Modern Nephilim: Reality or Delusion?

I’ve decided to keep this post up as it has received a lot of comments and views….! L.A.

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L. A. Marzulli

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In the Guidebook to the Supernatural, i.e. The Bible, we are told that the Nephilim were on the earth after the sons of God came into the daughters of men; and also afterward.

There is a paper that John Darnell, a colleague of mine has written. It is titled, Is it True that Nephilim Cannot Be On Earth Today. I’m going to post a link to it, in the not to distant future, as I believe it should be accessed by those of you who are interested in the subject of the last days and what I have come to call, The Coming Great Deception.

I receive over 200 emails a day and I must tell you it’s impossible to keep up with them all. I could sit all day and answer each one, view the videos that are sent to me, and read voluminous texts that are attached. If I did I would never get my own research and writing accomplished.

That being said, I have trained myself to get to the heart of the matter when I see an email, to ascertain whether it deserves more time… please don’t take offense at this, as it is a matter of survival at this point!

Since John Darnell published his paper, I have received emails, discussing what may be manifestations of what I would call, return of the Nephilim. These encounters are with people who appear human in every way except for certain anomalies that are noted by the witnesses. For instance, a few months back I Blogged about the “Golden man.” Was  this an illusion, or did the witness see a modern Nephilim hybrid. Then there is another account that is similar. A man came out of nowhere and asked the witness, “if he could read his mind.” The man hesitated at first, but then agreed and after a few seconds where the witness concentrated on projecting his thoughts, this man told him what he was thinking, and it was dead on.

Finally, last night on Acceleration Radio, Barry Meyer told us about an account that happened two weeks ago. The witness, who is a pastor, had an encounter, with what he believed was a hybrid. More about this later as I’m trying to Vet this story further.

So what are we looking at? Are these three people who have contacted me delusional? Are they making it all up? Are they unstable? Or are these three witnesses, who do not know each other and therefor there is no collusion between them, pointing to the disturbing occurrances that what happened in Genesis 6, is once again happening in modern times?

I would suggest that these encounters may be part of the Coming Great Deception that I have Blogged about numerous times. If a three-mile wide craft materializes and hybrids, that appear in every way human, but are demoniacal enhanced walk out of the craft, what will we do? How will this affect us…. ?

In closing today’s post, we are told in the Book of Revelation that strange creatures ascend from the bottomless pit that is opened. We are given a description of how they look: Rev 9: 7-11

The shape of the locusts was like horses prepared for battle. On their heads were crowns of something like gold, and their faces were like the faces of men. They had hair like women’s hair, and their teeth were like lions’ teeth. And they had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the sound of chariots with many horses running into battle. They had tails like scorpions, and there were stings in their tails. Their power was to hurt men five months. And they had as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Apollyon.

Here’s the dilemma. Is the text above a metaphor? If it is, then why is there a king that presides over these creatures? It seems to me that we can’t have it both ways. If the above passage of scripture is literal, and I believe it is, it may point to some genetic engineering, by the Fallen One. We are told that Satan comes with all signs and lying wonders. Why should we not believe that what happened in Genesis 6, is not happening in today’s world, especially when Yashua/Jesus tells us that it will be like the days of Noah when He returns. Remember this was a time unlike any other in history, as the Nephilim were on the earth!

We have the testimony of three witnesses above, that experienced something strange, in real-time. They were not UFO abductees. These people, for whatever reason seemed to have an encounter what may have been modern-day Nephilim.



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131 thoughts on “Modern Nephilim: Reality or Delusion?

    • Video Game predicts Nephilim return July 26, 2010 two years ago. I guess that we’ve got three days to think about this one!

    • We were watching an old tv show Roswell and one of the ‘aliens’ says she’s going to step into another girls dreams. And that is what the whole Inception movie is about. It bothers me because we need to be on seriously high guard of our adversary. He is a stratigist and very, very skilled. LORD help us in every way amen.

    • Dee, well unfortunately, this actually happens. It is true. Dreams can be infiltrated. That’s why before I go to sleep at night, I ask God to guard my dreams and make sure that only the things He wants in me are there.

      I had one of these dreams a few weeks back. Hmm, maybe June I think it was. At first I thought it was just one of those strange things, but it stayed with me too long.

      Others who post on this board have had the same sort of experienes, I hope they will ‘check in’ and write…

      In His name,

  1. Mr. Marzulli,

    James was interviewed by George Noory on Coast to Coast and he said he has been in contact with 7 different types of ET’s. The people at the ranch say that Jesus appears to them regularly. On their website they have pictures of Mary supposedly appearing to them as well. Also there are new pics of ships, power-ups, etc.

    In His name,

    • ET’s, Demons, whatever you want to call them they’ve been around for eons have seen what we haven’t but recollect history and events and use it against us to destroy and lead us astray even if they have to appear like you or I think Jesus would look like. Remember, the bible says, test the spirits. Evil.

    • One more thing, I’ve noticed that many of these people who have claimed to be in contact with ETs or demons, if you will, that you can heard a reverbration in their voice as if they have many in them. As evidence in the George Noory interview you site of the man who claims to have witnessed 7 supposed ETs.

  2. I’m with you 100%. I think they are here or will be here very soon and might look just like us. Those that don’t believe it are in for a reality check. Jesus didn’t say, “As the days of Noah were so shall the coming of the son of man be, except for the Nephilim part”. LOL. He said the last days would be just like the days of Noah and I take it at face value. The angels will return and create hybrids.

    I also wanted to stop in and say thanks for having me on the show last night. I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait until the conference.

  3. I thank you for having the courage to write about these things from a Biblical perspective. A good many Christians are totally oblivious to what is happening around them. There are many, I fear, who will be swept up by and into the coming great deception. Thank you for continuing to sound the alarm brother.

    Kevin J.

  4. I wouldn’t doubt they are around, but where are they? And can we indeed tell them from baseline humans? Is there any way to pick them out? Where are our special sunglasses like in “They Live”?

    Since reading here and reading David Jacobs’ book, I am wondering where are the nephilim? if they were mostly perfected about 20 years ago, they should be everywhere by now.

    I know Bro. Dante always mentions V on his show, maybe the hybrids are just lying low like that right now and waiting for the appearence of the saucers?

    on the topic of great deception, I do think UFO’s are a heavy contender as being THE great deception, but are there any other theories as to what it could be?

    I mean, i buy the UFo thing, but in trying to outthink the enemy, i was wondering if he’s using the UFO thing to make us expect that as the deception, and then hit us with a left hook, a different deception. I see the New Apostolic Reformation as a possible deception, but is it THE great deception? Are there any other theories out there? The more scenarios we know about, the more prepared we can be.

