Oil In the Gulf: Day 73: Methane Explosion?

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L. A. Marzulli

It is now day 73 of the oil spill. The oil continues to spill out into the gulf at the rate of thousands of barrels a day. It is now being reported that there are now dead zones in the gulf. These are areas where no life exists because the oil has deprived those areas of oxygen. Here are some of the stories and posts that have crossed my desk in the last week. I have no way of vetting any of these. They may be canards, or they may be based on partial truths. However, that being said, in this case, I think it prudent to at least relay these to you, as you can be the judge.

* The oil disaster was the work of saboteurs: This came to me via a phone conversation. The person refused to give the source and was clearly afraid to divulge any information other than the original explosion was an act of terrorism. While this may be true, there has not been any information from any other sources that I am aware of that would back this claim up.

* A fissure was opened up in the earths crust and that is what is leaking the oil: not the rig: I’ve heard this repeated by different sources and I’m inclined to believe that it might be true. As the days tick by, BP continues to change its story. Of course if BP inadvertently opened up a fissure by drilling to deep, there is no way to cap the well…. period.

* There will be a methane gas explosion that will send a tsunami up to 100 miles inland: This is another story that is circulating and seemingly is getting legs. The scenario is that there is an enormous methane deposit and if it blows it would create a tidal wave that would devastate the coastal states.

* Mass evacuations are about to be implemented: According to this scenario the people living within a 200 mile range of the Gulf will be evacuated in preparation for the coming tsunami. This would amount to millions of people being moved. This immediatley raise the question, where do all these people move to?

* As the oil continues to leak into the Gulf, there is a real fear that it will be caught in the gulf stream and work it’s way to Europe: This in fact seems to be the case as at some point the oil will reach the gulf stream and thus reach the European coastline.

* Toxic rain has been cited in the gulf states: There is YOUTUBE video of this and it appears that the toxic rain has indeed fallen. The long range cleanup and effects of the spill are still unknown, however it would appear that unless BP and our government is able to somehow stop it, the results could affect generations of people.

* The BP spill is the fulfilment of Revelation 8: I don’t believe we are in the 7 years of the Tribulation. However, this is certainly one of the troubles that Matthew 24 mentions. I believe these are the beginnings of the birth pangs and as time continues to pass we will see more of these disasters.

* My dream about the massive flooding could be related to the Methane explosion: Another detail of the dream was that I asked an older man who stood about 6’3″. He was elderly. I asked him, “Is the first floor flooded?” He nodded and said to me, “Yes, it’s up to the rafters.” Then I went over to the doors and saw that the sea was raging….

In closing today’s post. Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying I’m a prophet. However, we are told that in the last days old men will dream dreams. I turn 60 years old this year and so I think I might qualify for the “old man” status. The Most High God may be giving me these dreams as a warning of what is to come. The fire on the water i.e the oil rig fire, that I saw in my first dream was exactly what I saw on the news. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw it.

We are told to watch and that’s what we will do. Watch and be ready, because when we see these things begin to happen we are to look up because He is coming back!


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69 thoughts on “Oil In the Gulf: Day 73: Methane Explosion?

  1. Thanks for the post Dr. Lynn and also for the headlines.

    A couple of weeks back on your BLOG I went on record as saying God has been speaking to me in that “Still, small voice”. I won’t go back into all the detail but the gist of it is that when I take my family on vacation to Lake Corpus Christi the week of July 18 later this month that there is going to be something bad happen on a world wide scale.

    To this day, like you I am not saying I am a prophet. In my case, it is to validate these “Still, small voice” warnings God has given me in the past…usually regarding people I am very close to. This time it is only about that particular week.

    If nothing of importance happens in the world that affects my family, I will know that it was just some subjective feelings. I have been testing the spirits to make sure this “Still, small voice” is directly from Jehovah God. I am not been told otherwise by His Spirit.

    When I read the headline about the tsunami heading 100 miles inland, chills went down my spine and shook me up a bit. I have been wondering if it is regard to nuclear war or war of some sort on a major scale. This is something I must really pray upon as the tsunami aspect never came to my mind. I know this though; I will certainly be paying attention to the animals as the lake house where we stay is full of wild life.

    God be with you brother and may God grant us all wisdom and discernment in these End Times.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

  2. Hi L.A.,

    Great blog once again. I had the opportunity to listen to “Acceleration Radio” for the first time last night. Fasacinating stuff. My head was “swimming” but good stuff.

