Crop Circles – Shroud of Turin Face?

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L. A. Marzulli

To say that these new crop circles are strange is an understatement. Are they real? When the two circles are superimposed on each other it does, in fact remind me of The Shroud of Turin. These circles are over 250 in diameter and one can only see the images from the air. Is it a hoax? I don’t know. I am aware that the hoaxsters can create elaborate circles. However, my first impression is that these circles may be the real deal.

So let’s assume that these circles are the real deal. Whoever is doing this is trying to send us a message, right? What is that message? Is it that the so-called extraterrestrials created Jesus? That they were responsible for His incarnation. That Jesus was in fact an extraterrestrial? This is what many who are in the X-opolitic movement embrace. In short, they believe that all the worlds religions were started by ET. I’ll never forget Dr. Stephen Greer’s face, on The History Channel’s, Ancient Alien show, as he grinned from ear to ear and stated that when ET appears all the worlds religions will crumble.

I believe he is right and without knowing it Greer is warning us of the coming Great Deception! Are all crop circles real? The short answer is no, as some of them are faked. However, many of the circles demonstrate magnetic anomalies where watches and electronic equipment cease to function. The crop is also laid down and woven together while the man-made ones are not.

The Vatican has gone on the record stating that the extraterrestrial should be considered our brother. Yesterday I Blogged about Churchill and Eisenhower and the UFO cover up dating back from WWII days. Churchill was afraid that if his government revealed the presence of alien beings, it would cause a panic and people would lose their faith in religion! Here is the link to the crop circle.

There is another video that I want to call your attention to. This is a daylight sighting of an object that is similar to what I saw with my wife about a year ago while driving north on Pacific Coast Highway. It is a morphing UFO that is changing shape and emitting smaller objects from it. We have two strange supernatural events that are separated by distance and time. While we may disagree as to what the cause of the UFO phenomena is, we can agree that it is real, burgeoning and not going away.

In closing today’s post. Last night I did a two-hour interview on Proof Negative PODCAST. There were a lot of questions from their chat room. I was asked where all of this might be going to, what was the end game of the phenomena. I pointed out that at some point it will become self-evident. When, not if “they” reveal themselves most people will believe the lie, which is that these beings are extraterrestrial. I warn continually that these entities are malevolent, evil beings and quote UFO pioneer investigator and author, Jacque Valle, who calls them, Messengers of DEception.

The Fallen One has been planning this Coming Great Deception for thousands of years. When it happens, as Steven Greer points out, the religions of the world will crumble.


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56 thoughts on “Crop Circles – Shroud of Turin Face?

  1. Yesterday I watched the film Van Helsing and noticed something I hadn’t before. For those of you unaware, the film is about a monster hunter who secretly works for a secret society made up of all the world’s religions. I’d never noticed that before but there are Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims all working for this group inside the Vatican. In fact if you listen clearly one even evokes the name of Allah in the background. What are they saying, that all the world’s religions are essentially the same? This film came out around the time of Hellboy, which also has the theme of a secret organization who deals with the supernatural. That both films came out at the same time may be significant. I had just never payed attention to these themes in films until recently. I hadn’t seen Van Helsing in years but remembered this theme and wanted to see it with my eyes now open to such things. I know it’s an “older” film now but could this be one of a string of films telling us that all religions are the same when ET shows up?

    • I would say yes, all the worlds religions are essentially the same (even counterfiet Christianity because it accepts many ways to heaven): they are man made, they go by ‘the letter of the law’ and they produce a false peace. All the religions of the world use the word god to name their gods. Our saviors name is Yashua Messiah.

  2. Why crop circles of the “Shroud of Turin?”

    Is this a reference to the 2nd Coming? Are the fallen ones on high alert? Or are they just alerting us to their knowledge that they know there is a belief in christ. Why not a muslim crop circle? Or a crop circle reference to judaism?

    As far as I am concerned the Vatican has lost ALL credibility as a reliable religous enitity promoting the word of christ. Sorry Catholics! What comes out of the Vatican is no more reliable than what comes out of the mouth’s of congress.

    The Vatican is either currently possesed by the fallen ones or they are being deceived by the fallen ones if they think aliens are our brothers. I shriver at the thought of how many innocent children have been molested and continue to be molested and unprotected by the very entity that is suppose to protect them.

