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World in shock at deadly Gaza ship raid

Posted by lamarzulli on May 31, 2010


I was going to take today off. Relax with the wifey. However, I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t post this. This may be the prelude to the war…. We’ll see what Turkey, Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran do in retaliation. The stakes couldn’t be higher….

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Sunday Go To Meeting Bun!

Posted by lamarzulli on May 30, 2010

I am often asked, in regard to prophecy, if we can change or reshape it, or by some act of our collective wills. alter it. I believe that while we have free will the short answer to that question is no, we can’t. It’s set in stone, because the most High God is viewing what will happen from eternity’s perspective where time, as we know it, does not exist. We are told that there will be a war in the Middle East, at the end of days. We are also warned that the Antichrist will assemble the Kings of the earth in a place called Armageddon. At this time the world is holding its collective breath as the Middle East arms itself for war. Ever since Cain killed Abel, and Abel’s blood cried out from the ground, war and killing and the carnage that goes with it, has been a dark hallmark of the human race. We see glitzy ads on the Television, that glamorize war. There are catchy sayings like, Be all that you can be, that lure the young and innocent. Then there are madmen like Hitler who had to be stopped. All of this raises the question, is there such a thing as a just war? In my opinion WWII was a just war. We have set aside a day, Memorial day to remember those who gave their lives on the beaches of France, Okinawa, and Dunkirk. We remember those who whose lives were ended in Korea and Viet Nam. We salute those who never returned from Iraq or Afghanistan. It would seem that ours is a broken world. A brutal world. A savage world. Yet, there is a promise that I hold dearly too and it is this.

Isa 2:4   He shall judge between the nations, And rebuke many people; They shall beat their swords into plowshares, And their spears into pruning hooks; Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, Neither shall they learn war anymore.

This prophecy has not happened yet and it points toward a day when the Messiah shall reign in Jerusalem. It is going to happen, when the King returns. He will stop the bloodshed, the killing, the heartbreak and finality of death. Nations will no longer seek to destroy each other. When the King returns, this prophecy will be fulfilled! This, as believer, is what we look forward to. It is our blessed hope. It is what all creation groans in longing for. It is hallmark of His kingdom, and when it comes, men will beat their swords into plowshares. How wonderful a promise. There is nothing like it written anywhere else on this planet. Make no mistake, it is His physical presence on the earth that will accomplish this. The enemy of our souls will be cast into the Abyss and for a thousand years there will be peace as the world has never known it. In the meantime we take the time to remember those who have fallen, who will never see the light of the sun again, whose memory never lessens as the years pass. We remember, and wait for day when He will bind up the broken-hearted and war will be no more….

L. A. Marzulli

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Hybrids – Nephilim and the End Times