    • I’ve thought about that too frank. I made a post on things like that a while back and a question similar that just got approved on yesterdays post. Like maybe Satan is giving anything from the air a bad name because we know Jesus will come from the sky. I wonder about how this will play out alot but I’m pretty much at the conclusion that I won’t know till it happens and I’ll consider myself lucky and loved if I know it’s happening then! Lol

    • Hi Frank. Joe.b;
      Here is an option (could the aliens Point to The AC) taking into consideration that the end game of Lucifer is The worship of him.

      The Mystery of iniquity (lawlessness) is already at work 2Thes2:7

      This Mystery is the hidden Agenda of Satan to conform the world in worship of him.

      The spiritual realm of Babylon, the Whore which rides the beast Rev17:5 is also a mystery.

      There is one to come in the Natural realm (upon the Earth) displaying himself as being God to be worshiped as such. That is the objective of this work of Iniquity. It is to produce “A Man” possessed of Satan,A likeness of Judas! a Man which the apostle calls the “Son of perdition” KJV. which the world will Follow and Worship. For me this rules out A Hybrid as AC

      “For all who dwell on the earth will worship Him and his Image” Rev13:8. That is the objective of the Deception in its Finality.

      Everything In The “Religious And political” realm is being structured and advances towards the unification of the Souls of men in Ecumenical Babylon.

      This oneness will be realized when God Finally gives all who refuse his mercy revealed in the Truth of Calvary’s sacrifice “A strong delusion” (some say that to be the soon coming Disclosure) that they should believe a Lie. (The Lie needs to be examined)

      This Lie Is of necessity in relation To the Mystery of Iniquity’s work in revealing the son of perdition as an object of worship.
      “Things must be Kept in ‘context’ of the Mystery and the objective of its work”. I stress this point!!!!

      The Apostle also tells us that associated with this Mystery of iniquity there shall be “signs and false wonders” vs9.

      The distractions of such phenomenon as UFO is causing great confusion (smokescreens) even among Christians whilst behind the seen Babylon The Great spreads her affection in accord with satan’s plan. (The Hidden Left Hook Theory of yours)

      Many have already and many more will succumb to Babylon’s seduction who refuse to “come out of her”
      Something to ponder.

      John B

    • Hey John b. I can’t remember where I read this at but I was always under the impression that the AC would be human later maybe inhabited by a spirit. I read somewhere that the man would have a fair rule abd he would have something bad happen that normally would have been a death blow but he will recover.

      Wherever I read this said he would be scarred from the incident abd after that is when the rule would turn bad. I’m not sure if it was speculation beyond this but it was said that the man actually (maybe?) dies and at that point he is back to life but not as himself, as the AC.

      Does that ring a bell anywhere with you?

    • Joe.b: only in revelations itself does it say that one of the heads of the beast was mortally wounded by the sword and healed causing all to wonder at the beast.
      I have heard it said that it is the Papacy regaining it’s former inquisitive power which was curbed by the reformation by the wielding of the word of God (the sword of the Spirit).

      I do believe that the Ac to come is a Religious and not political man, whether a pope or not I don’t know, He will be associated with the EU which I believe to be the restored ‘image’ of the holy Roman Empire with it’s military Force. I have no doubt that Ac is tied to Rome.

      John B

    • The word Worship in association with the image Means “To recognize Great worth” and not necessarily to bow before. It is an attitude of the Heart rather than an action.

      John b

    • From what I’ve read, they hadn’t perfected the ability to blend in emotionally until recent years. They had to take abductees and study them and learn these emotions.

      But who knows? There may be a bunch of them at the top of every government setting the stage for the Antichrist takeover, even now.

      Yes, I have wondered as well regarding the alien thing being the delusion. It makes sense in that it would be a quick way to unite the world’s religions and politics for a while.

      However, I have had an ugly thought recently, that what if Israel actually got taken down? I know, I know…… But if that were to happen, it would destroy much of the church and it’s belief.
      Couple that with an alien entry and most everyone would be so gobsmacked they wouldn’t know what to believe.

      Then it’s cling to your Bibles and seek God with all your heart,soul and mind, because we’d be in serious…..

    • Doug,
      I had this very thought myself about, is it possible for Israel to come apart again?, now that they are together as a nation. But I found a passage (of course I couldn’t find it right now since I am looking for it), that says once they are regathered they will never be scattered again. I would spend more time looking for it right now, but I am trying to get ready for company. Part of my asking that question was because so many pastors will not address prophecy, saying well we can’t know when, so lets concentrate on other things. Not that other things aren’t important, but I believe He gave us all this prophecy like the Word says, so we will have HOPE. I don’t know how people make it without His hope.
      In Christ,

    • one of my theories, the UFO’s are a ruse. They appear, ray guns blazing, and AC “saves us” from the alien invaders.

      i think this because every alien movie in hollywood is about invasion, and when it’s not it’s cute like starman, or ET.

    • Yes, there is another idea about the deception and it ties to the apostolic reformation as you call it. It is called the RAPTURE. The RAPTURE before the seven years is the lie or at least part of it. Study the “mystery of inquity” that Yahshua so oftens talks about : ).

      Peace and TRUTH to you!

  5. Geeze Louise, could there be a more ugly picture than that alien…whoa!!!
    Take a look at that skinny little neck, be so much fun to put your hands around it and squeeze tightly, while watching as the bug eyes pop out of its sockets.

  6. Some Thoughts on the passage Rev9;7-11: it is found in the last statement of the passage, that the “Locusts” have a king over them, which is ‘the angel’ of the bottomless pit Vs11..

    This may imply that; this great host of Locusts is ruled by an invisible king, a mighty one among the evil spirits. Having its ramification in the natural realm upon the earth. The King could have been ‘Mohamed Of Old’ whose spiritual power is presently being revived.

    In the Book of Joel2:4 the armies of Assyria (horsemen) were figured as Locusts. Isiah refers to false prophets as being “The Tail”

    Islam is a “spiritually motivated waring political power” to be reckoned with In the Last days.It would not surprise me to be the power of chastisement against the western alliance as Assyria was to Israel.
    Believe it or not History does repeat itself for the power of the prince of the air Changes not. There could very well be a New Mohamed from The Bottomless pit.

    John B

    • John,

      I agree. I believe Islam to be, on one level, a fulfillment of the beast which suffered the mortal head wound and was revived. After being a scourge and a terror since it’s founding, Islam was almost dead after WWI due to being on the losing side. They have been impotent and powerless for a century and are now in a huge revival. Right now, “who can compare with the beast or fight against it?”. The world seems powerless to really stand unified against it.


    • Actually THE BEAST that is going to suffer the mortal wound is the U.S.. The beast is speaking of its’ government system.

