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L. A. Marzulli

Half the Public Wants to See Holy Temple Rebuilt

I have stated publicly, numerous times that at some point the Jews in Israel will rebuild the temple. There are many who do not believe that this will ever happen. There are those who declare that the church is the new Israel, which is replacement theology which I believe is a grave error. There are others who insist that it is not a literal temple that will be rebuilt. At some point, as I commented on last week, all of this will be self-evident as we watch events unfold.

The link to the above article states that about 42% of the Israeli’s believe that the Temple will be rebuilt. There are those who are more adamant in their pursuit of the rebuilding of the Temple and want to start rebuilding it. One such group, The Temple Mount Faithful, declares that it has the corner-stone to the new temple and wants construction to start immediately.

There is a dilemma here as Rabbi’s know that they cannot begin construction of the Temple without the Ashes of the Red Heifer. According to Robert Reiland, the ashes may have been found by Vendal Jones, an archeologist. The remains of these ashes go back to the time of Moses and must be used to consecrate the new Temple. The Jews take all of this very, very seriously. Some Christians dismiss the Red Heifer ceremony and the literal rebuilding of the third temple as “nonsense.” I would caution those who are of this ilk that they would do well to take the prophecies that tell us that in the last days the temple will be rebuilt and that the Anti Christ, the one who is instead of Christ, will set himself up in the wing of the temple to be worshipped.

Remember Yashua/Jesus tells us that:

When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place,

There is the Preterist view that all of this happened in 70 AD so that these current events, of which I write, is moot, but the trouble with this view is that there is no progression of events afterward. Where is the millenial kingdom?

However, what we do learn from history is that Jews were scattered throughout the earth and that they remained there until the beginning of the end-times, 1948, when Israel became a nation in one day. At some point in time, and I believe it is in the near future, we will this prophecy fulfilled, i.e. the Anti Christ will stand in the holy place, in the newly constructed temple.

Until the 2o century, the rebuilding of the temple was considered a non-event, something that would never happen. One of the main obstacles was the Moslem Dome of the Rock, which sits on the Temple mount. However, research by Asher Kaufman has postulated that the first and second Temple was not in that location. Thus, in the Kaufman analysis, the Temple stood about 100 yards away from the present structure. All of this to say, that at some point we will see the rebuilding of the Third Jewish Temple on the Temple mount without destroying the Dome of the Rock. There will most likely be a wall that is set up to separate the two structures.

In closing today’s post, I would also point out that the one person who cuts the deal to allow the Jews to rebuild their temple is non other than the Anti Christ. So we watch and we wait and know that at some point all of this will become self evident….

The bottom line is this, when we see headlines that point to prophecy we should look up because His return cannot be far off!



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74 thoughts on “The Coming Third Temple…

  1. Hi L.A.,

    Thank you for writing on this often ignored portion of Bible prophecy. I am thoroughly convinced that the temple will be re-built. As you say, when this happens it will be self-evident.

    Great stuff brother.

    Kevin J.

  2. Hi L.A.: It’s been a while since I posted a comment. I just want to say that you are such an inspiration to me and that your Sunday blogs are always right “on target”. I just finished watching the first part of your interview with Tom Horn and Gary Stearman. Tom Horn has it posted on his website: A very interesting interview and I will be anxious to see the next part.

    May God continue to bless you and give you protection in all you are doing.

    Maranatha! Barbara in VA

  3. Hi All:

    Don’t mean to get off topic right now but my family and I can use your prayers right now. My mother hasn’t been doing well the past week. Went on a trip and got back Saturday. She was supposed to come to my city today and see dr. Never made it. She passsed out and is in emergency room and is going to be transfered 80 miles to my city. She is highly enimic right now and dont know why. Has lost half her blood in a week. I came home from work and am cleaning and waiting for word. Prepping for my dad to stay. Dont know what is going on with her.

    God Bless,
    Jimmy Douglas

    • Thanks you for all of the prayers everyone. My mother was in the Emergency room here in my City for over 8 hours and it was very late before she got a room last night. She has only been seen by ER docotrs. They are running and will be running all kinds of tests on her. We have no clue yet how she is losing blood. She is a strong willed lady and her spirts are good considering the shape she is in.

      Thanks and God Bless,
      Jimmy Douglas

    • Praying for you and your family, Jimmy. I was, and am still challenged to endure with my mother’s recent bout in hospital as well as other things. Sending fellowship hugs too!

