One Planet, One People Please!

A Fictional Scenario


L .A. Marzulli

It is a warm, sun-filled Saturday, in August of 2010 and you and your wife are on your way back from the supermarket with a car full of groceries. The radio is blaring the latest offering by Lady Antebellum and you’re looking forward to getting together with some old friends, firing up the BBQ, and grilling some steaks. As the chorus to the song begins, it is cut off and for a moment there is “dead air.” You wonder at first if your radio is broken. Then you here the DJ who after clearing his throat, announces in a nervous voice, that a terrible war has been initiated in the Middle East. Details are sketchy, but it appears that Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, and perhaps Russia, as well as other nations have attacked Israel. Several more seconds of dead air follow, then he states, it appears that there have been chemical weapons, of mass destruction used against Israel. This report is unconfirmed, but it appears that Israel has responded with tactical nuclear weapons. You look at your wife nervously as you switch the radio to an all news station and pick up the broadcast mid sentence where you hear….. unable to launch its Air Force because of the volcanic ash-cloud that has disrupted all air travel in the region, Israel has resorted to launch a counter attack using its nuclear arsenal. Details are sketchy, Wait…. the President of the Untied States…. Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States. Your car pulls into your drive-way and leaving the groceries you both head to the television set. It flashes on and there is the president, confirming that war has erupted in the Middle East. Later that evening your friends come over and everyone tries to make the light of the situation. The television is on, with the sound muted. You’ve flipped the steaks and their looking good, when your wife, whose mouth is full of chips and dip, points to the television set, frantically. You stare wondering what you’re looking at. Is this the SCI-Fi channel? Grabbing the remote, your wife has turned the sound up and all eyes and ears are on what is happening in real-time. There, in the skies over Jerusalem is a large, disk-like object. There is no mistaking what it is, because you’ve seen it in the movie theaters for decades now. “It’s a mother ship.” your wife whispers under her breath. The room grows quiet and the steaks are left on the grill to burn….

You’ve been up most of the night. You’ve watched the discs appear over other cities. Washington, Moscow, Tehran, Paris, Madrid, Los Angeles, Tokyo. Once again the president of the Untied States is at the podium. Directly behind him are the other living presidents. The present commander and chief assures the public that the government of the United States has known about these visitors for some time and they have chosen to reveal themselves because of the recent destruction of life in the Middle East. Then he calls for a global government and says, that we are one planet, one people. please. Next is former president George W. Bush. He thanks President Obama, shaking his hand and grasping the podium with both hands looks directly into the camera and says, “This is President George W. Bush…. One planet, one people, please. He turns and introduces former president, William Clinton. Clinton settles himself behind the podium and then gravely echoes the words… One planet, one people, please….


While this is a fictional account it may, in fact, be just what happens. As I have pointed out before, how do you get the people on this planet who want to destroy each other to stop the killing? This scenario above may be the Coming Great Deception. The full-blown Alien Gospel that will make the way for the one world government as well as the one-world religious system….


In Other News:

Coast Guard: Tar Balls Found Off Key West

Another update on the continuing oil leak in the Gulf with no end in sight….


Kabul suicide attack on NATO convoy kills 18

This war goes on and on and on with apparently no end in sight. It becomes very sobering to see that after  almost nine years, this kind of mindless violence continues unabated in the Capital no less!


New ‘Wizarding World’ Theme Park To Open June 18

Well here it is folks. Now you can indoctrinate your kids into witchcraft! No worries though as  Laura Bush endorsed the Potter series. Talk about the blind leading the blind…


Forget 2012, look what Russian scientist predicts for 2014

It’s warming,,,, It’s getting colder…. it’s warming…. it’s getting colder…. it’s warming…. it’s getting  colder….


Mexico Shaken by Top Politician’s Feared Murder

Second prize is two weeks in Mexico…. Anarchy, murder, kidnapping, government corruption, but let’s slam Arizona for trying to protect itself!,8599,1989557,00.html


Floods worsen in central Europe, Auschwitz closed

Matthew 24 anyone?


Gov’t rejects Iran deal as a ruse

Middle East War is coming soon….


This is the playbook… It’s happening in real-time folks!

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24 thoughts on “One Planet, One People Please!

  1. Hi Lynn:

    Your fictional scenario, which may not be so fictional, is a sober wake up for this morning. Thanks for making it hit home.

    • When you are intimate with his word and walk with the Holy Spirit that reveals God’s Will, prophecy is but to open your mouth and speak. Certainly a fictional story (at this time), but a sobering glimpse into our possible future! Thank you Lynn.

  2. Story cont…

    “Clinton settles himself behind the podium and then gravely echoes the words… One planet, one people, please….”

    The doors will open on Thursday and Friday at 6:00 if you would like to
    arrive early to get a good seat.

    LNL springs into action-perhaps now someone will listen to the dire warnings about the coming global delusion- Mystery Babylon the Great- is now openly being revealed.

    Her husband remains in front of the TV – jaw dropped open & unable to move.

    She goes door to door warning her neighbors & friends- realizing that this will make her a target by the enemies of Christ- but so be it.

    But wait- she realizes as she sends out the warning calls that her resources are extremely limited. If only she had a DVD or Tract to leave behind!

    Immediately she blames L.A. Marzulli.(lol!) He told her that it sounded like a good idea & to go ahead & create something. The only problem was that she didn’t
    have the 1st clue on how to put it all together.

    Good intentions left behind. Now it’s too late. Will anyone listen to the voice of reason?

    …to be continued… (any takers?)

  3. “The doors will open Thursday and Friday…”(That got pasted in there some how! Not part of the story.)

