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  2. MUFON: Strange Sky Lights, UFOs & Time Loss
    Submitted by Javier Ortega on August 7, 2010 – 9:32 AM


    Roger Marsh from the Examiner, posted an interesting incident that was filed with MUFON. The report is about a group of friends who experienced a power outage around 4 in the morning. When they went outside their home to investigate, they all noticed a “very strange lightning, purplish lightning with no thunder or rain to go with it.”.

    Shortly after they spotted some aircraft flying almost in formation, as if securing a perimeter; when suddenly a egg-shaped bright object flew into view and then flew off. A second egg shaped object was then spotted flying in a zigzag manner before disappearing.

    After the objects and aircraft had flown off, they were surprised to see that it was 6 am. The friends reported feeling the sense that they loss time and had a hard time remembering the strange events that happened, according to them, just a few minutes before.

  3. Castro thinks Obama is the only one to stop a nuclear war? I’m not sure what to make of this story, but it caught my eye…

    “Eight weeks ago, I thought that the imminent danger of war didn’t have a possible solution. So dramatic was the problem that I didn’t see another way out,” Castro told the legislature. “I am sure that it won’t be like that and, instead … one man will make the decision alone, the president of the United States.”

    He added of Obama, “Surely with his multiple worries, he hasn’t realized this yet, but his advisers have.”


    “Castro’s speech lasted barely 11 minutes — possibly a record for the man who became famous for his hourslong discourses during 49 years in power — and was largely devoid of his usual America bashing. He referred to the United States as “the empire” only a few times — though he did say that if Obama didn’t intervene he would “be ordering the instantaneous death … of hundreds of millions of people, among them an incalculable number of inhabitants of his own homeland.”


    In His name,

  4. Today we took my 3 year old nephew to a fair and there was a Uhaul truck there with a gray alien painted on the side and it totally freaked him out. I’d never seen such a look of fear on a 3 year old child before. He looked TERRIFIED and maybe even traumatized. He even let go of his grandfather’s hand and fled from the image (We were at least a hundred feet away from it) and fell down, cutting his knee on the pavement. What do you guys thinks going on with that? As far as I know he’s never seen an image of a gray alien. We were at a science center a few years ago and there was a painting of the Creature of the Black Lagoon on the wall and that scared him but not like this. If you think about it the Creature and a Gray look like cousins. Do you think my nephew has had encounters with the grays or was just freaked out by the image? You can look it up on google. I’m sure it’s around. These were a series of truch Uhaul did in the 90’s for each state and New Mexico had the Roswell crash. It’s a rather tame image, I’ve seen far scarier, but this was bizarre so I wanted to get other opinions.

    • Captain,

      Well, the picture on the cover of Mr. Marzulli’s “The Alien Interviews” is quite nasty-looking. Do you have this book? Your nephew may have seen something on tv, or a book or even on someone’s computer screen. Pictures of ‘greys’ are enough to give anyone the willies. I’m so sorry that happened to the wee one. Hope he’s okay.

      On another note, if I may…came across an interesting article you might be interested in reading.

      “But it raises another question. When do our war “crimes” have an expiry date. Blair gave his half-hearted apology to the Irish a century and a half after the Brits exported Ireland’s food instead of using it to save Irish men and women who were found dead in ditches after trying to eat stinging nettles. The Americans and the Australians have said sorry to their native peoples. But what about Cromwell and Drogheda? Or the Thirty Years’ War, or the Hundred Years’ War? Or the sack of Rome – a Goth war crime (poor Mrs Merkel)? – or the Roman destruction of Carthage? Or the death of Jesus – I guess Rome’s imperial history means Berlusconi has to apologise, though an awful lot of Catholics have spent centuries living in their anti-semitic world by blaming the Jews. Poor Benjamin Netanyahu!”


      In His name,

    • Mary – I don’t have either of LA’s books yet but I plan to get them this fall. I have books and DVDs with Grays om them but my nephew has never seen those. I don’t have them out when he’s here and they can even freak me out if I’m home alone reading this material.

