Great to be back!

Thanks to all of you who covered me in prayer while I was on the road. I returned last night around 11 Pm in good-ol-Los Angeles. It was a typical, “June Gloom,” night, with a marine layer that cooled the temperatures to a 65. (It was in the 90’s in Philadelphia) My wife, who I hadn’t seen in 10 days greeted me, and as always it was great to return home. We hugged and kissed, and then made the hour drive home which put us in bed around midnight.

As I posted on Sunday, my parents are in the stone-age with zero Internet access. However, it was great to be with my Dad on his 90 birthday. He looks great and although he’s a little slower, he’s still mostly there. My brother and I bought him some golf stuff and we set up a little chipping range in his back yard – he has an acre of lawn – complete with a driving range matt, two targets, a stand to hold the club and a “shag” bag to pick up the balls so you don’t have to bend over when retrieving them. We both had lot’s of fun trading “chip” shots. It’s something he can do on a daily basis, weather permitting and I’m happy that it’s there for him.

OK. So much is going on that it’s hard to keep up with it. Here’s what I’m going to focus on today. While I was still in Denver I watched Joel Osteen and part of a Lady Gaga video. I’ll get to Gaga tomorrow, but I’ll foreshadow what I’m going to write about her with these words of warning, Luciferic, ritual, sex magic.

On one of the planes I was on in the last 10 days a gentleman sat next to me who was reading a Joel Osteen book. He should have had a copy of P.P.& S, and if I had one on me I would have given it to him! It is, with all due respect to the both of them that I write today’s BLOG. However, the picture on the left says it all. When I watched him on the tube it was standard Osteen fare. Take a look at the title of his book. With all that is going on in the world you would think that this guy would at least mention the times in which we are living in, give us a heads up. Nope! Instead he tells  you, how to become a better you. Here’s what it’s like. Let’s say that you are on the Titanic and it sinking. Mr. Osteen offers you some great advice about how to become a better you. You listen and you know what, it sounds great. However, the Titanic is sinking…! Well, in my opinion – and I don’t want to bag on this guy because he’s a brother in the fight against the Fallen One – but in keeping with the Titanic analogy, Joel, the SHIP IS SINKING!!!!! It is folks. The signs are all around us and at least on this BLOG you will be kept abreast of developments pertaining to the end times.

When I was home, my parents asked me about 2012. I told them it’s a distraction to keep people away from what is really happening in the Middle East, in other words the fulfilment of Bible prophecy right in front of our eyes. When I was in Wellington, Colorado, I spoke for 7 hours on Saturday. I was on fire, passionately delivering the truth about where I believe we are, in regard to the time of Yashua’s return. It is important for us to realize that we are held accountable to KNOW the times in which we live. I usually start my conferences with a two-hour primer pointing to how Yashua held the nation of Israel accountable to know the time of his coming. Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how I would have gathered you as hen gathers her chicks but you did not know the day of your visitation. They missed it and so will most of the people living on this planet in these last days.

We are living in the times of the greatest distraction and obfuscation from what is shaping up all around us. Time is short and yet, most people are clueless and in fact look to Nostradamus rather than what is written in the Guidebook to the supernatural!

In closing, Here’s another of Osteen’s books. He’s a millionaire and has one of the largest churches on the planet. However, the Titanic is has struck the iceberg and he’s not telling you what you need to hear in these turbulent times. Becoming a better me or having my best life now, appeals to my flesh, my ego, and me, me, me. BUT, It doesn’t in any way prepare me for the times in which we live or echo Yashua’s admonition of, when you see these things – Wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, floods, volcanos, oil spills, famines and the distress of the nations, begin to happen, look up, because your redemption is coming!


June deadliest month for troops in Afghan war

It goes on and on and on…. follow the billions of money made on the opium trade.


Summer Solstice 2010 Pictures: Fire Rites, Druids, More

It was the Summed Solstice and the modern Druids got together. However there is no mention about the child sacrifice that accompanied these pagan rituals.


