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L. A. Marzulli

Flights diverted, delayed as UFO detected hovering.

An unidentified flying object (UFO) disrupted air traffic over Zhejiang’s provincial capital Hangzhou late on Wednesday, the municipal government said on Thursday.
Xiaoshan Airport was closed after the UFO was detected at around 9 pm, and some flights were rerouted to airports in the cities of Ningbo and Wuxi , said an airport spokesman, who declined to be named.


(Make sure you listen to the audio file at the top of the link)

Thanks to my good friend, Bob Ulrich at Prophecy in the News, for giving me this link.

OK. It’s been a while since I’ve BLOGGED about the burgeoning UFO phenomena. This story is certainly worth a good look-see. It would appear from the picture above that it’s the real deal. According to the article the sighting closed a local airport and flights were diverted. It would also appear that the Chinese may be trying to cover up the incident. No, they wouldn’t do that would they?

At this point I must state the mantra, which most of you who visit this BLOG know by now. UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away. Imagine yourself standing in the picture above, looking up through the telephone wires at the bright, hovering UFO. What would you be thinking? How would you process what you were seeing? Would it shake your worldview? Would you begin to wonder about extraterrestrial life? Would it lead you to search on the Internet for information about ET? Would you begin to rethink your position on life in the universe? Would you then wonder about our true origins?

The History Channel did a 10 hour min-series on Ancient Aliens. I was in it for about 30 seconds and what I said was taken out of context (I’m beating an old drum here) The point I’m making is that there are many people who are looking into the phenomena and have gone through the process that I have stated above. They have come to the conclusion that we were seeded here by ET. That life originated elsewhere and was brought here by ET. That ET started the worlds civilizations, our religions, were responsible for the ancient megalithic structures that are seen over the globe, and are now back at this critical juncture in our evolution to save us from ourselves. The History Channel is into this in a big way, thus the mini series!

I believe that the revealing of the UFO phenomena will lead to the Great Falling Away that we read about in 2nd Thessalonians. While the church has certainly slipped from its foundation, we haven’t seen the deliberate apostasy that we are told we will see shortly before the Antichrist is revealed. In my opinion UFO’s may be the catalyst for this, as the revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence would send a shock wave throughout the world. It is the one event that would change most people’s paradigm in an instant.

In closing todays post, UFOs are appearing all over the world. I believe that they are supernatural in origin and not extraterrestrial. I believe that they will openly show themselves at some point and that showing will create, The Great Falling Away. UFOs are not going away are they? It would behoove the church to begin to address the phenomena. It would also behoove those who believe that the phenomena is all a demonic illusion to at least admit that it may be both an illusion and also nuts and blots craft, how else can you explain UFOs that show up on radar? The Fallen One has been laying his strategy for millenia. He knows his time is short and with all the turmoil in the world, most people will fall for the deception and welcome the so-called ET with open arms as mankind’s saviour!



In Other News:

California transit cop verdict sparks looting

Another verdict that doesn’t make sense to me. How do you confuse a gun with a taser?



ALEX JONES: As United States Collapses, Media Worship LeBron James…

This is a must see video! He nails it!



Suicide bombers kill 62, wound 111 in Pakistan




Day 81

Backup plan to halt Gulf gusher: Transfer oil from blown-out well to others miles away



Moscow to have Iran’s Bushehr reactor running by September



It’s alive and well and rearing its ugly head….



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  1. Gulf of Mexico coastal residents poisoned with mutagens and displaced by the millions; Gulf explodes; marshal law/ suspension of the Constitution in U.S; economy collapses; attack of Iran precipitates war on U.S. soil and retaliation against Israel; mother and hundreds of her ships park in the sky near you, and offer the solution to it all.

    • http://www.tribulation-now.com/2010_07_01_archive.html
      more info….

