Sunday Go to Meeting Bun: Bow, Bow, Bow!

Psa 3:3   But You, O LORD, [are] a shield for me, My glory and the One who lifts up my head.

When we become born again into the Kingdom of God, one of the most amazing benefits we receive is knowing, by experience, the Lord. We begin to feel His peace, through His spirit. For the first time in our lives there can be a sense of wholeness, love, and perhaps most of all forgiveness. There is another benefit that we receive and it is one that we don’t necessarily “feel” because, the natural man cannot discern the things of the spirit. I’m talking about the concept of the Lord being a shield about us. We are told in the Guide Book to theSupernatural i.e. the Bible that:

Eph 6:12   For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual [hosts] of wickedness in the heavenly [places].

We are also informed that the weapons that we use in this battle against these dark powers are supernatural. Most of us know how we are to dress ourselves with the armor of God, as we are instructed to in the same chapter of Ephesians. The helmet of salvation, the belt of truth, the sword of the spirit, the breastplate of Righteousness, our feet clad with the good news – that Jesus came in the flesh and died for our sins and by the shedding of his blood, we are forgiven, and by believing on Him who was sent we have eternal life. The one I haven’t mentioned is the shield of FAITH. Faith in what or whom? Faith in that Jesus is able to keep us from falling, to protect us and to lead us home. This faith is built on an ongoing experience that He has protected us before, and so when we are up against the powers of hell, we can be sure that his unmerited favor is toward us, because He first loved us. It is He who shields us from the power of the enemy. It is his power that shields us, literally. He becomes a shield that is all around us. That doesn’t mean that we will never feel the presence of the enemy, or that we will sail through life, but it does mean that when we call upon His name He is faithful and true and He will be there for us. Another dynamic to think about is the times in our lives when He shields us from events or the wiles of the enemy that never reach us. In other words because He protected us, shielded us with his love and power, we never felt the fiery darts of the enemy. It’s like it never happened! It is imperative for us to literally walk with this attitude in our minds on a daily basis. We are in the last of the last days and the enemy is ramping up for the final assault on God and His people. Just today there was a 7.4 earthquake in Sumatra. As we are warned by Jesus himself, there will be earthquakes in DIVERSE places. We are now getting one of these earthquakes on a weekly basis. Through all of this, the trials, toils, and cares of this life it is both comforting, and set’s our minds and hearts at peace, knowing that He is our shield and is the one who lifts up our heads!

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Thank you and God Bless.

L. A. Marzulli

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23 thoughts on “Sunday Go to Meeting Bun: Bow, Bow, Bow!

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to all the MOMS today. May you be richly blessed spiritually and with the love of your families and with the peace of our Lord,Jesus Christ.

  2. Thank you for this post as things unfold,in an uncertain world we are be the salt and light and to build on our faith and trust in jesus.
    One of the most intimate relationships God created can be found between a parent and a child. Parents naturally find satisfaction and enjoyment in nurturing and loving their children daily. As believers, we have the incredible privilege to share that same cherished relationship with our Creator. He is our loving Father who tends to our every need and longs for us to be near Him. This remarkable privilege is only attainable by faith in Jesus Christ who destroyed the separation between man and God with His blood. Through the beautiful gift of Christ, we are given the excellent honour of the title, “the sons of God,” and given a place in the heavenlies.

    God Bless everyone

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  4. I’m still tracking earthquakes, and regardless of what the USGS says (“Everything is normal”), their data says otherwise. I’ve grouped their own data into decades, much like they do. But instead of looking at all earthquakes, or just the 7.0+, I like to watch everything 5.0 and greater. The smaller earthquakes also appear to be increasing, but the USGS says that is just because of the growing number of seismographs around the world. So of course they are sensing more of the smaller ones. Do they mean that there were large ones (5.0+) occuring in the past that went undetected? I can’t imagine that would be true.

    The annual average in the 90’s was 1,477. In the 00’s it grew to 1,705. This year so far, the 5.0+ count is 881. That is 52% of the annual average of the past decade average and 60% of the 90’s average. Yet we are only 1/3 (35%) of the way through the year! We are way above average and each decade seems to be getting progressively worse. Let’s continue to watch this trend and see if it stays on this path!

