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L. A. Marzulli

Acceleration Radio was on for two hours last night. My guest was author Jim Wilhelmsen. It was a lively two-hour sojourn about the UFO phenomena, and the reemergence of the Fallen Angels and Nephilim. However, at the top of the show I did about 25 minutes of rant. I was really heated up and with that thought in mind, I’m going to let some of it spill over here.

There is a gathering storm. It is global in nature and it is coming to where you live. No one will escape it. This storm has been building for centuries. It has been crafted by dark forces, by the Mystery of Iniquity, by secret lawlessness that has been working behind the scenes. The storm is looming on the horizon and from my perspective it would appear that it will break soon, for it is supernatural in nature. When it does, life as we know it will change forever. Here are a few of the reasons why…

The war in the Middle East is coming and when it does it will be self-evident as to what prophecy is being fulfilled. We will see nukes go off, financial markets crash, cities go up in flames. Millions will be affected. Gas prices will skyrocket. What if the Katla volcano blows? What then? A nuclear winter?

The oil spill continues, basically unabated, as it has from day one. Millions of barrels of oil have polluted the gulf and it’s starting to move. Computer models put it on the shores of Europe and then, because of the Gulf stream it will return here. This will cover about a third of the worlds oceans. I am reminded of the Book of Revelation, a third of the water became like blood…

Yesterday in Los Angeles a 5.4 earthquake rattled Southern California. This was predicted in one of the Torah Codes tables. There are supposed to be more of them on the way. We now have earthquakes that are over 6 points on a weekly basis. Is this normal?

There are large sinkholes that are appearing all over the globe, why now?

Lady Ga Ga is the most popular person on earth and is engaging in deliberate Babylonian, ritual, sex magic. Over 30 million people have downloaded her video, Alejandro. This pornographic priestess is at the height of her prowess and her slime is pumped into homes all across our nation. Have your children watched her?

Our southern border is still a war zone and while our president dawdles and threatens to sue Arizona, for wanting to control their border, people are being tortured and killed, drugs are pouring into this country, and illegals who have limited or no skills continue to affect our already fragile economy.

The threat of violent Jihad continues and people are murdered somewhere, in the name of the religion of peace, on a daily basis.

The United Nations is corrupt, enervated and powerless to stop the genocide that continues in Darfur.

The Afghan war drags on with hundreds dead in its wake. Russia has complained about the growing heroin trade and subsequent addicts that now plague parts of that country.

UFO’s, crop circles, cattle and human mutilations, implants, abductions and the ongoing breeding program that will produce modern Nephilim are manifesting. The Fallen One will show these hybrids when the time is right. Demonically enhanced Nephilim will appear from three mile-wide ships that have come, “to save the day.”

I realize that reading all of this would put me in the doom and gloom category, however I would be remiss if I didn’t sound the clarion cry that we are moving, rapidly, into the time of Jacob’s trouble, the last days, the end times. In closing today’s post let me say that this storm is gathering momentum. It’s not subsiding. It’s not going away. The nations stand perplexed. Now is the time to understand and know that the prophecies that were written thousands of years ago are coming to pass in our time. Wake up! Know the Most High God and his son, Yashua, who is our blessed hope. Although there is a gathering storm, to those of us who look for His coming we can see past the darkness and know to look up, because our freedom, redemption is on the way….

I’m taking this on the road!



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  1. LA I really liked Jim you will have to have him on again.

    The gathering storm almost seems to be solely against nations that harm or seek to Israel.

    Bill Salus posted this yesterday and it was first correlation I have heard regarding the UK ASA banning pictures from Israel and the correlation with the Eyjafjallajokull Iceland volcano erupting.

    Approximately one week earlier on April 14, 2010 the UK watchdog agency called the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned Israel from including pictures of the Western Wall in promoting tourism to citizens of the UK. The ASA is the UK’s independent regulator of advertising across all media including TV, internet, sales promotions and direct marketing. The reason given is that it implied Israel possessed legal sovereignty over East Jerusalem, something the Arab League and apparently even the UK government contests.

    Oddly on the very same day the Eyjafjallajokull Iceland volcano erupted grounding all flights and about one-million people from the UK and much of Europe. The apparent reward for the ASA’s potential adverse affect on Israeli tourism was that all tourism departing from or arriving to the UK remained at a complete standstill. All flight traffic remained grounded for approximately 2 weeks until the volcanic dust settled.

    The million dollar question seems to be will Israel strike Iran or will Hezbollah, Hamas and Syria fire on Israel?