      …let’s not forget all the possibilities of 7-11-2010 this Sunday…

      ” Our Father who is in heaven…
      Thy Kingdom Come…Thy Will Be done, ON Earth as it is in Heaven …amen all.
      Keep interceding for yourself, your families , and the Church and … in all things with prayer and supplications let your requests be made known to God..Our precious Holy Spirit never fails…ask for Strength and Help,Grace and Mercy according to the Word of God !

      A Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation for All,

    • H.E.

      What are the possibilities about 7-11-10? Other than it being my birthday, you can get free Slurpees at 7-11. 🙂

      Not poking fun really, just asking. I checked the link you gave and didn’t see any correlation unless I missed it.

      Thanks in advance for any elaboration you might could give.

      Respectfully in Christ,

      Jeff D

    • This video is way over the top. Lot’s of speculation. However, It would not surprise me if we something like this happens as I have heard that the Methane bubble is real and growing. This would break America, which is what the New World Order wants to do…. L. A.

    • Um, just went to read the biography of this guy who put up this video on Youtube. This guy claims to be Yahweh and Lord Jesus Christ. I do not put any stock into anything this video has to say!!! Sorry.

    • Yeah, I found that ‘Exploding Gulf’ video, then the one where he’s going to ascend the throne of England because he’s Jesus Christ. The guy is fruit bat crackers, but maybe that Gulf detonation what H.E. was alluding to; it’s the only thing I’ve stumbled across, anyway. Perhaps it’s mean to insult him, but either he’s a blasphemous lunatic, or he’s actually the beast.

    • You forgot about how the government is sitting on billions of so-called “stimulas” money. Once the economy collapses, the U.S. government will pull from this slush fund to keep afloat, which in reality is not our money. It is China’s and they want the U.S. to make good on its debt, which will precipitate into war with China.

      All the others are completely plausible.

      What is up with July 11th? I didn’t see any reference to that in the link you sent.

    • Happy Birthday, Jeff. I couldn’t see where the connection was either; some interesting stuff on that site, though.

  2. Just watched the Alex Jones vid and I must say I have never seen such shapeshifting going on.Not just with Alex but with the lovely choir boys singing Lebrons’s praises.He is absolutely correct,how obnoxious is the world and nation we live in?!I wrote about a 4yr old girl that got brutally raped,thank the good Lord she was found,her abductor commited suicide.That ufo does look real.

    • Wow! That is not good at all! Evidently there is something some people don’t like about using the word “Jesus.

    • What exactly did they expect from a Bapbtist minister? Of couse he is going to use the word “Jesus.”

      What would they expect from a Muslim cleric? The word Alah. But I don’t suppose that offends them.

      I don’t understand. We have a loving and merciful God who sent his son to pay for our sins. If that is not love, I don’t know what love is. What is so offensive?

    • Its just not the people themselves that hate that wonderful name “Jesus” but it is the entities behind them that control their thinking, the principalities, powers of darkness, and powers of the air that hate that name with a passion as they know they are subject to the authority that name brings. Hallelujah Jesus!!

    • I totally agree with you Lisa. And it makes me wonder if something more sinister was in play by trying to make this man of God exclude the word “Jesus” in his prayer.

      As a man of God and a proffessed Christian, if he would have publicly said a prayer leaving out the name “Jesus” in the prayer in order to appeal the massess, whould he in a way have been publicly renouncing his faith?

      It’s just a thought I had.

      God Bless,
      Jimmy Douglas

    • “The World cannot receive the Spirit” said Jesus.
      Rather they will receive the seductive spirit of Babylon, She Hates the Saint with a vengeance!

      John B.

    • Interesting fact about the Capital and Chaplins. When Thomas Jefferson was President the church in Washington D.C. all of the Presidents attended burned down and President Jefferson not only allowed the congregation to meet in the Capital until the church was rebuilt, he supplied the Marine Corps. Band for their music.

