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L. A. Marzulli

This story was on the FOX NEWS Website today. It’s nothing new for those of us who have kept an eye on the UFO phenomena through the years, but at least it’s the main stream media that is running with the story, and not a UFO Web site! Briefly, it’s a good piece of reporting on Stanton Friedman, who is one of the most respected UFO researchers in the world today. My question is this, why now? With all that is going on in the world FOX runs this story. IS this preparation for the revealing or am I reading too much into this? (Most likely the later.)

The one aspect of the story that grabbed my attention was Friedman’s insistence that the debunkers never look at the evidence. I would agree. There is a viscous ignorance on the part of many people when it comes to the subject of UFOs and the so-called Extraterrestrial presence. There are thousands of photos, videos, and eye-witness accounts by law enforcement, X astronauts, military personnel and others who have come forward through the years stating that the phenomena is real. Then there’s the abundance of cattle mutilations, crop circles and abductions that continue unabated for decades.

For those of you who watched the History Channel’s program, Ancient Aliens, you may recall that Dr. Stephen Greer appeared throughout the 10 hour series. In the last episode he remarked, with a look of glee, that when disclosure of the Alien presence is revealed all of the religions of the world will crumble. You know what, he’s right. This will lead to what I have coined, The Great Falling Away. This event will change peoples world view in an instant. It will most likely come after a nuclear event in the Middle East, and if you have been reading this BLOG you know that I belive we are headed for a showdown there sooner than later. In my book, Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural I weave a scenario of how these seemingly unrelated subjects are actually threaded together. Are we about to see much of what I penned in that book become a reality? I believe we are and we are perhaps closer than anyone thinks!

Friedman believes as I do that the UFO phenomena is real, burgeoning and not going away. Kudos to FOX News for running the story without the usual tongue-in-cheek, little green men nonsense! The phenomenon is real and we need to address it. Those inside the walls of the church need to understand that we are dealing with powers and principalities and wickedness in high places. That men will faint from fear from what is coming on the earth. That the so-called elect will be deceived if that were possible. That unless the days in which we are living are shortened no man, women or child would survive. That the Fallen One will come with all lying signs and wonders, in a great deception! That all of this will come as a trap, unexpected on the whole world. That the Fallen One will be cast into this dimension and he will be angry because he knows his time is short.

There are earthquakes in various places. Volcano’s that affect our way of life. Wars and rumors of wars. Famine and pestilence. There are signs in the heavens. When you see these things, know that they are the beginning of sorrows…. What is coming is unprecedented. WAKE UP!


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Kevin D. Randle is a captain in the U.S. Air Force Reserve and an authority on alien abduction. He has been a guest on many televisions programs focusing on extraterrestrial activity including, Unsolved Mysteries, Larry King Live, Good Morning America, Alien Autopsy and Maury Povich. He co-authored the bestselling UFO: Crash at Roswell, which later became a popular Showtime movie, and The Abduction Enigma.


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23 thoughts on “UFO – Cosmic Watergate

  1. I heard Dr. Kevin Randle PhD on the Edge radio.I dont think it is the later.People need to prepare for what is coming.They are going to see these entities and they will finally believe what you have been saying.I just hate that it will have to come to late for most.Some on this post know what is going on and we cant do a thing about the ones that dont as bad as that may sound you have done all as a watchman to get the truth out.Job well done man of God.For myself i am tired of trying to convince people that many lives will be taken when it happens.Men’s heart’s failing them for the fear of what is coming on the earth.The bombs will be bad enough but when these things start to manifest, that have always been there by the way, will drop dead of fear.It is in the bible.i think a spirit of denial over them and it is not a river in Egypt!!