    Kevin J.

    • The same with me. I was a bit lost, plus my eyes were getting heavy because it was late east coast. I would like to re-listen to the podcast if possible.

      First time listening to that show, and Mr. Marzulli has so much passion, you can hear it! I will be listening again because I am so interesting in everything that is going on, and he it right on top of it!

  3. L.A You are a very humble man.I believe God gave you that dream vision.Many people are having dreams of water sometime it is a sign of the Holy Spirit.If not it is a sign of the actual event i hope it is not the later but things seem to be pointing in that direction.Just the other night my husband had a dream that he was in the middle of the ocean and oil was surrounding him and he ask the lord what should he do and he said he shot straight up in the air that could mean we will be rescued before it gets to bad.And then last night he said water started rising and did not stop until it was up to his chin and he felt he was in the middle of the ocean water was as far as he could see,he saw houses and telephone poles as if it was a neighborhood it was rising very fast he said.This is the third dream he has had where he was in water.I know the lord is my protector but I am going to buy me a life jacket just in case because i can’t swim.Dreams that come in twos and threes need to be noticed.

  4. don’t worry LA, i won’t mistake you for a prophet 😉 but if the L-rd gives you a dream and it comes to pass, well then thats something different. You know, there would be a good reason for Him to give you this dream, you can reach many people.

    I myself have dreamed things that happened in the future, but they were not 100% accurate. and the one instance where it was accurate, the details were wrong. that’s another story though. I guess what i want to say, and you seem to be doing this, don’t bet the farm on your dream of the future.

    and here’s my two cents on what you brought up.

    * The oil disaster was the work of saboteurs:

    Frank Lordi has brought this up on the Frank & Chris show, though he is reserving judegment (and wisely so) until there is more evidence. Some possible “coincidences” are that some higher ups in BP dumped some shares prior to the disaster, and haliburton bought a company that makes chemical dispersants just prior to the blast.

    I myself agree that a sabotage is possible, but not necessary. The rig workers allegedly said before drilling started that drilling here was not a good idea. BP allegedly decided to do it anyways.

    * A fissure was opened up in the earths crust and that is what is leaking the oil: not the rig:

    I wouldn’t be surprised. Richard Hoaglund (no I don’t share his worldviews) said this was probably true along with the next item.

    * There will be a methane gas explosion that will send a tsunami up to 100 miles inland:

    See above. This would also make sense as to why they have made the are a no fly zone. If there’s methane, the plane’s engine will not work.

    Long story short. It is rumored that the bermuda triangle, and the missing ships and airplanes are due to methane bubbled in that area. Discovery or nat geo did a special and determined that if methane gets into a plane engine, it will stall. It can also create gas bubbles that can sink ships. They were even able to reproduce this via experiments.

    One thought on this though, wouldn’t something already have happened after 70 days?

    * Mass evacuations are about to be implemented:

    LA: This immediatley raise the question, where do all these people move to?

    Me: My bet is on FEMA camps.

    * As the oil continues to leak into the Gulf, there is a real fear that it will be caught in the gulf stream and work it’s way to Europe:

    No real comments here.

    * Toxic rain has been cited in the gulf states:

    No comment really

    * The BP spill is the fulfilment of Revelation 8:

    I would agree with LA that this is not Revelation 8 being fulfilled. That seems to be something unmistakeable, however. I would not be surprised if some would see this as a fulfillment and use it as a way to deceive others.

    I don’t see anything in Matt 24 about this particular kind of event, HOWEVER, I think we (the Church) have been seeing this stuff through the whole Church age, and it is increasing. As Christ said, when you see the vultures (AKA the signs in Matthew 24) there is the carcass (the fulfillment of the signs)

    I have an article coming out in august about Matthew 24, and the gist of it is, the signs are here. get right with the L-rd, and share Jesus. The end isn’t happening just yet, but because Matt 24 is being fulfilled (partially) we need to stand ready.

    * My dream about the massive flooding could be related to the Methane explosion:


  5. The oil spill has already affected thousands on a massive scale, and it will only get worse. Even if none of the points you gave happen, it will still get extremely worse, as the oil will continue damaging ecosystems. Personally, I think some of the points you made are valid and most likely will occur (such as the methane explosion, and others), but hard to say for certainty since I cannot see the future.