      Now, today we would be told this is beaking that so called wall of separation between church and state. What I find interesting is Jefferson was one of the few Founders who rejected the divinity of Christ and the man that phrase came from yet he not only allowed this to happen he ENDORSED it by supplying the band. We NEVER hear this told today but it really did happen. The history of that Separation thing is interesting to look up if anyone is interested. It was something the Supreme Court rejected until 1947 when they wanted to make it mean that so they changed the meaning, ignoring over 100 years of settled law before them.

    • Have you been around lately? The last several years I’ve noticed at secular social gatherings they typically say a prayer before the banquet dinner.

      The prayer is NEVER ended w/Jesus name.

      So whatever religion you are is covered. You put the name of Christ at the end & you might offend/exclude someone.

      The Boy/Girl Scouts say a prayer @ meal too but not in “Jesus” name.

      So now any Christian Pastor who dares to be a Christian is no longer welcome to say the prayers but all of the apostates are happy to oblige.

      People become confused. If one Pastor will omit Jesus name then why shouldn’t they all just go along w/the current trend?

    • Kind of the flip side of the same trend: a bit ago I saw First Blood on T.V. and they edited all the swearwords out except “g*dd*mn.” Like changing all your tires except the flat one. It sure does show who’s got authority over the media.

    • Read Thomas Horn’s “Apollyon Rising 2012” and this entire thinking of government will make sense.

  3. Yup, I post these UFO BLOG’s on my Facebook and I get the “you’re crazy” and “hey, heard the aliens are coming back from mars”, haha. I have always been ‘interested’ in aliens, the pictures of the big headed aliens with the huge black eyes since I was young, I used to draw pictures of them! I guess my mind is open and I keep asking for the truth. This is the truth!
    It made it really easy to believe when I found out that aliens are fallen angels. It’s hard trying to talk about this topic seriously. Even my mom says, “People will just think your crazy.”
    I really just want to be there when I’m at a cookout with my family and a huge UFO flies by or hovers over so I can be like, “Told you!”

    Another great BLOG! 🙂

    • I always had some facination about the supernatural and aliens too. When I was younger, I used to think it would be cool to actually see a ghost or spaceship. Now that I am older, I hope I never see one now. But we may see them someday. I’m sure not looking for them.

      I agree. I think the deomns/aliens tied in to the great deception makes total sense.

      God Bless,
      Jimmy Douglas

    • Mt brother was the one in the family that was into sci-fi and aliens and ships. I was more into Bigfoot, and still am. The movie Legend Of Boggy Creek made a HUGE impact on me as a kid.
      I don’t care to see aliens or spaceships, but Bigfoot? I would really like to see, from a safe distance of course 🙂

    • Yeah , then how quickly they will ask us to pray…and the Name of Jesus will not bother them, BUT deliver them ( and us ) …amen
      All Glory to our King and Lord Jesus !!


  4. Last night I had an awful dream. I don’t dwell on demons or aliens much, but I dreamt a load of bad stuff…big black things flying in the sky ready to collide, the earth on the verge of a horrible shaking and a big part of it was that I was abducted by a demon(alien) and he showed me the fully developed bodies of the ‘hybrids’ that are to be released into the general public. I was so scared in the dream being under the control of the demon at first. There was lots of conversation and fear and long story short, it wasn’t until I started worshiping the Lord in song and using the name of Jesus in the dream that the demon turned into a snake and hid… then turned into a goat. I slit its throat and he went into another goat and I slit its throat, trying to destroy it… and then I woke up at 3 AM.

    This is all pretty vague, but after that I didn’t want to sleep. My daughter was awake from a bad dream too, so we had a very early breakfast!

    When I get crazy dreams like this I wonder if its the result of eating pizza for dinner or if there is a warning in it. All I can do is seek the Lord and pray.

    I feel for all the folks that are abducted by so called aliens as this is as close of an experience as I’ve ever had. Thank YOU Lord for the name of Jesus and the power of His blood!

    • ” All I can do is seek the Lord and pray”
      That is enough ..good Girl Cheryl !!!

