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DESPITE NEAR-UNIVERSAL skepticism from mainstream science — and most Christians — Judd Burton, director of the Institute of Biblical Anthropology, believes that the giants of Genesis 6 are to be taken literally. In fact, he suggests in his new book Interview With the Giant: Ethnohistorical Notes on the Nephilim, that the nephilim may have planted the roots of mankind’s earliest known civilizations.

Burton, an historian and archaeologist by training, takes a scholarly look at a field of study that is admittedly thin on evidence — although one may suggest that it’s less the scarcity of evidence and more the interpretation of the evidence that has led most academics to dismiss research into literal giants as “fringe”.

It is also possible, as Burton suggests, that some finds have simply gone missing from museum collections.  Human skeletons as large as 25 feet were reportedly discovered in Europe since the beginning of the 17th century, and dozens of unusually large remains measuring between seven and ten feet in height were discovered by farmers settling the Ohio River valley in the 19th century — some of which were sent back to Washington, D.C. and apparently lost by the Smithsonian.

But rather than speculate, Burton focuses on the evidence at hand and attempts to reconstruct their history, like a forensic profiler, from the clues they left behind.  He develops a fascinating, if necessarily incomplete, portrait of a race of brutal, fearsome warriors who left their mark not only on the Ancient Near East, but the entire antediluvian world.

Because much of the textual evidence was handed down from Hebrew sources, such as the Old Testament and a few extrabiblical sources like the books of Enoch, Jasher, and Jubilees, most of what we know about the giants of old relates to the nephilim of the Ancient Near East.  Given their history, this is no surprise; according to those sources, the nephilim were the product of an unholy cross-species mating between angels and human women.

Burton names the various tribes or clans mentioned in the Bible, such as the Rephaim, the Emim, the Gibborim, the Zamzummim, and the Awwim, and provides maps to place them.  He tells us what we know of specific giants, such as Og, the king of Bashan, and Goliath, the mercenary of Gath.  He goes further, connecting the nephilim to demonic spirits and suggesting that their predatory, cannabalistic habits might be the origin of the legends of vampires.

Drawing on his personal research at the archaeological dig at Banias in northern Israel, Burton draws fascinating links between Azazel, a leader of the fallen angels who descended from heaven at Mount Hermon to intermingle with humanity, and Pan, the lusty half-goat Greek god of shepherds and flocks.

The Bible tells us that the goat upon which the Hebrews laid the sins of the tribe before it was driven into the desert was called Azazel, an echo of the punishment visited upon the angel Azazel for leaving his first estate.  Since Banias, later known as Caesarea Philippi, is the site of the Grotto of Pan and nearly at the foot of Mount Hermon, Jesus’ choice of the place to reveal Himself as the Messiah to his disciples (see the Confession of Peter) was, in Burton’s view, a sort of cosmic “in your face” to the angels who’d chosen to rebel against God.

Interview With the Giant is a quick and informative read on a fascinating and underappreciated topic, and Burton thoughtfully includes a chapter devoted to other sources that readers can investigate for further research.  The book is available  in paperback and as a very affordable e-book (PDF) at

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45 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio: NEPHILIM – w/ guest – Judd Burton

  1. This reminds of the story I heard that was in Buffalo Bill Cody’s autobiography – here is an exerpt from an article about this.

    The North American Indians believed that the first race of human beings were giants. In the autobiography of William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, Cody writes that while camping on the South Platte, a Pawnee Indian came into the camp with what the army surgeon pronounced to be a giant thigh bone of a human being. When Cody asked about where such a bone might have come from, the Indian replied that long ago a race of giants had lived in the area. This race of men had been three times larger than normal men and able to out-run a buffalo and even carry it in one hand. Cody wrote:

    “These giants denied the existence of a Great Spirit, so he caused a great rain storm to come, and the water kept rising higher and higher so that it drove these proud, and conceited giants from the low ground to the hills, and thence to the mountains, but at last even the mountain tops were submerged and then those mammoth men were all drowned. After the flood had subsided, the Great Spirit came to the conclusion that he had made man too large and powerful, and that he would therefore, correct the mistake by creating a race of men of smaller size and less strength. This is the reason, say the Indians that modern men are small and not like the giants of old. They claim that this story is a matter of Indian history, which has been handed down among them from time immemorial.”