    There has to be a reason for all of the US naval ships with marines stationed in the strait of Hormuz.

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    • It doesn’t me either considering Denver, Co has special significance. Google airport if you don’t know. I wonder what elements in the water are key for special plant or animal life that we don’t quiet know about? Hmm. Keep digging…..

    • Joe Yes i knew about Denver that is why it stood out to me.Arkansas is known for it’s fresh streams I believe they know something is up and they are making sure they have their water supply.Can you imagine having to buy your own water from these people it’s nuts.

    • Margaret – The water is coming from the Arkansas River near Buena Vista, Colorado. The article says that it’s only 120 miles from Denver. The water is NOT coming from the STATE of Arkansas. Does that make a difference?

      Just paying attention to the details………

      God Bless…..

  3. The only part I can’t seem to get by in all this, and I can only speculate, but as angels are not biological organisms, they are not likely to be reproductively compatible with humans.

    • think genetic engineering Matt…if humans have figured out how to mix incompatable species such as the kangaroo-dog how much easier might it be for a far superior intellegence?

    • Well, if Jonah could live in a belly of a whale, then fallen angels being reproductively compatible with humans isn’t much of a stretch. Not sure I buy it, but it is a possibility.

    • I see your point and have thought about this. But the angels who visited Abraham took pysical form, as they ate and drank with him. So some physical manifestation must have taken place there.

      They were in pysical form with Lot too.

      Just some thoughts.

      God Bless,
      Jimmy Douglas

  4. I know it sounds like doom and gloom and what it tells me is time is becoming shorter than ever.I live in Mass and there was an illegal alien that brutally raped a 4 year old girl.In Colorado there is an 82 year old sitting in jail for just trying to protect his life,limb and property.He was almost run over by 2 illegal aliens,they got out of jail,not charged and free to roam,steal and basically do anything they want.The gov.of my state also wants to sue Arizona for their new illegals law.All I have to say is woe to those who call evil good and good for evil.SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!!!!

    • Ya, Gov. Deville Patrick is a whole other prob for this state! (MA here too!)

      Doom and Gloom- I used to be part of a company that was into everything posiive and $$, and it just took me away from God/ Yahuah, and am glad I am back in focus and finding all these great site and speakers like LA.
      It just shows how the end is coming, and yes, it’ll be scary, but we all know the next beginning will be truly Amazing!!!

    • ” but we all know the next beginning ”
      Hey Jeff and All,
      …give a listen to this…3 parts…

      What Is The Church?
      What Is The Church1.mp3 (Part One ~ 13 June 2010)
      What Is The Church2.mp3 (Part Two ~ 26 June 2010)
      What Is The Church3.mp3 (Part Three ~ 4 July 2010)

      Imperative Listening….there is also a great round table w/ LA if you haven’t already heard it !


    • I saw that about the 4 year old girl and that made me so angry. I think child molestors should get the death penalty. I will never understand why Enron and Bernie Madoff people get HUNDREDS of years for MONEY crimes yet murder, rape, molesting only garner a scant few years. Am I the only one who think this picture is wrong?

  5. NETANYAHU ENGAGES IN MEDIA BLITZ: Noteworthy, PM is not indicating war with Iran is imminent; spends 90 minutes on Saturdays studying Bible with his son.(Rosenburg’s blog)

    I’m kind of thinking- although I like Netanyahu- do you think he’ll be the one who actually accepts the false peace deal w/the Anti-Christ?

  6. Convicted Russian Spy Sutyagin Reportedly Flown to Vienna

    If Russia is spying on us, why are we removing the missle defense system to protect Western Europe from Russia? Never trust ex-KGB Putin. Once KGB, always KGB. KGB is way too mean and abusive to change into do-gooders!

    After Chapman is released, and is sent back to Moscow, she’ll probably appear on Oprah. I can imagine Oprah and her couch, flying to Moscow, so they can conduct the interview from Red Square, with the Kremlin in the background. Maybe Tom Cruise will make a guest appearance, and he can jump up and down on the couch, next to Chapman.
    What a pathetic President we have. Once upon a time, when we caught spies in this country, they were executed. Spying was a capital crime. Now this Chapman woman, and her cohorts, will get a book deal and a condo along the Black Sea.
    Ridiculous. Disgraceful. Pathetic.

    • This Russian story smells fishy to me. Look at HOW FAST this was swept under the rug. Something doesn’t sit right with it to me.