    Also, I had the opportunity to listen to Acceleration Radio last night, and was glued to the discussion. Fascinating information on the Red Heifer ceremony. I’m going to try and purchase of copy of Robert Reiland’s book.

    • Mike, I remain skeptical on this spill damaging the ecosystem in the long term based on the much worse 1979 Mexican well leak near Texas that spilled more oil than we have so far seen and the ecosystem came back rather quickly. I’m more concerned by some of the other reasons LA listed.

    • You mean the Eagle with a drop of oil?

      I’m amazed that no one is talking about this 1979 leak AT ALL in the mainstream. It was the 2nd worst spill of all time and the enviornment came back rather quickly. But I think they want to pander to fear to further their agenda.

      The worst oil spill was in the middle eastern gulf. I don’t know the details there but I heard the enviornment has come back to normal there as well.

      We also forget Saddam set all those oil rigs on fire after Gulf War I and that was supposed to destroy the enviornment. After the wells were put out the enviornment returned there too.

      I’m seriously starting to reject that the earth is a fragile thing that can’t repair itself. I’m not for destroying the enviornment but it does seem to come back rather quickly after such disasters.

    • What did they use to clean up the oil? It may be different this time around because of the chemical dispersants that bp is using.

  6. Robert Gibbs the White House Spokesman just gave an update on the gulf oil spill. Only 53,000 barrels of oil are being collected daily with the skimmers. That includes the new large skimmer. Only 53,000 barrels a day? Big Deal! Whopee! Any given day there is anywhere from 100,000 to 2.5 million barrels leaked into the gulf.

    Unfortunately to the average sheeple this sounds great. Yes I said sheeple. Sheeple are people in the United States act like sheep because they are uninformed and will accept just about any excuse at will. To the average citizen 53,000 barrels sounds good. See honey I told you the Obama administration is doing all they can. Not!

    I think this is nothing more than a black flag event anitcipated if not planned by the administration. Why plain and simple to create marshall law prior to elections. It is very clear the democrates will propbably loose both the house and the senate unless 30,000,000 illegals are made citizens.

    The repeal of the health care bill and every other bill signed under the democratic house and senate are on their way after Nov!

  7. last post for now, i would also refer people to Helena Lehman’s site. she was a guest on acceleration radio and suggested that the stars contain possible connections to the carrying out of G-d’s plan. I think her theories are interesting, and I am being watchful while being skeptical, testing what she says as it were. She gets close to date setting, and suggests that war may come to the mid east in mid July based on some eclipses on 7/11 and i think the 22.

    check out http://www.pillar-of-enoch.com/essays/index.html

    “Come up here, and come away.” is what I have read.

    again, i am not endorsing her, just think she may have some food for thought and i would like to see what you all think about what she has to say.

    • well, that’s where it get’s weird. I don’t know what to believe about it, so don’t think me a heretic.

      I believe Genesis says something about the stars being there as signs, and I do believe one could interpret the constellations to spell out the gospel. it’s when one goes beyond that and starts getting further into it, that’s where i think i have to draw the line and rely on G-d’s word.

      I guess what i’m getting at, is that i disagree with Helena on the date setting, but find her theories interesting and wouldn’t discount them – if that’s what happens.

      anyways, regardless of what she says, i’m looking up and waiting.

    • God said he gave us the sun,moon,and stars as signs. Astrology is a satanic conterfeit of the
      original intent of God.

    • Abby I agree and I’m the same way. If I find untruths or misleadings especially when it comes to biblical things it’s hard for me to read anymore of what that person said or listen without just writing it off. It’s so easy even for a “seasoned”(for lack of a better term in my vocab) Christian to get totally off on the wrong track by listening to lies or someones own thinking and not the word of God mixed in with truths and mixed in with the true word. I hope that made sense

    • Frank,

      Personally, I would remain skeptical on this one. This is purely what I believe based on a body of teaching revealed to me by the Holy Ghost, and may not coincide with what others believe, so please don’t be jumping on my stuff if you disagree. You are certainly welcome to disagree and I will not be offended, but neither will I enter into strife with anyone if they disagree.

      In my own experience, if I find amongst a body of work, a teaching I believe is false, I automatically throw the rest under the bus. But that’s just me…

      Why would I remain skeptical? Because, in her teaching on “The Hidden Meaning of the Parable of the Talents,” her premise is “works” based and not “grace” based.

