Southern Border Chaos? Media Black Out?

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L. A. Marzulli

Here is a link to a very disturbing story if it is true. I’ve tried to VET this before posting, by emailing the author, but so far he has not responded.

Here’s what we know and can verify.

1. The border fence is not completed. A 70 mile stretch remains porous and this has created a choke point.

2. Drug Cartels are competing with one another to import their “poison” into our country.

3. There have been more deaths along the southern border, due to the ongoing violence, than Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

4. Border states like Arizona know that they are in for the fight of their lives as law and order is being threatened by the violence.

5. Our Federal government may, and I stress may, be covering up this escalating violence, so as not to alarm the citizens, and that brings me to today’s BLOG!

I Blogged about the fact that Mexico has taken on the characteristics of Columbia, in that the rule of law has collapsed and gun-toting, drug cartel, criminals are ruling certain sections of the country. Take a look at the picture above. Looks like chaos to me. The Mexican government has sent troops in order to quell the violence, but so far they have not succeeded. I believe that there is so much corruption that no one knows who to trust.

In the midst of this are the Mexican people, who for the most part, are afraid for their lives. There has been a rash of horrific executions along the border, many of these are done in a ritualistic manner. The patron saint of the drug cartels, is Santa Muerta. the saint of death. This supernatural aspect is ignored by the press, but for those of us who know about it, we can read between the lines and see that occult practices are being used in the belief that those who have given their lives to the drug cartels will be protected, supernaturally.

There is also a link posted in, In Other News, to the lamentations of Arizonans in regard to the, Federal government becoming the states enemy. As I ranted about last Wednesday on Acceleration Radio, we should send our representatives to the southern border for the weekend so they can see what is going on. Of course with the fat cats like Charlie Rangle, and Maxine Waters, they’re to busy fighting ethics charges to worry about what is happening to the citizens two thousand miles away.

This war on the border is real. It is the duty of the Federal government to protect the citizens of this country. When the government fails to do this, and punishes those states that are only trying to defend their way of life, it becomes what I would term, soft tyranny. November is coming. It is really time to vote out of office the self-styled elitists, (like Arlen Specter – he didn’t get his party’s nomination!) on both sides of the aisle and vote in representatives who will uphold the constitution and defend our borders!


Arizona Sheriff: ‘Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy’


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US has plan to attack Iran if needed


Hundreds of new wildfires break out in Russia


Five Katyusha Rockets Hit Eilat

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  1. Wow Lynn:

    If this story is true, it’s eye opening. Also your point number 3 that there have been more deaths at the border than Iraq and Afganistan together is almost unbelievable. I guess you have to see this stuff to really get it. You’ve discussed this before but I don’t think I really saw it for all that it is, the enemy is on every side, every side. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. I agree, what we are able to do politically – vote wise – I believe we should do…but PRAYER is by far the most important thing as well, as new people in office still leaves Satan in his office anyway. We need to pray against him and his office, his officers, and assignments on all people, nations, etc. in hopes of blind eyes being opened to evil in high places, including politically and so people will realize their need for Jesus the only Wise God. Sometimes I just can’t wait for Him to collect His people. Amen!

    • LYNN
      Regarding point # 1. I believe only 70 miles of BORDER FENCE has been COMPLETED! The funding for the whole fence to be physically built was not appropriated BY CONGRESS,therefore very little was completed before they said they would build a ‘virtual’ fence instead which is an admitted failure.

      Cathy in WY

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  3. Example of cartels’ viciousness–Man’s face tied to soccer ball and sent to his family (per a.m. radio show)

  4. If a full-fledged stock market crash were to take place here in the U.S., I have a feeling that scenes like what we’re seeing at the border could easily become commonplace throughout all of Los Angeles. If that happens, Los Angeles will be one of the last places I’ll want to be. If that does happen, Los Angeles will be one of the most difficult cities to escape due to the amount of people and limited routes of exiting the vicinity. Perhaps I should consider purchasing a motorcycle. =)

  5. Mr. Marzulli, I’m not sure about the veracity of the site you linked to as I’ve read other articles by that writer and really wondered. I’m glad to read your are trying to vet this particular story.

    In keeping with this, it’s ironic to me that I read another ‘account’ online just this morning from a blog that I’m also not sure about veracity, but he wrote about his personal experiences as regards what’s going on at the US/Mex border where some members of his family lives. He went there for himself to see and is taking video footage.

    I’ve always said, to know what is truly going on is to either be there, or know someone you can trust is telling you the truth.

    As you know, I’ve been following what’s been going on in Latin America for quite some time and for me, it’s only through the people –not governements or reporters– where I can begin to get a small glimpse into what is really happening. But, that’s just me.

    Explosions heard in Mexico – HERE IS THE REAL STORY- Why isn’t this on CNN?
    flags: 107
    By: bestideayet, 46 hours ago

    So, I am posting this after getting calls all night last night about explosions going on in the border, more specifically Nuevo Laredo. I’ll rewind a bit first…. ”

    In His name,

    • Oh, and about the fires in Russia…much of the wheat has been lost as it has in Canada’s Western Provinces, but due to flooding. Prices are skyrocketing for this commodity already.

      In British Columbia, they’ve already had 1,100 fires this summer, 350 are still burning at present. Unfortunately/fortunately (depending on how you look at it, I say fortunately because he’s gone home to Jesus!) a friend of mine, one of the air firefighters died while on duty trying to ‘fight’ one of those fires. Please take a moment and say a little prayer for him. I must say though, he died doing what he loved best; fighting for Christ and trying to save lives –spiritually and physically.

      In His name,

  6. L.A. May want to look into this. I saw a report at lunch that Lady Gaga told some magazine that she doesn’t like having sex because she’s afraid someone will steal her talent through her vagina. (Please forgive the crudeness of the quote but that is the language she was using and is relevant to be question.) Now, it has been discussed here about her occult connections, is there an occult ritual to support her fear? Has she just told us without telling us where her talent comes from? That is why I feel this may be important. Like Obama’s backhanding comments about himself has she also just told us who she is if you understand what she’s saying?

    • I just saw the long version of her song, “Allehandro” and here is what I got out of it with the symbolisim in it.

      The bottom-line message is that the forces of darkness are celebrating the downfall of morality in the world, and they celebrate it with pride, dancing, orgies, and death.

      The opening scene in the video before the music starts with a funeral procession with the “Catholic version of Gaga” in the casket, while the “Dark version of Gag” oversees the procession.

      Behind the casket are 10 gay men marching with religious as well as occultic symbols in their hands. One man is carrying the Star of David.

      The 10 gay men dancing around the “Stripped version of Gaga” are obviously displaying lust for each other showing off their “gay pride” as they dance.

      The “Dominatrix version of Gaga” has her humping one of the gay dancers below her. This symbolizes the female superiority over males.

      In almost all of the scenes, she is surrounded by 10 dancers. The number 10 is very important to the Masons/Illuminati circles. Ten represents their 10 steps to the “path of illumination.”

      The “Catholic Nun version of Gaga” is caught in a circle of the 10 gay dancers who are dressed as though they were from the 3rd Reich and are ripping her nun’s clothing off her. This represents “Formal and Moral Religion’s Ideals being ‘raped, transformed, and killed'” as the new era of darkness and spiritual orgies are on the rise.

