The March to the New World Order… OR NOT!

Commentary  by L. A. Marzulli

Greece has been rescued and US stocks are on the rise today. Why? Because they received over a TRILLION dollars in “bail out money!” The question is this, where did this Trillion dollar bail out money come from? It came from the International bankers who printed it out of thin air. Now the citizens of Greece will have to pay interest on this loan, which is nothing more than worthless paper! What a scam. But wait, there’s more! The exact same thing has happened in this county as our Federal Reserve printed how many BILLIONS of dollars and bailed out, Fannie & Freddie, Wall Street, Bear Stearns, most of the Banking industry. Greece got hosed the same way we did! The FEDS who are nothing more that a group of private bankers, printed the money, which wasn’t backed up by gold, as we were taken off the gold standard during the Vietnam war by Tricky-Dick Nixon. Now the American people, like the people in Greece are saddled with the debt. Isn’t that great? Don’t you see what is happening? The group of International bankers and the worlds’ elite are creating a two class system. The elite are on the top and the rest of us are equal… that is equally poor. Here’s a cogent of example of how this is taking place in our country. Our government has allowed the infusion of 20 million illegal aliens, many of which do not have a high school education. This has changed the very fabric of our culture and society, as Mexico, central America, and other nations have exported their poverty to us. Look, if I was living in Mexico I’d try to come here too, but we have to control our borders and immigration! The reason for the mass exodus to us from let’s use Mexico as an example, is that Mexico has a two class system, the elite who own the land and run the government and the poor, who for the most part are uneducated and live below the poverty line. In Arizona, Mexican drug cartels engage in murder, kidnapping, extortion and terrorize the streets. Arizona is trying to control its border as the federal government won’t. Because of this they are being labeled as racists. Look, as I posted last week, you can’t have 20 million people integrate into our society illegally and expect the status quo to remain. It’s all part of the deliberate plan to rip apart the identity of this country. The FEDS keep us in debt. Our government tells us that Obama-care is the answer to our heath care system. As I have posted before, this is the same government who after 9 years is incapable of completing a border fence, and they want to manage the health care for 300 million Americans? Here’s the silver lining in all of this though. Just before the countries of the world were to meet in Copenhagen, to sign the global tax and trade bill, because of global warming, Emails were leaked that showed how scientist had skewed the data! The conference collapsed like a house of cards. With that in mind let us look at the movement that has sprung up in response to our current president and the social democrats that are now running the country. I speak of the Tea Party movement. It’s creating a stir, as people are standing up and saying, enough is enough. But wait there are some of you who will say that I’m bagging on Obama. There’s plenty of bagging for both parties! George W. Bush led us into an two endless wars, which is partially responsible for the bankrupting of this country. There’s plenty of blame to go around as both presidents are working toward the same goal and that is the establishing of the New World Order. The one element that they didn’t count on is the backbone of the American people, who are standing up and saying enough is enough! Even with all the drugs that have streamed across a porous border for decades, ruining countless lives – and the government did nothing about it – the mindless television shows, the crippling effects of  political correctness, the trillions printed in paper money, the dumbing down of our education system, the American people will not go into the New World Order without a fight. As Teddy Roosevelt was fond of saying, “Bully for you!”

In Other News:

Germany backs euro package as markets sober up:

Good luck to the people of Greece are they are now saddled with over a TRILLION dollars of new debt. How are they ever going to pay this back? They won’t it’s a house of cards.


NASHVILLE’S OCCULT ROOTS! “Queen of Heaven” Athena’s Parthenon

I was in Nashville and toured both the Parthenon and the mall. Yep, it’s happening right here in the heart of the south! Don’t think there’s an occult “conspiracy” read this article and find out more!


Israel primed for war on Iran: Netanyahu deputy

At some point it will boil over and there will be a regional war. Here’s an interesting article that updates us to the threat of war in the region.


Anti-abortion display was misconduct:

A good article on those of is who are fighting against the  holocaust of the unborn. As someone has said, the most dangerous place to live in America is inside a mothers womb. Woe to those who call good evil and evil good….


Could another Icelandic volcano erupt soon?

I believe that this is just another of the signs that indicate His return is soon. Earth Changes are all around us for those who have eyes to see, the writing is on the wall!


Iran builds nuclear-capable cruise missile able to strike Israel from afar

Another story about the build up and the winds of war.


Million gallons of oil a day gush into Gulf of Mexico

They still have not been able to stop the leaking of oil into the gulf. This may turn out to be the largest disaster of its kind in history.