The Well from Hell

The Dwarves dug too greedily and too deep. You know what they awoke in the darkness of Khazad-dum… shadow and flame. — Saruman, The Lord of the Rings


IAF aircraft land at Saudi base

The coming Middle East war….,7340,L-3909732,00.html


ME war tensions mount over Gaza-bound “enemy ships.” Hizballah pledges reprisal


Iran on war alert over “US and Israeli concentrations” in Azerbaijan

Another step closer to the war…. watch the 9 of Av. July 20.


Netanyahu to human rights activists: Sail to Tehran, not Gaza

Bibi is holding the blueprints from the concentration camps in WWII.


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  1. Blackout in US Media regarding modern Satanic/Luciferian rituals, baal and Molech worship,etc. involving human sacrifice including Druids and other types of Occult witchcraft ie Wicca and Brother of Darkness. Dr. Stan Monteith has published some info on this and also Russ Dizdar among others. Deeper research is necessary to uncover what is ‘hidden in the hearts of men who belong to the Kingdom of Darkness, over which Satan the devil, also known as Lucifer rules.
    Part of Satan’s deception is to make people believe human sacrifice doesn’t occur in ‘modern rituals ‘performed today. Those who believe Lucifer is good and Almighty God isn’t also are deceived. As the scripture says “Woe to men who call evil good and good evil.”

    • That old aztec feathered serpent is rearing it’s ugly head again. Just look at what’s happening in Mexico at the US border. Blood sacrifices.

    Thrilled your Dad is out there putting around and getting exercise,at 90,WOW that is marvelous.Tells me your family must be living right to live so long and in health and joy.
    Olsteen…you know as all of us do,people have itching ears and he sure racks in the money scratching ’em!Not everyone who calls out “Lord,Lord” will be recognized.I’ll just continue to pray for him and his collegues who serve the same lukewarm water. SO happy you were “on fire” and preached from the heart. God Bless you,you are a treasure! Blessings……LJ

  3. Welcome back. Missed you!

    Just watched that Gaga video and am absolutely appalled… The symbolim reeks of rejection in every form… The Spanish name glared at me as did the red crosses…


    The name Alejandro is a baby boy name. The name Alejandro comes from the Spanish origin. In Spanish The meaning of the name Alejandro is: Spanish form of Alexander defends mankind.

    When on the Danube, we sailed past the ‘X’ that marks the spot where Alexander the Great was supposedly captured. For whatever reason, it ‘hit’ me like a ton of bricks. And, now this symbology wraps up much in my mind. I look forward to reading what you have to say about this!

    Your sister in Jesus Christ

  4. welcome back!

    Well, if it makes you feel any better LA, your work and the work of others (Future Quake, etc) has shown me that indeed the Titanic is sinking. Now, when I was in highschool in the 90’s I had a feeling that I would be seeing endtimes stuff, then when nothing happened in 2000, I kind of lost focus on endtimes and wallowed in the “Better you” pahse. Well, now that I’ve taken the red pill, I am watching again.

    In fact, I felt inspired to write an article for the local Christian paper about Matthew 24 and the news headlines and the world ending. Well, it’s ready to go and it’s set for August. I hope that’s soon enough. I gave the whole thing to the L-rd through the whole process so I have to trust His timing.

    The summary of my article is that the world isn’t ending YET, but that the signs should be waking us Christians up, we need to be reading our Bibles (instead of Joel Osteen, NO WAY!) and sharing Christ with others.

    anyways, just wanted to share with you that all of your work isn’t for naught.

    PS, bought my dad Alien Interviews for Father’s day. Hopefully he’ll see the real light. He could be fooled by the deception, so that book will help. It doesn’t help that he saw a UFO as a boy.

    • My pastor hasn’t mentioned anything about prophecy and what the bible says about end time but he has managed to mention low tithe giving and getting behind and asking the entire membership to fast, pray and give. All very important but go figure.

  5. Welcome back! I really appreciate how you sum all this up for us.What i don’t understand is the bible tell us the church should be trying to confront people like Joel why have they not done that yet?The bible is for correction and rebuke is it not.Are is it going to go so far God will have to do it himself.I pray the lord has mercy on him and all the people being lead astray by his teachings.