      Yes there’s Power,Power,Wondering working Power in the Blood of the Lamb… and the Lion Is Coming, and He is Roaring.In and through Us , His People, His Church…

    • I don’t think it was Pizza somehow, Our warfare is continuous 24 Hours every day at Times It is more intense than others. I have had contact whit Christians so affected by that kind of attack that they suffered Physically for lack of sleep, Read the word prior to sleeping That is a Good weapon.

      John B

    • Hi Cheryl,

      This is not something I would typically post on, but the time you say you woke up gave me a sense of urgency to do so. There are others who experience this same thing including me regarding nightmares and waking up at 3 am.

      In the Occult world, especially in Satanism and Witchcraft, the hours between 12 am and 3 am are when the powers of the supernatural are at their highest strengths. The reason for this is because it was during the hours of 12 pm to 3 pm that Christ was on the cross and it is recorded that He gave up his Spirit at or around 3 pm.

      In Satanism in particular, everything in regards to Christianity is reversed or flip-flopped so as to cancel out the powers of Christ and to have the powers of the Evil One in full force, thus making the activity of the paranormal and supernatural highly active. In a nutshell, that is the belief.

      As Christians we are under constant attack as John B was saying. I can personally attest that between these hours there is indeed what seems to be a more heightened sense of activity in the spirit realms. I say this because a couple of years back when I was directly involved in witnessing to Satanists and Witches (Witches prefer the term Wiccans) my spirit and even my body would sometimes come under extreme duress between these hours.

      I work nights at the ministry I serve and I will tell you that there were times I would be walking through the lobby of the building for example and I would suddenly almost be dropped to my knees in pain because it felt like I was literally stabbed in the back with a knife. It was also during this time that is was besieged with extreme migraine headaches. Now, I don’t attribute everything that happened to me during those years of ministering to those in the Occult to a demon that was hiding under every rock waiting to attack me. I am simply giving my personal testimony to what I experienced.

      Since then, the Lord has closed the door for me (at least for now) in this part of the ministry He has called me to do. This is only part of what I do overnight at the ministry where I serve. The main ministry is to fellow believers who seek and need encouragement. This has always been God’s main calling on my life, but due to the fact that I too was once involved in the Occult, He sometimes instructs me to minister to others still there.

      I hope this was not just a ramble but can help clarify why sometimes these things seem to ratchet up between the hours of 12-3 am. Again, I know what I experienced and still do from time to time and anyone who has ever been involved in this type of the Occult or ministering to this realm can attest to this as well.

      So the bottom line would be this; it sounds like you are actively serving Christ and the enemy of your soul hates the works you are doing for the Kingdom of Christ Jesus the Lord. I would encourage you to make sure you are wearing your spiritual armor even before you drift off to sleep. As Matt can attest, sleep paralysis is not fun, nor is “Old hag syndrome”. But even less fun is being spiritually attacked. However, if in fact you are being spiritually attacked, wear it as a badge of honor for you are a target of the enemy…just be careful not to let pride creep in. That could lead to a quick and dangerous downfall. Keep fighting the Good Fight Cheryl and know you have our prayers.

      In Christ,

      Jeff D

    • I apologize. I didn’t notice that the stream continued on this topic and that several others had already covered it. I saw Jimmy D started a new entry with post # 6 and without reading it, assumed it was a different topic. Again I apologize for what may come across as being over-eager to help in spite of all the good advice and counsel already given.

      In Christ,

      Jeff D

    • Jeff D,

      Thanks for the exhortation. You may have well hit the nail on the head. I run a ranch ministry with my family and this past Monday, one of the young ladies I worked with told me she is a witch (Wicca) She was quite proud of it. We groomed a horse while she talk me about her life…When she mentioned she was a witch, a winced inside knowing the warfare going on. She is supposed to come this coming Monday as well.
      I work with youth at risk and underprivileged kids, mentoring them as we work with horses and all the while it my hope they see God’s love through me and my family. I appreciate your prayers and the fact that you and others care enough to exhort me.
      It’s my prayer that the blood of the Lamb protect me and my family as we serve Him.
      Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.