    Rather than promote Jesus as the way the truth and the life, I feel the Catholic hierarchy promotes themselves as the way and the truth. As if they are gods in robes to be worshipped. Enough of the Vatican!

    I personally think the above crop circles are just a way to lure us into their trust only to later deceive us later?

    We must remember Satan knows scripture.

    • Have you ever noticed how the media is all too eager to attack the catholic church when they molest children (as they should) yet they circle the wagons around the Muslim groups whenever they do anything wrong? I believe it’s because the catholic church represents Christianity to most of the world, especially non believers.

    • Richard, this is key “we must remember satan knows the Scriptures”!! That is why we have to test EVERYTHING and always remain humble, because we may do, think or believe something we really know not! Our confidence HAS to be in Yashua and HIS ability to carry us through anything, not our own understanding. As far as a muslim crop circle-wouldn’t surprise me if we see one soon. The antichrist wants us to know that ‘god speaks to us in many ways’….

    • LA, we were all thinking what Richard said that is why we nominated him to say But I’m am thinking that the Gospel of the Bible is the Good News of Jesus but parallel throughout, Satan’s devious attempts to thwart God’s Plan beginning in Genesis 3 verse 15 where God reveal His plan as to how Satan would be defeated, via a “son” or descendent of Adam and Eve. We are seeing all this played out before our eyes which is becoming clearer and clearer.

    • I agree, the Vatican is highly infiltrated by the forces of darkness. It is interesting that these so-called ETs attack Christianity, and no other religion. Why not a depiction of Muhammad or Buddha? Why don’t they tell abductees “all religions” are wrong, instead of singling out Christianity?
      Satan began Islam, Buddhism, etc. to deceive, so they aren’t a problem for the forces of darkness. But, Truth, Jesus Christ is their problem. Luckily, we know what’ll happen in advance.
      Like Chuck Missler has said, I don’t worry about Israel, because I know they won’t be destroyed. I worry about the United States, because the U.S. does not have that guarantee.

  3. Is anyone aware that Obama is on the verge of apologizing FOR A SECOND TIME for the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan that ended WWII and allow a monument to Kamikaze pilots be erected at Honolulu? During his first few months in office when Obama was running around the world bowing before Saudi kings and apologizing for every event in America’s past he apologized to the Ambassador of Japan for this. (Other things he apologized for was to the British for the Revolution (Do I even need to explain how wrong this is?), numerous middle eastern nations for stealing their resources (Again, in most cases these are resources they SELL to America and have built their wealth upon), numerous African nations for stealing their people as slaves (completely neglecting that these Africans SOLD their fellow men into slavery and that America was the first country in the world to abolish the practice of slavery), Germany for both world wars (which they started), and Japan for this.

    For those of you unaware, Japan never lost a war in it’s thousands of years of history until WWII. In fact many of their wars lasted for centuries. The middle eastern through Asian cultural mindset is different than the American through European cultural mindset. Those in the east will fight to the last man because honor for family and country mean everything to them. In the west these things aren’t as important. If those bombs hadn’t been dropped the war would have lasted for years and we may even still be fighting it today. In fact before the bombs were dropped I believe there was a study done that determined the war would last at least ten more years and cost millions of more lives for both sides if they were not dropped. The bombs were dropped because the west was tired of fighting and wanted to end it with as few casualties as possible. The Pacific theater of the war was horrific and violent, even more so than the European theater. No one wanted to go into a gorilla war in Japan and end up in situations like we later saw in Vietnam and now Iraq. America didn’t just decide to drop a nuke on Japan for the fun of it but you wouldn’t know that from how academics, like Obama, treat this event.

    Obama’s grandfather was a Muslim spy against the British in the 1940’s. His goal was to bring the British empire down. Obama’s father had a similar goal with Kenya. He wanted to see a socilist government rise there and it just did this week. Obama’s mother was also a political radical and just like his father abandoned Barrack to bring political change to other African countries. His step father was of the same mindset as were the grandparents who raised him. We are seeing the fruition of a lifetime of being raise by and associating with political radicals in the Obama Presidency. Obama taught Sol Lesions (SP?) at colleges, a man‘s who‘s book is dedicated to SATAN. His political machine lives by the rules in that book. If you see how they conduct themselves it‘s always in step with that book. Unfortunately people are uninformed or asleep. So when we get the mosk at Grounsd Zero (which is what Mulsims do to celebrate a conquering victory over an enemy. They put up a mosk on the spot of the victory) and Kamikaze monument at Pearl Harbor just remember that there is something going on behind these things that isn‘t reported in the news and that most people are unaware of.