    • We the church were spoken about in Revelation where Jesus spoke about the 7 churches,We are the “Laodicean” church.We for the most part have begun to embrace and believe,teach things that are emotional,things that make you “feel” something! We tend to follow those who claim to be professionals,but they speak about God when WE should be learning what GOD says,not what man thinks He says.Most christians want to be empowered,we are to to be indwelt WITH Christ via the Holy Spirit. Signs and wonders,miracles,that is what this church seeks,they do NOT rebuke,correct or confront. Here is what Jesus said:

      Rev 3:13 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

      Rev 3:14 ¶ And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God;

      Rev 3:15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

      Rev 3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.
      Most christians are bible illiterate! They rely on what some preacher or bible teacher teaches and don’t get into the bible themselves. First we should PRAY for guidance and for the Holy Spirit to fill us up,then get ahold of a good concordance and really digging in,then listen and see if some teacher/preacher is speaking the Word/Truth or adding to it or taking away from it.People are to afraid to confront or correct,how can they when they don’t know what the truth is themselves.Scarry.Most try to go about their lives until they run of their own ideas and THEN turn to prayer,that is backwards….(sad huh?) …we should always PRAY first,then…. Hope this is helpful.

    • yes it did thank you, i just cant believe they dont want the know finding out you are a sinner is painful.And growth is painful at times but is awsome at the same time.I myself would rather face the truth and know the true God.

      Bless you!

  6. lynn,

    welsome back! 😀

    omg i was laughing so hard when you said that about the joel osteen book!

    all it took for me was to read the words “imagine if you were on the titanic!” hahahahaha! XD

    its funny because its SO TRUE!

    but its also funny cause it caught me by surprise!

    you know, we are all so conditioned to accept the “gospel lite” pop-psychology that is so popular today!

    but i believe that as the reality of the financial meltdown finally hits home, there will be an immense backlash against
    the pop-prosperity preachers…

    and you are absolutely right, there seems to be a “prophecy fulfillment spiritual convergence” going on right now!

    i believe the rapture is so soon and imminent!

  7. L.A. “and I don’t want to bag on this guy because he’s a brother in the fight against the Fallen One”

    Are you SURE about that? I admire that you don’t want to bag on him given you believe he is a brother in Christ.

    Personally, I think the fallen one is working through this guy to take the focus off of Christ & point it back onto ourselves.

    It’s a repackaged “the divine within” Oprah-esque & not far from the New Age / Alien agenda.

    Mr. Smiling Olsteen doesn’t even regard Bible Prophecy much less the whole council of God’s Word.
    It appears to me that he is just reinterpreting scripture though his own personal opinion & motivational gimmicks rather than dieing to himself & allowing the Holy Spirit to work & speak though him.

    Regardless of Olsteen’s niche in the Christian marketplace if God’s Word is preached then God will also save those who desire to find truth. But unfortunately it may be like finding a needle in the hay stack listening to his sermons.

    Here is what Paul said in his day about preaching :

    Phillipians 1:15-18 “Some indeed preach Christ even from envy and strife, and some also from goodwill; The former preach Christ from selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing to add affliction to my chains; but the latter out of love, knowing that I am appointed for the defense of the gospel. What then? Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is preached; and in this I rejoice, yes, and will rejoice.”

    So hopefully, even though all of his dog & pony show Olsteen preaches Christ & some will come to a “saving” knowlege of Him.

    • Todd Tomasella wrote a book called “Deceivers & False Prophets, Among Us” At the time I read it I was seeking to find out “how” born again Christians could become deceived since there are so many warnings in the Bible about this. He did a very good job in his explaination but basically the root of it all is listening to the flesh rather than the Holy Spirit.

      Of course some people claim to be real Christians but were never reborn of the Spirit in the 1st place since you have to surrender your “self” first & many people just don’t want to give that up.

      Todd is a Brother in Christ- fighting the good fight- but his style is blunt & he tends to get a little worked up. There are many links re: discernment on Olsteen from various sources @ the bottom of the article.

