many people will listen to what he says. Of course I believe that Jesus is the true messiah, but the rabbi also mentioned something of grave concern. He mentioned that Jesus the Messiah would reveal himself shortly after Ariel Sharon’s death. Nothing about that proclamation is scriptural!!!

    Well Ariel Sharon is in a comma and his life and death is in the hands of people. I am concerned that he could be pronounced dead and right after a man steps forward, performs some kind of staged miracle and proclaims himself Jesus. Be wary!!

    • Real quick. Has anyone tried the ghost radar app for mobile phn? I’ve used today and it does things, just wondering if its legit.


      Good thing we all know that Christ warned us in advance. “If any say that Christ is here or ther, don’t believe it.” I think that’s matt 24. I didn’t know sharon was in ill health tho.

      La, didn’t get a chance to hear coast, but good job! If you have that many questions u must have been onfire! May 1000 more dori etheridge type stories come from this. Time is short, and I will pray for more bros and sis ‘s to be born again.

    • Brother Frank; yes, may thousands more Dori Etheridge stories come from this! The time is dire….and I’ve already seen some comments by some Christian friends that a friend of friend who listened to Coast to Coast on Monday were looking for the ….guidebook to the supernatural, ie, the Bible….finding them are looking for REAL truth! If even 1% of the new age listeners of Coast to Coast would look into the matters dealt with by God the creator…then the Holy Spirit will take it from there! Many will not be ready to hit their knees until satan sends the demons to “take a pound of flesh”, and when that happens, no healer, no guru, no ascended master, no arcturians, pleaidians, zeta reticuli or anything else will save them from their travail but…calling on the only name by which devils flee…Jesus Christ, the blood of Jesus! The blood of Jesus saved me, and continues to protect me, All Glory to the Lord, and thank the Lord for the watchman!

      God bless you Frank, thank you for listening to the terrible, strange, and weird places I had gotten myself into….I have the mysteries of the crop circles…I was making them with my “three wise men” the blue guys from the Pleaides…the ones who came to visit me at a party once and scared me to death because three years before that they abducted me, and raped me…did they really think I would welcome their re-appearance? Downloading symbols and a language I had never seen before…it was the demonic language…not “light” like they want people to believe! Light, light like lucifer, not like Jesus! I truly pray that many, many are brought to the Lord! God wants an opportunity to get as many souls as possible before he comes to gather us together to reign with Him in the Kingdom of Heaven!

      Our Father knows what we do in secret….He knows, it’s no time to be deceitful, to pretend you are something you are not, to lie, cheat, serve mammon over Him, to serve ego over Him, humble yourselves, repent, confess your sin, wash yourselves clean in the blood of the Lamb! There is no dark corner that will not have the Light shined into it…Jesus will expose ALL the darkness, He knows what you do in secret, He knows what is in your heart, and not what you pretend to be to the world! It is dire brothers and sisters….the time is ever so short!

    • I’ve thought of downloading it frank but I would probably freak out if I had some strange readings in my house so I’m trying to stay away lol

    • Btw frank I’m
      Not sure what kind of phone you have but there is an app called nutty news for the iPhone that’s really interesting. It reports many stories that mainstream dosen’t abd most of them aren’t that nutty but good reads. Maybe they have it for your phone i read it more than any other news app on my phone.

    • Ariel Sharon has been in a comma for quite some time. Could even be artificially kept alive (and out of the public eye), so it would be very easy to have his death appear to be anytime you want it to be.

      Frank, you are right, as Christians we would spot this easy. This deception is aimed at the Jews however. It comes from a Rabbi that the Jewish people revere, the Rabbi was 108 years old when he died so a bit of a sage and the messiah is said to appear after the death of a man the citizens of Israel loved (Ariel Sharon).

      Wouldn’t be surprised if this man stepped into the public spot light and crafted a peace treaty with the surrounding Muslim nations.

    • No problem dori, we all have our testimonies and I found yours to be frightening, sad and uplifting all at once. Keep sharing it!


      I haven’t heard of that news, but ill see if ican ad it to the rss feed. The ghost radar is weird. I wanted to try it in case I come across a weird situation, then I can see if there’s a “ghost”. Weird thing is, it pops words on the screen, but I can’t tell if they are system programmed, or legit. Either way they are nonsense. It does however show the colofred dots, which mean anomolous em readings. I kind of jumped thed gun and prayed whenever I see those, then the dots go away for while. Weird stuff, but it would make sense.

