The History Channel – Spin meisters of the Alien Gospel!


The History Channel – Spin Meisters


The People

I’m going to let the people speak as it says it all:

Andy Radford of the EDGE AM:
“in the cocoon of this planet written history merely describes the actions and ideas of those in control during any period of time. It is a censored version of abstracts, based on information that perpetuates a myth or lifestyle-system the elite wish us to follow. The History Channel repeats this cosey niche. Excuse the following cliché: History is written by the victor.”

Andy Radford: “Mainstream media, as you know, is a playground for the mind control demonic, a bastion to those who hide and sanitize truth, a mechanism to further agendas. Five minutes of truth, in a nest of vipers that’s used to vomiting a shroud of deceit, is like a weapon of mass destruction in their hearts. ”

Mule Jackson: “Maybe they should change their name to the Twistery Channel.”

Christopher Cartwright: “I call shenanigans !!!! Thank you history channel for 5 whole seconds of truth, your so generous ”

Mike Heiser: “precisely why I turned them down. I sent them a link to my comments on their trickery the first time around. That was that; they didn’t even try to negotiate.”

Jeff: “Brother, I am so sorry. That was such a huge hatchet job they did on you they should probably produce Axe Men. Sorry, that was lame. Seriously though, that was just flat-out sad. I am praying for the seeds of faith that were planted anyway due to your faith in Christ alone. May God water and bring to fruition those seeds you planted in the hearts of those who interviewed you.”

Bret Major: “Sorry Lynn! That’s got to be frustrating.”

Scott Terry: “We all knew the christian perspective would be jaded and mis-represented. Be of good cheer. They choose Lynn Marzulli over a lot of people. You were on the History channel who can say that. Regardless only the King of Kings opinion matters and he knows your heart. You did well Lynn Congratulations! ”

Gabe Reed: “If anything can be taken from it is the fact we are that close to the final endgame. To be so blatant with the fallacies shows we are being readied for the unveiling!”

Ainsley Lee Broussard: “I was eating supper while watching. The part that got me almost choked on my pork chop was the segment about Noah being a nephilim…mom impregnated by a…well…an alien or what we Christians understand as a fallen angel. The total and absolute opposite of what the Bible is presenting in Genesis and even extra Biblical sources as the Book of Enoch.”

Christopher: “I would love to see a debut between you and Giorgio Tsoukalos, that would be uber entertaining!!”

Kimberly King Evans: “You did it on good faith, Lynn…unfortunately HC doesn’t trade in faith apparently. You will be blessed for your efforts, you know? God doesn’t tell us to persuade people, that’s the Holy Spirit’s job. You did your job. Rest easy knowing that. May Yeshua bless you!”

James Courtright: “Even though you spent hours recording it, with only a small twisted amount used, all the people involved with the production heard the TRUTH!! If only one was reached, it was worth it!”

Lisa Day: “Ugh, taken totally out of context….”

Hi Mr. Marzulli,
I am writing now to complain.  I went to watch the History Channel tonight with my whole family based on your notice on your website. I now pray that I never had.  Nothing, in my memory, has been more of an assault on my families’ beliefs than that program.
It twisted their heads up as badly as that Zeitgeist You Tube that is floating around.  What an awful and evil program. In these last days of deception, that was an evil spear to the body. Please do more warning in the future.  That was so far from edifying; corrupting and damaging and worse than viewing an hour of porn. I am wracked from an intense two hours of apologetics with  my own family and extended family.
Praying for the full armor of God
Chuck Madden

L. A.

I knew they would twist the christian perspective and make it non-relevant. The noah’s ark and the ark of the covenant idea was laughable a slap in the face to literal word of the bible. Not to mention to the idea that the Ark of the Covenant is some kind of atomic weapon. You know and I know the Ark of the Covenant is Supernatural but an atomic device. God is laughing LA laugh with him.
The whole series has been a disappointment. Why they choose Giorgio A. Tsoukalos to narrate and gives his opinion every five seconds was beyond me. And not to be mean but I had a hard time concentrating on his opinions. I couldn’t keep from looking at his hair wondering why some one thought that was a good idea. If anybody should have been narrating the series it should have been Erich von Däniken even though he too is non biblical at least he is believable to the UFO crowd. At the end of the day if what we both believe is true nothing in the media will matter after this summer.
Be of Good Cheer LA! Be Proud!


