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I was going to take today off. Relax with the wifey. However, I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t post this. This may be the prelude to the war…. We’ll see what Turkey, Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran do in retaliation. The stakes couldn’t be higher….

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    • I had a news alert on my phones about this when I woke up. I can’t stop checking the news lol. I prayed for the us and israel this morning.

  1. There is violence over a caricature of Mohammed. What do we think the reaction of this will be, when tensions are already so high? I saw a comment on that news post that might be dead on. This intentional provacation is a good way to pull Turkey into the mix. Luke 21:20 When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, you will know its desolation is near.

    • According to Alberto Rivera, an ex-catholic jesuit who
      wrote a book ‘ The Prophet’, Islam was created by the
      Papacy in order to raise up an army of Ishmael’s children
      (Arab race)against the children of Jacob( Israelites).
      Mohammed was educated in an agustinian monastery and learned
      about the writings of Agustine, the monk. Mohammed married
      khadija, a very wealthy arab who was a devout roman catholic.
      There were many arab catholics before the creation of Islam.
      Mohammed spent years in the dessert cave to escape the
      deadly epidemic in the city that killed many arabs. That’s
      where the devil disguised as an ‘angel of light’appeared
      to Mohammed with messages. The satanic messages is written
      in the Koran. The Papacy supported Mohammed’s conquest of
      the middle-east for Allah in one condition, that Mohammed
      will not attack catholic churches and monasteries. At
      first Mohammed agreed but later on he started invading
      southern Europe (Portugal and Spain) and it angered the
      Pope. The Crusades was launched by the Pope to stop the
      advancing islamic forces. Islam is a religion of terror
      after all.

    • Cris,

      I never heard of that author or read his book, but who knows. Maybe it’s true. Like I said, I don’t know anything about the author though. I can believe the part of the devil writing the koran. I have read many books about Islam after 9/11 and I remember someone saying the Koran was written/inspired by Satan. Mohammed also went through convulsions that led some to believe he was demonically possessed. One thing I do know, the religion of Islam is NOT a “religion of peace” as former president Bush used to say (which really ticked me off because I studied the history of the founding of Islam after 9/11) and also Obama seems to be sympathetic to Islam. Some even believe he (Obama) may be a “closed muslim!” Considering where Obama was raised (maybe born) and the various countrieshe grew up in, plus the fact his father and step-father were Muslim, who knows?

    • Well Izzy I do agree with the part that Islam is from Satan. I always say that the angel which appeared in the cave to Mo was a FALLEN angel.

      Notice how the ideology of Islam opportunely shows up once the Roman empire fell. It could not have spread BEFORE the empire fell, those Roman soldiers didn’t mess around.

  2. My husband and I see and understand that neither Israel nor Egypt were allowing supplies through for quite sometime due to rockets being fired on Israel. The Israelis said they would not allow them in. They sailed for Gaza anyway. The people who organized and carried out the flotilla are responsible for their own decisions and actions taken in going and putting themselves in harm’s way. This pressure from Israel and Egypt has been applied so the terrorists would stop firing rockets, suicide bombers, shooting Israelis and other actions against the ‘innocent’ populace of Israel. As odd as it sounds Egypt is the only one who has helped Israel with this situation. All the talking for years and ‘plans for peace’ pushed by other nations with hidden agendas, have not helped.

  3. A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Philippines on Monday about 570 miles (917 km) southeast of Manila, the nation’s capital, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

  4. The convoy ship had video cameras ready, Israel took the bait.
    They were baited into this and they took the cheese. You must admit a brilliant move if you know your enemy is overly aggressive.

    World reaction to Israel’s pre-dawn raid

    “Pakistan said it was concerned about the well-being and whereabouts of two journalists who were aboard the flotilla”

    As I said, Bad PR move by Israel, should have thought this one out.

    • The world will blame Israel no matter what, anyway. Israel cannot afford to surrender sovereignty over those waters. They did what they had to do. And before they did that, they did all in their power to warn those people. The devil was in the works when it came to the planning for this flotilla. The trap was laid in the planning. But Israel was well within her legal right to stop them. All I can do is stand with them and pray.

    • This all happened in international waters. Big mistake in the eyes of the world.
      According the world Governments, Israel was not well within her legal right to stop them.