Posted by lamarzulli on May 28, 2010

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

I hope you find this picture as disturbing as I do. It is a still from the soon to be released movie, Splice. Look at it closely. It should send chills down your spine, it did mine. This was sent to me by several people who visit this BLOG daily. Thanks guys! Centaurs, minotaurs, nymphs, fawns, are all familiar images from Greek mythology, but was it just mythos? Were these so-called fictious creatures in fact the by-product of the fallen angels who created the Nephilim, by cohabiting with the women of earth? We know that the human genome has been traced. I personally interviewed a low-level technician from AMGEN, for my first book on in the Nephilim series. That was over ten years ago and I’m sure he didn’t know half of what was going on in secret, underground labs. What, you don’t think they exist? You don’t believe a scientist who embraces Darwinism, and believes that there are no absolutes wouldn’t be tinkering gleefully away, with the building-blocks of life, i.e. DNA; and like a demented Gepeto, working late into the night, taking some DNA from a chimpanzee and splicing it into the DNA of a human, in an attempt to make the perfect super soldier. The movie Splice will hit the theaters soon. Is this more propaganda or just entertainment? Is it sci-fi, or art imitating life. What if you saw a hybrid like the one pictured above? How would you react. Would you shun it? Would you embrace it?  The big question that films like these raise, and I pointed this out last year when I saw District 9, and also Avatar, is that it explores what is human? When the protagonist in District 9 slowly morphs into what he hates, that of the alien prawn, is he still human? When the protagonist in Avatar becomes one of the Navi, is he still human? What is the soul? Where does it reside? What is human? We are told that when the Israelites entered the promised land they were to wipe out certain tribes and burn everything. I believe the mandate came because there was a second incursion of fallen angels, and that much of the same thing that we find in Genesis 6 was happening again thousands of years later. There are those who do not believe in a second incursion, and thus do not believe that the fallen angels are conducting a breeding program today. I couldn’t disagree more with them, as theirs is a truncated view, in my opinion. But back to what is human. As I mentioned, when the Israelites entered the promised land they were told to wipe out certain inhabitants that were there. I believe it was because there were Nephilim, and chimera’s inhabiting the land. I believe that the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim, resulting from the flood, are what we call demons. To me a film like this is another indicator that we are fast approaching the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. In other words, this mimics what happened in the Days of Noah. I’m willing to bet, the hybrid is destroyed in the movie, but perhaps it has an offspring and that will set up the sequel. In closing todays post. God is allowing man to slip as far into the abyss as he is willing to go, just look around at what is happening. A 7.2 earthquake yesterday, volcano’s erupting, wars and rumors of wars, oil spills, economic uncertainty and finally movies that blur the line of our humanity. Is this more business as usual, or are these events pointing to His return. For those of us who have eyes to see, He can’t be far off….


In Other News!

Alarm rises as N Korea threatens attack

Wars & rumors of war…. L.A.



Official: Attackers kill more than 70 at minority sect’s mosques in eastern Pakistan

Ah yes, the religion of peace, demonstrates once again it’s tolerance for others… L. A.



Syria accused of arming Hezbollah from secret bases

War … it’s coming soon… L. A.



A US nuclear submarine crosses into Strait of Hormuz

The stage is being set…. L. A.



Gulf Coast awaits word that oil flow has stopped

Hopefully they’ll stop the leak soon…. L. A.



Guatemala volcano forces airport closure, kills one

Signs of the times? L. A.



Iraq war badly planned, poorly resourced: Bremer

Now they tell us! L. A.



This month has been really tough for us financially. As I posted yesterday, would you consider a donation to this ministry? For those of you who gave, a heart-felt thanks! See you on Sunday! L. A.

Hi L.A.,

Thank you so much for this new commentary format. I really enjoy it. Thank you for your stand and your faithfulness to the Word of God in these last days of deception.

Today, I expressed this thanks in a more tangible way. I have made a donation to your on-going ministry. I hope to make this a regular practice. I encourage all that possibly can to do the same. This was long overdue from me.

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Earthquake: Breaking News! 7.4 Mw – VANUATU

Posted by lamarzulli on May 27, 2010


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On-Going Ministry

Posted by lamarzulli on May 27, 2010

Hi L.A.,

Thank you so much for this new commentary format. I really enjoy it. Thank you for your stand and your faithfulness to the Word of God in these last days of deception.

Today, I expressed this thanks in a more tangible way. I have made a donation to your on-going ministry. I hope to make this a regular practice. I encourage all that possibly can to do the same. This was long overdue from me.

Kevin J.

I have been praying about how to bring what Kevin posted to everyone’s attention but Kevin did it for me, without any collusion between us. The picture above was taken while I was in Cheyenne. (I will be going back there for three days of speaking on June 17 -20.) This BLOG has been up and running for almost two years now and we get between 2 and 3 thousand people a day, who access my commentary and links to pertinent news stories. Would you consider following Kevin’s lead and supporting this ministry? Your contributions keeps me at my desk, researching, writing, conducting interviews and even getting me out to Nashville this year! I want to thank those who contribute on a monthly basis and look forward to my continual service at this post. If you go to the right side of the page, and look under L. A. MARZULLIINKS you will see DONATION. Click this and it will take you to PAYPAL, which is a safe, easy way to make a donation. Thanks ahead of time. It’s never easy to ask for donations, but Kevin blazed the trail for me!