Dear Mr. Marzulli, I just watched the Ancient Aliens on the history channel as I read in your blog that the episode you were suppose to be on was on tonight. I guess they didn;t want any dissenting views about their theory on ET’s. Instead we had to listen to them twisting the Bible to support their theory, and history also. I suppose if they were to admit that ET were actually supernatural fallen angels disguising themselves as ETs, then they would have to admit that God was Creator, Jesus His Son died for our sins and admit they are sinners. I rarely watch any shows on the history channel, discovery or natgeo that has to do with biblical themes because I got so disgusted and frustrated with the way they distort and twist the scriptures to fit their theories they try to foist on us as facts. I have to admit that if my beliefs and faith weren’t grounded in the Truth of God’s Word, these programs would definitely suck me in too and I see how they capture the thoughts and minds of people who don’t know the truth. I was really looking forward to hearing what you had to say on the program tonight. I had a hard time when they tried to say that the ark of the covenant was really an ET nuclear weapon. Come on! I guess they just didn’t have the guts to put what you had to say on, too bad they can’t handle the truth. But no surprise there, it seems there aren’t many today who really want to know the truth. Sincerely, Leslie Cothrin

hello la i am so astonished at how they took a few secs of you talking to show you agreeing with their theory that Noah was an alien hybrid.I figured that they were going to screw it to their point of few but omg are you serious.Thats made me so angry to see that.They know its going to make people think that you believe that.Wow ive never seen anything like that.I will be praying for you man. JOHN C.

L. A. GRRRRRR—- to History Channel. JOAN

Welcome to the editing room of The History Channel,,,,I watched the episode last night and noted you received the same treatment as Barry Downing,
Guy Malone, and others who try to represent Christ on these issues,,,,,they use just enough of your comments to make it look like you are in agreement
with their New Age spin and conclusions.
Never the less keep up the good work you are doing, you are getting out your message through other venues that will help bring  accurate revelation to
the topic we are trying to address for Christ.
J Cunningham

Lynn:Welcome to the editing room of The History Channel,,,,I watched the episode last night and noted you received the same treatment as Barry Downing,Guy Malone, and others who try to represent Christ on these issues,,,,,they use just enough of your comments to make it look like you are in agreement with their New Age spin and conclusions.Never the less keep up the good work you are doing, you are getting out your message through other venues that will help bring  accurate revelation to the topic we are trying to address for Christ.
J Cunningham

Wow! What a hatchet job. This program could have been done by Natgeo. I am amazed, well not really, at all the air time given to Von Daniken during this series. They edited your little sound bite to fit into the “alien gospel” agenda. Noah’s ark an “Alien DNA bank?” Alrighty then.

Just know brother that we love you and are praying for you.

Kevin J.

Its coming people. What was in Lynn’s Politics Propecy and the Supernatural has now been confirmed. To only give you 15 seconds and twist it in such a way proves the History Channel and whoever edited that show are flat out Satanists. God bless and everyone say your prayers. The Great Deception and the falling away are right around the corner.


Hi Lynn and everyone here:

What can I say. Watching the Ancient Alien show last night gave me so many mixed emotions, anger, frustration, sadness, and acceptance. Anger over the enemies lies, frustration with how they shift and shape events and even the Holy Scriptures to fit their false agenda, sadness that so so many will believe this drivel, and acceptance that this is exactly as the Lord said it would be before His return…




Grim Milestone: 1,000 Americans Dead

Endless war with no end in sight. A corrupt Afghan government, an annual opium harvest, and acid in school-girls faces….


Taliban attack key US base in Afghanistan

It goes on and on with no end in sight. Endless war….