  4. Hey Lynn and bloggers:

    I just got done looking at a Youtube video called Disclosure 2010 and something came to mind, what if part of the scenario went like this: The UFOs come to the aid of Israel during the war and save them and state that they have come from the Israeli’s One True God to help them and then they bring on the Antichrist as their leader and that is how Israel accepts him as their messiah? Could that be how it might happen?? Just a thought.

  5. Friends,

    After the Youtube posting of the Sphere within a sphere, I tried to look into it some more. I ended up searching thru Youtube somemore because I am an internet addict (lol) and while clicking on various links and videos, this one attracted my attention:

    I wished i knew how to post the VIDEO directly if anyone can give advice on that I would appreciate it.

    Anyway, the narrator of the above video (stay with it, it is very revealing and shocking) was looking for the birth ov the devil in 1946. There a name comes up, THAT he wasn’t looking for. And it was Jose Miranda.

    In the posts under the video, someone posts ‘Hey there is this guy,Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda, who is popping up on some videos. You can see the links on the right side of the youtube page. These people, including his children, are tatooing 666 on their bodies. His daughter states there is no heaven after death, there is only heaven now, here on earth. These people are creepy, for sure.

    I have read that the number 666 is symbolic: “The true meaning of Mr. 666, known as the Antichrist: 6 is for the six who are coming; 6 is for the six days of suffering; 6 is for the six who will be punished”.

    It is this same source which states that America will be ruled by a despot, which is called Number 2.

    I have considered a hand full of men (if that is what they are called) that could possibly be the AC, including BO, Mytrya, now this one on the Bible code.

    Legion, for they are many.

    Jesus Christ died for us and is the one and only true Son of God. May he fill all who desire the Truth of the Ages with the Holy Spirit, and the strength to share his gospel with others, recognize the signs of the times and leave the security of the lives we now lead to safety and eternal life.

  6. So, how long do you think, we the body of Christ, be left to endure the time the alien gospel is manifested and the time of the shout and trumpet?

    • Joe – I think we’re close, but I’m not a date setter. The key is Israel and what happens there. L.A.

  7. I know this is a serious subject, but I can’t help throwing out a couple of things here. First off, I love the song, “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum, and secondly, your wife’s mouth full of chips and dip! Great comic relief, L.A.! Now, back to the somber.

    • Steve – the post took twice as long as usual proving once again that there is no comparison between writing fiction and commenting on a BLOG! Glad you liked the chips! Pass the Guac! LOL!

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  9. Multiple UFOs Downtown Vancouver
    Above Cambie Street Bridge

    Date: May 4, 2010
    Time: 10:30 a.m.

    Location of Sighting: Downtown Vancouver – above Cambie Street Bridge.
    Number of witnesses: 15-20 people
    Number of Objects: Approx 40-50
    Shape of Objects: Round.

    Full Description of Event/Sighting: Bright round and moving/dancing lights in the sky.

    I was downtown with my kids watching the deflation of our air-filled football stadium which started at 10:00am. The weather was clear, very nice and sunny. The sky was blue with a some puffs of clouds here and there. Around 10:30am, a helicopter flew over, I looked up and beyond/above it, I noticed bright round lights.

    It was shocking to see so many lights moving around way above the clouds. I’m not into sci-fi or Star Trek, so thinking this was some sort of UFO sighting didn’t even dawn on me. I had a camera and started to take pictures as I knew this was something odd.

    These lights were moving around with smooth movements, as if they were doing a show. They were definitely not planes or helicopters because they didn’t fly like either one. The lights moved around in various (almost deliberate) directions, looking like they were making formations of star constellations. I clearly saw a ‘mini’ big dipper in the mass of lights. This entire globular round shaped mass group of lights (at least 40+ of them) were right above us and they were flying around en masse, in a circular shape.

    People suggested they were balloons released and trapped in high winds or that they were birds, this is not logical to me because these objects stayed the same size, they moved individually in a propelled type motion and they didn’t disappear into the sky as balloons would. The objects also stayed the same brightness, almost like looking up at a bunch of LED lights shining down.

    They were bright and looked just like stars in the sky, except like I mentioned already, these “stars” moved in various directions/formations.

    My 5 year old thought they were bubbles. After watching them for awhile, she said “they look like stars, but they can’t be stars, stars don’t move”. I totally agree with her.

    I stopped several passby/runners asking them to look up and verify what I was seeing, that I wasn’t crazy to see such things in the sky. They too, were dumbfounded as to what these lights would be. I watched the lights for about 45 minutes.

    My mother was way ahead of us pushing my younger daughter, when I finally caught up with her, I told her to look up at the lights. She was amazed (like the rest of us) to see the “light show” going on right above our heads in downtown Vancouver. We had to get going as my girls were hungry and the lights just kept going, so we left.

    I’ve been trying to contact someone who can clarify what it was that we saw, my twin sent me some youtube video clips from Mexico and other locations, that really captured what I saw on May 4th, 2010.

    If you know anyone else who’s witnessed this type of sighting, please have them contact me. I’d love to hear about what they have learned on these lights.


  10. Pope’s visit to Portgual may shed light on Third Secret of Fatima
    During his four day visit, Benedict XVI will pray at the shrine of Fatima.

    “There has been intense speculation ever since that the Vatican withheld part of the secret, which is said to have concerned the Satanic infiltration of the Catholic Church, the rise of an anti-Pope or even nuclear Armageddon”

  11. Not to change the subject…but I saw this today and wow…..
    let’s hope some of the numbskulls at BP see this…….

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