Of Bin Laden and Imbedded Nukes in the USA

There is so much going on that I find it hard pinning down what to BLOG about. The volcano erupting again in Iceland? The 6.4 earthquake in Chile? The flooding in Nashville that has killed 28 and the death toll continues to rise? The startling admission by Secretary of State Clinton that the USA has over 5000 nukes in its arsenal. The oil spill in the gulf that is still not plugged and is leaking thousands of gallons of crude into the gulf. Then there’s always the Middle East War… So many stories, so little time. Oh, and I forgot one story that Barry forwarded to me about how scientists have “confirmed,” that we may have extraterrestrial DNA in our genes. Ah yes, the good old panspermia theory. Here’s a one liner for you in regard to panspermia: Because they did not love the truth God sends them strong delusion!

Today I’m going to possibly connect some dots. We have been told that Osama Bin Laden, that dreaded boogeyman that releases audio tapes every 6 months, was hiding in a remote cave in Pakistan. We were informed that he had kidney failure and was more than likely in poor health. We were also informed by the thug-in-chief, the Iranian president, I’m-in-a-jihad, that if Israel attacked Iran weapons of mass destruction would be detonated in US cities. Last week I posted a BLOG about this pointing to a Middle East saying that says, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. If this story that I found today is true it may provide some answers and connect some dots. For one, the story says that Bin Laden is alive and well and living in Iran. This makes a lot of sense to me, because unlike Pakistan, whose government is friendly to the west, Iran is hostile. I would venture that it is almost impossible to get a team of hit men into Iran to eliminate or capture Osama. It could be done, but it would be very difficult. Thus, this is one of the only places on the planet that Bin Laden could lay up and still run his terror operation. But what did he offer the Iranians in return for protection? Here’s where the dot’s connect and portray a sinister picture. In P.P.&S. I talked about the real possibility of dirty nukes being smuggled across what was our open southern border. A dirty nuke is a small, suit-case style nuke, that most likely came from the former Soviet Union and sold to terrorist on the black market. Knowing that Bin Laden declared war on America and also obtained a Fatwa, a religious decree given by an Imam, he most likely placed these dirty nukes in American cities to be used when the appropriate time came. Remember, The enemy of my enemy is my friend. So even though Bin Laden is a Sunni Moslem and most of Iran is Shia, the two parties have a common enemy and that is the great Satan, the United States. If I’m right about this quid pro quo, between Iran and Bin Laden, then suddenly the inability to capture Bin Laden and Iran’s threatening to detonate embedded bombs in American cities makes a lot of sense. It would appear that this may be a real scenario and that Bin Laden may in fact, be a whole lot smarter than the playbook has indicated. The terrorist may have had the foresight to plan not only for the events of the Khobar towers or 911, but ten years in advance. He may have bought the dirty nukes, had his agents place them in American cities, knowing that this would prove to be a very valuable bargaining chip in the future. At any rate, it would appear from this story that the mastermind is alive and well full of venom…


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  1. For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Sharon Gilbert announced on this week’s PID Radio that she has Multiple Sclerosis. Let’s all get behind her, and pray for healing for this great woman of God.

    • I heard about Sharon’s diagnosis when I listened to their show last Sunday. My sister-in-law has had MS for 23 years or so. The disease presented itself after a difficult pregnancy. We up in the Northwest have the highest incidence of MS because of the lack of sunshine.

      Despite her MS, my sis-in-law has raised two wonderful children, run a business, volunteered at their elementary schools, traveled, etc. Right now, she is back East to see her daughter graduate from U. of Syracuse. She has led a very active and productive life despite the challenges MS has forced her to deal with.

      I sent a word of encouragement and the promise of continuing prayers to Sharon Sunday evening.

    • I have MS. I was diagnosed in 2002 and take monthly infusions of a therapy called Tysabri. I have single parented two wonderful individuals and one is still with me. He’s 14. I praise God my MS is okay right now. I work anywhere from 50-60 hours a week and get to all of my son’s activities. I have to rely on my faith to get me through the days. My mom died at age 52 from complications of MS and loved Jesus with all her heart. Vitamin D-3 really saves the day for me. I take it daily. Bless this woman who was diagnosed. God is good.

