Greece – Don’t worry it’s coming to a country near you!

Greece is on the verge of anarchy. Actually, if pictures are worth a thousand words, this one tells us everything we need to know about what is going on, “over there.” But don’t worry folks there’s plenty of time to have the identical turbulence in a country near you! That’s right, for those of us living in the United Sates it most likely is a matter of months before we see the same kind of demonstrations happening here. There is a movement that is steadily creeping along. It is a movement that wants to enslave the hearts and minds of men. It’s a movement that is based on a two class system, the elite and the poor. In this New World Order the is no middle class, no private property, no personal freedom. There is only the state and the elite telling the rest of us what we will do. It is my recollection that this system was in place in the guise of the Soviet Union where 60 million people perished in the Gulags. It’s still happening in China, where another 70 million people have died in the camps. Now we hear talk of FEMA camps being erected here in the USA. But wait! This story is not without hope as there is one bright ray of light that so far has not been extinguished. I’m speaking of the Tea Party. Big Government and the Obama socialist crowd never bargained for angry citizens to rise up in protest. They figured they had lulled us all to sleep. They were wrong. The difference between Greece and this country is the backbone and the entrepreneurial spirit of the American people. Let’s vote the bums out this coming November and try to make some changes. The first major change should be to uncouple us from the FEDERAL RESERVE! This organization has nothing to do with our Federal government. It is a cabal of International bankers that has controlled out money system for decades. It needs to go, and the control of our money must be given back to us. Unfortunately, the FEDS and those working in tandem with them have created such a debt – 12 TRILLION – that it might be too late to do anything. Added to this is the 20 million illegal aliens that are living in this country. Look folks, I’m not a racist, but illegals have been partially responsible for bankrupting the state of California. You can’t give away billions in free health care and not expect the economy to suffer. Yet now we hear that because Arizona is engaged in the midst of a war with illegals who are still streaming across our southern border, that somehow trying to stop this is considered an act of racial discrimination! Mexico has exported its poverty to us. Mexico is a two class system, the elite and the poor. Many of its citizens are not educated past what we would consider a 4th grade education. In today’s world one can’t do much with that except work in the fields. Why hasn’t the Mexican government done anything about this? It’s simple, the elite enjoy a lavish, privileged life style at the expense of the poor. I have a friend who came from Mexico, got his citizenship and is putting two children through college. He’s a man who did it the right way, just like my grandparents who landed on Ellis Island at the turn of the last century. With 20 million illegals in this country the cultural fabric has been greatly altered, as is demonstrated daily when we hear, “press 1 for Spanish.” No nation can survive without knowing who and what it is. My grandparents were bilingual. They spoke both Italian and English, but they raised there children to speak English fluently. Am I being discriminated against? How about pressing #2 for Italian! Or #3 for Portuguese! Or #4 for Mandarin! Or #7 for Swahili!  Unless we stand up and vote for real change we will follow in the footsteps of Greece. When I was in St. Louis I drove by the abandoned Chrysler plant. This plant was at one time one of the Big Three auto makers. Now it lies empty, unused. There is a huge banner, whose frayed edges, flutter in the in wind and it reads, ” For Sale or Lease – 20 Million Sq. Ft. Of Industrial Space…. It’s happening folks. Get your house in order!

Dirty Nukes! Terrorism! Jihad! Prophecy! The Coming Middle East War! The Supernatural!

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50 thoughts on “Greece – Don’t worry it’s coming to a country near you!

  1. LA,

    I am sure you meant no’private’ property.?

    Thanks for this post that hits hard, I mean there are people on this BLOG who still cannot see what is happening and where we are going.

    How many times can our govt and public figures call these patriots ‘tea-baggers’ and then pretend they didn’t just say it or it’s ‘not a big deal’ or ‘I didn’t know what it means’!!! I didn’t know what it meant until Anderson Cooper on CNN opened his filthy mouth and spewed forth this junk, then the meaning was everywhere!! Unless you are a hermit with no TV or radio, and you wake up in America, you know what it means.