      Thus, back to the beginning, why we see the casket in the beginning of the video. Inside the casket is the “Catholic version of Gaga” whom we see dead at the end of the video as her head burns with “light” from the inside out.

      In other words, the message of the song is, “Religions will see Lucifer’s light as the right path one way or the other. One: they accept it and live enjoying the lusts of the flesh or 2: The Morally upright, will be raped and killed and at their death will see that they were wrong to resist Lucifer and his ways.”

      This is the message that Gaga is subliminally communicating to the masses.

    • I’ve never seen one of her videos by your analysis of it is almost exactly what I’d have seen, exactly if I’d had the knowledge on the occult you have to understand the complete implications.

    • In Hebrew, the number 10 is written with the letter called yud. It is the smallest letter in the Hebrew language. It represents the hand of G-d. It suggests the way the hand of G-d works in our lives. Because it is the smallest letter, it says that G-ds hand is always there, but never forces us. The more humble and spiritual we are, the more G-ds influence can direct our lives. The letters for the actual word 10 are ayin, means to see, discern, or divine providence. The second letter is the shin and represents G-ds spirit, the burning bush, and the tree of life. The third letter is resh and means a humble or repentant man, like he is bent over in prayer. If we are humble, we will have the spirit to discern between right and wrong, truth and error,light and darkness so we can arrive at the tree of life (Yashua/Jesus) or arrive at the Presence of God, the burning bush, (We come before His throne boldly) If we are humble, G-d’s hand can direct our lives so we can return and live with Him again. The number 10 is also indictive of His commandments. Lady Gaga representing the number 10 with 10 gay guys is obviously flying in the face of G-d. It is an act of defiance that she will not follow His commandments. Instead of being led by the Spirit of G-d and receiving spiritual discernment, she is blindly following the father of lies and being led by the spirit of satan. Instead of finding the tree of life, (Yahshua/Jesus) she will find death if she continues on this path. She really needs intercessory prayer, and all of the young people who are being led astray by her.

    • You’re absolutely right Christine. This is the correct definition of what “10” should be. However, Lucifer/Satan, is trying to be a copy-cat of Our Abba Father, and as with any copy, it is never as good as the original.

      Satan tries to counterfeit whenever and wherever he can. The Masons/Illuminati take Biblical numbers and try to re-define them for Satan’s purposes. This is what we are now seeing “hidden in plain sight” in our films, tv shows, music, internet, and company/business logos…in short, in all the media in general–including the “christian” music industry.

      Not good at all where the world is heading. Blessed is the Lamb of God, Yashua ha Messiah and to His Kingdom do we look forward to. Amen!

    • Wow David that’s really in depth. I haven’t watched the video, I caught a glimpse of it but I didn’t watch it all. After reading what L.A. And a few other people said a while back in regards to the video I did try to discourage someone from listening to her but all I got was a strange look lol.

    • I also read somewhere that the song “Alejandro” was not a celebration of gay sex and its critique of the Catholic morality system but a backhanded attack against the Triune God of Christianity: Alejandro=God the Father; Fernando=God the Son; and Roberto=God the Spirit.

    • Very good commentary.

      This reminds me of the scripture that they will worship the IMAGE of the Beast, not what is real.

    • I saw this Obama Gay Lover story on a tabloid cover at the super market but forgot about it. Not sure if it’s true but who knows.

      I see his appearance on The View was the highest ratings that show ever got.

    • just another view…thought i would share


      11:03 AM
      Aug 2, 2010

      Lady Gaga is RIGHT! Nobody should be denied entry to anything based on their race or financial status. Everyone should follow her example by sneaking into her concert – forcing people to buy tickets is a form of discrimination. Once you have illegally entered the venue, you should be given all the free food and beverage you want. If they don’t give it to you, you should take it when they aren’t looking. Hopefully, someone will record video of you taking Lady Gaga merchandise without paying, so they can show footage of it on CNN while pundits talk about how racist it is to have to stand in line to get into concerts or pay for things everyone else has to. I am sure that Lady Gaga’s record label joins her in believing that nobody should be prosecuted for sneaking into a concert. Lady Gaga should have a press concert announcing amnesty for file sharers as well. You can’t prosecute someone for sharing free music outside the boundaries of the law. These people have children!

      Read more:

    • lynn,

      wow what happened? was my comment too much to the point?
      are “celebrity” (*ahem*) commenters getting the leeway here?
      heres another one:


      i dont mean disrespect, but i would appreciate it if you stayed more on topic.

      prince charles?!
      what does prince charles have to do with what lynn is blogging about?

    • Hector – some times posts get “caught” in the spam folder. I go through these daily to make sure everything is posted. Sorry! I agree, I wish more people stuck to the topic of the day, however other stories are welcome as it keeps us informed! L.A.

    • I’m sorry for going off the topic of the day, L.A. I enjoy the insight here but don’t know where else to post. Could there perhaps be a forum set up that’s connected to this site for such discussion?

    • I post often Hector and sometimes my posts are caught in the spam filter so i doubt it’s anything personal :p

  7. No wash,dc help is coming because powers-that-be want the canadian/american/mexico block as it will be one of the ten world regions? it’s ok if john q. public dies, cuz what’s important is the blending of these three countries?
    We’re the pawns on the chess board

  8. I have a question for Mary from the other day. So is your daughter saying she wasn’t goingto worry about anything mean she’s not going to be involved with God or she’s being involved with God and not worrying about the bad things coming? I’m sorry I didn’t follow that exactly.

    Can you also tell me who is Hare Krsna? I’ve only ever heard his name one other time, as a running gag in The Muppet Movie (one of two running gags in that film I’ve never got.) Who is this guy and what does he do? I assume he’s a guru of some sort. I’d like to know more acbout him from someone who has a Biblical background that’s not going to twist the bad into being something good. Thanks!

    • Captain Eagle, I was praying you were out cleaning up that playground. I’m smiling!

      I apologise if I wasn’t clear in my writings. As regards my daughter, she was referring to problems in the world and specifically problems within the family. She’s a new-ager, and I’m praying for her salvation dozens of times every day. She hasn’t wanted to hear me talk about God, but lately she has begun to listen –a little bit. If you had a few moments, a prayer for her salvation would be greatly appreciated.

      You haven’t heard of the Hare Krishna movement? Devotees when spelling his name usually just write without the vowel ‘i’, hence, Krsna. To be honest, I really don’t know ‘who’ exactly Krsna is, other than he is a deity of sorts born out of Hinduism. There are pictures of him with snakes and that was the beginning warning sign for me, believe-it-or-not. I’ve never liked snakes, especially since I was tied to a tree in the meadow behind my childhood home and the boys nailed live snakes around my head. I’ll never forget that awful feeling of their tails slapping my cheeks! Blech.

