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1Jo 2:15 Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world. And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.

For those of us who are filled with the spirit of El Elyon – the Most High God – we find ourselves dwelling in a system that is foreign to us. In fact, the system of the world, is so out of touch with the “things of the Spirit,’ that I would venture to say that there is no reconciliation between the two. As we are told elsewhere, in the Bible we are sojourners here, strangers in a strange land.

The culture that I find myself dwelling in, is steeped in providing images, events, music, movies, television shows, Internet sites, magazines, endless dribble on talk shows, that feed the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.

Let’s look at each one of these and remember that nothing much has changed since these words were written 2000 years ago.

The lust of the flesh. In John’s day porno was just as big as it was today. In certain cities there were phallic symbols painted on the streets to show the way to the brothels. Today we have, wardrobe malfunctions at the Super bowl, the gyrations of Lady Ga Ga, and a host of others of her ilk, and Internet pornography, which is only a click of the mouse away. All of this calls to unwary souls, and those who do not know better can easily be caught up in the life style that it promulgates.

There was a man who I watched grow up from a kid of 10 or so. I hadn’t seen him in years and so I asked him what he was doing. He smiled and said he worked in the Porn industry and his crew was one of the best…  He was caught in the deception, snared by the lust of the flesh and in fact had given his life over to it.

Men today are bombarded with what I would call soft porn images. These appear especially in Victoria Secret magazines, which are really nothing more than Playboy magazines of the 1950’s. My wife has asked countless times not to receive them but they come anyway. However, she immediately throws these airbrushed, babes, in the trash.

We drive down the freeway and we see half naked women plastered on the billboards. All of these images appeal to the lust of the eyes.

We see sports figures, actors, politicians who think that they have “arrived,” as is demonstrated by their boastful attitudes and lack of humility. They forget their talent was, and is, a loan from God. We see this in their swagger and confidence in their flesh. It is the pride of life, as they are in their prime, their moment of glory. However, there will come a time, years later, when strength will fade, and eyes will dim and the bones will creak. Give him the glory that is due now!

In closing today’s Bun. We live in this world and we are surrounded by all of this junk. So I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you a tool that I use, on a daily basis to navigate through it.

First, I read the word every day. My wifey and I start each day with a reading from the word. We go through chapter at at time and then we pray. Some of you are on our list. Then as I go through the day, I’m careful to guard my eyes and my heart. We can’t pretend that we don’t see what is front of us, however we can choose not to take a second look.

I also feel as though I’m holding everything, at arm’s length. I also laugh at the stuff I see. Laughter is a great way to diffuse the stuff that comes at us! Nothing comes “in” unless I allow it. I find myself going to prayer as situations present themselves as when I heard about a minute of Mel Gibson’s rant. I turned the radio off and prayed. This is a cogent example of how the system of the world appeals to the lust of flesh. Most people can’t wait to lap up the dirt on Gibson. Our media feeds us this dribble daily.

When we set our minds on Him, He fills us with His peace and strength, and most of all JOY! The world does not know this and in fact millions are looking for it and cannot find it. Those of us who know Him, by experience, have the tools we need, to not only to navigate through this crazy broken world, but to be lights that shine in the darkness!


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  2. It’s every man’s battle. Even if we lustfully look at women its a sin. Researchers say men think about women every 15 seconds. I’m not sure if its every 15 seconds but its often. I personally believe pornorgraphy along with abortion are the two biggest causes of apostasy of the christian faith today. Think of how many marriages and relationships are destroyed by the two. I personally believe we are under attack more so than ever and it will only get worse as the fallen one comes closer to being pushed out of the 2nd heaven. In my book you can also add to the list what the bible calls sorcery “drugs.”

  3. Mr. Marzulli,

    I love reading your Sunday ‘Buns’. Thank you.

    This one though, made me feel sad. So sad that I had to stop and pray. I’m not Born-Again all that long ago, so I remember quite well walking in that world. Now that I’m not OF that world, it makes me feel so sad watching all those people walking around in a broken world thinking they can actually heal the planet by casting their ‘rays of light’, using positive vibes or energies and the list goes on and on. This is so not true. They don’t know God. He hasn’t called them so they don’t have a clue. Until their eyes and ears are opened by God, they’re dead and clueless. So sad…

    Below is a song that very much reminds me of this broken world and the broken Hallelujah that many of us Born-Again Christians come to, on our knees before the Lord. The lyrics are written by Canadian poet, Leonard Cohen and this song has a special place in my heart. Makes me cry every time I listen

    “I heard there was a secret cord
    David played and it pleased the Lord…”

    Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart with us today.