    • Matt says,

      “The convoy ship had video cameras ready, Israel took the bait.
      They were baited into this and they took the cheese. You must admit a brilliant move if you know your enemy is overly aggressive.”

      “As I said, Bad PR move by Israel, should have thought this one out.”

      My reply to Matt is,

      In your first quote it sounds as though you are suggesting that “Israel” was acting “overly agressive,” and this was a “brilliant move” on the part of the ship carrying in the alleged “humanitarian aid.” I could not disagree with your entire statement.

      First of all, the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) does NOT have the “luxery” of attempting to “figure out” if the incoming ship has set up video cameras as “bait.” In addition to that, they (IDF) did warn the incoming ship not to bust through the blockade. The IDF does not make “idle threats!” Add to the mix the fact Israel is surrounded by countries who are dedicated to the elimination of the State of Israel, and you’re asking for serious trouble!

      With respect to the “bad PR move” statement, I believe I’ve addressed that above already. Bottom line, Israeli commandos are highly trained at asessing split second decision making tactics. They acted in the interest of their nation and it’s citizens. Politicians and diplomats will sort out the details.

    • Izzy, did you happen to watch the news today? Did you see almost all countries coming out against Israel aggression in international waters? How can you not see this as not a bad PR move for Isreal…Yes they were trying to defend themselves but this is not what the world will see…I stand by what I said, BAD PR MOVE! Life was lost; the boat could have been disabled in some way with loss of life minimized. The mistake was boarding he boat to begin with. Disable it.

  5. I believe this is a prelude to war. It seems this year 2010
    will be a chaotic year-besides the middle-east war erupting,
    the tension between North and South Korea will also explode
    into an all out war, then the war will lead to a global
    economic collapse, probably by the end of 2010,the prophesied
    Great Tribulation has started. Ipray that Our Almighty God will
    protect Israel from her enemies.

  6. I was reading the Bible Code Part 2 by and it says in that
    book Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu will be assasinated and
    his assasination will lead to an all out middle-east war.The
    Gaza ship attack could be the reason for his assasination. We’ll
    just wait and see if the Bible Code is accurate.

    • Jessy,

      I don’t put anything into the “bible code” thing. It sounded interesting when it first came around, but I noticed that it never, not once “predicted” anything. Everything was always, “after the fact.” It was like, well what’s the point? I mean, they’d talk about how they found “9/11” in the code, after the fact. Everything was always after the fact. Then I remember it got ridiculous because they started attempting to predict sports games, ie; world series, etc. I remember Grant Jeffries getting involved. That was early on, so I figured there might be something to this because I respected what he had to say. But as time went on, I don’t recall exactly what happened, maybe nothing, but it seemed as though Grant Jeffery went silent on the issue. Seems like he may have changed his mind on it? I remember he wrote a book about it and I wound up losing respect for him, but like I said, he got away from it. Bottom line, I think if God has something in the bible that he wants us to know about, he’d put it there for us to be able to read. Another thing to consider is that the Holy Spirit is the one who reveals the Word of God, so I just can’t see the Holy Spirit using or needing a computer to reveal the Word of God to us. I do believe some Jewish rabbi’s still swear by it. I just don’t think anything of it.

  7. Bible prophesy is being fullfilled in front of our eyes, the
    event in Israel, the Gaza ship attack could be the spark that
    will ignite the feared war in the middle-east. But I know God
    will protect Israel, the enemies will know that Jesus is the
    Mighty One of Israel when they are all defeated.

    • Amen, Antonio. This could be the big one. All I know is that it’s scary when you start hearing “everyone” blaming Israel! That’s a sure sign. Then there’s also N. Korea and S. Korea acting up with each other. And the financial state of the world right now. Put all these things together and it makes for the “perfect storm!” This is how world events unfolded at the start of WW2, probably WW1 also. Another thing to consider is the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. When it’s all said and done, who knows if the price of gas could jump up in price? It’s all in God’s hands!

  8. If anyone does NOT believe there IS a God,they only need to pay close attention to Israel! Think of it, a tiny strip of land that nobody cared about UNTIL Israel became a nation,exactly as God said would happen! Think of it,every time Israel tries to defend herself,the whole WORLD condemns her.Never has a nation been so hated! It is a supernatural event.If you think through century after century the Jews did NOT have a nation, a city,nothing yet Israel has keep her identity,her language,her nationality. Incredible is our God.God is fulfilling His promises.We the church are not to try and heal this world,fix this world nor pray for this world but for our brothers and sisters(fellow believers) in this world. I am NO longer looking up,I am LISTENING for that Almighty Trumpet! Let’s all keep Israel in our prayers.Blessings to each and evryone of you……
    PS another volcano erupts………LISTEN close folks…..

