Day 4 on the Road!

Last night after I ate  dinner alone, by myself, with no companionship whatsoever, I went back to my hotel room and watched a program on NATGEO. They were exposing three people who claimed to be, the second coming of Christ. I found it very interesting because once again it points to prophecy being fulfilled in our time, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. In Mathew 24 we read in Jesus words that: There will be those who come after me who claim to be the Christ and will deceive many. 

What is remarkable about this passage is that when it was written, thousands of years ago, there was no church, no cathedrals, no pope, or clergy, and no Christianity. There was only a handful of disciples who had tagged along with this healer/rabbi and who thought he might be Messiah. For Jesus to utter these words, at this point, to proclaim that others would come afterward and claim to be the Him, the Christ, the anointed one, is just simply absurd, the height of hubris…. or it proves that he was indeed the son of God and knew the future! I believe His statement points to the time in which we are living in. Jesus knew what was to come, because He was the only son of the Living God. 

These three men who claimed to be the second coming of Christ on earth were, in my opinion, demon possessed. Like Wayne Bent who also claimed to be Christ – he is now incarcerated for sex with a minor – these men attract a group of followers who believe that they are the second coming of the messiah, come back again on earth. One of the self-proclaimed Messiah’s lives  in Russia, has long hair, a beard, and a long flowing robe. He could have come right out of central casting from a Hollywood movie on Jesus. He has deceived thousands of followers who believe he is the real deal. Sadly these people have been sucked in by a huckster, a thief, an imposter, who is posing as the Lord of Glory, but offers no healings, no miracles, no power, and certainly doesn’t fulfill the prophecy of coming back in the clouds and splitting the Mount of Olives as His feet touch the ground there! (As far as I know the mount of Olives is still the same as it was when He ascended 2ooo years ago!)  Instead, this false Messiah has a plastic smile and “looks” the part. It is, in short another sign of the end-times deception. In my opinion taken with everything else that is going on, earthquakes, volcanos, oil-spill, famines, wars and rumors of wars and of course the supernatural manifesting everywhere, it would appear that we are in the last days.

There was a comment that this morning because it accused me of focusing only on the UFO phenomena, and then pointed to another Website. Self-serving? You be the judge. I post about a variety of issues on a daily basis and certainly UFOs is one of them. It is important to realize that this is most likely part of the lying signs and wonders that we are told will accompany the last days. I am willing to bet that the person who commented, hadn’t  done a scintilla of research into the phenomena.

There is a vicious ignorance on the part of many people in regard to the UFO phenomena. Simply put you don’t know what you don’t know. I believe that we are accelerating into the days of Jacob’s Trouble, the end times. The signs are all around us and guess what, they’re not going away are they?

I will be interviewed this morning on the DAYSTAR television Network in Denver, and then it’s off to Wellington for the conference.

Blessings to all and thanks for your prayers.


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  1. I’ve seen these guys on other specials and I don’t see how any Bible reading Christians could fall for their lies. The most ridiculous of these guys was the Mexican guy (I don’t remember his name) that calls his house “Eden”. He tells people that they can continue to work for him for $40 a week and go to heaven or quit and go to hell.

    I can’t wait to hear the Daystar interview. That’s one of my favorite networks. Do you have any idea when they will be playing the interview and also what show will it be on?

  2. What the Henk i mean what the Hack the nerve of some people.I guess we can expect that sort of behavior out of some people.Rebuke first and ask questions later te te te te!

    • I didn’t want to stay long, but it looked to me like he finds unexplained phenomena on the internet and tells everybody they’re maitreya’s ‘miracles’ on his own website. Very P.T. Barnum-ish.
      It seems maitreya waits for the groundswell of brotherhood inspired by his mere anonymous presence to cover a significant percentage of the earth before he’ll reveal himself, to make sure real brotherhood is catching hold of people, rather than people simply pretending brotherhood to curry his favor, or whatever. Balls— bouncy colorful polka-dotted synthetic-rubber BALLS.

  3. wow, false Christs. and people don’t believe Matthew 24 is seeing fulfilment.
    So who were the 4 they listed? I don’t watch TV.

    As for being obsessed with UFOs, i don’t know that I would say you are. I would say that you are obsessed with exposing them for what they are, which is what some people need to hear.

    My dad (a believer, but how commited?) believes in UFOs, and doesn’t know them and the aliens for what they really are. He is falling for their lies, and he won’t look much further. So, I am buying the alien interviews for his birthday/father’s day gift in the hopes that the Lord will reveal the truth.

    I would also say that I as a believer had some issues and almost fell for the aline gospel. At the time i started researching Christian views on UFO’s i couldn’t find much, and would have benefited immensely from LA’s ministry at the time. Luckily the Lord used other sources to expose the aliens and then lead me here where I can fellowship with (mostly) like minds.

    And in your defence LA, i follow your work rather fairly regularly, and will say that you cover other things and point to the Bible quite ALOT. some examples are the Mideast situation, and other things i’ve heard on Acceleration. There are folks that otherwise would be listening to Coast to Coast and instead are listening to your show, and hearing the gospel. So, in this respect, I support LA. That’s not to say he’s infallible, I just think he’s working with what the good Lord gave him.

    • and as a last note, don’t take this wrong.

      yes I would say that supporting the Lord is more important than supporting LA, so if it ever came down to it, sorry LA, but I would have to side with the Lord.

      Jesus is my Lord and Master, so by default that’s where I stand.

    • last post honest…incomplete thoughts and a submit happy finger.

      So for now, LA, keep doing the good work, and let the Lord keep guiding you where you need to go.

  4. Obsessed about UFO’s? Hummm…. Ok.

    I don’t think of it that way at all.

    Hopefully we are all “obsessed” about Jesus but in addition to that we are individually gifted & called into various ministries.

    It’s apparent to me that L.A. has been called to expose this particular deception. How many Christians would be willing surrender self to go out on a limb to teach others about this satanic agenda?

    You have to have a great love for the Lord & be willing to suffer ridicule in order to get the message out.

    So keep watching- if L.A. is in the crosshairs of the Lord’s will(which I believe he is.) for his life then @ some point he will also be rewarded for his perseverance in doing what he feels called & compelled to do.