      I will write a little about my experiences there. They have the deity dolls of Krsna and Radha, the latter is Krsna’s consort and he apparently had 108 of them. What got to me was that Krsna apparently told devotees they weren’t allowed consorts, only he was. What’s up with a religion that tells its followers, ‘do as I say, not as I do’? Anyway, they dress these dolls every day in different outfits. It’s quite the ritual. There is one man whom has this job and he bathes them in this odd kind of white ‘juice’. When the bathing is finished, the leftover ‘juice’ is placed in a bowl in their ‘temple’ and you can drink it with your hands if you want. They use their hands a lot when eating. I wasn’t keen on that either. The ashram for the most part is very dirty. On my birthday last year I decided to give myself a present (yeah, right. I wasn’t born-again then) and cleaned one of the bathrooms –it took me two hours. These people are always looking for donations to supposedly run the ashrams. It’s true, some of the money is used for this, but a much larger chunk is used to send their devotees to India to spend time with their guru’s.

      I grew to know many of these people and they are very nice. Many of them live marginal lives. The whole thing is very sad to me as they’re so brain-washed in this cult and don’t even know it. It all makes me so sad. I pray for them all every day.

      You can read about the ashram in Soquel, California that I went to several times with my ex-companion. Vast amounts of prayers are needed for these people as they are sorely deceived.

      Hope this helps somewhat.

      In His name,

    • I was reading your posts on the other page and it sent me on a search for information. I found this man on youtube who was a guru and found salvation! His testimony is really interesting!
      Guru becomes a Christian
      The first video only played about half way and then I went on to the second one, but it still made sense! It’s really uplifting and informative!

    • Christine, I just watched the first one so far. It is interesting and encouraging. I find it fascinating how many facets of world religions seem to believe there is more than one path to God. As Christians, we know this to be untrue as the only way to God is through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amazing how His word gets twisted. These peoples also believe that ‘higher level beings don’t need space ships to travel, they manifest into their own ship’. Someone said that to me just today.

      Thank you for posting this Testimony. I love listening to how others were called by God.

      In His name,

    • Personally I’ve found Christians who were something else before becoming Christians have stronger faith and are more on fire for the Lord than those who have grown up in the church. I grew up in the church and believe, even more strongly than most I’ve met in the church, but I don’t feel the same spiritual sensations many of you feel. I don’t know why that is.

    • Mary – I would have cleaned it but the police in that town said it must remain as evidence. (I’d assume a photo would be just as good.) We went to a few other playgrounds in different towns in a 40 mile radius and they nearly all had graffiti or kids playing there telling us about graffiti at other playgrounds. My nephew shocked my mom when he started using profanity himself telling a mother about the first playground. My nephew’ lives with his mom’s family most of the week and they apparently use profanity, we do not and we’re having a hard time breaking him of that because no one wants to spank him for fear of child abuse accusations. The other family now has got him turned on to Scooby Doo while we had him watching Veggie Tales and if you’re not aware the new Scooby do is all about the occult, Wicca, etc. He wont even watch Veggie Tales anymore and he’s been into that most of his life. I fear how he’ll turn out.

      That’s why I asked about your daughter. If she’s unsaved I wanted o pray for her. I find most people in our generation are easily put into the New Age because of the cartoons we grew up with. Unless you’re equipped to understand what you are seeing you will be indoctrinated. The problem is few Christian cartoons exist that are well-written or as subtle with the Message as the worldly cartoons are. I’m not one of those ones who thinks all cartoons are evil but I can see strokes of the new age contained in many of them. I’m not sure how to reach most of these people but for me the most compelling evidence that the Bible is factual is the archeological stuff as well as the law of probability of the Messiah prophecies fitting Jesus. If all of that is true then the spiritual side must be true as well. The problem is few young people want to think about this stuff or believe Christianity is intolerant of other races or lifestyles. With the homosexuality law that’s God’s law, not man’s. But because many are under the impression that the Bible was concocted by a bunch of catholic priests they don’t believe that. Even Oprah said she rejects Christianity because she rejects a God of intolerance and hate. Sadly many share her view out of sheer ignorance.

      I believe most people want to believe they’re doing the right thing. The problem is they’re not always informed and are acting on bad information. If everyone was equipped with the correct facts in every area of life we’d see a lot less strife in the world and a lot more people turning to the God of the Hebrews. Even Einstein said all of history and philosophy and science tells him there is a God and He is the God of the Hebrews. Einstein even acknowledged that Satan was real as well. Bet you never heard that in Science class.

      Nope, I’d only ever heard of Krishna in The Muppet Movie. He sounds a lot like Joseph Smith to me. That doll ritual reminds me of voodoo. I’ll have to pray for these people. Nice people can be found in any religion but it doesn’t change the fact that they are lost.

      Your snake story is really screwed up! When I was a kid some boys killed my cat and her kittens and hung them in little nooses from a tree. I actually have had a lot of similar abuse from my peers all through my life causing me to wonder why that is.

      If anyone is interested, I found a book in an outlet store this weekend called “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” and I guess it’s part of a trilogy. Why I bring this up is it is full of stories about Islam I’d never heard before. Did you know Mohammad’s youngest wife was 6 years old when he married her and they consummated the marriage at age 9? Wouldn’t that make him a pedophile? There are also two versions of the Koran, one in English that is tamer and the Arabic one that the terrorists read. The book also asks where are all of the moderate Muslims speaking out against the terrorist ones. So far it’s been pretty interesting. Plus it has dozens of news stories we don’t hear in America about what Islam is doing around the world. Somewhere in Africa they slaughtered something like 600,000 people (I’m unsure of the number off the top of my head) and this was after 9/11 and I heard NOTHING about this before in the news. Anyway, if you’re interested in how Islam’s goal is global domination (It’s a political movement, not a religion) you should check this book out.

    • Captain Eagle, oh, a shame about the playgrounds. When I lived in B.C., FL, CA and Costa Rica –all on beaches– I’d go out every day and clean some area of the beach. Didn’t have to deal with grafitti and cussing though. My mother cusses all the time and I cringe every time I hear her take the Lord’s name in vain. I ask her to stop and she tries, but, she’s 81, her health is failing rapidly and, well? It’s just hard all around.

      To me, ALL of the new age stuff I’ve seen, is lazy. Studying some aspects here-and-there I’ve realized that you really don’t have to try too hard to do anything in any of those areas. As Christians, fighting our sin natures and walking on the battlefield every day is tough stuff! There are no mumble-jumbo, quick fixes. There is the Grace and Mercy of our all-loving God. That’s it. And when He decides to move, watch out! Ha, ha. I love Him!

      Funny you talk about cartoons so much as I had a boyfriend years ago worked with one of Chuck Jones’ teams. Many of his ideas and drawings were incorporated in those films. I hadn’t realized how much work went into making them until he showed me how many drawings he had to orchestrate to make up one minute! My daughter at the time was in ‘love’ with Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ –and unfortunately, still is. Have you ever read any of the following site? Interesting ‘takes’ on some of the feature cartoons.

      Krshna isn’t like Joseph Smith…I guess I wasn’t too clear. He’s some sort of deity that has been reincarnated into different ‘entities’ over hundreds and hundreds of years. He has a blue hue to him –think Avatar movie blue. Devotees actually believe he is inside those dolls they worship. It’s very sad.

      Well your kitten story is just awful! I have a kitten story too and it has a lot to do with the ‘day’ I was Born-Again which was quite a powerful time. I praise the Lord he decided to call me! My walk is new, but I’m learning a lot.