    In His name,

  4. Amen. Too bad that so many people who claim to be Christians have given over their hearts more to the things of this sinful world than to the Lord.

  5. It’s a sick culture, isn’t it. And I fear that mostly, Christians are of the church at Laodicea, freely interfacing with and blending into the sick culture. I’m trying not to be Laodicean. I’m trying.
    So, thanks for the simple, practical tips. I need all the help I can get.
    Thanks again, Dr. Marzulli (bow bow bow.)

  6. Thanks for the Sunday Bun! Nourishing! A prayer I like to use goes something like this:

    Father, please anoint my whole being with the Blood of Jesus. Also, anoint [I name others] with the precious Blood of the Lamb to take away the blinders the enemy has put on them. Just as You opened real eyes that were once blind in this world, may Your Son’s Blood cleanse and open spiritual eyes and minds. Your word says that the “god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not…” [2Cor4.4] Thank You, Father, for Your provision. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

  7. Yes, The things that were shocking are no longer so, The increase in wickedness specifically Sexual depravity can be discerned by Spirit filled Believers to be on an ever increasing scale, that is in western culture anyway.
    The so called liberation of this generation is a sorrowful predicament of judgment. we know that the way is broad and wide and many travel therein unto destruction.

    Jesus said: As it was in the days of Lot! that righteous man in the midst of what was the norm to the inhabitants of Sodom and surrounding cities. Here we are friends, The Godly remnant in the last hour! Sin pressing us on all sides, In Christ Alone do we stand this tide of Evil, A little while now and we will see the vindication of the righteous.

    For behold “I come and my reward is with me to render Every man according to his works” The works of Faith and the works of unbelief, Both will be rewarded at the appearing of our Great God and savior The Lord of lords and The King of Kings, Jesus Christ. To Him be All Glory, Power and praise Amen..

    John B

  8. Thankyou so much for even posting on Sundays.It is so true we must guard our eyes and minds as I have been going through an awful time.At night as soon as I shut my eyes, I see most often times things I am sure I should not see.I see many evil images and see things shiftshape.It was at first transient and fleeting and until recently every night and got so bad I tried everthing,praying,reading the word,asking the Lord to help me find out why this was going on at times I felt as though God left me and even hated me for letting me go through this.As wonderful as God is He did give me an answer.I watched a video made by Chris White,know where to run,it talked about sleep paralysis and how to stop it.What I finally realized is I was looking up all kinds of things regarding aliens,hybrids etc you name it I was looking it up and subjecting myself to images I am sure were affecting me spiritually.I had to repent and stop doing so much of that as I believe even if it in the name of Christ it can still affect you if you don’t pray ans ask for protection.Please pray for me.Thanks!

  9. Hi Everyone~
    What I’m about to share with you does have something to with today’s teaching. Please bear with me as I do my best to explain the situation. I have a nephew (he is 38 y.o.) who has chosen (yes you heard that right) to be homeless for the last five years. He claims to be a Christian and will participate in Bible studies from time to time. BUT… his choice to be homeless is not to do an outreach ministry to the poor and less fortunate. He claims that he does not like to work for “the man” and believes he is somehow identifying with the Scriptural admonition of “to be in the world and not of it”. He has a serious problem with authority, job, rehab, or otherwise. He claims that the only authority he’ll listen to is God. He does brag about how he knows how to survive on the street and that he believes God wants him there (true it is not for me to say whether this is the case or not, for this is surely between he and the Lord. Still I have my doubts.) BUT… what makes this so hard to accept is that he is an alcoholic and maintains his addiction by consistently stealing it to support his habit. When he drinks his personality alters so radically that it gets frightening! He has also spent time in jail on several occasions with misdemeanor charges… most all relating to bad behaviors while under the influence. Recently his brother, his mom (my sis) and most recently myself (we’re all believers), have allowed him into our homes because we love him and believe it is the Christian thing to do in order for him to gain stability in his life. In my case I set down rules while he was staying in my home, the most important one being about not being intoxicated while here and not stealing. He just will not abide that rule. I had warned him that a third strike and he is no longer welcome here. Today we were to do Bible study but he returned drunk and the rest is history. His behavior became rage and he proceeded to blame me for whatever he could think of. All manner of accusations flew from his mouth, including but not limited to a trashing of my walk with the Lord. It was not a pretty sight and my heart is heavy. I have no idea how he will maintain the job he just landed by having to be back at street level. Yet I know this is not for me to feel guilty about. In the big picture it is his burden and not mine. I don’t know what more I can do to help him out. Any input, advice, and/or prayers are most appreciated and cherished. My heart is heavy. May Yahweh bless and keep you all safe in these times.