  5. Hi Cheryl:

    It is interesting that you woke up from these dreams at 3:00am. This is known as the true witching hour. Phenomena that occurs in 3’s is often linked to the demonic as a mockery to the Holy Trinity. Also, 3:00am is direct opposite of the traditional time that Christ died upon the cross. 3:00pm.

    I am not trying to spook you or anything, but phenomena and the number 3 always sends alarms bells off with me.

    God Bless,
    Jimmy Douglas

    • Hey Jimmy, I hear ya, and don’t worry, I’m not spooked. I always try to remember to pray when I wake up, witching hour or not. There’s always lots going on in the heavenlies and so we shall pray without ceasing.

    • Jimmy,

      I went thru a phase that lasted for years. I didn’t wake up at 3 am, I always woke up at 3:33 am! And I never felt scared when I woke at 333.

      I know about the 3am witching hour, but never completely understood the 333, except to say maybe it was symbolic of the trinity. ?

      A few years ago my family and I went to wash, dc for a rally featuring Alan Keyes and Rick Scarborough. As we were driving across my state to the airport, I looked and saw the mile-marker 333 on the lonely stretch of highway we were on. “Oh, look, 333 again,” I remarked to my husband. He replied, “You’re never going to believe this.” Our tripometer was, you guessed it, 333!”

      Wonder if anyone here has the market cornered on gematria, any input would be interesting.

    • Actually, I am much more comfortable with grouping of 3’s than groupings of 6’s

      In my companion Bible, 3 denotes “completeness,as 3 lines complete a plane figure. Hence, 3 is significant of Divine perfection and completeness. The number 3 includes RESURRECTION also; (besides Jesus Christ’s) also for on the third day the earth rose up out of the deep, and fruit rose up out of the earth’

      6 denotes the human number. Man was created on the 6th day. He works 6 days,and his hours in a day are a multiple of 6 . Infamous men in defiance of God have this number connected to them like Goliath, Nebuchadnezzar and antichrist.

      I think I just answered my own question. Thanks!

    • Rene, I watched the movie “exorcism of Emily rose” when it first came out 4 or 5 years ago. I’m not sure if you have seen it but it’s based on a supposedly true story and it had to do with this possessed girl. The possession happened at 3am abd the movie revolved alot around 3 am. Well it kinda spooked me to be honest, I never knew anything about 3 am before this. Well in spurts vet since I watched the movie I will wake up at 3am or 3:33 like you said. A few times before I started back searching or Jesus i woke up after horribly realistic dreams at this time and then I would wake up and see black shadows, standing over me or up in the corner of my bedroom. This hasn’t happened since I started trying to live my life in faith again and I’m thankful. They say the significance of 3am or 3:33 is that it’s the darkest hour of the day as opposed to 3 or 3:33 pm. Me and my girlfriend actually read up on this a good bit. The experts say that our bodies are weakest between 3am and 5am. They say alot of ill people die during these times, like elderly in nursing homes and patients with pneumonia etc. I woulnt be surprised I that’s when our minds are the weakest too!

    • Joe b,

      I agree.

      I went to that show, I was the only person in the theatre! I was scared out of my heart at times, the concessions clerk come in to check on me from time to time!

      Jesus is always who I turn to in prayer, protection and comfort, yet I was so relieved to have any friendly company with skin on it I felt that all of that terror was meant just for me.

      While it is true that 3am is the witching hour, opposite Christ’s crucifixion, and particularly in the ‘darkest before the dawn’ (absence of light) hours, I would still like to reiterate the meaning behind numbers, these are relevant and infinitely full of God’s wisdom for us to understand.

      If you ever get a chance, read The Companion Bible re-edited by EW Bullinger. the appendix is very helpful, from the spiritual significance numbers to ‘The Stars, also’, which lays the foundation for the stars as signs in the heavens.

