UFO Cover Up by Winston Churchill – Eisenhower?

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L. A. Marzulli

Before I launch into todays BLOG I want to post a link to John Darnell’s paper which we mentioned last night on Acceleration Radio. (we were #2 in the second hour!)


Here is the link to Sylvia’s Blog site where you can read about what is really happening on our Southern Border!



UFO files: Winston Churchill ‘feared panic’ over Second World War RAF incident

Winston Churchill was accused of ordering a cover-up of a Second World War encounter between a UFO and a RAF bomber because he feared public “panic” and loss of faith in religion, newly released secret files disclose.


This story is typical of the slow disclosure of information about the UFO phenomena that “leaks out” from time to time. Remember last year when Edgar Mitchell announced that Roswell really happened and that our government was covering it up? Mitchell appeared on Fox news and was interviewed by Shawn Hannity and elaborated on his story. Well, now we have documents that supposedly link both Churchill and Eisenhower to covering up the reality of UFOs. Yet, most people won’t even blink at this. They’ll continue on with their lives and willfully ignore the information that could be the most startling, and revealing in all of history, the so-called extraterrestrial presence. I received about half a dozen emails alerting me to this when I arrived at my computer this morning. Thank you one and all for being diligent “watchers.”

So let’s strip the story down and expose the truth. The story is vague and the trail after over 60 years has grown cold. The witnesses can’t be found and some are dead. The story is based on hearsay and alleged deathbed confessions. However, I believe there is much truth to be found here. Why? Because this is a perfect way to slowly condition the public that the UFO phenomena is real. It may also jibe with my theory that a group of men from the Churchill, Eisenhower/Truman, era may have deliberately covered up any and all information in regard to UFOs. Now that most of these men are no longer holding the reins of power, the information is being presented to a disinterested public.

The one statement that hit home for me – and I copied it above – is that Churchill feared that there would be a public panic and loss of faith in religion! This ties right in with my theory of the Coming Great Deception! Churchill was afraid this would happen and so he screwed the lid down tight on this information! Now, over 60 years later with Christianity in decline and many people leaving the church for the New Age, are we being set for full disclosure? With programs like V, The History Channel’s ten-hour mini-series, Ancient Aliens, Taken, which was a 20 hour mini-series, and the constant barrage of films that promulgate the so-called alien presence, are we looking at the revealing of Aliens?

In closing today’s post, John Darnell and I agree that there is a deception coming. This deception is the lying signs and wonders that we are warned of in 2nd Thessalonians, and other places in the  Guide book to the Supernatural. The church is asleep and there is what I would call a vicious ignorance of those who scoff at the phenomena. At some point and I believe it is soon, we will see the manifestation of large craft that will appear over the cities of the world. When this happens the phenomena- ET – will become self-evident. No one will need to explain anything as people will be able to see for themselves. Millions of so-called Christians will leave their faith, just like Churchill feared would happen. They will embrace the lie, just as we are told will happen. This will be the genesis of the one world religious system and one world government that we are also warned will come in the last days. For those of you who read this BLOG you will not be deceived as I have continually warned of this deception. How about your friends and loved ones. Why not copy today’s BLOG in an email, complete with links, and send it out? It’s a great way to warn people as the names of Churchill and Eisenhower are bastions of respectability.


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20 thoughts on “UFO Cover Up by Winston Churchill – Eisenhower?

  1. I can’t figure out what that ‘Miracle of the Sun’ is suppose to be?? the video flashes black and white, not sure if that it?
    I’ll take a look at Mr. Darnells paper later 🙂

  2. Hi
    Anymore information on the youtube video about the ocean floor collapsing? I could not find any additional information…was that a hoax?
    Many thanks, Olivia

  3. As miracles go, that one was more of a crappy cell phone camera, than anything. There’s only 3 comments so far. Did Barry throw the switch or what happened?

  4. Hi brother James!! I’m here….not much to say about this one…I’ve heard all this Eisenhower cover-up stuff ad nauseum when I was swimming around in the “new age” pool. So, may God Bless you as you enjoy your evening! Climbed out of the deep end and accepted a new covering from Jesus Christ! It’s the whitest, brightest “beach towel” I’ve ever seen….and all my brothers and sisters have them too! Peter has the “beach” ball, and Paul is telling everyone about it….

  5. TEOTIHUACAN, Mexico — A long-sealed tunnel has been found under the ruins of Teotihuacan, and chambers that seem to branch off it may hold the tombs of some of the ancient city’s early rulers.
    Experts say a tomb discovery would be significant. because the social structure of Teotihuacan remains a mystery after nearly 100 years of archaeological exploration at the site, which is best known for the towering Pyramids of the Moon and the Sun.
    The city was built by a relatively little-known culture that reached its height between 100 B.C. and A.D. 750. It was abandoned by the time the Aztecs arrived in the area in the 1300s and gave it the name “Teotihuacan,” which means “the place where men become gods.”