    Yet these people, even our Dear LEader, has reffered to these good people that way. What sick twisted logic would anyone be utilizing to get away with this or to dismiss it? People of the Lie. Why did BO campaign in Germany before the election? They weren’t voting for him, makes no sense. Why do we need a civilan corp, we have the Armed forces and the National Guard? Why are many democrats at ‘the top’ of their game in the House and Senate suddenly, inexplicably retiring? These are the people who defrauded the American public thru Fannie and Freddie,Rangel and Geithner can’t even pay their taxes yet are our Commitee chair and Treasurer, respectivly!!

    Boy, I hope others list the lies, I don’t have enough time.

    Please pray somewhere for the National Day of Prayer, in my town we have a little get together the NDP organizes, yet doesn’t advertise, so you have to be on your toes to remember and go.
    This country desperately needs more people to quit the ‘silent majority’, make time, not be ashamed, quit all the excuses and speak out.

  2. Thanks Lynn. You are right on the money. To me it seems simple ,however in politics there really is no common sense anymore.

    We have deported illegals in this country before, and it needs to happen again. Think back to 1954 under President Eisenhower. The project was known as, “Operation Wetback” and it focused specifically on Mexican nationals. This isn’t about race folks, it is about defending and protecting our borders, our culture, and yes our language.

    See, to read all about it.

    Deportation of illegal aliens occured further back in history. In the late 1800’s under President Chester Arthur deportation of illegal aliens was ordered to protect U.S. jobs. Deportation of illegal Mexicans was also ordered at the height of the Great Depression to save American jobs by President Herbert Hoover.

    Under the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt this process slowed a bit, but even he odered a mass deportation of alien criminals in 1935. He exempted Mexicans and Canadians with criminal records out of fear they would sneak back in.

    It has happened before and should happen again. It is not unloving, it is not racist, it is simply right.

    Kevin J.

    • The problem is that the policical parties all want illegal immigration to continue. The Democrats think they’re a bumper crop of new voters to keep them in power. The Republicans see them as cheap labor. The Libertarians think we shouldn’t bother with border security at all. The “greens” (i.e. Socialists) ditto.
      If the “tea party” actually gets powerful enough, this will change, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • I agree with you Thomas. I don’t think we have a politician in any party that is truly committed to doing what is best for the Country and the American people. Poltical expediancy is the name of the game.

      I’m glad that my hope is not in this world!

  3. sheriff’s deputy has shootout in the desert….empties a 30 round clip with an AR-15, and a full clip of 9mm, took two rounds. this is getting real, real quick. more importantly than that is the spiritual battle going on full tilt. Lock and load with the Holy Spirit of the Almighty. 20 million, incredible! the harvest field is ripe, they’re coming to us! get busy, time is of the essence.
    vaya con Dios!

  4. Lynn,

    I think you and many others (i.e. Alex Jones etc.) are wrong in the fact that the elite etc. had not counted on the response “we the people” have shown thus far i.e. Tea Party etc. because lest we forget that the “Biblical” world government, which I believe we are witnessing unfolding before our very eyes, is run by non-other than the most intelligent created being, Lucifer. I don’t think he is being fooled because he has been observing and manipulating mankind from the beginning starting in the Garden of Eden.

    We must believe that he has backup plans and it wouldn’t surprise me if he is sort of pulling the strings on so many things here on earth that we wouldn’t see as manipulation. Lucifer is not being fooled or panicing etc. – in my humble opinion.

    In my opinion … we are not going to be able to “change” anything at the ballot box. “If” we do make it to November, do you honestly think we are going to get enough “honest” people elected to the necessary offices to truly “turn this country around” in time and get us back to adhering to the Constitution etc.?

    I don’t think so.

    The Tea Party movement is not oganized enough to let people know who to vote for. Dave Daubenmire ran as a Christian on Christian priciples and came in 5th place in the primaries because there was no endorsement by the Tea Party and because “NOT ENOUGH REGISTERED VOTERS EVEN VOTED” – You can read his latest article and other very interesting articles here –

    The 2 party system is rigged and “We the People” are the puppets. It’s set up where we can’t win because of corruption, vote fraud etc. – you need to read some of the articles by Devvy Kidd where she has links to videos that “show” the vote fraud involved.