In Other News:

North Korea warns it will meet war with ‘all-out war’

Wars & rumors of war. Hopefully cool heads will prevail, but with Kim Jong Ill, who is unstable on a good day, the unthinkable is a real possibility, an all out war with nuclear weapons being used… L. A.



Scientists say more Gulf oil flowing than thought

It would appear that the spill is much worse than first reported. I only hope the BP, “Top Kill” plan succeeds… L. A.


Here’s an update on Top Kill! http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-oil-spill-top-kill-20100528,0,5782115.story


Feds Issue Terror Watch for the Texas/Mexico Border

Last night on Acceleration Radio I addressed this and was heated up about it. CLOSE THE STINKING BORDER! L. A.



Obama Admin May Have Illegally Spent $10 Million Promoting Abortion in Kenya

We live in a culture of death. This story speaks volumes… L. A.



Syrian ballistic missiles on standby with new target updates

The coming war in the Middle East will change everything…. L. A.



Volcano’s big brother issues ominous warning

Scientists say a more powerful Icelandic volcano is ‘close to failure’

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Acceleration Radio: NEPHILIM – w/ guest – Judd Burton

Posted by lamarzulli on May 26, 2010

On 11.23.09, In Reviews, Posted by Derek P. Gilbert

DESPITE NEAR-UNIVERSAL skepticism from mainstream science — and most Christians — Judd Burton, director of the Institute of Biblical Anthropology, believes that the giants of Genesis 6 are to be taken literally. In fact, he suggests in his new book Interview With the Giant: Ethnohistorical Notes on the Nephilim, that the nephilim may have planted the roots of mankind’s earliest known civilizations.

Burton, an historian and archaeologist by training, takes a scholarly look at a field of study that is admittedly thin on evidence — although one may suggest that it’s less the scarcity of evidence and more the interpretation of the evidence that has led most academics to dismiss research into literal giants as “fringe”.

It is also possible, as Burton suggests, that some finds have simply gone missing from museum collections.  Human skeletons as large as 25 feet were reportedly discovered in Europe since the beginning of the 17th century, and dozens of unusually large remains measuring between seven and ten feet in height were discovered by farmers settling the Ohio River valley in the 19th century — some of which were sent back to Washington, D.C. and apparently lost by the Smithsonian.

But rather than speculate, Burton focuses on the evidence at hand and attempts to reconstruct their history, like a forensic profiler, from the clues they left behind.  He develops a fascinating, if necessarily incomplete, portrait of a race of brutal, fearsome warriors who left their mark not only on the Ancient Near East, but the entire antediluvian world.

Because much of the textual evidence was handed down from Hebrew sources, such as the Old Testament and a few extrabiblical sources like the books of Enoch, Jasher, and Jubilees, most of what we know about the giants of old relates to the nephilim of the Ancient Near East.  Given their history, this is no surprise; according to those sources, the nephilim were the product of an unholy cross-species mating between angels and human women.

Burton names the various tribes or clans mentioned in the Bible, such as the Rephaim, the Emim, the Gibborim, the Zamzummim, and the Awwim, and provides maps to place them.  He tells us what we know of specific giants, such as Og, the king of Bashan, and Goliath, the mercenary of Gath.  He goes further, connecting the nephilim to demonic spirits and suggesting that their predatory, cannabalistic habits might be the origin of the legends of vampires.

Drawing on his personal research at the archaeological dig at Banias in northern Israel, Burton draws fascinating links between Azazel, a leader of the fallen angels who descended from heaven at Mount Hermon to intermingle with humanity, and Pan, the lusty half-goat Greek god of shepherds and flocks.

The Bible tells us that the goat upon which the Hebrews laid the sins of the tribe before it was driven into the desert was called Azazel, an echo of the punishment visited upon the angel Azazel for leaving his first estate.  Since Banias, later known as Caesarea Philippi, is the site of the Grotto of Pan and nearly at the foot of Mount Hermon, Jesus’ choice of the place to reveal Himself as the Messiah to his disciples (see the Confession of Peter) was, in Burton’s view, a sort of cosmic “in your face” to the angels who’d chosen to rebel against God.