    • Yes, Capt. Eagle.
      When I was a kid and Germany went down in ’45, writers in magazines of the time speculated that it would be 1950 before we defeated Japan.
      Operations Olympic and Coronet were unknown by the public then and were being planned by the military for late ’45 and the spring of 1946 to invade the Japanese home islands.
      One million casualties were expected from it all just based on the Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Saipan campaigns.
      The Japanese fought to the death to hold these islands and you can imagine their fervor defending Japan proper.

      What was done, saved lives, both Japanese and American. What was done, staved off world war for more than 65 years.

      We knew what had to be done then and did it.

      Today, we regularly demonstrate to the world how patently stupid we have become. At some point they will take extreme advantage of this.

    • Well, it makes me very nervous anytime Obama’s name is mentioned anywhere near the word Japan because Japan had an earthquake and then Chile got hit BAM on February 27th this year. Not a good ‘feeling’ I have over this. Not at all.

      In His name,

    • Doug – When I was in college at the turn of the century my liberal college profs tried to tell us that the greatest generation was the worst generation. Sadly many who did not know any better fell for this lie. We also used to be told how great FDR was but recently I’ve been hearing many stories I’d never known that makes me question that greatness. Just a few years ago a liberal university (I forget which one but I think it was Harvard) researched everything FDR did for over a decade and concluded he actually prolonged the Great Depression with what he did. Since these were liberals who found this and FDR is their patron saint it made me wonder what they gain by knocking him off the throne.

      Anyway, WWII was a time we will never see again in that I don’t feel the people are as great as they were then. The generals then were great men, we just had one booted out for comments his men made in Rolling Stone. General Patton would have been a dead man before the war even began. When we see a WWII like situation with the end times war no doubt the media will be there to talk it down like they have with every American war since. I believe some have ended the way they have because of how the media distorts the facts. Imagine if they had done that with WWII at the time.

      Mary – The country I fear more than Japan is China (and Russia and Iran) because no other country can produce the billion man army in Revelations. I may be wrong and Japan is slubbering like Russia and some say Germany is but the Japanese strike me as becoming gung ho pro American after the war. A little secret few Americans know is after the war when we rebuilt Europe and Japan we set up a school system based on the system we had in place at the day. In the 1960’s we abandoned that type of school and when we got to the 80’s and 90’s the other countries were kicking our butts in education with our old system. Pick up an elementary school English book from the 1800’s and see if your child in the same grade can do that work today. Some of them Ihave are college level stuff today yet kids in 5th through 8th grade could do this over a hundred fifty years ago. But it’s more important today to feel good abot yourself than learn anything hence part of societal decay.

    • Capt.
      My father had no use for Roosevelt. As a matter of fact, he thought he was a communist. That being because he placed some commies in his administration.
      His VP in 1940, Henry Wallace was a “Progressive”, who ran on the Progressive party ticket for President in 1948, supported by the Communist Party USA.
      He held many socialist ideas.

      Sound familiar?

      Anyway, since Roosevelt had a closed casket, my dad concluded that he either shot himself or someone else did it.

      But, I hate to get going on China. I can blame at least 4 Presidents for the mess we are in with them and they are both Republican and Democrat.

    • Doug – I recently heard a stories about people who sued FDR over New Deal stuff and won. Yesterday I heard about the first Jewish man on the Supreme Court was one of FDR’s biggest critics. Today most Jewish people vote democrat, something I’ll never understand when the Dems are anti-Israel.

      I knew about Wallace and we almost got him. The one term he dropped out as VP was the one FDR died. I forget why Wallace was dropped though.

      I don’t think Democrat and Republican is what makes these politicians what they are; it’s whether they are conservative or liberal. The best Republican Presidents have been conservative. Even JFK who is greatly praised by the left was more in line with conservatives than liberals. The liberals were against Civil Rights and if you go back to the 1800’s the Democrats were the party of slavery and in fact the Republicans began as a break off from the Whigs to finally deal with slavery yet you wouldn’t know that today.