  5. Blessings to All:
    Indeed being clad in our spiritual garb is very important but I think we are NOT stressing our WALK with Christ enough.As I read posts I see alot of stress being made about being Born Again. That is of major importance but it is just the beginning! Being born again gives us justification,but being IN Christ,our walk and turning our lives OVER TO HIM is sanctification! Many belivers are going to be shocked one day when the Rapture happens and they are left behind. We must pay attention to the 10 virgins and their lamps.All 10 were believers yet only 5 were let in while the other 5 were banging on the door to be let in.We cannot walk hand in hand with THIS world,we are to walk solely in Christ,we are to be pilgrims passing through this world and not getting so caught up in all that is happening,changing.Being a TRUE Christian starts with:
    1. we are to be a disciple of Christ
    2. a servant OF Christ
    3.a SOLDIER of Christ
    4. an ambassador FOR Christ
    5.a WITNESS UNTO Christ
    6.a priest TO God
    7.we are a spiritual HOUSE OF Christ
    8.we are to BE salt and light UNTO the world
    9.we are but PILGRIMS/Strangers on earth
    10.we are part of the Church OF Christ
    11.we each are a part of the BODY of Christ
    12 THEN and only then can we be considered a BRIDE of Christ!!!
    We each need to give HIM our time and focus daily,hourly, moment to moment.We all need to pick up our CROSS and WALK with Him. The 12 steps above is laid out in order to Gods word,we need to work and BE every one of them,then PRAY we are worthy to escape all the horrors coming.Time to get more serious than a heart attack,our walk,not just talk…Gods Blessings Mr. Marzulli,you are a treasure. Blessings to ALL LJ “Soulatpeace”

    • I agree. One thing that I am pressing in on the LORD about is how to practically apply what I know. (Physically doing what I know in the flesh). For instance having faith to move a mountain. Open and close spiritual doors/spiritual warfare…

    • I used to have alot of trouble understanding as well.Then one day I had a light bulb moment! Simplicity! I think we get to caught up in ‘rules’ and ‘laws’,even though we know we are not under the law.We think doing good things,making right choices is what it’s about,but is that all? Jesus was a very simple Man/Lord! Faith to move a mountain? I think that can also mean ‘our’ mountains,to stay out of the WORLD as much as possible,lean ON Jesus and focus on our walk.When I have troubles,and I mean daily and hourly,I imagine Jesus standing right there looking on,then I think,”OK Lord,how should I behave,what choices should I make KNOWING you are right there watching me”!That helps me tremendously! CHARACTER! All about character,character is what a person is like and what they do when nobody is looking! Hope that helps…..LOVE and gratitude Mr.Marzulli and am happy to read a reply.Blessings Soulatpeace

  6. Dr. Lynn,

    Thank you for the Sunday Supplement as it was both very uplifting and caring. Your exhortation is exactly what I needed today.

    My family and I went to a “Family Conference” at our church Friday night and Saturday morning. Dennis Jernigan led the worship which was wonderful. The conference itself focused on “Conflict”. We had John Trent as the main speaker and then broke off into separate groups to learn and talk. The group my wife and I went to was specifically on conflict within the family which is something we face on a daily bases.

    I will say that I have zero doubt because we have sought to draw closer to our Lord and clean up our spiritual house that the attacks against us are even worse now than when they were when I asked for special prayer for my family several weeks ago right here on this BLOG. I am still thanking God for those of you who stood in the gap and interceded on behalf of my family. We need it.

    We all need it. Every person who writes on this BLOG and participates in the ministry and discussion here is under attack in varying degrees. No matter how much head knowledge we have, unless we allow that same knowledge to penetrate and saturate our hearts it will not do one bit of good. It will only be material we can find in our brains to retrieve whenever we want to make a point/counterpoint. Once we put it into practice, we can then begin the healing process of reconciliation and be the disciples God has called us to be in our families, our places of work and in our communities.

    Thank you again Dr. Lynn for such a great reminder of the Truth of never ending spiritual warfare and the victory that is already ours.