      I don’t think anyone can apologize for another person’s wrong. It would only mean anything if the guilty parties apologized. That said, where in the Bible does it talk about God judging countries? In A Christmas Carol when Marley’s Ghost visits Scrooge there are other ghosts outside the window chained together that Marley explains are governments who have been judged. I’d like to find the reference for that. A Christmas Carol is a VERY Christian book if you know what Dickens is talking about. It’s my favorite fictional work because of that and few film adaptations include this material at all.

    • Captain Eagle. I would ask your 3 year old nephew some questions. For him to have a reaction like this may be a signal that something has happened to him…. Let me know if I can help with this in any way. L.A.

    • L.A. – Thank you for chiming in. That means a lot. But how would you go about asking a 3 year old something like this? He is my first experience with being involved raising a child and I’ve found sometimes the 3 year old mindset is easy to understand, other times it’s cryptic due to the age. (He can’t always tell you what he means) He has only had a similar reaction to seeing images of the Creature from the Black Lagoon, which after this I came to wonder if he’s seeing this as the same being: The Creature kind of looks like an aquatic gray when you tink about it:


      He saw this image (The actual movie poster in the upper right of the Creature carrying away a woman) in a science museum a few years ago and it frightened him then but not like the truck.

      Here is an image of the truck I found online (It‘s not THE truck but it‘s the model and image we saw):

      I know this Creature image bothers him because I drug it out after the truck incident:


      An aquatic gray?

      I’ve never known anyone first hand who’s been abducted, let alone a child, but I’ve been aware of the phenomenon myself since I was 7 or 8 years old when Unsolved Mysteries aired a segment on Missing Time. That so freaked me out as a child that I changed my sleeping habits and everything and had a hard time sleeping at night well into my teens. I don’t think I was ever abducted but that’s a very terrifying experience to imagine yourself in, I still can think of few more horrific and even after reading some of the stories on here over the past month I‘m having trouble sleeping some nights. Living in PA which seems to be a hot bed for this activity hasn’t helped either. It’s only hearsay but the farmers around here sometimes have had crop circles in their fields over the years but this is a rural community and they always plow them under to ignore the phenomenon before there is much to do about it.

      I have that Missing Time segment on DVD now and watched that this afternoon and another thing struck me. One abductee mentions how when he was a kid he thought the grays were ghosts (like the classic image of the sheet ghost with big black eyes) my nephew has been talking about ghosts since he could talk and he doesn’t like images of those types of ghosts either. (They show up everywhere at Halloween) I’d never made that connection until now but it’s only a what if. I’m not sure what’s going on here and I’m not sure how to find out. I’m the only person in my family who gives this phenomenon any credibility making me the “kook” of the family and I’m pretty sure his mother’s family would really think this is nuts. This afternoon I was listening to some of your PID Radio shows to myself on a car ride seeing if there was anything of help there as well. So how should I go about this?

      (As of now I replied in public in case anyone else knows of any children with a fear of big black eyes and here are 3 different beings, the gray, the Creature, and the sheet ghost that all have that in common and I have never seen anyone connect these dots before. This is something new but perhaps there are others out there? I’m just not sure if I can catch ’em in the act when he’s staying here or find another way to determine if there’s something to this other than a child being frightened by some images.

  5. I can’t link the email so I’ll just have to copy it here. Interesting that now the Catholics have an apparition of Jesus show up. Could this somehow coincide somehow w/the “Turin” crop circle?

    Comment from Understand The Times:

    The following article which describes an “apparition of Jesus” that supposedly took place in a Catholic church in Nigeria recently, is exactly what authors Jim Tetlow and Roger Oakland predicted would be taking place in the future in their book Another Jesus: The Eucharistic and the New Evangelization. Jesus warned that “false appearances” would be taking place as one of the signs of the last days.

    (Matthew 24:23-26).KJ – Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before. Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

    Christ’s apparition attracts thousands

    • “APPARITIONS” They appear to be!
      when Christ appeared to Apostle Paul on the Damascus Way The man was blinded for Three days.
      In The Glory of the Father is Christ’s status presently and this is how He will appear in the clouds at His return.
      There is no in-between. Faith is strengthen in believers Not by apparitions, but By The Word of God.