      I am so with you. You are right on. I believe Osteen is a “hireling” and has been from the beginning. Since the Lord has done a work in me (and still is) I have had this reaction to people who claim to be something but are not. The first time I heard Osteen speak, I knew he was not serving the Lord Jesus Christ. Even Satan knows and quotes Scripture…..God has already spoken as to the judgment these people will receive.

  8. It begs the question as to what is a “False Prophet?” Sure he delivers a positive message but so did Dr Norman Vincent Peale but Dr Peale preached ALL doctrines not just the positive doctrines but his book “The Power of Positive Thinking” sold millions.

    Joel needs to rename his ministry “The Prayer of Jabez.” Ask and you shall receive
    leave the rest to me or God!

    Deception is on a grand scale and it is going to smack everyone in the face very soon on all levels because christians and non christians alike do not understand or comprehend the prophets of the bible and their predictions ie..Daniel, Ezekiel 38, Psalm 83, Matt 24, Thess 2, the book of Revelations etc…

    Everyone wants to just assume that everything will be fine. Newsflash it wont be!

    So if a preacher does not preach all of the doctrines of the bible are they true preachers or prophets?

    • Did you notice the name of the place they went for burgers??? Ray’s Hell Burger…..or something to that effect….Hell Burger. I wish I was joking…wonder what their slogan is? Flame broiled for eternity???

  9. late nite lisa,

    well the thing about joel osteen is that he does not deny Christ as the only way to salvation…

    so, i agree with lynn, that we have to be very careful about bagging on fellow warriors against satan…


    btw “dog and pony show” hahaha nice one! you caught me by surprise on that one! 😀


    as far as i know, joel osteen DOES have an altar call at the end of every service…

    he has expressed that he would not want to hurt or discourage anyone with one of his sermons.
    his take is that there are enough negative voices in this world, he does not want to be one of them.
    which perhaps says much about the man himself, perhaps he was hurt as a child in church by religious zealots?

    he is not a trilateralist like *cough* some people…
    (ahem wont say who, major so. california church in a very rich area)

    • Yes, he is the light and fluffy variety, and we have to face the fact that not all of our Christian brothers and sisters have a thick enough skin for the ugly truth that is assaulting us every day. Everyone has a different job in the Kingdom, each wears a different hat or in Joel’s case; the fuzzy slippers, and if there are those who love and worship the Lord through Osteen’s ministry it is better than not loving the Lord at all! I was hurt by “religious” people so I was very skittish about coming to the Lord!!! Good observation Hector! My brother and sister in law who are born again will not discuss Revelation or Bible Prophecy with me, but they are sweet and wonderful and I could count on them in a pinch which is what all of us in the Christian community will have to do in the very near future! Osteen is what we would call; Minnesota nice. Okie Dokie then….

    • When he was interviewed by Larry King and asked that question
      by Mr. King, Joel would not say that Jesus is the Only Way to
      Salvation. He definately skirted around the question.

  10. Dr. Marzulli;
    Where do these “druids” find instructions for rites that weren’t ever recorded?
    There was no child sacrificed just a few days ago, was there? I’m assuming you refer to the good old days…? Or, do they sacrifice a child in effigy? That’s quite sick enough…
    Modern stories about festivals on summer solstice tell how they dance ring-around-the-phallus (see photo) and pretty much go home, I thought.

    • There are various “occult” books that have these rituals written in them. Some are handed down through word of mouth. Nimrod and his wife/sister Semiramus are said to be the progenitors of modern satanic ritual magic. Nimrod is the 13th generation after Adam, and they started the child sacrifices to baal and molech from what I can tell by my research. According to Fritz Springmeier, an escapee of the Illuminati High level Satanists, this is also a Feast of the Beast year. You can google the satanic calendar for the year and it gives all the high holidays, and which ones require human sacrifice. You could also get the book “Nobody’s Angel” by Greg Reid who was a victim of satanic ritual abuse and witness to child sacrifice. Now an intrepid brother in the Lord Jesus Christ! Great book, if you have the stomach for it.