      In my opinion Reagan is probably the greatest President in my lifetime (“I’m only 30) I didn’t care for either Bush or Clinton or Obama. I think Obama is Carter II. Ford seems like a dunce and LBJ is like FDR Lite to me. I think Nixon doesn’t get a fair shake by most people because of Watergate, even thoug he was liberal in a great many areas. Eisenhower seemed like a great leader but I don’t know a lot about his Administration. I do find him to be a conservative in morality and governmentally from what I’ve read. We don’t see people like Reagan or Eisenhower made todat let alone run for office. I’d even like to see a Gen. Patton type run.

    • Captain,

      Wow, I just tried to post a comment and was completely booted offline by IE. My goodness…

      What I was meaning about Japan and Obama was that the last time I heard him speaking about Japan, they had an earthquake there which made take notice for some reason. The next morning, Chile had their horrendous earthquake. Friends of ours had just moved from CR to Chile and they lost everything.

      We were living along the beach in Central Pacific CR when the tsunami went by. We had left temporarily to go to higher ground but on the way the surfers told us to go back because the tsunami had already passed. It may sound odd to some to listen to surfers, but they know their waves. My ex-companion being a surfer kept telling me the same thing.

      Anyway, after I wrote this comment yesterday, Costa Rica, Japan, Chile and California had quakes. Odd I tell you.

      MAP 4.7 2010/08/07 05:31:21 42.967 144.941 15.6 HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION
      MAP 4.5 2010/08/07 01:28:28 -4.735 144.284 83.4 NEAR NORTH COAST OF NEW GUINEA, P.N.G.
      MAP 4.4 2010/08/07 01:28:14 52.685 -169.406 10.0 FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA
      MAP 2.9 2010/08/06 21:55:39 53.524 -162.772 35.8 SOUTH OF ALASKA
      MAP 5.1 2010/08/06 21:05:27 -38.199 -73.616 10.0 OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE
      MAP 4.2 2010/08/06 19:15:52 29.464 51.086 47.6 SOUTHERN IRAN
      MAP 4.1 2010/08/06 17:39:32 33.979 -116.443 7.7 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
      MAP 4.6 2010/08/06 17:33:51 10.848 -86.147 43.0 OFF THE COAST OF COSTA RICA

      China is most certainly a concern. The Chinese are the second most prevalent society here in Canada. They ought to be teaching Mandarin or something in our schools instead of French I guess…

      Love reading your posts!

      In His name,

    • Ha, ha, as a post script to the above, we just had an earthquake up here in the St. Lawrence region, 200 mi or so from where I live. Too funny. Okay, I’m off to go and do some work for the Lord!

      In His name,

  4. As these birth pangs continue, I’m so glad I have the Lord Jesus and his Word to hold onto ‘cus otherwise I’m feeling like I’m in the twilight zone.

  5. Well, perhaps Mohammad , Buddha, & others will come next.

    Was the 1st face the ET? The 2nd Jesus? Or were there others in between? Oh and to think- what if Obama’s mug shot is in the line up?

    I’m just tired of the whole thing.

    Since God is allowing this manifestation to occur I wonder at what point His hand will no longer restrain these wicked powers & principalities to come out in full force.

    Meanwhile we get to sit & watch the masses become deceived bit by bit. To me this creates mental anguish watching the

    The patience & perseverance of the saints-right? I guess it’s a good thing if it inspires us to act.

    Pray for more laborers & that the eyes of our generation may be openend & their ears may hear the truth of the God’s Word.

    Psalm 2:1-12
    Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the LORD and against his Anointed One. “Let us break their chains,” they say, “and throw off their fetters.”

    The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them. Then he rebukes them in his anger and terrifies them in his wrath, saying,”I have installed my King on Zion, my holy hill.” I will proclaim the decree of the LORD: He said to me, “You are my Son; today I have become your Father. Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. You will rule them with an iron scepter; you will dash them to pieces like pottery.”

    Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry and you be destroyed in your way, for his wrath can flare up in a moment. Blessed are all who take refuge in him.

    • Do you remember the one with the grey head that said “We Are Not Alone”? It wasn’t a hoaxed one either. It had the popped nodes. Did the fallen ones make a mistate? Oops.