    • George Noory interviews Helen Littrell and Jean
      Bilodeaux on June 3, 2005.

      Raechel\’s Eyes (Wild Flower Press) is a true story of Marisa\’s experiences sharing an apartment with her unusual college roommate, as told by her mother, Helen Littrell, and UFO investigator Jean Bilodeaux.

      Marisa and Raechel were two young women who didn\’t fit in — Marisa was legally blind and needed assistance living on her own, while Raechel seemingly had no past, talked with an odd inflection and ate a strange diet delivered to her home by odd men in black suits. The two students lived together for about six months in northern California in the early 1970s. They seemed to be perfect roommates, becoming good friends, but slowly Raechel\’s strange lifestyle began to arouse frightening suspicions in Marisa, which led her to conclusions so incredible that she feared telling anyone, for fear that they would think she was crazy.

      After a series of very unusual and disturbing events, the man claiming to be Raechel\’s father revealed that he was an Air Force Colonel who was involved in a top-secret experiment being conducted from a base called Four Corners in Nevada. The Colonel said that he was authorized by the National Reconnaissance Organization through the Air Force\’s Aerospace Technical Information Command to adopt the human-alien hybrid Raechel and let her try living a normal life as a college student.

      Controversial and engaging, Raechel\’s Eyes reads like a Sci-Fi classic, yet for many, including behavioral scientist and retired psychologist Dr. Richard Boylan, who wrote the preface, the events are not fiction. In fact, they actually \”provide an accurate picture, minus the usual disinformation about what really goes on below the surface of the heretofore-undisclosed Four Corners base, which is sister to and apparently north of the better-known Area 51 facility in the central Nevada desert.\” Boylan explains that the experiences depicted in the book closely parallel information about the underground activity at Area 51 that was leaked by former military personnel.

      Marisa died in 1990. Realizing there had to be more to the events than had been revealed, Helen Littrell in 1995 engaged the services of UFO investigator Jean Bilodeaux. Beginning in 1998, under the supervision of psychotherapist and hypnotherapist Dr. June Steiner, Helen underwent a two-year-long series of hypnotic regressions that revealed a family history of alien interaction that had not been considered before. It also revealed a connection between Helen Littrell and the Colonel.
      Raechel\’s Eyes is presented in two parts. Many of the events in Part I were reconstructed from Littrell\’s memory, yet much of the information she received she believes was transmitted telepathically to her by the Colonel.

      Unable to explain why the revelations didn\’t disturb her at the time, Helen had no idea the pivotal role she too played in this very bizarre experience until she underwent hypnotic regression. Part II chronicles years of investigative research, providing a summary of what was learned during the investigation and includes full transcripts of some of Helen\’s oftentimes emotional, traumatic, and revealing regressions. Also included are interviews with friends and family who knew Raechel, along with photographs and illustrations that corroborate Marisa\’s and Helen\’s incredible experiences with this odd young woman.

  7. When I was in college I worked for Walmart bringing in shopping cars from the parking lot. One day this strange man came to the store. He looked like death in a way. He was an old man yet no wrinkles on his face. His skin was pale yet had a blue tint to it. He also seemed to be gliding on air as he walked. The only figure I could compare him to is Andy Warhol because of the hair he had. The man was strange. I saw him at least one other time, maybe two. He so freaked other people out that there were some employees who fled when he was coming. I was also told by a girl that he was speaking in a strange language to himself as he went about his business. That may not seem strange but this Walmart was in a place where few minorities or foreigners would be. Was he a hybrid? I don’t know but the closest thing I have ever experienced to a strange figure is this guy.

    • Probably some poor guy in the witness protection program stuck in the middle of nowhere USA, and what he was saying in his language was, “why did I listen to my lawyer”?

    • This guy was STRANGE. Remembering him again I have to say he was like a human version of a reptile. Not reptillian but a human who was VERY reptile like.

      The girl said he wasn’t speaking french, german, spanish, or chinese so it was something other than those.

  8. Today I was reading in the book of Daniel and 11:37 – 39 caught my eye about the Antichrist and raised some questions.

    vs. 37 “He shall regard neither the gods of his fathers nor the desire of women, nor regard any god;for he shall magnify himself above them all.

    vs. 38 But in their place he shall honor a god of fortresses; and a god which his fathers did not know he shall honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and pleasant things.

    vs. 39 Thus he shall act against the strongest fortresses with a foreign god, which he shall acknowledge and advance its glory; and he shall cause them to rule over many, and divide the land for gain.”

    Question-who is the foreign god that he acknowledges and advances its glory? vs. 39
    -who is the ‘them’? who he shall cause to rule over many?

    When I read this I thought of the alien deception and could see it play out in my minds eye. More food for thought.

    We need to take the whole counsel of God’s Word as we ponder the many questions we share here. The most important thing we can do is stay close to the Lord, read His Word, worship in word, song and deed and be led by His Spirit. If we are in Him and He in us, we will not be deceived. We are the sheep of His pasture and we know His voice. We are safe in Him. Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus and the things of this world will dim and we will know His will for our lives.


    • Yeah, when you read those passages w/the Alien deception in mind it does sound like what could occur under those circumstances.

      Honoring some kind of “god” no one before has worshipped or known about before? You could imagine it would “come out of nowhere” so to speak.

    • Hi LNL~
      Another way of looking at this “foreign god” scenario is through the lens of Islamic teachings. I have heard it said that this god could well be Allah… a foreign god as well as a “god of fortresses”. Consider the chronic warlike tyranny of Islam. Just some food for thought.
      His blessings to you.

    • It we are to read the previous verses in context to the ones given by Cheryl above there can be found many attributes to the Church age, the rise of papacy into the dark ages, The crusades, the inquisition, and the world wars, The Eu revived and eventually Armageddon. There is also a very strong similarity to the 2ThssPassage with regards to the Son of perdition exalting Himself.

      In my opinion It is not correct to cram The prophecies of Daniel and revelations Into the seven Last years of the world ‘s history. That is why there are so many Theories, speculations, scenarios often unfounded in truth.

      Have a good read and see the characteristics of this king! There can be no doubt That the reference is to a particular Lineage of Antichrist power.

      John B

  9. The alien pic in todays blog is really terrifying, this is just a suggestion but next time can you use a pic of an alien that looks a bit friendlier like the one below?

  10. On the movie indoctrination front, rumor has it that Indiana Jones 5 is underway. Harrison Ford has confirmed a story has been agreed upon and the script is being written now. Ford said that the 5th film is about the aftermath of what the characters witnessed in Indiana Jones 4 (inter-dimensional beings created Earth’s religions) Some speculation is that the Bermuda Triangle will play a role in this film. I know it’s a movie and a rumor but here we have Ford saying that Indy 5 is about the aftermath of aliens. Does anyone else find that to be interesting?