    • Come on Lynn do your research about Bin Laden. He is either dead or is being hidden by the globalists somewhere. For instance, look at the last 8-10 photos of Mr. CIA himself. In some pictures he has a gray beard, others no. Some he is fat others tall and lanky. The real Bin Laden said he had nothing to do with it the week after 9/11. Then his body doubles after the bombings in Tora Bora changed the story. By the way Al-Qaeda means The Base in Arabic. It is a CIA creation during the war in Afghanistan with the Russians in the 70’s. Check the facts please.



  2. Hi LA:

    Your article today makes a lot of sense but I was wondering what you make of the theory that 9/11 was an inside job by the US itself. How would that play into Osama really being involved and what you have stated in your article today, any ideas on that?? Thanks.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth Lisa! My theory is that the supposed “imbedded nukes” from the middile-east are not from the middle-east, but rather, this is the story that they want the average American to believe. I think 9/11 was an inside job as the 3rd building (which is almost never talked about in the mainstream press) was damaged for virtually no reason as no plane hit it, and it was damaged before the other two buildings collapsed. Witnesses report hearing multiple explosion sounds coming from inside the building that happened after the planes hit the towers. And as for the Pentagon, there is still yet to this day, one single shred of an airplane crash coming anywhere near that building. 9/11 and the Kennedy assasination were both caught on tape and yet, the American people still buy into the government’s BS story.

      As for Bin Laden…is he even a real guy? Or is he a made up character from the CIA? Iran having “dirty nukes” already planted here in the US? Iran (in my view) is simply putting the story out there that the elite want to have the average people buy into. If anything like that happens here on our soil, it will have been an inside job made to look like someone else did it, just as 9/11 and Kennedy.

      As for the oil spill, I also think that this was an act of sabotage in order to block anymore new off-shore drilling facilities. Why? Because the elite CANNOT have the US become independent from foreign oil. If that were to happen, it would be a most serious set back with their plans to carry out lucifer’s plan for world domination. But like Jesus said, all these things must pass before Yeshua’s second coming along with the myriads of His saints.

    • Davidbmusic, I think youve got something with the oil spill being something other than “oops an accident” . What I dont understand is why cant the oil flow be stopped? I admit I dont know much about the mechanics of it, but it seems crazy to me that theres not some kind of safety precautions in case of a disaster. as for binladin, I think he is real, although I would like to hear that he is “no more”.

    • Now obviously, hundreds of people were in the Pentagon that day, dozens of witnesses saw a plane crash, hundreds of people cleaned up airplane parts and charred bodies, air traffic controllers saw the plane fly in on radar, pairs of light poles more than 20 feet apart were knocked over when the massive wings of the airliner mowed them down like grass.

    • @Matt: Mmmm, not really. The security video footage released from the Pentagon shows something on the tape that much I agree, but it does not show an aircraft. The other security cameras in the vicinity around the Pentagon were taken by the FBI and to this day, have never been released. An airliner that size would’ve caused much more damage than what was done to the wall in the Pentagon. There was no crater, there was no landing gear found, there were no engines found. Look at any other jet crash and you’ll find the above-mentioned parts leftover, but not at the Pentagon. Conclusion: it was a set of charges placed in that section of the Pentagon and was an inside job. The mass media has done their job in convincing the public of the government’s story.

    • DavidB~~I agree with you on the inside job of 911. My son has this shirt that says “Truth is not an opinion.” I so hunger for truth. We are so connected to Christ leading us to it when we are His. Sometimes it seems, I hunger for it so much and find it. But not everyone else is there with me. It gets lonely. Not many people in my life with me on the 911 inside theory but my heart tells me it’s so about things to come and the Bilderburgers and the New World Order. If you look into people who were around that area and survived it they will say police were confiscating cameras and any recording devices. Odd things happened that lead me to suspect a cover up for sure. God knows the truth. I just chisel myself close into Him.

    • I have to say, Barbara Olson was killed in that plane crash, she wrote ‘Hell to Pay’, a book aboutHRC. There are other people missing their loved ones from that disaster as well.

    • Before I even begin to suspect a conspiracy on the oil rig disaster, the list below must be ruled out.

