10 thoughts on “It would appear that the Noah’s Ark Discovery is a HOAX!!!!

  1. Very sad. Once again, we Christians are played as dupes by the media and some who want nothing more than to discredit the Bible and those whose foundation of faith is built from its very pages.

    This should give us a pretty darn good wake up call for it caught many of us including me with my guard slightly down. There is no telling what will be next. I have seen so many programs of the Ark of the Covenant over the years and how many believe it is in the town of Axum in Ethiopia. However, this is just one of its possible locations not to mention supposed replicas. Personally I believe David Flynn’s theory. (Check out his book “Temple at the Center of Time”)

    So what’s next? And what is the motive? Is Satan testing the waters to see how the non-believing world will react for when one of these Biblical relics is actually discovered and verified as authentic he will know whose chain to pull and how hard? Perhaps the word should be whose STRINGS to pull instead.

    What truly was the motive of this hoax and is there any significance to the timing? As we draw closer to Christ’s coming back the lying wonders are definitely on the increase. Is this a sample of a lying wonder from the point of view of cloning something that is Biblically original? Is it possible to truly 100% fake Noah’s Ark? What about the Ark of the Covenant? As already mentioned we know there are supposed copies of it out there produced in case of capture by Israel’s enemies in the Old Testament.


    Well, I guess I will walk outside, wet my finger, hold it up and see which way the wind is blowing. 🙂

    Head held high,


  2. LA, did you listen to C2C last night? He had two different men on talking about 2 different discoveries. One was above 13,000 feet where no one can hardly live which makes it highly unlikely that one hauled large wood to that location. Additionally, it is exactly the size of Egyptian cubic feet which is what Noah was versed in. It was very interesting to say the least. It’s still up on the C2C website for perusing. http://www.coasttocoastam.com/

  3. why am i not surprised. I should have been wise to it since i saw it nowhere else, plus the fact that Fox had the article about 5 years with a team who was going to look for it.

    Burned again Frank. 😦

  4. Hi gentlemen,
    I’m surely disappointed, too, and yet remain hopeful about God’s full disclosure of the revealing of some ‘mysteries’ which will validate His Written Holy Word as promised in the End Times. I pray that we will have full confidence in Him and to know that we know, that we know when each one revealed is ‘for real!’
    Like Russia and the Communists’ plan to weaken their enemies before they strike, so it is against true believers alos by god’s adversary, Lucifer/Satan. Be strong and courageous! “For that old ‘Dragon, Satan the devil’ goes about like a ROARING LION seeking to devour! Be strong and courageous! Keep your eyes on Jesus!

  5. my take on this, if you please:
    even if they found Moses’ Ark or Noah’s Ark, there would be those that choose not to believe why else does the Word warn us against lying signs and false wonders. my advice: be filled with the Holy Ghost, and, pray without ceasing ~ selah
    much Love,

  6. I guess i need to repent for putting up the video of the charliten ron wyatt
    we all were excited about the possibility.but you know now that i think about
    it we should consider the source Satan and his minions never cease

    • I’m curious to find out why everyone has labelled Ron Wyatt a charlatan. I mean, people I think who are well intentioned and whom I respect for their work (i.e. Mike Heiser and others) call Ron Wyatt a charlatan. Yet I find no reason to believe that’s true. I wish someone would step up and lay out WHY they have come to that conclusion, because I’m not jumping on ANY bandwagon until I see for myself.

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