      First of all, the Parable of the Talents is part of what is known as the Olivet Discourse Parables. They start in Matthew 24:3 as Jesus gives answer to the disciples question, “Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?” That is not referring to rapture, it is referring to 2nd coming. At Jesus 2nd coming, the church is already gone.

      From Matthew 24:3 on, Jesus is talking about the Tribulation Saints and what will be expected of them. I would agree that we are seeing the beginning of sorrows, Mt. 24:8, but then, in v9) Jesus says, “…ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.” That’s talking about Israel.

      Yes, there are many similarities in this discourse to what we see happening right now, but it’s going to get worse after the church leaves. Again in Matthew 24:15, Jesus is talking about the abomination of desolation…that’s in the third temple in Israel which has not yet been constructed. This discourse continues until the beginning of Matthew 26. So it is all in the context of Jesus answering the disciple’s question, “…when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?”

      The Bride will already have been caught up. This parable is not about the gifts the Lord has given His Church and our responsibility to use them or be judged. The timing, the location, context, and punishment for disobedience are all wrong. Why would Jesus punish His Bride?

      The Bride is only expected to “believe,” in order to receive. The Bride’s rewards are all based on the goodness of God and the gift of grace extended to her based on Jesus finished work on the cross. She holds a particularly special place with her Lord, her Husband, because her righteousness is a result of her believing, and not her seeing (i.e., doubting Thomas), or the result of her “works.”

      Shalom Shalom

    • Hi Abby:

      Right On!!! You nail the issue directly. The church holds a special place for believing…we have been filled with His Holy Spirit and are, therefore, a new race. Our purpose as the bride/body is different than the purpose of Israel or the world. It is misunderstanding these essential doctrinal truths that confuse people regarding the rapture, and regarding what and who the church is and what we are to do and be. You state it susinctly. Amen!!

    • Would any of you ladies please explain what the Apostle referred as “the commonwealth of Israel”.
      You can find it in Eph2:11-22.

      John B

    • Hi John B:

      I am not sure why you are asking this question but to the best of my understanding of those particular scripture verses “the commonwealth of Israel” simply means the promises of God to the Jewish nation, as we were gentiles, foreigners, heathen, without God in the world, until we came to Christ. When Jesus died he broke the wall of separation between Jew and Gentile so that we are all on an equal playing field (all sinners in need of GRACE for salvation) as even the law that God gave the Jews could not save them. The law was a schoolmaster to show them their sin nature and inability to cure it themselves or with regulated sacrifices. We needed to be redeemed by the blood of a sinless man. Now that there is an equal playing field, we all, whether Jew or gentile can come to God freely through Jesus Christ for salvation of our sins and become part of his bride/body. Not sure if this is the information you were looking for or if I am answering your question properly. Hope this helps. God bless. Amen!

    • I usually do the same as you, Abby, but I’ve made an exception with Steve Quayle’s books. I reject the gap theory, that dinosaurs were the result of fallen angels breeding with lizards, and a few other things he says but his giant research is solid. Of course, I’ve studied creationism since I was age 7 and can see where he is incorrect. I still enjoy his interviews on giants and see the valid information. A less informed person may be swayed by his beliefs on these other things though.

      My rule of thumb is if someone’s statements hold up against the Bible then they must be true. That is what brought me to L.A. I heard him speak a few times on the radio and was able to see Biblically he was correct so I trust him. I don’t see him as a profit but just a guy who is trying to make sense of the events of the time and I can relate to that. His post today was all about that.

      As a rule I normally don’t buy into personal dreams because they can sometimes be misleading but I can prove and verify events in the world.

      I didn’t check out that star site but the two examples I mentioned from my personal study were not astrological. I’m not sure what this woman says yet. A lot of Christians either read too much into that or actually follow astrology in the newspaper. I don’t really do either but I found the Star of Bethlehem Dvd to be interesting and very plausible. I also read the history of the Hebrew star reading in the aforementioned book, it’s called The Genesis Record and I highly recommend it for a great study on evidence of the flood and pre flood world and other science mentioned in the Bible, and found that to be interesting as well. This should answer John and Frank’s questions as well.

    • Captain,

      The reason I “throw the rest under the bus” is because, if the Holy Spirit reveals to me one untruth, then I consider that to be a word of wisdom to get out of there. So I get out of there.