    • Hi Moment – May I suggest that you conduct an intervention with his mother, yourself, his father and anyone else that you can get into the picture. He needs to check in and become clean and sober in a faith based recovery center. This needs to be done ASAP. It sounds like he won’t be here much longer unless something drastic is done. Just my thoughts…. hope it happens sooner than later…. blessings and hope in Him…. L.A.

    • Hi L.A.~
      Thank you so much for responding. Your admonishment is fully acceptable and much appreciated. Just so you know, he has already been through three or four faith based recovery programs… and he has checked himself out before goal time, each and every time. He has nothing but excuse after excuse about not seeing it through. And of course, the blame always falls on everyone else. You see, he has a serious problem with authority and rules of any kind. His genetic father abandoned him years ago (the abandonment issue is definitely crucial in his case) so is not in the picture. His mom and only brother are in the eastern part of this state while most other family reside in the western half not far from me. What you say is true about him not making it; I got a “chill” when I read your words about that. You see, my nephew himself mentioned that very thing about three days ago. And just 45 minutes ago my sis (his mom) just shared the very same thing. His brother said it last month. All that’s left is a whole lotta prayer at this point. So be it. God bless you and your family, L.A. Keep fighting the good fight.
      In His service,

    • I just want to say God bless you and your family right now…I know all too well the curse of alcoholism and its destruction on individuals and families. I am sorry to hear this for you all but I do pray for the Lord’s merciful intervention on this persons behalf and for the Lord to give you all the peace that you so need at this time. Lord Jesus please bring to bear upon this man’s mind your supernatural power and healing. Give Him the ability to see and think clearly and give him the power he needs to fight this thing, knowing that you are the victor and that with you he will be an overcomer. Please give this family a miracle and speak your blessings to each and every one. Be with them all Lord and overcome the enemy on their behalf by the power of your blood and word. We love you Lord and need you and look to you to do this thing for them. Bless you Lord and bless this family. Amen!

    • Hi Lisa~
      My heart says thank you for your understanding and your prayers. There are those who have never experienced the chaos, destruction, and heartbreak that alcohol/drug addiction wreaks upon individuals and their families. To that I say count yourselves among the truly blessed.
      Beginning last midnight and on into the wee hours of this morning there was a constant knocking on my front door. No exaggeration when I call it annoying and disruptive. By 6am I had had more than enough and went to the front door to find that my nephew was camped out there (no surprize.) I was exhausted from lack of sleep and angry from the emotional drain. Needless to say my words were not the kindest and we did not part on any good terms. And for that I ask the Lord to forgive me. God alone knows what is in store for this sad, lonely, and lost man.
      Yahweh bless and protect you always.
      In His Service,

    • Hey miss moment, I’ve been in a couple of similar spots with some close friends. It was really hard for me to deal with and understand alot of things that happened. If you ever need someone to talk to about it feel free to email me at

    • Hi Joe.b~
      Thank you for your willingness (and great trust in publicly posting your email addy. Lol!) to share some Christian “peer counsel”! I’ll probably take you up on that before long. Yahweh keep you safe and mightily blessed:^D

  10. Good word!

    Thank you for being a manly man in a godly way. Our sons and husbands need to see this modeled and then follow suit.

    Godly men help me respect men in general. The world has painted a nasty picture of the average male, that he is weak and carnal and wants only one thing. It’s a lie, and with the Holy Spirit’s help every man(and woman) of God can have victory over the flesh and the devil.

