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THE FLEECING OF CHRISTIANITY “is powerful – potent and absolutely frightening. It is all so very true. I can only wish that it would…get all kinds of exposure but I don’t think that will happen short of a miracle. Apologetics is truly hard work – hard and lonely work and getting even more so as the power heretical brokers marginalize any truth tellers.”

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33 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio! Tonight – Jackie Alnor

  1. LA,
    I’ve begun praying now as I just opened this and will be listening, too.
    Jesus is full of righteous rage and anger with the behaviors of thos who call themselves Christians. They have their schemes to get money for themselves from the flock. SELF PROMOTING AND Merchandising the Word of God for their own power and gain–just as the Pharisees, Sandhedrin and Scribes of Jesus’ day! Going after money and people and size of church buildings and programs. Focused on numbers!!
    They preach another gospel and a different Jesus with a counterfeit Holy spirit, to have the ‘new & inproved version’ and interpretation of something . They commit the sin of adding to or taking away fromthe word of God for their own self gain and increase! Self perpetuating cycles.
    God’s pelple and the lost are crying out in pain physicaland pain of all types–mental, emotional, spiritually hungry!
    And they are devoured by the ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing who are there to ‘fleece the flock!’
    Where does the Lord want them to turn? How can they find the few true shepherds?
    Self promoting in the sanctuaries of Father God, promoting thier own books and programs, in the sancturaries and money being exchanged. The focus in the sanctuary must be the inspired word of God.

    • Dear LA,
      How can we visit the archives of your past shows< I would like to revisit some and hear ones I've missed also.

    • Cathy,

      It seems everyone is appearing to promote themselves and selling their stuff as to what they think the Word says, whether they are warning us about the ‘alien gospel’-(no offense L.A.) or whether its other ministries whether on tv or radio or whatever.
      We need to be discerning-yes! We need to be deeply into the Word and abiding in Jesus-yes, yes! When we see ministries that are or have fallen in the ditch, we must pray for them for even Jesus is merciful by exhorting/warning the seven churches in the book of Revelation. If He warns and tells them to repent, then we should take up the weapons of our warfare that He has given us and do battle for our brothers and sisters who have fallen into sin. He hasn’t given up on them, why should we?
      I’m sorry, I’m am physically sickened when I see Christians trashing other Christians, thinking they have the only handle on the gospel. We need to stop inflicting and mutilating the body of Christ and instead-love it-be it tough love or getting on our knees and crying out to God or whatever or however the Lord leads.
      “You will know them by their fruit” said Jesus. God doesn’t judge the outward appearance…He judges the heart, we don’t know everyone’s heart, we don’t know how God has used people despite the fact they may be a little off base. No one person or church has it perfect, perhaps we need each other to be balanced?


    • @Cheryl,
      “thinking they have the only handle on the gospel”
      Actually, the Bible is crystal clear on what the Gospel is. Otherwise, why would Jesus tell us to “repent and believe the gospel”? (Mark 1:15)

      The problem with so many ‘Christian’ teachers/leaders today is that they do not teach/preach the true gospel, but rather ‘any other one’. These people are ‘accursed’ (Gal. 1:9).

      As for Christians bashing other Christians – that’s not happening. Why? Because those who preach ‘any other gospel’ other than the one that was “once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3) are heretics and not Christian at all. Christians who believe and preach the one true gospel are in complete unity with one another on it.

      Bill Lonas

    • We will know other Christians, false teachers, false shepherds and false prophets BY THEIR FRUITS!

      Sometimes it takes a while for their fruits to become apparent to us.

      God has allowed the wheat and tares to grow together.

      We must be in the Word of God and use it to ‘test all spirits’ so we will not be so easily deceived nor fall to delusion which is a major thust of Satan/Lucifer against all who seek to follow Jesus of Nazareth! Satan hates God and hates men who were created in God’s image and especially targets all who have received and believe in Jesus Christ, His only Begotten Son, our Risen Lord and Savior.