      We need not anything But His Word. No shroud, No Images, and certainly no apparitions. The Devil Is the Conjurer of apparitions. pathetic creature that he is, always appealing to the senses!

      John B

  6. I talked to an old christian lady the other day and ask if she believed in the fallen ones she said yes so i tried to give her my copy of alien interviews to her to read she said the picture on the cover scared her and decided she did not want it and said it was not biblical, now isn’t that strange.

    • That is the initial reaction of probably most Christians. If they believe the “alien” is demonic then they just want to keep clear of the entire thing.

      It’s as if they were reading the satanic bible by reading up on what UFO/aliens are. The older lady- not sure if she’d be open to ever changing her mind but I’ve seen some mid-aged people soften up on the subject
      once they realize they shouldn’t be scared by the enemy.

      PP&S won’t scare them off by the cover. In fact we’ll see how this goes today but my daughter is going to a little friend’s “alien” themed B-day party. So….I’m giving the parents a copy of PP&S.

    • I was told in the 1990’s if I read books or watch films on alien abduction then I’m making those beings feel welcome in my home. Alien stuff hasn’t scared me for years until I started reading Steve Quayle’s books and listening to L.A.’s interviews (I’m buying his books once work resumes for me in a few weeks as I need to get debit cards to use Paypal.) The difference is I now know what it is and it’s even more scary than aliens. Every night before I go to sleep I’m sure to ask Jesus to protect me and my family through the night now in reference to this.

  7. In the latter times, Israel and Judah will re-unite, “stick to stick”. In addition, the Blessings passed down to Manaseh and Ephraim is that one would becme a Great Nation, and the other one a Great Company of Nations…

    I don’t think that Jesus Christ will allow his bride, the Church (saved and holy ghost filled Christians) go thru the tribulation.

    Christ returns with His Saints to destroy the “Kings of the East” military forces, numbering 200,000,000 soldiers who die in one hour!

    That is the end of gentile world power, Democracy…Thirty-Five (35) days after that is when the Kingdom of God starts up and lasts for 1,000 years

    We don’t know the exact beginning of the tribulation, but pray that you are worthy to escape those 21 Judgements of the 3 entities…It’s a touhg cross-fire to be in and barely surviveable. The Wrath of God, The Wrath of the Lamb AND the Wrath of Lucifer.

    The “Bible is the Word of God” Law is Public Law 97-280, 96 Statute 1211, 10/4/82..Don’t believe other prophets such as Nostradamus or any others as they do not tell you How To Escape!

    Use Your Rights ASAP to Prove My interpretation of the scriptures wrong!

  8. Where did all of that go to? In the Book of Job, God’s telling him about the wind and ocean currents that go along and return to their point of beginning, ok.

    Somewhere therein also, is a statement that ocean currents go into deep caverns in the ocean floor down to the bowels of the earth and get cleaned up!

    They go thru a very high heat pressure cooker and are released through steam vents in the ocean floor. Maybe now, maybe that is where the oil has gone.