      Experts have raised other issues that might be examined:

      • Whether mud coming out of the well was properly monitored for excess volume and gases, indicators of a brewing blowout

      • Whether cement was mixed with nitrogen and migrating nitrogen produced extra pressure on the wellhead

      • Whether a “lockdown hanger” near the top of the well was needed to prevent the casing from moving and catastrophically failing

      • Whether a better system should have been used at the bottom of the well to seal off the oil and gas reservoir

    • Conspiracy theories are just that “THEORIES”. Conspiracy theories aren’t evil or completely wrong- they bear only miniscule truth in them if at all.
      I have one question for the “Conspiracy” believers. Has anyone who believes there was a conspiracy seen with there own eyes what happened that day? Were they there while it was all going on? Do you have any actual eye-witness proof that it was a conspiracy? Or are they looking at pictures on the internet and saying, “Hey, it wasn’t real!” I’m just saying, where’s your proof of this being fake or staged? I personally do not believe it was a conspiracy,
      On the other hand, when I put on my tin foil hat which keeps out the CIA mind control rays, then I am able to see past the lies and realize that “THEM” are behind it all.:)

    • thats the thing about conspiracy, Im not one to take somebody elses word for it and just run with it, thats how conspiracy is made. I stated before, there really are terrorists out to get us, I dont think 911 was orchestrated by our own government.

    • To Brother Matt and others~
      On the conspiracy theory note: it is always best that we question everything, being of sound mind and trusting the Holy Spirit for discernment. The list you provided above Matt, in no way negates a conspiracy. A group of “interested” people get together and check their options as to how best to employ them. ANY of those above-mentioned scenarios are potentially viable for use as cause. Conspiracies don’t happen all by themselves and without some sort of “blueprint”. Unless the perpetrators are discovered and brought to light (their best work is conducted in the shadows so of course “proof” is touchy) conspiracy theory is, at best, and will always remain a moot situation.
      God bless you all.

    • I agree that there is a blueprint I just don’t agree it belongs to a man. The bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil. What’s the fastest way to get a politician to do something? Money! I believe there is some truth to some conspiracies maybe alot of truth to some but you have to be rational when you think about it. How many bad people do you know that are on drugs, steal or rob, kill people or mistreat their kids etc that do it because they have a hidden agenda. I know many people that are like that (not killing people though) that don’t understand that evil is driving them. They do it for many reasons but I’ve never ever heard one of them say it’s for Satan. Alot of it is FOR money. It’s also because/for Satan they just don’t realize it. When you hear a large scale conspiracy theory with “facts” and “witnesses” and you can’t answer why, then it probably wasn’t a conspiracy because there is easier ways to get the effect of 9/11. One suitcase nuke in a city would gave caused every American citIzen to want to nuke every Islam country that posed a threat. Or spread mass lies abd go to war after made up stories. Like I said I’m not saying rogue elements of our government couldn’t have played a part. But To the people in Washington if there wasn’t money to be made it probably wasn’t their plan

    • I do not believe this was an inside job from our government and this is why: They could have caused far less woes for themselves (people death, and money loss) and got the same effect (tightened security, more invasive in our lives) with much less action. It wasn’t reported that much but Bin laden had a good amount of terrorist activity before the twin towers, but his name shot up to fame when 9/11 happened. Were there rogue elements of our government helping (knowing or not knowing) maybe, we will never know. Were there private companies or individuals helping with it(orchestrating or funding) more than likely, as alot of businesses are owned by people from that region of the world and probably have ties with Bin laden, I think I read on that somewhere but I cant remember where. But ask yourself, in the scheme of -one world government- what did the WTC towers or the events following have to do with that (form an inside job perspective)? Sure, the government grew, which is bad no doubt, we lost privacy = bad also, but we didn’t form any new relations with any country, except bombing the heck out of the mountains in afghanistan and pakistan. I agree that Satan has a plan for a one world government, I believe all of the prophecy in the Bible, but it dosen’t make much sense as to why we would blow ourselves up, let alone a major commerce center because most of the people doing evil in this country are money hungry and are so focused on money they dont really see or care the evil they are doing. The other big question I have is, if we were trying to create a one world government from inside the US, starting with us, we blew our own buildings up, WHY would it matter if we achieved oil independance exactly? We would have more money in this country to spend on maiking things corrupt and blowing more third world countries up. I just can’t seem to get the big picture from that perspective. I’m not saying the media and government dosen’t try to work people, I’m not even supporting our government, but I believe there are more people focused on money (and not creating pure evil) in this country and our government than anything, which makes them do evil things. Just look at the big picture and think “If I were this guy, how would I get ahead by doing this” because that’s what is going through their minds, evil is a side effect for most (not all) of them.