    The spiritual gift of discernment is not an easy spiritual gift to work in. It comes w/a burden of warning others about spiritual dangers. I hate to say it’s all “doom & gloom” but through pointing out the negative something positive can come forth.

    And although L.A. is a specialist on the “alien agenda” he is also well balanced in a variety of Biblical topics. Someone ministering in the gift of discernment will focus on warning people about spiritual deception which I’m sure the enemy of our souls would love to squash.

    So if you don’t understand this gift of the Spirit then study up on it so that you can encourage & support your brother or sister in Christ instead of unwillingly being used by demonic forces to discourage them.

    The biggest heart breaks seem always come from misunderstandings within the Church. We expect such from the unsaved & unbelievers but not from those whom we share so much in common & love in Christ.

  5. Dear L.A.,
    I also feel you are very balanced. There are 1000’s of websites that focus solely on Jesus,how to be saved and how to live a life in accord with being saved.UFOS? There are relatively FEW people who deal with such an overwhelming subject with a spot on biblical perspective. Many christian websites will never touch on the UFO phenomenon,they don’t understand and like you say,’don’t know what they don’t know’.I feel Mr.Marzulli, that God blesses each of us with a specific talent,yours in my opinion is dealing with what IS coming ,the strong delusion!The Lawless One will always confront and try to confound people such as yourself by sending people who feel it their duty to attack and criticise. Stand firm and walk the path YOU have blessed with! A doveted fan indeed~ LJ

  6. We are instructed in the Word of God to keep our focus on Jesus Christ ‘above all else’ in our lives and to go and tell of Him and the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. We are in alignment with the Word when we keep ‘God first’ in our priorities. Other things are to be secondary. In our personal relationship and walk with Jesus we are given assignments to carry out in this life.
    Everything that’s happening in this world points to Jesus’ soon return and the pressing need for all to ‘get your hearts right with God and Make peace with your Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ every day!
    Always keep in mind we’re involved in a spiritual battle and a physical one.

  7. lynn,

    wow! out on the road all by yourself?!
    your a better man than i am! i know i couldnt do it!

    i have always found your blog both balanced and insightful!
    its your blog, just delete the idiots comment! 😉

    ill be praying for you!

  8. Hi L. A.!
    Just keep up the grand work you do! We are not being told Nearly enough about the UFO situation. Keep it coming.
    Also, you can rest assured that your comments to JR and Gary will not be reduced to less than one minute…that is good news for all of looking forward to these shows.
    Best always, Olivia

  9. LA,

    Whenever someone goes public, there will always be opposition for any variety of reasons. But, you particularly, being somewhat outside the mainstream of Christian theology, might be more prone to attack…shake it off…”For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” (Romans 11:29)

    People outside of Jesus Christ don’t understand the multi-faceted nature of the Word of God…and they never will. So let them stand outside and caterwaul all they want. You don’t have to convice me regarding the UFO phenomenon. I know they’re here, but they can’t get to me, because I’m covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ, and they know that I know that, so they cannot approach.

    I could be completely “off the wall,” but here is my experiential knowledge of the earth dwelling branch of these beings. Though the nephilim in OT times were giants in physical stature, through the process of genetic assimilation, the ones designated to be here today walking among the population are not giants physically, but many hold positions of great stature, although they are established in a hierarchy. Some are lower in rank assuming low profile positions while some are giants in industry, politics, entertainment, religion, etc. The ones I encountered up close and personal were of the Church of Scientology.

    I’m not talking about demon possession, I’m talking about these spawn of satan that have assumed genetically altered human form. Sometimes I think there may have been a genetic link in one of the residents on Noah’s ark–one of his daughters-in-law perhaps carried the genetic link through the flood.

    With the countless numbers of people today who are absolutely fascinated by UFO phenomenon, I believe it is important that truthful clarification be made. And if you’re one who the Lord called to do it, then so be it. Amen.


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  11. LA Said…”It is, in short another sign of the end-times deception. In my opinion taken with everything else that is going on, earthquakes, volcanos, oil-spill, famines, wars and rumors of wars and of course the supernatural manifesting everywhere, it would appear that we are in the last days.”

    I agree 100% with that statement! But not for the reasons you state.

    The 3 dimensional illusion is CREATED BY THE THOUGHT PROCESS. Thinking is not being aware. Thinking is that thing any conscious being APPEARS TO DO to attempt to manipulate the future, or relive the pain/pleasure from the past. Both these time zones, the future and the past, do not exist. Therefore, thinking about them to manipulate them is a deception. However, to consider what is happening in this moment is not called thinking.
    Staying in the moment and meeting the needs of the moment is awareness of the 3 dimensional space, albeit, an illusory space. To function within this 3D space requires that needs be met. Reality, and our true eternal wisdom state, extends beyond the 3D illusory forms, and that wisdom state simply knows everything through awareness, ALREADY. Our eternal wisdom state knows the manipulation process of the luciferian egregore group of thinkers. Wisdom knows that this luciferian group plays god and plays the devil. Both of which are none existent. Wisdom, through awareness, sees how this group mindset bands together to manifest the reality they want all humanity to follow.

    The luciferian entity is the fabricated creator god. – In creating this illusory 3D reality using subliminal, subconscious messaging, this group entity conjured up and controls all power and energy, and in turn, the reverent respect of their illusory master creation called humanity. This adoration by humanity gives the luciferian group and their chosen elite the riches and servitude of this world and ABSOLUTE CONTROL OF THE ETERNAL PARADISE STATE. Because they, themselves, chose thinking and lying above awareness and wisdom, this 3D illusion is their reality. However, it is a reality fragmented, corrupted and filled with all manner of duality. They see this reality as superior to the reality of wisdom. Wisdom does not exhibit 3D manipulation through shape, colour or sound, so ultimately, wisdom is a reality of peace.

    Wisdom knows this. Wisdom is not thinking about how to manipulate affairs so that events work out in its favour. Wisdom performs none of this. Wisdom just knows that we are being manipulated. To stay connected to wisdom through awareness, we need simply to stay in the moment. This involves doing NOTHING. This involves NO PRAYERS, NO MEDITATION, NO MANTRAS, NO RITUALS, NO JOINING,… NO THING. All practices, be they MEDITATIVE or PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES, are exercises in remaining OUT OF THE ONE ETERNAL MOMENT. This is not to say that meditating is bad or wrong, just as physical activity is not bad or wrong. On this site it will be repeated many times, that there is no such thing as good or bad, or right or wrong. However, these exercises avail no benefit in reconnecting to the wisdom state. Only emotional detachment, which is to place NO REAL WORTH or REAL VALUE in anything 3 dimensional, is true reconnection to reality.