Interview With the Giant is a quick and informative read on a fascinating and underappreciated topic, and Burton thoughtfully includes a chapter devoted to other sources that readers can investigate for further research.  The book is available  in paperback and as a very affordable e-book (PDF) at Lulu.com.

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In Other News:
Wars & Rumors of Wars!
Cousteau Jr.: ‘This Is a Nightmare… a Nightmare’
They still haven’t plugged the leak…. no end in sight. This is a very informative video!
Plug the Hole
Where’s your messiah now? Seee! (Edward G. Robinson)
Nasrallah: We will attack ships approaching Israel in future war
The vitriol continues….
Syria has 1,000 ballistic missiles zeroed on Israeli targets
Ready to rumble…. soon?
Middle East war drums beat faster
The coming war…. Ezekiel 38 or Psalm 83
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War & Drugs…. Who Profits?

Posted by lamarzulli on May 25, 2010

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

We have been fighting in Afghanistan for 9 years and counting. We have lost 1000 men and women there, our blood and treasure. The war continues with no end in sight. Below, in The Other News, section, is a link to a story that shows approval of President Obama, and Congress to allocate another 60 Billion to the war effort. You may remember, during the presidential elections,  when Obama promised to get out of Afghanistan. Well, that hasn’t happened has it? The war drags on, the Karzai government is corrupt. School girls get acid thrown in their faces and the Taliban is alive and well and producing Opium. In fact, production is up! It’s boom-time for the Taliban! Afghanistan may lead the world in the production of opium, which is the basic “crop” that becomes heroin. Heroin is the drug of choice for dealers, as those who use it become addicted, and so continue to pay for more and more for the drug, to stay high. It’s a vicious cycle, and millions have succumbed to its deadly effects, while the drug lords have grown rich on the backs of others misery. The opium production and trade in Afghanistan has increased almost 10 fold since the US invasion in 2001, and much of it winds up in Russia. This begs the question who benefits from this? Where does all the money go? Why haven’t US forces wiped out the fields? Why does the war continue year after year, with no end in sight? You may recall that the British went to war with China over their right to sell opium to the Chinese. They won that war – 1839 to 1842 – and the result was the addiction of millions of Chinese men and women. This led to the infamous opium dens that novelist, reporters and others wrote about and exposed. Here’s something to consider, the British, a little more than a century ago, went to war to sell opium! Let’s understand something, the nature of man has not changed and never will. The British gave little thought to the millions of people whose lives were destroyed because of their avarice. Is it any different today? Are the same people running the show? I would state that there is a Luciferian aspect to this. I know some of you will roll your collective eyes at this, but let’s strip it down and expose what lies beneath the surface. First off, as I sated earlier, billions of dollars are changing hands over this illicit trade. Billions more are being spent to prosecute a seemingly endless war. How could a nation that claims to be a Christian one, whose leaders offer prayers for its soldiers, not know about the opium trade? The chilling fact is that they do, and thus, like the British before them, must at some level be compliant with it. It is sickening to me that we are so duped by politicians, on both sides of aisle who stand before us and call this a noble war, when what is really going on behind the scenes is nothing more than a giant dope deal. Whoever is on board with this, is spreading misery and depredation throughout the world. It’s time to hold our government accountable to what is happening in Afghanistan. It’s time to prosecute those who turn a blind eye to the drug trade, and others who engage in it. In closing today’s post. When 911 happened I believed, like millions of other Americans, that the Afghan war was a just one. After 9 years, I no longer hold to that position. As the Guidebook to the Supernatural, i.e. the Bible states, the mystery of lawlessness is at work. Part of that lawlessness is the enslavement of millions of people through the addiction to heroin. The enemy comes to rob, kill and destroy and he has found a good base of operations, in Afghanistan.

Russia rebukes US over Afghan heroin glut

By Isabel Gorst in Moscow

Moscow has criticised US-led forces in Afghanistan for failing to eradicate heroin production and warned at the weekend that drug smuggling was endangering Russia’s national security.

Russia says production of heroin in Afghanistan has increased almost tenfold since the US-led invasion to oust the Taliban began in 2001.