    I know Chuck Missler and a few other Biblical scholars have pointed out that MANY ancient civilizations have a FLOOD STORY in their histories and this would provide us with substantial belief that the flood of Noah was real outside of the biblical account of it.

    Just thought some of you might be interested in this little bit of information I heard a few years ago and is available from other sources

  2. I am so happy to see you getting around to this topic.Many people are sucked into believeing the hoaxes being spread with FAKE photos of giant skeletons.I have included a set of hoaxed pictures and wonderful running commentary between Dr.Michael Heiser and and a man named Kevin.Very much worth the read! We Christians need to remember to not only seek out the truth in the biblical sense but in every other way as well.Blessings Dr.Lynn our mighty warrior! Laura

    • Yes, its really obvious that those are photoshopped pictures. Another photo comes to mind that I have seen repeatedly on YouTube and other places. I’d post it here but I’m emailing this from work and our filtering system blocks YouTube. If you type in “nephilim” in the Search box, you will come across it. I’m sure most of you have seen the photo. It appears to be somewhere in the middle east. Two very large skeletons lying side by side, mouths gapping open with two Muslim men, who I assume, are the diggers behind them. I hope that’s not photoshopped. Its a cool picture.

  3. LA

    Lions and Tigers and gods…..Oh my!

    I apologize for this being to long…,but I think it needs to be stated and scrutinized with thought. So ya’ll please bear with me here.

    Something ‘scripturally’ concerning your “Mall Witness” has come to my attention and it is quite disturbing if I am correct in my hypothesis. I have kept this information back for several weeks, not mentioning it until now because I wanted to take it before the Lord for a yea or nay. He has confirmed my findings from multiple unrelated sources so I now share it with you all.

    I have read certain passages in the Bible numerous times over the years and not thought much about them…(one of those head-scratchers…haven’t we all done that?), that is until a few weeks ago, while reading one particular verse, did something hit me with the force of lightening that was so swift and hard, I sat stunned like a deer caught in headlights. Then your words LA, from the “Mall Witness” who said they encountered ‘an entity’ in their shop, started drumming over and over like thunder in my head…..

    “I have decided to become mortal….I have decided to become mortal…”

    That’s when my jaw hit the floor and frankly still remains there.

    If this magic carpet ride is right…we may have made a big faux pas as to ‘who’ we are dealing with and exactly ‘what’ they are as well as what is coming. If I’m wrong….shoot me… I’ll gladly give you the bullets…..(snark)

    I do not have the background in the languages to say ‘without doubt’, so I must haphazardly schlep along in hopes that you and others knowing what you know, can help augment or toss in file 13 this whole idea. That gives me some confidence, but alas…,two witnesses are needed so as to report of this finding, and I now feel I have received those, for I alone am not qualified.

    Here is a massively brief thumbnail so hang with me, and in a moment you’ll see what I mean and what I ‘think’ I have found…

    The ‘entities/beings’ we are going to be dealing with (very soon), I speak of the ‘hybrids’, may not be “Nephilim” as we define it at all, i.e. disembodied spawn (demons) which are half human/half angelic, fathered by the angelic race who are looking to be vested into a new body of flesh. Nor might these ‘entities’ be angels, fallen or otherwise. They could be instead “sons of God”! This is not a matter of semantics here, but a totally separate and by God’s own definition distinct “divine” race, that is NOT Nephilim, NOT Angelic. A very, very powerful race of beings created by God.

    A literal race of “gods”…mythology here we come!

    Maybe this is nothing more than an old notion in a new perspective…Hmmm…But it is new to me anyways.

    The ‘divine sons of God’ who were given dominion, authority, and rule at the time of Genesis 1:1….and blew it by Genesis 1:2….are of whom I speak…(Thrones).

    I found these quotes below as my final witness (which to me clinched the deal), while perusing this hare-brained rabbit trail, and I feel are spot on ancient Biblical writings of one Mr. Mike Heiser who seems to be very knowledgeable from what I can tell in the ancient languages.

    “That such an effort has been exerted to identify these beings as humans ought also to inform the reader that in these texts (and especially Psalm 82) does not refer to mere angels (i.e., Myk)lm). The comparative semitic data make it clear that the members of the council had a higher status than these “messenger” beings. “ (sorry I don’t have Hebrew fonts LA)

    Logic here….According to you and the “Witness” in the shop that was confronted with this unknown ‘entity’….He/She felt they were NOT to “speak to it” ….why….why?