    • Great post, Soulatpeace, I am comforted to see that there are some who do still have a heart for Israel.
      Thank you.

    • Shalom Janet!
      Reason for everything~~~ Matthew 23:37-39
      Jesus wanted to gather Israel but Israel didn’t let Him,so Israel will have to be driven to the WALL and THEN she will cry out to the Lord,that is the fulfillment of all things. Simple but very much to the point. I love Israel and my compassion and heart has always been hers.Israel is where “WE” stem from,hating and condemning Israel is NOT being a true christian.LOVE,not worldly love but Agape love,the type of love Christ wants from us.
      Hope everyone has a nice memorial day……Let’s not forget out dead,they bled for us and for our freedom. LJ

    • Interesting- a Pacific “Underwater” Volcano spews ash into the air. Wouldn’t it have to be fairly close to the surface to do that?

  9. Here it is: Jesus is going to come and rapture all christian Jews out of Israel together with the gentile Church from around the world, He then is going to “allow another 70AD style oppression” on Israelites left behind for a period of seven years.
    And then, He is going to come back a “second time” and save all the “unbelieving Jews” who survived the oppression(Tribulation)…That is supposedly God’s will for His Chosen race.

    That is absurdity of the greatest degree, the foolishness of theology, This is the promotion of a Cruel God and not a Loving one.
    God does not play Games with the souls of man “Christ Died Once And For all men”

    John B

    • Where is the part where the believing Jews flee to the mountains & are supernaturally protected by God- just like when they fled out of Egypt from Pharaoh?
      (Rev 12) The Woman

    • Mathew 24 is a twofold prophecy… The best way I know of how to understand what Jesus was talking about Late Night, is to do a spread side by side of Mat24, LK21, MK13.
      Match Them to one another, It can be seen what took place in 70AD and what will take place at The last days.
      It is vital to separate the happenings of both. Then match the Apostles words about the “day of the Lord”

      last of all see what the prophets had to say! what is fulfilled, the Apostles always tell us so.

      last of all look at revelations That is why It is At The End Of the Bible.
      The Historian “Josephus” is also a Great source of Truth.

      John B

  10. “Look Up! Keep your eyes on Jesus the Christ. Everything all points to Jesus the Messiah and His Second coming. Prepare your hearts daily in spiritual preparation. Sometimes with all the chaotic news around us, we become so focused on world events, media and circumstances, we become distracted and forget that it is all about Jesus. He is to be above all else, everyone and everything else to us! Jesus points the way to Father Creator God! Jesus is the Only Path to the Father. Father God is in control. He is ruling and reigning on His Throne over all the Universe He has created. Give Him all the praise, honor and glory!
    To those who have never known Jesus nor heard the Gospel, I pray the HOly Spirit will prepare your hearts to heal the pure undefiled Gospel as it is written in the Word of God, pure, undefiled without words added to nor taken away from by men of any age. For those who are blackslidden, hear the cry of this watchman, “Repent from all sin and return to your first Love, Jesus Christ. Humble yourselves, turn from your wicked way and return to Jesus Christ. Obey the commandments of Father God and our Lord and Savior Jesus of Nazareth! Obey the scriptures because you love them both and have faith in action as demonstrated in your lifestyles. Draw near to God and Seek His face while He may yet be found! Masy the Holy spirit strengthen you all. I break the spirit of fear and ask God in His mercy to help you by His Holy Spirit to increase in Godly wisdom and be strengthened in your faith in thought, word and deed. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Messiah, the Holy Son of the Father, the One true God. Amen
    Cathy M.

  11. L.A.
    I hope you had good day with your wife. The time is getting close, the so called activists were prepared for this. they had gas-masks and different weapons
    this was a setup.

    • Margaret and all,
      After you prepare you hearts spiritually, I encourage and exhort you to pray for each individual person and place involved or affected by the current event you have posted or are about to post! This motivates us from talk into action and becomes a pattern and christain lifestyle of being active prayer warriors!