    • No it couldn’t have been an inside job. You have read Apollyon Rising 2012 either? Have you seen the video of the long slender pod attachment on the bottom of the airplane that went into one of the trade towers? See video below:

      I thinking there is something going on but if I admit it you would think me loopy right? Not conspiracy but coincidence. It’s God way of getting our attention. Well it’s screaming at us in many places. In a years time, I am hearing more media talking about the coming New World Order but that conspiracy too, correct?

    • I haven’t read apollyon rising yet but I’ve read another of Tom horns books. He had good points and interesting theories but he also does a little speculation and grabbing for straws to prove points. I believe the nwo is real, as I said in my post that I believe the bible prophecys 100% as far as Tom horn and our founding fathers being evil and founding this country with evil intent I don’t really buy it. Our country was founded with alot of Christian values abd it would have been 100 times easier to form the nwo had we stayed a part of England. Conspiracy theories are easy to believe and sometimes make sense to us but you have to step back avd ask why. Satan is evil not retarded, he wouldn’t use earthly followers to make things harder for him

    • Being “focused on the money” (connected to the word ‘mammon’) makes a person, by default, attached to the root of evil.

  3. LA, you said:

    “It would appear that this may be a real scenario and that Bin Laden may in fact, be a whole lot smarter than the playbook has indicated.”

    That’s a great point. I think it can also be said about Satan. I mean, often times people want to characterize him as a defeated little minion or even go as far as to say that he is a myth. What the Bible tells us about him is quite the opposite. Ezekiel 28 tells us that Lucifer was the wisest and most beautiful angel God created, until iniquity was found in him.

    The truth is that in God’s economy there is no ‘middle ground’. In Jesus’ parable of the wheat are tares in Matthew 13 He tells us that there are two types of people: sons of the Kingdom (good seeds) and sons of the devil (tares). The reality is that if one is not on the side of Jesus then he is, whether he knows/believes it or not, he is on the side of Satan. The enemy of our souls is by far stronger, wiser, more cunning and more capable than mankind.

    But thanksgiving, honor and praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ who has victory over Satan and his demons. The ‘chess match’ (to borrow from you L.A.) has truly been put into play and there are powers working that we cannot fathom apart from Scripture. We do know this though – that the Master, King Jesus, is not just some created angelic being but He is the only begotten Son of God and therefore is infinitely stronger, wiser, more cunning and more capable than Satan and all of his demons.

    We should thank Him that He has given us the Bible to warn us of the things to come.

    God bless you and your ministry Lynn.

    Bill Lonas

  4. Mild tremor shakes Haiti , There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries from the latest tremor.

  5. according to the data on the USGS web page, here’s the breakdown of quakes for those keeping score.

    This is just the total for quakes 5 & higher

    2008 2009 2010

    1948 1913 858

    and this is grand totals

    31777 14792 5674

    there was been an increase of 5 > magnitude since ’98 with a peak coming in 2007. 2008 & 09 were lower than 2007, but 2010 we’re more than halfway to last years.

    If LA wants a look at my spreadsheet I can email it to him, then he can show here if he likes.

    • I as well as others have caught the USGS ‘fudging’ the numbers on the quakes over the past four years by downgrading them as much as .1 to 1.0.

      The quakes wee are seeing are stronger than they are telling us they are. Only the ones that are heavily populated, is it harder for them to ‘fudge’.

      And not too many know that one year after Richter, the inventor of this scale (which he had calibrated to be very precise by his math)died, the US government turned down his ‘scale’ by one whole “point”. In other words the recent quake in Chile that was reported as a 8.2..(can’t remember exactly)…was in truth a 9.2.

      Now augment that with the USGS ‘fudging’ the numbers….I think you get the picture. The “birth pangs” are coming harder than we are led to believe.

    • wow, that’s interesting. I did notice that some of my numbers for 2009 have changed. not sure why. didn’t think much of it til now. if it changes again, i’ll get suspicious

  6. According to accounts released Saturday, April 24, 2010, by the coordinator of an e-mail news and information service, officials of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) and other U.S. government agencies have been involved in security activities involving human-appearing extraterrestrial beings in the U.S



  7. Yeah I gotta say we are not under attack from an outside source but from our own government which is setting up false flag events almost every month now.Hence the under wear bomber the shoe bomber.
    The guy from Brooklyn who got caught before he could blow up our subways in NY,and now the so called Idiot car bomber in Time Square. Now they are trying to set up the Tea Partyers as terrorists. Our so called leaders are setting up the American People to except Marshall Law to start the ball rolling even faster towards a One World Government.2 years ago I would have thought all this a big Conspiracy Theory worthy only for a screenplay but after 2 years of research finding this blog and listening to Lynn on Alex Jones and other shows which led me to many other resources I know this is Prophecy coming true. And knowing this of Gos plan I am excited and scared at the same time. Excited because my Saviour is coming and scared for those who don’t believe. I only hope enough will be revealed that I will be able to convince friends,and family who are non believers into believing.