    If this were a demon/Nephilim, even a fallen angel, we confront them all the time. We are to rebuke them, we cast them out on a regular basis and have been for two millennia. Good heavens…Russ Dizdar and Pastor Riggs live on a regular diet of these things. So why did this person feel God told them or by their own discernment, NOT to speak to this creature? Could it possibly be because it was not a demon-Nephilim/fallen angel in a flesh body at all?

    It was a “son of God”! If so, then that could be a whole other ballgame. We are speaking of a highly exalted and massively powerful created race that is “divine”….not ‘deity’, but divinity. Are we equipped for this type of confrontation at this time? Maybe not. That could be why God or otherwise, told this person to ‘hold their tongue’ and not speak…at all.

    If I have Pastor Riggs take on the “Celestial Court” and Mike Heiser’s “Divine Council” correct (please allow for a large margin of error…haha) then Riggs and Heiser are not in conflict as one might assume at first blush, but both correct! Both of them are at opposite ends of the same equation, “Divine Council/Celestial Court”. But NOT in opposition, but rather in full accord…’Matching Identical Bookends’. Hang with me here….I’m getting to the part that is going to blow your socks off….maybe.

    The ‘Divine Council’ (OT) consists of these “sons of God” in the OT and they still “reign” over the nations to this day…They are “The Morning Stars” (Heiser)!….but WE, the Bride, “The New Morning Star Company” (Riggs) are going to replace them in the ‘Celestial Court’ (NT) after the rapture, the OT speaks of both. WE are going to toss the ‘sons of God’ out on their divine hind ends …not just the angelic fallen ones from the heavens only. The latter is an inferior sub-class to the former not in rank, but in divine class. They are not one and the same…apples to oranges. And we have made the mistake I feel of lumping ‘them’ (angels/sons of God) all together into one class/species along with their prodigy.

    The scripture that speaks of God ‘dividing the nations’ amongst the ‘children of Israel (Deuteronomy 32), is incorrectly translated, and makes no sense. The Masoretic text is a mess at best and here is one of those altered verses. The older LXX’s and the Q4Dt ‘both’ concur to same rendering of ‘dividing the nations’ between ‘the sons of God’… not the “children of Israel” and not angels.

    But this is how we see it translated in our bibles:

    Deut 32:8
    8 When the most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when he separated the sons of Adam, he set the bounds of the people according to the number of the children of Israel.


    Could that be why the first thing spoken by this ‘being’ (I believe you said) was a snarky sarcastic comment (which I can’t recall, but was pregnant with meaning), directed personally at this witness in the shop? Think about this a moment….“They” the “sons of God” are being usurped by us whom they see as a threat and little more than vermin, compared to their ‘divine godhood’ of God given authority, power and rule. WE are just “clots of mud” in comparison, made of dust. Whereas “they” will have their “divinity” and their “flesh”….‘gods on Earth’! Exactly what they wanted in the days of Noah…immortal power, in the flesh. The sons of God are the “Thrones” of the NT!

    The demons/Nephilim already have bio engineered bodies prepared for them (though I feel according to the LXX that God has a few of the ‘original big boys’ stashed in reserve for His purposes in stasis). By numerous accounts from eye witnesses who have seen these ‘empty’ body carcasses, we know as the ‘Greys’, stacked up like so much cord wood in underground bases and on craft in drawers of all places. They have bodies already prepared…they may not be the Cadillac of flesh suits…but hey beggars can’t be choosey. They are “bastards” after all (Book of Enoch). The angelic realms are messengers/servants/warriors…not “gods” and I no longer at this time see those in play here as far as taking on ‘flesh’, but do leave that option open.

    But now the “Nordics”…tall, strikingly beautiful, blue eyed, blond haired hybrids or whatever form they have devised, like the one your witness saw, the Cadillac of all Cadillac’s … crème de la crème, ARE and will be…the “sons of God” come to Earth…not angels, not demons…who have crafted for themselves a ‘primo body of flesh’ to inhabit. “The sons of God”, like the demons and angels, fallen and otherwise, are “spirit” and in their composite makeup are already ‘immortal’ though they can transform into ‘flesh and bone’…so how can this be and most importantly…why? What we are dealing with here if I’m on target, is not ‘flesh and bone’….but ‘flesh and blood’…..MORTALS! Because…

    God declares it so!