    What exactly happened with Indiana Jones. It started out confirming that the Hebrew God is THE God, then it went on to say all religions are valid with Temple or Doom. Last Crusade supported the divinity of Christ then Crystal Skull sais it’s all faked by “aliens”. Do you think that was intentional or something that happened later on? Nothing tops Raiders and I loved Last Crusade. I hated Temple of Doom but Indy 4 was still better than Doom. Anyway, take it for what it’s worth. Indy is much more mild than films like Splice and Legion but that allows it to hit a wider audience.

    • After seeing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull , I will pass on all future Indiana Jones films. Crystal Skull killed it for me. I have absolutely no interest, unless they bring Walter Matthau back from the dead and turn it into a comedy. Anything would be better then the disaster Crystal Skull. The film was simply brutal to watch. If I wasn’t on a plane I would have never finished it, I was indeed a captive audience. At some point in the film I remember begging for reruns of Mork and Mindy which they were showing earlier in the flight.

    • I didn’t think it was that bad. I don’t think it was great but I’ve seen far worse.

      What ruined Indy 4 the most for me is I always pretended Raiders was the finale and Indy and Marion ended up together. Now we find out he jilted her and they had a love child. They made a big mistake not keeping Marion in the mix in the earlier films as Spielberg had desired. Not the first George Lucas blunder.

      What do you think of the new Star Wars, Matt? I think Episode I wasn’t as bad as people say. I don’t care for EP II but I love EPIII. It just needed that Qui Gonn stuff SHOWN at the end instead of implied. I also think that scene should have been placed in the Temple since Obi Wan shows up in Return of the Jedi at the darkest point. It would have been a nice bookend. GL and SS have forgotten how to make great films.

    • Cyrstal Skull was OK. the tone changed to reflect GL’s belief (and likely Spielberg’s now) that all religions are valid paths.

  11. I was thinking about what it says in revelations and could that be a helicopter that was being described because it says that it has “tails and stingers like scorpions” (helicopter tail)it also says that the noise their wings made was “like the noise many horses drawn chariots charging into battle” (sound the rotors make) “their teeth was like lions teeth”(missiles or paint scheme they are often painted to look like sharks) “they had breastplates like iron” (helicopters are made of metal) “They had hair like women’s hair” (rotors)and it says they had faces of men which could be the pilots. i dont know if it is but its just something to think about

    • They are not helicopters. They are transgenic locusts (possible fused with hornet genes) that have become deadly. Tom Horn advocates this view which I believe is more credible than the helicopter view.

    • I think they are locust hybrids also, when I was a kid we had a couple of summers when these huge wasps invaded my great uncles house next door, they were at least 3″ long maybe even 4″. I haven’t seen them since. This was sometime in the early to mid 70’s, so I wouldn’t be suprised to see locusts 2 or 3 times there normal size and as Revelation describes them.

    • i dont know they sound like helicopters i mean john saw this 2000 years ago and maybe this was the only way he could describe them with his knowledge. But i guess we have to wait and see.

    • I heard that the stingers were a vaccine of some sort that put people into pain/ sickness for 5 months. What I dont get is that man cannot kill themselves, even tho they want to? locked up in fema camps?
      so many possibilities, but I don’t think they are literal locusts? Rev 9 is so tough to figure out. I pray for understanding scripture better. You guys help me a lot out! So thank you!

    • John, the reason why I buy the transgenic locusts theory much more than the helicopter view is that these “locusts” are specifically commanded not to harm the grass, green plants, and trees on the earth (Rev 9:4). That command doesn’t seem to fit with orders given to a helicopter pilot. Locusts, mutated or not, are known to ravage plants. This is probably why they were told not to harm the vegetation of the earth. I’m also assuming that because of genetic tinkering these transgenic locusts will be far more intelligent than any insect known to man.

    • There will be five months of darkness with no light at all. This is when these creatures will torture those that are still left. However, we do know from scripture that they are afraid of the color green!!

    • yeah the thing of them hurting but not killing doesn’t make sense for it to be a helicopter because of course helicopters kill and blow things up so i guess it could be a locust except it doesn’t make cense where it says that “they had breastplates like breastplates of iron” and were it says “On their heads were crowns of something like gold, and their faces were like the faces of men.”

  12. In regards to Rev. 9 I think Lynn views it correctly because the passage seems too specific to be a mataphor.

    In the preceding verses the locusts have been told not to hurt the grass, trees, or any green thing but only those people that do not have the seal of God in their foreheads. Very specific details if it’s a metaphor.

    So what kind of creatures will have the ability to distinguish between green things and people, and further, to be able to distinguish between those who have the seal of God and those who don’t? That would seem to rule out helicopters and Islamic armies…neither one of which I don’t think is going to be able or interested in distinguishing between anything. The helicopter analogy that was referred to above is interesting but they don’t distinguish very well…nor do armies…unless they are perhaps as Lynn points out…demonically and maybe genetically engineered in some way.

    From whatever source their inspiration will be, it appears to be literal.

    • 7And the shapes of the locusts were LIKE unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads were AS it were crowns LIKE gold, and their faces were AS the faces of men.

      8And they had hair AS the hair of women, and their teeth were AS the teeth of lions.

      9And they had breastplates, AS it were breastplates of iron; and the sound of their wings was AS the sound of chariots of many horses running to battle.

      10And they had tails LIKE unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.

      Rev 9:7-10 KJV (Capitalization of like and as are mine)

      What I find interesting while reading the English interpretation (only one I can read) are the uses of the words, ‘like’ and ‘as’ which denote similies. So for me, what I’m ‘seeing’ here is John describing what he saw in the only language he knew and comparing what he saw in the terms of language of the times because using ‘like’ and ‘as’, I feel he’s telling us he’s never seen anything like it and can only compare it to what he knew.

      I feel he is describing an army of winged demons dressed in garb for interdimensional travel complete with helmets like gold of some sort. I don’t believe he is describing machinery because of his writing, ‘and their faces were as the faces of men’. So, they looked ‘like’ men but were garbed for battle in some way he had never seen before. The scorpion tail? Well sounds reptilian to me. The sound of their wings? Remember the movie Antzand the winged locusts? I don’t mean to sound funny, but put a lot of them together and maybe they could sound like that to John.

      I truly feel he’s describing demonic beings as per the ‘prince of the air’ and maybe these could be the Nephilim or demons from hell of which I don’t think there are any descriptions other than the Greek gods as debated in Greece when Paul went there. Oddly enough, a three-headed ‘thing’ appeared in my camera one day. I should have showed it to you Mr. Marzulli when I saw you those times.

      Just my thoughts.