  2. L.A.
    ‘The Book’ of prophecy that is definitative and fully discloses ‘what is, has been and is yet to come,’is The Bible (King James Version). Your book provides helpful details and information that ties in with what a number of authors and researchers are saying, regarding alien disclosure and ‘revealing’ and beings who are and have already come to earth,(Fallen angels and their offspring from mating with human women are Nephilim–giants)who have been here for a long time ( some alive now, some bound and hidden by the Living God the Father) and will be released and used by Lucifer/Satan to deceive the world and try along with his anti Christ, to counterfeit the Living God the Father and His Son Jesus the Christ, to the world. The true meaning of “As in the Days of Noah” in the Bible’s book of Genesis in Chapter 6 and other chapters, has not been taught from the pulpits in the Western Church. All of this is so difficult for professing believers and the lost to wrap themselves around and understand. Unfortunately for many, seeing is believing, without testing the spirits according to the Written Word of God, The Bible. Truly the manifestations of ‘lying signs and wonders’ will be beyond this world and too astounding for many to comprehend!’ Also mankind has always been fascinated with awesome wonders, tricks and illusions and sounght out the paranormal and supernatural as well as magicians and illusionists to be astounded and amazed. “THERE’S NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN.” The Bible discloses the nature and characters of God, His Son Jesus the Christ, The Holy Spirit, the angels and mankind. It discuses the efects of cause and effect and the choices God himself has put before mankind, sins he created us with free will to choose and has not remeoved this from us.

    L.A. your book is a help, but truly does not usurp The Bible in importance nor as the powerful ‘Sword of the Spirit’ as is the written word of God the Holy Bible and weilded by the Holy Spirit of God to help the believing Christian who follows Jesus and taking the Word of God to the lost and those without knowledge nor understanding.
    In the Book of Hosea, Chapter 4, verse 6, God says “My people perish due to lack of knowledge!” Thias was true at times in the past, present, and now future events soon coming upon us. Some here already and some at the threshold! Actually read all of Chapter 4 for it applies to many!
    Christians have been know as {The people of ‘The Book’ ” for centuries. ‘The Book’ refers to the HOly Bible and no other book of disclosure and revelation of Jesus Christ.

  3. I was reading the other day on Henrymakow.com about a man named Nicholas Tesla and the article was about him inventing the UFO vehicle and how it has all been tied in with a deception of the illuminati to pretend there are aliens and to get the people used to that idea over the years and then to use other holographic type technology to bring about a “revealing of the aliens” – project blue beam – to make people think they are not only real but finally here fully revealed, and then to use that scenario to bring on the “Great Man” – the antichrist and to get themselves set up in charge over the world system. Sounds plausible. We know they aren’t really aliens – they’re demons and that they have been here from jump. I wonder if this is the way it will be revealed? Probably after or during a war or great catastrophe as Lynn says and with what is happening in the middle east right now…it is possible that it could be any time now. Any thoughts? Amen!

    • there are reportedly a number of Tesla’s inventions that are STILL classified by the government. I think i saw this by looking through his patents in the patent archives for america, but it’s been a while. causing earthquakes is supposedly one of them

      Of course i have no proof for any of this.

  4. L.A if it had not been for your books i myself would have not fully understood everything the bible had to say about what is taking place.We have so many self righteous people out there along with false prophets that think they know everything thanks for going out of the box so we can understand what the bible is really saying.Bless God

    • Margaret, in addition to L.a.’s books, you might also look at Stebve Quayle’s books and also Stan Deyo’s. they have research and also gone out into the foeld looking at archaeology and talking to people in differnet areas of the world. L.A. has brought on some interesting authors and presenters as well. Still if one is a Christian and follower of Jesus the Christ and confess Him as one’s Lord and Savior, then each one of us are given the ‘great commission’ to go and tell others the pure, undefiled gospel of Jesus Christ by Jesus and God the Father, Creator of all.
      We are to put god first ‘above all’ according to the scriptures. I am calling all in the USA to Repent from all sins personal, and all levels including national sins! 61 million babies have been slaughtered in our nation , A national sins of this nation which must be stopped! As God hates the slaughter of innocents. I hope you do not consider those who are calling for repentance from all sins and turn back to Jesus ‘self rightwous and religious. god will have the call made if not from the pulpits from America , then from ordinary people he raises up. If people will not speak and the watchmen will not cry it aloud,, God can cause the rocks to cry out.
      Above all else and all other messages, as Christians we are to speak god’s words fromt he Holy Bible!

  5. Kevin Randle has been on with Alejandro Rojas once or twice. As has Dr. Friedman.

    I recall one time I asked Alejandro to address the Christian view of UFO’s one time, that and to take a look at the Betty Andreasson case. he never replied to my email. Funny, for the guy who’s hosting “Open Minds” radio, he isn’t showing that his mind is open.