    • I agree, this spy swap is happening awful fast, considering these people were picked up recently. Maybe someone wants to keep them out of jail to keep them quiet

  7. Hi L.A.,

    You are on fire today and need to be. I get categorized as a “doom and gloom” guy myself. However, when you see that the bridge is out and multitudes are plunging headlong into destruction, how can we help but sound an alarm?

    I believe you are a watchman on the wall. Stand strong in the strength of the Lord brother. Know that I am praying for you. Know that many of us are standing with you.

    Kevin J.

  8. I was in one of our newest large Christian bookstore the other day. Found L.A.’s Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural. I dont know if it is the same book I saw there a year ago. I read through some. I am trying not to spoil it for myself or wear it out before someone else buys it. I have to wait for some extra funds in August to get it.

    I messed up a few years ago and loan the Trilogy books out too. Never got the complete set back.

    I tried to support a mom and pop Christian store a few years ago. I orders P,P & S from them but never got it. I kept checking and they just said it was on back order. It never made sense to me.

    I am very impressed with what parts I have read. Can’t wait till August to get one. I would like to pass it to some clergy, but don’t know what will come from that.

    They all preach about the end times and the great deception but many act offensive when I mention the word “Nephillim.”

    My mother said she never heard of the word. I was surprised to find the word in a NIV bible she bought me back in the 90’s. And the side notes mention the two possibilities. The son’s of Cain position and the offspring of fallen angels. Although it points more to the sons of Cain, it does not discount the fallen angel offspring. Mine is a Quest Study Bible.

    I cant wait to finally get a copy of P,P&S next month. If it is gone by then, I will order it.

    God Bless,
    Jimmy Douglas

    • Jimmy, something to consider in your Quest concerning The Nephillim in the days prior to the Flood.
      Q were they offspring of Fallen Angels or were They The Fallen Angels themselves The “Nephillim Type” as there is the “Seraphim Type” and The “Cherubim Type” Three types of Angelic Powers and Authority created by God. Something to think about!
      (Nephillim,Seraphim,Cherubim), were angels created in the image of the Godhead?

      Their offspring we are Told in Deu1:28 is a race called the Anakims and in Num13: they are the Sons of Anak which are of, or a part of the Nephillim.

      all the best in your Quest

      John B.

    • Jimmy, John B,

      Also, from what I understand, there are several divisions of angelic beings all created by God, but not in the image of God. Humans were the only beings created in the image of God.

      There are seraphims, found in Isaiah 6, who declare God’s holiness. There are cherubims found in Ezekiel 1, who protect the glory of God and protect the tree of life. There are the angels spoken of in Revelation 4, who are full of eyes within, I’m not certain what they are called. There are archangels, who are angels of war, two of which are Michael and Gabriel. And there are common angels which have no wings and are able to look like young men and who minister to and for the saints.

      Nephilim refers to “mighty fallen ones.” Previously I believe Lucifer was a cherubim as he is described in Ezekiel 28 as the King of Tyre…King of Tyre referring to a non-human king. God calls him “…the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so…” (v14) I’m not sure about the angels who fell with him. I don’t know what division or divisions they were from. If some were of the common division, then it would be no stretch to imagine they could mate with women physically or to imagine they could mate through genetic engineering.


    • Hey Abigail, in genesis God said let’s make man in OUR image. I always took that as he was speaking of we as the angels since they were with God. There is a good chance I’m wrong, I’m just throwing that out there to think about lol

    • Joe b,

      When God said, “Let us make man in our image, he was speaking in the company of the trinity…Father, Son, Holy Spirit…that is the “us” and the “our.” They are three separate and distinct persons…a mystery we do not yet fully understand.

      “In the beginning God…” = one = God the Father (Genesis 1:1)

      “And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” = two = The Holy Spirit (Genesis 1:2)

      “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God…” = three = Jesus Christ (John 1:1)


    • Good points Abby. I can’t wait till i get to heaven. I have so many questions I hope I get to ask lol not saying questions that make me not believe, just fascinated with the mystery and power of God.

    • Jimmy – I too am getting a copy in August. Perhaps we could study together via email?

  9. I let my exterminator borrow my copy of Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural. The guy is a Christian and thought he would be open to it…he returned it a few weeks later and said…it was too far out for him. Now this is the same guy that comes over to my house to exterminate and in the process begins tell me every government conspiracy known to man…and believes every one of them.
    Obviously we are NOT on the same page. How he can believe the Government is evil ,going to take our guns away, and 9-11 was an inside job but not consider the truths behind Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural is beyond me.
    If Satan has you running around chasing conspiracy issues, then his work is half done. You won’t and can’t see the truth before you, your too busy chasing devils and hear say.
    I agree it’s important to be aware of what’s going on around you, but not every disaster and not every so-called government plot has a devil behind it.