      I knew that about Mohammed…… My middle brother is a Muslim. Not sure how he ever made that decision, but when I was a little girl I remember him going to school wearing some sort of sheet on his head with a band across his forehead –like an Arab. I was scared of him. Anyway, I pray for him, too. My eldest brother is an atheist. My mom doesn’t believe in anything. Oh boy, this is giving me a headache just writing about it.

      Lovely talking to you. Thank you for listening. I’m going to go and spend some time with the Lord now…

      In His name,

    • Personally I’m not too impressed with Chuck Jones and find him highly over rated. Sure he did some great stuff but most animators of his day did. Not every single thing he did was great. That’s kind of interesting you knew someone in animation. Nearly all I’ve met in animation have been liberal or perverts. Especially in college.

      I’ll need to really think this Pinocchio thing over. Sometimes these sorts of analysis are just read into the films. I did one myself on the Christian themes in Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town. I don’t believe those were put there by the creators but you can read the story that way. I don’t believe Walt Disney would have put Free Masonry into Pinocchio intentionally. He wasn’t a very religious man and I’m not sure where he ended up but I suspect he may not be with Jesus. I read a book called How To Be Like Walt that has a chapter on his faith but I think the author read too much into it. I have a great respect for Walt as a creative force but that’s as far as it goes. Some of these sites claim he was pushed by Satan or the illuminati ti where he ended up in life but I prefer to think he was one of those American stories of hard work and ingenuity getting you far in life.

      I’ve always had a soft spot for Beauty and the Beast. I’ve heard the arguments that it supports bestiality but I don’t buy that. I’ve read a great deal about the Brothers Grimm and they were staunchly religious men and tried to impart Christian beliefs into the retellings of the stories they wrote down for their retellings. While Disney doesn’t always adhere to that I don’t think they had gone that far off track yet. I think their turning point was The Lion King. People attack Little Mermaid for her seeing the witch and still getting what she wants in the end but look at what happened. The girl saw the witch and pretty much sold her soul. She only got what she wanted when she turned to her father and he gave it to her. I don’t see how that’s a bad message because to me that’s saying when she went behind the father’s back she ruined her life, only with her father’s support did she get what she wanted. Beauty & the Beast is the book by it’s cover thing for me but I’m not sure what other’s think. I like that Beauty is intelligent but I’ve always thought of her more as a Laura Ingalls type heroine and I’m sure that’s not what the film makers had in mind. I also enjoyed Aladdin for the high adventure. After that all of the new films were pretty meh to me. I had hopes for Atlantis when I saw all of the Jules Verne stuff but then they spliced on that New Age crap for the second half of the film that felt totally out of place. I know it’s not Disney but I find the sexual humor of Shrek to be disturbing when those films are geared to kids.

      The do as I say not as I do is what makes Krishna sound like Smith to me. For Krishna to be in all of those dolls over all the centuries he must have mastered the ability to be in more than one place at once. 😉

      You have a very interesting mix of a family. What was the common denominator that made you all head down different faith paths? I ask because if you an determine how this happened in your own family you could perhaps advise others how to avoid this with their own. That could be your blessing out of this. I will pray that your family sees the light and comes to the one true God though.

      Yeah, it’s always nice sharing with you. I feel you’re one of the more on fire for the Lord Christians I’ve come across online if that means anything to you. Maybe God even wanted me to uplift you with that thought.

    • Captain Eagle,On the sunday Morning Bun someone posted an old video.Its from 1984 go there and view that film it was truly the best documentary I have evver seen regarding these new age godmen.It will answer a ton of questions!I think late night Lisa posted it.

    • Laura, I watched that film. A lot of it is outdated as regards ‘some’ of the movements today. There are myriad off-shoots since 1984. I was only writing about my own personal experiences as regards what I actually lived with one sect of these groups of peoples. No where does it say exactly what Krshna is, that’s why I wrote what I did. The devotees don’t even know because they aren’t told the truth. They don’t know who he is. A lot of the Bhagavita is overly-translated stuff by myriad men to suit their whims. A lot of it is stolen from the Bible and twisted to suit their needs. Not one version that I’ve ever read has said exactly who Krsna is, just that he’s a reincarnated god of some sort. To me, he’s a demon. There, I wrote it. But these are just my thoughts. Just saying…

      In His name,

    • Captain Eagle, Laura, and Mary;

      Hi! my things are lively today! I re-posted that vid…Gordy originally posted it last week, and I watched it and although it is from 1984 I found the basic root of where this comes from to still be the root of where this all comes from! Sorry, don’t mean to be redundant, it’s just that where something originates doesn’t change. Movements, inculturation, trends, etc. cause some things to change but the root of it is still the root and I found the film to be extremely helpful in identifying where this came from. I swam around in the occult pool for twenty some years and the origins of most of it are still intact. New things crop up, like reiki which is just a new way to manipulate demonic energy that originally came from the Hindu idea of the chakras! Re-packaged garbage. So in watching this movie one can think of just how much more magnified this religion has become since 1984! It’s gone epic in my opinion.

      I have quite an interesting theory on why the Hindu gods are blue. Cows are so sacred to them that they even drink the urine. Well there is something quite powerful and hallucinogenic that grows in the cattle’s dung, psylociben mushrooms…and the variety that grow in this species of cattle the Zebu, are blue! The vernacular is “blue meanies” and the people would gather them from the dung, considering them sacred, eat them and trip like mad, seeing half human, half monkey gods, gods flying around on space ships etc…and since the mushrooms have a blue tint to them, their gods became blue! Yes, I have Terrence McKenna to thank for postulating this theory in his book, “Food of the Gods”!

      From what I understand from my world religions class the first mentions of space ships were in the Bhagavadghita…the Hindu holy book and also a concoction of some plant called “soma” which they all drank and tripped on! There are entheobotanists still on the hunt for “soma”. Some have theorized that it was amanita muscaria, the red mushrooms with the white dots on the cap which shamans as far away as Siberia drank and then the other members of the tribe would drink the shaman’s urine as the amanita was concentrated through the body’s metabolism, and they would hallucinate! Some think this is how we got the myth of santa claus and reindeer flying from eating the yellow snow the shaman urinated on!

      My point here is this; whether they are blue with ten arms, travel around in space ships, appear as giant snakes, monkeys, elephants, lizards, or have flying reindeer the origin of all of them is not the God of the Bible! Even Pastors are beginning to see a correlation between scripture and pharmakia and many of these false religions used entheogens to see god. This includes Mr. Crowely and absinthe (the green goddess) which is made from a weed called, WORMWOOD…

    • Dori, Amen! Now will you please tell us how you really feel? Ha, ha, just messing with you, Sister. I learned that about absinthe just recently as France has legalized it again.

      In His name,

    • Dori, they didn’t have a reply to yours, so this is mine…UGH! I can’t believe people would actually drink someone elses urine or eat cow dung! That is just disgusting! Satan really has these characters fooled! Thank the Lord He has preserved me from such as this! EEWWWW!