47 thoughts on “The March to the New World Order… OR NOT!

    • You can say that again!

      “Though constructed one hundred years apart these temples belong together. Their myths and symbols are interconnected. They’re both ceremonial centers, power points of peace and community gathering that could play an essential role in the drama of our world in coming years.”

      (Certainly could play satanic role- that I agree.)

      “Could Revelation’s mysterious woman clothed with the sun be the gold (sun) clad Athena? Has the rod of destiny, in the form of a 2,200-foot long living temple, manifested in Nashville? Is Nashville the ultimate light center?”

      (How about a big N-O on that one!)

    • Yes, William Henry is a New Ager, no question, but his information regarding the symbols and occult messages is spot on. I visited these sites just a couple of weeks ago to see for myself. Even though he weaves his New Age beliefs into his work, one can still glean some very interesting insights from him. In fact, we had printed off some of the info from his site and had it right in front of us when we looked at the Parthenon, Athena, Stone Circle, and the Black Globe.

  1. Excellent overview of pertinent prophetic news. Yes to quote former President Teddy Roosevelt, “Bully for you!” Speaking of Teddy, as I commented last week; he exported illegals on his watch as did President Arthur in the 1800’s, FDR in 1935, and Eisenhower in the 1950’s.

    I will say it again, illegals need to be deported lock, stock, and barrell. No free healthcare, no government programs, no jobs; just a one way ticket out of this Country UNLESS they want to become naturalized American citizens. Otherwise, “Osta la vista, baby.” That’s how I see it.

    Kevin J.

    • You said it! there used to be a time when illegals were afraid of the Immigration authorities and now there making us look like the criminals. and why the heck was that fence never completed anyway? some stupid government excuse I guess.

  2. Evangelicals’ full-page ad in D.C. will call for immigration reform

    The association, which includes members from 40 evangelical denominations, reached consensus on the issue of immigration reform in 2009 — almost two years after President George W. Bush’s failed attempts to reform immigration — by focusing on the biblical material that supports immigration. (The group took no official stand on the issue during the last congressional debate.) The group’s 2009 resolution on immigration includes several paragraphs citing scriptural authority:

    “Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the families of his sons turned to Egypt in search of food,” it says. “Joseph, Naomi, Ruth, Daniel and his friends, Ezekiel, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther all lived in foreign lands. In the New Testament, Joseph and Mary fled with Jesus to escape Herod’s anger and became refugees in Egypt.”;_ylt=AlosxeLkWXJ.I7CKc0s.HfJv24cA;_ylu=X3oDMTM0YmxldDIyBGFzc2V0A3luZXdzLzIwMTAwNTExL3luZXdzX3RzMTk5NARjY29kZQNtb3N0cG9wdWxhcgRjcG9zAzQEcG9zAzQEc2VjA3luX3RvcF9zdG9yaWVzBHNsawNldmFuZ2VsaWNhbHM-

    • The problem with this “Evangelical” statement is that none of the Biblical examples listed of immigration are examples of illegal imigration. I don’t think anyone with any sense in this Country is opposed to immigration, we are a country of immigrants. However,those who are illegally in this country are breaking the law, and need to be dealt with accordingly.

      We must protect our borders from further illegals entering this country, and, in my opinion, deport those who are already here. We already have a process for giving people a “path” to citizenship, it is called getting a green card so that you can work here legally. From there, there is going through the process of naturalization. That is the “path”, it just needs to be followed.

      Kevin J.

  3. The kids & I visited Athena’s Parthenon in Nashville. It’s quite the place. I wanted the girls to get a feel for “idols”. Not to worship of course- but what they are & what “force” is behind them. We talked about what it may have been like in ancient times as people bowed down to these images & explain what kinds of idols we have today.

    However- I did get some weird “vibes” from the area standing & looking up in front of Athena. She’s got some psycho looking eyes & that snake by her shield…….oh, I wonder what that represents?

    Here she is:

    • Hey Lisa
      Do you think this could have caused God to lift his hand of protection off of this city just a thought
      i did not know about all this occult ativity there.

    • Check out the origin of the name of the city of Memphis. Many of the larger cities have names, that upon inspection of origin, tell a freaky, creepy story.

    • It is full of the occult Temple to the god Ptah at Memphis, origin is Egyptian famous for its ancient civilization
      I would say that God is angry.Totally full of new age that is freaky.Thanks

    • Personally, I don’t think so. But then again God’s ways aren’t our ways.