    Thank you Jesus for making it so!


  11. Hi L.A.,

    Thank you for this great Sunday outreach. Thank you also for fearlessly declaring the Word. We NEED this in this hour more than ever. I would appreciate getting on your prayer list as you and yours are on mine.

    Kevin J.

  12. I have said in other recent post that pornography is the church’s dirty little secret, and I stand by that to this day. Many times men will dabble into the realm of pornography, thinking they are anonymous, a faceless ghost on the internet. As they dabble they are lured in little by little, going deeper and deeper into perversion, where once simple pictures no longer satisfy, they begin to expand to get the same sexual high they felt when they started.
    It is Satins trap, and before they know it, they are hooked just like a fish on a line and unable to stop or control the spiritual spiral downward. It destroys and breaks apart marriages and families, which has always been a goal of Satan. Satan hates the marriage communion between man and woman and will do what he can to destroy it.
    I have been to Lakewood church and have heard brother Joel say, “If you are into pornography, that’s ok, God understands”…to me this is nonsense. To God it is sin, and must be purged from your life.
    There is no doubt dark forces are involved in pornography addiction. When someone is compelled to do something such has view porn and they no longer have the control to stop themselves, they are being manipulated by spirits unknown to them.
    Laymen, deacons, pastors all have been caught is this trap. So may times they try and justify their actions, by saying, its harmless, or no in will ever know, and if all else fails, they try and blame it on someone eles,such as , my wife’s lack of intimacy drove me to do this.
    Pornography is an epidemic in the church, and one reason why so many pastors won’t touch the subject in fear of offending someone, and losing that coveted church membership roll.
    Look what happened to Jimmy Swaggart, as well as Jim Barker, these so called men of God, sinned in sexual perversion for a season, until the Lord shined a light upon their sin and exposed it to the world. They ruined their life and families over sexual addiction and the sin destroyed their life. These men of God forgot one thing…while enjoying the pleasure of sin, it is only for a season, and then Satan will give you the bill.
    I’m sure these men had no idea their sin would be exposed, as Satan never paints a full picture. We are not shown the results of sin; however the bible does tell us Romans 6:23 for the wages of sin is death
    I had a very dear brother in Christ lose his family right before my eyes because of his pleasure for a moment. He was the unfaithful one but it affected his wife too. SIN does not stand alone…it does not affect US alone…it affects all those around us too.
    Galatians 6

    7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
    8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.


    UFO near White House emits ray of light: horseplay, false flag or ‘socially destabilizing’ event?

    July 22, 6:55 PM · Alfred Lambremont Webre – Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

    Allen: Hyperdimensional UFO emits ray of light 1 mile from White House

    A hyperdimensional UFO in over flight approximately one mile south east of the White House in Washington, DC appears to have fired a ray of light or directed energy beam in the vicinity of the White House.

    The incident, which occurred on July 20, 2010 at 3:18 AM, was photographed in high-speed, high definition photographs by Wilbur “Will” Allen, a former White House employee and Air Force One engineer under U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton. Mr. Allen is also a talented professional photographer for major motion picture studios such as Warner Brothers and record labels such as DefJam.

    Mr. Allen states, “On July 20, 2010 at 3:18:07 AM in NW Washington DC, a relatively short distance from the White House, I imaged a slow moving UFO pulse through the sky, and then [observed the UFO] fire an energy beam which extended from it.” Mr. Allan also states, “I took several stationary images of the stars as I usually do. However, there is one object I thought to be a star, moving and then discharging a beam of light!!!…. There is one frame that does not make much sense? A Star is either moving or shooting a beam of light that is ‘bent’? The motion is not registered with any of the other ‘stars’ in this sampling.”

    Bibiana Bryson, Director of Exopolitica Argentina has also prepared an explanatory video of Mr. Allan’s photographs, available in the article below.

    Mr. Allen’s photographs of the incident have been assembled in a special slideshow in the article below.

    Hyperdimensional UFOs have been photographed over the U.S. Capitol, Washington monument, and in restricted P-56A air space since at least 1950. Area P-56A restricts airspace around the U.S. Capitol and White House in Washington, DC.