    There is no such thing as TIME and SPACE, and to enter into activities where you confess, and admit, disconnection from wisdom, simply by entering into that activity whereby you hope to reconnect to wisdom, (or as some call it, ENLIGHTENMENT), then you have not RECONNECTED WITH your original WISDOM STATE.

    (Enlightenment is a luciferian term that sounds and seems to speak of reconnection to wisdom, however wisdom and enlightenment have nothing in common).

    When you do NO THING, other than being fully aware that the 3 dimensional experience is an illusory deception conjured up through the THOUGHT PROCESS,, which is turn was meant to disconnect us from REALITY, then you have reconnected to your original eternal wisdom state. There’s nothing to do, just simply become AWARE of what is transpiring. Perfection and purity is what we are ALREADY. This is wisdom and this is liberty, this is the freedom and the power and strength of what we ALWAYS HAVE BEEN. The illusory 3 dimensional teachings of intellectual and religious thought systems, that instruct us to believe that we are born sinners, and need to repent, to avoid some hell fire, are conjured up lunatic notions straight from the mind of the luciferian egregore group mind. (This will be explained and fully laid out in the pages on this site. Do not stop reading if you desire to reclaim your ORIGINAL PARADISE STATE RIGHT NOW).

    The aim of the luciferian group egregore is to establish a New World Messianic Age, where the control of the illusion we call humanity, is the manipulation tactic that will be increased to such an extent that escape from being manipulated by the total 3D illusion is all but impossible. Wisdom knows, and sees the lunacy of this 3D illusory reality. The illusion called humanity, (and humanity is an illusion), will awake from the trance and reconnect to our original state through awareness. These entities, who manifest their CONTROL OF REALITY through the lives of the elite, will soon dissolve in frustration as humanity stops responding to the subliminal messages that bombard the wisdom state in endless fashion. For it is that the 3 dimensional experience is NOT REAL, and it only exists IN OUR MINDS. Therefore, its in OUR MINDS, (which are in reality, THEIR MINDS), that we disconnect emotionally from the 3D space and reclaim our eternal state, which is here now. This is what we are! We are the original eternal paradise state, and the 3D illusion was simply conjured up through the THOUGHT PROCESS to separate us from this immense power and peace of the wisdom state and thereby deceptively manipulate this ultimate state of being into servitude to the luciferian egregore. The beneficial aspect in understanding this, is that at any moment of our choosing, we can become aware of the luciferian hypnotic manipulation, and we can reclaim our wisdom state, and experience the freedom of the paradise state right now.

    Hmmm…as for the Bible you like quote, here are some samplea and actual explaination of the meaning, not just a HOLY Person’s interpatation.

    Judeo/Christian/Islam – The Human Sacrifice Religion of Abraham
    The following is a list of Old Testament types of sacrifice which need to be fulfilled in New Testament times. Notice this is subliminal suggestion and wordplay meant to hypnotize.

    Leviticus 27:28,29 – “…no devoted thing, that a man shall devote unto the Lord of all that he hath, both of man and beast … shall be sold or redeemed: every devoted thing is most holy unto the Lord.

    v.29 – None devoted … shall be redeemed; but shall surely be put to death.”

    It is clear the lord of the old testament demands both man and beast dedicated unto him to be surely put to death. Today this is done systematically through such strategies as war, crime, the medical drug system, chemtrails, scientific advancements and so on. In other words, human sacrifice is fulfilled literally through the mind numbing doctrine of religion and academia. It is well hidden, but nonetheless it is human sacrifice.

    Another example:

    Exodus 22:29,30 – “Thou shalt not delay to offer the first, or thy ripe fruits, and of thy liquors: the firstborn of thy sons shalt thou give unto me…v.30 Likewise…do with thine oxen, and …sheep: seven days it (the sons, oxen and sheep) shall be with his dam (mother); on the eighth day thou shalt give it unto me. (In other words – god demanded the firstborn son to be killed in ritual sacrifice).

    These quotes are from the judeo/christian bible, although it seems straight out of some sort of satanic ritual book. This is because the bible is a luciferian-based satanic worship guidebook. The hypnotic trance of religion allows us to gloss over, what should be obvious.

    Another good book passage – the Battle of Jericho:

    Joshua 6:20,21 “…the people shouted…the priests blew their trumpets…the wall fell down flat…v.21…they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old…with the edge of the sword.

    Numbers 31:26 “…Take the sum of the prey that was taken, both of man and beast… v.29 … and give it unto Eleazar the priest, for an heave offering (a blood sacrifice) of the lord. …v.40 ….and the persons were sixteen thousand; of which the Lord’s tribute (the sacrifice portion for the lord) was thirty and two persons“.

    In this instance 32 human beings are sacrificed to the luciferian entity, calling itself lord.

    The lord lucifer said unto Abraham in Genesis 22:2 “… Take now thy son …Isaac…and get thee into the land of Moriah…and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of…”.

    Again, we see the luciferian lord instructing Abraham to kill his son in the land of Moriah. This is where the illuminati families obtain their name Moriah Conquering Wind and as will be demonstrated, the MOUNTAIN in question, will appear in many forms, in many parts of the world, as the luciferian agenda is revealed.

    These are just a few demonstrations that Judeo-Christian teachings are devoted to human sacrifice. Because of the big three religions, including Islam, that compose the whole of the children of Abraham, world attention is focused on the middle east and we are totally missing where and when the next 911 is taking place. And it is taking place, the next 9-11 is transpiring at this illusory moment in time.

    The heave offering is an offering to and from heave-n. Consider that this heave-n is the underworld to the luciferian mind and a heaving up on a massive scale is about to be unleashed. This heaving up will coincide with a wave offering in the luciferian illuminati agenda. This has already created a social attitude where the messianic rule of the new world order will make absolute sense.