      A friend just told me the story of a family who was on vacation in Europe when they were diverted to the Gulf of Mexico due to the Volcanic Ash. While they were at a hotel in the Gulf the oil spill occurred & their hotel was evacuated. When they got home to Nashville their house was flooded.

      Now I can’t say that I ever had it THAT bad.

    • I know he is mad at the occult symbols.Not the people god does protect his people.I was out
      one day and came home and my house was burned to the ground.I lost everything I am forever grateful
      me and my children were not home at the time.

  4. LA….Boys and Girls….

    This just came across my mail client…”Out of the mouth of babes?”…You decide…..Spooky…very spooky…and very disturbing to say the lest.

    “Prophecy From A Three Year Old?”

    My son, who is 3, woke up this morning and started to make some really bizarre statements this morning. He woke up early as usual and related this tale to his great aunt (I was still in bed, being Sunday and all). It went as follows:

    Son: “You’re gonna die.”
    Aunt: “What?!”

    “Yep, the Erf [sic] is gonna start spinning faster and faster and toooo fast and everything is gonna’ go upside down!” He then demonstrated by spinning rapidly and then doing a dramatic tumblesault on the living room carpet, finished with an “umph” for emphasis. After that, he asked for some breakfast.

    My aunt then queried him as to what would happen to other members of the family. He responded that “Dadda will die, mumma will die, everybody is gonna’ die.” He was not upset in the least by these proclamations. They were just made as matter of fact. My aunt then asked him if he would die too. He responded, “no”.
    So my aunt asked him how he will survive. He stated that, “I’m gonna be ok. They will take care of me.” When asked who are ‘they’ he replied “the other people will look for me, I’m ok”. (Bear in mind, this is a 3 year old so his definition of everybody and everything is still a loose term)

    So, my aunt questioned him further by naming various family members that he knew. He did state that one of his uncles and one of his cousins would also survive. They live in different parts of the state. Everyone else that he knows – dead.

    Later today, my aunt told me about this little conversation. I then asked my son to tell me about it. He related the same story, with the same little spin and dramatic fall on the floor. So, I decided to interrogate him further. I didn’t get much more information; but some of the answers were intriguing.

    When asked how he knew this, he replied “cause I got told”. Unfortunately, the little pisser absolutely refused to tell me who told him this. And again, being 3, most of his answers were just sort of matter-of-fact without detailed explanation. When asked why the Earth would start spinning faster, all I got was “cause it will”. He did state that, “everythings gonna shake and get broken” and that “it happens so fast!” One of the most chilling statements was that, “the water is everywhere.” (Again, ‘everywhere’ is a relative term to him)

    When asked as to when this would happen, all I got was a “in da future”. Now to him, having a 3 year-olds conception of time and space, the ‘future’ could mean next month or 2075. It’s all vague and sort of incomprehensible to him. So nothing there.

    What I am really concerned with is, where did he get this information? Granted, I do belong to ATS and enjoy all the doom-and-gloom, 2012, Armageddon posts. But I have never discussed the concept of the End of the World with him. Neither would my wife as she is not at all interested in these types of things. In fact, she finds them disturbing and to be avoided. Same for my aunt and his older sister. My son does have rudimentary reading skills but nothing that would allow him to digest this sort of information if he found it online. So, where did he get exposed to this concept? Who told him about this theory of the precession of the equinoxes and polar displacement, etc? My only assumption (now) is that it had to be a dream because he stated it immediately after getting out of bed. So, WTF?

    This has been obsessing me up all day. The little stinker won’t give much more than vague, yet assured and emphatic, statements. If anybody has any ideas or input as to how to deal with this, I’d be glad to hear it.

    • I left a reply below but i just wanted to say you really should not push that child, children need encouragment
      in the lord

    • Margaret…

      Obviously to my jocularity, you did not read the article before passing judgment on it “and” me.

      If you had, you would have clearly understood, the ‘child’ is not mine ‘and’ what the intent was/is behind the posting. You may not get it, as it duly seems you have not, but many who are ‘called watchman’ do.

      Alas, for you to pass such harsh ‘judgment and condemnation’ on another ‘whom you do not know’, is inconsiderate and unbecoming.

    • I had to read it twice ATS how funny,I dont think Margaret was judging she sounds like she misunderstood.I found the sight the other day they have some way out stuff



    • you know, I had a very nice, lengthy response. then noticed that YOU found it on a NEWSFEED! hAHAHAH! i almost thought you had encountered this. Frightening indeed!