    In Christ,

    Jeff D

  7. I know that you are keeping track of the earth quakes
    It just happens to be the second earthquake in Indonesia this month
    one on May 5th 6.3 and then today.this cloud was reported seen over indonesia in Feb 2010
    Could it have been a ufo,they seem to appear whenever something like volcanoes are
    storms etc. are reported.I was hoping your new book would be out soon because I know it
    will have alot of very good information on the subject,because in fact it plays a large
    part in the days we live in.You have alot of knowlegde and explain things so well.
    It is easier to give someone a book than try an explain all that is
    needed for one to fully understand.This is the link

    • That is a very interesting phenomenon. I must say when I saw the picture; I thought it was a still shot from “Independence Day”.

      I actually found it very beautiful to look at. But then, I am the type that LOVES thunderstorms with lots of wonderful lightning spreading across the wide open Texas skies. It’s like God is painting a picture right before my eyes.

      In Christ,

      Jeff D

  8. LA,

    David J Meyer is being interviewed on the Pour Hour and I ran across what the Ruach haKodesh showed me about the 501C status….please listen to these two videos – the parts where this is covered. I think it begins around half way through the 1st vid I’m posting below..and continues through the first part of the 2nd video (parts 5 & 6 respectively of a 7 part series of the whole interview posted on youtube).

    I’m praying for you on this issue. I hope you remain pliable in Yah’s Hands.

    Yah bless you with a love of His Truth and may He gives you the wisdom, discernment and courage to go whereever HE leads you.

    • I just listened to his “501C” theory – and to say that a Church w/an American flag in it & involved in 501C is clearly under the “beast” system is going way too far.

      God’s word has already told us what to look for. “By their FRUITS you will know them”. Does the Church w/the “flag” and the 501C status have the fruits/gifts of the Spirit to show for it? If so the Holy Spirit is present & directing that Body of Christ to further the Kingdom of God & is a healthy vibrant Church operating in God’s will.

      Let’s get real here – this is up surd.

      Allot of what he says is true on the occult & symbolism. The Prophecy sites keep a very good record of what’s up w/these events tied into the supernatural demonic realm. (Such as the Copenhagen summit-Mother Earth- One world religion connection.)

      Beware…. from falling into the JW trap as a youth- I know all too well how they teach these same type of truths then begin to twist them & then ostracize themselves from other believers. As if only they are “in the know” & are being directed from the Lord.

      The next thing You know you’ll be following the ideas of the Trumpet & David J Meyer instead of the Holy Bible.

      Sounds like another one of Satan’s ploys to me.

    • LNL,

      You said:
      “a Church w/an American flag in it & involved in 501C is clearly under the “beast” system is going way too far. ”

      When you put it like that? It DOES sound absurd.

      However, that’s not quite the way I heard the message.

      David J Meyer was being interviewed to discuss symbols.
      One of the symbols found on the American flag is the 5 pointed star.
      He spoke about that. (in fact, he spoke about many symbols throughout)

      Someone asked what his view was on the 501C status for churches. It was asked by a pastor who’d lost his church (though I did not catch what that whole story was) and he wanted to know what where David J Meyer stood on this.
      David spoke about that (his own conviction about being separate from the 501C status because it is a part of the beast system).

      Is the tax system is part of the beast system?
      Or is the tax system is part of Yah’s system?

      If one understands it is part of the beast system, and they run a ministry – then hopefully they would seek Yah to know if they were to enter that beast system or not. LA said he was still praying about it. I posted what the Ruach showed me. You, LNL, summarily dismissed it, even labelling it one of satan’s ploys.

      Incidentally, I had never heard David J Meyer’s name before yesterday. I had never heard him speak before.

      As I said in my first post:
      “I ran across what the Ruach haKodesh showed me about the 501C status” and how it is indeed a part of the beast system.

      Nothing more. Nothing less.

      I find it interesting that many are ‘coming out of HER’….including that pastor who asked the question about the 501C status.

      This information is not absurd in my opinion.
      If you or anyone thinks it is absurd, I would encourage praying about it, laying preconceptions and personal conclusions aside.

      I would ask if tax breaks important to ministry.
      I would ask Yah to search my heart to examine if my faith is where it needs to be. Without faith we cannot please Him. Yah provides for His Children and He doesn’t need any help from us. He only asks that we have Faith in Him to do what He promised us if we remain in Him.

      Understanding the time we’re living in – it’s clearer and clearer to me that we need to ‘be ye separate’, and ‘come out of Her’. Not looking for ways to fit into the system to yield tax breaks for donations.