    Here is a link to one of her many articles on vote fraud – aka rigging the vote via the electronic machines –

    In my opinion, since we as a nation have “brutally MURDERED” over 40,000,000 INNOCENT babies and simply destroyed so many other lives directly related to these “abortions” – aka “freedom of choice” (sickening) – as well as “finally” allowing the FLAUNTING of HOMOSEXUALITY – some call it “gay” – how sweet sounding isn’t it? – I believe GOD ALMIGHTY has no choice but to bring forth judgment on this once great nation of ours and allow for it’s destruction in order for Lucifer and his minions – aka Obama/Soetoro, Kissinger, Pelosi etc. to bring about the “Biblical” World Government.

    Some even say that we are already in the middle of HIS judgment. I can’t argue with that.

    Now on the bright side – We still have to live as if Jesus will not return in our lifetime. And as long as God is God there is always hope. However, I do not believe we can “pull this out” unless “We the Christians” turn from our wicked ways and seek God’s help and put our trust “collectively” in His hands. We can not win this battle, but God surely can if we let Him.

    And that is where my faith falls apart, because when you read the statistics where so many “so-called Christians” don’t believe in a virgin birth, or believe that the Holy Spirit is God, or believe in so many other “biblical” truths, you start to realize that there are not as many “Christians” living in this country as we are led to believe. Satan has a stranglehold on this country from the very top – Obama is not a Christian – probably a muslim and/or a Luciferian – all the way down to so many churches that claim to be “Christian” but don’t believe in the foundational biblical truths that are pretty much impossible to miss if you can only read the bible for yourself.

    Sorry fot the rambling but I don’t have much hope for this country via the “conventional” methods. We need God’s help totally and unless “We the People” are willing to put aside our differences and band together as brothers and sisters in the Lord, we won’t make it. Plain and simple.

    This is Satan’s world and we are only passing through. And because as a nation we have failed to defend the faith and protect our Constitution etc. we have pretty much lost it all. Shame on us and me for not preserving this country for our children and grandchildren.

    • Ken.S what you say here about America is true the world over. I for do not believe that any party of whatever brew can restore the “heart & mind” condition (Soul) of any man.

      The slide into depravity by humanity is plainly revealed in the teaching Of The Apostles “The Love of man shall grow cold” 2Tim Ch3… “we are in The world But not of It”
      It is a world ripe for judgment and that is the message that Churches should be preaching starting with themselves , Alas! they are not because the shepherd’s are cowards don’t want to upset any one, the Tithe is to valuable.

      The current progression of apostasy within many denominations is indicative of the “little Faith” which Jesus said he would Find upon the earth when he Returns.

      John B

    • Ken S,

      I agree with you when you said:
      “I think you and many others (i.e. Alex Jones etc.) are wrong in the fact that the elite etc. had not counted on the response “we the people” have shown thus far i.e. Tea Party etc….”

      The reason I agree that many are wrong when they say the elite had not counted on the response is because the elite ARE counting on a mass uprising.
      So. They. Can. Institute. Martial. Law. Under the guise of civil unrest. For the safety of the public, of course. Because these people that are rising up are, uhm – homegrown ‘terrorists’. The story will morph to their needs as they go along. Whatever means to achieve the end goal is okie dokie to the so called ‘elite’ because they have no conscience and are of their father, satan.

  5. The United States has been facing a serious illegal
    Immigration problem, especially in states such as Arizona, and here in Texas, which has a long, virtually unprotected border with Mexico.

    If nothing is done now, I am afraid that the United States will begin to lose its identity in the near future, on top of everything else.

    Relevant to this problem and its adverse consequences is the push to usher in the national ID card, later to become the national world ID card. The government tells us National ID Card could be the cornerstone of comprehensive immigration reform and also to protect us from terrorist attacks, such as what happened in NY a few days ago. (As you can see the DO NOT FLY LIST is NOT WORKING) The truth is, creating a biometric national ID will not only be astronomically expensive, it will usher government into the very center of our lives. Every worker in America will need a government permission slip in order to work. And all of this will come with a new federal bureaucracy – one that combines the worst elements of the DMV and the TSA.

    That said, I believe that enforcing the border is essential. Many nations of the world have stringent border policies and enforcement.

    Tall walls such as the ones separating Israeli settlements and the Palestinian areas in Israel may not be realistic and may not be the answer here in the US, however, something must be done to defend our borders besides just increasing the number of border patrols which are tremendously overwhelmed.