    • Again I refer to this short 1 min video. Do you think everything we do, say, experience is being recorded somehow? Yashua says that all our works are recorded in HIS books. So what about satan? Doesn’t he want to mimic everything the LORD does? How could he record us? check this video…

    • Dee,

      That ‘grey’ person in the video looks utterly sick. Unfortunately, there are people out there whom purport to astral travel and all that junk. Not something to mess around with. Not at all.

      In His name,

    • So well put, and SELAH for sure Miss Lisa ! Thank you for putting into words what I have been feeling lately, esp. the last several days ): Now I feel somehow validated and better.
      Everything is overwhelming, and there has not even been a mention of what is still happening in the Gulf!I am constantly putting word and prayer into myself and still want to cry or scream.

      I would take a vacation or get away for a few days ,however, that is impossible w/o the finances.

      I count my blessings constantly and am waiting for “Let God arise, and His enemies be scattered “….

      Still Waiting and Believing,

    • amen sister Lisa! ….”the harvest is plenty, the laborers are few, come with me into the fields…your arms may grow weary, your shoes will wear thin, come with me into the fields”

      Part of the lyrics of a hymn that was sung at my mother’s funeral in 1982, she loved this hymn, she was a hard worker and believed in Jesus Christ. Your comment reminded me of this, and I find myself singing this hymn at times, especially when I think that I am only one person and there is so much work to do! May God continue to wake up the sleeping laborers!

    • Don’t forget the “blessed virgin mary”. Why isn’t her face the first one instead of the suffered dead face of Jesus? He is alive btw. 🙂 We’ve seen her face on sandwiches, chips, trees, why not crop circles?

  6. This just in; Obama may pay off all home loans as October surprise to get the democrats reelected.

    Did anyone know that the man behind this ground zero mosk is the same guy who appeared on 60 Minutes in September of 2001 and blamed 9/11 on America? No one reporta this either.

    • well, what do I know? I just used to make them (crop circles)! According to “them” my “wise guys” the very tall blue men who took me around to do this sort of thing! Oh yea, and showed up at that party and called me a name I only used during an abduction….with witnesses! Liars! deceitful demonic liars! I cannot wait until Jesus Christ destroys them all! what a great day that will be!

  7. Something I heard about the shroud of Turin is that it is not the face of our Lord but it is what the anti-christ will look like so that many will be deceived by him when he comes, thinking he is Christ come again. Also, perhaps the elites will say that “we” — “the christians” are the bad aliens and that is why we are taken away (think rapture here) — and the Word does say we are aliens here on earth, strangers to this world as our real home is in heaven, so maybe they will use that very word against us as a response to our disappearance…Just thoughts to share…Amen!

    • Lisa,

      What concerns me too, is the History Channel when they showed how ‘they’ raised the image off of the Shroud to show a computer-generated image complete with eyes opening! Because it was on the History Channel vast amounts of people may believe in this image if it ever appears in the air via a hologram or something. We don’t know for sure if the image on the Shroud is Jesus.

      For me, if God wanted to get our attention, he wouldn’t make a crop circle. He’d move a mountain or flood the earth or dry the tears on a new-born baby…

      In His name,

    • Hi Mary:

      As you mention about the shroud documentary, I saw this too and even commented here before how it moved me when I saw that face image raised off the cloth. It hit me emotionally because I love my Lord and to see a face, but we need to be careful as we can’t just go by our emotions…that will prove fatal when this stuff happens, as our emotions will want to overrun us if aliens appear or if the antichrist appears looking like the “Christ” of all the picturebooks we have seen, especially if it is a spectaluar event…we’ll need to have our discernment really in tune to the Holy Spirit and we here on this blog are pretty aware already but we must be in prayer, as we need to stand steady on the Word of God and not spectacular visions or manifestations or swelling words that will try to deceive us…look how many people swooned over Obama at his rallies when he was campaigning…emotionality running wild…it will be much worse than that, so we soldiers of the cross really need to be in tune with the Spirit of God and His Word and prayed up…Amen!!

    • Hi Lisa,

      I remembered someone was happy to see that History Channel show on the ‘raising’ of the face on the Shroud of Tourin. I guess that was you. To be honest, I was aghast as it says in the Bible no one has seen the face of God. I felt very hurt by what they were doing. I know others feel differently. I agree with you though, we cannot allow our flesh to get in the way with these things.