  11. Welcome back LA…there’s no place like home!

    Regarding the link to: “Report: IAF aircraft land at Saudi base,” does anyone know the background of the Saudi people? Like were they descendants of Ishmael? I’m assuming they were descendants of Ham as the scripture gives some reference to Ham’s people settling in that area. But, what is curious to me is why they would allow Israel to use their airbases to bomb Iran…besides the terrorist threat Iran poses to Saudi Arabia. There must be some mention in scripture of the origins of the present Saudi people and them having a pact with Jacob or Israel and the twelve tribes. Or not.

    Shalom Shalom

    • Hi Abby: According to Bill Salus in his book “Isralestine”, “the Saudi’s are represented by their ancestor Ishmael, and are labeled as the ‘Ishmaelites’.” This statement is found on Page 182 of his book. On Mr. Salus’ website ( he has an article today that states: “Eschatologists should note that the Saudis and Egyptians are part of the unfulfilled Psalm 83 prophecy and thus this support for Israel will probably be short lived. These recent actions evidence both Egypt’s and Saudi Arabia’s grave concerns about Iran’s broader nuclear ambitions.”

      Hope this helps.

      Maranatha. Barbara in VA

  12. You know, I had never even heard of Joel olsteen until about a month ago. My grandmother is 88 and there is a home healthcare nurse that comes 3 days a week to help take care of her. The nurse is a Christian woman and she watches alot of Christian programming on tv and a few weeks or a month ago I came in and she was watching a preacher talk about how God wants us to be rich and lots of other things I’ve never exactly heard the bible say. After a while she said “that’s Joel olsteen, I love to hear him” so since then ive listened a little to his show and I just can’t get over his feel good message. Like the part where “God wants us to be rich” but he never mentioned where the bible says it’s easier for a camel to go through the needle of an eye than for a rich man to go to heaven. It just makes me wonder if he dosent mix in feel good smudges with the truth to stay rich himself. I can’t say for sure because I haven’t watched much bit I really don’t want to either lol

  13. Welcome back brother Lynn! Wow, did I ever miss your blog and presence on here! So good to have you back, God Bless you, brother!

    I am also looking forward to your post on lady ga(g) ga(g)….I too was prompted to watch “alejandro”…by another Christian brother. It was a lot to take…almost didn’t get through it and I cannot imagine anyone allowing their children to watch this horror show. She/He is worse than Marilyn Manson! So far your foreshadowing of Luciferian black ritual sex magick….hits the nail on the head. Starting with the opening shot featuring a sigil from the “Key of Soloman”…the androgeny, rape, blood letting, drinking (what else were those fangs for?) and somehow managing to show a sex act with a rosary! Fellatio on the Virgin Mary??? This is sick, black and twisted to the Nth degree…in your face in full public view and people just love her/it! Serious degradation and those sigils are only used for one thing that I am aware of…conjuring demons and binding spirits to do the sorcerer’s bidding!! Can’t wait ’til tomorrow! Praying for protection for anyone that watches that video…dangerous door opener….

    Praying for all brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus as the hour draws near!

    God Bless you, so glad you are back!!! Thank you for your vigilance!

    Your sister in Christ Jesus,

  14. Dr. Lynn,

    As with the others I also give you a hearty welcome back. You have been in my prayers.

    I have been wondering how the conference went and am hoping IF you have time can give us some insight as to what all you were able to share and how it was received in the state of Colorado. I am in much prayer for the Body of Christ to awaken from its slumber with the issues which God has called you to blow the trumpet of warning and heralding the soon return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    The other day we had a tornado in MONTANA? Today we have massive wind storms causing heavy, heavy damage in CONNECTICUT? Yet God is still showing his hand of mercy on this nation while trying so hard to wake it up to the very real horrors that will soon befall us for rejecting Him as a whole.

    How much longer do we have when so many do follow the likes of Joel Olsteen’s message of self worth instead of dying to self to live for Christ? IS he a brother in Christ? IS he leading people to the Lord? IS he bearing fruit that will last? As our Lord said in Matthew 7:15-23:
    “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them. “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'”

    Not just Mr. Olsteen, but every person who claims to be a true born again Christian as Mr. Olsteen does must look very hard at these very intolerant and hard words from our Lord and make sure we are in fact doing “The will of [our] Father who is in Heaven.” We must all be about doing His will, no matter how bigoted the world and even some fellow Brethren see it. God has called each of us differently as He has bestowed upon each of us different gifts to carry out His assignments. As you have reminded us so many times and are backing it up with your daily world updates, the time is indeed short.

