L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule!

August 16: Coast to Coast with George Noory

Hosted by George Noory. http://www.coasttocoastam.com/

Author and researcher L.A. Marzulli will discuss his latest research exploring various phenomena happening globally, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and wars– all harbingers to a coming great deception.

August 27 -28: The Omega Conference – Los Vegas –http://www.ministerfortson.com/omegaconference

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  2. Yet another movie to look forward to this one is getting serious(Skyline the Movie 2010) – Exclusive Teaser

    • Haha…I was just going to post this… 🙂

      This kiddies is called “prepping”….In other words “they” are getting us ready for the last stage, i.e. final act before curtain call…for what you see above.

      As stated in the “Brookings Report” compiled in 1958 and what was in part the literal death nil of President Kennedy who tried to warn us, it stated;

      ‘the public cannot handle the truth regarding the presence of extraterrestrial life as we saw in the reactionary chaos induced by the broadcasting of “The War of the Worlds”,…therefore, education through every type of media, must be employed over time (multiple generations) in order to sway the people to the realization of this “presence” and at that time, revelation as to their reality and presence can be made known, for the fear of the populace to such an event will have been removed. Therefore the transition and acceptance of such exterrestrials will seem quite normal.’ (paraphrase by me)

      There you have it kids…We’re being prepped. Anyone notice the ONE building shown in this tag? The same one that went kablooey in the “Independence” movie…namely the Capital record building? Noticed it right off the bat…interesting.

      It would behove any and all to go back…it is on YouTube…and watch the Kubrick/Arthur C. Clark film: “2010: The YEAR OF CONTACT”…(notice the title). I just watched it last night for the first time… funny that on the timing to this…and as Richard C. Hoagland has stated many times…Aurthur had many very high connections to the “inside” and “knew”…In watching the 2010 movie I do agree. There is so much in there, that if you have not done in-depth study into the ancient past in literature, carvings, paintings and artifacts let alone have a working knowledge of the cosmos as it was in ancient time compared to how it is now…you will miss 99% of it. Mr. Hoagland is convinced through the ‘knowing’ of his friend Mr. Clark, that Clark was giving us an astounding message through this film 2010…and by the way… if you take the time in the watching of this film from the latter third of it, you will notice the main actor “Dave” from 2001 movie comes back onto the scene. There is no question in my mind (by his age) that these inserted clips which are in the 2010 movie were indeed filmed during the 2001 shooting. So that begs the question “Was the movie 2010 already on the drawing table as 2001 was in production and why? The film had not yet been released, therefore public reaction had not been known whether this film would fly or die. Or was it a part of the “education program” spelled out in the Brookings Report, therefore Clark/Kubrick knew this latter film would indeed be made and put before the populace? I think so.

      Another bit o’ news…According to Richard C. Hoagand…the “science is in” relating to the 2012 year issue. For one I have never bit that hook…until now. When ‘science’ makes an appearance on the scene and hands you facts that cannot be denied then you need to sit up and pay attention. In a nut shell this is what he has stated (paraphrase mine)…:

      ‘The archaeologists, Mesoamerican experts, scientists and antiquities experts that have downplayed the Mayan Calendar and mocked others, the conspiracy theorists namely, i.e. “doom and gloomers” about the calendar representing the so called ‘end of the world for humanity’, whilst they them selves replete with varied comebacks state there is NO MENTION in the calendar of such an event, and is but a calendar which happens to stop at 12/21/2012 and then will resume its normal courses (rewind if you will)once again and start over. Hoagland emphatically states “they are lying to you”. The calendar does say just what we have feared and it is right there’in your face’ on the calendar (the five spokes in the middle).

      What is soooo very interesting are “two” things mentioned by Hoagland:

      1) This particular procession is a “unique one” from all the others that have gone by in recent past, and
      2) There is only “one” thing that can fulfill this calendars statement of doom for humanity. And if that “one thing” comes to pass is it certain global annihilation.

      According to this ‘calendar’ we are at the ‘end of the 5Th world’, there have been four other that have gone before us and have been utterly destroyed. The last, the fourth was destroyed by a global cataclysmic flood…is that not interesting? According to Hoagland and the science he sites, the 5Th world (us) will be destroyed by…are you ready for this…”EARTHQUAKE” according to this calendar! Not only that but, that “one” factor he spoke about is this…in order for the calendar to be true and come to fruition the “one element” that is absolutely necessary is a “secondary planetary body” that comes in close enough to earth to disrupt its magnetic balance to the point where earth in a cosmic reactionary manor to “correct the situation” will instantly alter its axis and revolution to accommodate for this massive ‘intrusion’. In other words a massive “pole-shift”! Which in turn because of ‘inertia’, will cause a “bathtub” effect of all oceans, lakes, rivers and streams!

      What does Revelation have within its pages from the very get go of Chapter 6?…earthquake, and throughout the book over and over. Not to mention “time changes” from a 24 hour day to a 16 hour day!
      What does Isaiah say about the earth ‘as a drunkard…will fall and NEVER get up again’?