    • Hey Matt, I have a friend that kinda reminds me of that. He loves to watch ghost hunters, he even wants to try it. He also likes stuff to do with Greek mythology like movies and stuff. He was telling me last night about the movie Percy Jackson and how he was a Demi-god. I listened as he told me about the movie avd how they explained in the movie that Zeus or one of the other gods had children with women and I started hitting on the points of the bible where it talks about angels mating with women and having children BUT needless to say I didn’t get that far into it…. Lol

    • The exterminator sounds like a liberal. They say things like that but are closed to Biblical matters because of their bias. Tolerance used to mean “living in peace with those you disagree with” today it means “Accepting the beliefs of others as being equal to or better than your own” It is where moral relativity comes from.

    • Not sure if he is a liberal, but I see him as a flake. He is just too caught up in conspiracy theories. I often wonder if the guy checks under his bed at night for the boogeyman, or at least a CIA agent.

  10. All true prophets preach doom! so, lift your head Up LA and shout it REPENT or PERISH. unpopular you will be, The Baptist was a Loner.

    The multiple scenarios World wide are all indeed culminating into “the Glorious Redemption of the sons of god”.

    The Mystery of Iniquity will soon reveal the offspring of the Babylonian Whore, (The son of perdition) whom the Lord will slay with the Brightness of his coming in the Fiery Wrath foretold by the Prophets of old.

    “Men revile the things which they do not understand; Living by instinct like unreasoning animals, Woe to them in their rebellion, For behold the Lord comes to execute judgment to convict the ungodly” (my paraphrase of Jude 10-15.)

    Something to ponder; The mystery of iniquity is coming into full bloom, the evidence is the falling away, The Great Apostasy among The Churches.
    Therefore; This is indicative that “The Gospel Has been preached to all Nations as A witness” just as Jesus said it would be before the Great and terrible Day of the lord “For Apostasy Follows The Falling away” and a Great Apostasy indeed we are witnessing, for We have (Sodomites, Jezebels, Pedophiles, and smorgasbords of heretical doctrines to accommodate all choices)

    John B

    • Or it’s a cover for a methane explosion that is about to happen and no residents in the gulf area have been made privy to through mainstream media.

      Don’t you think it’s kind of strange that there would be a media blackout–not even CNN’s Anderson Cooper allowed within 65 ft. of the beach–and then all of a sudden BP workers find this bomb???

      Or maybe I’m loopy.

    • Abby something is going on they don’t want us to know about for sure!I believe some at CNN are waking up to the reality that something is not as it should be.God did say he would pour his spirit out on all flesh we may be going to see some of these people come to the knowledge of truth I hope and pray


      This article claims 46 warships and 7,000 Marines are vacating the Gulf of Mexico, and that the Coast Guard is in charge of this, and that the Coast Guard says Costa Rica needs this hardware and those troops to fight drugs.

      Those Marines should kind of stop off in Arizona, as long as they’re going that way anyhow, if they want drugs.

      I’m just speechless. Good thing this is typed.

  11. The thing that makes me the most sad is with the end being so close I’ve never had a family of my own. Once Christ returns I’ll never have the opportunity again, will I? (I have heard many beliefs on the post Revelation earth. I tend to think it will be like Adam & Eve’s time since that was God’s intent and they didn’t have any children but it is unknown if this was His intent or they just hadn’t gotten arounf to it yet. Also, when it says in the New Testament tha there is no marriage in Heaven will that affect the new earth because Adam had Eve?) I’m sorry to ask so many personal issues but based on what many of you post I trust many of you enough for guidance on matters like this. I certainly can’t find it in a brick and mortar church.

    • I’ve wondered that too captain. But it says that there will be a thousand year reign of peace with Jesus on earth. I’m not sure if the believers will be resurrected to live on earth again or live in heaven untill the thousand year reign is over or simply stay dead till it’s over. I’m sure John b. Or frank could give some insight here they are much more knowledgable than I am. I personally had to stop waiting on the end to come however though. I got so nervous about the world ending any minute that I lost alot of ambition to keep living everyday life. I was really holding myself back and had to start forcing myself to look forward like the end ISN’T happening now so I could keep going and resume my long term goals just in case it’s a few hundred more years till Jesus comes back.

    • Joe.b: I wont give you what I think bu I will give you a passage from the Apostle Peter and some comment on it.