    I quote again from the Mall witness…”I HAVE DECIDED to BECOME MORTAL”

    Think about this (logically), a demon would have nothing to decide…it would ‘jump’ at the chance without hesitation or contemplation if offered a new body of their own like one of these…Ahhhh…but…Sincere thought and long contemplation has gone into that spoken final decision and statement of “I have decided…” above. I say this because I have a sneaking feeling, that once this decision has been made… it is indeed once and forever…FINAL as subtly implied. A crossing over to the ‘point of no return’. There will be no changing ones mind, no going back…it’s a one-way ticket…to “mortality”.

    Now here is the verse I came across:

    Ps 82:1-83:1
    God takes His stand in His own congregation; He judges in the midst of the rulers.
    2 How long will you judge unjustly, And show partiality to the wicked? Selah.
    3 Vindicate the weak and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and destitute.
    4 Rescue the weak and needy; Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked.
    5 They do not know nor do they understand; They walk about in darkness; All the foundations of the earth are shaken.
    6 I said, “You are gods, And all of you are sons of the Most High.
    7 “Nevertheless you will die like men, And fall like any one of the princes.”
    8 Arise, O God, judge the earth! For it is Thou who dost possess all the nations.
    A Song, a Psalm of Asaph. (emphasis mine)

    “Die like men”….[Mortal flesh and blood]
    “Fall like… the princes” …[Like the rebellious angels who fell]

    These are “spirit beings”….how can they “die like men” (the word here is Adam)…they are eternal and immortal spirit are they not? This can ONLY be true if they take upon themselves “flesh”…a mortal body! Notice above at the time of that writing…those whom God is addressing (these are not humans) ‘have not yet fallen’…these are NOT fallen rebellious angels spoken of here because they are mentioned in verse (7), but the specific class of being designated by God as “sons”…divine sons…gods.

    To quote Mike:

    “The point of verse 6 is that, in response to the corruption of the elohim, they will be stripped of their immortality at God’s discretion and die like humans die”.

    And this one is a real eye popper (sorry I don’t have Hebrew fonts, the **** are the Hebrew words…but can send if needed….and can’t paste a photo of quote…so must work with what I can show):

    “2 The particle ***** in verse 7 indicates “a strong antithetical relationship with v. 6.”59 The presence of ***** introducing the clause prior to **** has been demonstrated to require a translation of roughly “I had thought . . . but.”60 The contrast is, of course, between the speaker of verse 6, Yahweh (who in either view is the only one who has the authority to render the death sentence for these **** and the **** of verse 6a – the word being in parallel to ****** . Consequently, interpreting the phrase “you shall die like Adam” to be referring to human judges would contradict the contrasts required by the syntax. It would also require ignoring the parallel here with the judgment on Adam and Eve. The point is not that the ***** were put to death at the moment Yahweh judged them, but that they must die as a result of their actions (i.e., they would become mortal).61 Moreover, it is patently illogical. As Smick noted, “if they are going to die like mortals, they are not mortals.”62 The immortality of those suffering this judgment is clearly presupposed.63” (Deuteronomy 32:8 and the Sons of God By Michael S. Heiser, p. 13).

    “…they would become mortal.”


    This can only happen if you are ‘mortal flesh and blood’. And God’s Judgment of Psalm 82 can only come to pass if these “sons of God” take on mortality. When that decision is made by them individually, and it must be, ‘by choice’,… then….they will have fallen.

    I have butchered this to pieces I know, but I hope you get the idea of what I am trying to relay.

    Now I don’t know if this M. Heiser has all his ducks is a row, for all I know he could be another Annunaki crazed Sitchin… but, if he is correct and the theology sound, your witness correct…and…these scriptures mean what I think they say they mean, then we may have a ‘eureka moment’ going on here.

    The “gods” are returning! And the world will be deceived.

    They will ‘declare themselves to be gods’…because they are gods.

    If this hits the mark, or is even close by a mile….are WE even ready? (I shudder)

    The possibility of countless ‘divine gods’, once heavenly…now flesh and blood, but retaining all of their original abilities with incomprehensible power, greater then that of angels, running amuck on Earth…Oh joy!