    • Yes, this happened here yesterday in the Bay Area. The Hispanic students want those who wore US apparel to apologize for wearing the shirts/ shorts during a Mexican holiday.

      this is happening after several US citizens were beat up and injured by illegal aliens who were protesting in San Francisco and the torching of businesses by illegals in Santa Cruz.

    • For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. Matt 24:7 KJV

      We’re there folks.

    • Wow, If we are all supposed to celebrate a Mexican Military victory over the French (Cinco Demayo) why stop there? Why not celebrate other mexican military victories-like the one at the Alamo?

    • Here is Texas; Cinco de Mayo is more celebrated than San Jacinto Day. For those who may not know, San Jacinto Day is the celebration of the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836. It was the final battle of the Texas Revolution where Texas won its independence from Mexico.
      There is an annual San Jacinto Day festival and battle reenactment is held in the month of April at the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site.
      Texas in recent years has been trying to downplay and dismiss the festivites, also the importance of the celebration. Doing all they can to discourage families to attend, hoping for a low turn out. Their reason is not to upset the large Hispanic population in the state. I was very upset to read about this in my local paper. It’s ok to go hog wild for Cinco de Mayo, a day that has nothing to do with this country, but don’t you dare lets us catch you celebrating Texas Independence from Mexico. Something is wrong here folks, I would go as far as to say this is really a perverted world we live in. It is political correctness gone amuck.

    • Matt,

      You can and WILL catch me celebrating both March 6 AND April 21st. As a proud fellow Texan (No secret) I have made it a priority to teach my children the price of freedom that we in Texas have as a whole seemed to have forgotten.

      I take my Texas heritage personally. I love my great state and those who have gone before us and given their lives selflessly, many of them in martyrdom, many of them in massacre (Both at the Alamo and Goliad) all of them in sacrifice.

      San Jacinto day is a day that if mentioned at all is placed as a :15 second sound bite on news radio, placed at the end of television news as a :30 second human interest story and in our news papers hard to find anywhere.

      There is indeed such a thing as reverse discrimination and our nation is seeing it in living color.

      However ugly the realism of the past is, when we have revisionist historians coming in along with change agents to our public schools, newspaper columns, radio and television stations, it makes it popular all of a sudden for Generation Y to label us as bigots because sadly they have and are being raised on video games and mindless pursuits of pleasure. They literally have no clue what or where they came from, HOW they came from it or even why.

      As it sickens me, I know it does you too. Obviously it isn’t just Generation Y, its generation zero and X as well. When you become couch potatoes by allowing yourself to be a mind numbed statistic for the Neilson ratings, you gullibly swallow whatever the MSM wants to feed you.

      As we have all said, I am so thankful for Dr. Lynn and his BLOG here. And I cannot emphasize enough the importance of knowing the 3,000 plus visitors that come here each day. What we write has an IMEDIATE impact on their world view and can even help change their paradigms because of Dr. Lynn’s willingness to put his neck on the line day after day and teach us new things that before we might have had no knowledge of.

      May God in His infinite Mercy grant us all wisdom and discernment with brotherly love to answer our critics by being intellectually honest with each challenge they present.

      In Christ,

      Jeff D

    • Well, Jeff if some of what you mentioned upsets you, you had better not visit the Alamo. I was there a few months ago after a short weekend visit to San Antonio. What I witnessed was beyond pathetic and rude not to mention just plain lack of respect Kids were running all over the places screaming, Parents and kids with their hats on (all hats are to be removed before entering to the Alamo as a sigh of respect for the fallen heroes) I witnessed kids drawing on the walls when the Alamo guards look the other way. I was appalled at the lack of respect shown to this historic structure. This is now a feel good culture we are living in, do what feels good, who cares about the consequences or what others think of you. I left the Alamo that day realizing just how far we have fallen in our society. If the parents of these children don’t lead the way and show what acceptable behavior is in public and the schools do not teach them the importance of historic structures such as the Alamo, it’s no wonder they show such a lack of respect and contempt in such places.

    • Matt, this is very upsetting and sad beyond belief. I remember back in 1982 when a drunken out of his mind Ozzie Ozbourne urinated on the wall of this sacred place. It made WORLD WIDE NEWS because of this “Rock Star” who showed such lack of reverence and respect for such a hallowed site.

      The last time I was there was two years ago and by the time we got to it, the doors had doors and gates had just closed but the beauty as the sun sat on this remarkable place in world history was stunning. I sat there just taking pictures and soaking it all in like I always do.