    Mr. Allen has photographed hyperdimensional UFOs in restricted P-56A airspace overflying and landing on the U.S. capitol in 2002 and 2008, as well as hyperdimensional UFOs over the July 4, 2002 celebration on the U.S. Capitol Mall. This appears to be a first photograph near the White House where a hyperdimensional UFO is emitting a ray of light or directed energy beam.

    As this article discusses, it is reasonable to whether this event may be (1) horseplay or creative signaling by a hyperdimensional UFO from an inter-dimensional intelligent source as a consciousness awakener to the public at large through Mr. Allen. A veritable lightshow of creative signaling from hyperdimensional UFOs took place over the Millennial Celebration on January 1, 2000; (2) a false flag event from a U.S. or other black ops vehicle; or (3) a ‘socially destabilizing’ event of the sort that John Podesta, Co-Chair of the Obama Transition Team is reported to have warned Mr. Allen his work would result in.

    Hyperdimensional UFO emits directed energy ray near White House readers can view the video assembled by Bibiana Bryson, Director of Exopolitica Argentina, from the high speed, high definition photographs that Mr. Allen took of the hyperdimensional UFO and apparent directed energy (or light) beam.

  14. Lady Gaga is in my city tonite, (low-lights) from the concert from newspaper.

    Gaga is now talking to Jesus about equality. She is bleeding for the crowd. “Jesus loves everybodyyyyyyy!” she roars

    Blood on her hands. & she wrote Texas on her arm with it

    Video behind stage shows Gaga eating a heart. And someone puking on her.

    This is some sick woman.

    • I wonder what the symbolism is behind the Texas thing on her arm…maybe it is an illuminati clue as to the next big thing they are going to pull and where it will be?? Perhaps, sick none the less. Amen!

    • Well, since the concert is here in Texas, I feel that is what she was implying. Trying to get the crowd here in Texas all pumped up for the show, if you can call it a show.
      My question is, why bring up Jesus then use special effects to start bleeding from the hands…she is a real nut job. Every artist with little to no talent will try and push the envelope to be more shocking and more bizarre then the next one. For instance, Alice Cooper, for his day he was considered bizarre, then Ozzy Osborne, pushed it a bit further, then Marilynn Manson, its all about shock value today, not talent. The more bizarre and perverted you are, more the world and Satan will reward you.
      These so called artists sell out to Satan for fame and worldly gains and in exchange they are his puppets, to drag as many youths as they possibly can to hell along with them.

    • From Local paper on her concert last night.

      “Perhaps one more thing ought to be said about Gaga’s attack on Christianity in Houston (as well as in Toronto where she purposely perverted a prayer to Christ while covering herself in fake blood) and that is that she obviously doesn’t understand the very religion she mocks. For example, when she equated Jesus with a bisexual dancer she justified doing so by intimating that just as bisexuals love everybody – they love men, women, and blends of the two – so too “Jesus loves everybody.”

      I hate to rain on her parade, but Jesus actually talked more about judgment than about grace; more about hell than about heaven

    • Lady G is no lady and ga ga and should be gag gag. Maybe what we should do ‘corporately’ is pray for her. My Christian parents told me when I was almost adult age that they were praying to God that their prayers were specific in that if I didn’t change my ways, then God would either take me out or change my life for his good. I believed them and God did change my life. Looking in retrospect, that decision was an incredible amount of faith on their part.

      I’m tired of seeing this type of sin in the world. How about you? Pray.

    • I remember back in the day, I waited outside a venue at a Twisted Sister concert and witnessed to kids and their parents as they walked in. Funny thing is most of the parents I spoke to have no idea what the band was about, they were either going inside with their kids or just dropping them off. When I told them about the bands music and beliefs some of them seemed embarrassed they were even going in, of course the kids didn’t care one bit, they were concerned about what’s cool, I had convinced a few of them that there were Christian bands that’s are just as “cool” if not more so, then the band they were going to see. Bottom line is, many time parents have no idea what their kids are listening to and worse some know and just don’t care.