    • I have a hard time viewing videos these days. I’m on a dial up connection with a laptop that has a shattered screen. Before I’d download them but that doesn’t work with this. Until I can get a new computer it will be a while before I can view videos again. That’s why I ask about what I can’t watch.

  9. after reading and viewing many news stories re SB1070 I have to remind American citizens that if the law seems racist it because the majority of illegals are from Mexico. Several years ago there was a protest and “sick out” by the Hispanic population to show that this state could not function without them. Marchers left the Capitol and marched to the downtown area of Phoenix. These marchers carried MEXICAN flags, chanting in Spanish and the signs these people were carrying are written in Spanish, the music being played was Mexican music again in Spanish. If these people want to be to be treated as citizens, why do they not become citizens? You should know that some of these people have been here for more than 10 years and have never learned English or their English is very limited. Many have never tried to become citizens
    You should also know, that most of these people steal another identity to get a driver license, get a job with another person’s Social Security Number, DOB and name. then they can apply for services and aid in this state. Some of these individuals feel this ok as long as they pay their taxes. I know people who have been contacted by IRS to pay additional taxes to both IRS and the STATE. Most of the money they earn here is sent back to Mexico. That means a reduction in sales tax revenue.

    I could go on about the drugs imported into AZ and the human smuggling of the “coyotes” into the state The point is that before the news media and others condemn SB1070 they should do more research and present both sides of the story.
    FYI, there is a person in the penitentiary who will be deported as soon as his sentence for sexual assault He will be returned to CANADA.

  10. Here’s another one to chew on. Was this Washington DC Protest reported on in the news? The one that is shown at the 4:00 mark? Not the peaceful tea party event at the beginning the latter one.

  11. It’s amazing, but in the Houston Chronicle travel section every Sunday, they tout what a great and safe destination Mexico is for family vacations. This is every week, they highlight a Mexican destination and go on and on about its safety and how families need to go and experience the “treasures” of Mexico.
    I have sent many emails, to the Chronicle, basically inquiring if they are working for the Mexican tourist board. The Houston Chronicle does great PR work for tourism in Mexico. I have told them that Mexico is not safe for family vacations, and to claim such a thing is misleading and dangerous for anyone that doesn’t know better. Do any search on US citizen missing in Mexico and you will be shocked. I am so close to Mexico, in years past I would go every so often…in fact had honeymoon in Cancun. The sad fact is, in its current state I will never go back to Mexico, the risk it too great. Even the tourist areas are out of control with crime. Recently, severed heads were found in Acapulco. How my local newspaper can claim it’s a safe tourist destination for families I will never know. The US government should put out travel advisory on Mexico, but they wont due too the fear for Mexico’s response to such order.

    • Good point, Matt. This double standard isthe same as the democrats telling republicans what to do with their money then when republicans do the same to they they cry foul. If it’s your money you should be able to spwnd it any way you want whether you’re Bill Clinton or Sarah Palin.

      matt – Did you see my reply in the other thread on the face on Mars?

    • Hi Captain Eagle, I just read your response. While I believe anything is possible, and I was once open to the idea it might have been a face there, I just don’t buy into it now. But again, it is possible. I’m sure the government’s hides more things then we can possibly imagine. I live 20 minutes from NASA, and visit every now and then, and I have to say its worth visiting to see all the exhibits if you are interested in space travel. They have a capsule that splashed down in the ocean on one of the Apollo missions, you can climb inside, talk about cramped, and I felt like I was in a 1976 Yugo.

  12. Last night I had a sort of “revelation” about what MAY be the stark reality behind the illegal immigration problem. The possibility of another civil war is being fomented. I say this because I noticed a recurring pattern of the arguments between Arizona and Washington DC. Here’s what I’m talking about:
    PAST: the “South”= state sovereignty and the “North”= federal government.
    PRESENT: Arizona= state sovereignty and Washington DC= federal government
    In the bigger picture we all know that yes, human slavery was wrong morally and spiritually. But what I’m attempting to illustrate here is to show that the fomentation centers around the exact same two issues that began the Civil War: states’ right to make and enact their own laws based on Constitutional mandates vs. human rights violation. In the present case the only thing comparable to the former slavery issue is that of cheap labor supplied to big business; only difference is that the federal government is now hollering about human rights violations regarding the “right” of illegal immigrants to be here… illegally! So there is some obfuscation on that premise. Nonetheless, the two main issues are one and the same. Hot button, triggering points for American citizens. Stay tuned.

    • All of these stories about illegal Mexicans are very true but the problem is they don’t fit the media’s template that Republicans and conservatives are racist while liberals and democrats embrace minorities so they are ignored.

      What’s going on behind the scenes is the reason the democrats want to make these illegal legal is because they believe they will all vote democrat in gratitude. That’s all it comes down to. It’s not about race or compassion, it’s about getting enough votes to stay in power.

      As I always say if it’s so hard to become legal then make it a little easier but these people are not demonstrating they want to be Americans. When the immigrants of Europe came here they LEARNED English, they EMBRACED America, they WANTED to meld into the pot but they still retained some of theur cultural identity. Now we get this Latin America group who aren’t interested into melding, they want us to meld around them. When have people ever come to this country and demanded we conform to their ideals and ways of life? We are seeing this both from the illegal Mexicans and the Muslims coming here demanding America adopt their religious laws as some European nations have. We are heading for dark times ahead if this keeps up. But that is the difference, the immigrants of the past wanted to assimilate, these two groups have no interest in assimilation and demand we bow at their whim.

      The other dirty little secret is that the legal Latin American immigrants do NOT want these illegal to become legal in one fell swoop. The legal Hispanic immigrants are united on this front. But yet again we are told this is a case of racism when it’s not and that all of the minority is united in this when they’re not.

    • They want to remain Mexican citizens to send their money to Mexico without paying taxes. The Mexican government depends on the money being spent in Mexico to keep them going. They all want the money, but, like you said, they don’t want to assimilate.

    • Please see my reply to Davidbmusic. I’m thinking you misunderstood me, Captain; that US citizens are being set up to help bring this country down and a pattern is being repeated by TPTB. Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. Trust neither party for that reason.

    • People are missing the point. The Fed is crying out “human rights” and while doing so they’re acctually honoring a form of “slavery.”

      Think about it, if the illegals in AZ became legal, that means that the employers would have to pay them the higher wages and benefits like any other U.S. citizen. However, by letting them remain “illegal” the employer can pay them dirt cheap under the table, thus saving money that they would have to spend if the employee was legal.

      Once again, what’s being touted as good, is in reality, bad and vice-versa.

      In any case, I don’t see the U.S. as a nation lasting much longer. At best I give it 10 years before it’s completely beaten. We’re almost in complete cheque-mate right now as it is. Global government…here we come?

    • Conservative talk radio show hosts say we are at the crossroads where either side could win but both thinks they are whipped. I hope the right side wins.

    • That’s exactly what I’m saying… the two hot button issues are the SAME as they were when the civil war came about: state sovereignty vs human rights. Although this time around while the federal government is making its case against Arizona as being violators of human rights it is in actuality the federal government that is supporting the “slave labor” that the corporations demand. This is where the truth is obfuscated… and the public is sold down the river once again.