      The last time my family and I made a day trip there was back in ’05 and I experienced the loud and obnoxious children as well as people wearing their hats while I held mine as did my boys. However, WRITING ON THE WALLS? Are you kidding me? You are right, this does upset me greatly and I am not saying this to sound like I have a puffed up chest, but I do believe I would have had to said something to someone to stop that. (Not that you didn’t)

      When we where there two years ago, we were looking closely at the walls on the front of the chapel, and my son Travis pointed out to me all the places there people had scratched graffiti in the surface of the wall. I was appalled but figured it had to be from years ago because I saw some slogans with dates from the ’60’s. That alone made me angry. But to know that they are ALLOWED to write on the walls? This is just wrong.

      You are 100% correct with your summation in the last paragraph above. The days of respect for things once held sacred are slipping away fast if not already gone. Thanks for sharing that for we are debating whether or not we are going there this year after we spend our week at Lake Corpus Christi.

      Blessings to you Brother.


    • Jeff, hope you have a nice time in Corpus. San Antonio is always nice to visit, but lately I find myself doing weekend trips to Austin, which has a bit more things I’m interested in.
      I always hate to leave Austin when its time to go back home. I might try New Braunfels, or Fredericksburg this summer to change it up a bit.
      Last summer I was dragged kicking and screaming to Sea World in San Antonio, now keep in mind, this is Texas in the middle of the summer, and I’m talking temps of 102 and 103, with 90% humidity. When I was done for that day, I felt I went 15 rounds with George Foreman. I was beat down, no good for the next few days, not really an ideal vacation 🙂

    • Well Matt, we did Austin last year and loved it. I have NEVER had better ‘Q that what we experienced in Driftwood at The Salt Lick. I can tell you that 18.00 a person for the all you can eat meat plate was the best money I’ve spent on good ‘Q in my life.

      Austin is indeed a beautiful city and rich with its own history and SO much to do. We loved eating the great down home cooking at Threadgills too.

      Sea World in July? Done that. Did not care for it AT ALL. The TX heat and humidity is bad enough in NORTH TX!!! You are right; a beating is exactly what that felt like.

      Hopefully, we’ll figure something out. We may just go to the lake this year and save money by not doing anything else except spending what I pray will be good old fashioned quality time with each other in the Lord.

      By the way, if my name is different it is because I opened up a WordPress account called Praise Place. Lisa mentioned that on the previous post by L.A. and after praying about it, I took the torch and ran with it. I saw that I am automatically signed in under that name so I assume that while typing this that is what will come up. Or it may show Jeff D as normal. I won’t know until I hit “Submit”.

      It is a place where we can come and give praise to God for all the good things He is doing in our lives or lives of others we know. As I say in the first post, it is a work in progress as I am new using this site to BLOG. We’ll see how it goes.

      Grace and Peace,

      Jeff D

    • I appreciate the sentiment Jeff D and Matt. I’m a native Texan. I grew up very proud to be from Texas. And there are many many things I love about the place where I was born and grew up.

      However, at the end of the day? It’s ALL going to burn anyway.

      It is a sad fact that people are not bring up their kids in the right Way. (I wouldn’t go so far as to call historical places ‘hallowed’…but I do think history is important and people should not defile historical sites)

      We are truly living in the day where evil is called good and good is called evil. White is black and black is white.

      While I appreciate my heritage in Texas, I no longer hold much ‘patriotism’. Not too long ago, the Holy Spirit asked me, “WHO or what is your covering? Where is your allegiance?”

      That really made me stop and consider what is most important to me. My covering is Yahushua haMashiach. And my allegiance is to Him an no other. It can only be to Him.

      Yah bless you guys.

  6. I agree we have to be prepared come what may but our main concern should be that we are fully submitted to the Lord & calling out His children from this mess.

    Let’s take them all with us to the Kingdom which never ends- the one of our Lord & savior Jesus Christ.

    He will break these nations & then rule them with a rod of iron. But for now – God sets up rulers & authority & even though we may hate it- He is still in control. We are required to submit to all authority unless it’s against God’s will.

    So if God is no longer going to delay & the World Court under the Anti-Christ is going to be set up – then no amount of rebelling or voting is going to turn the direction its heading.