    Thank you again Dr. Lynn for unashamedly being on the front lines of this war on evil and the arch enemy of God by revealing his schemes and his devices. I pray God Himself covers you and your family with His personal protection under the shelter of His wings. I pray you know His Refuge in the days ahead.

    We need you. We need more like you.

    May God grant us all wisdom in these End Times.

    Respectfully in Christ,

    Jeff D

  15. Amen! Jeff D.

    Joel Osteen is a wolf in sheeps clothing and it’s really sad to see how many ‘Christians’ just give him a pass because he’s so nice! Biblical discernment is sorely lacking these days, partly because guys like Joel have you hold your Bible above your head, repeat the mantra and then you put it under your chair for the rest of the service while he tells jokes and stories!

    Remember, the Bible CLEARLY states that MANY take the path to destruction and FEW enter through the narrow gate to Heaven! Walking the aisle and repeating a prayer does NOT a Christian make!

    There MUST be TRUE Repentance, a 180 degree turning from your former lifestyle and then complete TRUST in Jesus Christ ALONE for forgiveness of your sins.

    Anybody want to hear some REAL preaching, look up some of Johnathon Edwards (from the 1600’s) sermons online. They even have some on mp3’s read by various people. NO ear tickling there! Paul Washer is about as close to Edwards as we have on Earth here today! Even Washers sermons are mild in comparison!

    I’ve heard Osteen say he doesn’t use the word ‘sin’ because it makes people uncomfortable. TOO BAD! Eternity in hell will be ‘uncomfortable’ which is where he is leading his flock!

    UFO’s may or may not play a part in the end times…….one thing IS certain though. Flattering oneself by assuming you will escape hell because God is good will end up being the worse decision you ever made! It’s BECAUSE God IS good that He MUST punish sin! So, the VERY thing people are relying on to keep them from hell is what will end up putting them there!

    L.A……I agree we need to warn everyone of the alien deception. But isn’t even MORE important to warn people of those who ‘profess’ to be Christians yet do everything in their power to deceive their flock and fail to warn them of the wrath that is to come?

    If we are killed by ‘aliens’ we lose our Earthly life. If we die in our sins, WE LOSE OUR SOUL!

    Keep up the good work, but don’t be afraid to unmask the deceivers!

    • Larry, I would certainly recommend the reading of Edwards specially his sermon “Sinners in the Hand of an angry God” certainly no Fluff there.

      john b

    • Jonathon Edwards is one among Many “Men used of the Lord” who valiantly used the sword of the Spirit of God’s word in “wounding The head of the beast”.
      As prophesied it would revive, And “the whitewashed modern Evangelical theology” is aiding in the curing of the wound to their own Detriment.

      John B

  16. Hi L.A.,

    Welcome back brother. You were sorely missed. You are right on target. Thank you for speaking the truth in love. It is no time for religious “fluff” in my opinion.

    Kevin J.

  17. There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof is destruction. Proverb14:12.

    It is true that the majority of people carry on unconcerned about the shaking that has begun.
    Some even making excuses that God has nothing to do with the weekly Quakes, the Floods, The general shaking Of the Planet.

    No one seems concerned about the oil disaster, The gay agenda, the abortions. Many walk the broad way unto destruction. they live as if the world will go on for ever unaware that we are on the eve of destruction.

    “When the Son of Man comes, will he find Faith on the Earth?” Lk18:8.
    An expectation that a remnant of the faithful shall be spared and alive at that time is revealed in those words of Jesus.
    Let us pray that we be counted worthy to be among that remnant. For I do believe that the time is Short!

    John b

  18. Submitted by legalizeliberty on Thu, 06/24/2010
    “Plans are being put in place for the mandatory evacuation of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Mandeville, Hammond, Houma, Belle Chase, Chalmette, Slidell, Biloxi, Gulfport, Pensacola, Hattiesburg, Mobile, Bay Minette, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, Crestview, and Pascagoula,” Madsen writes.