    • That’s interesting Joe. I had never heard about the body being weakest at this time.
      You are right about the Emily Rose movie. I knew about the significance of 3 in hauntings from reading books from various researchers such as Ed & Lorraine Warren, Ralph Sarchie, Father Malachi Martin, and John Zaffis.
      Ralph Sarchie’s “Beware the Night” is a very good book. Kind of high though becuase I think it is out of print. I found out about him right after 911 when i was an overnight board operator running Coast to Coast. He worked with the Warrens, Zaffis, and Martin as well.
      The “Demonologist: The Extraudinary Lifes of Ed and Lorraine Waren.” is good too.
      “Shadows in the Dark” by John Zaffis, who is the Warrens nephew, is informative but not as suspensfull.
      Malachi Martin’s “Hostage to the Devil” is something else. It has 5 cases of demonic possession. It is a hard read at times. I had to read it in little bits. I loaned it out a few times and some people could not read it. Some parts of it are way beyond x-rated and leaves you feeling dirty. But it shows what these forces actually are.
      I don’t completely agree with everything these researchers pose, but their experience is quite notable in the field.
      You might can find bits of those books on google books.

      God Bless,
      Jimmy Douglas

    • That is true about many people dying in the very early morning hours. Just over 4 years ago, at about 4:15 AM, my very athletic husband and I had just awoke and were talking about the day, when he looked at me, said he was dizzy, and passed away. He was in excellent shape but the autopsy said he had a idiopathic enlarged heart. An ambulance was there within 4-5 minutes, they were only about 12 blocks from us. They worked on him for an hour at our house, and another 30 minutes in the ambulance and the emergency room. But they never got his heart to beat again. The many EMT personnel and MD’s who I talked with that morning told me that a larger majority of sudden deaths happen at this time of the day. Something about the body being the most relaxed, and not ready to fight for life.
      The Lord carried me through that horrible experience like the “footprints in the sand” poem/story. He was awesome in lifting me up and carrying me. Praise the name of the Lord.

    • I also wanted to say I am not one to have many dreams, and have only once or twice felt like Yahweh was telling or showing me something in a dream. But about a week ago out of a very sound non-dreaming sleep, I felt as if my whole body was being pulled straight up. The pull was incredibly intense and strong. As I looked up the pulling was from streams of bright white light. I can’t begin to tell you how real and awesome it was. I said to the Lord “here I come”, “I’m coming”, once or twice and then abruptly woke up. I am convinced the Lord gave me this preview of the rapture. I just wanted to share that.

    • In The original Amityville Horror,the clock would strike 3:15 AM when things began to happen…when I saw that movie back in 1979, I honestly had to sleep with the light on. I have seen it since and can’t imagine what my fears were all about. Of course, when a evil voice says” GET OUT !!! Okayyyyy, I dont need the house that bad, a motel will be just fine. Why people insist stay in a haunted house is beyond me.

    • I’ve wondered why people stay in haunted houses too Matt. I’ve seem some of the ghost hunter shows because someone else was watching abd I happened to be there and it was beyond me how someone could stay there avd let themselves or their kids live like that lol. I guess sometimes you have to do what you have to do though

    • Can somebody help me with this number thing? It doesn’t seem to provide any discernment or introspection, but it seems to intensify feelings of doom and foreboding. Here recently I have been seeing 666 in many places, of all places I was seeing them in licenses plates. I can not stop looking at license plates, it is driving me crazy. And because there are only so many times 666 comes up on a plate, my mind starts to wander and I see variations like 999, 696, 969 or even sometimes a plate where all the numeric are 6’s interspersed with letters (AL6k6B6), so if you drop the letters you are left with 666. Finally, I had to conclude that I was starting to reach. I was being overly created and trying to make connections where they were not there. I prayed a heart felt prayer to God and asked him why I kept seeing these. Asked him if my imagination was getting the better of me. Asked him if I was simply noticing them more, because I was observing them more.

      You know what happened? As soon as I said Amen, a car zoomed by me with TK666M. I started to laugh hysterically. I mean come on, cut me some slack.