    Let’s not be hypocritical in singing & praying “Come Lord Jesus” yet when we see Him coming though world events that may affect us – not really mean it.

    Sure I will still vote for the best person I can but we have got to spend our time & energies focusing on Christ & His Kingdom. That is truly our only hope.(I know it’s hard- I want to buck & kick up my heels w/the herd!)

    This is all a part of God’s prophetic time plan & we all know the time is short so forget this worldly system & go out & be instrumental in saving all who will listen.

    (And w/Obama- he had already alluded to the fact that people were going to rebel @ his ideas for “change”. I don’t think this is any surprise- but he is determined to stick in there & see his plans accomplished. If not though him then he’ll pass on the baton. Then he can be freed up to go onto another department & wreck havoc. U.N. perhaps? Just look @ what “spiritual” Tony Blair is up w/his religious unity ideas.)

    • Hi Margaret~
      The bus and rail transportation system has never had and still does not have the same “safety mechanism” rules (think HSD) as does the airline industry. So a logical “next move” by TPTB would be to exploit that particular weakness by mini false-flag scenarios. TPTB know full well what human reaction will be: fear that can ultimately provoke paranoia. It also has a kind of domino effect by setting up tendencies to social isolation. The professional ehticists who staff the labs and offices and form the boards of the various national/international “think tanks” (funded by and for the elite and their agendas) hold great responsibility for the way technology plays and the sociocultural world is turning. Those of us who read the Bible know how the story ends. In victory for YHWH’s eternal kingdom. Hallelujah and so be it.

  7. Greetings to all~
    A powerful and informative article was written in the August Review sometime in mid 2009. I heartily, seriously recommend you all read it so that you can comprehend the full gist of what the framing blueprint has always been for the United States Of America. Basically the USA is to function as a CATALYST (potent word) in the globalization process; gradually it will be SUBSUMED (another potent word) into a one world government. The USA is key player in the world (think BHO Berlin visit) changes (!!) enveloping us all. Please, please, read the essay and feel free to chime in. Btw, the August Review is a non-partisan online journal.
    YHWH be with you all,

    • Police chiefs are our local defenders of liberty AGAINST martial law-we should urge them to stand fast.

    • Grant I dont think it is that simple they know what is coming and wont be a part of it

    • Carolyn

      Good article I have always thought that they pulled a majior deal of some kind while everyone was in shock over 9/11

      God is with us

  8. ‘Massive’ ash cloud closing western Irish airports

    DUBLIN — Iceland’s volcano has produced a 1,000-mile-wide (1,600 kilometer-wide) ash cloud off the west coast of Ireland that will force western Irish airports to shut down again Friday, the Irish Aviation Authority announced.

    The authority said shifting winds, currently coming from the north, had bundled recent days’ erupted ash into a massive cloud that is growing both in width and height by the hour.

  9. I don’t have faith in any organized political party. Look, right now we’re in spiritual battle, and the battle is present whether alone or with a group of a few people. How much more so in an organized church, whose stumbling blocks become bickering battles about Shalt Do and Shalt Not Do. And those are groups of people who attempt to remain as a remnant for the Church. What about this political party? I believe this particular party is comprised of a seed or remnant of an apostate nation, so therefore it will become apostate as well. We’re being given secular answers to a question that must involve Christ, but only does barely so under a guise. This nation’s glimmer of hope in a Christian state was emaciated by the beast that formed the politics that we see today, churned every year so as to appear fresh and full of change to deceive the out-fliers that question the legitimacy of this government. You’re being given a controlled group of people to satiate your desires. But when the party kicks out those who seek truth, then there is no truth in it. Case in point, the 9/11 Truthers being booted from Tea Party rallies. The Bible is the ultimate log journal of grand conspiracy. If you cannot open your mind to a spirit that accepts that conspiracy is here and has ruined and duped the people, and caused a psychological schism in their fragile minds, such that they cannot talk about these abominations for fear of reprisal, then what truth do you seek? And headed up by the lost, where is this political party to go? Who would think that the man of perdition (perdition: apoleia, apollyon, apollo) would not seek to use small grass-roots organizations to deceive the masses?

    The Tea Party may be a controlled opposition. Read the Jesuitic Oath and you’ll begin to understand that there are no sides.