    • CG,

      A pole shift is foretold by many visionaries, I did post a link a while back at NGO this one hypothesises about an apocalyptic reversal of the magnetic poles

      this one is measured scientific data,stating the north pole is moving at 40 miles a year!

      I have a vague memory of my sisters and I all having the end of the world dream, I do think children are more prone to blurt out their dreams than adults, so the scene is still fresh.

      This is fascinating. Of course those of you who have ever followed Pastor Arnold Murray or read ‘Fingerprints of the Gods’ by Graham Hancock or Charles Hapgood would remember that about 15000 years ago there was an apparent pole shift. Wooly mammoths found frozen deep in the Tundra ice have been found to have green fresh vegitation in their bellys that are not native to Russia, or grow North of the equator in general.

      God bless you and have mercy on us all.

    • Oh duh!

      By that ( wooly mammoths with tropical veggies in them) I mean that it is believed they were victims of a pole shift. They were thrown into a hostile environment and found their demise.

      UR thinkin, “Say what?”


    • I honestly think that that is not the Holy Spirit it sounds like hes been watching too much depressing programs on TV i urge you to pray the enemy is near.

  5. I think you are a little bit to involved with new age and that child is picking up on it whether you know it are not.
    you may be opening up doors for you and your family unknowingly.I have been to the sight and it may not be in your best interest at this time
    Please consider getting some bible believing people around you.Forgive me for being honest but obsession is a bad spirit and will keep you away from the truth of the true God

    • Either the Holy Spirit told him or a familiar spirit. I wouldn’t be too bugged about it. GOD has already told us everything in the Bible.

  6. LA; if telling the truth about Obama is bagging on him then keep bagging. He is a pretender!
    His appointment of the new supreme court judge Elena Kagan is very sus, if it is true that she is a lesbian
    Is Elena Kagan a Lesbian? Media Ignores Four Harvard Students Outting Supreme Court Nominee, CBS News Muzzled by White House
    Nominee Kagan has record supporting gay causes

    john B

  7. The following is truly an example of how depraved the human soul has become. Not only because there are people willing to make a movie like this but also because there are people who will actually PAY MONEY to watch it.

    I happened across the headline about the “Human Centipede” and thought, “What in the world”? I will tell you that after having my own inner debased nature piqued because of the article as will some of you, I am now feeling literally ill after watching the trailer for the movie.

    This is not for the tender of heart. This is the most revolting thing I have ever come across. I place this here as an example of how this world truly belongs to Satan and perhaps…just perhaps it will be a good slap in the face to you as it was to me of even though we KNOW we are engaged day by day in spiritual warfare, there are things that go on (Russ Disdar) that we never know of. This movie is just an example of how far a human being can take torture and violence to the utmost extreme. All the while Satan sits back with his arms crossed and feet kicked up, grinning because he knows he was able to debauch, humiliate, devalue and undermine what God had created as perfect in the beginning. I felt the need to as I said earlier be slapped in the face with the reality of how corrupt this fallen world has become.

    Dr. Lynn, PLEASE feel free to delete this post if it is found to push the envelope to far. I apologize in advance for those who will watch the trailer.

    May God grant us protection.

    Jeff D

    • Sorry I’ve decided to pass on your link, like I decided to pass on Matt’s picture of the hooded figure.

      At times like these I’ve just decided to bury my head in the sand, I already have so much on my plate, I don’t think I want to be disturbed anymore by the times and sin we live in.

      I do understand both your posts, though, so thanks for your post and warning all of us here on this blog about this junk.

    • It’s interesting that Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad has his finger in everything going on over there. Damascus is in Syria. Damascus gets obliterated eventually. I’m keeping my eye on Bashar — he may (MAY) very well end up being revealed as the lawless one. Assyrian, with a stern look, etc etc etc.

      Definitely keeping watch.

    • Lisa

      He could be the one,I have had my eye on him for some time
      Assyrian indeed,all to be revealed in the near future.Look at the eyes
      Damascus will go down and we will be that much closer to the lords return

      I’ll keep watching

  8. Ash fears close Moroccan and Spanish airports A cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland has forced airports in North Africa to shut down for the first time, as well as hitting air travel in southern Spain.Ash said to be drifting towards south-east France is at high altitude and is not expected to affect airports there.

  9. It is beyond ridiculous that Arizona’s new immigration law should be met with such widespread opposition and protest. The fact of the matter is that Arizona is simply doing the job that the feds should have been doing all along.

    If the laws currently on the books were being enforced as they should be, there would be no need for Arizona to enact legislation to protect the state and its citizens from an influx of illegal immigrants.