As drug smuggling across central Asia’s porous borders has soared, Russia has emerged as the world’s biggest per capita user of heroin, consuming about 35 tonnes of the drug a year.

Viktor Ivanov, the head of Russia’s anti-narcotics agency, told reporters on Sunday: “It is a threat to national peace and security.”

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president, and Barack Obama, his US counterpart, agreed to co-operate more closely to combat international drug traffic during a meeting last year.

With its regional knowledge, Russia is well placed to help the US track down Afghan drug barons and unravel heroin trafficking networks in central Asia.


In Other News:

N.Korea accuses South, threatens action

War & rumors of war…


North Korea on war readiness. US-South prepare. Tehran watches



Battle for Kandahar, Heart of Afghanistan’s Taliban Country

Endless war & illicit drug trade!



Stocks plummet on economic worries

The coming global financial collapse is almost here. All it would take to push us over the top is a war in the Middle East. It’s coming, get prepared!



Senate Takes Up ‘Emergency’ War Bill Despite Obama Pledge to End Practice

Nothing new here, just a repeat of “Dubbya.”



Crop circle ‘inspired by most beautiful formula in mathematics’ appears in Wiltshire

Don’t worry, it’s just some people with boards and string having fun!



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Earthquake! 6.5

Posted by lamarzulli on May 24, 2010


Thanks to Frank for the Heads up!

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UFO or Hoax?

Posted by lamarzulli on May 24, 2010

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Over the weekend I received a link to a supposed UFO sighting that resembled the Norway lights. The Picture on the left was taken a few months ago when the Norway Lights were first photographed. The story made International news. However, this video – that mirrors what happened in Norway – seems suspicions to me. My gut feeling is that it’s computer generated and after a week or two goes by the creators will announce how they fooled the UFO community. This video needs to be vetted. Like the movie the 4th Kind that aired this year, this video can look like the real thing, but in fact, is nothing more than a clever hoax. That being said, a hoax does  not discount the overwhelming reports of UFOs in every corner of the globe. It does not discount the continuing cattle mutilations or the not-to-be-discussed human mutilations. Then there’s the real crop circles where the crop is woven together not stomped down. What about the 17 implants removed by Dr. Roger Leir? How about the so-called alien abduction phenomena, which I believe is a mirror of what happened in Genesis 6.

There are those in the UFO community who discount the Nephilim scenario. In other words Fallen angles can not be manifesting today and subsequently there is no modern Nephilim. I couldn’t disagree more on this point. Yes, the fallen angels are capable of mental deception, in other words they can manipulate images in our minds to make us believe we are seeing events that really aren’t there, but they also can, and do have physical contact. I’ve said this before, but the fallen angels are doing exactly what they did in Genesis 6, although the program has been modified. As my mentor and pioneer of the Nephilim theory, Dr. I. D. E. Thomas postulated, in his book The Omega Conspiracy, The fallen angles are back, just like we are warned in the text, as in the days of Noah so it will be when the son of man returns. The only differentiation between the days of Noah and any other time period is the presence of the fallen ones. It is, as Dr. Thomas points out, Satan’s last stand, his end game. He wants to produce a hybrid that looks completely human, but is demonically enhanced. Has he accomplished this? There are those who say it has been done. While certain segments of the Christian UFO community debate this, the fallen ones continue with their nefarious plan. This plan is a carefully guarded, cosmic conspiracy that when it is revealed will come as snare on the whole world. I’m asked, where are these Nephilim, hybrids? I belive they are taken to the 2nd heaven, where they are being kept until it is time to spring the trap. These hybrids will assist in creating the Great Deception. They will be able to integrate with humans except they will have super powers, like the Nephilim of old. The idea that the UFO phenomena is only a demonic illusion is, in my opinion, a truncated view of the phenomena, as it does not take into account all of the dynamics such as the cattle mutilations. The mutilated carcasses of cows are not an illusion. Tell that to the disconcerted rancher whose prize bull is lying dead on its side, with all the blood drained, and it’s sex organs cored out. When we add to this the human mutilations that are hushed up, we can safely say that the phenomena is real, burgeoning and not going away. There is a paper that I will post on this Blog in the next week or so that will discuss this in-depth. Meanwhile, this video that is making the rounds needs to be vetted, before we send it out to all our friends as “proof.”