    • I classify myself as being conservative. Out of the two parties that alligns me more with the Republicans than the Democrats. I know the corruption and issues are in both parties but we have to see it as the lesser of two evils. There are some good upcoming conservatives that are running as Republicans this fall. We need to vote them in to get the liberals out of office. Then we can work with them. I have more belief in conservatives doing the right thing than the liberals.

    • This issue in Arizona could be any issue. Fill in the blank. It just happens to be illegal immigration. It is a ‘law enforcement issue’. What is happening there is once these people cross the border they have committed a crime, hence the problem. The Feds have held AZ’s law enforcement hands by telling ICE to do little to nothing. Much time has passed and the problem has grown bigger. The state (AZ) has decided enough is enough and now is doing what it should have done what it should of done long ago. The law that is in question is exactly a mirror image of them federal one.

      Where we are today is, we’ve got a radical in the White House(Fed side) using this for his gain. AZ is made to look like the bad guy when in fact they are doing what they should long ago.

      If you don’t think, yours and my state couldn’t be an AZ, just think again. Additionally, fill in the blank on the issue, guns, abortion, capital punishment, etc. This one just happens to fit the bill for their purpose. LAW ENFORCEMENT ISSUE. If AZ looses this battle and it’s a BIG one we all loose.

    • Hi Joe~
      Believe it or not I have studied, researched and pondered all of the details being discussed in this thread about the AZ vs Federal government problem. My purpose in posting was simply to draw attention to the BIG PICTURE and the underlying political machinations that are facilitating the tearing down of the USA (we all can debate the varying details till the cows come home.) Once again we’re taken hook, line, and sinker by the globalist elite. If you are a believer on Christ Jesus do vote your conscience… but steer clear of close alliance with partisan politics. Seriously.
      Peace to you in Christ Jesus,

    • P.S.
      And the end game in this is for the USA to be taken down and/or subsumed into the one world government (aka NWO.) That global governing power can not exist unless/until the United States of America is no longer the most powerful nation on planet Earth.

  13. By the way, Arlen Specter may be gone but it was reported here a few weeks ago he’s getting a nice kooshy government job consulting on something or other. This hasn’t hit the national news, just our local state news who LOVE the man. I’ve never cared for him.

  14. LA,

    Please do a show on this soon on Acc radio.
    Even just open lines so we could hear diff
    angles and info on what is going on there.

  15. OK. Here is my Facebook link;

    Hope to see you all there!

    OH and by the way. I listen to some ministries on Pal Talk on Saturday. Whoever is behind the Matreiya movement has 2 rooms on there that talks about all his teachings 24 hours a day, and a mantra room! They are really pushing the message!

    • So where is the American Government in these threats? Are they offering him any protection? Probably not.

  16. Coast to Coast tonite…George will be joined by a panel of experts to discuss illegal immigration, the threat of diminishing resources, and the ramifications of an overpopulated America.

  17. Van crash in Oregon kills ‘death metal’ vocalist

    PORTLAND, Ore. — a van carrying two metal bands crashed Monday on Interstate 5, killing a vocalist and injuring two guitarists, police said

    Makh Daniels, 28, of Pacifica, Calif., died at the scene north of Medford, Hastings said. He was the vocalist for Early Graves, which recently released its second album, “Goner.”

    Can you believe this? Name of the band is “Early Graves”, and their cd is called “Goner”??

    Looks like someone took them seriously at their word.

  18. We have the “globalists” to blame for our government not doing it’s job. They are leaving the border unsecured because the plan is for the US, Canada and Mexico to combine into the NAU (North American Union). This has been the plan going back at least since just before 9/11 happened. That’s when Bush Jr. traveled to Canada along with then Mexican president, Vicente Fox. It was a meeting for the “Security for a Prosperous Partnership.” (Something along that line). But, 9/11 happened and it put that “deal” on hold. What people don’t understand (because none of the media is reporting on this) is that the drug cartels are all fighting for “access” into the US. Before they had a number of “entrances” to get their dope in through. Now it’s a small corrider they are all fighting each other over. Another key to the puzzle is the illegals who come here are working as “indentured servants” to their “coyotes.” They don’t have the money it costs to get them over the border. So basically, these illegals are “owned” by the coyotes who bring them over. This is why Mexicans are always sending money back to their country. It’s “NOT” because they are helping their families, it’s because they are paying off their debts to the coyotes! They can even be “sold” from one coyote to another! They’re nothing but slaves to their coyote gods. I guess that’s what happens when you have to break the law to come into the US. These illegals need to all be deported and the sooner the better! President Eiesenhower did just that. I think it was called “Operation Wetback” or something. But the “historical fact” is the US rounded up all the illegals here in the US back in the 1950’s and shipped them all back to Mexico. So if we were able to do it back then, by all means we would be able to do it again, if only our leaders had the balls to do so. But the dems are wanting them here because they believe (probably rightly so) that they will get votes from these people. As though illegals who shouldn’t be here to begin with will be allowed to vote. But that’s the dems for you. They’re all a bunch of scumbags! If it were thought these illegals would vote republican, they’d be trying to make them legal also. But this is not really about dems or the GOP. This is all about a new global order. As the motto goes, “Order out of Chaos.”

  19. The La Raza movement teach that Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon and parts of Washington State make up an area known as “Aztlan” — a fictional ancestral homeland of the Aztecs before Europeans arrived in North America. As such, it belongs to the followers of MEChA. These are all areas America should surrender to “La Raza” once enough immigrants, legal or illegal, enter to claim a majority, as in Los Angeles. The current borders of the United States will simply be extinguished.

    This plan is what is referred to as the “Reconquista” or reconquest, of the Western U.S.

    But it won’t end with territorial occupation and secession. The final plan for the La Raza movement includes the ethnic cleansing of Americans of European, African, and Asian descent out of “Aztlan.”

  20. lynn,
    great. the knee jerk response of any economic downturn is to look for a scapegoat.
    germany did it, now were doing it.

    the same tactics that will be used against the “mexican incursion” will be used against christians

    n’est ce pas?

    please no more soap-boxing about mexicans.
    on the west side, they raise your kids.
    on the east side, they dig your ditch.

    lets talk about the powers that put nafta into existence.
    lets talk about our own countrymen who sold us out for a morsel of bread…

    lets talk about the velvet mafia that runs our media-

    lets talk about the jew.
    “oooooh nooooo, we cant talk about the jew
    because germany destroyed so many”

    but arent they prepping christians for the same treatment?
    and what does “WORLDNUTDAILY” do?

    they turn their sights onto the mexicans…

    i used to really enjoy worldnet daily, until they started their mexican bashing campaign…
    now ive *unsubscribed*

    i dont mean disrespect, i only mean to say the TRUTH…

    • What most Americans are demanding is to secure the borders, enforce the existing laws inland with no sanctuary status, punish employers who violate employment laws, remove incentives by curbing social services and demand that Latin American leaders discourage illegal entry into our country.

      We must also address the fact that we’re soft on illegal aliens caught in crimes and are not deported. No other country would allow this to continue. 40% of illegals entered legally and in bad faith overstayed their visas. Yet there is still no reliable method to verify if visa overstays have left the country. If we remove the social services and job magnets that attract them into our country, significant self-deportation will occur.