FEMA: Sorry photog asked faith shirts be removed

That’s right folks, no Christians allowed!


After 30 Years and Party Switch, Career Curtain for Specter

In case you forgot the is the same insider who gave us the single bullet theory that saved the Warren Commissions rear end in the Kennedy Assassination. Good riddance!


Tea Party Favorite Rand Paul Wins Senate GOP Primary in Kentucky

Take the country back folks!


Turkey Deploys Air Defense System To ‘Defend’ Syria, Iran Against Israel Raids

The coming Middle East War….


It would appear that Henry McElroy’s, Eisenhower doc has been vetted.

31 thoughts on “The History Channel – Spin meisters of the Alien Gospel!

  1. I’ve been privileged to participate in two major events this year:
    1. The Last Days Conference in Nashville, and
    2. Casting a vote for Rand Paul in the primary


  2. L.A. and everyone else too, Ive been dissapointed with the whole history channel series. Normally, I watch shows like that and dont agree with alot of it, but I mostly enjoy watching them anyway. This series has been different though. The whole thing has been not so much about alien life but its been as far as I can tell, deliberately trying to make the bible a myth and a superstition. The other part of the time , theyve tried to convince people that the bible couldent be true as written, its too simple! so they made up and pushed their own take on what “really” must have happened. I’ll be the first to admit, this seems like nothing but indoctinization to me, Im not one to see a conspiracy behind every door, but this is nothing but blatant lies and deception, Ill never view the history channel in the same light again. And that poor Giorgio fellow, he’s bought it hook line and sinker.

  3. Lynn,
    Your segement was so short,I don’t think I had enough time to draw breath. I wanted my dad to hear what you had to say so I told him to watch the program. I can’t tell you how much I regret that now. I think I’ll just give him your book, PP&S.

    Try not to get too frustrated. Its all in the Lord’s hands. He only asks that we be faithful and do our best. Everyone here, I’m sure, is lifting you up in prayer. You have alot of support behind you.

  4. Since it seems by this series on “Ancient Aliens” that the unveiling is so, so close, we as the body of Christ must remember that the rapture is just as close, as the fullness of their deception cannot take hold with the Man of the hour showing up until We are taken out of the way. The show says the aliens are waiting to reveal themselves to us earthlings but we aren’t ready yet, it is not that, it is that God’s mercy is still gathering in the full number of the gentiles and when that is done, we’re out of here and then theire deception takes full hold. As long as there is still our light in the world, they can’t fully manifest. At least the head man can’t. We’re so close folks…cheer up, we’re going up. Maranatha!! Amen

  5. I don’t know what type of documents you have to sign but the producers of the History Channel chose you (out of many) , are not ignorant of your world view, and purposely defrauded your public image by slicing and dicing your quotes.

    Should they not be held accountable for their trickery? Our should we just expect it and do nothing?

    They have done this to so many people I bet it could even turn into a Class Action lawsuit.

    If nothing else it could wake people up as to how they really operate. Clips published of what you were actually communicating shown against what they included promoting their

  6. Dear LA,something told me not to watch the HC!After reading these comments i now know why!A dear friend of mine also called me yesterday and told me she had a dream we (me,hubby,and my son and she)were at a wedding and could not find seats.She didnt know who’s wedding it was but we did finally get seats at the meal!!In my soul i immediately thought of the marriage supper. She agreed.I so long to leave here same sentiment as you Lisa.

  7. Why do they try to explain away miricles in the Bible
    as natural rare events. If the Bible is myth, then
    why try to explain it at all. Why not just say it
    never happened. I’ve never understood this.

    L.A. keep up the good work and dont be discouraged.
    We have truth on our side.

  8. Mr. Marzulli,

    To me, those two hours last evening were a romp through an historical interpretation of ‘Lying signs and Wonders.’ I’d be curious to know the ‘history’ behind all those paintings –in particular as in the same sort of carbon dating researchers prevailed with on the Shroud. Are there two such dates of blending on the canvas?