    God bless you all

    • Julie

      Thank you for that statement! i could have not said it better
      yes it is a Conspiracy,and yes they are going to pull it on us and soon
      because we are on to them and they know it.I have also researched it forward and backward
      people dont have a clue of what is coming,you will get a chance as i will to minister to our family
      many,many,many will be saved…

    • but are you saying you dont think these people were really terrorists trying to do what they were accused of? I mean do you think they were like goverenment pawns? I dont think that, I belive there really are terrorists who do and are plotting against us.

    • Julie you said:

      “Now they are trying to set up the tea partyers as terrorists. Our so called leaders are setting up the American people to accept marsial law…”

      But Julie, they caught the guy and appearently he is connected to al-quida. He is an pakastani who voted democrat as a nationalized citizen. Not a tea bagger. It’s all the natural truth. Nobody is hiding or setting up anything.

      Your statement seems like more conspiracy theorys. You know…back room deals made in secret meetings nobody can ever really document with shadowy figures that are only the tips of phantom iceburgs. I beleive one world government is comming but people are just jumping at anything right now.

    • Wilson,
      Are you also so ingrained by the media who says the bomber has “an international link” to terrorism, but doesn’t label him based on his actual religious motive because I noticed you didn’t mention it either, but here goes he is a Muslim who became a naturalized U.S. Citizen by marrying an American (who are these women who marry these maniacs?) who was trained to murder based on his faith – guess what, that makes him an “Islamic Jihadist”!

      Speaking of labels, could you please refrain from using the one you used above referencing those who attend tea party rallies as it is a highly offensive term due to it’s sexually perverse meaning? Let’s hope you just weren’t aware of what you were typing!

      As far as what Julie says – she’s right – prior to identifying this man, there was an assumption that the person or persons responsible would just naturally be someone that is a conservative Christian, anti health care, who probably attends tea party protests! I will find the link of the report I watched where the pundit actually said that because I nearly fell off my chair with the casualness of the stereotyping spewing from him!

      And, what is with this jihadist? Aren’t they supposed to blow themselves up in order to please Allah and get his virgins in paradise? What an evil, messed up religion!! Maybe that’s why he’s cooperating? His cowardly escape may have made him a target from his fellow Muslims?

    • Actually, the MSM is DESPERATELY looking to find a ‘right-wing’, ‘tea bag’ or ‘Christian’ offiliation for those who commit terrorists acts. The problem is, they can’t seem to find any.

      Here is a quote from an article by Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch:

      Writing in The Nation on Monday, Robert Dreyfuss epitomized the mainstream media’s hope that the car bomber would turn out to be a right-wing extremist:

      “It may be that the Pakistan-based Taliban, the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), has quietly established a Connecticut franchise while we weren’t looking. That’s possible. But it seems far more likely to me that the perpetrator of the bungled Times Square bomb plot was either a lone wolf or a member of some squirrely branch of the Tea Party, anti-government far right. Which actually exists in Connecticut, where, it seems, the car’s licence plates were stolen.”
      In reality, according to Pakistani authorities, Faisal Shahzad, the would-be car bomber, attended a jihad training camp in that country. He spent five months in Pakistan recently, including some time in Peshawar, a center of Al-Qaeda and Taliban activity. A Pakistani Taliban group claimed responsibility for the attack — a claim that American authorities immediately dismissed, but which gained a new claim to serious consideration when Shahzad’s Pakistani connections were revealed.

      Read more: http://www.bible-prophecy-today.com/#ixzz0n5Bsu4cR

      Bill Lonas

    • Gidget,

      I’m laughing at your final paragraph. That’s funny. I guess jihadists arn’t all their cracked up to be. I wonder what would happen if one of them got blown up and found out they only got six virgins? They’d probably feel like they got gyped.