      I posted the following comment on another thread the other day. I’m copying and pasting it in here…


      In His name,

    • Hmmmmm, that’s odd, the copy and paste disappeared. As Jesus said in Mark 8:33: “…Get thee behind me, Satan: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men.”

      I’ll try again. If it doesn’t show up, you can find it in the most recent Breaking News BLOG about the oil leaking out of the capped well in the Gulf. There are only 30 comments so it’s easy to find.

      Yes, these crops circles are very curious indeed. Did you see the crop circle of the cross? Anyway, for me, I feel Father showed me something around the time of Mr. Marzulli’s last show about the Shroud of Tourin and it’s these verses in Luke 9 (KJV). (Capitalization of FACE and MESSENGERS are mine)

      51 And it came to pass, when the time was come that he should be received up, he stedfastly set his FACE to go to Jerusalem,

      52 And sent MESSENGERS before his FACE: and they went, and entered into a village of the Samaritans, to make ready for him.

      53 And they did not receive him, because his FACE was as though he would go to Jerusalem.

      We know the literal level of what Luke is talking about. There is another level I feel Father has shown me here.

      Mr. Marzulli often refers to the Shroud as a ‘calling card’ of the Lord. Perhaps so. Perhaps not. We don’t know for sure. What I can say is during my walk with Him I have learned well to look at the ‘good fight’ and the ‘counterfeit’ of many happenings.

      Perhaps the Shroud really is that of our Lord. Perhaps the Lord has sent his FACE ahead of time to us before the Tribulation begins. He’s coming. And many of us feel He’s coming soon.

      Perhaps the crop circles of the image of the Shroud is the counterfeit sending His FACE first by MESSENGERS of deception.

      It’s interesting to note that many Christians are willing the accept the Shroud as really being the FACE of our Lord. And many will not receive the crop circles as His FACE because these materials (the grasses, etc.) have not been touched by Him like the cloth of the Shroud. Rather these crop circles have been made a counterfeit of the Shroud by MESSENGERS unknown to us. The very fibres of the FACEs are different.

      Something to think about.

      In this link is a photo of the cross crop circle. Looks like a counterfeit cross to me.

      In His name,

    • Keep in mind the word IMAGE. Image is a copy, not the “real thing”. This is why we need to steer clear of any “images” ANY!! We worship HIM in spirit and in truth. Father, please help us to be sensitive only to Your Holy Spirit. amen

    • Yeah, what you are saying reminds me of what Dr Joye Pugh talks about…that William is the ac…I really don’t care much as my concerns lie with the Church ,but it is interesting.Wish we could hop through our computers and hug one another…thanks for sharing everyone.

  8. Off topic, but has anyone here read “Apollyon Rising 2012” by Thomas Horn? This book is the best book I’ve read on the NWO and it goes into detail about the Nephilim and how they tie in with pagan deities, pagan prophecy, and the bible. It seems to me that it is a must-read for anyone who is committed to understanding what is really going on today behind the veil of illusion.

  9. The morphing UFOs, foo fighter orbs, and crop circles could be tied together by Tesla-zero-point-scalar-HAARP-type energy fields.

    Foo fighters could easily be Tesla balls, wouldn’t be a big step to have them metamorphose like the Norway UFO. With tecnology enabling pinpoint accuracy of spatial position, one could burn crop circles anywhere in the world from the comfort of one’s top secret underground bunker, in addition to making flying orb flotillas appear over Mexico, Norway, California, wherever. Coupled with a sizable fleet of physical flying craft and some completely realistic holographic projections, you got a world-wide phenomenon-in-a-box. Throw on top of that pile, any kind of decently powerful mass mind control, and the only possible protection from the elite left to the common citizen is the Lord God Almighty.

    • James,

      Oddly, that makes a lot of sense. Back in April of this year I was driving from IL to OH and at five different times and in five different locations en route, I saw black lines ascending from the earth up toward the sky. I couldn’t figure out what those black lines were, but around that night some sort of supposed asteroid blew up over the earth and was reported everywhere. Immediately I knew it was a ‘lying sign’ as I’d seen those black lines. How or what all of it was exactly, I don’t know. Few days later, pictures showed up online of a silver orb thing around the ‘asteroid’. Holograms? Perhaps. I never did read about anyone finding pieces of that thing.

