UFO or Hoax?

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L. A. Marzulli

Over the weekend I received a link to a supposed UFO sighting that resembled the Norway lights. The Picture on the left was taken a few months ago when the Norway Lights were first photographed. The story made International news. However, this video – that mirrors what happened in Norway – seems suspicions to me. My gut feeling is that it’s computer generated and after a week or two goes by the creators will announce how they fooled the UFO community. This video needs to be vetted. Like the movie the 4th Kind that aired this year, this video can look like the real thing, but in fact, is nothing more than a clever hoax. That being said, a hoax does  not discount the overwhelming reports of UFOs in every corner of the globe. It does not discount the continuing cattle mutilations or the not-to-be-discussed human mutilations. Then there’s the real crop circles where the crop is woven together not stomped down. What about the 17 implants removed by Dr. Roger Leir? How about the so-called alien abduction phenomena, which I believe is a mirror of what happened in Genesis 6.

There are those in the UFO community who discount the Nephilim scenario. In other words Fallen angles can not be manifesting today and subsequently there is no modern Nephilim. I couldn’t disagree more on this point. Yes, the fallen angels are capable of mental deception, in other words they can manipulate images in our minds to make us believe we are seeing events that really aren’t there, but they also can, and do have physical contact. I’ve said this before, but the fallen angels are doing exactly what they did in Genesis 6, although the program has been modified. As my mentor and pioneer of the Nephilim theory, Dr. I. D. E. Thomas postulated, in his book The Omega Conspiracy, The fallen angles are back, just like we are warned in the text, as in the days of Noah so it will be when the son of man returns. The only differentiation between the days of Noah and any other time period is the presence of the fallen ones. It is, as Dr. Thomas points out, Satan’s last stand, his end game. He wants to produce a hybrid that looks completely human, but is demonically enhanced. Has he accomplished this? There are those who say it has been done. While certain segments of the Christian UFO community debate this, the fallen ones continue with their nefarious plan. This plan is a carefully guarded, cosmic conspiracy that when it is revealed will come as snare on the whole world. I’m asked, where are these Nephilim, hybrids? I belive they are taken to the 2nd heaven, where they are being kept until it is time to spring the trap. These hybrids will assist in creating the Great Deception. They will be able to integrate with humans except they will have super powers, like the Nephilim of old. The idea that the UFO phenomena is only a demonic illusion is, in my opinion, a truncated view of the phenomena, as it does not take into account all of the dynamics such as the cattle mutilations. The mutilated carcasses of cows are not an illusion. Tell that to the disconcerted rancher whose prize bull is lying dead on its side, with all the blood drained, and it’s sex organs cored out. When we add to this the human mutilations that are hushed up, we can safely say that the phenomena is real, burgeoning and not going away. There is a paper that I will post on this Blog in the next week or so that will discuss this in-depth. Meanwhile, this video that is making the rounds needs to be vetted, before we send it out to all our friends as “proof.”


Update: This is from Christian who found this! http://www.theweatherspace.com/news/spacenews.html


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This is the playbook… It’s happening in real-time folks!

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44 thoughts on “UFO or Hoax?

    • Just a thought: instead of ‘re-programmed’, how about PRE-programmed and set to distribute in 33 years????

    • Or how about ‘disinformation’ at the appropriate time? ((i.e. no such thing is happening at all on the Voyager?))

    • you know, that is a great idea. I hadn’t thought of that. Preprgamming would definitely be something noone would suspect. especially if you plant the right seeds that one day aliens may find it.

      There is already some stuff on voyager in the meme from years ago. Part of the conditional preprogramming?

      First, Star Trek the motion picture, Voyager returns having been modified by aliens.

      second, Transformers Beastwars (yeah, i know i was too old to watch it, and probably few people did anyways) had the Megatron (the main villain) altering the voyager golden disk in some capacity.

    • Yay Frank! I was just gonna mention the first Star Trek movie about Voyager on a crash course setting to confront its “creator”– Earth-bound humanity. I’ll never forget how much that movie weird-ed me out way back in ’79!! Definitely worth pondering in these days; there’s that “predictive programming” concept in motion… one…more…time. Also worth considering is that number “33”——————

    • it is getting close to 33 years, isn’t it?

      Not to mention in Star trek, it took 2 people and ‘evolved them’ didn’t it?

      Maybe this has some role to play.

      good on you for thinking outside the box with the Preprogram.

  1. Hi L.A.,

    Thanks for this commentary. You are sounding the alarm on the coming great deception, that I feel is not far off. Most will not sound the alarm. Thank you for being a watchman on the wall.

    Kevin J.

    • Having seen Mr. Martin’s proof-of-hoax video, I suggest at least as much skepticism be brought to bear on it, as on the original video. It’s just a big sloppy mess that proves nothing. “Look! I made Pac-Man eat the UFO! I am the master hoax man. And I did the 9/11 thing too; it’s all me.”

    • As James alludes to, Mr. Martin won’t talk to the press nor anyone, so why should anyone, including God, consider such a trustworthy position to take? Also, the original submitter, Steven Murray, subsequently has stated he was coerced to say the video was a hoax by an unidentified “visitor” to his house the day after he submitted the video! He has since retracted that statement because he says he wants people to know the truth, although he too now says he will not talk about it anymore. Mr. Murray’s position seems more credible in the light of all this including the existing evidence from multiple angles and sources that exists. The news “blackout” on this should be more evidence that there was something unnatural about what happened – something that can’t be explained by natural means. I hope that no Christian is too quick to believe a lie and to propagate it.