      But, again, that’s just me. We all need to develop a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who wants to lead and guide us into all truth… The more we depend upon His leading, the more He will reveal to us.

      In my experience to try and argue any Biblical truth from a standpoint of human reasoning is a useless endeavor. Spiritual truths are discerned spiritually, carnal truths are discerned carnally, the two do not mix unless the Holy Spirit is in the mix!


    • Abby – It’s hard for me to trust emotion in making a choice. In my experience relying on emotion usually leads to poor choice. I don’t know if this is because men and women think differently yet compliment each other (I always get flack for repeating that) but if I can’t see the logic in something I don’t believe it, if I can I give it some measure of being valid. I put a lot of stuff in a “Could be” basket but I think a lot of us do that. A lot of L.A.’s proposals of future events go there so if I do one day see a global invasion of aliens claiming to be our creators (a theory I had heard before I came across L.A. but he has elaborated on.) I’ll know what’s really going on.

      I certainly don’t wallow in things I know are wrong but I try to study what seems to be correct. One thing I did years ago is sign up for all the free pamphlets various churches hand out to see where they agree and disagree on prophecy. There are points they all agree on but others have some kooky extra stuff. One that seemed to be right in his early days but got wildly off track was Herbert Armstrong. He was dead on correct about events that are happening now when he proposed them in the 1940’s but as he grew older he became kooky with all sorts of odd doctrines. But I pay attention to what he said about the financial collapse of the world that would lead to America’s downfall because it’s at least starting exactly as he said it would. I am amazed how right he was then got so far off track. I’m just aware that this was a case and read his material accordingly.

      I’m not sure if anyone can say no Biblical truths can be found without logic. It’s logical reasoning that brought me to Christ. All of the evidence that the Bible is true and the impossibility of prophecy being coincidentally fulfilled proves to me that it’s all true. I wish I had more of a spiritual side but I’m not sure how to acquire it. I pray very day and have done so all my life but I’ve never felt the relationship with Christ many Christians express. I’m just not sure why it won’t come to me. I hope to find it here fellowshipping with the rest of you and it may be working. I haven’t felt the way I do now in years if ever.

    • “fallen angels breeding with lizards”

      Please tell me your are joking?
      I have heard many theories but never anything like this.

    • I think you have good points Abby. I agree that it’s always good to approach this stuff with a testing attitude.

    • Matt – Nope, it’s what he says. I’ve notice Quayle sticks to the Giants/fallen angels in interviews but his books have some more extreme theories in them.

      I have studied man and dinosaurs in great depth and they were here together. There was no prehistoric world. The fossil record supports this as there are several examples of human and dinosaur remains found together. I think it’s clear that the fossil record was laid during the Great Flood.

      Quayle also says that the Leviathan and Behemoth in Job are aliases for Satan. I disagree with that as well. The Leviathan sounds like a Plesiosaur to me and the Behemoth description clearly fit’s the brachiosaur type creatures. He seems to be unaware that there is evidence that there were dinosaurs that may have breathed fire as well. (It sounds kooky until you look at the evidence.)

      Anyway, his Giant material is second to none but I find his books lacking in some areas. Interestingly he seems to agree with the kooky idea of Herbert W. Armstrong that there was an angelic civilization on earth before man was created. I see no Biblical proof or mention of this so it’s just a theory someone came up with. If there actually were Biblical proof I’d feel differently. The same with the gap theory. The Bible itself debunks that in at least two oe three spots. A day = a day. Not an age nor a recreation of some world God happened upon. There are questions the Bible doesn’t answer such as when did Satan’s rebellion occur? Was it before creation? Shortly after? An ongoing process? There seems to be no definitive answer because if it was before creation some argue that God couldn’t have called His creation good because sin would be present in it. If Angels don’t count as being part of creation (and they may not since sin only entered after man sinned) then it’s possible. It’s also possible that angelic sin doesn’t could because they exist in another dimension, which I’ve heard L.A. elaborate on in interviews. If it happened shortly after creation was there time for an angelic war? It’s just one of many such topics there is no way to answer definitively as far as I’m aware. I test every Biblical theory against the Bible and if it clearly doesn’t fit I throw it out but there are a scant few subjects that cannot be pinned down Biblically.