      In His name,

  4. To my knowledge there is nothing left to do for temple preparations other than train the temple priest’s or “the Cohen’s.” All of the priestly garments and the tools for the temple have been made. There is also a unblemished red calf in hiding. I’ve even read that the temple has had all of its block stones cut and that they are in storage. From what I understand the whole temple can be built in under 18 months. If you want to read a good book on the future temple and temple history check out.

    The New Temple and the Second Coming: The Prophecy That Points to Christ’s Return in Your Generation by Grant R. Jeffrey

    Lastly I believe we will be raptured before the peace treaty with the antichrist is signed. I also believe that within that same peace treaty will be permission from the antichrist to build the new temple on the temple mount next to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

    I’m not sure if we will know more than that what we know now before were gone.

    • Richard,
      I also agree that the Bride of Christ will be resurrected,
      transformed and raptured before the signing of the treaty
      between Israel and the Antichrist. I believe that this peace
      covenant will possibly happen soon after the Ezekiel-Magog
      war, allowing the temple to be built.

    • “The border is more secure and more resourced than it has ever been, but there is more to be done,” said Alan Bersin, commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, part of the Homeland Security Department.

      “We’ve done a really good job, but there’s always room for improvement,” to paraphrase.

      Except for those 70 miles! You’ve created a chaos funnel and aimed it like a gun at Arizonan citizens! You suck! The WRENCH!

  5. Good Afternoon L.A.,

    I agree with you that literal Israel is the apple of God’s eye, and it is Israel that is now the large and little hand on the “prophetic clock” if you will.

    Based upon the current political situation in the U.S., here is what I believe may (key word being ‘may’) occur with Israel over the next 2 years:

    Obama is at his lowest approval rating since his election and his stats are falling. As a result, the Democratic Party is now looking at running Hillary in 2012 who will most likely run against Sarah Palin. My money is on Hillary, that she will be the one to come out on top.

    If this should happen, there is talk that the Democratic Party will have Obama chosen as the Secretary of State under Hillary’s term. If this happens, it will be Obama who will be the U.S.’ key political figure who would then negotiate a new “peace” deal between Israel and her neighbors.

    With that said, I’m not saying that he is the “anti-christ” however, I must also say that if this happens, it would most definitely nudge him closer into that category. It amazes me how little is actually known about Obama’s background, and especially his mother’s background. His father, was originally named “Barak Obama” either. He gave that name to himself. Which begs to question, what was his original name and where did he come from? Anyway, I digress.

    As for the temple site, I was comparing the ancient maps of Jerusalem to the modern-day maps, and to the best of my research, it appears to me that Herod’s temple was located where the current Islamic museum now sits. It’s not the location of the dome where Herod’s temply used to sit, this much is certain. If Herod’s temple did sit where the museum now lies, it’s still Muslim/Palestinian soil, so this begs to question, what will change the hearts of the Palestinians to allow the building of the 3rd temple so near the Islamic temple?

    My best guess is this: If Israel allows a Palestinian state to officially be recognized side-by-side, it will bo on the condition that the Palestinians allow Israel to rebuild it’s 3rd temple adjacent to the Dome of the Rock. Who better to orchestrate this than a “christian” who attended a communist-themed “church” in Chicago for 20 years, who also proudly shows his Islamic background, and who also after being elected President pretended to be friends to the Jewish people by visiting the wailing wall?

    Once again, Obama may not be the fianl guy who negotiates the “peace” deal in Israel, but if he does, this certainly makes me wonder, could he in fact be, the anti-christ in the making?

    • Funny that you say all this, as when I read today’s post and got to the part about the AC making the “peace” deal with Israel, for some reason I got a mental picture of Obama in my minds eye at the table helping this get done….strange.


    • Okay; I got one for ya….now this is way, way out in left field, but, there is someone who is running around as a very “wholesome” Christian, and is wildly popular if this person gets elected in 2012 they will appoint their own cabinet and then neither Hillary nor Barack would have anything to do with it. Could this person be the “false prophet”?? Could this person be the one who ushers in the Anti-Christ? This person too, has had an African preacher at their church, doing some African Voo Doo hocus pocus….this person is; Sarah Palin! Could Barack Obama and choosing the name he did which in Hebrew is very interesting, be a lark? Someone who satan set up to divert our attention away from what is going on behind the scenes??? I am friends with someone who is very close to someone who’s family is one of the 13 bloodlines and is about to hit the political stage in 2012 as either a congressman or senator….this person told my friend the Bilderbergers have already decided on Sarah Palin in 2012!