      Anyway I am completely innocent on the tea bag reference because I have no idea what it means beyond the news of the political stuff. I guess I’m just too old or out of it or something.

      Beyond that, your notes are right but the Obama Administration doesn’t control what thousands of left wing pundants might say. If anything all the plates he is trying to juggle are so full they probably hoped it was not someone from an internal right wing group because I don’t think they could deal with anymore division in the country right now.

      I didn’t notice them trying to cover up anything. I was suspicious when George W. Bush refused to investigate the 911 bombings.

  8. good post – when it comes to the mainstream media and the gov’t it’s wise to always “prove all things” because they’re so adept at lying and manipulating.
    I have watched many shows on YouTube by Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Pastor Lynn, and whilst I try to assess for plausiblity and truth, and think that in some cases personal vies influence conclusions and focus, for the most part I think they are all contributing valuable information – possibly why your FCC and our CRTC are trying to bring in internet regulation by the gov’t (FCC & CRTC) agencies.
    On another note, wasn’t it you LA who explained about “loosh” somewhere ?

  9. Where can I find this article/news piece?

    “Oh, and I forgot one story that Barry forwarded to me about how scientists have “confirmed,” that we may have extraterrestrial DNA in our genes. Ah yes, the good old panspermia theory. Here’s a one liner for you in regard to panspermia: Because they did not love the truth God sends them strong delusion!”

    Thanks so much

  10. The word conspiracy is in the Bible; “Hide me from the conspiracy of wicked men” Psalm64:2

    Advise we should all take! Hide us lord we pray amen.

    john b

  11. Conspiracy = deceit
    Deceit = Lies
    All lies come from the father of lies, Satan.

    Of course, not all conspiracy theories are true, many are fabricated. However, the Bible tells us that there is a conspiracy in the heavens taken place. Satan is trying to usurp God’s throne and his main weapon is deception.

    That’s why the truth of God’s Word is more valuable than all worldly treasure.
    Bill Lonas

  12. I watched part of lord save us from your followers last night on (net flick) a documentry i had to turn it off the bashing of christians are getting
    really horrible in this country!

    • I know and it had a high rating,they just dont know the judgement they are bringing on themselves

    • From the small clip on the site- this guy says he is a Christian- what is he trying to promote? It’s a teaser & doesn’t really say much.

      Is he into an ecumenical unity type thing? Bashing the Christians who don’t compromise & waver from the Word?

    • Only saw the trailer clip of the video: It is social gospel promo, Antichrist philanthropy religion, Humanistic propaganda. True Unity Is In The “Sanctity Of life being in Christ” , it is being “one with Him as He is One with the Father”. Jn17:17-23.

      John B

    • The gospel is offensive, it always has been!
      1.It calls people Sinners it tells them they will be Judged for Their wickedness,

      2.It tells them to repent, and to believe on Jesus’ love for salvation and be baptized in Him.

      Today only a portion of the second Half is proclaimed! And that is the “social Gospel” of our Day which is no gospel at all.
      The Gospel as proclaimed by the Apostles does not fit into the preconceived mentality of anything goes as long as I love Jesus. That is why the homosexuals can preach from church Pulpits.

      When You tell people they are sinners They “Throw stones at you” making you to be the Evil one.

      john b

    • Hi John B~
      Have you heard of (or read) the book “Myth Of A Christian Nation” by Greg Boyd?

  13. Lynn- thank you for being a vigilant watchman. However, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that bin laden is still alive, much less involved with 9/11 – not to mention now conveniently located in Iran. Just to be clear: I am NOT denying Islam has declared war on Jews, Christians, or the US, nor do I believe that there weren’t at least a few muslim terrorists involved in that awful day. But I urge you to pray the Holy Spirit reveal the truth of all these things to you: the god of this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers to the truth, and the truth is his “sons” (John 8:44) have infiltrated the highest levels of our own gov’t with his bid for world domination. And it is only because the collective sin of this once-great nation has finally reached up to our long-suffering God that He will remove his hand of protection from us, and allow the attacks that we all know are coming to US cities.

    I pray for our nation, I pray that God would change the hearts of our leaders but above all, I pray that His will would be done ON EARTH as it is heaven.


    • His will is that He will give this nation and the kings of the western alliance into satan’s control to fulfill what is written!
      The evil one works on all fronts (the battle) is against us Christians. Soon we will be silenced for a Time!

      “And He is clothed with a robe Dipped in Blood; and his Name is called The Word of god” Rev19:13.