      Why would anything like this be relevant or important? What can God possibly communicate with numbers other than making one feel they are losing their sanity? Anyone else have similar issues with numbers or license plates like this?

  6. I’ve posted on here before that the UFO’s may possibly be a demonic trick but I also agree they are or could be nuts and bolts aircraft. You do have to admit to yourself that the only UFO abductions the bible talks about are the ones where god took people to heaven before they died, Enoch and Ezekiel if I’m not mistaken. Either way I don’t claim to know for sure either way, but we do know the devil tries to counterfeit Gods works.

  7. Hey All:

    I pretty much am a Craigslist fanatic (the site that is similar to a national E-bay site). Getting to the point…I was reading in the general section today on the Rochester, NY section where I live and found a comment from someone in a nearby suburb called Webster, NY, titled: No One Saw Orange UFO’s on East Side July 4? (Webster) and it stated “Our whole neighborhood saw the two large, silent, moderately-fast moving objects going west to east just past ten on July 4th, but no one else is commenting on it anywhere, nor was it in the news. Never saw anything like it, except the Phoenix Lights out in AZ. The sighting was extraordinary, I’m just surprised more people are not chiming in on it.”

    I haven’t responded to that post because I don’t have the software on my computer to do so, but I was wishing I could send this person a link to Lynn’s blog here and hopefully it would be a seed planted. Amen!

  8. Great blog LA as usual. I watched the Alex Jones video and have to agree. I turned on my local sports channel at 11 to get some highlights/ sports news, and the first 10 minutes were consumed with Lebron James. I live in Vancouver, we no longer have an NBA team and I was left scratching my head. Do people actually care that much about where he’s going to play. And is there nothing else to report, no significant news? The whole production and him making his decision on live television is worse then any so called “reality show”.

    I’m glad there are those that undesratnd what truely matters, and I appreciate the comments and links posted here as much as I do L.A.’s blog. Have a great weekend all.

  9. Dear LA,

    Well, there it is, in plain sight, in daylight, and can’t be denied, as it is clearly photographed. The questions as to Who, What, and Why, will likely not be released to the public.

    Interesting it should be seen on 7/7/10. And for me doubly interesting since I listened yesterday to your round table discussion, (as Heather posted), on thebyteshow, featuring you, Doug Riggs and Stan Deyo. There was a wealth of information released in that round table and I was wondering if there is perhaps a transcript of that meeting available.

    I would like to ask you a couple of questions regarding some of the things discussed. I’m not sure if the blog would be the appropriate setting to pose my questions. What say you?


  10. My Mothers Dream

    My mother is a very Godly woman. She’s knows the bible inside and out and she is a prayer warrior. Until she was diabled with a rare disease she was a hospice nurse in addition to being a volunteer at the church and the food bank which she still does. She has a tremendous heart for feeding the homeless. It would be rare thing to find a more godly women with such a pure heart for christ. In fact my mother was on tv handing out sack lunches by herself during the riots in downtown Cincinnati if anyone remembers the riots.

    It was her stories while working in hospice of indiviudals who died and went to heaven and then were revived that really brought me back to christ during a very philosophical confrontation with my christian faith at the university of colorado boulder.

    You can call it deja vu or a mothers intution but she has this tendency to know what I am thinking before I say it and she does it of often. Sometimes she will call me saying I know what your thinking lets talk. Maybe all mothers do this I don’t know?

    Anyways from time to time my mother and I discuss the theory of the Great Deception, UFO’s and fallen angels. Its taken a while for her to understand the connection. We dont talk about it often. She prefers to discuss end times current events in correlation to the prophets or current sermons we both can watch on tv.

    Tuesday night she a dream so vivid she woke up in cold sweats. She called it a panic attack of terror. In fact she said she has never been so scared in her whole life. She said in her very vivid dream UFO’s had shown up and the fallen ones or aliens came out of the ufo’s and they were killing people at will in connection with people on the ground. She doesnt even like telling the story.