  15. I have a question. Is it wrong to enjoy the “harmless” things of this world? I get mixed opinion on this and I can’t really say there is a Biblical answer. I’ll give an example. Yesterday I was in an outlet store and came across some McDonaldland characters. (Remember Mayor McCheese, Captain Crook, the Hamburgerlar?) I hadn’t seen or thought of those for YEARS but they brought a smile to my face. This morning I looked up some info on the ads and why they were dropped. I did this because I enjoy the whimsy of those characters and ads. in the long run it has nothing to do with anything and some say it’s a waste of time to enjoy things like this but I don’t know what to tell them. I just like things like this that are unimportant to Salvation but fun while we’re earth-bound.

    • That is a very interesting question and I think the answer will be different for everyone depending on the attitude of his or her heart. Remember, the Lord allowed the Isrealites to leave Egypt laden with material wealth: gold, silver, incense, clothing, livestock and everything they would need to survive. It was only after they made an idol with it and worshipped the creation versus the Creator that God made them give it up.
      If those toys gave you genuine pleasure, probably because they reminded you of your childhood, it is not a waste of time. Jesus said that he came to give us life more abundantly, and part of that meaning is the ability to enjoy his Creation, which includes our own creativity.
      That deep feeling of joy is a gift from God, and anything from a beloved toy to the smile from a loved one can inspire it.
      Having said that, you must not take my answer as proof positive, but you must take it to the Lord and ask him if idolatry hides in your heart. He will tell you for certain, and then you will know what to do.

  16. This week is the National Boy Scout Jamboree. These events take place once every four years and this year is the organization’s 100th anniversary. You would think that this occasion would be celebrated but what we are not hearing in the news is the behind the scenes dealings marring this year’s festivities. If you do some hunting you will find that the Obama Administration has declared war on the Boy Scouts of America because they don’t allow gay leaders and atheists. Contrary to popular belief there is a Moslem God and Country badge offered (they are offered in every faith BUT atheism.) Since 1981 the National Boy Scout Jamboree has been held on a military base at Fort A.P. Hill Virginia. This will be the final one held at this location because one of the first things actions that Obama took after taking office was boot out the scouts for discriminating against protected minorities. Furthermore President Obama will be the first President in decades NOT to visit the Jamboree during the opening or closing ceremonies. Even Bill Clinton and George W. Bush did this at all the Jamborees that occurred under their watch! In the past Obama has also adamantly spoken out against the Scouts as being a hate group and democrats have been trying and succeeding in having the Scouts removed from public meeting places such as schools and municipal buildings for their alleged discrimination. Depending on the judge they get these cases are either upheld or struck don on a case by case basis.

    The Boy Scouts are setting up their own place to hold their national jamboree undisturbed for the next 100 years and surprisingly this blatant “screw you” by Obama to the Scouts is receiving no national press. You only hear about it if you are a scoutmaster or know a scoutmaster. I am mentioning it here because I feel it deals with end time watch because there was a time when the Boy Scouts were the background of American society. For decades boys would enter the scouts and learn to be good, moral men. For the last 30 years or so the BSA has come under attack because of the traditional values the organization once represented. We have seen some abuse stories like the Catholic church but many of these get swept under the rug by the media because of the blatant gay overtones (There are some who take offense when you say a child molester is gay but when an adult man sexually abuses a male child that IS a HOMOSEXUAL act. The same is true for adult women who sexually abuse little girls. This is why only some of the BSA abuse stories get reported on the national stage.) There has been an undercurrent in society for some time to make the Scouts look dorky or stupid in essence killing the respect they once had. We should see this as a sign of societal moral decay and shine a light on it to spread the word that it is happening. Please do your best to alert anyone you know on what is happening with the current liberal government and the Scouts. We wont be seeing it reported in the news this week.

    • I don’t get hoe these people can deny God’s place in America’s founding and history when God is ALL OVER IT. If you read this stuff God is mentioned all over. Only in recent revisions has God been removed in RETELLINGS of history. It just irritates me how the past is being perverted.

  17. Does God want us to enjoy life? ? I know that seems like a simple question, but it is the basis for the right perspective in so many areas in our life. I believe God expects and wants us to enjoy life, being a Christian doesn’t mean you have to be miserable and somber and walk around like you just lost your best friend. So much of religion is designed to keep people in a certain level of misery through man-made rules and spiritual conclusions that don’t come from God. When we come accustomed to guilt and misery, enjoying life can make us feel false guilt. Maybe this is unique for me, but feeling guilty for joy is something I have to fight off at times. However, I have learned to shake off this false guilt and to suck all the joy I possibly can out of a positive moment. Life is serious enough without my incorrect attitude adding a sour perspective. I am so glad Jesus modeled was a model of celebration and rest. If He took time to enjoy dinner with His friends, than shouldn’t we ought to do the same on a regular basis – guilt free?