      “But according to His promise ‘we’ are looking for New Heavens and a new Earth, in which Righteousness dwells” 2Pet3;13
      The ‘We’ referred by the Apostle are all believers including Peter himself.
      Some theologies forward this new heaven and Earth after the 1000 years.

      However; In the context of Apostles rhetoric, taking the context to be The Promise of His coming in judgment (The Day of the Lord)2Pet3:4,10, and that “The present heaven and earth” being replaced By New Ones, it cannot mean anything else than this being the “Immediate Hope” of the Christian “since you look for these things” Vs14.

      Why bother looking for these things presently, if they are to be 1000 years away! That is the folly of theology.

      The book of revelations is as much A historical book from our standpoint in Time as it was futuristic for Apostle John’s standpoint.

      Those who say that the book only pertain to The Tribulation period are Mistaken.
      They have reached that conclusion Based on The theory of a Pri-Trib Rapture of the church which is inconclusive based on the words of Jesus Himself see. Mat24:29-31.

      The Book covers events that “must come to Pass” during The entire Church Age which culminates with what Apostle Peter wrote In 2Peter chapter3 which is the explanation of Revelations Chapter 20, 21 & 22 wherein there is “no more Curse” Rev22:3.

      That in it self is what our friend Eagle is referring in His Post No 15 concerning The Post revelation Earth.

      John B

    • Btw captain, I did not mean in my post above that I do not want the Lord to return. I’m almost to the point that I would feel bad for bringing kids into this world. I just meant that I had to motivate myself so that if the lord dosen’t come back in our lifetime I wouldn’t be eating out of a soup kitchen.

    • I have two beautiful believing daughters who are in their very early 30’s, but one in particular gets very irritated with me when I talk about the second coming and all the signs in the heavens and earth. Neither one is married and they really miss not being able to have a family, if what I say about the Lord’s imminent return is true. They would rather not think about it. That frustrates all of us.

    • Louie; The Glory that is awaiting your daughters will surpass any form of marital Bliss. i have a good marriage, I will swap it any day To behold the Face of God and Speak with Jesus and meet the Prophets and Apostle.

      May the peace of God be Upon your daughters Amen.

      John B

    • Thank you John for your sweet sentiment. I know those things are true, but my girls are, even though believers, still distracted by the world in some areas.

    • Hey John i just visited your ministry page again and I was reading your blog about the commonwealth of israel. I know now that the law is no more abd race dosent matter to God it matters that we are born again Christians. One thing I have been wondering alot lately is WHY the Jews were the chosen people under the law. I’m wondering this because we are all from one seed. Even after the flood were all from Noah and his sons. Was it because they were the people who most believed in God in those days? I may have read this abd just not caught the answer to my question, I’ve been trying to spend more time reading the bible lately.

    • Something to think about: when Cain departed from the presence of the Lord and settled into the land of Nod East of Eden, we are told That He had relations with his wife and Built a city Gen4:16,17

      Question; where did his wife come from, and did Cain build a City by himself?
      There is a lot in the scriptures for which we have no answers. Some how I think it possible that the the seed of man was divided there…. and that the Abrahamic lineage came from Seth. (I am researching This presently with much prayer)

      John B

    • Joe b,

      I would agree with John B, that the seed of promise was in Seth and was passed through the line of Seth on down to Noah. After the flood, the seed of promise was passed to Shem, Noah’s son. You can find this in the lineage of Jesus Christ in Luke chapter 3.

      Abraham is in the line of Shem. I believe God chose Abraham because he would teach the Way of Yahweh to his children.

      Genesis 18:19, The Lord saying, “For I know him [Abraham], that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment; that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.”

      Abraham was a descendant of Shem, Noah’s son, whose people settled in the region of the fertile crescent. In those days, the knowledge of the Lord was handed down by word of mouth, so Abraham would have heard of Yahweh from his progenitors.

      Perry Stone has written that he believes Shem was actually still alive when Abraham was called of God. Stone believes that Shem was Melchizedek who came out from Salem offering Abraham the bread and the wine (elements of covenant) and unto whom Abraham offered tithes of all the spoils he had won in the battle of Genesis 14. This he reads in the book of Jasher which was not included in the Bible, but you can find it if you google it and is referred to in Joshua and 2nd Samuel. It is seen as an historical record much like the Book of Josephus and the Annals of the World.

      Melchizedek was “the priest of the most high God.” (Genesis 14:18) From that passage of scripture, I understand that the worship of Yahweh was not completely unknown at that time. There was still a remnant of Yahweh’s people.