    Again, quoting from the blood-drenched bible:

    In Leviticus these heave and wave offerings are meant to (Leviticus 10:10) “…put difference between holy and unholy“. v.15… “the wave breast and the heave shoulder shall ye eat in a clean place…” v.15 …”the heave…and the wave…shall they bring with the offerings made by fire…”

    These heave offerings will continue to be made by fire (think volcanic earthquake activity) in the Pacific Ocean volcanic Ring of Fire. People throughout the Ring of Fire region are waiting for The Big One to come, and none more so, than those on the west coast of North America, from Vancouver Island to Baja Mexico. The concept of the Big One is part of the hypnotic trance and has conditioned humanity to plead for the messianic new world order when the Big One is let loose. These heave offerings unleash the wave offerings already demonstrated in the tsunami of Boxing Day 2004, in the Indian Ocean.

    One more passage from Judges 11:31

    “… whatsoever cometh forth of the doors of my house (Jephthah’s house) to meet me,… shall surely be the Lord’s …and I will offer it up for a burnt offering. V.34…and Jephthah came…unto his house, and, behold, his daughter came out to meet him… v.39…and it came to pass… that her father… did with her according to his vow…”.

    In other words he sacrificed his daughter to the luciferian THOUGHT FORM.

    Notice the offerings and sacrifices made to the luciferian mindset are given the positive subliminal message of being up. As in upbeat, positive and a good thing. This is the Shekhinah Glory of the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS, who followed the Israelites out of Egypt during the exodus. This Shekhinah Glory, or shock and awe glory, (SHOCK and AWE = SHEK-HIN-AH from a subliminal perspective), was a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.

    The luciferian illuminati agenda is not just to create a world society controlled by fascism, communism, capitalism, socialism, and every other “ism” all rolled up into one. Their ultimate desire is for humanity to cling to this illusory 3D existence.

    We are naive children being hammered with a hefty dose of reverse psychology. By threatening to take away our rights, our physical health, our material wealth and our spiritual freedom, we react and scream bloody murder. No way can you do this to me … to us! We are full of indignation. We want to keep our health, our wealth, our comfort, our guns … and the freedom to move about at will. This is how we succumb to the great liar of the universe, and yet all the while we thought we were doing a good and godly thing. Not realizing for an illusory moment that our 3 dimensional experience, which we call our LIFE, is the great illusion, and the UNIVERSE itself is completely NON-EXISTENT.

    Consider this. Those exposing the luciferian illuminati agenda are christians, jews, other religious zealots, ex-CIA sex slaves, New Age spiritists, scientists and the like. I have yet to read information from any source that points directly at the real culprit in all this … the luciferian mindset. They don’t point the finger because they don’t recognize the direct involvement of these THINKING ENTITIES in manipulating the whole 3D agenda experience. If this were to be recognized and research was done into the dark mysteries of Babylon, the realization would soon point to themselves and their misled belief systems.

    However, I don’t exclude myself, or anyone for that matter, from being used by the luciferian mindset in perpetuating the 3D illusory trance state. Every 3 dimensional form is meant to support and extend the lunatic notion that the 3D experience has some basis in reality. We are all enemies of REALITY, and because we go looking for the enemy in everything else other than ourselves, we will never find, (on an individual basis), or conquer the real adversary that disconnects each one of our illusory 3D forms from reality.

    I’ll post info on UFOs too. That topic is lots of stupid fun.


    • Consider the name…..and then the incoherent babble is glaringly nonsensical. It takes all kinds….this person needs prayer…prayer that the Lord will find a way to reveal Himself in a very powerful way to this person! So that they may experience the wholeness of a life given to the Lord Jesus Christ and the awesome and powerful restoration it brings! Praying for you, darkstar…

    • Great, because of my FAKE name you make an assumption, a bigitory response.

      and to that..

      Wisdom knows this. Wisdom is not thinking about how to manipulate affairs so that events work out in its favour. Wisdom performs none of this. Wisdom just knows that we are being manipulated. To stay connected to wisdom through awareness, we need simply to stay in the moment.


      All practices, be they MEDITATIVE or PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES, are exercises in remaining OUT OF THE ONE ETERNAL MOMENT. This is not to say that meditating is bad or wrong, just as physical activity is not bad or wrong. There is no such thing as good or bad, or right or wrong. However, these exercises avail no benefit in reconnecting to the wisdom state. Only emotional detachment, which is to place NO REAL WORTH or REAL VALUE in anything 3 dimensional, is true reconnection to reality.

    • I think you are watching wayyy too many conspiracy and main stream secular dvds…..get ahold of the bible and a good concordance and THEN think,reason and rethink again…Blessings in Christ

    • Quite the opposite. The royal elite of the world have enhanced and fostered kaballistic (art of deception) information to the highest degree possible in this 3 dimensional world, and it still stays hidden. They have intermarried for thousands of years to keep the genetic reptilian code strong and the genetic information with which to manipulate humanity intact. In other words, the elite have kept and fostered, the ability to lie and distort reality, regardless of suffering and pain, all for the sake power, worship and greed.

      The ultimate expression of being is WISDOM through AWARENESS! Awareness of what this 3 dimensional realm really is. Awareness, that it is completely correct to be totally cynical, (without any emotional involvement), that any good or bad is present within this 3D illusion. This whole 3D thing is a fabrication and a lie and a mere dream state. It simply does not exist! Because of its non-existence, placing value, or lending credence to an illusion by declaring strong sentiments of love within this illusion is simply manipulation of reality by the THOUGHT PROCESS.

  12. Now here are quote from your HOLY BIBLE dealing with UFOs. Of course there are UFO, we manifest them. The Bible are various stories, twisted history with a mirror of truth, and stories of what is to come through sublimina suggestion or brainwashing called Kabbalism or Hypnosis, and it works perfectly. The Bible is a plan for control and manipulation not just a twisted historical document writen by man to help deceive humanity.

    Quotes from the Old Testament:

    Ezekiel 1:4 “…And I looked and behold a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire.”

    Ezekiel 1:5 “…Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man.”

    The Old Testament – EZEKIEL = EASY KILL

    Ezekiel 1:7-10 “…and their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a CALF‘s foot: and they sparkled like the colour of burnished brass. And they had the hands of a MAN…As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a MAN,…the face of a LION,…the face of an OX,…the face of an EAGLE.”