      In His name,

    • Mary, that is another possibility. Since these locust-like creatures come from the abyss (Rev 9:2-3). The abyss is known as the place where demons reside until the Day of Judgment. However, it could just mean that the ground opened up (like an underground facility door) and these transgenic locusts came out of their facilities.

    • Mark, I don’t know anything about these ‘transgenic locusts’ you are talking about. As for the abyss…it’s written in the Bible that it will ‘open up’, right? I question whether that means the actual earth or the veil between worlds/dimensions opening up. The latter I have seen. I wish I didn’t, but I did. I’ve seen all sorts of things ‘flying’ in-and-out, Orbs, fairies, ‘energy creatures’, etc.

      You know that scene in the 1st Star Wars where all those creatures are drinking in some galactic bar or whatever it was? Well, I know people whom have met these sorts of creatures and they are like that. So, some sort of ‘transgenic locust’ is possible.

      However our LORD and KING will and has conquered all of them. I look forward to meeting Him!

      In His name,

    • Would you be willing to expound further on what you’ve seen regarding dimensional veils rifting, and things flying out?
      Don’t mean to dredge up any trauma for you, Mary, or anything like that; just interested in a firsthand account. So feel free to tell me where to go!

      God bless,

    • James, I don’t know what’s going on in here with me today, but I seem to have an awful lot of experience as regards what people are talking to about.

      Father, I ask You to please show me why am I in all of these things today? In Jesus name I pray and thank You. Amen.

      I’ve seen many ‘things’ and in many places in my travels. Not as much as before I was Born-Again, but I still see them sometimes. I rebuke them in the name of the Lord and they go away.

      One experience I’ll share as it’s perhaps easiest to describe. Sitting in a lawn chair at shortly before dusk, at an old friends country home outside of Portland, OR, something whizzed by my head… front of me maybe 5 feet. It’s odd when it happens because there’s sort of like a time delay of a few seconds before my eyes can adjust to what I’m seeing. Sometimes while my eyes are adjusting and time is delayed, the objects will slow down. At first I thought I was seeing dragonflies and after a while, I realized they were fairies flying in and out of the trees. That evening I also saw Orbs slipping from whatever dimension they’re from into ours. This one flew hap-hazard and then left through the veil as silently as it came. I’ve noticed that there’s a period of about 20 mins to half an hour at dusk and before sunset when the veil is the thinnest. My picture was taken on another night and in the picture was a round circle almost in front of my eyes and inside that transparent circle was fire.

      I’ve seen the some very odd things and I really didn’t understand what was going on at the time. Now, I do. As I wrote earlier, I rebuke them in the name of the Lord and they go away.

      In His name,

    • When I was a tiny child, for a stretch of time (don’t know how much, just that the experience was definitely repetitive) every night before falling asleep (pretty sure I was awake, too) little orange spots, very much like the stars you see in front of your eyes when you bang your head, would issue from a little hole in the wall above my bed and kind of fly around playfully. Then I heard on a radio program of some kind, about UFOs. UFOs scared me, and for some reason I got worried that those spots were UFOs. Then they stopped; I’m guessing I was about four years old.

      From kindergarten to fifth grade, I was in a Lutheran school. I’ve never seen a ‘real’ UFO in adult life; I’ve come to think that maybe this is because I’ve enjoyed a measure of protection from them, from the Holy Ghost.

      Pretty boring, but wanted to reciprocally share something by way of thanking you for sharing your experience, Mary. Thank you.


    • James, thank you for sharing your story. That’s very kind of you! I read everything my Christian brothers and sisters write because if it matters to their heart to take the time to share their thoughts and feelings, then it matters to my heart, too. And Father’s heart is so great, how can we not share?

      I also want to thank you, James, because when I wrote that out yesterday, you’ll notice I had to stop and pray in the middle. I couldn’t figure out why I was answering so many things on Mr. Marzulli’s blog. Father answered me through you! Part of what happened is, I’m so isolated at the moment that I’ve not been sure about what I’m supposed to be doing. Long story…

      However, Father has been asking me to write out my Testimony and I kept asking Him to help me or show me how because my Testimony is just so HUGE that I don’t even know where to begin. (hence my having so much to write about in the comments here) He showed me through you by having me write out that tiny snippet. From there I remembered what the sound of the fairy’s wings sounded like and they sound much louder than many people realize. Believe-it-or not, they sound like loud, metallic blades whirring through the air, which made me wonder about various peoples ideas of helicopters in John’s vision. This took me to Rev 9 and a series of other things fell into place for me. I started a little place online where I can write out my Testimony in little snippets and share pictures like the ones I have of the fairies I wrote to you about, so that when people ask me to share parts of my Testimony, I can just send them there. Now I see why Father has kept me so alone of late. How cool is that?

      Isn’t God just the greatest? All GLORY to Him!!!

      Thank you, James. I’m so smiling!

      In His name,
      P.S. This also confirms for one of our Christian sisters, that her feelings about being protected by God (just as you wrote) is perhaps true! How cool is that?

    • What is often classified a metaphor is “Spiritual reality”, we easily brush off as metaphor that which we cannot spiritually discern.

      John B

    • John B, it’s interesting to me that when I became Born-Again, (I think it was perhaps this moment, but I cannot know for sure) I distinctly heard two locks clicking shut. And I had an odd sensation of this happening at the top of my head and the soles of my feet. Within 20 minutes of that happening my three Lynn’s (L.A., Lynne Dickie and Dori Lynn) wrote something on my FB that I was a different creature. It was uncanny how that happened. Now when those ‘locks’ clicked shut, it felt like I was being sealed in Him. Now this probably isn’t the seal in the forehead you meant, but it just reminded me of it, because the ‘noise’ of those locks clicking shut were in the spiritual world, not the natural. Just sayin’…

      In His name,

    • Wow, Mary. I love hearing (or reading, rather) that stuff.

      I went thru a long phase of Edgar Cayce/Carl Jung/Shirley MacLaine type of every-deity-is-one-Eastern/Western-blend haphazard belief system, whereby I believed that opening one’s third eye and kundalini awakening were desirable things (after a Christian childhood and subsequent disillusionment with the ‘church’) . I have tried to do these things— kundalini and 3rd eye stuff— with zero result, and I’ve come to believe that the Holy Ghost has protected me from this stuff. It is wonderful to read about the locks clicking shut; I was too young to remember the ‘sound,’ I believe.

    • James, you like reading what ‘stuff’? The clicking shut noise or the other things? I hope not the latter because they are evil.

      If you messed with that kundalini and third eye stuff, please go to the Lord and repent if you haven’t already, as you may very well have opened a gate none-the-less.