    • I was born and raised conservative but I’ve never really liked Sarah palin. I don’t know why but I get bad vibes from her and I hope she isn’t elected. I really hope that we have more to choose between other than her or Clinton. I don’t mean to be rude or sexist by this but the bible says that women shouldn’t be the rule over men and I agree with that. That’s not the only reason I hope she isn’t elected but that’s one of them.

    • There’s always a possibility Dori. What Americans fail to realize is that it doesn’t matter what political party, race, gender, etc., is in the White House so long as they are a “puppet.” We’ve had nothing but puppets in the White House since Nov., 1963. The last president who tried to actually run his own administration was murdered for attempting so.

      I think it’s important to remember that most of the political elite, are involved with some sort of religion, however, they only allow people to see certain sides that the puppet-masters want the people to see.

      However, almost everyone at that politically elite level are members of Theosophy–which is a mixture of Christianity, Judaeism, Bhuddism, Islam, etc. Theosophy is a mixture of all and is an important piece of the puzzle to understand how in part, the “spirit of iniquity” operates. This is why it is important to understand that there are many at the top who call themselves Jews, but are not. This was prophesied 2,000 years ago. Sure enough, the Rockefellers who everyone supposes to be Jewish, are not in reality. They are in actuality, Theosophists, and have been for several generations. Same with many “Christians,” especially in the “Christian” music industry, mega-churches, and tele-evangelists who use the Lord’s name in vain. These people are puppets for the devil whether they recognize it or not.

      So, I would not be surprised if Palin could be utilized in that facet, however, due to her unpopularity with most of America, I personally think that it is much more likely that Hillary would be the next president of the U.S. starting in 2012.

      But then again, perhaps Obama’s rating will go back up in the near future and get re-elected. One never knows. For example, in 1990, no one would have guessed the H.W. Bush who had an 81% approval rating would only end up being a 1-term President. The same could happen with Obama and that an event takes place that elevates him to be loved by the people. Fun to theorize about, but when it all comes down to it, none of us knows for sure. Not even friends of friends of “bloodlines” who supposedly have “inside” information.

    • Davidb – speaking of the mega churches, I saw part of a program on a Christian tv channel earlier today. It was a video from a mega church. The sermon made no real sense, he told a story, cut a couple of jokes that in no real way made any sense to the point he tried to make. After that and the article i read yesterday that Lisa linked I thought to myself, it’s no wonder alot of mainstream America looks at Christianity like they do. I think it’s sad that so many people get caught up in that.

    • Right on Joe B.

      This too, was prophesied 2,000 years ago in the Bible. These modern-day “churches” are teaching a different “Jesus,” and a different “gospel,” that points not to the real Yeshua ha Messiah that the disciples knew.

      When Secularists talk about “Christianity” they think of the Papal institutions and or the Re-constructionists, and/or the Tele-evangelists. They don’t know the real Jesus of the Bible because they don’t have the eyes or ears to see or hear. Why? Because their father is the devil who doesn’t allow them to see or hear the Truth.

      However, some people wake up and then do see and hear, others do not. None of us knows who will or who won’t wake up. Only God knows. All we can do is continue to speak the Truth found in His Word and hope and pray that others wake up. Those who are asleep in the lies of the world are in eternally grave danger. However, if we keep shining the light that is Yeshua, there will be people who eventually wake up and see.

      The danger right now is that for those who do start to wake up and see, get side-tracked by the false version of Christianity, and and we all know, there are many false versions. But for those who are truly searching, they will find Him, Hosanna to Him Who is the Lamb and our Branch!

    • Sister Dori,

      I remember our ‘talks’ about Sarah P being groomed. Seems to me that Obama was groomed as were most of them with the exception of Kennedy possibly. And I remember our talks about Blatavsky, the 13 bloodlines; I’d never heard of all that. Remember? I miss you!

      There are many out there whom think the AC will be a Muslim in which case, Obama would definitely be put into an interesting position. What say you? 🙂

      Anyway, I’m just trying to learn to ‘Stand’, never mind trying to figure all this stuff out. Ha, ha.