      America must have immigration enforcement that reflects the nation’s call to respect our laws in balance with the human side of illegal immigration. America cannot suddenly disregard our forefathers’ immigration principles simply to appease the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce and the National Council of La Raza. Embracing citizenship and our legal principles are precisely what have made our country successful, stable and unique in the world.

      History cannot be rewound as some activists would like in their “Reconquista,” to re-conquer the land (as in the days of the Pueblo People, a land of barrenness before the borders were established). Angry Mexicans should direct their energy towards their own government or towards Spain for the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire and the Spanish colonization of the Americas. Mexico won its independence from Spain, so now they want to abandon the independence they won in Mexico? Why now the anger and attitude of entitlement towards the United States? This is in part due to the Mexican leadership’s propaganda of blaming America for their problems.
      Today’s illegals are an entirely different group that has lied on their visitor’s visas, snuck across the border while leaving mountains of debris, committed tax and ID fraud, birthed their anchor babies, worked the social service systems, wired billions of dollars out of our country, gained illegal employment and failed to meet naturalization requirements.The United States naturalization laws were established in 1790. Since 1929, illegal entry into the United States has been a federal crime. America is not a place, it is a nation. Its people are not residents, they are citizens.
      Are all illegal immigrants bad people? Of course not. Some work hard and try their best to support themselves independently. However, all illegal immigrants have in bad faith violated federal immigration laws. This, in turn, leads to a long string of other violations, impacts on society and attitudes that affect our communities.

    • matt,
      thank you for your eloquent reply.

      what most people forget is that these are PEOPLE.
      they have kids, the overwhelming majority are hard workers (they HAVE to be)

      thats the problem with LABELS
      the moment a JEW is a MONKEY, it dehumanizes him.

      the moment a mexican is an ALIEN, it dehumanizes him.
      the powers that be WANT us to BASH the mexican.
      they dont want us to BASH the BILDERBERGERS, or the CLINTONS,
      or the REAGANS…

      go ahead, recite your programming against the mexicans,
      next time you hear it, it will be used against you!

    • Hector – your bleeding heart is clouding your mind. These people may be hard works and have families but SO WHAT? They are BREAKING THE LAW. They have a CHOICE to NOT break the law. They chose to break the law and now people like you make excuses as to why they should not face the consequences. Calling a criminal a criminal doesn’t dehumanize them, it’s truthfully calling them what they are. “Migrant worker” is a way to paint their illegal activity in a positive light. That is just wrong. You need to be truthful and call them illegal immigrants. By definition that is what they are. I see no reason why we should sugar coat this.

    • Matt and Captain eagle, you are right on! everyday we are hearing this arguement on the news, and I keep thinking, “but its illegal, theryre breaking the law!!” why people want to forget about this, or choose to look over it is past my understanding.

    • this entire discussion reminds me of the discussion at the end of 2012…
      should they leave the workers who built the ark behind or not?

      the answer is NO, because even if they had survived,
      they would have lost the part of them (compassion) that makes them a part of humanity!!!

      when the nazis opened up the ghettos, it was illegal to allow jews outside of the ghettos.
      many good people followed that law, because thats what good christians do.

      many people turned a blind eye when obvious injustices and abuses were going on right before their eyes…

      there is a big difference between the LETTER of the law,

      and the SPIRIT of the law…

      the letter kills,
      the Spirit brings life…

      because you say you see-
      it means you are blind…

  21. Panel’s landmark denial frees NYC mosque site.NEW YORK — A New York City panel has denied landmark status to a building near ground zero, freeing a group to convert the property into an Islamic community center and mosque.
    The Landmarks Preservation Commission’s voted 9-0 against granting landmark status to the 152-year-old building, which is blocks from the site of the Sept. 11 attacks.
    National and New York politicians and the Anti-Defamation League have come out in recent weeks against plans for the mosque, saying it disrespects the memory of Sept. 11 victims. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has supported the mosque.
    Commissioners said the building didn’t meet historic criteria to qualify as a landmark.

    • Hi Gordy~
      I own the book this excerpt is taken from and I highly recommend it to all! Thanks for sharing the article. Yahweh bless:^D
      And thanks so much for all your wonderful posts and links. Keep ’em comin’!

    • Thank-you In A Moment,

      I heard Ray speak at a couple of conferences up here in Canada. He does accept invitations like Lynn to speak if you
      have some friends that can provide a venue.

      Here is link to one of his lectures on the New Age spirituality:

  22. honestly…this is sad to me…i live in the border town of Yuma Arizona…and to read what most of you have posted, it just sad…
    everyone is entitled to their opinion….i get that….but that fact remains that the ONLY immigrant who will be targeted as an illegal is ANYONE who looks Mexican….even if they are not… thats the part we are AGAINST, racial profile.. many people say that racial profile won’t occur…but here in town we already have cases of police stopping people even BEFORE The law would go in effect and guess what…none of them were anglo, saying it wont happen is really incorrect…
    in fact…a police man from town who is black, during one of our rallys, said to us…”the white people are looking for the new negro, and thats the Mexican people”.. it could be true and maybe not..who knows.
    we dont approve of anyone entering illegally into ANY country…and yes Mexico has major issues with narcs..but so does the US, and many other countries…
    i heard the other day a discussion between Whoopie Goldberg and Elisabeth from The View, about equality among US citizens…and Whoopie kept saying that there wasn’t equality for black people even with all the improvement made thru out the years…and even though Elisabeth could say that there is equality, she could never know that “less of equality” because she isn’t black….. thats how the Mexican people feel…or any other Latino….you just dont know till if happens to you……anyways….thats that….

    • I still dont get it, illegal means illeagal, thats breaking the law. I dont see the problem with showing identification if youre a leagal citizen. The same thing was complained about during the last presidential election with people trying to say that because they had to show proof of who they were was infringing on their rights. Not so! if youre doing things the legal way, theres no fear in showing i.d. to vote, or buy ciggerettes or live in this country.

    • I have Italian heritage, I have olive skin, dark hair and I’m mistaken for Mexican all the time. Most places I go here, people speak to me in Spanish first before they realize I have no clue what they are saying to me. I am not offended they mistake me for Mexican because of my olive skin and dark hair, I don’t say, “Hey, I’m Italian how dare you”!!!! I couldn’t care less. At the airports, I’m ALWAYS the one pulled out of line and searched because of my dark features, no big deal, I laugh it off. I bleed red white and blue, when I vacation later this year in AZ, to support the AZ law, I hope I am stopped and questioned by authorities on my status, I have nothing to hide and a proud American, Not a proud Italian American, but American.

    • I expect that, if I travel to a foreign country, at some point, I will be asked for my passport and identification. It is par for the course when you are traveling. These people are human beings and I understand they are trying to make a living. I have no problem with that, but at least get a temporary work permit and don’t just come over illegally. If I go to Mexico, and I don’t have my passport and Identification, they have the right to arrest me! Somehow, they have to crack down on the illegal immigration for two reasons, 1. there are reports that Iran is flying people down to Nicaragua. From there, they are travelling up through the Mexican border, and into the United States. How are we going to stop them, if we don’t secure our borders? 2. My understanding is, the drug cartel and “coyotes” that practice human trafficking, are killing innocent Americans who live on the border when they are discovered. Recently, a farmer was killed possibly by immigrants coming across his land.