      But if that is not enough here for me is the clincher…according to the science now in, it has been confirmed that there IS a ‘black hole” in the center of the galaxy (our Milky Way) and it is turning (spinning) at a revolution of once every 11 seconds! Hoagland even thought that that was just too incredible in itself, because the time of this ‘so called transition’ is according to the Mayans at 11:11 am GMT. At this time according to the Maya’s and the now fresh science ‘time-space’ physics as we know it will cease… and will be brought together in a ‘hyper physics,hyperspace’ type of thing..(LOL…my words). And Hoagland who is NOT a christian also acknowledges that this very scenario is located in “prophetic scripture”.

      Hang on kids…the ‘gods’ are coming…and you are being prepped to say “howdy” and it is “very soon”…Will 2010 be “The year of Contact”?

      Blessings all

    • Can anyone sum up the trailer for those of us who sre on dial up?

      It’s been years since I’ve seen 2001 or 2010 but I remember they bored me at the time. Can you explain what you think they mean? Clark also wrote a book about demonic looking aliens coming to earth to help man “evolve” to the next phase of life. What’s interesting is he put a disclaimer that he disagreed with the ideas in the book. What author does that?

      Okay, how’s this theory. Many say that the fallen ones are in another dimension and that Star Gates allow them in our own. Now, what if this black hole takes us to them? Just a thought.

      The TV show Out There was talking about Fallen Ones today and the hosts are not Christians at all. They were spreading the Stitchen lie though.

    • Captain Eagle…

      If you are not familiar with the movie “Independence Day”..go watch it. This is very similar in the opening clip. LA…at night is shown, the “Capital building”…remember the one where the girl holding the sign got zapped? Then you see blue like fireballs plummeting to earth from just up above…then it pans to the “ships”, multiple, hanging over the city with the bottom of the ships opened up just like in the ID movie…then you hear the screams…millions of them as the camera pans to the ships who are like ‘a vacuum’ sucking millions of people up into the bottom of these craft. then it cuts to black and that is end of clip.

      It is not what the movies of 2001 and 2010 are necessarily about as a storyline, but what it is esoterically, subliminally telling you…what is coming. Clark was privy to all of that according to Hoagland. And was ‘chosen’ to be one of the many purveyors of this disseminated information to ‘educate the masses’ for again …what is to come upon us. The “god force” which is the creator of the primordial ooze…will create anew and lift us up to the next level of evolution by evolving willingly or by reincarnation (rebirth).

      What is the meaning or purpose of the 65 billion mile wide ‘black hole’? Don’t know…but the “physics of it all” is what Hoagland says is the key. All the physics not only all line up at that moment in time, but for the first time ‘come together’. Everything is built upon the science of the ‘tetrahedron’. And he stresses…not for the good of humanity.

      What I forgot to mention in my first post was after watching the 2010, I went back and watched again the 2001 which I was only 12 at the time and never understood. I do now! Anyway…what I instantly noticed is the construction of the “craft” in both movies are near “identical” to the ‘unknown craft’ that have been today photographed via HD telescope video by one Leonard Watson (he has a website) which are ‘cruising’ around our upper atmosphere. These things are huge!

      The other is Hoagland…and I saw it myself now has the pictures from NASA of the mega…huge, huge ‘derelict’ craft hidden in the “B Ring” of Saturn…It is breath taking (is this where Clark got his idea for the round spacestation in 2001). The ‘nephilim’ of long ago hit the skies and other planets by utilizing the ‘knowledge’ their sires gave them…there can no longer be any doubt. “That’s no moon!…It’s an ancient spaceship!”…i.e. Phobos the moon of Mars,(to somewhat quote the line in the movie “Twister”).

      Yes…it is spreading…Hoagland is remarking on that also, that even those who are asleep are waking up and saying something is not right. I ask all of you out there, because Mr. Hoagland is not a ‘christian’…to pray for him. I have watched closely and see a huge change in understanding in him. He is reaching but has not yet gotten there yet. He may need a little nudge from the One upstairs to really “see” and put it “all together”…we need that more now than ever. So lets try to pray this one into the kingdom…I feel ‘burdened’ about this.

    • Gus – Oh, I’m all over ID4. I have a copy actually. (Remember the girl on top of that building with the sign “I Want To Bare Your Child” or something to that effect? I was asking about the trailer to this new film though.

      Your trailer summary reminds me of Speilberg’s War of the Worlds. I caught part of it on TV a few months ago and had to turn away. The shot was of the aliens chasing humans down the street and making them dissolve. That was too grotesque for me.

      Now, it is interesting to note that on the commentary for the George Pal War of the Worlds Joe Dante is apologetic for George Pal’s Christian beliefs. I forget the word he used but it was along the lines of “old fashioned” and “quaint” and “he didn’t know any better”.

      The round space station appears in the Disney and George Pal serious space films of the 1950’s as well. I believe this design came from NASA.