    The beginning lies of the program (to me) wrapped around to hint at one of the greatest misconceptions of our ‘modern times’, perpetrated to date. I stood on the logged floors of one of the greatest ‘attributes’ to the ‘Holy Roman Empire’ in Vienna. The logs all pointed downward, not horizontal, which altered me to another falsehood happened in a French-speaking country where another Spencer ‘sailed’ to her last breath before her throat was slit and was bled.

    Taking art-i-facts from God and spinning new meaning on them is the work of the enemy. It’s happened many a time and most recently as shown when Jesus sent messengers ahead of his face as written in Luke 9:51-53. (KJV) This ‘history’ channel is being used to buffer parts of the Grand Deception in where they have possibly raised the face of our Messiah and sent it ahead before the Second Coming. Beware this image used in the skies where I rebuke all that is not of our God the Creator.

    Blessings. Your sister in Jesus Christ

    Middle East File: Marxist secessionists ambush Yemeni deputy PM, kill two security escorts in S. province; Saleh regime cracks down on opposition.

    Oil spill is an epic disaster of Biblical Proportions could kill Billions

    Man Selling Spots In Hidden Bunker As Last Hope (Los Angeles News)

    Mr. Marzulli, on a lighter not, you’re sooooooooooooo much cuter in person! Ha, ha, ha! 🙂

  9. Greetings Lynn and Everyone:
    OK……….We all know that their agenda is going full steam ahead! PLEASE we must ALL remember we are not of this world.We are but strangers/pilgrims.We are not here to fix this world,heal this world but to witness and LOVE the people in it,enemies too.We seem to become SO overwhelmed and caught up in this nightmare.Let’s hold on with ALL our might to Christs perfect soothing command “Be at peace,I am with you until the end”! Mr.Marzulli,YOU are doing what is commanded by His Highness Jeshua.Those who know you KNOW where you stand and just how mighty a warrior you are.Keep on keeping on. Love to every single one of you! LJ Soulatpeace

  10. Welcome to the outside of the drive-by media club. Look Up, tomorrow hopefully the sun will rise again. Watch this wonderful video that has gone viral over night, of a candidate from the south. Will the south rise again? Who knows but I think it captures the fervor of the American spirit right now in this country.

    • His little rifle will be no match against Satan’s armory. In the end he will have to conform or die!

      The end Time scenario with the perplexity of nations, natural disasters, the rise in violence and sexual depravity, Ufo’s, signs & wonders, food shortage, ecumenism, All happens because the Almighty is “giving over” this world into darkness for their rejection of “The Light of the world Jesus Christ”.

      Today, if you hear His voice harden not your Heart! Warning All of the coming Judgment, that is our responsibility It is not to take the nation back, Back to What!!!!
      A time when the depravity of the human heart was not so blatantly revealed… nothing goes Back, Evil is progressive..
      It will be stopped At The Judgment when “Christ is revealed with His mighty Angels in Flaming fire”..

      John B

    • John
      you are absolutely right but if he is sticking his head out maybe they are waking up to nwo and eventually know the truth and be saved

  11. LA

  12. Brother,

    Please understand this is not for my own hype but for what I pray is edification for the body. On my own new BLOG I wrote about this last night and want to share with you what God did in my heart after having watched that wretched program. It has been slightly edited to fit the comment section here:

    “Tuesday night, I was given a very good reminder of something extremely important. While watching “Ancient Aliens: The Series” on The History Channel, I was sitting through all the garbage waiting on L.A. Marzulli to appear to hear his excellent view-point on what he calls “The Alien Gospel”.

    This is something that has fascinated me since I was a boy. This “Something” being the subject of “Aliens” and UFOs. I am very grateful to Mr. Marzulli for his Godly insight into the subject of the Nephilim spoken of in Genesis 6:4 and how he seamlessly ties it all in to how during these Last Days I believe we are living in, they will be part of Satan’s master plan to deceive even the elect, if it were possible.