    AND….If Pastor Doug Riggs is correct in his interpretation of “us” being the ‘Sons of God….i.e. Bright Morning Star Company”, then (this company) may just be preparing for a confrontation (Mexican stand-off) or however you wish to term it, come the time of “visitation” with our ‘counterparts’….Sons of God, Morning Stars vs. Sons of God, Bright Morning Star Company as a last and final showing of the Church/Bride here on earth before we all get our ticket to ride…home!

    Bummer…I do hope I’m wrong….=)

    Fasten your seatbelt…It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

    This is just getting so interesting!!


    • Deb,
      Whew! That was alot but very interesting. As I was reading the following movies came to mind.

      The Prophecy Triology with Christopher Walken where in one of the movies his immortality is taken away for something he did but he gets it back by the last movie and “City of Angels” with Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan where an angel (Nicholas Cage) falls in love with mortal Meg Ryan and decides to irrevocacably become mortal. I won’t spoil the ending for those who haven’t seen the movie but suffice it to say, it was a lousy idea.

    • Hey Debbie, that’s an interesting post but whatci would keep in mind is that while the bible says the sons of god mated with daughters of man abd had giants, it says the angels were punished for this by being cast out if their home(which I believe may be mars since they have pcics of what appears to be a pyramid and lynx supposedly in the same positions as here on earth) so why would the angels be punished for what other beings did. Also it talks about how the fallen angels taught us knowledge that god did t want them to teach us like the cutting of erbs, how to war, make up for women etc. I would also think that If God created another race besides us abd angels it wouldn’t be hidden and would have more info on it. Also be careful with new translations of the bible, king janes had alot of scholars working on it abd context in languages has changed greatly since then. Just look at how much different the context of the English language has changed in recent history.

    • what an idea concerning the monuments on mars! Ive never thought of that scenario, its intresting for sure.

    • I’ll have to check those out Jeff thanks for the link. I just kinda cane to my own conclusions abn haven’t ever read anything on it really. kinda like the nephilim/alien deal before I heard about mr marzulli abd Tom horn

    • Trust me, I fully understand Joe. In the beginning one has to be willing to make a complete paradigm shift in their entire Biblical and world view thinking. My process began way back in the early 80’s and still continues today.

      I am on the same page with you regarding Brothers Lynn and Tom. They greatly helped me connect the dots to issues long on the back/front burners for years regarding the whole Alien/UFO/Fallen angel connection.

      Admittedly, it is a lot to wrap your mind around which is why it takes years of study, prayer and research…even then you never stop learning and collecting ideas and facts.

      Peace be yours Joe.


    • WOW! I need some help here.I know I am missing alot due to NOT knowing what the “Mall Witness” is all about.Sure would appreciate being enlightened here.I think I can wrap my mind around what you shared. Peace~

    • It is a story in one of L.A’s news letter’s about George seeing what she thought was a Nephillum ,it is well worth getting great information.

    • Hi Deb~
      Wow… a most interesting hypothesis! Very worthwhile ponderings:^D Btw, I have been a regular reader of Mike Heiser’s expository writings and such since 2006. Let me assure you he is NO “Annunaki crazed Sitchin” or Sitchinite… far from it!! In fact he has a website Guess you missed that one. Lol! ((I’ll be researching your research now. Thanks again and Yahweh be with you.))

  4. They live among us .Look at the man in these photos.
    With all the non-humans among us, their survival totally depends on their ability to blend in. Many live among us never knowing their true heritage. The pure bloods certainly know who they are and go to great lengths to hide their heritage. They are the inner circle of those who control us. The Illuminati inner circle of power is made up of pure blood Nephilim. The outer circle hybrids are the ones that live among us and instinctually make out lives a living hell. Their personality character structure is Psychopathic, Narcissistic, or borderline. They are the bad seeds planted among us, Matt. 13.

    • Margaret,
      That was facinating. Something else came to mind speaking of Patrick Stewart and Star Trek. In the earlier Star Treks, I can only recall one coupling of human with alien, i.e. Spock’s human mother and Vulcan father. Later there was Worf’s son who is half human and half Klingon. In later Star Treks, i.e, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, the subtle promotion of laisons between humans and aliens or between aliens of different races increased. When I was much, much younger, as I watched these Trekkie episodes, I used to think what it might be like to have a “relationship” with an alien. How we do get sucked into that! Now, I know. I watch these programs with a very different eye. Thank you, Lynn.