      People have a right to move to a new area, country, or whatever to provide for their families. In the past it hasn’t been that big of an issue. I have personally had friends that we knew came over illegally. It was just a way of life, when I lived back in Texas. I just believe that, under the current threat America is under from drug cartel, “coyotes”, and Iran, it is prudent to protect our borders. If not, they might as well say,”Here we are, come and get us!”

    • It isn’t racial profiling if a huge chunk of Hispanics are illegal. It’s separating and sending the illegals back untill they use the correct channels to be here legal. Illegal = illegal no matter how you cut it. I think when God said obey the laws of the land he meant it, right?

      And for those that compare the US with Nazis and Jews, well I would like for you to point me to the nearest concentration camp or the nearest site of a genocide. We don’t want to kill anyone. It’s just like your kid having a sleepover, if your not invited and your taking all of our resources you can and sending them to your house it’s time
      For daddy to take you home.

      No mass murder, no indecent treatment, just sending you home. You would think as many Mexican flags, music, pushing of Mexican heritage here in America most would be glad to go home if it’s such a great place. If it’s not that great why try to bring so much of home with you and try to turn the new place into home?

      I like Hispanic people but stop freeloading from our government while the rest of us fund welfare and social services that you use for free. The money dosent come from thin air. The LEGAL citizens put it there. IMHO

  23. “I like Hispanic people but stop freeloading from our government while the rest of us fund welfare and social services that you use for free. The money dosent come from thin air. The LEGAL citizens put it there. IMHO”

    you can always tell a prejudice person when they preface an incorrect statement with:

    “i love blacks but”

    the majority of illegals are too afraid to apply for welfare or social services…
    most LEGAL AMERICAN citizens know how to work the system, so they are driving escalades, and collecting from three or four welfare accounts…

    your data is skewed to fit your lazy ignorant way of thinking…

    why? because its MUCH too hard to admit that weve been sold out by the BILDERBERGERS,
    how do you BASH a bilderberger???

    its much more convenient to BASH mexicans!!!

    • Lol no Hector I’m not a rascist or anything else. I have close Hispanic people in my life (yes I’ve said the same thing to them) you have no idea who I am or what I’m about.

      You can always tell someone whonknow they are wrong, they start out trying to take the discussion off the point Which is illegal = illegal.

      I could more points about this. And if the roles were reversed you would feel the same way. But i don’t have to because illegal = illegal.

    • my point is that at one point the JEWS were ILLEGAL…

      and many good people looked the other way…

      they told themselves:


      so many people suffered and died.
      btw, it did not start out with ovens, its started out slowly…
      the jew were told they were going on “vacation”

      when you deport a mexican mom, but her child stays behind in the US, isnt that barbaric?
      how low have we sunk to?

      such a pity that i have to repeat common sense in a Christian Forum… 😦
      and the christians are spearheading this?

    • They shouldn’t have cane illegally and had kids. Your not repeating common sense you keep making excuses and reasons why people that dont support illegal immigration are bad guys. I think they should send their kids with them though, I do not agree with splitting families. If the illegal act didn’t take place the kids wouldn’t be here so send them home as well. I don’t see this turning into the blood bath like what happened to the Jews but if it’s so bad why would people want to stay anyway, why not go home on your own?

    • I write this in kindness and love……

      I love the American people. Many of my fellow Canadians do not. Breaks my heart when my fellow countrymen tell me things like that. My immediate response has always been to ask them to go to an American’s home during their Thanksgiving and partake in a meal with them. Then come back and tell me how you feel.

      One aspect of American culture I’ve always admired is that every child born into that country has been told that they have had the opportunity to grow up in the greatest country in the world. (Not quite true of course because it’s personal.) The adverse effect of this mindset is a seemingly self-matured feeling of arrogance. This unfortuantely, is some of what the world sees.

      Having travelled the world quite extensively and lived in the Third World, the Lord has provided me a myriad lens with which to view peoples and cultures. I tend to see two sides quite often.

      I see a few sides to this issue. I see and have lived what Hector is talking about. My Nazi uncle helped me see that side in some of its complexity. Hitler charmed a vast majority of people in his country before implementing his plan to annihilate the Jews, the gays, the illiterate, the infirm, etc. Sounds like satan to me.

      As I believe satan has a HUGE hand in what’s going on in all of Latin America and its spilling over through the U.S. border from Mexico as that is the first entry of attack. And whether you believe-it-or-not, Vancouver is known as one of the ‘drug capitals’ of North America.

      God’s law is His law. And we as Christians are to follow His law. Period.

      Yet, many U.S. people and Christians too, yell about their American government doing this and doing that and that Obama has no right to be President because he’s broken the laws, etc. Or that when Obama doesn’t like the laws, he changes them via Executive Orders without asking the people who voted him in. And nothing is done about breaking these laws.

      So which is it? Some laws are okay to scream and yell about because they’re ‘legal’ and others are not?

      In His love and kindness,

    • I’m not sure what laws your referring to Mary but the new Arizona law just made federal offenses a crime eforcable at state level. I don’t agree with much that obama does. I think that if the parents are here in anyway legal and it’s obvious they want to do more than leach off of the system or send all thier money to another country then yes their kids should be born with citizenship.

      I’m not trying to be cold hearted with any of my statements and I do understand why many Latin Americans want to come to the US but if it’s illegal and at the expense of others it’s still not excusable.

      I think the way people have to immigrate here should be changed and made easier because from what I’ve read it’s pretty difficult and i think the lottery drawing they have is retarded. But it is the way it is and it hurts not only me but my grandkids in 50 years when we have so many people pulling money out of the country.

      I also personally know a few illegal immigrants that have gotten into trouble here with DUI and other things and they just change the name they go by and never have to answer for anything. There are 2 sides to every story but I feel like everyone has the right to protect themselves and letting illegal people come into your country in droves is bad for us so we should protect ourselves and our future from that.

    • Hi Joe,

      I feel your points are quite valid. It’s a mess no matter how anyone looks at it.

      As a Canadian, we are allowed to enjoy visiting the U.S. for up to six months less one day per calendar year. More for tax purposes in both countries probably. My brother ‘won’ the lottery years ago and now lives in New York City. I have other family members and friends in the U.S., but I wouldn’t want to stay their illegally, that’s for sure. Apparently my siblings and I –if we wanted to– could apply for permanent residency Visas under the Grandfather clause which is supposed to end with this generation. I don’t know.

      And, in Canada, we have the opposite challenge up here as we have so much space (mind it’s cold a good part of the year!) and we let everybody in…so it seems anyway.

      Please ‘talking’ to you. God bless!

      In His name,

    • Wow Mary that boggles my
      Mind. I know things are supposed to be this way the closer we get to the end times but to think about what’s running through each individuals head when they make these poor decisions for all of us just confuses me lol. I grew up around people that were proud to be American and proud to stand what the country stood for and had principles. It’s been so long since I’ve heard anyone that said anything patriotic and meant it (it’s hard to be happy with the US now days anyway). It’s kinda sad.

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