    I enjoy many things in life that do not necessarily pertain to salvation.
    As long as your interest do not take you off a different path in your desire to please the Lord and you still seek him, I see no problem with enjoying things in life. Whether that’s collecting stamps, , Antiques, coins ,or being a movie buff, or maybe you enjoy traveling or sports…doesn’t matter what your hobby or interest are…as long as it is not sinful and takes away from quality time with the Lord or your family.
    For instance , I have a Siberian Husky Rescue group called Husky Haven, I spend most of my weekends and free time volunteering to taking care of them, I do separate my time with the Lord and make sure I have plenty of time for that, and I do not neglect family matters or duties I have around the house. I say as long as your time with the Lord does not suffer, enjoy life, it’s too short not to. Like a vapor this life is just waiting to pass, like the flowers that fade like the withering grass.

    • Yes, Matt. It is a false guilt I’ve been made to feel but at times it’s hard not to feel it. I can see the logic in not spending time on the frivilous but sometimes we need that to have a bit of fun. I myself enjoy films, carttons, and stories and that’s why I base my career and hobbies around. Stories are powerful things. They can change opinion for good and bad as well as just entertain. I prefer to entertain and educate when I can. The hardest thing for me to imagine is the post Revelation world without these things because in a lot of ways story defines who I am.

    • One of my interests is supernatural stories and the stories of the unknown. I struggle with what is just a passing interest or dabbling into the supernatural.
      Where is the fine line that separates it? God forbids us to dabble in such things, yet sometimes I have difficulty finding where that fine line is that I should not cross.

    • I think reading accounts on things that happened and applying them to what the Bible tells us is fine. I’d say dabbling occurs when you become like many Coast to Coast AM guests who becomed warped into new age believers from the supernatural. When you filter the supernatural through the Bible it’s all explained and quite frankly loses its wonder. It’s odd for me knowing the answers to the “unsolved” mysteries for the most part. Bigfoot and Loch Ness are still open but interactive ghosts and aliens are all demonic experiences. (I believe that the ghost like events where people witness the ghosts” acting outthe past ignoring the living are not demonics or shosts but possibly a gravital recording of a past event. Although I’ve never given much thought to ghosts because I’ve always known they are not the dead.)

      So I’d say as long as you filter your study through the Bibe you’re fine. But once you reject the Bible for the supernatural view (new age teachings) you’ve crossed he line. I would only reccomend those who are grounded in the Bile study such things because those who aren’t can be seduced and easily mislead as we can see from all the material that’s out there.

    • You two are bringing up such good questions. I think that Christians who really do not want to indulge the flesh often err on another front that we don’t think about much but that is invading our culture. We become Buddhists in our thinking. We all know the Puritanical system of “works” and that it doesn’t get us anywhere, but we are unaware of the creeping social dictate of “emotionless” living. The demand to always have a “positive attitude”, but to deny or subvert real feeling, whether it is joy or grief or a sense of adventure – and no one knows how to successfully deal with a powerful secondary emotion: anger.
      C.S. Lewis tells the story of a man who spends a Sunday afternoon reading a favorite book (of no great philosophical consequence), and then taking his favorite walk around a lake. Lewis said that all the demons in hell will try to stop him from doing this because the pure, simple enjoyment the man gets from this activity inspires true worship of the Creator who made it all possible.
      Remember, Buddhists work to eliminate all feeling in order to reach Nirvana – a state in which they are “untroubled” by the cares of living because they don’t feel anymore. That is demonic, but it is also how many Christians live.
      Jesus’ first miracle was to turn water into wine so a wedding could be filled with more joy. Jesus wept, and the Greek word means “sobbed” at Lazarus’ death, although he knew he would raise him from the dead. Jesus felt, and expressed his feelings deeply in shows of emotion and in stories.
      The interests you have are gifts from God. Offer them first back to Him, and then pursue them with all your might, giving glory to God the whole time.
      Stay accountable, however, to a small group of believers who will kindly come along side of you if you get carried away. We need each other.