      Your Sister in Jesus Christ,

    • Knowing of software such as photoshop, almost anything can be digitally altered…especially images and video. I have no doubt that both Obama and bin-Laden were/are CIA. However, I for one, do not think that they are the same person. My intuition is telling me that this route of convincing people that they’re the same person, I feel is a false route, designed to make those who are opposed to Obama appear as “crazy” in the public eye.

      This is exactly the type of example that someone like Bill Mauer or Jon Stewart would have played on their shows. As a result, I think that this video is a route designed to mis-guide non-Obama supporters down a false path in order to ridicule them out in the media as being “crazy” and non-credible. Beware of videos like these.

  6. “And behold, the Veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom, and the earth shook and the rocks were split”.Mat27:51.
    God has finished with the earthly sacrifices!
    The modern Jew is blasphemously treading under foot the Blood of Christ in their aspiration to restore a sacrificial system made obsolete by God.
    As Christians we should not be involved in the promotion of this endeavor. Nowhere in the scriptures is there a third temple not yet built referred as “The Temple of God”. It will not be God’s Temple!

    The above scripture should be taken into consideration in our understanding of what the Jewish people are proposing. I certainly don’t back this blasphemous project.

    john b

    • Hi John B,

      I don’t think that anyone is promoting that Christians are to help with the sacrifice in the 3rd temple. We’re simply talking about the fulfillment of prophecy. The prophets of old spoke of the abomination of desolation setting himself up to be worshipped in the end times. In order for this prophecy to come true, a 3rd temple must and will be built. To simply talk about these things doesn’t mean that we are advocating having burnt offerings in the temple to worship God. I think you’re misunderstanding the context of what is being discussed on today’s board.

      Also, please refrain from refering to the blanket term, “modern Jew.” I know of many modern Jews who are Christians who recognize Yeshua as the Messiah. Not all Jews are going to fall into the anti-christ’s scheme, and they will recognize an proclaim Yeshua as Messiah. This is what Scripture tells us. It’s that simple.

    • Amen. You hit it exactly. Not understanding who the church is and our role and who Israel is and her role and what God’s purposes are for each can confuse people in their understanding of scripture and also prophecy. It is exactly as you stated. Amen!

    • Is it god’s Temple or Not/ that was the thrust of my comment, Furthermore; there are many Christians backing It’s establishment saying that the Lord is going to occupy it when He returns. Haggy, Hinn, Copeland. How many here on this blog believe that is it god’s temple?.

      David; there is no difference between a Jew or a Gentile if they are both christian now is there. The reference to modern Jew Is implying to the Religious Jew who are proposing the reconstruction of the third Temple in our Day.

      Lisa: I believe that there is a Difference between The Church, The Churches, The Kingdom and Modern Israel. I understand your theology more than you Do!

      John b

    • There is no change in the spirit realm. That realm is outside of time and eternal, It is beyond the veil of the Natural.
      The ancient religious Spirit (Spirit of religiosity) who endorsed the crucifixion of Jesus via the Sanhedrin is still manifesting in the religious world Today. Jewish, christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, new-age. whatever…….

      It is the spirit of Antichrist denying that Christ has come in the flesh (the mystery of iniquity) in opposition to (the Mystery of godliness).

      It’s motivation is the ‘Mother Whore’ which delights in the shedding of Righteous Blood. “Crucify Him!, crucify Him!” They Cried. How She stirs up the Multitudes against The seed of the Woman.

      In the end all religions (Mother’s offspring’s) will be united by the end Time delusion when God gives all over to The lie.
      Atheism will be no more when all worship the Image of the beast.

      John B

    • John B,

      I see where you’re coming from, however, I must point out that the term “anti-christ” in the context spoken of in the originial Greek New Testament, doesn’t exactly mean “against Christ” as we in modern-day English use the term. “Anti-christ” in Peter’s context is meant to say “one who mimics Christ” but is indeed a false Christ.

      So, any Pharisee, Pope, Tele-evangelist, Benjamin Creme or whoever promulgates that they are especially the “enlightened ones” who in actuality twists the teachings of the real Yeshua of Nazareth, is in actuality, “anti-christ.” From Constantine to the the Pope of the present day is in essence, “anti-christ” as are many false teachers from many different denominations and religions.

      In the end times, yes, God will send the earth and it’s inhabitants many plagues and many Jews and Gentiles will die in the wake of the storms. However, God will honor His promise to Abraham, and a remnant of each of the 12 tribes of Israel who honors and loves YHWH will be saved, no if’s and’s or but’s about it. The church is not Israel, and Israel is not the church, the Bible makes this exceedingly clear.