    On the program, as the History Channel was busy basterdizing The Bible and its rich history, they gave L.A. his “15 seconds of fame”. Although he most likely spent a few hours being interviewed, they used literally only about 15 seconds. And the sound bite they strategically used was about how Noah was pure in his blood line and why it was Noah and his family alone that was chosen to be protected as God destroyed the world in the flood.

    What the producers and editors of this show did sickened me to the core. They took his 15 second sound bite and made it sound like he was a Christian who believed that Noah was pure because his mother was inseminated by “Aliens” which as Believers we know to be fallen angels. They then went on to explain with all these other “Scholars” how this was because the “Aliens” needed to make sure the human race was basically a super race…without defect.

    Without going into all the detail of the very disappointing and dangerous program, I need to get to the point of this post. After ruminating for a while, God reminded me of something very important. He reminded me that the person(s) interviewing L.A. were being exposed to the Truth of the Bible. There is no doubt in my mind because after having been blessed by becoming an acquaintance of L.A. that he gave them the message of salvation. In doing so, God brought to mind one of the basic passages of Scripture that I always use to remind people of when they believe their works of witnessing are fruitless. I am speaking of Isaiah 55:8-11 which says:

    8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways,”
    declares the LORD.

    9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts.

    10 As the rain and the snow
    come down from heaven,
    and do not return to it
    without watering the earth
    and making it bud and flourish,
    so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,

    11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
    It will not return to me empty,
    but will accomplish what I desire
    and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

    Even though Satan did win this battle of so many minds on the History Channel through this diabolical lie from the pit of hell itself because of this program, I take comfort in remembering that God has already won the war. And because of faithful men like L.A. Marzulli, there are people in the darkest places of this earth whom God is still exposing to the Gospel.

    Only God Himself knows about the seeds that L.A. planted in the hearts of those who interviewed him and those that had to sit through the taping and edit out ALL of what he said save for that one little snippet they used to twist in order for it to fit their paradigm that we are all products of “Aliens” who began life on this planet. Yes, they have an entire series to promulgate the lies that their master Satan is using to set the world stage for the coming deception he will use to enslave all of mankind…except for the strongest of those who are in Christ Jesus the Lord…the elect.

    Thank you Lord for the reminder that when people like L.A. Marzulli are taken grossly out of context, you affirm that Your Word will not return to you until it has accomplished what You set it out to do. Let us remember to pray for those hearts that God exposed to the message that He alone is the Creator of mankind and also the Truth regarding Satan’s agenda. We know what L.A. stood for while being interviewed. Now let us pray God will bring to fruition the salvation of those in whom he planted seeds of the message of salvation through Jesus Christ alone.”

    Dr. Lynn, I exhort to CONTINUE excepting invitations on any show they offer you. I do so for the reason posted above. While I believe they invite you and others like Malone on there for the sole purpose of paying lip service to the “Christian crowd” so they can say they gave your point of view, God is still working in the hearts of those who behind the scenes are receiving the Good News of Jesus Christ even if they don’t know it.

    While we get upset and frustrated because of Satan’s schemes, God ALWAYS has a bigger plan. I believe He is still using you in the deepest recesses of the hearts of those who had to interview you and then edit all you had to say. Yes, God has another plan that always thwarts Satan’s attempt which in this case I believe is to discourage strong Believers such as you from ever going on their programs again. Please don’t be discouraged. We KNOW this is war.

    You have always been on the front lines and the History Channel gave you the opportunity to actually get behind enemy lines. So without them even knowing it, as they thought they were carrying out orders from their master (Satan) God was actually putting you there to counter the enemy’s lies with the Truth. Keep fighting this Good Fight as you are running the race well my brother.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

    • Jeff,
      Thank you for sharing your insight. since we threw out our tv/satelitte/cable I couldn’t watch the show. I believe from LA and our blogger’s comments I understand what they did. I really focused on the part where you revealed the ‘snippet’ of truth they allowed to be presented about the bloodlines. An elder in the liberal charismatic church I formerly attended in Park City, Utah(which was the only one in town who says they’re spirit filled) told me ‘We don’t believe in bloodlines.” As this is contrary to the written word of God, the guideline to the supernatural, I left the church. I know ‘bloodlines and their purity’ are important to Father God, or he wouldn’t have taken up so much of the scriptures in the Holy Bible writing down the genealogy through the generations, of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, His only begotten Son!