      It’s called,”Practising the Presence!”
      and takes you beyond the shock effect into action!

    • I and I’m sure most people do not know a thing about “practising the presence.” I’m sure we all understand the simple power of prayer however in the name of Jesus Christ. There is no other name higher than this name.

    • In the previous paragraph I described part of ‘practising the presence’ which is having a two way conversation with God continually no matter what you’re doing, throughout each day and while awake. Ongoing prayer 24/7. Brother Lawerence, amonk, modeled this in his lifetime. He drew near to God and focused on God first above all else of the world, whether in prayer times or doing medial tasks.
      The circumstances, events things and people int he world can distract us is we allow it. Or pull us into fear, worry and doubt and unbelief–which are all snares and tools of satan/Lucifer, the devil. We must grid up ourselves spending time in the Word of God, ‘in His presence’ and strengthened by the Holy Spirit to be protected in these days where we will hear of wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, volcanoes, famines and plagues and “Let not your hearts be troubled.” We need to be steadfast and stand on the side of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    • Hi LNL~
      I just read that linked article. Good one! You should check out the one I posted from the debka file. That’s a Jewish publication and they have some disturbing insights on the flotilla problem. Yahweh’s peace to you.

    • Hey Jeff,

      Earthquakes are the least of our problems. We in Western Washington State are sandwiched between Mt. Baker in the North and Mt. Rainer in the South. At the moment, they are sleeping meaning they are dormant. But if they decide to wake up and, God help us, at the same time there is absolutely no where to run. You can only hope that they don’t erupt and/or the wind doesn’t carry the ash in your direction. Oh, yeah, there is a major concern for tsunamis along the coast, too.

    • This is so true Virginia. My brother-in-law lives is Seattle in the shadow of Mt. Rainer. That was my concern for he and his family when he moved there several years ago. Not to mention the beast to your east, the caldera we call Yellowstone that constantly shows more and more signs for bulging and blowing. I do believe when God pours out HIS wrath on this unbelieving world, it will be those left behind that will experience the horrible consequences of these terrible disasters as God ignites the fuse for all the volcanoes and fault lines that run all through the U.S. I do pray for those who must go through this…whenever it may be.


    • Hi Virginia~
      Hello to you from Oly! For sure, things are pretty quiet right now. I remember the 6.8 in 2001 that hit us really hard. Being originally from SoCal I was familiar with EQ’s. But that particular one in the Nisqually Delta was a doozy!! And the Mount St. Helen’s spewer is just as memorable. When I stop and think about all the birth pangs happening right now, I find pause to consider war rumblings coming from Korea that may affect us on the west coast. Seattle is a hot button target for sure. Fort Lewis, Whidbey Island NAS, McChord AFB, and the Bangor/Bremerton Naval shipyards will be called to action. Things are definitely heating up. Yahweh bless.

  12. You know, i had hoped LA was wrong about war in the mideast coming. I didn’t want to accept it, i didn’t think it would start like this, so soon. But I think we are heading for a war over there of Biblical Proportions(and I don’t mean that to be funny).

    I can’t see how nothing will come of this. So, when will prophecy begin to unfold?

    • Wars/Rumors of Wars – Earthquakes & natural disasters run amuck – all the while most of the general populace could care less.

      Walking around in a fog – living for today – until they are personally affected by something I doubt the mindset will change.

      What is that Pink Floyd song about being “numb”?

    • Hi Late Night:

      You are so right…the sad thing is that the church is right there in the same crowd, numb or asleep or both. I can’t even talk about it with family members who belong to the Lord…I think even though they know these things will happen, they just don’t want it to be “That Time” yet…but I couldn’t be more excited…not for all the craziness and bad things to come but for our long awaited Hope to appear. God bless. Amen!!

  13. That story about Iran having 2 tons of uranium for 2 bombs is much-a-do about nothing. This because Iran financed Pakistans nuke program years ago so one would not be living in the real world if you think they didn’t get bombs out of that deal. They can likely hit the East coast with their new missiles and can certainly easily kill off all our military in the Iraq and Afganistan not to mention mess up Israel.

  14. Following is a link to a good research article. Many within the new age movement and exopolitics movement are promoting the idea of benign space brothers that will help mankind in the near future. This essay examines that premise and exposes the con:

    UFO’s Messengers of salvation or deception?

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