    A true group of the remnant of Christ will be killed, tortured, and maimed in His Name. There will be no coverage from the media. The Bride of Christ is an anathema to the beast, so do you think it won’t attempt at every move to crush it? Is this evident with the Tea Party? I don’t believe so, it appears that the Tea Party is just another dialectic. Question the roots of all organizations!

    • I agree- it’s corrupt. Even Ron Paul is a mason w/his wife in the Eastern Star & daughters in Rainbow girls….so I read.

      He talks the talk but does he walk the walk?

      There comes a point where a Christian has to get out of spending energy/time supporting some of these organizations. Perhaps it’s a planned distraction that looks good on the outside but is rotten in the inside. (Such as the Tea Parties)

      If we really knew the full scope of Christ’s return I bet we wouldn’t spend one iota of time w/politics. It’s difficult not to get caught up though because we are prone to get frustrated w/what is going on just like everyone else- and it’s a release to be able to express displeasue & march around. (not that I knock those who are doing it but has God called His church into it as well?)

      At some point if the U.S. ends up in a similar situation to Greece I’m afraid some of the body of Christ might go along w/ protesting & revolting rather than just being there for those who have had enough of this world & are ripe to turn to God for help & answers.

      If the system can suck them in w/the masses then they can be knocked off w/o having to be singled at the moment.

      We’re in a spiritual war you’all!

      When you see these things begin to happen- look where? look up.

    • Where do you get your info. that Ron Paul, his wife and his children are Masons, Eastern Star and Rainbow daughters as you have called them? Show your sources, please.

    • for those with ears to hear and eyes to see!
      The 4 Pillars of the “Sustainable” Global Consensus New World Society
      Folks it is upon us

    • LNL,

      I understand your thinking, we are to ‘turn the other cheek’ and let the enemy do to us what they will. After all, it is scriptural, so just be led like sheep to the slaughter, right?

      But that is not natural. Even with all the faith in theworld, we want to live, it is a gift from God. I believe people twist good vs evil, right vs wrong, all out of proportion. And Satan uses that as a way to get what he wants, he takes souls before they are ready, tortures thru his henchmen, and lies to get people to accept their fate.

      I believe the tea partiers are doing the right thing, at least they have the personal convictions, fortitude and courage to attend their gatherings. Alas, politics, govt, taxes, Dr. visits, cleaning are also a part of our lives, as well as earning a living which can seem not very spiritual.

      Whereever the US has fought communism, especially Vietnam, somehow the mMSM has spun it into us being the ‘agressor’, ‘sticking our nose in where it doesn’t belong’, ‘bullying’. But is that the truth? As soon as our last forces left ‘Nam, 2 million S Vietnamese were murdered by Pol Pot. Is that really OK? Look at Rwanda, how many millions of people were slaughtered there? And I do mean slaughtered, chopped and hacked with machetes. Who defended them, did they get to hear the Gospel before they died? Could we possibly imagine that horror? I pray that will never happen anywhere ever again.

      Jesus did not sin, yet he beat people out of the Temple in God’s name. I am a sinner, and hitting someone in personal anger is a sin, but if you have children you can understand that you would not hand them over to anyone, ever! I am just thinking that we sometimes leave the dirty work to people in positions of authority to defend us and only they have the right to use force, or argue for us. But we are to have courage and, I believe, learn to do this ourselves, it is OK to rebel against evil, especially evil oppression.

      Believe me I am not arguing with you. This subject, when pondered on, has always left me ambivalent.I realize some may be able to sit in ashes and wear sackcloth and pray unceasingly in reparations to the Lord. Heaven knows we are called to do this. But I have children, I am bound to give love care and shelter, protect and defend my family. Although I understand spritually your post, I don’t know that I can live up to that standard of staying out of the fray, yet I also believe that the lesser path of preparing physically for running or personal and familial defense is not a sin either. As long as we do not deny the divinity of Jesus Christ, and live not by faith, but through works and deeds also, I pray our souls will be safe.

      Some could argue we are better off praying than spending so much time on this BLOG, yet here we are,lol!

  10. LA, I received an email today informing be the Courts have declared teh National Day of Prayer Unconstitutional? Can you or anyone provide confirmation?
    Happy Mothers’ Day to all MOMs out there and “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!–to God and to your families, communities, etc.

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