    • As I understand it prior to there being a written Bible the Hebrews read the stars as their Bible. Only later was this corrupted by Pagans into astrology. dr. Henry Morris mentions something like this in one of his books. L.A. also sells a DVD on the Star of Bethlehem that contains this theme. I have it and it’s very good. Of course I got labeled an astrologer for suggesting it but it’s not the same thing as astrology.

      Does anyone know when it became accepted that Israel must become a nation in prophecy? I’m still talking with that misguided guy and he says that was just some wild idea England came up with to justify capturing Israel. I am aware that when Newton was alive the Catholic church believed that England replaced the Jews and there are people today who think America or the Church also have. He also says the Vatican doesn’t recognize Israel as a state either. Is that correct? I had always been told that they did accept this prophecy. This guy may be a lost cause but perhaps someone else who reads ourconversation will see the light if I’m informed.

    • Frank,

      This is a very interesting and informative site regarding the Bible and the constellations. Draw your own conclusions, but it seems to have been well studied out.


      Captain Eagle,

      As far as I know, the first mention of Israel becoming a nation in prophecy is in Genesis 12:1, “Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee; v2) And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make they name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: v3) And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee; and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”

      There may be mention of it before Genesis 12, that I am unaware of.


    • Captain Eagle,

      (Oops, typo!)

      It seems there are many misguided people with wild ideas. The truth is, that only the truth of the Word of God counts for anything. There are many “religious” people who believe in “replacement theology”. That is the belief that the church has replaced Israel in God’s plan. But that is not true. Both the church and Israel have distinct and defining roles in God’s plan.

      Replacement theologists also believe that the Jews are no longer God’s chosen people, but that is also not true. When Israel was rebirthed as a nation in 1948, it was by the hand of Almighty God, it was not man’s undertaking, although it was carried out by men.



    • Thanks for that link, Abby. I knew I had some of this info in books but wasn’t sure which ones or where in them. This is EXACTLY what I needed to show him! 🙂

    • Eagle; Some truth to what your friend says. Look up “Theodore Herzl” also who instigated The “Balfour declaration” and also “Churchill and Zionism”.
      Hope that Helps John B

  8. I keep having visions of a wave that goes on forever,that is how high it is.Recently had a dream that my husband and I were getting ready for a world wide event.We were dressed to the nines and very excited.Then I saw the top of the earth.Not sure if that is prophetic but it was really cool.?rapture.Several years ago my mom was wanting to move to Florida.I was in prayer to the Lord and asked Him.He emphatically told me”no not Florida.”Now I see why and it has only just begun for them! Dr.Scott Johnson of Contending For The Truth is an awesome minister of the Gospel.His website recently suffered a catastrophic failure,and not sure why this has happened.He does tell all conspiracies and the truth as he sees it in light of Biblical profecies.Last mp3 he did say he would tell others to leave Florida as he is and does live there.Davis ells from UBM ministries is leaving that area as well and is telling others to strongly consider leaving as well.

  9. L.A.,

    A couple of things about the Tsunami scenario just don’t ring true. First, if the oil pressure normalized, the oil and the water would be at the same pressure at the oil/water interface. No water would rush into the cavity as it would still be full of oil! Second, if the cavity is 400 degrees, then the oil coming out would be 400 degrees. This is apparently not the case since they are pumping warm water down to the leak in order to avoid formation of ice crystals! Just some food for thought from a Floridian who isn’t panicking just yet.

  10. Breaking news, Mel Gibson has been caught on tape using what is described as vile language against the mother of his love child.

    What do you guys think of Mel? When I first heard of him does The Passion of the Christ I was skeptical of his intent based on his background. After the film came out I thought Mel may be genuine. After his drunken rants I thought he came under attack by the enemy over the triumph for Christ that film was. After he left his wife of 27 years and their 7 or 8 children for a girlfriend he knocked up I was severely disappointed in his character and don’t know what to think of him. Do you think he is genuine and the enemy brought him down or he was using faith to make a buck? I just don’t know but it grieve me to see someone with so much potential ruin his life this way.