    Ezekiel 1:6-18 “…their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel…and their rings were full of eyes round about them…”

    Ezekiel 1:27,28 “…I saw as it were the appearance of fire, and it had brightness round about. As the appearance of the BOW that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the lord…”

    The 4 FACES described by Ezekiel:

    Ezekiel 1:7-10 “…and their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a CALF‘s foot: and they sparkled like the colour of burnished brass. And they had the hands of a MAN…As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a MAN,…the face of a LION,…the face of an OX,…the face of an EAGLE.”

    Ezekiel’s vision of a UFO was the Zodiac Wheel, originating with the Light Beam shown above.

    The 4 Cardinal Points of the Zodiac; the Ox / Bull, the Scorpion, sometimes symbolized as an Eagle, the Water Bearer/Man, and the Lion, are the faces of the UFO described by Ezekiel. Judaism and the Old Testament, as well as Christianity and the New Testament, where the faces are described in the Book of Revelation 4:6-7, are books of astrology and numerology, that the faithful are manipulated into believing is worship of the True Living God, of which there is no such thing. Astrology and numerology are concepts based on mathematics and geometry, which is the Thought Process. The Thought Process, in turn was introduced into the world through the Arab World, and this Sacred Geometry is worshipped as the One True God in Islam, under the name of ALLAH’s, or ALL EYES.

    Revelation 4:6-7 – “And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind. And the first best was like a LION, and the second beast like a CALF, and the third beast had a face as a MAN, and the fourth beast was like a flying EAGLE“.

    All of the Old and New Testaments of the Judeo-Christian Bible is luciferian thought. Here we see grand imagery meant to shock and awe the population. The purpose of the UFO phenomenon is to cause well-intentioned people to believe the ridiculous. Many people will concede that, yes, ultimately everything we see is an illusion. Yet these same people give credence to the idea that UFO’s are an advanced civilization from another planet, who have come to earth, interbred with humanity, and formed a hybrid reptilian race that now runs the planet. This belief is the result of intense subliminal suggestion over decades of mass media manipulation. Having achieved this belief within this illusory body of humanity, many well intentioned communicators are now spanning the globe, and have made a business out of perpetuating this ALIEN ASPECT of the luciferian agenda. This particular part of the luciferian agenda creates an incredible distraction, and assists in establishing the 3D illusory cataclysm that the luciferian group egregore hope to bring to pass.

    ALIEN = A LION = AL-ION = the Electrified ION

    There’s no such thing as time and space. Our own 3 dimensional bodies are not real. Why then, this insistent belief that there are alien life forms who have existed for millions of years? The answer, quite simply, is to, once and for all, convince us that the 3 dimensional reality of TIME and SPACE is a valid concept. It is difficult to break free of the hypnotic state that keeps us believing everything we see is real. We have our 5 senses to convince us everything is real because we can feel, taste, touch, hear and see it.

    When we consider our galaxy so vast that it takes hundreds and thousands of light years for distant starlight to reach us, it is very hard to believe that space is an illusion. UFO’s and their little pilots are a manifestation of deception. Yes, they do exist in this 3 dimensional experience, but they are not what they tell us they are – which is life from other planets. To believe that, then you must believe space is real, and therefore, time is real.

    UFO’s and the greys are conjured up to deceive. They have told us (as in Kevin’s story just related) they can take us on a long journey. Why do we assume they’re speaking truthfully?

    So how do we know these are luciferian egregore conjured up thought forms? Simply because all 3 dimensional illusory forms are manifest as a result of the egregore group of Thinking Entities exercise the combining of shape/sound and colour. This is the work of the luciferian Mindset. The universe and everything in it is created by this luciferian Mind, the Mind that said “LET THERE BE LIGHT”. This includes the UFO/GREY phenomena.

    Believing that the UFO events are orchestrated by a life form, on a far away planet, in some distant galaxy, may be fine. Except for one thing. This perpetuates the myth that poses a real danger to grasping Reality. If these are just alien life forms from another planet who present themselves as the greys and reptilian bloodlines then perhaps there’s a chance they’re not cruelly seeking our enslavement and submission to their agenda. In other words, maybe they’ll play nice. However, this is not the case. These are much more dangerous than a lifeform from another planet. These entities are creatures straight from the Mind of the luciferian light bearing group of Thinkers. The only desire of this egregore Mind is to destroy many of us, (under the pretext of the Judgment of God cleansing the earth), and to enslave the rest of us within the Trance state, which forms this 3 dimensional life experience. This is nothing more than the establishment of the New World Order, the Kingdom of God on Earth, and the New Age of Enlightenment. It should be noted that the new age movement is a strong promoter of the alien life from other planets concept.

    The new age movement is a religion, just as science (seance) is a religion. The religious writings of the Old Testament describing something akin to a UFO in Ezekiel, and the new age thinkers also speaking of this UFO phenomenon as fact, as do the new world order folks who couch their UFO belief in new world order rhetoric such as the all seeing eye symbolism, demonstrates one common bond linking these supposedly diverse luciferian group Thought Processes.

    The power of sigil magic is in the shape/sound association of the language system.

    RELIGION = RE-LEGION = RE, or RA, which coincides with the sound sigil of WA, or WAY.

    WA or WAY relates to YAHWEH, or THE WAY, or again WHEY, the WATERY portion of MILK. The word RELIGION is referring to the WAY of the FLOOD that relates to the MOON GODDESS, the Queen of Heaven, and the LEGIONS entranced within this WAY/WHEY – for there are many of them.


    • I was reading this drivle and starting feeling so bad…I still do for this person “DS888”, but after reading your response about getting some rest, I had to laugh. Some people just have to try too hard. He is stating to stay aware, in the now, in wisdom and all that this entails to find our “real selves”, give me a break. Just repent and believe. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Truly, give it a rest.

    • DarkStar888, Please limit your verbiage on this post. It’s not your
      BLOG so please keep your post short and sweet. thank you LA.

    • Oh my gosh! What psychobabble. Sounds like you’re only trying to convince yourself. DS888. Repent and move on.

    • And you said all jokes aside? Yes the idiotic site you listed is a joke. You have to be kidding…right? ook what’s it is! And you believe this stuff works and you say I need to repent…yaah right!