    • Wayne Herschel would like this new find as well. He’s coming from the wrong perspective – sky “gods” came down & seeded the earth explaining how all of the religions came about. I browsed his website & some of his findings are quite interesting- he’s a specialist in Egyptology, symbols, artifacts.

      If the Alien Gospel does come about as the Great Deception a guy like this will be quite convincing as to explain away Jesus & the cross as just another enlightened being/prophet though connecting symbolism found in ancient artifacts/architecture.

      The people looking toward the UFO paradigm are excited about Herschel because his theories support
      what they want to believe. (He ties in quite a bit w/Freemasonary as well.)

    • Genesis Egypt part 1 – Arrival of humanity in celestial ship – Ra UFO Ancient aliens (Wayne Herschel’s “pyramid star map” theory is interesting.)

    • No hostility at all Late Night, just bringing to light some things most are unwilling to acknowledge or are not aware of. Yes there is Masonic Ties to The State of Israel. Reality is that The entire Zionist movement Post war was masonic. I have done the research.


      John B

  6. One of Indonesia’s most active volcanos erupted Friday, sending lava and a searing gas cloud tumbling down its slopes. At least four family members were swept away and feared dead, officials said, and several others were badly hurt.
    “It happened so fast,” said Surono, the director of the volcanology and mitigation agency. “There was no time for an evacuation.”
    Mount Karangetang, located on Siau, part of the Sulawesi island chain, burst just after midnight when heavy rains broke the volcano’s hot lava dome, which spit out 1,110 degree Fahrenheit (600 Celsius) clouds of gas.

  7. The earthquakes are definitely increasing! It use to be big news if there was a 6.0 anywhere. Now a 7.0 isn’t even reported unless there is a lot of casualties. What about the news blackout on Isreal? Very few news outlets are reporting on the new violence. Why? I think something really big is brewing. There is a man who has some interesting things to say about it. They do require a log in, but they don’t email you. I think it is more to protect themselves from spammers. Anyway, make a log in and listen to Order of Battle. I’m not asking you to agree with the theology, to each his own, I’m just saying, this man use to work for the military in logistics and he has a keen eye on what is coming.


    As for Churchill and the rest, I do think coverup has been going on for a long time. For one thing, I don’t think any current government wants to try to reassure the people they can keep them safe when they don’t even know what is going on. For another, it will come at the time of disclosure. Disclosure will be an attack on the mind as well as a physical appearance. The fear it will instill in people will help them to take control of the situation.

    • Christine, I think you make an excellent point that the fear will be a control mechanism. I’m trusting the Blood of Jesus will break that fear/control deal.

  8. Winston Churchill was a great man, a true watchman. He was alert to what the Germans were doing long before anyone else was. He was mocked, scoffed, and ridiculed yet he never relented in his warnings of what was going on. If the world had headed his call WWII would have never happened or have been as severe as it was. It took the Germans taking over continental Europe for America to even react and only after he Japanese attacked us.

    Today people like LA are treated like Churchill. Will they turn out to be right? Possibly. T’s better to be prepared than caught of guard. This blog will prepare many people for what is coming but it’s up to you to listen.

    A Famous Man and a Freemason

    A considerably shortened version of this article is published in Issue No 3 of MQ the magazine of the UGLE

    Great Men and Great Freemasons

    There are some great freemasons and there are some great men who were freemasons. Winston Spencer-Churchill belonged to the latter category.

    Justifiably our world-wide fraternity takes pride in having men of stature as members: George Washington, Franklin D and Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman, King George VI and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh; Masonic sportsmen Malcolm Campbell and Arnold Palmer; actors and composers: Clark Gable and John Wayne, Beethoven, Mozart, Hayden and Sibelius and astronaut John Glenn, jazz great Duke Ellington, even Casanova and Houdini, to mention just a few, all freemasons. But have we at times attributed too much significance to their Masonic association? Maybe more than they themselves have done?

    John B

  10. What is the greatest cover-up in history?

    Can one discovery change the destiny of humanity and restore sanity and harmony to the planet? Who is behind the thrones of governments, religion, science

    and big business? Is the “New World Order” really something new? Is there an occult history of America and the world? Why do governments and religions and

    businesses use occult symbolism? Know what secret societies and freemasons have been keeping from you for thousands of years. Over 30,000 surviving ancient

    texts refer to Atlantis and alien visitation. Can they all be wrong? Have we been told the truth about our origins, our forefathers and Earth’s past?

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