      A great allegory is as follows: The story of Jacob and his two wives accurately depicts how Yeshua will also have two brides. Leigh represents the saved of the Gentiles of whom Yeshua will get first at the Rapture. Rachel represents the saved of Israel, of whom Yeshua will get after 7 years of work. The 7 year tribulation period is that same week of years in order for Yeshua to get His promised bride.

      I hope this offers some explanation as to what direction we’re coming from.

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  8. I suppose the methane in solution is being mainstreamed to prop global warming back up. “This time it’s for real!” Wow, that well came in all kinds of handy, didn’t it?

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  10. I didn’t get to hear the show but I understand that Glenn Beck covered the Obama religion/worship issue as well as his list of enemies that can be legally murdered. Both issues I’ve read on this blog first.

  11. “The Movie “Inception”
    by Steve Mullin
    I just got back from the movie Inception and there was an interesting part of the movie that I felt the Holy Spirit quickened to me–Leonardo DiCaprio was a wanted man and he was going all over the world from Tokyo to Paris the movie because he wasn’t allowed in the U.S. About half way through the movie, he was trying to put together his team and needed someone who excelled as a thief and specifically at “forgery”. Where did he go to find him? Mombasa, Kenya of all places where it’s said that Obama was born. The more I’ve come to know the Lord, the more I see how he can use anyone or anything to reveal the truth or hidden things.

    Here’s a link to an interesting article about a marine who thinks he met Obama when he was 18 and Obama told him he was born in Mombasa.

    • This “where is Obama from/What is Obama’s background” thing is very interesting. I understand passports have been found with his birth name and there is an interview with his grandmother stating he was born in elsewhere. There’s also supposed to be newspaper headlines citing him as being born elsewhere too. We also see him give slips of the tongue on his “muslim faith”. Yet the media is silent and if you ask questions you are calleda kook. I even saw one talk show where they posed “Does it really matter where he’s from? If he isn’t born here should he REALLY be thrown out from office?” People also say it’s a racist thing to even bring this up and that we are citizens of the world, not a nation, so boarders no longer matter. Hmmmm. Who’s agenda does that sound like? The liberals and the one world order?

    • I found Splice even more disturbing. Especially when there is a scene when the spliced creature makes love to both protagonists of the story (read between the lines here).

    • Mark, I may be too pure of mind to be able to red between the lines of that? To me it’s just perverted but what did you mean?

      I heard Steve Qualye’s review and he said the creature gave birth to a 12 fingered giant and he maintains that the giants in the Bible has 12 fingers and 12 toes. It’s one of the themes that I find credible with him.

  12. Militarization of Central America and the Caribbean: The U.S. Military Moves Into Costa Rica

    “This military build up in Costa Rica is the latest in a series of moves the U.S. has made in Latin America that seeks to use threats and arms to reverse the strength of popular anti-imperialist forces across the region. The U.S. is playing with the possibility of erupting a continental conflagration for the sake of corporate profits.”

    So, on it goes…….

    In His name,

    • Dee,

      That looks like an interesting site. I just pulled it up briefly. Only thing bothers me is they have a store to sell things. Not sure why that bothers me, but it does. Do you know the veracity of this site? I’m curious to know before I read anything there…

      In His name,

  13. Almost half of the population of Israel wants to see the holy temple rebuilt in Jerusalem
    July 19, 2010

    In a recent nationwide poll taken by the Knesset Israel’s legislative body, 49% of the body politic of Israel said they want to see the holy temple rebuilt on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem where there once stood two previous Jewish temples. The last one, Herod’s temple, was destroyed in 70AD by the Roman soldiers led by General Titus.

    The Israeli public is about evenly split on whether they believe the temple will be rebuilt with a slight edge 42% – 39% to those who believe that the third temple will be rebuilt. Given the current political climate, the onset of construction of the temple is not likely to go over quietly in the Islamic world which currently has day to day control of the Temple Mount.

    Jimmy’s Prophetic Prospective on the News

    The almost 50% of Israelis who want to see the holy Jewish temple rebuilt in Jerusalem are in perfect harmony with what the Bible reveals will happen in the last days.

    In a recent national poll carried out in Israel, 49% of the Israelis said that they want to see the rebuilding of the third temple in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount has been the location of two previous temples, the one built by King Solomon some 3000 years ago and the one built by Zerubbabel 2500 years ago. The second temple, known as Herod’s Temple, because it took Herod 46 years to refurbish Zerubbabel’s temple, was referred to by the rabbis as the temple that if you had never seen it, you had never seen a beautiful building.