      Here is your brillance of assessing my potential demonism!

      21 Demon Test Questions

      “Disclaimer: This test is not intended to be a comprehensive analysis of all factors influencing the spiritual and psychological causes leading to demonic oppression/possession. It is not conclusive, but rather can serve as a guide regarding whether or not demonic harassment is a possible consideration in cases of emotional and spiritual debilitation. Those who are evaluated as “moderate” or “high” risk should seek therapeutic and theological counsel. The test results are not considered to be a scientific analysis but a rather broadly determined gauge of potential demonic activity. The risk increases if the person taking the test has previously received no inner healing, counseling, or deliverance for their issues.”

      Sorry but this is crap! Next.

    • You are indeed a rebelious soul and if you cant get positive affirmation. you will go for the negative
      I know you are confusion!

    • You know my kind? I think not my dear. To some extent what you say though is true. I often do the opposite to society because most people are are brainwashered they aren’t, this is a fact.

      As example, if you reverse what the news is saying you get a better sence of truth. Try it, you might discovery something. The news has been says for 6 months the economy is improving when it’s not. It’s lie, just like the Bible.

    • Wow, rest is the least of what this man needs. Serious repentance and asking Jesus Christ into his heart….and some curse breaking, mass deliverance, warrior prayers….and I am praying. I won’t give up on the power of what the Lord can do!

      However; I think this why some pastors, thrust into the spot light in these end days….must wear bullet proof vests and hire security guards. Be safe LA, covering you in prayer, brother!

    • Darkstar please ask yourself, if lucifer or whatever you refer to him as, is the creator God, and the he wants to make us fear, or to control us or the luciferian agenda is to control us. He Could just do it. Anything with enough power to create us and the earth and everything else wouldn’t have to rely on any kind of manipulation. God is all powerful. If he was really the bad guy why is he so passive? He don’t have to be. We would be totally defenseless to anything. I know you think that you have it all figured out, but when you realize that you know nothing you will have more wisdom
      than you have ever had. I love you and I pray for you.

    • Joe.b said… “I know you think that you have it all figured out, but when you realize that you know nothing you will have more wisdom than you have ever had. I love you and I pray for you.”

      This not picking on you grammer. The “but” is an eraser word, so you actually meant that I don’t have it figured out…and you are correct on that fact I don’t, neither do you!

      You asked…

      Fear is the foundational characteristic that allows hypnotic, subliminal, thought, light patterns to be focused and injected into, and forced to pass through, our crystal brain. Our human 3 dimensional brain has the same physical characteristics as that of a solid crystal or prism, except in liquid form.

      There’s nothing godly, loving, or sweet about this group entity or it’s method of manipulation. For thousands of years, the use of fear and desperation has resulted in murders, wars, bloodletting, and endless disease. Children have been tortured, women have been raped, and men have marched blindly off the end of the plank into the ocean of hypocrisy and death. This has all been courtesy of the god of the Bible, the god of love, the god of the old and new testaments, the god of the koran, the god of Buddha, the god of every religion and intellectual system known to man. This is the god of light, the luciferian light bringer.

      As light passes through a crystal, it is refracted into a rainbow. This is the origin of the term, christ. The luciferian egregore group of thinking entities is the father god, the creator of LIGHT or LIES, and their saviour is the crystal, the light of the world, the messianic christ-all, that convinces us the 3D illusion is real.

      How could the ancient mystics possibly have knowledge of the atom 6,000+ years ago? There were no microscopes. The answer is, they saw this up close and first hand. They were in the presence of light energy at its origin, when it was first conceived or conjured forth. The luciferian group mind did everything. These THOUGHT FORM entities created this illusory light by just thinking it. The light bringer, lucifer, thereby created colour, shape and sound. The luciferian group mindset is the creator of heaven and earth, the light bearer, or more accurately, the divider of light and creator of duality.

    • Ok so I’m not really sure why you were trying to pick apart my grammer. That part dosent even matter. None of your rambling just made sense to anyone but you. Maybe I’m not in the “moment” or in the “wisdom” as you put it and I know that I know nothing and I’m pretty happy there but you failed to answer mh question. Anyone or anything or any group that created us and everything else wouldn’t have to rely on trickery or fear mongering to control anything. It’s like a parent and a child, a parent is much stronger and smarter than a child, the parent can make the child do anything JUST because the parent said so. No need for trickery or anything else. If the truth was as you say these “people” or “entities” Would make you and me and everyone else do exactly as you say and we couldn’t do anything about it. I think your running from the Lord. Jesus loves you and is there for you

    • You’ve been sent a strong delusion from the likes of Alan Watt.

      Isaiah 8:12 ASV Say ye not, A conspiracy, concerning all whereof this people shall say, A conspiracy; neither fear ye their fear, nor be in dread thereof.

      Have faith, test God, allow Him to prove that He is the ultimate power in your life. Question the sources of your ‘esoteric’ knowledge. Seek the truth and you shall find it.

    • The name lucifer, … means light bringer, or light bearer. The name lucifer is derived from the Latin words … lucem ferre. Lucem means light, and ferre means bringer, or bearer. Lucem ferre is lucifer. Genesis – chapter one of the Old Testament, fills in, without any doubt, who the light bringer is, and who, or what … Lucifer is.

  13. I made mention on Monday that I would do some research On the Valley of Hamon-gog in Jewish antiquity! I wet to Josephus the historian. Last Sunday night I had a dream “A swarm of invading Locusts over the west” in Praying about it and researching…. Below is what I came up with Thus Far.

    E PLURIBUS UNUM – Origin and Meaning
    of the Motto Carried by the American Eagle

    E pluribus unum was suggested by the committee Congress appointed on July 4, 1776 to design “a seal for the United States of America.” The below sketch of their design accompanied a detailed description of their idea for the new nation’s official emblem.

    The center section of their shield has six symbols for “the Countries from which these States have been peopled:” the rose (England), thistle (Scotland), harp (Ireland), fleur-de-lis (France), lion (Holland), and an imperial two-headed eagle (Germany).