      I personally don’t see this 501C thing in a black and white way, LNL. I do not look at ALL 501C organisations and label them as wolves in sheep’s clothing. I actually believe Yah is calling His children to come out of the system. That alone tells me many brothers and sisters are in some kind of bondage or another (He has been bringing me out of the system for a while now and I’m learning it’s not a one-fell-swoop, but a process). Some answer, and some don’t. Hence, my post of encouragement to LA to continue to seek Him on the matter.

  9. By way of encouragement, I don’t know if any of you are familiar with “Father’s Love Letter”. If you never really had an earthly father or maybe yours was one that was lacking in what you had in mind of a loving father, this is for you. If you know someone who needs this, please share it with them.

    Roy Lamont narrating, “Father’s Love Letter”.

    God bless each you of you who come to Dr. Lynn’s BLOG.

    • Dear Praiseplace:

      Thank you so, so much for posting this video. It is so beautiful and just what so many need to hear. I am a christian for many years and my oldest daughter who is 21 never knew her dad…just met him recently…and things don’t look to promising regarding a relationship for the future there. My daughter is a christian and in ministry but I know she has many wounds in her heart, many due to me and this circumstance. I love her so much and I pray always for her amazing heart healing that I know the Father will bless her with and I believe this video is just one more piece to that healing…so thank you so much for the posting…it is greatly appreciated. With much tears and joy…God bless you. Amen.

  10. “Igor N. Grata’s FB page promotes the film “Avatar”, which establishes numerous precedents supporting Raelism and New Age spirituality including genetic modification of human DNA; and ‘linking’-alien incarnation of avatars (referred to as ‘demons’ in the film!).

    Just as the avatar creations of the film, Raelism promotes the idea that humans were originally genetically engineered creations of aliens-‘scientific lab constructs’ placed on the planet Pandora.

    Alien intervention from the skies is the fundamental redemptive expectation of Raelism. As Jake Sully came from the skies, a hybrid human-alien saviour-avatar to rescue and restore the Pandoran people from the woes of ignorance and warfare-so Raelism would have us look to the skies for ‘alien redemption’

    The spell-binding world of Pandora also features: pantheism; planetary energy flows; animism; a mother goddess; sacred trees; telepathic ‘sight’; shamanic healing etc.-all features of occultic witchcraft and spirit channeling. Ultimate victory in Pandora is achieved by the intervention of a powerful red dragon with his winged reptilian hordes and red-eyed black beasts.”

    Excerpt from ” Is “Avatar” Based on Raelian Cult?” found here:

    May God grant us all wisdom and discernment to know how to witness to this lost and dying world in these Last Days.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

  11. They really are playing the HAARP people should not be mad at God for man made ideas

  12. Husband/Wife See White UFO Flying in and out of Multiple Jets in Tennessee

    Published: 2:06 PM 5/4/2010
    Tennessee – 05-03-10

    I had just walked out of my garage which faces to the northern sky. I heard a tremendous rumble, and quickly started scanning the sky due north.

    I noticed at least a dozen fighter jets in semi-formation, about the second I realized what I was seeing, I noticed a quick-moving object flying north to south in and out of the formation. It was solid white.

    The planes were flying west to east by northeast. The object was whizzing in and out of the formation, it was amazing – the roar of the planes was deafening – they were flying so low – I started screaming for my wife to come and see.

    I guess I wanted to make sure I wasn’t crazy – I just can’t tell you the sound of the planes was so very loud. We live within 10 miles of the local Air Guard and McGhee Tyson Airport – so we see smaller commercial jets everyday – a few Apache Copters, and one to three fighters, and of course the Refueling tankers (C130s) all the time.

    We have never seen anything like this in my 12 years here, not even close – EVER!

    My wife has lived here for 36 years, and never seen anything like this. They were basically encircling the object, all the fighters had red lights, not flashing or white, just red, which is not the norm either.

    It was very easy to see that the object (white) was moving in and around them – AMAZING! Every dog in the neighborhood was going crazy, we had line of sight with the planes for about 45 to 60 seconds and only saw the object for about 30 because of the tree line.

    But there were 3 jets coming up right after they went past flying in a line side by side, following the circle of planes in front – we could hear them for at least 4 minutes after passing, that’s how loud it was.

    permanent link:

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