  5. Debie, Yep-that was Heavy!

    When it comes down to it we won’t fully know until
    the great deception is unveiled “in real time” as God lifts the restraint, but I also won’t discount the fact that it’s possible the Lord has revealed something to you.

    I still vividly recall the night the Lord revealed to me the general idea of what the Alien presence was & that it was real & Christians were being deceived & sucked into it through false prophets thinking it was from God.

    So, perhaps someone here will feel led to pray & see if this is something the Lord wants to give us details about.

    We ARE warned about “false Christs” & “sings & wonders” & not to go after them. So whatever the end time delusion is – so far it looks to be quite a whopper.

  6. Hi L.A.,

    Thank you so much for this new commentary format. I really enjoy it. Thank you for your stand and your faithfulness to the the Word of God in these last days of deception.

    Today, I expressed this thanks in a more tangible way. I have made a donation to your on-going ministry. I hope to make this a regular practice. I encourage all that possibly can to do the same. This was long overdue from me.

    Kevin J.

  7. lynn,

    this morning for some reason i remembered a dream i had a couple of weeks ago…

    (and, by synchronicity, you blogged about it today!)

    in this dream, there was a massive army of nephilim sweeping across russia…
    they were heading towards europe…

    the world was in utter panic as to what they should do, because none of their military weapons were effective against them!

    so in the dream, the world was running to the Christians for wisdom and direction, because Christians were the only ones given supernatural understanding about how to deal with the nephilim!

    in the dream, i was in a bus station in europe, and plastered across all the magazines front pages were headlines about the advancing hordes of nephilim!


    which brings me to something that just popped into my mind right now…

    how did King David deal with and have victory over the nephilim?
    by speaking the Words of FAITH…

    see, when David retorted unwaveringly in Faith against Goliaths slander, the battle had already been won,
    even though the stone had not yet sunken into Goliath’s forehead…

    because satans only real weapon is the LIE, and FEAR…
    but david HAD NO FEAR, and KNEW that he would be victorious over Goliath!
    by speaking the Words of Faith, David basically was prophesying his Victory over Goliath…

    i will tell you that in my dream, many many people were running up to me (including politicians and world leaders) asking me what they should do…
    in fact i was on my way to a world summit dealing with the issue of the nephilim!
    (be prepared Christians! God can promote you in a twinkle of an eye!)

    lynn, we will defeat the nephilim in the same way David did!
    by speaking the Word of Faith, and by believing unwaveringly, with no fear! 🙂

    • So if these chips can get viruses and you have a chip implanted in your body, “somebody” could purposely infect you with a virus or worse and mess with your DNA, cause molecular changes in your body, implant thoughts in your head, in essence take control of you and when “they” are done with you or if you refuse to cooperate, eliminate you. Sounds like the plot of a movie.

    • I would say having a chip with a computer virus would itself pose no problem. The main thing this proves is that the chip is not a secure solution to any problem.

      All the chip is able to do is provide a RFID signal. if it got a virus, what it transmits would merely be whatever the virus was programmed for.

    • Wow, that is definitely an interesting vision. The building blocks of this technology already exist. This would be an amazing science fiction story!

      Do you think this is truly a vision of the future?

      I think possibly, as i said, i don’t think the technology is far off, not to mention it seems like it would be a logical progression of our existing technologies thus making it easy for people to get sucked into it. Even reading it, i have to admit I thought of how i would use it and would be tempted to use it.

      either way, incredibly interesting read.

  8. Here is another movie coming out (summer 2011) from Hollywood that will promote this alien/nephilim agenda:


    • There was a scientific ressearch project a while back that found frogs are a good indicator of an earthquake.

    • Better yet- Look at the area the frogs are coming from- Thessaloniki- (The book of Thessalonians- what is the Lord communicating though those books? His return! Helloooo…….. Anyone listening……?)

      “Paul wrote two of his epistles to the Christian community at Thessalonica, the First Epistle to the Thessalonians and the Second Epistle to the Thessalonians.”

    • LNL, that also came to me when I first read about the frog “swarms” in/near Thessaloniki. Confirmation. Yahweh bless:^D

    • You guys are good at picking up on these things. Thanks so much for always sharing. Blessings to you all and hope to meet you soon in the air…Amen!

  9. I’m wondering if this interview is archived anywhere, for those of us who missed it? Thanks.

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