    I point this out because I believe that there is a relation in it to Ezekiel38:12 “the people that are gathered out of many nations” may very well be the USA. The emphasis in the verse being “The People” and not “my People”
    Many of you know that I am not theologically attached to any form of End-Time scenario.
    Please pray about what is being said. I contacted my Daughter Living In Canada and Told Her To Store food and water.

    John B

  14. DarkStar88

    Very interesting thoughts!

    However as a christian, I will tell you nothing is dangerous when you know you have eternal life.

    I’m just glad I know my rediemer lives!


  15. DR Marzulli, your blog is not one dimensional “i.e., UFO”S” as this one person who posted suggest.
    Nothing could be further from the truth and I question just how often this person actually reads your blog. I enjoy your blog immensely, and one of the reasons is because it is so diverse in its subject matter . You and fellow posters touch on a variety of subjects, and information. This blog is a blessing to me as im sure it is to others.

    • Matt
      this guy has a blog of his own if you click on his name you will see.People can be so rude and don’t have a clue as to what is going on in this world it really is a shame.

  16. Id like to briefly touch on the oil spill if I may. I work for an oil company (Not BP) on the Texas gulf coast. We are really concerned over our jobs as it seems Obama is looking for ways to halt new drilling, thus making the US even more dependant on foreign oil (middle east) and putting many people out of work in this area. This part of the country has skimmed by, and faired a tiny bit better on the recession as it is dependant on the energy sector of business. Other than NASA, which recently has had problems (thanks to Obama) the energy industry remained strong, until now?
    Eight days ago, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal ordered barges to begin vacuuming crude oil out of his state’s oil-soaked waters. The Obama administration put a halt on those barges, insisting they cease in oil recovery, the reason? The coast guard wanted to make sure they had life vest for these vessels… I truly believe some powers in government want the situation to worsen, there by getting a fat paycheck from BP, plus control over the oil industry. . There is absolutely no other reason why anyone would put a stop to several barges collecting spilled oil over a technicality, like whether the boats have life vest or not. The area is in complete shambles, the wild life, people’s lively hood, the way of life will be forever changed but our fearless leader will not accept help from governments. Obama administration refused help from the Netherlands, and reports are a few other countries that have expertise in capping and oil recovery.
    We are bracing for some of the spill to hit the Texas gulf coast, Galveston and surrounding areas are is still looking for ways to recover from Hurricane Ike, a few years ago which cause total destruction. The spill added to this will devastate tourism and the fish and shrimp industry, the life blood of the island. I fear all that will be left is a ghost town.
    I apologize if this post was a bit longer than my usually. I am just on pin and needles over the outcome of this disaster. If there will ever be an outcome.

    Obama’s all-star response team halts barges from sucking oil due to… no life vests on board!

    Obama Refuses Offer From Dutch Government To Bring Over Equipment and Expertise

    • Bless your heart Matt we all are going to have a rough time with this I believe it was planned and if not it plays into what they want.I think we are about to find out how bad it really is i found this video.It is getting serious

  17. Question: Have talked about conditioning (brainwshing) and must be free of this bondage, otherwise one remains imprisoned always. A statement of this kind seems so outrageous and unacceptable! Most of us are very deeply conditioned and we hear this statement and throw up our hands and run away from such extravagant expression. Is it really possible, and if so, what does it mean? Is it possible for me, having lived in a world of habits, traditions and the acceptance of orthodox notions in so many matters – is it possible for me really to throw off this deep-rooted conditioning and what is meant by freedom from conditioning?

    Answer: “Let us take the first question first. We are conditioned – physically, nervously, mentally – by the climate we live in and the food we eat, by the culture in which we live, by the whole of our social, religious and economic environment, by our experience, by education and by family pressures and influences. All these are the factors which condition us. Our conscious and unconscious responses to all the challenges of our environment – intellectual, emotional, outward and inward – all these are the action of conditioning. Language is conditioning; all thought is the action, the response of conditioning.

    Knowing that we are conditioned we “invent a divine agency” which we piously hope will get us out of this mechanical state. We either postulate its existence outside or inside ourselves – as the atman, the soul, the Kingdom of Heaven which is within, and who knows what else! To these beliefs “we cling desperately”, not seeing that they themselves are part of the conditioning factor which they are supposed to destroy or redeem. So not being able to uncondition ourselves in this world, and not even seeing that conditioning is the problem, we think that freedom is in Heaven, in Moksha, in Nirvana. In the Christian myth of original sin and in the whole eastern doctrine of Samsara, one sees that the factor of conditioning has been felt, though rather obscurely. If it had been clearly seen, naturally these doctrines and myths would not have arisen. Nowadays the psychologists also try to get to grips with this problem, and in doing so condition us still further. Thus the religious specialists have conditioned us, the social order has conditioned us, the family which is part of it has conditioned us. All this is the past which makes up the open as well as the hidden layers of the mind. En passant it is interesting to note that the so-called individual doesn’t exist at all, for his mind draws on the common reservoir of conditioning which he shares with everybody else, so the division between the community and the individual is false: there is only conditioning. This conditioning is action in all relationships – to things, people and ideas.”

  18. Darkstar: You have completely taken the Bible out of context. Blood-soaked Bible? Yes!! Soaked in Jesus’ redeeming blood!! Joseph Herrin @ has some great studies on blood sacrifices and their signifigance. Do not confuse structured religion (Catholicism being the front-runner in this case) with faith. Many things have been done in Jesus’ name that have nothing to do with true Christianity. If I understand what you are stating, you are basically saying the faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as our atoning blood sacrifice is the Luciferian agenda and the basis of our faith is a myth. You couldn’t be more wrong!! Nobody dies for a lie. All eleven of the original disciples who followed Yeshua were tortured and 10 were martyred. The proof of God is all around us. We say we will recognize alien intelligence through math and numbers. The entire world around is mathematical, yet many refuse to acknowledge the intelligence in the creation (and no, we weren’t “seeded” by aliens). You have created a God in your own image instead of accepting that you were created in His. I applaud that fact that you are seeking, but I’m concerned that you have been led down a dark hole. I encourage you to continue to seek the TRUTH without preconceptions that you now hold.

    • P.S. Fellow Brother & Sisters: Let’s remember to attack the message, not the messenger. Darkstar is wrong in their beliefs, that does not mean they are beyond redemption. Personal attacks will accomplish nothing and alienate, not a fertile ground for receiving the true message of redemption. The prayers of the righteous can avail much and this battle is as much spiritual as it is “physical”. Contend for the Truth, but act in love.