      On May 1st this year I was delievered of the kundalini demon at a church in St. Louis. It took a brother, two sisters and another sister praying. I’m not meaning it was difficult for them to get it out –it wasn’t, because demons and spirits have to get out when the Lord and His Power are called upon. It was a strange experience. I covered myself in the Blood of Jesus and tried to feel safe with my Brother and Sisters because I had no idea what would happen. I was so newly Born-Again and had only been pulled out of the enemies camp by God for 8 weeks or so and was still somewhat in a state of shock. I went through 12 weeks of trauma/abuse therapy during this time (not just because of that, but because of 50 years living without Jesus). God also totally took away the Spirit of Jezebel and the desire to drink alcohol. However, when my Brother and Sisters were ‘finished’ and asked the Holy Spirit to come in and fill up my heart, I have to write that I felt a hesitant joy. I say hesitant because looking back now, I realize I had never felt joy before and didn’t know what it was. I was Baptized the next day in another church in Greenville, IL…

      As to the sound of the clicking locks, is that supposed to happen? I don’t know. I just remember I didn’t have my glasses on and I always joked with my kids that I don’t hear well without them, so I sat upright in bed with blurred vision and tried very hard to see my door. It was already shut, but didn’t have locks on it. 🙂 For whatever reason, I felt the desire to go to my computer and type out a verse of scripture and soon after, that’s when the 3 Lynn’s wrote what they did to me about being a new creature. I just sat there blinking, wondering how did they know? Did God whisper in their ears, ‘Well done children, she’s Mine,’ or something? I don’t know, but the 3 Lynn’s knew.

      And James, that third eye stuff is dangerous, too. I have to write about that too. There was one day when I was practising an evil thing (I didn’t know it at the time) and in a beam of light in my third eye, faces began to appear to me. They’d be there in that vision for three seconds or so and then another and then another –hundreds of them, one after another. Whatever that was, it filled my heart with great sorrow. None of those faces were smiling. They all looked dead, haunted and sad. Some had their eyes closed, some had their eyes open. They were all nationalities, adults and even children. To this day, I don’t know who they were, but to think of it still makes my heart fill with sorrow.

      I had to have that third eye shut by the Christian brother and sisters too. It was asked of God to close down all spiritual gifts that I had before I was Born-Again and specifically the gift of sight to be closed down for a season.

      I hope your faith is stronger now? Please believe me (anyone who reads this) there is a God and He is great! Any time I ever feel bits of doubt trying to climb into me I just think back to the times I heard His voice in my ear. Three times now. He IS real and the Almighty, the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning and the End of everything. I love Him so much!

      God shows me things now but in a much different way. I am healing slow-but-sure and He has worked some wonderful restoration as well. All Glory to God! Praise Jesus!

      In His name,

    • Sorry, wasn’t very clear. I liked the locks closing that you felt. I think my locks were already closed when I tried dibbling around w/3rd eye and kundalini nonsense; nothing at all happened.. I have repented of these things.

      I believe the rules one can discover about how to manipulate the unseen are planted by satan, basically. If you follow these goofy procedures, he and his workers will counterfeit all kinds of weird stuff for you, to draw you away from God.

      There are plenty of stories floating around about satan’s counterfeits; it’s nice to hear one about God’s genuine power, like of your being sealed in the Holy Ghost.

    • Upon rereading, I remembered another thing from childhood; I had a ‘voice in my ear’ just one time.

      I was in Lutheran school in 4th or 5th grade, this was at night in bed before falling asleep. In lessons that day the teacher had gone over that Christians were supposed to respect their governments (“Give to Ceasar,” might have been the basis) and she alluded that technically, the American revolution was ungodly. So I was thinking, in bed, “If that’s the case, then Martin Luther should not have reformed anything, my whole schooling is a waste,” or very similar. Got worked up into tears about it, for some reason. I prayed very close to, “Jesus, was it o.k. for Martin Luther to start his own church?” And I heard, “Yes.” And all my doubt about it was gone, poof. I very soon after started to second-guess myself about hearing an audible voice; but my tears dried up and I was easy in my mind— pow, just like that, no matter if sound was involved or not. Felt a little weird, but a lot better.
      For some reason, Mary, reading your posts seems to enable me to dredge up stuff. I don’t know if this serves a purpose, but it seems cathartic to me, at least; so thank you.

    • That is an interesting thing you said, about the sound of those things. Maybe at some point in the future, the things you’ve seen will be allowed to completely cross over and become physical, to fulfill prophecy.
      Dr. Marzulli talked about an interesting theory about foo fighter orbs; the blood sacrifice of the Holocaust allowed them to become widely observable. It seems like your observations kind of tie this stuff together. That or I’m overreaching, I’m really good at that.

    • James, well, the sound really surprised me as I remember saying, ‘What was that?’, when I first heard them. It was after that acknowledgement, that I began to see those ‘things’ as you call them. I thought they were ‘fairies’ and that’s what the secular world calls them, so ‘things’ is probably a better word to use now that I know better. I found some other pictures that really do resemble ‘demonic things’.

      See, from what I’ve learned (wish I didn’t, but I did) there is a veil between where we are now and that other world where the prince of the air has some of his minions. It’s my understanding that once we give that other world ‘permission’, the veil is ripped and they can come in and show themselves. I think that’s what I see and where ‘they’ come from. And once that veil is ripped, it’s also my understanding that it cannot be repaired, so those of us who have done that have to be even ever more vigilant. Spiritual warfare becomes even harder. But greater is He that is in me, right? Mr. Marzulli tells me that, too.

      I agree that when it is time, that veil will be ripped wide open and all ‘things’ from the prince of the air will materialize and torment all. Men will faint from fear…

      Yes, I’ve read that about the Foo fighters and the like and it resonates as those fighter pilots were participating willingly in that ‘event’ whether they like to acknowledge that or not.

      No, I don’t think you’re overreaching at all. It is from the lack of knowledge that men…I forget how the rest goes…

      In His name,

  13. “According to the U.S. Navy, the USS Iow Jima will be the first to enter Costa Rican waters. The ship has a crew of 73 officers and 1009 enlisted, in addition to 500 marines, 150 medics, 50 engineers and 100 volunteers.”

    The article goes on to say that “For now there is no plans yet for the arrival of other authorized vessels.”

    This whole thing is so bizaree to me.

    In His name,

    • Margaret, this person’s blog is full of New Age junk. I wouldn’t put any credence in any of this.

      In His name,

    • I live in Destin, Florida which is on the Florida Panhandle and about 60 miles east of Pensacola. I’m not paying any attention to this junk. The Lord called me to be here at this time on our planet and I don’t think He’d set me up for a tsunami. Please don’t feed into what the fear mongers are saying as fear is the opposite of faith. We’ve got to have faith at this time or we’re sunk for sure. Anybody can take a bunch of geometric designs and make a story out of them. I guarantee that I’ll still be alive and kicking at 10pm.