      So, governments perhaps feeding into the UFO stuff by what you wrote above, telling us we need ‘protection’, the ships show up as Mr. Marzulli writes about, all h*ll breaks loose, society splits apart with the New Agers telling everyone not to panic, ‘they are here to help us’, secular world telling them they are more nutty than the Christians that scream from the top of every mountain, ‘DECEPTION!’….oh boy, gives me a headache just thinking about it…….so, I praise Jesus!

      In His name,

  10. Seems to me all these crop circles, like the Shroud one and the one that resembles the alien that David Flynn uses on his website are their way of showing us this stuff is ‘in your face’ and you can’t stop us. The circles are surely not for the unbelievers because most don’t even know they are happening and even if they did they wouldn’t care. Ask anyone on the street about the ‘Shroud of Turin’ and you’ll see their eyes glaze over and then they’ll maybe mumble something about the History or Discovery channel. These circles are meant for the Christians!

    They know we know………they are playing games with our heads. They also know that the more we claim we know who and what makes them the wackier and less credible we become. I think that AFTER the ‘revealing’, they will point back to ALL these circles and THEN the world will ooh and ahh over them. It will just add to THEIR credibility and cement in their minds that the ‘Christians’ were/are really crazy and need to be removed from the Earth.

    Then again…………

    • Generally speaking, I agree that no one is really concerned w/crop circles. A curiosity
      perhaps but nothing alarming.

      There a demographic of people however who are extremely excited & interested about these crop circles. From what I can tell they are mostly into progressive thinking such as: Christ consciousness, mother earth, vibrational levels, etc… It sounds like new age to me but they consider it something else & I haven’t quite figured out what that is yet.

      From their blogging comments-they can’t wait until their “sky gods” appear & prove to the world’s religions they were all wrong in their interpretations & this is the way to go for higher knowledge & world peace.

      To them Christians are in the Stone Age & they seem quite confident when these sky gods appear & teach us how to evolve into a “higher consciousness” that
      Christians will finally become enlightened. But right now they just feel sorry for us.

    • Late Night Lisa,

      I feel you’ve really nailed it here.

      Many factions of these ‘societies’ profess to love, love, love everyone and everything, including the ships and gods coming to save the planet. Yet, the moment you quote scripture to them, they jump all over you. What kind of love is that? As Christians, we know what love is, love is Jesus and 1 Cor 13. How much more explicit could it be?

      These peoples not only ‘feel sorry’ or ‘pity’ us, they continually have to bring down their ‘energy levels’ to speak to us as we are like bothersome, pesky insects, lowly 3rd dimensional beings flitting about them. They are ever-increasingly finding it difficult to tolerate us, but apparently they ‘Bless’ us and carry on. Whatever. I feel so sad for them to have fallen for such delusion. However the Bible does tell us that God will send deceptions to those whom refuse the Truth of His word.

      Blessings to you!

      In His name,

    • and the current fence straddlers(which arent fence straddlers at all) will immediately realize after Christians are gone will say “oh no, all that my Christian family and friends were trying to tell me about Christ was true and I wouldn’t heed and accept Jesus as Saviour” They will be literally running for their lives. The bible says those people to enter into Heaven will loose their lives to get in at this point. They rest will worship the Beast.

  11. Chinese ‘Carrier-Killer’ Missile Could Reshape Sea Combat

    New Chinese missile ‘challenges US’

    Made in China, but funded by the US.: Let me sum it all up, Turn over your mouse (under your hand). Look for “Made in China”. Go to most any department store (Walm***, KMa**, Targ**, Sear*, ToysR**, you get the point) and start turing over items on the shelves and see where they are made. “Made in China”. Everytime “we” purchase most anything, our money goes to… China, South Korea, Philippines, Turkey, Vietnam, etc… cheaper labor. We still pay the same price and all Profits goes to Corporate CEO’s. Bigger annual Executive bonuses, … I digress. Anyways, as we continue to purchase items that are “Made In China” realize our money is working it’s way into China’s economy and in a way funding thier economy as well as their Gov’t agenda. With double digit percentage increases in their annual defense and military spending it’s no wonder they’re able to build, build, build. Think about it. Made in China, but funded by the US.