      There is some debate as to whether Melchizedek was actually Jesus Christ himself, or if the reference to him being, “Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life: but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually…” (Hebrews 7:3), is referring to the idea that there were no records of his lineage.

      Shalom Shalom

    • That’s really ironic John I was just searching and reading on the same thing about Cain’s wife. I read that part of genesis again avd then I went to some Christian sites to see what people had to say about it. There was actually a big debate at some point in recent history, as I read on a site, where a firm believer was asked to prove the bible was truly the word of God. They asked this man where Cain got his wife a few different ways and the man dodged the question by saying he has never thought about it and it dosent affect his faith which have the other side of the argument much fuel for the fire.

      From what I’ve read John, you have to be a seed of Adam to recieve salvation. And the bible (sorry I can’t recall scriptures but I will try to find it again if you would like) states that we are all the descendants of Adam the first man and eve the “mother of all men” (not word for word) So the only answer I could find is Cain married his sister later after Adam & eve had Seth the bible states they lived x amount of years and had children. This is not my own research I read most of this from a Christian site. This could very well be the case because the way genesis reads, it touches on a story and then gives more detail. Like it says God created man and woman and in the next chapter it goes back to man and woman with more detail.

      However, the one thing I did find interesting in genesis is when God created the living things he said be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth but when he created man and woman he said be fruitful multiply and REPLENISH the earth. The 2 words are very different that’s kind of why i got started reading about where Cain got his wife.

    • Hey again Abigail, I can see that. What about Enoch being taken up though, he was the son of Cain and God took him before he died. Do you think he was an exception? It’s just hard to think of God as fair and just as he is ONLY accepting Jewish people before Jesus unless there was a good reason like none at all lived by the law. Or like you said cain’s family was cursed.

    • Joe b,

      If you check your Strong’s Concordance, you will find, there are two Enoch’s registered in geneological lines. One is the eldest son of Cain, (Genesis 4:17) and the other is the son of Jared of the line of Seth, and father of Methuselah. The line of Seth begins in Genesis 5:6.

      The Bible does not say much about Enoch, the descendant of Seth, except for the passage in Genesis 6:21-24. It simply says, “Enoch walked with God; and he was not; for God took him.” (v24)

      There are two references to Enoch in the New Testament, Hebrews 11:5, and Jude 1:14.

      Some Bible scholars believe that Enoch will be one of the two witnesses found in Revelation 11:3. The Bible says in Hebrews 9:27, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment…”
      Since Enoch did not die, but was taken by God, he would be eligible to return to fulfill God’s eternal plan.

      It was not only the tribes of Israel who were accepted by God. Gentiles could enter into their numbers by faith. For example, Rahab (Joshua 2-6) the harlot, who was a gentile, was received into the tribes of Israel, also Ruth was a gentile, also the woman who fed Elijah the cake was of Zarephath of Zidon, a gentile city. (1 Kings 17:9) The prerequisite for entering into the peoples of Israel was faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and receiving the sign of the covenant which in the Abrahamic covenant was circumcision.

      Shalom Shalom

    • Joe.b The replenishing indicates to replace that which was there. interesting, was there another creation prior to Adam? some say there was! I don’t Buy into it, although I have pondered how the Auatralian Aboriginal race can be the Descendants of Noah, Not only By genetic Features but also Spiritual roots as well.
      This also brings into consideration The prophesied Enmity Between (The seed of the woman and The seed of the Serpent) I have only traced this enmity as far back as national Israel and her enemies, Asyria Babylon ect but I do believe It Goes way back between the Two seeds, That is why I have started this current study. Presently I am stuck at Cain.

      I do believe that the Angels were with God in The Creation mankind, and that the implication to the “Let Us” could include Angels in accord with The Godhead.

      Abigail, any of your studies traced the possibility of a Gentile seed not related to Seth? So far I can only perceive Cain as the source, as he was marked by God, and Left Eden, and a wanderer he became fearing for his life. which raises another Question; Were there people in The Land of Nod east of Eden who would threaten his Life and Did he assimilate with them? Were they the seed of the Gentiles?
      So many unanswered Questions can only be revealed By the Lord and I am sure it is in the Word. one thing for sure There is no man on this Earth who fully has all of the revelations of god’s word. Plenty of theology though!

      John B

    • John B,

      So true, there is no one man on this earth who fully has all of the revelation of God’s Word…but we each have a piece of the puzzle and when we put them together, the big picture becomes clearer and clearer.