    • Bill, thank you for your clarity, help and encouragement. Perhaps by others, my heart and intent of my previous posting was misunderstood.
      While in churches, as I sought to serve Jesus, be delivered, healed and to grow and be discipled in God’s truth, the pure undefiled gospel and to exhalt the Written Word of God, I have been attacked, rejected. I subsequently left leadership positions within this NAR Charismatic Movement. They did not like nor receive the message from the scriptures, the written Word of God, The Holy Bible, above their own imaginations and what they believe they are hearing form the Holy Spirit. The Bible states clearly for each of us to ‘test the spirits,’ and that anything said by the Holy Spirit is NOT contrary to the Word of God.
      They reject the messengers who speak the Word of God as written in the Bible, WITHOUT ADDING TO NOR TAKING AWAY FROM THE INSPIRED WORDS OF GOD AS THEY ARE WRITTEN.
      Many who cry out, often find this to be alone and this is a lonely post here in rural Utah and Wyoming!

  2. LA, just tuned in after downloading/viewing History Channel “Closer Encounters”. Sadly, the producers selected barely to glimpse the Truth..
    We first learned of Jackie Alnor on PID Radio a week ago, just received her book. Enjoying your interview with her…. Very interesting Rick Joyner is in our backyard 10 miles away just south of Charlotte. Blessings, Sam and Alice

  3. Dear Lynn:
    Best to stay as far away from all the snake oil salespeople in the ‘church’ world.I hold fast to small 6 to 8 people home bible study groups.Small enough for each to take turns reading,discussing and helping each other.Get ahold of serious Bible teachers DVDs like Chuck Missler,Dave Hunt,Mike Heiser,Lynn Marzulli(just to mention a few)to view and study together.Home bible study groups were the way the very early church worked and flourished. NO leaders,each person is a part of the ‘body’.Groups small enough to where you get to KNOW each other and be there at a moments notice when you or someone else are having a problem.I left walk-in ‘brick and mortar’ churchs years ago because of the very thing discussed this evening. My WALK and future is too important to be sidetracked,Be not deceieved! Home Bible groups,can’t find one locally? Then invite a couple friends over and start one.You’ll be so BLESSED by your growth and depth in truly understanding the Word and Truth. Thanks again for another FABULOUS show…….Can’t wait for next week~ LJ

    • Thank you Soulatpeace,
      My friends were all in the church I’ve left due to their mixture of error from the pulpit and leadership. They worship mammon and are the church of Laodicea, yet see it not. Ilive in a predominantly Mormon neighborhood and they all shun Christians. They think we are of the devil. Interesting since they are Luciferians and the leaders must become Freemasons prior to becoming leaders. I live in a tiny Mormon village where everyone attends the town’s only church… a large new Mormon church they just completed building this year. Also the other neighbors are New Age or Wiccans or athietists. We are alone because we believe and stand on God’s Written Word the Bible as God’s book of Disclosure and revelation of His Son Jesus of Nazareth.
      Sooo I reach out toothers on the internet to pray for and with them and to grown and become more like Jesus Christ, and to understand current events from a Biblical perspective!

    • Cathy;
      I heard your comments last night on the show, I was the first caller. My heart goes out to you, I am praying for you.
      There were so many things I wanted to ask Jackie, but I know the time is limited on those shows, first and foremost I wanted LA and Jackie to know how incredibly grateful I am to have people like them boldly speak the truth.
      I HAVE seen some of the most disgusting deceptions from the pulpit and myself as well many others have been damaged and hurt by these false teachings. I can not emphasize enough how these people consider this a business, churches are like franchises and they anoint each other with “honorary doctorates” and put the DR in front of their names suggesting they EARNED IT!!! I know personally (believe me when I say personally) this to be true, they book their airfare under the title of Dr., they publish EVERYTHING under that title and it is an absolute sham! It is a slap in the face to the people who have gone to seminary and college that have truly earned their title…..I know of one that goes by Dr. that first had an honorary Dr. then when it was questioned got an “earned” Dr. from a school on the internet, I am flabbergasted!
      I would love to have your email Cathy and encourage you as best I can, there is so much more I would share with you but not on a forum.
      Hang in there girl…

    • Gail,
      Thank you and I will ask the forum moderator to make my email available to you.

      I deeply appreciate your caring reply. I missed the show’s first half hour due to family needs and don’t know where to find the archives. So perhaps you can fill me in on your call, too.