      So I confirm to you all that ‘the snippet’ which LA was featured to provide the Bible’s disclosure on is exactly what Father God and Jesus wanted to be revealed! There’s hop in Jesus Christ! Let us rejoice ain Him. God is still in control!
      We have been supernaturally reminded to place our trust in Him alone (not men) and ‘KEEP OUR EYES ON JESUS!’ IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS, NOT US!

    • Correction:
      There’s HOPE in Jesus Christ. He is our hope for salvation and eternal life with Father God as we grow and become more like Jesus, guided by the written word of God, The Bible, and the Holy Spirit during this life here on earth.

  13. I am so sorry LA that my initial take and blog comment on you hitting the editing room floor on the HC was correct. Cast not your pearls before swine….and pigs all they surely are.

    Many of the ‘faith’ will have to closely guard what they say and where they say it from hence forth to guard their words from being just as twisted as the ‘old serpent’ himself.

    Unfortunately….if these guys had a clue…they would discover that their ratings probably would have been through the roof if they “had” told the truth of the matter. People out there are hungry for it…but not getting it from MSM nor do they know where to look.

    We all live and learn…you were all snookered into ‘looking like’ you upheld their agenda which was their intent…to “lie”.

    So Sorry LA….

  14. WHO faces questions over swine flu policy
    As the 193 member states of the World Health Organization meet in Geneva, questions over the body’s handling of the H1N1 swine flu pandemic are high on the agenda.

    After major pandemics in 1918, 1957 and 1968, many flu experts believed another one was imminent. Though the recent H5N1 bird flu virus had not developed the ability to spread easily among humans, it raised concerns that a new virus might do so.

    • Avian influenza – situation in Indonesia
      6 May 2010 — The Ministry of Health of Indonesia has announced two new confirmed cases of human infection with the H5N1 avian influenza virus. A 45-year-old female from the city of Malang in East Java province developed symptoms on 22 February. She recovered and is in a healthy condition. The case disposed of dead chickens in the 4 days before onset of symptoms.

      The second case, a 4-year-old female from the city of Pekanbaru in Riau province developed symptoms on 19 April, was hospitalized on 22 April but died on 28 April. Investigations into the source of infection are ongoing.

      Laboratory tests on both cases confirmed infection with the H5N1 avian influenza virus.

      Of the 165 cases confirmed to date in Indonesia, 136 have been fatal.

  15. I will be using the video from ancient aliens with MARZUILLI showing how they don’t push the TRUE biblical account and only the ALIEN GOSPEL which is leading us to the STRONG DELUSION.



  16. I am sorry that they did such a hatchet job on you L.A. I suppose it would be better to focus on small events like The Last days Conference, where you have the assurance of like minded producers. The mass media is instrumental in the mass deception so what happened to you is to be expected.

    It was also about these that Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied, saying, “Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of his holy ones, to execute judgment on all and to convict all the ungodly of all their deeds of ungodliness that they have committed in such an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things that ungodly sinners have spoken against him.” These are grumblers, malcontents, following their own sinful desires; they are loud-mouthed boasters, showing favoritism to gain advantage. (Jude 14-16)

    • Chris,
      This kind of bias happens within and outside of the Church. Even among Christian producers, unfortunately! Look at the Christian networks and tv evangelists and many shephers who have or want to build mega churches, self appointed apostles and prophets,teachers, preachers and evangelists.
      I believe our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit are grieved along with Father God as they see all of the stuff happening!
      The important thing is L.A. was willing to go and speak the truth boldly and honesty , accountivble to God and not worried about what men would say. We must be obedient and follow through to carry out our assignments to speak of the pure and undefiled Gospel from the Bible wherever it leads us and “Keep our eyes on Jesus!”

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