    Since 70AD, when Herod’s Temple was destroyed, there have been countless efforts to rebuild it on the Temple Mount. The ancient Jewish prophet Daniel said that there will be a third temple in Jerusalem during the seven year Tribulation period (Daniel 9:27). Jesus confirmed Daniel’s prophecy in his Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24:15) when He said, when you see the abomination of desolation in the temple, flee Jerusalem. That abomination will be the Antichrist entering the temple and claiming to be God (II Thessalonians 2:4). Revelation 11:1 guarantees that there will be a temple in Jerusalem. John the Revelator was told to measure the location for the next Jewish temple.

    50% of Israelis are right – there will be a temple in Jerusalem and maybe very soon now. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

    • 2Thes2:4 as nothing to do with a literal temple. Please look up the Greek. I have mentioned this before.

      The Mat24, Lk21, Mk13 prophecy concerning the return of Jesus includes the 70Ad events. “The prophecy is twofold”.
      Please, see Josephus’ account of the time of Distress upon that Generation. Christ carrying his cross to Calvary saying to women lamenting Him, “weep not for me but for your children” Lk23:27-29

      see also the prophecy of Moses of that account Deut28:49-57. See how Josephus account of the Time is word for word to that of Moses.

      We must look at scripture in Full context. This is something That modern evangelicalism do not do.
      Having said what I say,I know That people will believe what they will.
      We all need to search the Scriptures for ourselves with all diligence. In the end we are all going to give account of every word we Speak!

      John B

    • John Jimmy DeYoung wrote the above blog I posted it to show that the nation of Israel is in favor of rebuilding the temple.

      Altough your comments lost me regarding 2 Thessalonians 4 not being the actual temple. It clearly says “so that he sets himself up in God’s Temple, proclaiming himself to be God. I dont know how that could be any clearer?

      Maybe LA can add to the interpretation of this scripture?

    • The Greek word for Temple used in 2Thes4by the Apostle is (naos) it is the same word which Apostle Paul uses in reference to our bodies being the Temple of the Holy Spirit. It denotes (sanctuary within) ‘Know ye not that ye are the ‘naos’ of the Holy Spirit 1Cor 6:19.

      It is further revealed to us in Revelations 3:12 that Christ said; “All over-comers shall be pillars in the Temple of His God”.
      It is obvious that the temple wherein the Apostate [antichrist] resides is not a “literal” one according to that Greek usage of the word, neither are over-comers to be solidified concrete pillars in God’s ‘naos’.

      The other Greek word for Temple is (Heiron) this is the one used in Mathew 24, Luke 21, and mark 13, that word translated is the (literal Temple) which was then present in Jerusalem, about which Christ prophesied there would be set up within it the prophesied abomination of desolation spoken by Daniel.
      That generation of Jews saw the fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy Dan 9:26,27.

      In 70ad Prince Titus the Roman general, son of the Emperor Vespasian put a stop to sacrifices and razed Jerusalem and its Temple.
      See Luke 21:20-24 for a more thorough understanding of Mathew’s account.

      Another good account of this is the historian Josephus who gives an almost detailed description of Moses’ prophesy concerning this desecration of that temple and the desolation of that generation of Jews.

      Note the words prophesied by Moses concerning that event of the “Roman occupation” of the Land and of its desolation. ” A nation of [fierce countenance] ,as an [Eagle] swooping down, whose [language] you shall not understand” Read it in Deut 28:49-58.

      We know that the armies of prince Titus did destroy the city and temple and that to this day, the “seven-branched candlestick” which was taken from that Temple and carried in triumphal procession by Titus, is sculptured on the arch which was erected at Rome in his honor.
      Furthermore; Jesus foretold the destruction saying: these would be “days of vengeance, that all things that are written may be fulfilled” Lk21:22. “The things that are written” were the things foretold by Daniel 9:26,27.
      The people of the “prince” prophesied by Daniel, who was to come with arms against Judea and Jerusalem, would utterly destroy the city and the Temple, that “the destruction thereof should be as if a Flood swept away leaving nothing, that to the end there should be War and Desolation” Dan9:26.

      The time span between the messiah being cut off (Jesus crucified) and the prince to come(Titus) was 40 years wherein the Gospel was preached to the nation.