    • I think he is a typical spoiled Hollywood actor. No one knows his heart accept for God but most big time actors such as Gibson are selfish and surround themselves with YES men. They can’t take rejection and start to read and believe their own press. If you want egos that are utterly out of control, look no further then Holly-weird. Money, fame and power lead these individuals into believing them can do no wrong, and they have a supporting cast, fans, personal staff, managers that buy into the fanasty, all of them wanting a price of the pie.
      I feel most people have said things they wish they could take back,, in Gibson’s case, a divorce is not an easy thing to go through….more so when a person that is so about material things, making them who they are as a person is about to see their fortune go to someone else in a blink of an eye. I’m sure he is lashing out, difference between Gibson lashing out and someone like myself lashing out, I don’t have paparazzi and cameras in my face 24 hours a day… if I did, my Christian walk would look more like a crab headed back to the sea. Trying to walk the straight and narrow, but every once and while, looks like I’m going sideways.

    • You’re probably right but I just hate the thought of being duped like we were by Bush on matters of faith. When he first appeared I didn’t buy his faith bit but after I saw a Frontline episode called The Jesus Factor that was fairly even handed I took his faith as genuine. (That so backfired on Frontline that they reedited it to slam Bush in later airings.) Now after some recent statements I think we did get duped somewhat.

    • I keep my eyes on Jesus and don’t pay much attention to stars, or politicians’ faith. You set yourself up for a BIG let down every time.

      Mark 7:21-22 For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders,
      Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness.

    • Amen Matt, Gibson is a break away Catholic with his own type of Church. It is interesting that Zionist hollywood played a part in that movie The Passion. There is a merging between the Jewish house and the Catholic house, a restoration if you will post Genocide of Hitler, Franco, Mussolini.

      John B

  11. Dr Marzulli, haven’t you heard? 60 is the new 30, you’re only old as you feel right? Of course that would make me around 98.

    * “Mass evacuations are about to be implemented: According to this scenario the people living within a 200 mile range of the Gulf will be evacuated in preparation for the coming tsunami. This would amount to millions of people being moved. This immediatley raise the question, where do all these people move to?”

    I live 50 miles from the gulf. I suppose I would fall into the category of someone that would be evacuated. I will make a sacrifice. I am willing to volunteer and evacuate to Hawaii. Of course I would have to find a few Menehune’s to take me in first.

  12. I have Michael Savage on and he had a report in the final half hour that L.A. may want to look into. I didn’t catch the name but the story was about the son of the guy who started Hamas (SP?) This guy grew up in his father’s organization, knows it inside and out, and somehow ended up working in Israel. (I didn’t catch if it was for them or against them.) Some how this guy became a Christian, rejects Islam and his father’s organization, and now has a hit on his head. He came to America seeking asylum for there is this hit on his head and has been here (I think California) for years. Then the Obama Administration tried to deport him to what was sure to be his death. So far he has been safe but there are worries that he may be deported.

    Also in the same report, this July in Chicago there is going to be a conference of radical muslims who’s mission statement is to annihilate Israel and create a Muslim Jihadist State with the intent of making the world a global Islam state. There was a whole list of other blatant things I can’t remember This group has been banned from several countries and out of it has come several of the global terrorists we have seen. Now they are coming to Chicago in mid July to declare their intent to establish an Islamic nation to counter Israel and eventually make the world an Islamic nation. Can anyone find any more details?

    • What illegal is doing things like Einstein nnd Tesla as he claimed today?

      I personally feel he wants to make these people legal because he thinks it with mean more democrat votes. Why else do this now? I do know the legal ones will be furious if these people are rewarded for not following the rules.

      While it’s true there are jobs Americans won’t do (I’ve worked in farming for years and seen it first hand) a lot of these people aren’t of that sort. There are quite a few in crime related activities and Phoenix has become one of the highest ransom capitols in the worlds.

      I also fail to see why burning an American flag is freedom of speech but burning a Mexican flag is a hate crime.

      I don’t feel this is an issue of race. If you talk to most people they don’t care if people come to America but what they do get angry about is when they come here and get benefits without paying into the programs. The criminal ones don’t help matters much either. I’ve also read that as many as 30* of all people in jail are illegally here. You’d think these things would get reported but nope.

    • Si, He be from Crypton, said so hisself on one of those vids. Saw him in one those super suits too.

    • I missed this yesterday. Did anyone see that Obama has now rewritten the origin and meaning of the Statue of Liberty to support this? The sad thing is I know they don’t teach this in school in anymore so people will fall for it.

  13. US rolls out plan for Net ID security
    The plan, said White House cyber coordinator Howard Schmidt, envisions a future in which people would be able to get a secure identifier — such as a smart identity card or a digital certificate — from a variety of service providers. Customers could then use the card or identifier to prove who they are as they make their online transactions.

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