      Hw, good point on the deception. But isn’t it so that the AC will make the jews think he’s messiah? Then they get wise to him and recognize Christ.


  16. Earth changes.Mass Die-off at Coral Reef Triggered by 93-Degree Ocean
    This is a tragedy not only for some of the world’s most biodiverse coral reefs, but also for people in the region, many of whom are extremely impoverished and depend on these reefs for their food and livelihoods,” said WCS Marine Program Director Caleb McClennen. Coral reefs provide haven for fish and other creatures, and larger fish tend to congregate around reefs because they are good places to feed.
    One of the most destructive and swift coral bleaching events ever recorded is underway in the waters off Indonesia, where water temperatures have climbed into the low 90s, according to data released by a conservation group this week.
    Subsequent monitoring of the Indonesian corals completed in early August revealed one of the most rapid and severe coral mortality events ever recorded. The scientists found that 80 percent of some species have died since the initial assessment, and more colonies are expected to die within the next few months.

  17. I noticed that one of those earthquakes was in Wyo. I used to live in Wyo and that 4.8 earthquake that happened on Aug 5th was in the cauldera of the volcano that created Yellowstone. Now that was an earthquake that effected most of the US. It’s a super huge volcano.

    • That’s definitely NOT a helicopter. Seems to have taken fox news staff by surprise, it was like, opps, we didnt really see that did we, and if we did, no comment.

  18. Maitreya Rael Predicts Imminent Wave of UFO Sightings Throughout China
    LAS VEGAS, Aug. 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Maitreya Rael, founder and leader of the International Raelian Movement, announced in a statement released today that a UFO that appeared over the Hangzhou airport, forcing authorities to close that facility, is “just the beginning of a huge wave of UFO apparitions that will appear starting now all over China.”
    “These UFO s are the vessels used by the Elohim, our creators from space who were described in all ancient Chinese traditions, and who a long time ago had children with the Chinese,” Rael said. “That’s why the Chinese call themselves ‘children from the sky.'”
    He added that the Elohim wish to have an embassy built to officially welcome them back to Earth, and they would like it to be build in China.

    • Way for him to capitalize on this and get back in the news. Notice they haven’t mentioned their first human clone again. Still don’t underestimate him

  19. Great job on C2C Aug 16- listened to the entire broadcast. I do wonder though in a comment that was made. I believe you said in response to a question about the a sign to determine whether a person is a Christian or discerning would be to look at the signs or miracles one would perform. I remember in Moses day that the sorcerers through down their staphs and the rods turned into snakes. Of course the good guys snake ate all of the bads guys but regardless. Don’t you think that there will be potential for some foolery between who is good and who is bad?

  20. Anyway to download the Acceleration Radio broadcast from 8/16? It looks like the archives stop in July. Thanks…

  21. Please ignore if I am wrong, but I believe I heard Mr. Marzulli speak with a bigoted tongue when he said that Southerners were 50 years behind the times, and that somehow Southerners were clueless clods with an utter lack of sophistication or insight into the goings on of the world.

    This single statement is so utterly contemptible and wrong-headed that it invalidates anything else that Mr. Marzulli is attempting t sell. If he is as wrong in any of his other insights as he is about this irrational opinion, then he is not worth listening to for any sort of wisdom.

    I do not know what part of the South to which Mr. Marzulli is referring. Atlanta, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Tulsa, Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham…all are prominent players in cutting edge technology and business; they are stocked full of intelligent citizens that compete successfully on the global stage with their knowledge, insight and wisdom. Many whom I have met in these cities would dwarf Mr. Marzulli’s supposed “sophistication.”

    In any rural part of the country—such as the South—there are many who are not as well-educated as city-dwellers (though ruritans may yet have sterling intellect, compassion for fellow men not seen in urban areas, and the character and courage that limp-wristed metrosexuals could only dream of).

    Bottom-line: Marzulli sounds like a bigot, prejudiced against an entire group of people simply because they live in a certain area of the country. And how short-sighted, irrational, and flat-out stupid is that?!

    • Reasoner – I have no clue as to what you are talking about. I have never said anything even remotely like that. I have no idea where you got that so called quote from. I let it post here because I want to address this. I love the south and when I spoke recently in Nashville I was overwhelmed with the hospitality and genuine warmth I felt from everyone I met. You’ve got the wrong guy. Please check your facts and correct them. L. A.

  22. Marzulli where did you see the giant woman in the UK getting hit by cars and then getting back up? I would like to see that.

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