      Glory be to the Lamb that was Slain before the Foundation of the World Amen.

      John b

  14. Lynn, please ask Dr. Future about 9/11 – he will provide you with some very interesting information regarding this event.

    I’ve researched this subject in reasonable depth and there is a large body of evidence that all 3 towers were brought down by controlled high tech military explosives. A collision with a passenger jet aircraft can not bring down buildings of this type, particularly WTC 7 that was not hit by any aircraft

    I know this unpalatable for a lot of Americans but if you really look at all the evidence, there is only one conclusion. It is important because it is a massive deception and we must all yearn for the truth. Not least because you will be deceived once more if/when they plan their next false flag move so that we can all be united against the ‘evil muslim enemy’. Yes, there are terrorists in the world wanting to do us harm but they’re largely cultivated by our own 3 letter agencies.

    There are 2 websites that are not full of ‘conspiracy theories’ but raise very valid questions as to what happened on that awful day;

    http://cms.ae911truth.org/ (Architects for 9/11 Truth)
    http://www.pilotsfor911truth.org/ (Pilots for 9/11 Truth)

    • So, if Islam is a false religion, why would Satan be steering his “minions in control” of the USA to war with them? Maybe a nuclear war between the 2 for mass chaos. But why would our government blow up our own buildings? I understand the conspiracy theory but ask yourself why abd if that’s the easiest way to get the job done. A “suitcase nuke” would have got it done instantly. Or by spreading runors abd going to war over rumors would have done it the slow way.

    • (1) The US military-industrial complex leadership (and their subservient political puppets) would ALLOW something like the “911” debacle to happen because their true allegiance centers elsewhere.
      (2) It was/is a historical no-brainer for TPTB to choose Islam as the perfect foil to nurture world tension and aggression. Religious Islam is already rife with violent and oppressive overtones. So what better option than to reach out, touch, and train them (via military and intelligence operative/advisers) to become the worldwide terrorist enemy? According to the world powers’ game book…there must always be an ENEMY in order to justify wars and the winds of change.

    • Dave, you’re spot on. I find it amazing that Americans are so naive about their government. Americans have seen there president JFK broadcast over and over again since the 1960’s and still, the warrant commission of Lee Harvey Oswald being the only shooter is the official story to this day. We know that there was more than he who was involved.

      Same goes for 911. Here we have it caught on tape, with dozens of witnesses reporting hearing multiple explosions from the inside of the buildings from high floors to low floors after the planes had crashed into them. Days prior to 9/11, special construction crews were “working on the inner structures” of the buildings. Mock “terrorist attacks” were being conducted with the armed services and police so that they wouldn’t be sure to take an actual attack seriously (incidentally this was the same tactic that was used by the British in the subway attack several years ago).

      But to answer Joe B’s question, “Why?” The reason is this, the people who are orchestrating these events are not loyal to any nation or particular government. Their goal is to systematically cause the nations to eventually collapse by creating “global crises” so that their “global solution” can then be implemented. WWI, WWII, the Cold War, and now the War on Global Terror, and even “Global Warming” are all GLOBAL problems that were planned way in advance. To have the West war with the Middle-East, is written in Albert Pike’s (who was a luciferian, Illuminati-member and KKK head) book from the 1870’s outlined all 3 world wars in order to bring to fruition the “Holy Masonic Empire.” And guess what, Albert Pike’s scenario was to have the “Christian West” to war with the “Islamic Middle-East” in order to wipe each other out, so that the GLOBAL solution will be, the one world system, of which the “man of lawlessness” himself, will reign and rule the world after the 10 governors of the world hand him their power. All this, just as Revelation has told us it would play out. All of these things are happening because the world has rejected the Truth of God’s Word and the Messiah who paid for our sins over 2,000 years ago. But what Albert Pike didn’t take into consideration was the Harpazo (aka The Rapture). The Lord will protect his sheep, but the world will become completely deceived and is almost completely deceived already.

    • I agree that most of the US is completly decieved. I deal with alot of non christain/believers (at least they don’t act like it if they are) people daily and their priorities are sad.

  15. Thank you DavidB for explaining so well their ‘plan’ in one concise paragraph. I agree 100% with your analysis – all the information is in the public domain, it’s just a matter of putting the bits of the puzzle together.

    I don’t know when the Harpazo will happen, but that is one event the enemy can not control.

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