    • It was after zero hour, when I visited the site, but: If we have to scroll thru seven thousand analogous diagrams which themselves need to reference a photo of a a clock tower or Aunt Jemima’s jacuzzi or whatever, that automatically means that a tsunami is impossible. I read this in Hoyle’s Book of Rules, so it can’t be argued against.

  14. I hear Drudge has a story up about a Saudi Prince possessed by a female djinn who wont leave his body until Turkey falls. Kind of interesting going with the Coast show earlier this week.

    • Captain Eagle, thank you. I did google the title of the article and a number of stories came up on or around the date of this article. But, they were all foreign articles, which makes me wonder if there’s a news ban on this sort of thing? I don’t know. There’s so much dis-info out there, it’s hard to figure on it all.

      In His name,

    • Rene, thank you. Seems a lot of underwater volcanoes are being ‘discovered’ or written about lately. What’s up with that?

      In His name,

    • Yes and the sinkhole phenomenom is growing at an exponential rate as well.

      We talk and talk about these things but I actually just had a very REAL scare about all of these earth changes. They are real and it appears will affect everyone on earth in a very scary way!

      Replace it with prayer, atonement and worship of our Lord. Now I feel better.

      Mary thank you for all of your info on the military buildup in the Carribean. It’s not being reported at all in the MSM. It is my belief that we are being invaded from the south, when russia and china show their military might constantly and run the panama canal. Unfortunately, I think we are sending a presence but it is too late they are already here.

      LA, have you heard of “The Silent Invasion” by Scott Gulbransen. He too lives in SoCal and discovered that Chinese and Russian military were building up in mexico and were already sending ammo and arms that are being stored just waiting for the troops (not ours) to show up and use them.

      Mary, I like your posts, thank you!

    • Rene, thank you. So kind of you to write that.

      I hope whatever it was that you went through as regards these changes in the earth wasn’t too bad for you. Jesus was there, right? 🙂 What amazes me in a way is that many groups of peoples on the planet today ALL feel something happening. The UFO community are highly involved in the contact stuff. The New Age people are all involved in the earth ‘cleansing’ itself. Native peoples, the same thing. And of course as Christians we know our Lord and Saviour is coming soon! From what I can glean by reading various perspectives, EVERYONE feels something is going on, hence the beginning of confusion and choas. In my view anyway.

      You’re right, very little is available about the Caribbean Basin buildup via MSM in North America. Having lived in Costa Rica, I ‘see’ things a little differently than those whom have not lived there. Such as NOW I understand why my American companions’ Passport Number was written down at every road block. Our Tico friends told us this was new and it began last October. I’m not in CR anymore but do have contacts there and I know a lot of the newspapers from Central America and South America.

      Russia IS in Central America and in a big way. The Communist Regime have been garnering support over the last years in Latin America right under the noses of the Western peoples. It’s so sad to have watched all that happen. That’s why I keep writing that people simply cannot understand what’s going on at the AZ/CA/Mexico borders without knowing the situation in ALL of Latin America.

      Today for instance, the President of Columbia is in Costa Rica. How many people know about that? Or how many know about what Chavez did as regards Columbia? I could list a number of questions, but I’d just get all frustrated. Ha, ha. 🙂

      “President-elect of Colombia today’s visit to Chinchill”

      (I don’t know if the above article from La Nacion will come out in Spanish or English while typing this…)

      Anyway Rene, thank you again. It’s nice to talk to someone…

      In His name,

  15. I think the description of strange creatures that ascend from the bottomless pit in Rev 9 describe the creatures in the movie District 9.

  16. Regarding the “Return Of the Nephilim” video posted twice in this thread: you can go to and read the first article about this by Andre Heath (who frequently posted here in the recent past.) He’s not a born again believer (self-admitted on this blog) but his website does have some cutting edge information. You can also “google” keywords on your favorite search engine for more info regarding this topic. Derek and Sharon Gilbert who are born again believers (PID Radio and PID News, Watcher Magazine, and View From the Bunker) often refer to sociocultural memes akin to what this Nephilim article by Andre Heath refers to. Tom Horn of Raiders News Network also covers this topic much like Heath’s article.
    Yahweh’s Grace and Blessings keep you safe in these times.

    • Andre keeps my facebook home page very busy! I don’t think his FB friends appreciate some of my comments but he seems OK w/various perspectives. He linked this site the other day so I think he checks in.

  17. I awoke the other morning and went into my music room where i spend time with God before i start recording my music. I was sitting in my chair looking out of my window and as i was looking at the house across the street the sky above the house opened up and a giant set of feet steeped on top of this house it was so tall all i could see were feet an knees it was huge.I have never had this happen before to me i was in perfect peace,this was really strange because it was my first open vision other than dreams this has never occurred before to me.I was astounded it was so real.I believe we will see this in some form or another God be with us!

  18. People you have absolutely got to watch these and listen very carefully to the wording. This is a program the BBC put out regarding the internet. There are 3 short videos 1minute long. Please watch this.

    Watch for sunburst symbolism, Mother Mary symbolism. Think we are being watched and recorded-yup!

    • Dee,

      That first video was so creepy. The way it ended-people of the internet didn’t fit. It was like watching something out of a alien movie.

  19. Just listened to Stan Deyo on the Joyce Rileys Power Hour on Stan’s Website

    Very interesting! Anyways he claims the antichrist is called the “Matrea”

    I have never heard of that. Can anyone expand on that?

  20. Conditioning: Last night while noticing two commercials while watching boxing, one from EstaLauder (sp),,showed an eye product, claimed to heal skin at night; a DNA gold colored double helix was rotating in the background during the whole commercial. A potato chip commercial, had folk eating Pringles in a wheat field while the field was being groomed as a crop circle, of the Pringles logo. It faded out to a view from above as a crop circle. Interesting??? Dave

  21. I am new to your website, and normally dont post comments till recently. The topic of hybrids got my attention. I believe I have seen such a thing also..hybrids, fallen angels, what ever they were, they were not human. I have only told this story to family.
    It has been close to 10 years ago since it happened, but it is still very vivid in my mind… I had moved to a small town in Texas, and went to the grocery store. I had just gotten a buggy and was almost to an isle when I passed a tall black headed man, with a black headed woman and a little boy, and a little girl. The children looked around 5 or 6 years old. What caught my attention was that they all looked alike. The only difference was the woman had long shoulder length hair, the little girl a crop type hair cut and the man and boy, regular men type haircuts. Second thing I noticed, they didnt talk… not even the children. Now I have kids, believe me they always talk. Anyway, walked on past them, went down an isle and came back up towards them. That is when I saw them in the face. They were olive skin, same shape faces, full lips, hair texture and thickness the same, but their eyes… they all had almond shaped eyes, brown in color, but their eyes were larger than normal. I noticed this because I have always studied faces, drawing, painting ect. An average person probably would not have noticed this if it were not pointed out to them. I have seen people with very large eyes, but their eyes were larger than that. I decided to go on my way and get my shopping done. I circled around again after picking up a few things, and ran into them again about 2 or 3 isles farther down.. They were pushing the buggy, looking around, and then I noticed, there was not even one item in their buggy. They were just walking around and watching people. I never saw them look at each other or talk at all including the children. Also the children never tried to look at anything, touch anything, or talk. All they did was walk beside the basket. That was all I could take, I knew they were not normal. Reminded me of the walking dead. I checked out and left. Maybe someone else has seen somebody that looks like this.