    My question is why does a 65 year old women with basic cable and no internet have such dreams? I asked if she had seen something within smilar within the last month that might mimmic her dream and she said no. We joked how do you get such dreams while watching the golden girls?

    I sure hope her dream wasnt prophetic

    I do believe that

    Tuesday night

    • Richard, That could be a prophetic dream…. very intense. Would your Mother talk to me? L. A.

    • My daughter had a dream. . ..

      She dreamt ‘an alien penguin with no nose’ which was big, adult size told her the world was going to end.

      I asked her to describe the being, and she drew something with almond-shaped eyes, a straight line for a mouth, very flat faced.

      I tried to figure if she was scared of the being or just really scared in general of the message and the world ending.

  11. WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama was said to have pledged to Saudi Arabia that the United States would force Israel to withdraw from eastern Jerusalem and the entire West Bank by 2012
    “Obama believes the Saudis are the most important element in his strategy to withdraw from Afghanistan,” a diplomatic source familiar with the Obama-Abdullah talks, said. “Abdullah said he was ready to talk to Taliban, but asked for a clear and definitive promise to deliver Israel.”

    • Margaret,

      I fear for these people…they have no idea who they are dealing with…El Elyon…Yahweh Tzva’ot! The most High and Only Living God, The Lord of Armies!


    • Me to Abby we are getting so close.I would not want to be them in the hands of God and his wrath.My mind can not even imagine it.

  12. Dr. Marzulli, thanks for helping me understand more about UFO’s and the implications. When I was in 6th grade back in the 60’s, I was intrigued by a TIME magazine which ran a cover story about UFOs. Then in high school I read The Interrupted Journey about the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill. For so long I pondered how Jesus meshed with extraterrestrials. I’m relieved to have answers to this physical/spiritual mystery. Thanks again.

  13. Biden tells Leno US did fine in Russian spy swap


    Joe ‘Buffoon’ Biden does not take the security of the United States seriously. Can you imagine Dick Cheney doing this? Or even when Al ‘Global Farce’ Gore was VP? Or George Bush Sr. when he was VP?

    Come to think of it, never has any Vice President ever opened his yap like Biden does and repeatedly sticks his foot in it.

    • @Matt
      Do you really think there’s a difference among the various presidents and vice presidents.
      They all do the bidding of the New World Order.
      I’m guessing Lincoln and Kennedy were the only ones that didn’t walk in lock step with the NWO.

  14. For anyone who hasn’t heard the cosmic info from Mark Biltz here is a recent interview. He’s the one w/the Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse & Sackcloth Sun/Solar Eclipse info from NASA & how the dates fall on Jewish Feast days or set/appointed times.

    He also has included a few Hebraic word studies. The one I love is this one:

    God’s real meaning of the word Shalom/True Peace.

    In the ancient picture language it says:

    To Chaos

    (Which reminded me of the Illuminiti motto of those in authority which look to: “Out of Chaos=Order”)

    Maranatha Chapel July 07, 2010 – Ray Interviews Mark Biltz

    • I have heard those clips on youtube! Very interesting and fascinating indeed!
      I think I posted it a few weeks ago about part 1, out of 5 or 6 i believe.

  15. On coast to coast last night they had a cryptozoologist recount the story of the Goat-Man of Lake Worth, an entity reported in the late 1960’s that resembled the satir of ancient mythology. According to Redfern, “local police actually took it very, very seriously” and even had a file on the Goat-Man sightings.

    I remember going out to the lake as a little kid with my older brothers with flashlights looking for the goat man. Sometimes our parents would drive us out there at night on the weekends to humor us kids. Although I have a suspicion Dad took it a bit more serious as he would not let go of the flashlight and always remained in the car with the doors locked. 🙂

  16. Costa Rica has allowed 46 US warships and 7,000 Marines to enter the country despite objection by the opposition parties, which describe the move as “illegal.” The decision grants US troops permission to stay in Costa Rica from July 1 to December 31 to fight drug trafficking.

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