  9. maybe the new Mosque in lower Manhattan is the holy place, it is near the 911 site and United Nations. Maybe Obama will be received there as the anointed one. Maybe since birth, Obama had an evil twin, typical mysticism. Some magicians took a long time to set up all the details of evil twins, separated out of Africa to Indonesia and Hawaii, one becomes President after Twin Towers attack is successful . Then the natural of the twin, goes unwarily to the new holy site , they shoot him, and then the evil twin comes out of the Mosque as the risen messiah.
    It was a mystery of the evil magicians Jannes and Jambres to attempt to imitate for Pharaoh, all the Divine Acts of God, and return power to the New Age for Pharaoh, by the Phoenix Bird, and Osiris, out of the ashes of the world they destroy to usher in a new world order, and using a mystery to imitate God act in the Resurrection of Christ, to take the power away from the Biblical View to that of a renewed Islamic Babylon allied with Communist World, as the New World Order.
    So to set up a trick, They needed a woman of the occult who achieved to have twins and so they followed after her and her child, and another child. So if the world does not know where Obama was born, then we also do not know if he had an twin, and so the greatest magicians are careful to keep their twins apart so that the trick can come in the timely order.
    The destruction of the Twin Towers, sort of disputes with
    the Staff of Aaron, which became one snake who ate up the two
    snakes that the two evil magicians of Pharaoh conjured up, to
    enough success to build up to the death and resurrection of
    some new age messiah, in some holy place, where the first natural son would unknowingly go to his death and his evil twin
    brother would reap the reward of the magic of being raised
    from the dead.
    The evil magicians of Pharaoh had some power, they could make the snakes, they could make water turn to blood, they could make the frogs, but the Gnats, they could not make, nor the
    rest of the plagues. So those with the Phoenix, concept failed.
    The Phoenix was a Dragon Bird who flew from Arabia to Heliopolis and gathered wormwood, twigs soaked in spices that
    could spontaneously ignite the whole nest, and when the bird
    landed it became a conflagration in it’s own nest to renew the
    ages and announce Osiris to Inundate the Nile Plain to give a new age of glory to Pharoah.
    But God showed Moses, that God’s Word could be thrown into
    the Phoenix Bird’s Nest as a Burning Bush, but the Word of
    God would never be consumed. Thus what Moses had by God was
    superior to what magic the Egyptians had by way of their Book
    of the Dead.
    The New World Order, a cult of evil twins, like Castor and Pollux in the Ship, as spoken of by Nostradamus, seems to say
    an evil plan to imitate all the Divine Miracles of the Bible
    have been some interwoven mystery of many cults of the rich
    and powerful over a long time to obtain the kingdom, that once
    belonged to Pharaoh. A plan to raise Cain. They must be willing to elaborately work together many cults , where each cult never knew the entire scheme, but only had what they needed to know. That makes it possible, that even Obama would
    not know all the details of what shall happen to him, if he is
    part of such a magical performance . He might not know there
    was a twin, they were separated at birth, and covered up by
    many interwoven cults toward an incredible moment of transformation, that even the very elect might be fooled.
    Even if something got out about the twins, it would not be
    believed early enough by anyone to prevent what all this mystery is supposed to accomplish. To give the world a new age
    messiah, which both Islam and Communists will hail as messiah
    and then comes the Phoenix Bird to burn down the world in it’s own nest , in order to create out of the ashes, a new world order for some Master Race , some Elite minority , of those
    who have participated in mystery cults all over the world,not
    privy to the master assembling of this work of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.
    It seems too much that we have known all this Sherlock Holmes
    type mystery and thus “Familiarity Breeds Contempt” we would
    not believe it was actually going on, and in such universal
    order, until it was too late. Even the movie Omen and Damien
    would make us dis-believe it would really be happening, even
    though we know most of the style of the plot. “Plausible Denial”

  10. Much of the difficult things JESUS taught have been ignored — for example in the sermon on the mount HE COMMANDED us to ” Seek first the kingdom of GOD and HIS rightousness ” — try and find a pastor or priest that TEACHES YOU HOW TO DO THAT —- well — JESUS gave the instructions on how to do it and described it as the NARROW GATE — HE gave another COMMAND also that said YOU MUST BECOME LIKE A SMALL CHILD TO ENTER THE KINGDOM OF GOD ( forget your pride in your knowledge/ education and humble yourself like a child and put your total and complete trust in GOD ) —- and HE gave us the example of HIS life to follow — HE called it DYING TO SELF —- I E — subbmitting HIS WILL to that of the HEAVENLY FATHER which also involves TOTAL OBEDIENCE TO THE GREAT COMMAND —- which is so important that HE recited it TWICE —- obedience to the GREAT COMMAND is the GOLDEN DOORWAY that leads to the KINGDOM OF GOD —- if it wasnt available to us — then HE lied when HE taught it in that beautiful SERMON ON THE MOUNT
    P S — it is also helpful to imitate ENOCH and ” walk and talk”— in appropriate places — to our OMNIPRESENT CREATOR of all GOD from whom not the tiniest detail of our life is hidden —- and one very important thing I have learned is that you have to WANT SPIRITUAL TREASURE —- way more than ANY WORLDLY TREASURE— but then JESUS taught that also

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