    If our national government did a better job securing our borders, Arizona would not have 460,000 illegal aliens utilizing funds and resources paid for by and intended for the use of law-abiding citizens.
    In the absence of federal leadership on the issue, the Arizona legislature was forced to take matters into its own hands. The US has an established process for allowing people to lawfully reside within our borders and become citizens. Why should we turn a blind eye to those who flagrantly violate those laws?
    Though Arizona may be the first state to declare that enough is enough when it comes to rampant violations of federal immigration law, they are not likely to be the last.

    According to the Department of Homeland Security, six states have larger numbers of illegal immigrants than Arizona. California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois and Georgia all have larger unauthorized immigrant populations. You can bet that these states will watch what happens in Arizona closely. Several other states – Utah, Ohio and Maryland – have also expressed an interest in passing similar immigration laws.

    Illegal’s first act when they cross over on to American soil is to violate federal law. They do not get a great deal of sympathy from me. Part of living in this country is abiding by its laws. People who have so little respect for the laws of our land that they not only willfully violate them, but then have the unmitigated gall to cry racism or discrimination when the laws are enforced should really consider whether or not the United States of America is where they truly belong.

    With this immigration legislation, Arizona is simply doing what every state should have the right to do – enforce the laws and act in the best interest of its citizens.

    • Look Matt i respect your opinion and yes the us should take care of the borders more but thats no excuse for the racism. You can compare this to what the Nazis did in WW2. The nazis did not want the jews, US does not want Mexicans. The Nazis made the jews wear the star of david as ID, We make them cary around Green-cards or other forms of ID. So What happened to showing The LOVE of Christ. We have to remember that We set the borders on land that is not ours its GOD’s who are we to say who can and cant come in. I know some bring alot of problems but there always going to be there no matter what. Just think about it they treat them like animals who escaped from a pound.

    • I agree with Matt. Dosent the bunks also say Daniel that we should follow the laws of the land unless they go against God? I’m not racist at all, I have some close Hispanic friends that I love but I’m not too hip on the idea of Hispanics coming into our country in droves(illegaly) helping to wreck our economy. I realize we are ALL immigrants here unless you are American indian and Im ok with Hispanics moving here legally and doing their part but here is the catch Daniel that you and alot of Americans don’t realize. Most Hispanics come here NOT wanting to contribute anything, they want to work abd not pay taxes, lice 10 to a house so they can send their money back home. They don’t care about OUR future or our kids. I know this for a fact because I’m around alot of illegals. If you don’t have a problem with this then I suggest you move to a Hispanic country and a glimpse of our future if immigration dosent change.

    • you are right too joe but it still doesn’t give an excuse for racism there has to be another way. Just because someone is white it doesn’t mean that they are better than anyone else. But have you ever seen the show 30 days? if not follow this link (its about a border patrol officer who goes and lives with a family of illegals). I know some illegals just want to take and take but put your self in their shoes they are poor want to give their families so they can have better lives and i know most people would do the same thing. But yeah they should follow the law too and it doesn’t make it right to do bad things but alot of people will do drastic things in time of desperation. But With the drug trafficking if the US did not have the need for the drugs (the demand) they(the supply) wouldn’t bring them over here to poison our country. But as we know the enemy is the one causing all of this for all we know the enemy (satan) can be the head of the drug traffickers. So we must continue to fight the enemy and preach the word of God until the end to minimize the casualties (lost souls)

    • This is a bit of a “Hot button” issue with me personally as I, along with Matt live in the great state of Texas.

      Daniel, if I could interject something; I would like to point out that nowhere in Matt’s post did he use any language that would paint him as racist. As a matter of fact, I believe he went out of his way to make a rather sound intellectual argument against what is an ongoing criminal act, i.e. the ILLEGAL immigration of those who live south of the Rio Grande.

      I would also like to point out that in NO WAY can you logically compare the ILLEGAL immigration of Mexican families crossing the US border with Nazism. You said, “The nazis did not want the jews, US does not want Mexicans.” This is where you show you are arguing from a perspective of subjective emotionalism. I say this because the first part of your sentence is true. The second part couldn’t be further from the truth.

      With your statement you seek to make those of us appear racist simply because we want to keep the laws of entering the US enforced (as they should) by making sure anyone coming into this great country does so LEGALLY. Is there truly anything wrong there? That answer is no. Secondly you make it sound as though those of us who are for actually following the laws of the land and therefore honoring God are against all people from the country of Mexico. Again, dead wrong.