    SoCal Martial Law Alerts (SCMLA) predicted that Gulf states would be evacuated. “Greg Evensen, a retired Kansas Highway Patrolman, estimates that 30-40 million people would need to be evacuated away from the Gulf’s coastline (i.e. at least 200 miles inland),” SCMLA reported.

    Investigative journalist Wayne Madson, writing for Oil Price, states that his sources inside the federal government, FEMA, and the US Army Corps of Engineers are dealing with a prospective “dead zone” created by the escaping methane within a 200 mile radius from the Deepwater Horizon disaster.
    In order to accomplish this gargantuan feat, the federal government (through FEMA and other agencies) would most likely seek first to control and manage the transportation system and then operate relocation centers to manage evacuees. Toward this end, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has already declared the airspace over the oil spill site to be a no-fly zone until further notice. Various sources have indicated that local police, highway patrol, National Guard, US military and foreign troops may be involved in an operation to evacuate the Gulf Coast. In fact, the Governor of Louisiana has already requested evacuation assistance (i.e. National Guard) for his state from the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

  19. Life is good for Joel Osteen. Huge congragation. A few best selling books. He’s quite the motivational speaker. But it is a powerless church. If his church was powerful then Houston would not have had the largest abortion clinic in Texas built. Talk about child sacrifice and the worship of molech.

    • I live in Houston, in fact only 8 miles away from Lakewood church. Many, Many friends and acquaintances go to Brother Osteen’s “church”? I however am not one of them.
      I refuse to say anything negative about a motivational speaker such as Joel Osteen, but after visiting his church a few times I will say, I can’t stand his style of preaching. Last visit for me is when I heard from the pulpit “If you struggle with pornography, if you have been unfaithful to your spouse, if you have a drug or alcohol habit, that’s ok, God understands….. Uhhh sorry Joel, God understands its sin…. and needs to be purged.
      His father I liked, Brother Joel, not so much.

  20. If this has already been posted I apologize as I somehow missed it. For those seeing it for the first time, be thankful for this Watchman on the Wall who daily fights the Good Fight.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

  21. God bless you, L.A.! So glad to have you back!

    I read this article this morning:

    What will the “feel-good” group do when this kind of persecution hits all Christians? I feel so sad for them. I pray that God will open their eyes to the truth, so they can see and prepare for the storm that is coming.
    Thank you, thank you, L.A., for teaching about Jesus and the signs-of-the-times that we are immersed in. My hope and prayer is that, while this Titanic is sinking, everyone would choose to get into the lifeboat that is Jesus.

    • WOW!

      Thank you for sharing that Carolyn. I can only imagine how this would play in the MSM if it were a pagan group from ANY place on the planet that had this same type of execution call against them because they openly claimed their pagan religion to be their personal belief system.

      We live in such a hypocritical world where everything is turned on it’s head so those who cannot discern the Truth look at everything with skewed vision, not understanding the Truth behind the all the lies that cover up the real story.

      These are real Christians with a real death threat. Where is the MSM coverage? There isn’t any and won’t be any because they are of Christ alone. Again, if they were pagan, homosexual, muslim, atheist et al, the world would be incensed at the very thought of such an atrocity and it would have already gone viral. But it is Christians so its no big deal to them.

      And you are right Carolyn, the “feel goodies” that run around in Christian circles are not going to know what hit them. While they sit around waiting on the emergent first century church to be revived to save them from their own choices that got them in the bind they find themselves in, they will be dead or imprisoned before they even are able to process what happened to them. Then they will begin to see that their faith in the own faith isn’t exactly faith at all, but a lie from the pit of hell.

      Hopefully, they will have their blind spiritual eyes opened before their lives are literally taken from them by those who hate us for doing as Christ commanded in Luke 9:23.

      We need to seriously pray for these brethren who are in hiding and seek the Lord’s mercy on them. Keep an eye on this situation as this could very well be test run for the bigger Christian hunting season that will soon befall us all.