      There is some truth in what was posted by Darkstar. We ARE being conditioned through entertainment to accept things. For instance, does anyone doubt that the next world war will be nuclear? It is in many fictional stories (look @ the Star Trek series) and been “preached” by mainstream media. It has been so ingrained that at this point, very few doubt that it would not include a nuclear exchange of some sort. The issue is that Darkstar has taken the truth and twisted it.

    • Good point Gibby62. Star trek is tell us what is to come as well as many of our movies. I love Star Trek. Look at the recent film and the symbolism. To implode the planet, ther use a material called red matter, the colour of blood = gold = water for the flood and the cleansing of the earth.

      Note that when Vulcan was destroyed, 6 Billion DIED. No coincidence here becasue the Illuminati (the Bible is their code) are tell you that the poppppulation of the ERATH is to be reduced to 500,000,000. Want proof, see the information on Gerorgia Guide Stone if you want to see GOD at work, here’s the link.

      Here is a tast…

      Georgia Guidestones 10 Guidelines

      1 – Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
      2 – Guide reproduction wisely improving fitness and diversity.
      3 – Unite humanity with a living new language.
      4 – Rule passion, faith, tradition, and all things with tempered reason.
      5 – Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
      6 – Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
      7 – Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
      8 – Balance personal rights with social duties.
      9 – Prize truth, beauty, love, seeking harmony with the infinite.
      10 – Be not a cancer on the earth. Leave room for nature. Leave room for nature.

    • Gibby62 said..”You couldn’t be more wrong!! Nobody dies for a lie.”

      Your kidding right, NOBODY DIES OVER LIES, ok what the hell are you smoking?

      – Our children going to war having to died over Lies for thousands of years.

      – WTC attack allowed by our own country’s GOVERNMENT, the USA. It;’s called a false flag operation and is nothing to do with Jeus or God. There is so much pppppproof of this it’s hidious.

      – Read the Truth about Rex 84 (the King Albert Plan) and what the plan is for America and the WORLD? New World Order is their plan. Don’t believe me, reserach it yourself.!5E23F32CE97822A0!147.entry

      Humanity has been sacrficed for thousands of years and it’s time to be stopped. You can’t do that through BLIND faith in a made-up religion. You can try but it won’t work. you need only to be AWARE.


    • DarkStar speaks many truths, but a small amount of leaven leavens the whole loaf. The beast is sent forth by God to purify His saints. God hardened Pharaoh’s heart to bring his people into tribulation to purify them. So what if you lose your life? Zedekiah staged a rebellion against Nebuchadnezzar only to be humbled by that beast. What do you die for? It is all a restless shaking in the wind if it is only for yourself. If you save your life, what do you save it for?

      For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it.

      And yes, the Bible is their code, because they are being guided unbeknownst to them, as prophecy speaks, to bring the saints into tribulation and purify them.

    • I said nobody WILLINGLY dies to PROTECT (for) a lie, not that nobody dies because of lies. BIG DIFFERENCE!!

      The manmade practices of religion are made up, not the Christianity I practice and believe in. You’re trying to make us drink poisoned koolaid. I suggest you sell it elsewhere cause nobody here is going to buy it.

      BTW, don’t smoke anything.

    • ‘Humanity has been sacrificed for thousands of years and it’s time to be stopped. You can’t do that through BLIND faith in a made-up religion. You can try but it won’t work. you need only to be AWARE. DS888’
      My faith is sadly weak, but it’s not blind, not really. I believe Jesus Christ died and was resurrected to save me (and you, and everyone.) That bare minimum is enough for God. And every once in a while He pulls me aside and kind of tweaks my nose to let me know he’s watching… I think most everyone posted here would attest to similar experience. Jesus Christ died and was resurrected to save YOU. If you’ll believe that, you’ll have the Holy Spirit in you, and God will poke you once in a while, and you will know he’s there. Try it for say, five seconds; completely suspend your disbelief for five seconds (honestly, no cheating)just as an experiment. If you do this (five seconds!) I say you’ll get proof that true faith isn’t blind. What could you lose in five seconds? Thanks for reading this, DarkStar888. C’mon, 5 seconds.

    • Dave; He would not answer my Question about the blood Either.

      888 is the number of “The resurrection
      , The Bright morning star. DarkStar knows very well what he is on about!

      He raises up his master Lucifer by expounding occult Knowledge in the midst of the saints.

      John B

    • John, the # 8 is the symbol of CONTROL! That’s why stop signs are 8 sided and RED! Its a sublimaina message. LisaUk knows about these things because she studied Kabbalah. kabbalism is the art of hypnosis or mannipulation.

      Colour Red = blood = gold = water = flood = cleasning of the earth

  19. Lets get down to brass tacks with Darkstar. I have been in his position before. Creative, intelligent, eager to prove himself with prideful exuberence, a desire to make a difference in the world and fed a few snippets of crap (some truthful, some lies) from Satan. It is a very bad mixture that puff up the self. It is nearly impossible to be talked out of. I don’t want to suggest Darkstar is a lost case, but we are trying to convince him of the saving power of Jesus and we will never succeed. The only way, and I speak from experience, is that God must test him to the point of a breakdown and only then will he see the light. What is most interesting is that once that happens, the qualities exibited by him are some of the most beneficial for decernement and prophetic enlightenment, but he must ask the Lord to bestow that gift upon him through the Holy Spirit. Until then, Darkstar speaks for the dark prince.

    • He is very intelligent and would be a great warrior for God if he would.I do think he is crying out for help the lord loves him if only he knew that.

    • Agreed Hopeful_Watcher. Hopefully, this will end up being the folly of their youth. I think we’ve all said things or believed things that we later see were so wrong, and at the time we thought was so right. My main concern is there isn’t much time to get it right. It used to be you’d see something prophetic occasionally, now it’s almost hourly. The birthpangs are getting closer and so the Tribulation will soon be birthed.

  20. Hey Lynn, sounds like you’re having a good trip. That’s good to hear. Missed you on the radio this past Wednesday night. Can’t wait for your next radio program. Hope you have a great conference, take care and see you soon!

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