  2. Yes, another form of ‘lying signs and wonders’. There will be many. I didn’t believe the Norway Spiral either as the sun does not rise at that time of day in Norway. I have no idea who perpetrated that one, but the ‘buzz’ sure fell off quickly.

    Your sister in Jesus Christ,

    • The situation in Korea is one of the largest powder kegs in the world, one bullet could cause the deaths of 2 million civilians. It really doesn’t matter which side they are on, the civilian casualties would wreak havoc on the nation responsible for firing that one bullet.
      No one wants to be the one to set it off, but at some point it’s going to happen, and it will be horrible when it does. North Korea has nuclear weapons aimed at a hundred cities, not military targets, they know they’ll loose this war but want to kill as many civilians as they can before losing.
      I get the hesitation to fire that first round, who wants to be responsible for so much death, even if it’s not our fault, and inevitable.

    • Not the first time that’s happened.

      there is also a report from years ago about “red rain” which had what scientists thought could be life from outside of earth.

    • Frank,
      We had red rain here in wEstern SD. During WW2,it fell and there has been speculation it was possibly from the atomic bomb tests. As a matter of fact, huge red ‘crystal’ looking frozen rocks were found and pictures were taken.

    • interesting. the red rain in india wasn’t related to that, but it is an interesting connection

    • This has got my curiosity piqued. I have called a friend who I have spoken about with this before. The geology professor at the local university is supposed to be knowledgeable about this, as well as another, sort of celebrity ET believer, a local.I am going to contact them about any useful information.

  3. This was from 2005 I think. Pedro Avila in Mexico,this man videos hundreds of strange sightings from his rooftop. It may be an older vid clip but it shows how all this ‘illusion’ or ‘reality’ deceives people.Some say project Blue Beam and others say dancing angels.I say DECEPTION either way.

    • I’m sorry Mr.Marzulli,somehow i can’t get the link to show up in my reply…this is last time,not happy about repetitive replies…..OK,here goes again………laura

    • Hmmmm, in that terrible ancient alien show last week they did say that during the middle ages there were reports of a strange mist that would descend upon a village or field and when it lifted people were dead en masse. This happened during the time of the “black plague”, and there were also reports of strange clouds, too and then people would be lying in the streets, dead. So, if it was happening back then and it’s happening again now, it’s not some new technology, it must be the old demon technology at work. Thanks for this, Dave.

    • OK- so is he renaming the “New World Order” the “New International Order”? Sort of like turning “Global Warming” into “Global Climate Change”?

      If the shoe don’t fit then try changing the style & see if they like it enough to buy it.

      Obama is not naive by the way. Have you looked in his eyes?

  4. I wonder why the change of heart or should i say appearance
    After fourteen months in the White House, Barack Obama has suddenly discovered that he has no other strategic ally in the region to rely on except for Israel. Obama turns a new leaf on Israel

  5. Brother Lynn,

    This past weekend, my family and I spent some time at my Aunt’s lake house in East Tx. My Uncle by marriage is a well known home builder in the area. He was staying at the main house when I took my two youngest children over there to pick some things up Saturday afternoon. When I walked into the den, I noticed he happened to be watching…”Ancient Aliens” on The History Channel.

    Later that night we were able to spend some time talking about that theory and I was briefly able to share my opinion. He is VERY good at re-direction. My Aunt is a strong Christian and has been leading a women’s Bible study at their lake house. He has been asking her questions but because of past discussions she is wary of wanting to give him answers.

    I am asking for prayer for my uncle. I don’t need to give his name because the Lord knows who he is. He recently lost his mother just within the last few months. He was extremely close to her. I believe he is in a vulnerable area right now spiritually.

    I purposefully brought your book, “The Alien Interviews” with me because I knew that due to my great relationship spiritually with my Aunt that it might prove useful. I don’t believe in coincidence so when I saw his watching “Ancient Aliens” I knew why God led me to bring the book. He looked through it Saturday night, laughed, made a few obligatory jokes and set it aside.

    I left it there when we departed. I know God is at work in his heart and am praying that God uses the insight in your book to open his eyes to the reality of the spirit realm and spiritual warfare that we are in and that is fighting for the eternal prize of his soul…some of which we talked about during our stay.

    Thank you again for all you do. I expect some interesting days are ahead in his life hence the request for prayer for him. My Aunt has always had encounters with the supernatural in varying degrees…none of which I can get into here and the reason why I expect things to get “interesting”.

    I thank in advance those of you who God will lead to pray for the salvation of my uncle and for the seeds that will be planted by Brother Lynn’s book.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

    • Jeff:

      The Lord is so wonderful…that he let you be a part of planting seeds that WILL bring your uncle-in-law to salvation. We plant, others water, and God gives the increase. He will be saved. I felt moved by your post and have prayed for him and feel assured that the Lord has many great things in store. It is exciting that we here get to be a small part of it too through prayer and praise reports. God bless you Jeff and all your family. Amen!!

    • You have my prayers for the salvation of your uncle. Pleadin’ the blood for the ones we love, because….”our bones are coming home”! God Bless you and your family.

    • Lisa and Dori,

      Thank you both so much for your prayers. It means a great deal to me. You also are showing unbelievers that visit this site just what it means to be part of the Body of Christ. The comfort that comes in knowing you have brothers and sisters who will stand in the gap when you ask is beyond anything else I have ever experienced. May God richly bless you both.

      In Christ,


  6. lynn,

    my initial reaction to the “canada spiral” video was stunned disbelief,
    but when i saw the second video supposedly taken from a moving airplane,
    i realized that both videos merely used non-moving static backgrounds!

    the guy who hoaxed the videos has confessed!

    oh well,
    it made for an entertaining sunday nite!

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