Update: This is from Christian who found this! http://www.theweatherspace.com/news/spacenews.html


U.S. military told to get ready in Korea standoff

Wars & rumors of war….



One false move in Europe could set off global chain reaction

Global Financial collapse?



“Our Worst Nightmare Has Come True”

This is a cogent example of why we can not depend on the FEDS for anything!



Israel holds major missile defence drill

Wars & rumors of war…



Zero Hour: The Day The Grid Stood Still
An EMP attack would put us back into a pre industrial revolution setting….
Russia: We’ll sell advanced missile system to Iran
War & Rumors of war….
Mexico: Calderon’s rebuke is that of a hypocrite



This is the playbook… It’s happening in real-time folks!

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Sunday Go To Meeting Bun: Bow, bow, bow!

Posted by lamarzulli on May 23, 2010

Psalm 118 is packed with lots of good “stuff.” For example:

Psalm 118:14   The LORD [is] my strength and song, And He has become my salvation.

There’s a lot of comfort in knowing that He is our strength, especially in times of diversity, but this verse only applies to someone who knows who the LORD is. When a person becomes born again, we are ushered into an entire different reality. Most of us, before we come to this point rely totally on ourselves as we take pride in being self-made, and self-reliant. However, when one becomes spirit filled, he or she is introduced to the reality of the spirit world. We learn that there is a “cosmic” war raging, that has been continually prosecuted, in the heavenlies, ever since the creation of man. We get glimpses of this war in Daniel, the Gospels, and of course the Book of Revelation. We also learn that the weapons against the enemy of our souls, are not carnal, in other words guns, spears, swords and your own fists won’t work against a supernatural entity! There are some Christians who wonder where this battle takes place. Simply put, it takes place in the mind of the believer. When Satan entered Judas his point of entry was Judas’ thought life, i.e. the mind. So it is with us today. James tells us the way this works. I’ll paraphrase here, first we get a thought in our minds. Then, we entertain it. Finally we act on it, and if left unchecked can lead to both spiritual death, and in some cases, physical death as well. All of that to say this, that we need weapons in our arsenal to combat the thoughts that come into our minds. We need to check those thoughts against the, Guide Book to the Supernatrual, i.e. The Bible, and what does not measure up to what it says, needs to stopped at the door of our minds and forcefully ushered out. So how do we engage in this, warfare? By knowing what the Guidebook says about certain situations. Once we know the Guidebook, are trained in what it says, we can then arm ourselves with the weapons to counteract the fiery darts that the enemy will throw at us. Here’s an arrow, for our spiritual quiver that is found in Psalm 118. I have incorporated  this “arrow,” into my arsenal, because it is both a statement of faith and also a proclamation of victory. I would suggest that you commit this to memory so that you can use it when you are pressed in on all sides. The verse is this:

Psalm 118:17   I shall not die, but live, And declare the works of the LORD.

It’s almost to simple, isn’t it? But let’s take a moment and look at what it declares. First off, it is a proclamation of victory. In other words death is not an option, but life will be the outcome, thus, I shall not die but live! No matter what is pressing in on us, uttering this in our minds, speaking it out loud, declares victory over the situation that may seem overwhelming. The second part of the Psalm points to the future, that because we live, we will declare the works of the Lord! I have also learned to substitute a variety of verbs in place of declare, as it amplified the phrase. For example. Extol the works of the Lord. Sing about the works of the Lord. Remember the works of the Lord. Think on the works of the Lord. Walk in the works of the Lords. It can go on and on, if you let it! The point is this, that we repeat this phase, this weapon, in spite of the circumstances that we are surrounded in. We state out loud and also repeat it over and over again in our minds, that we shall not die, but live! The enemy wants to rob, kill and destroy us, so what else should we expect?Psalm 118, can arm us with a powerful tool to destroy the works of the devil, which is what every one of us are called to do while we are here on earth!

Thanks for your support of this ministry!

See you all tomorrow! L. A.

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