      And as I have said before, I don’t know all things, but I do know some things. I’ve been studying the Word of God for 26 years so I should hopefully know something! But I also know how to use study tools. I read what others have discovered…why try to reinvent the wheel? If there is a word I’m not sure of the meaning of, I look it up. You can pull up Strong’s Concordance on line, and the word replenish in Hebrew is defined as “to fill,” “to make full”…in it’s original meaning, it does not mean “to replace.”

      You are right, there may have been angels present when God said let us make man in our image, but angels are not of the God class so they wouldn’t have been creating anything. Basically if they were there, they would have been watching the Trinity making man in the image of God. Angels can’t create…they can only deliver whatever they are sent to deliver. Satan cannot create anything but illusion…he can only take what God has already created and twist it or use it for his own evil purposes. The word wicked means twisted, like wicker…twisted strands of willow, etc.

      From what I understand, the Bible does not mention all the offspring of Adam and Eve. The Bible seems to leave out a lot of information, but you’re right, if we pray and believe God, He will answer our questions through the Holy Spirit.

      People lived to be a lot older back then so we don’t know how old Cain was when he slew Abel and we don’t know how many generations had been birthed from Adam and Eve. I mean, if Methuselah lived almost 1000 years, imagine how many generations of offspring he could have produced.

      This is what I’ve been taught, that Cain’s offering was not accepted because there was no blood involved in his offering. Cain decided, like Adam and Eve, to do his own thing his own way…not according to God’s command, so Cain would not have believed God and therefore would not have acted according to faith in God. And we don’t see any indication of Cain’s repentance.

      When Adam and Eve sinned, God confronted them and they admitted their wrongdoing. I mean, Adam blamed Eve, but at least they admitted they’d done it. So God made a blood sacrifice for them, clothed them with the skins, and kicked them out of the garden.

      But when God confronted Cain, his response was, Am I my brother’s keeper? Cain went to Nod and that is where the first cities were built. So, yes, I would say Cain was the first of many men to choose to be outside of covenant with God.

      Seth carried the seed of promise and passed it down the line to Noah, but that does not imply that all of Seth’s offspring stayed in covenant with God. Even Noah’s offspring fresh off the ark may not have all stayed in covenant with God. They eventually became too populous to all stay in the same place and headed off in different directions and some of them ended up making up their own gods.

      The deceiver has always had his hand in the mix, except for the line of the seed of promise…only by a miracle of God was Satan not able to break the line.

      As far as I know, there was no other race of God-created men on the earth. I doubt that Cain left and went to Nod by himself…he would have taken all his wives and children and who knows how many that would have been. And what does “Nod” actually mean? Strong’s says it means “wandering, flight, exile.” So Cain went into exile…wandering…took flight. And eventually when Cain’s offspring became numerous and able, they built a city.

      Look how the Israelite population grew while they were in Egypt. They went in a small number and came out greatly multiplied. How many years? And their life span was not nearly as long as that of the offspring of Adam.

      You gotta think outside the box…

      Shalom Shalom

    • Genesis 3:20 says

      And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.

      So there could not have been anymore People created i think.

      And gen 4:25 says :

      And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.

      That’s in the bible after Cain was kicked out. I’ve always took that is Seth was the 3rd child and he was born. I know genesis isn’t necessarily in order though. But why would God wait to kick him out away from the others. And the bible dosent talk about anymore children untill Seth and afterwards. I’ve had these sane questions for a while John b

    • Captain,
      I have a wife and four kids and this comes with its own set of issues. Worry and anxiety abound, trust me brother. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t want to throw up when I think about my family struggling through the tribulation. Like you and Joe.B, I found my will to live sucked dry when I start to worry. I feel this is an issue that we all must contend with and overcome. I called it going through my mourning period, where I actually mourned the potential loss of everything (and I mean everything) before it even happened. I believe we are meant to live within this world, but rise up over the folley of believing this is all there is to life. Not to say that the things in our lives are insignificant, but that it is not the end game. There is a higher purpose to our lives. When we trust God and give everything around us we care about into His loving care, we achieve the most awesome and unbelievable freedom.

      It was an attitude change that I required. Lets approach our life as the most awesome adventure with ample opportunity to witness for Jesus to everyone we can. We don’t throw caution to the wind, but we start to live without fear. We don’t stop living our lives, but we NOW have something to live for. We no longer resist and resent those who oppress us, but we give mercy and compassion in knowing they are missing the key to life, Jesus. Perhaps through a little suffering of our own, we will do the hard work of eventually revealing that to them and bring one more lamb back to the shepard.