      In Christ,

      Jeff D

  22. Mornin’ Glory,

    I don’t know everything, but I do know some things. And this I know, I’m not at liberty to lend my mouth to speak against Joel & Victoria Osteen, because I am not able to see their hearts. The Lord has not revealed to me their gifts and callings and whether or not they are fulfilling the task He set for them to do. From my point of view, I believe they are teaching in the fullness of the revelation God has given them.

    From what I have seen, they appear to love the Lord. Their message seems to be “food for babies,” and not one that I would subscribe to, but at an earlier time in my Christian walk, I might have, and probably did, as in my experience the Christian walk is one of graduating levels.

    My spiritual appetite has increased over the years and those messages for babies are no longer enough to nourish me so I follow the Holy Spirit in launching out into deeper waters to cast my net in on the other side for a catch. In this particular season, the Holy Spirit has led me to LA Marzulli, Bill Salus, Jack Kelley, Joseph Prince and such like these men who preach end times prophetic events and the Gospel of Grace.

    Many earlier ministers that I sat under taught many different versions of God’s Word. Some taught nothing but watered down hog swill. (I lived on a dairy farm when I was a child. We had hogs and the hogs would be fed milk mixed with water = hog swill.) Some taught milk mixed with pablum, and some taught a mixed message of the law and faith and were always exemplifying my sin. And sadly to say, many teach “behavior management.” After a time in those doctrines, the Holy Spirit led me to make the jump to light speed–the doctrine of the Gospel of Grace.

    The doctrine of the law mixed with faith teaches that we are responsible in many respects to earn our righteousness in Christ. That Christ died for our past sin, but now it is up to us to maintain our salvation. It is a merit based system, whereas the Gospel of Grace teaches that our righteousness is a gift. The Gospel of Grace teaches that our righteousness has nothing to do with “doing” and everything to do with “believing” that Jesus finished the work at the cross and we are to “rest” in his finished work. Jesus suffering and death redeemed us from sin, past, present, and future. When Our Heavenly Father is looking at us, He’s seeing us through the redeeming blood of His Son. He’s seeing us in the same perfection He sees His Son. The Holy Spirit indwelling us, over time, will cause our fleshy self to become aligned more and more with Jesus.

    I always lamented the fact that with no less than four major Christian TV networks, there was not one you could go to for a right now update of current events, and their relevance to prophecy in scripture. And then the Holy Spirit turned me on to this site. It is truly an answer to my prayer.

    It has been my experience over several years that new revelation is released to the church in waves, so to speak. The followers of Jesus Christ grow into or are placed into newly released revelation. God has ordained certain vessels in certain times and seasons to receive specific revelation–not all receive of the same revelation at the same time.

    If you find yourself on the “leading edge,” then Praise the Lord, receive the vision and run with it!

    Shalom Shalom,
    (Please excuse any typos!)

    • Abigail, you stated that so well! I was thinking along those same lines myself this morning. I used to like to watch Osteen , but not for long. It could be that he is a good teacher for those just beginning their christian walk. Everyone has different talents and gifts, so not everyone can be the same, I guess there are different styles of worship.

  23. Greetings and Blessings to you All:

    I wanted to post these links to these two individuals. One is an ordained minister and the other is a story a millionaire and the story about how he handled a business situation that opposes what many of us see

    I encourage anyone to some of Merlin Carothers books, starting with “Prison to Praise. You can get the book cheap on his website, and for pennies on, although the shipping will cost more than the book.

    Here is video clipping from Merlin Cartothers. I know he has to be every bit in his 80’s or 90’s since he is a WWII vet.

    Here is a video greeting from Merlin Cartothers:

    Here is a link to how his ministry has grown and it is opposite from the way many large ministries are managed.

    Here is a link to some book exerts. I highly recommend reading the first one, “Prison to Praise.” He shares an incredible personal testimony, along with others testimonies as well.

    Here is a story about Aaron Feuerstein from a “60 Minutes” interview. I believe this man, a millionaire, did his best to do what he felt was the right thing.

    God Bless and have a great weekend,

    Jimmy D.

    • I appolgize about some typos I made in the above post. I would correct those, but once it is post, I haven’t figured a way to edit it.

      Sorry about that.

      God Bless,

      Jimmy D

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