    LA, maybe you should get on Rojas’ show, or get him on yours some time. He’s a great guy I believe, but I think he’s a little bit deceived. OK, alot deceived.

  6. I flcked on the History Channel this morning and they were running an episode of the Ancient Astronauts. I saw some very breif clips of you Lynn. But they twisted everything around. VonDanikken and that guy with a tan with the wild hair do are saying that Noah was the result of an alien/human breeding. I can’t remember which book they were qouting from that says that Noahs mother became pregnant without having sex with her husband. They briefly put in tidbits of Genisis 6, but skipped the part about the sons of God and the Nephillim.

    Who is that guy with the hair? He does have a certain carisma about him, but he is preaching the wrong message. He’s a bit too sensational as well.

    Oh yeah. Your hair looks really good Lynn. I wish they gave you more attention, but the framers of the series seem to already have there agenda.
    God blees you all and take care,
    Jimmy Doulas

  7. Hey Lynn,
    My query has nothing to do with any of the subjects above, but am wondering how long you’re gonna stay in California? I’ve been watching the USGS web for months now and it seems that Southern Cal/Baja has been quaking like a bowl of Jello with at least 6-10 small quakes on a good day. I’m very concerned for you and your family’s safety. I know that God will move you when it’s time, but I’m concerned nonetheless. Know that I pray for your safety and His covering on your work daily. Your work is hugely important to all that He is doing on our planet now.
    Corinne Ryan

    • I’m not trying to be offensive or rude or anything like that, but when its your time its your time. now i don’t want to start a debate about this subject. And i do understand that i have to protect my family and friends if we are under attack or threatened but if a Birth pain/natural disaster takes me home then so be it….

    • I agree, we can’t walk around scared. Most of the time the more nervous you are, the worse you unintentionaly make the situation

    • The Lord expects us to use common sense. If a situation is deemed dangerous, please use common sense to remove yourself from that dangerous situation. To walk down a known crime ridden dangerous street, get mugged then say “ well Lord; I guess it was my time to go”!! That’s doesn’t make a lot of sense. God gave us a mind, use it.

    • This is an interesting sub-thread, that I hope gets some legs. I’m very rusty on scripture, mind you. But: would it do much good to change one’s geography in anticipation of cataclysm? It would do me no good, I’m convinced of this; I’ll anticipate the wrong cataclysm, every time. It seems to logically follow (to me anyway – Captain Logic, ahem) that it would neither make sense to stock up on ammo and drinking water and canned goods and bet that one’s current geographical situation will remain tenable when cataclysm hits. I would love to be self-sufficient, but it seems to me that (logically!) the only sufficiency is in God (the triune God: Father, Son, Holy Ghost all inexplicably one single being. But at the same time, three separate ones; it gives me a headache sometimes, just that one concept.)
      So there. Nobody take this up, o.k? O.k. Stay away. Thanks

  8. This is very interesting cloning the tribe of Dan.The tommorow people.You just never know what these people are capable of doing they talk about the human mutilations about half way through
    MILABs Mind Control numerous population control projects, all done in conjunction with the Greys. Casbolt

    claims that children as young as five are murdered, so the remaining kids are shocked into Mind controlable

    state. This complete part will only be made availble for a short time on youtube

  9. Very few media has picked up what Egypt Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said on Nile-TV in regards to Obama confirming he is a Muslim.

    This was a statement by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit on Nile-TV. It was made on the «Round table show».

    This is the statement recorded:
    Obama told me he is still a Muslim, who supports the Muslim agenda
    Adul Gheit said he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama, where the US President told him that He was still a Muslim, the son of a Muslim father, the step son of Muslim stepfather, that his half brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and that he was sympatetic towards the Muslim agenda.


  10. would someone please explain: what is the connection between the pineal gland (so-called “third eye” by the new agers) in our heads and crop circles? I did some utube videos to try to understand. Is looking at the crop circles in conjunction with mind-altering drugs a way to hypnotize/influence/control/send messages to people? Are the crop circles simply just one more way to get people into shock & awe & take their minds off God? (I’ve gleaned enough about the subject to realize it’s another one of satan’s tricks, but just wondered what the dynamic is, if any, beyond what I’ve learned.)

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