      If we change how we live due to fear or anxiety, then Satan has won. The whole “live like we were dying” meme is an intoxicating one, but it ultimately misleading and self-destructive. LETS LIVE LIKE WE ARE FINALLY ALIVE IN JESUS!! Tomorrow will take care of itself.

    • One more thing Captain. Please don’t think I disregarded or side stepped your questions. I don’t know the answer to your questions about family, but worries of what we don’t have are no different then worries of what we do have. Your God is a loving father. If you focus on HIS will and he sees that your life would be more fruitful with a family, you will stumble into a potential spouse and not even know it. Trusting God is a hard thing (I still am struggling everyday with it), but is our key to true liberty and freedom.

      I say pray to God, tell him you feel you are conflicted and worry about things to come and a desire for life goals yet attained and then say not my will but Your will be done.

  12. Some might consider it “doom and gloom”, but I consider it Truth and it must be spoken out…. sometimes truth isn’t pleasent, but still needs to be told. I don’t want my “ears tickled”.. I want the truth.. to be prepared. I want to be one of the wise virgins and have my lamped filled with oil. And the only way to do that is to prepare and looked up. And the only way to prepare is to LEARN and PRAY!!! So…keep on being a watchman, Lynn… not everyone has a deaf ear. By God’s grace, some are truly listening and preparing!! And I want to thank you for sounding the is much appreciated!! Yevarech’ cha Adonai! ( May God bless you)

  13. Goodness! One goes out of town and misses out on so much! L.A., let me begin by saying “preach it, brother!” Please never back down from spreading the Gospel and telling the truth. God will continue to bless you for it.

    To catch up – I’m so grateful to the Lord for His hand of protection on your daughter, Sarah! Praise the Lord! I honestly believe this is why the Lord has us praying for one another – to strengthen, uplift and surround each person and their family members with supernatural protection and blessing!
    Also, I want to express my condolences on the loss of Mr. Sox. I know you are still grieving, but know that we (everyone on the blog) are praying for you and your family. We’ve all gone through the loss of pets and it never gets easier. Between myself and my two sisters, we lost 5 dogs and one cat in one year! Too much! I also, believe that we will see them once again in Heaven.
    Lastly – I’m SO GLAD you are back on the blog! We missed you terribly!!! Things seem to kinda fall apart when you are not around. LOL. But, seriously, I was so grateful to the Lord for allowing you time spent with your dad and family. You made very special memories together, I’m sure.

    One more thing – my hubby’s whole family lives approx. 45 miles from Gulf Shores, AL. Needless to say, we are keeping a close eye on that situation and are very concerned with any developments in evacuation for the area. We have often enjoyed time spent at their pristine, white beaches. No more. What has been done is devastating to say the least. Lord help us, to be ready for what comes next.

    God bless you for keeping us informed and for provoking us to a closer walk with the Lord, for the time is very short!

  14. JohnB

    Regarding the thousand year earthly reign of Christ following the Day of the Lord.
    Satan is bound but the curse is still in effect upon the mortals living during that
    time or else Jesus would not have to rule with a rod of iron. It isn’t until the
    end of the Millenium when Satan is thrown into the Lake of Fire and the earth is
    cleansed with fire that the curse is no more.

    • I take the more reformed view on the millenium Ruby, it would take long to explain here. Just a few Points to consider.
      I know that Jesus is coming to judge the living and the dead, His reward with him to render to every man according to Their deeds at the resurrection of Both the righteous and The wicked.
      He is coming into his kingdom to separate the the wheat from the Tears, to judge peoples of the nations Sheep and Goats implying this judgment.
      All authority in Heaven and Upon the Earth is His, this He said Prior to His ascension.
      He rules presently over all authority having the name above all names.
      As believers we are born into or as Apostle said Translated out of the kingdom of Darkness into the kingdom of God’s beloved Son.
      The last enemy to be destroyed is Death at the Resurrection. If death is the Last thing destroyed, then there can be no mortals or 1000 year Time span, only eternity and Eternal life only for those who have believed the Gospel in This Age of Grace.

      I know that my view is not the popular one, But it is like I said before. The Book of Revelations with its symbolism, Imagery and Numbers must conform to the clear teaching of the Gospels And Epistles. That is One thing That modern Theologies Does not Do.

      John b

  15. A comment about the Netanyahu/Obama “we’ve come together” media thing.

    When I got done listening to Netanyahu, I could not shake the feeling that something is not right.

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