      What I am noticing from those who believe in aliens but not Christ is they are saying the same things we are saying but they have it reversed. To us we know that these beings are the Nephilim and demonic creatures of old. They say that these are alien beings that were mistaken as demonic creatures in the past. What we seem to now agree in is they are inter-dimensional and have no love for humanity. This has only become their mainstream view in the last 5 years or so as well. But what I’m saying is they are looking at the same date, support it, but come to a different conclusion because of their nonbelief in Christ. It is interesting they are saying things as we are though, we just agree on the ultimate identity and sort of being we are dealing with.

      You should read my post on Disney and Pal and their space films in the other thread and comment on it here. It’s the same sort of thing as Arthur C. Clark.

  3. I posted my replies in the other thread. you may want to check out my reply on the Disney UFO film where I talk about the US ARMY footage Walt Disney was led on with to produce his Man in Space series in the 1950’s. That with what I now know about this Alien Encounter program may explain why the existence of aliens is not questioned in the film.


    This just made my day! No wonder NASA recently announced “700 cans of lunar mission film has been lost…and we can’t find them.”
    With todays digital techno this type of stuff would ring many a sounding alarm bell. Not to mention make NASA look like fools.


    • I understand he has made three statements since Friday about America embracing Islam and people are furious about it. Every statement he makes only makes this worse. In one he’s supposed to have said that the only people who have issues with Islam is because they are acting on emotion and not using their heads. What is that? Yet I only heard this on talk radio. No news coverage Friday, Saturday, or today.

  5. A question to be pondered; Is Hollywood being used by satan to 1.create a climate of extraterrestrial acceptance among the populous, or 2. Is that “great deceiver” targeting the Elect with “his Hollywood” teasers as the movie trailer above in coment 2 shows to sidetrack them [the elect] into a false perception of what “we think” is going to happen concerning end-Time truths.

    I choose the second option [his attempt to deceive the Elect]

    Why would the Devil center his schemings upon a world that is already under his power?
    Don’t under estimate the “craftiness of The serpent”. He knows what Christians believe concerning prophecy and he will use it to his advantage.
    Hollywood is His!

    john b

    • So glad you mentioned this, John B. To my understanding that little blurb was the cinch on the entire trailer. When I saw it I immediately said “WHA…?? This is aimed at Christians!”

    • That is freaky. That just fits too perfectly. I’m going to look up anyway.

      My theory about Hollywood propaganda has been that they sometimes present us with the exact, bald truth so that we’ll dismiss it en masse as fantasy; everyone knows that the odds are astronomically against reality working out in imitation of some weird Hollywood movie, right?

    • I have a Hollywood story. In this morning’s newspaper there’s an article on a new sitcom on ABC Family. It airs at 8 P.M., a traditional family time slot and is on the ABC FAMILY channel. Yet one of the stars, Melissa Jone Hart, says in this article that it’s not for kids and has a lot of sexual humor. She compared it to the CBS sitcom Two & a Half Men, which gets away with jokes I’m surprised can air on network TV.

      Now my question is why is this sitcom airing at 8 PM on a network called the “family” channel? Why isn’t this airing at a later hour or on a different network? Even Two & a Half Men aired at 9:30 when it debuted many years ago and airs at 9 PM now. I know most sitcoms thse days are about sexual humor but this show is being targeted to families. The ads I’ve seeen say nothing about its adult nature and it’s airing in a time slot geared to families. For anyone who says this stuff isn’t done on purpose look no further than this.

      I also forgot to mention yesterday that after the US Government renegged on the alien being footage to Walt Disney Walt told Ward Kimball to have fun with the third episode so Mars & Beyond took on a more fantasy aspect.

      Here are some websites I found in a quick search about this story. I didn’t know that Kimball told this story to Stanton Feeman or was a founder of MUFON. Maybe this wasn’t a joke.






      Jackie Gleason also claimed that Nixon took him to see alien bodies in Florida as well.

    • One other thing. When Walt Disney was designing EPCOT in the early 60’s he hired several government officials and had an Admiral heading up the planning. According to several souces these secret Government groups who deal with UFOs are always headed by Admirals. Not ARMY or Air Force. Some say the UFOs hide in the water and if this is true it makes sense why the Navy would run the UFO groups.

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    The Israeli military erected the 600-yard (meter) concrete barrier nine years ago on the outskirts of the Gilo neighborhood in southern Jerusalem because of repeated Palestinian shootings from the West Bank town of Beit Jalla.
    The barrier is being dismantled over the next two weeks because of a reduced security threat and improved coordination between Israeli and West Bank security forces, the Israeli military said.
    Also Sunday, Abbas was to meet with a U.S. envoy, David Hale, to try to find a way to resume direct peace talks with Israel, which broke down in December 2008.
    Although the Obama administration has renewed pressure on the Palestinians to resume direct negotiations, Abbas is demanding a framework, agenda and timeline before they begin, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says there should be no preconditions to the talks.


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