      My testimony about how Jesus saves, heals and delivers women who have been hurt by having abortions was filmed by INSP, on aire for 2 years internationally and defiled by their use to establish trust in their ministers (including Morris Cerullo) and to bring in money.

      The Holy Spirit has given me eyes to see that ‘it is a business’ and they serve themselves and the god of mammon not the One True Living God!’
      I look forward to hearing from you and thank you very much!–Cathy

    • Hi Gail, Yes, I would like to speak with you personally, too. Please contact L.A. and personally request my email address. I have asked him to release it to you. I hope to hear from you soon and will be watching for your contact! Cathy
      (L.A. thanks again for facilitating this for us.)

    • @Soulatpeace
      Not all churches are lead by ‘snake oil salesmen’. You would be wise to become part of one that actually preaches the truth of God’s Word. Although it may be harder to find (as certainly many of these ‘churches’ have gone astray) they are still out there.
      One of the largest congregations I know is Grace Community Church in California (of all places..) led by John Macarthur – of whom you will not find a more solid Bible preacher/teacher.
      Or the one I belong too, Midway Baptist Church (in Georgia).

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against having home Bible study. But just remember, what will happen if your group of godly men/women grows to be 100? Will you then break away because it got too big?

      It’s not about pragmatism but rather about substance.

      Bill Lonas

    • Yes Bill, and substance is desirable above and beyond experience and feelings and intellectual stimulation!
      Thanks again!

    • Yes Bill Lonas:
      I agree,but just turning 54 and attending some 5 different churches,they ALL somehow began to embrace some type of meditative prayer,progressive musical acts and other worldly new age doctrines.So much music and little gospel,felt like I was attending a las vegas lounge act! No discernment.I live in Las Vegas and am disabled,so driving about searching is difficult. The home bible study groups (floating bible,each week held at a different persons home)I’ve been priviledged to attend have been wonderful.One group never exceeded 28 and not all 28 at one meeting.The other group pretty much stayed at 16. Both groups would interact as well,enjoy outtings at parks,christmas gatherings,quite lovely to be sure.If a problem begins to creep in 2 or more quietly confront and try to address the issue.So far either group has been a huge blessing.I am not alone,I am meeting others in the ‘body’ and able to be of service to others.We have meetings twice a week,one night to view dvds on a whole range of pertinent subjects whether they be ufos, christian psychology a christian presenter,speaker,teacher and one night to read the bible,holding fast to the 2 golden rules,context and comparing scripture with scripture.Fortunately the groups didn’t get to large for any breaking away.My little snake oil salepeople quip is meant to convey a message,snake being the lawless one,and oil according to the bible means holy spirit,combine the two,you have it’s meaning,Lawless Ones Doctrines…. Yes Bill Lonas,I agree substance and quality is what it should be about.If you know of a decent las vegas church,I am all ears and ready to attend and see how it goes! Would be lovely.Thanks for your input,it is deeply appreciated! 😉 Blessings……LJ

    • I enjoy Christian contemporary music. Nothing is more of a turn off to go into a church and hearing Grandma, banging away (and not very well) on the piano trying to sing old rugged cross. Nothing wrong with that mind you, but for praise and worship, im out of there. Of course some “Christian” artists do blur the line between secular and Christian music. If I can understand the lyrics (that is, they are not being screamed at me) and those lyrics lift up the Lord and give him all the glory and praise, I say go for it. Young people that are called into the music ministry should be encouraged to peruse their musical talents as long as they keep their focus on the Lord. What type of music it is means very little if it glorifies God.

    • God that is so sick my mind cannot comprehend the evil behind that.Can you believe most people

      My God what a shock but i am not surprised things are really being exposed, true colors of the state of mind this world is in.

  4. Another off topic alert:

    Most of us know Steven Spielberg is a Freemason at the very least. If anyone doesn’t think he has an agenda, you probably haven’t seen his movies, are not very discerning or couldn’t care less anyway. I do not mean that to sound rude, just speaking from my heart.

    My oldest son alerted me to a new movie coming out that has the ear markings of yet another clue that full disclosure is slowing numbing if not dumbing down the head-in-the-sand club to the fact that “They” are real and among us.