    • Rose, you’ve reminded me that about 10 years ago I came under fire for doing stories and characters and at the time my defense was that creating things is a natural human thing to do because we are created in God’s image and we know He got enjoyment out of creating the universe so it’s quite natural for humans to create their own things. I’ve been embroiled in so many fights with church people (different than Christians) on my work that I’d forgotten this core truth. Thank you for reminding me.

    • Captain Eagle,
      Where would we be without the Chronicles of Narnia, or the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, or any of the works of Lewis, Tolkien, McDonald, or Dorothy Sayers? Or in more recent times, Lynne Marzulli, the Gilberts, Dr. Michael Heiser, Tom Horn and all the other men and women who are writing fiction in order to convey the truth? If that is what you’re doing, whether in novel or cartoon form, God bless you. This world needs more good, Godly fiction.

    • I enjoy the thought and practice of taking God/Jesus/Holy Spirit along with me in the things I do. It keeps me going in a good direction (if it’s not alright to do with God at your side, then it’s not alright to do), and I so enjoy the company and companionship. I think that is why God created us in the first place, for companionship.

    • I feel asleep with headphones one night with coast to coast on, they had a guy on there talking about demons, I had the worst nigthmares,,sometimes I don’t think its good to fall asleep listening to things like that as you are in a vulnerable position, who knows what comes through when your asleep and open to subconscious thoughts.

    • Rose – I one got told by a church person that Tolkien is burning in Hell because he wrote The Lord of the Rings. And I went “How can you say that?” and they told me it was because God gave him the gift of understanding languages and rather than serve God and translate the Bible he used his gift to create a ficional work. My reply was “But what does it say that Tolkien DIDN’T see a need to translate the Bible again?” Meaning he was satisfied with the translations already done.

      I’ll discuss some of the books I’ve printed once they’re back in print. In short, when I was in high school back in the 90’s I began to notice that no one was making cartoons like they used to. I felt lead to change that. I began with Christmas spcials. There hadn’t been a new Christmas special that returned year after year in decades so I spent a few years studying as many I could get my hands on while writing my own. I tried to film it in college but it proved too costly for a one man show so I turned it into book form and printed it as a novel. I had a comic book spin off printed last year and I’m trying to get everything in order to reprint these works and many, many unprinted ones.

      A lot of people love or hate my stories because of the Godly stuff in them. I got both hate mail and praise for inclusing the Nativity story in a CHRISTmas book. I was going to pay a Christian printer to print that book but he refused because the main charcter is a fantasy girl that’s blue with pointy ears. He said I’d damage his testimony if he printed that and I was going to Hell for writing it. He was so uninformed on stuff it was unreal. Anyway…

      Matt – I’ve had the same concerns. Lately I’ve been having an issue with my clocks skipping ahead and going backward in time as I’m in my sleep state. I don’t know if what I’m seeing is just dream or real but I have my mind trained to rebuke in the name of Jesus anything strange when I’m dreaming. I’ve had the alien and demon nightmares myself but from reading Steve Quayle’s book or listening to L.A.’s interviews and thinking about them before bed. I assume they’re nightmares but they never happen during the day. At the very least I try not to dwell on them but I believe if you train yourself to attack these things in the Name of Jesus you have nothing to fear should the real deal or the dream attack you.

  18. speaking of McDonaldland and our sexual culture, meet the new Ronald McDonald:

    That’s how he/she looks in Japan and with no doubt soon to be coming here.

    • I was going to joke in my post that she should be a 400 pound lady to be truth in advertising.

      I did some reading on her and the reason why she was adopted was to avoid lawsuits that the McDonald characters were geared to kids. What about the lawsuits that McDonalds food wont make you fat?

      In the Japanese market where the “McHottie” debuted the President of that McDonalds branch made a statement that the people of the orient were short, thin, and yellow skinned because they’ve eaten fish and rice for 2,000 years. He added that if they eat at McDonald every day they’ll be taller, healthy, and white. Wow. I can’t believe ANY CEO would EVER say something like that…

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