      Here is how your argument breaks down. Mexicans come into the US. We have a problem with THOSE Mexicans who come into this country ILLEGALLY. Therefore we are racist against ALL people who live in Mexico.

      You basically created a very weak straw man argument based on emotion and not intellect. Again, no where in Matt’s post did he mention anything about not liking Mexicans. He, like I and millions of other law abiding American citizens do not like people who do things that are ILLEGAL. For some reason this particular word seems to have slipped past your vernacular.

      The next fallacy in your argument is your misinformation regarding the green card and again trying (wrongly) to tie it into Nazism. This is a huge insult to every Jewish person who went through the holocaust as well as every LEGAL immigrant to the US. A “green card” is the commonly used term for an Alien Registration Receipt Card. The main purpose of a green card is to identify the holder as a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) of the United States. You make it sound as though its only purpose is to single out people from Mexico so they can be targeted for harmful purposes. LPRs have more rights than holders of non-immigrant visas, such as tourist or exchange visas, yet they have fewer rights than U.S. citizens. The Star of David was FORCED upon Jews so they could be readily assimilated when necessary, not to mention be easy targets of Nazi thugs. Your comparisons are truly an insult to both parties to put it bluntly.

      I will end with what I find your most absurd comment of your post. You said, “We have to remember that We set the borders on land that is not ours its GOD’s who are we to say who can and cant come in.”

      We need to take what you just said to its logical conclusion and then please tell me if you really mean what you said. Who we are to say who can and can’t come in is a society who has elected officials to govern our nation in an effort to form laws to protect it, bless it and help it prosper. Since in your argument you question who we are to say who can or can’t come in, I would suggest that you are fine with rapists, child molesters, murderers, thieves, cannibals, despots, drug dealers, et al coming into this country and living next door to you, your wife and your children. Since you question who we are to dare make a judgment on who can or can’t come in, by your logic, you surely don’t have any problem with ANY of these types of people living not just in our country but next door to you. Remember, by your own logic, who are you to question who can or can’t come in to this country.

      My point being that we can have an intellectual discourse on this issue that obviously is divisive. And I know that my response comes across as rude on paper. However, I assure you Daniel that I mean no emotional harm to you in any way. I am just compelled to point out the obvious fallacies in your argument because it is certainly not based on sound judgment but as I said earlier on subjective emotionalism. If you were sitting next to me right now you would know that my response to you was given in love even if the tone was terse.

      Sometimes we have to get a point driven home the hard way and unfortunately that doesn’t always come across with a bouquet of roses but hard, matter-of-fact truth.

      If you are offended by my response I do apologize for I do not have any desire to offend you. I only desire that you look at this logically and not through emotionally stained glasses.

      I do hope we can dialogue on this further if you so desire as this is an issue like I said at the beginning that is a “Hot button” with me. Why? Because of the same emotionally charged rhetorical comments like the ones you unfortunately just made, not to mention the fact that we actually have a problem with people coming into our country ILLEGALLY. We have NO problem with ANY immigrant that LEGALLY comes to this country. LEGAL immigrants are who helped and are helping make this a great nation. Please know we love any and all people who do not break the laws of this land. Also know that we love those who do…we just want to make sure the proper consequences are carried out against any and all who break to the law to deter further breaking of same law(s). If there were no consequences for breaking the law, why have law? Why not just have anarchy rule the land? It is because we DO love. We want to protect those who do LEGALLY come into this land by way of immigration.

      Respectfully from a law loving American citizen who loves his country,

      Jeff D

    • Nice post Jeff well said. I’m not fascist Daniel and I dint think Matt is either. I work with illegal Hispanic people and they are my friends. They are good people with no drug habits, don’t steal and would give you the shirt off of their back if you need it but I’ve explained the problem with being illegal to them and they don’t care because it dosent affect them. The Hispanic community in majority has alot of resentment torwards Americans which also makes them nor care what happens to our country. I don’t think this issue of immigration can be said to be right or wrong from the biblical standpoint, more like from us wanting to protect ourselves, our future and our childrens future standpoint.

    • Honestly im sorry if you thought I was saying Matt was racist i was not I was simply saying that alot of people end up sounding racist when they talk about this subject. And your right this is a “Hot button” But Honestly all we can do is pray that God fixes this because honestly we as humans cant do the right thing without Gods help. Like whats been going on Someone does something and some are happy but others are not and this is how resentment happens I love America and im glad to be here and its true we cant let everyone in so to end this we have to pray that God gives our leaders wisdom to do the right thing.

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