  23. In 1978 after watching the movie ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ as I walked out of the theater I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit tell me ‘that this was just the beginning of these type movies to prepare the masses for the coming deception’. At that time I was backslidden and thought ‘what was that all about?’ I have been into syfy movies for decades now and see the pattern such as ‘knowing’ and being seeded by them. It is great to find others who beleive like I do couse most think I am crazy. Except a pastor friend of mine in Nigeria who knows this is true too.

    Also about 8 years ago at a Waffle House in Tallahassee,Fl. near the FSU Canpus, I saw one too. He was very handsome in his late 20’s and began to glare (with his darkened eyes) at me for a long time. AS I sat at the table I knew who he was & he knew me too (am back with the Lord -praise God). The Lord told me that the Holy Spirit was holding them back but very soon that they would appear to decieve the masses even the elect. Pray & keep your eyes on Jesus, trust only in Him! Renea

  24. I want to read John Darnell’s paper so badly…did not find it on the internet…
    Please provide link soon. thanks

  25. You are all too caught up in the things of the world (movies, video games, talk shows) to appreciate Yahweh’s command for us to come out of her (the world with all of her false religions and other distractions) therefore you cannot see what is so plainly described in prophecy as the anti-christ. If you will recall, the Apostle John (writing in the first century) stated that the spirit of the anti-christ had already gone out into the world… 1 John 4:3 and he added “it went out from amoung us” (meaning Yahweh’s chosen people), e.g. a false religious movement that honored someone other than the true Messiah. Yahshua is the true Messiah. JC is the anti-messiah. The antithesis of Yahshua, created by Constatine at the Councel of Nicea in 345 AD. From those misguided (deceived) first century believers sprang forth what is now known as the Church of Rome. She established a false religion called christianity (the word never appears in the scriptures, not one time). The prophet Amos stated correctly (under inspiration) that “Yahweh would have NO WORK except he revealed it first through His servants the prophets.” Amos 3:7 Yahshua stated that anyone who doesn’t believe the prophets is a fool. Luke 24:25 The church of Rome is the beast who thought to change Yahweh’s laws (the second, third and fourth commandments that christians refuse to acknowledge or obey. It is not the nifilim or ufo’s you should fear but rather being caught up in the traditions and beliefs of this corrupted world. ALL RELIGIONS are wrong. They come from satan and only confuse us. Believe The Faith once for all delivered by Yahshua and the Prophets. This is the whole duty of man, that we reverence Yahweh by obeying every word that comes out of His mouth, just as Yahshua did and told us to do if we want to have eternal life. May Yahweh bless your understanding. -James Arthur-

    • HI James – You sound like your preaching at us from an ivory tower. I have only one question for you sir, are you born again? L.A.

    • L.A.-

      There is only one who has been born again. Yahshua, the Messiah. If you think you are born again, stick yourself with a thorn and see if it hurts or you bleed; walk through a wall. You will see that you are still in your earthly vessel.

      I am not preaching and I have no ivory tower. I speak only what Yahweh has told us through His Holy Prophets. It is easy enough to check for yourself.

      Yahweh Bless,
      -James Arthur-

    • James – You have no idea of what I’m talking about. You are not born again and that is the reason why Yashua came in the first place. You are free to post here as long as there are no personal attacks or profanity. However, it would seem obvious to those who are born again that you are a distraction. L.A.

  26. I’m going to say what I understand about that scripture from my knowledge as everyone is saying that John explained these from his own knowledge. I’m not sure if humans today can genetically engineer another human.

    I think the scorpion tail can be added to a human. I mean how can John describe false prophets as a scorpion tail? That doesn’t seem logical by any means of knowledge and understanding. He might be referring it as a add on to an armor that resembles a scorpions tail or it’s a man made scorpion tail or a design on the armor that the maker of the armor drew a scorpion tail on it. Same goes for wings. I think they are add on.

    Now for the sharp teeth, people now a days can go get that done since lots of modern people put vampire teeth that are permanent unless you go get it off by a dentist or who ever put it on. In my life I never seen any body born with sharp teeth. I’m sure since this world relies on the media. The media would of reported it that people are growing up with natural sharp teeth like lions. Long hair can be done by not cutting it.

    Nephilim’s are said to be giants. So obviously they would be some long haired giant people with strange armor. I like the helicopter theory since now a days helicopters are still in existence. I think the helicopter theory is what I believe may be what John is describing. It could be that these people with armor that have add on tail and wings to it with permanent man made lion teeth and long hair could be flying a helicopter and landing it. Or they are coming in a vehicle.

    I think the nephilm are among us because I read a blog about some guy going to the solomon island (I think the solomon island) well he encounter locals who claim there’s a giants living there in the forest or jungle. They said something about people being 20ft.

  27. LA………
    I wanted to thank you for your reply, even though you removed my post, hum??? EZE.18:4

    After much more prayer and research, I have come to the conclution that I am NOT a nephilim, I can’t explain the tailbone I have, but my bloodtype means my blood type is the purest on Earth, not tampered with, in fact, rh neg. blood CANNOT be cloned, praise be to the LORD. I am not a nephilim.

    as in the days of Noah……..

    has anybody realized that almost everyone on the planet in those days were destroyed because all flesh had been corrupted, and only 8 people were SAVED? out of a whole world, Jesus said that many would try, and not be able, and only a FEW would be chosen; saved.
    if you BELIEVE….you will be saved…

    believe includes yielding to, to know something to be true by faith, to believe to be true, to OBEY, this is the one that will decieve many, because most believe to be true, but they don’t obey. and most peoples blood has been contaminated. just a few thoughts. what do you think, LA ??????

    • Hi Dorothy – I believe that the Fallen One is creating an end time army. Chuck Missler also agrees with this. I believe that we will see supernatural things that will astonish us. L.A.

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