      It is not correct to say that the account of Mathew’s temple Mat24 is yet futuristic with a new temple which will be built to house a political antichrist, when in fact according to the Greek Grammar Jesus was speaking about the (then standing temple) of his generation which, according to historical facts has already experienced the abomination that makes desolate.
      If this be so, therefore it is also unsound incorrect to say that a new temple built will be the one occupied by a political Antichrist which is supposed to be the one referred to by Paul in 2Thes 2:3,4.

      Keeping things in context, we have before us Two different Greek words, meaning two different types of temples, two different events in two different time periods. That in my understanding renders Paul’s account of the 2 Thessalonian temple to be a completely different matter to that of Jesus’ account of the desolation and temple of Daniel’s prophesy.

      However If one is to take The 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy out of its Time context and move it 2000 years forward awaiting fulfillment then one must find a Temple somewhere and the use of 2Thes4 is used regardless of The Grammar in order to justify the Point.

      The issue is that there is a push for a Temple to be constructed and I don’t believe that It is God’s temple Of 2Thes4. To read this article in Full it is on my site in Blog titled, “Antichrist an apostate in the Temple”

      John B

  14. Please pray for someone I know, John W. He is involved with new age spirituality and interfaith initiatives which he thinks is the only way to achieve world peace. He says he believes in a God of love not a God who is angry at anybody. I sent him the following reply:

    God cannot be a God of love if he doesn’t get angry at greed and injustice. Many people do not understand the ways of God. The Bible says God is love but there are consequences when people do not keep the golden rule or God’s moral laws. If people turn from their evil then he will forgive and heal them. But if God does not punish evil and allows evil to spread then things on earth will get even worse. God is merciful to those who admit they are wrong and ask for mercy but He is also just. Justice
    demands that there are consequences to evil behavior. That is why the police are allowed to arrest, imprison and sometimes kill people that are bent on harming or killing others.


    [14] If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  15. Saw this interesting article from that I found from a link on the Coast to Coast AM website about a UFO in Illinois seen breaking apart (an apparently changing shape). It seems like UFO sightings are increasing just as much as earthquakes are.

    Here’s my thoughts that I have posted about it, and a link to the original article.

  16. Gays defy Polish traditionalists for EuroPride march.
    To anyone who pictures Warsaw as a cold, grey, conservative city, yesterday offered an antidote: a 15,000-strong, all-singing, all-dancing gay pride parade partied its way through the Polish capital.
    As if to underscore the reversal of stereotypes, they did so in blazing sunshine and 34C heat.
    The parade was the culmination of EuroPride, a two-week festival of parties, films and debates.

    John B

  17. ‎”Lord, I haven’t done anything wrong today. I have not made any mistakes, spoken any wrong words, or thought any bad thoughts. I’ve done everything right so far. But I’m really going to be depending on You now, Lord, because I’m about to get out of bed.”
    –Stormie Omartian “Just Enough Light for the Step I’m On: Trusting God in the Tough Times”

    In His name,

    • I love it! I know we are suppose to strive to be obedient, but we can never forget that it only comes through Yahshua/Jesus!

  18. I’ve been watching the earthquakes on the Big Island in Hawaii for some time now as a friend of mine is flying into Kona today and will be in Hilo for a time. Earthquake activity (albeit minor) has ramped up lately and I wondered why. It seems that Kilauea is erupting. Nothing catastrophic, but erupting none-the-less. The following is from RSOE:

    “Lava from Kilauea volcano has forced the evacuation of a Big Island couple and their dogs. They fled Sunday as the molten rock surrounded their two-story house in Kalapana, coming to within 100 yards of the structure. Hawaii County Civil Defense Director Quince Mento says the lava is cooling, but more destructive lava was moving closer. Mento says four other houses in the area aren’t immediately threatened. On Saturday, lava crossed Kalapana’s access road and enveloped the intersection of Highways 130 and 137. Lava also hit Highway 130 in May. The town of Kalapana was overrun by lava in 1990, seven years after the current eruption of Kilaue began.”

    In His name,

    • Hi Christine – The video is just the tip of the iceberg concerning the circles and like most debunkers try to pin them all on people with boards and strings. However, like the NATGEO presentation, where they were caught in a real circle trying to make it look like they had made it, there are those who obfuscate the truth about the phenomena. There are magnetic, electrical, and other anomalies in the circles. L. A.

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