    • The global corporate elite have sent the jobs to China. In my mind we need to place an import duty on these Chinese goods. However, since our politicians have sold out years ago and the Chinese now own much of our debt, this is a very long shot. Since America turned from God to idols and the killing of babies, we have gone down hill. I think it all comes down to America needs to repent. It’s certainly time for the Church to get ready. Romans 13:12: The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.

  12. lynn,

    in all honesty, my first gut reaction to the shroud crop circles is one of

    “counterfeit christ”

    in other words, the enemy is hijacking a symbol of (the real) Christ and using it to proclaim the false messiah.
    many, many people will be duped in this way…

    many people desperately want to believe in the “universal christ” of all religions…
    this (crop circle) is obviously the calling card of antichrist…

    • Or it could be the calling card of a couple of hooligans who thought up the idea one evening in a pub.

    • It could be some talented hooligans…we have a hay field and after the 1st cutting comes off, we mow a track in the regrowth and even a maze like trail for the kids to ride the horses in. This year I suggested to my husband that we make a crop circle of some kind and see what happens-just for fun. I felt naughty suggesting it, but it was so tempting as all the planes from the airport near by fly over out place 🙂

      Regardless, I think so much of what we see and discuss is a distraction from our fellowshipping with the Lord and getting out there and fulfulling the great commission. I know that is the case with me personally…if I spent as much time praying for the body to awaken and for the lost to get saved as I do reading the news and interesting blogs…

      Anyways, have a blessed weekend in the Lord. May He bless you with His presence as you spend time with Him. May you go out with joy and go forth in peace-doing His will.

    • talented hooligans could not blow the nodes of a crop stem!

      A hoax is a forgery, and forgers require a genuine from which to copy. So, what exactly lies behind the genuine crop circles?

      In genuine formations the stems are not broken but bent (right), normally about an inch off the ground and near the plant’s first node. In special cases, the stems are bent six inches from the top of the seed head. Such features defeat the hoax argument, since a plank or garden roller is required to flatten the crop to the ground, resulting in clear damage to the plants.

      The plants appear to be subjected to a short and intense burst of heat which softens the stems to drop just above the ground at 90º, where they reharden into their new and very permanent position without damage. Plant biologists are baffled by this feature, and it is the singlemost method of identifying the real phenomenon. Research and laboratory tests suggest that infrasound (sound below 20 Hz) is capable of producing such an effect: High-pressure infrasound is capable of boiling water inside the stems in one nanosecond, expanding the water, and leaving tiny blowholes in the plants’ nodes. The pressure applied also causes the water to steam, and it is reported by farmers that when they stumble upon a new crop circle they see steam rising from within the design. This process creates surface charring along the stems.

      The tremendous application of local heat is also responsible for altering the local water table, as millions of gallons of surface and sub-surface water is evaporated. With the heat and electro-magnetic frequencies applied, it has been scientifically documented that soil samples taken from within crop circles show changes to its crystalline structure and mineral composition. Expert analysis concludes that such a process requires temperatures of 1500º C and sub-soil pressure typically found in strata thousands of years old. Evidence even exists of four non-naturally occuring, short-life radioactive isotopes in the soil inside genuine crop circles (these dissipate after three or four hours, causing no adverse side effects); in fact, the soil in and around them appears to have been baked. Hardly the kind of anomalies created by pranksters with planks!

  13. Somehow, I don’t think Yeshua will look like the images of ‘Jesus’ found on religious paintings for so long…..and now, in a crop circle. Those images even match the image of the man on the shroud of Turin, which is one point that makes me so suspicious about that relic (the adversary’s handywork).

  14. Quick question about the shroud for L. A. or anyone else that knows. I do believe that the shroud is real and I asked this question recently on my Facebook profile: “I would like to hear from the best debunkers on why the shroud of Turin is not real…” and got this response below.

    “How about the fact that the burial custom of the first century was to wrap the body in one bandage and the head on another. This is proven by the numerous tombs that have been opened during that time.”

    What’s a good answer for this? I’ve been doing some research but haven’t been able to find an answer to this statement. Thank you in advance for your detailed, accurate, and historical response 🙂

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