    I can only assume by the trailer that “It” must be some sort of hybrid since that is what the trend is now. Hmmmm, wonder why that is


    In Christ,

    Jeff D

    • Brother Jeff D.,
      Just read your comment about Steven Spielberg, being a Freemason, and commenting about an upcoming movie of his. Don”t know if the Freemason info as well as “having an agenda” as you put it is truth or not. Suppose he had an agenda when making Schindlers’ List”. All I know is I’m a “Free Sinner” saved by the blood of Yeshua, the Lord Jesus Christ! And was Born Again because somebody cared enough to pray for me and somebody shared the “Bread of Life” with me! I don’t know where Steven Spielberg in terms of his relationship with the Father, and I doubt if you do either! Would humbly and lovingly suggest that we lift him up in prayer, and that the Holy Spirit might guide his precious gift of film making. Your brief words tell me things about you sir.
      Peace, Love, and Grace to us all

  5. (If interested in the Leonard Sweet debacle & Pastor Skip- Following is the response from an email I had sent concerned w/the situation:)

    “Thank you for contacting us here at The Connection and thanks for writing to Pastor Skip. We always love to hear from you.

    The conference is not a Calvary conference. The conference is being put on by Worship Leader Magazine using our facility – just like CAPE, Home
    school graduation, funerals, etc. Therefore, Leonard Sweet is not speaking at “Skip’s Church”. He is part of a conference using Calvary’s facilities.

    Leonard Sweet will attend the conference but WILL NOT BE SPEAKING.

    It is our prayer that God will continue to reveal Himself to you through His Word as you seek to know Him.”

    Love in Christ,
    Connection Communications


  6. L A
    When I called in last night I was going to mention this, but did not b/c you were not really on the subject. Albeit the subject did kind of come up, so I wanted to tell you now.
    My youngest son was talking to a friend of his that lives in Savannah Ga. something came up in their conversation about creepy things that are going on. He said something about hybrids, and she said “oh yeah there are a lot of them out there.” My son said she was so cavalier about it that he was shocked! She proceeded to tell him that a friend of hers is not fully human! This is the second friend of his that has mentioned knowing someone that had some connection with a hybrid.
    I think I gave you the phone number of the nurse that examined on, I am not sure if you ever got a hold of her. Anyway this is an all together different case. I asked my son if I could call his friend whom I have known since she was 8 years old and talk to her about it. He went ballistic, he told me to just get off the creepy stuff.
    I am going to figure out a way to talk to her without my son getting mad at me :O Like I said I have known this girl most of her life, she would not make this up, but at the same time she is very bohemian and this would in no way seem strange to her, she is an artist, speaks 3 or 4 languages and is just the type that would think it’s no big deal.
    I promise I will suck it up and try to find more out.
    Loved the show, as I do every week, keep up the good work!

    • HI L.A.,
      Gail would like to be able to contact me (as she said in a previous post. Would you send her my email address so we can contact each other ‘off’ forum?
      Thank you.

      [Also I read in a report that they have been clonning underground below the U of U in Salt Lake City since 1970’s. Email me for where I read the report. It also was reported about extensive underground stuff here below SLC and the mountain ranges here.]

    • Hi L A
      I just wrote you on your aol account so you can send me Cathy’s info from there and send her mine…..thanks

  7. In reference to “BY THEIR FRUIT” it is not as easy as one thinks to tell who is who.
    Who is genuinely Christ’s in this myriad of “ecumenical Babylon” For all profess Christ as lord.
    When Christ spoke on this issue of Fruit, his sight was on the religious leaders.

    “Many shall come in My name and say That I am He and shall deceive Many”. It is therefore more than Fruit seen, it is also Lies spoken in His name. The inference being “Doctrines of error” as is the current expression of ecumenical Babylon.

    The counterfeit “Love” expressed by many in that realm is often seen as genuine fruit, but it is not.
    It is the affection of the “Mother whore” shared among her many children.

    Those who insist in submission to thier “clerical superiority” exercise slavery in Jesus’ name. Yet many accept this fruit as genuine even financially by their Tithe.

    I could Go on but I think most Of you know what I say to be an expression of one who has come out of babylon.

    John B

    • So very true John B.
      Especially in chruches who are preaching about he Love of Jesus and twisting the meaning of God’s Mercy and Grace!

      (based on personal life experiences).

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